Who is Michael Spirit?

I am no one and Everyone

I am a Jew, a Christian, 

a Moslem, a Hindu,

An Agnostic
I might have been an Atheist..

and every other religion,

 race and color 

on Earth

 I am a Soul of Existence..


I write because I must,

because these words

are in me

 ..and in you


For what good is it to know,

if not to share?

Love and Light to you,

Michael Spirit

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In Contemplation of the Universal Mind

"I might have been an Atheist"

                         I could just as easily have regarded the Cosmos as a happenstance of physicality, as an incidental artifact of an as yet unknown process of blind Chaos from which a Universe might emerge.

                        We really do not know what it is that we are born into because we interpret existence through an electro-chemical synthesis of senses and brain and therefore perceive a synthetic reality. Our interpretation of space and time is a neurological translation of a quantum process that may only be conceived through mathematics ..and I assure you by my own experience, through deep meditation, but through normal classical observation, little of its true construct is actually perceived.

                         "There is no God".. as many Philosopher/Scientists in this day and age believe, "There is only our immature perception of a classical world, fraught with danger, that each of us are born into." I hear this quite often and I certainly understand the viewpoint, given the rigorous pursuit through Ockham's Razor of scientific fact.

But then I ask ..what is IT, actually, that many of us still call "God"?

                        I have carefully considered this question my entire life. What is the process of existence within which we dwell? ..and I have reached an inescapable conclusion. In order for a Universe to exist at all, however we perceive it, it must have come from a process that can only create a Universe by acting upon and through itself, a Wholeness of a Higher Order undivided from itself though differentiated within itself ..and in Dynamic Self-Encounter.

What would drive this process continuously and infinitely?
(From whence comes dynamic self-encounter?)

                        The Basis of Creation, the Primary Axiom of all Universal law is that a Wholeness is Greater than the sum of its parts ..and this curious, but fundamental fact that seems to go against all logic is nonetheless born out by the mathematical tools that are required to measure whole systems. If one attempts to measure a circle or a sphere, one must use an irrational number such as PI, which always leaves an irrational and therefore, dynamic remainder. (..and do not even begin to think that a wholeness would not have curvature. The straightest line conceivable is ultimately curved. A Wholeness is undivided from itself and therefore constrained to itself, stressing every part of itself. Such constraint is from whence curvature comes).

But, what does this mean in the grand scheme of things
and how does this apply as the basis of creation?

                          We look out upon the Cosmos even through our limited neurological interpretation and yet still perceive a constrained Universe. In the simplest understanding, if we consider the totality of the Cosmos, its spherical construct is due to the curvature and therefore constraint of space-time. If we consider the fact that we cannot look out into the heavens to more than a distance of fifteen billion light years ..if we consider the fact that Hubble's Constant states that matter fifteen billion light years from us must be moving away at near the speed of light .. and finally if we consider that the speed of light itself restricts the velocity of matter, we must conclude that the Universe is a closed system undivided from itself, (hence the constraint of all Universal Constants and the laws of equilibrium and conservation of energy, ie "nothing is ever lost, only transformed"). 

It is a "Wholeness" from which nothing can escape. 

                          A Wholeness must act upon itself, for what else is there to act upon? Could it act upon another Wholeness, another Universe? If it could, then these two systems would be constrained within a Greater Totality, undivided from each other as part of a Higher Order ..and since a Wholeness is greater than the sum of its parts, such a Higher Order would continually drive its own self-encounter, forming diversified constructs within its own Infrastructure, (hence the possibility of multiple Universal Structures interpenetrating each other, all undivided from and as part of the infrastructure of a Greater Totality). Of course, Universal Constructs expressing within a Higher Totality are not individually separate from each other or from the Higher Totality and therefore do not meet the strict criteria of each being an individual Wholeness. If they exist within and as part of a Higher Order, they are then supported systems that require the forces of the Higher Totality in order to exist.

                         So now we can conceive of a driving force naturally axiomatic to the Foundation of Creation, a Higher Totality in Self-Encounter , driven by the fact that it is greater than the sum of its parts - driven by its own Inherent Dynamism ..within and of which "Universes" may be spawned.  

                         A Wholeness, even the Highest Totality, need not have size nor space. It can be an infinitesimal Iota acting upon itself instantaneously and continuously, but it must express that action in some way within itself. If it is sizeless and spaceless it would not display an "outside", but it would still nevertheless have an infrastructure, an internal condition where its stress upon itself would be expressed. The action or "Tension" of a Wholeness upon itself must express as a multiplicity of diversities within itself, (being in continuous self-encounter), and thus its infrastructure though constrained within the Wholeness would be continuously and infinitely rearranged.

                         It is difficult to imagine an object that has no "outside", but has an "inside", given the limitation of our sensory perception, but it is not impossible given our propensity for mathematics. Isaac Newton conceived of such an object in his formulation of the Calculus and he called it a "Fluxion", a sizeless, spaceless function of Wholeness in dynamic self-encounter generating infinite diversity within its own infrastructure.

                         If we try to conceive of it from the outside, it isn't there - we imagine a "nothingness" and so cannot imagine from where or how the Universe, (the "Big Bang"), has emerged. The source Fluxion appears as a mystery that we call Chaos. If we interpret it from the inside, we see its infinitely changing infrastructure as the Cosmos, but still cannot imagine an "outside" and so still we cannot conceive how or from where the Universe, (the "Big Bang"), has emerged. 

                         In a Spiritual sense the mystery source becomes the Creator that we call God somehow ruling from outside of the Universe, but nevertheless intimately entwined with it, and in the scientific view ..a Quantum foam devoid of the logic of Classical Physics that has "somehow" created the Cosmos, (still perceived by the way, if only infinitesimally by science, as a "Creator").

                         The Totality and Infrastructure of such an Iotic Wholeness would be constructed of the very force, the very law that drives it, as its own tension upon itself, as the Axiomatic Willfulness of Creation. There is only one condition in existence that meets this criteria..


                          It is sizeless and spaceless, but nevertheless Willful. Energy flows. Gravity constrains. Matter remains at rest until moved and remains in motion until interfered with. Matter is constructed of energy and energy is constructed of "space-time" and space-time is constructed of the Primary Law of Creation - the instantaneous, continuous and therefore "Willful" Tension of a Wholeness upon itself - and that is what Inertia is!

                          So now we have narrowed this concept down a bit. We can say that Inertia,

The Fire That Lights Itself,

is the Primary Law of Creation  and that the Cosmic Fluxion, an Infinitesimal Wholeness in Willful Self-Encounter is not other than this, from which has emerged our "Big Bang", and the entirety of Existence.

How would the Infrastructure of such a Condition of Inertial
Wholeness be affected by its Tension upon itself?

                           The stress of the Inertial Tension of an Iotic Wholeness upon itself must be taken internally, as such a structure has no "outside". Since the structure is "spherical", (it is sizeless equally from every "outside" perspective), the internal stress placed upon its infrastructure must express spherically as well, as bubbles of inertial "space-time". Since the stress of a Wholeness upon itself affects every part of the Wholeness instantaneously, the stress upon its infrastructure is directionless, but nevertheless dynamic, (hence the sphericity of an emerging bubble of space-time). The infrastructure must express spherically within this Greater Totality from which it is undivided, (hence the spherical structure of the Cosmos). But since this Greater Totality is acting upon itself there are always two undivided actions transpiring, the part that is acting, (the Wholeness), and the part being acted upon, (the Infrastructure), depending upon one's perspective, and it is here in this process that the diversification of the Infrastructure and the further stress upon the Totality must occur. As a bubble of space-time emerges and expresses into the Wholeness, the infrastructure of the Wholeness is differentially stressed and at some point must express another bubble of space-time and therefore many "Universes" may be spawned, an infinite number, interpenetrating and interactive, within and of the Wholeness of this same process as, 

The Universe of Universes

The Multiverse

And this Entirety of Condition is what
we interpret as the Cosmos!

                        I know it is an Inertial Wholeness even through my classical neurological interpretation, because the Cosmos seeks equilibrium. Water seeks its own level, gases automatically fill a container, atoms and molecules unite. 

                        Its primary function is "Imbalance seeking Equivalence", a Willful Function of Duality and therefore it acts upon itself through all of its undivided parts.

                        The simplest function of the calculus describes the Multiverse perfectly. A function acting upon itself generates an infinite multiplicity of diversities within and of itself. It does not exist in space or time, for this Fluxion Foundation acts upon itself instantaneously, an Iota as the Noumenon of all Phenomena, as cause within its own effect! ..But within and of itself it is a Wholeness ..and nothing but that ..but within that, a Wholeness is always greater than the sum of its parts, (hence the existence of irrational and perpetual numbers), and through this attribute, Imbalance continually seeks Equivalence, generating an unending series of realities within and of its own structure.

                       Within such infinite diversity, Universes, Worlds and Life are generated ..and life forms being what they are, (Electro-Chemical Perceptors), especially higher life forms born into this process as Neuroceptors, (such as we), perceive the Wholeness from which they extend as "World" and thus such Localized Consciousness interpreting "space" and "time" are created interactively within.

                         And then this process, undivided from the life forms it has made of itself thus looks back upon itself through the synthetic, analytical realities of its progeny and sees itself uniquely through their eyes as the Physical Cosmos!

                          Here is the seat of all Consciousness, the Foundational Axiom of Creation, as we and all that we perceive and beyond, are but extensions of this greater Universal Mind. We perceive its thoughts and interpret them as our own reality.

In all sincerity, I plead my case,

If not a Creator in self-creation,

then what shall I call this..?

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