What is Primordality?

The Realm of the


Where Universes are Spawned

                 The Void wherein Universal Spans are born and dwell …the ultimate Totality, a system of limitless Consciousness whose circumference is folded within and of itself …the MultiVerse of Free Will, a Differential Geometry of concordant effects where currents of Inertial forces driven by “non-local” sources spontaneously meet to form organized Inbounded systems of self-realization. 

                  (Believe it or not, by the end of this book you will understand this completely …but to give a simple example of differentiation, imagine a ball of modeling clay, and we extrude a bit of the clay out from the ball – still attached to the ball - and we cause the extruded part to circle back, striking and penetrating the ball from which it extends. That which is penetrated is affected in one way and that which is penetrating is affected in another, though both parts are undivided from a wholeness – hence, differentiation through the trans-emanation by a Wholeness of and through itself. We use the term “trans-emanation” because a duality of diversified effects takes place simultaneously when a Wholeness acts upon itself. In the larger picture, the ball of clay and we who manipulate it are undivided from a greater totality).

                  Theories of the MultiVerse, contemplated and deliberated in both Science and Religion, (perceived and explored in a multitude of ways and expressed through a variety of other names or labels), have always attempted to break through the interpretive barriers to our understanding of the nature of the Cosmos, the nature of God …the nature of “Existence as it is”. Usually such representations fail in their attempt to transmit their intended meaning to the layman because “theory” is but a synthesis of unobserved – and as yet, unobservable Existence as it is.

                  This writing of Grand Universe however, presents the MultiVerse in a unique new way …not only as the Absolute Totality of Existence, but as the Absolute Mind of that Totality as well. Thus we shall be able to relate to it on an intuitive level that will enable our understanding of “Existence as it is” …beyond our synthesized, “classical” interpretation.