What is God ..Really?



                  Currents of embryonic Consciousness coursed through the infinite sea of Primordality. Whispers of thought spontaneously created were guided to enlightenment by the  differential logic of this ethereal realm. 

                  By such "willful design", two currents found and
round one another drawn by polar affinity. Each alone were neutral, but in close proximity their internal forces were complimentary.


...thus tendrils of desire flowed
purposefully between them


                  Spiraling ever closer, each cause the effect of the other, their circular dance became a symmetry of reciprocal charges in Spherical Embrace…



Sounds like a love story, doesn’t it? A 
romantic adventure …ever becoming?



              An emerging "Universal Span", "Universal Plan", is just that ...the passion of two complimentary forces …of Inertia, the purity of "free will" engaging in intimate experience, bound by polar affinity …the essence of what we call "love". 

              In unity, they present as a singular condition, as a self -bounded or in-bounded system of self-experience, a singular mind in self comprehension – self-revelation – Self-Willed.



What if the Entire Universe is Alive

as a Wholly Self-Integrated

Dynamic Being …

and in the deeper sense,

E=MC2 really means…

(E)-xistence = (M)-ind in


of itself…?

(…A Singular Mind in Experiential Self-Encounter… )


That enduring question… "What is it that generates

 the Existence of the Cosmos?"


…is the same question in another form, that 
has intrigued Mankind from the


"What is it that we perceive as Motion?"


       Something is happening at the Quantum level that we interpret as the structure and dynamism of our physical reality, but is it the same kind of motion that we perceive within our physical reality? That base level exists below the compound of space and time, below the level of objects and velocities – so how can there be "Motion" at that level?

       What is it that "happens" at the Foundational Level that we interpret as "Space-Time Motion" and the physicality of Classical Existence that accompanies it? What could we possibly be interpreting at our level of reality as "Motion" that is being generated at that infinitesimal level?

       This question once answered unveils the elusive nature of Existence to us. The answer is the cornerstone of the Theory of Theories …for it reveals the process by which a "Universe" originates.

       Manifested by the "Foundational Quantum Level", exists our world of Space-Time, Electromagnetic Radiations and Mass, (thus interpreted by Life), and it is at our "Classical Level" …through the process of neurological perception, that velocity, or "motion" through space and time is possible.

      When carefully examined however, the motion of objects and waveforms at our level of Existence is, in the final analysis, found to be the "substance" of which such objects and waveforms are actually composed, (again, two faces of the same function at the seat of Existence expressing differentially through the actual self-encounter of that function – simply put, an object cannot exist lest it be in motion, whether vibrating at a standstill or blasting through the Cosmos at near the speed of light – the perceived motion of the object is an aspect of the object’s existence – a translation of itself in relation to the very Cosmos within which it dwells and from which it extends. It is a sub-function of the Cosmos in self encounter, a "trans-emanation" of cause generating effect).

        Ultimately, this "substance" is the essence of life, the Soul of the Cosmos, and physical motion is merely an illusion, a transitory synthesis of and through this" Primary Consciousness", at our level of Existence …through our form of neurological perception …but this "illusion" as we shall discover, is nevertheless a vital part of the overall equation. (Equations of positions and momentum’s induced by instantaneous relationships at the Quantum Level of Existence, generate the perceived physicality of the Classical Level …of our "world"), and the "motion" that we perceive through space and time is found through the Quantum view to be…

"Dualized Instantaneity"

       …the base of "Time/Inertia", divided into and synchronously relative to itself …and that is just another impish face of the Transcendence of the Iota, expressing within and of itself …the self-encounter and self experience of the functioning Fluxion …a cause acting upon itself, generating an effect within and of itself …expanding or contracting through the translations by the Fluxion of itself.

        Now, what sounds like a lot of double talk only sounds that way because it is actually a description of the interactive duality of expression of the Quantum substructure of Existence …the simultaneous, instantaneous, reciprocal action of a function upon itself

…And that is what Einstein saw as


…And seen through Hinduism as


…Through Buddhism as

"Directionless Flow"

 …Interpreted through Christianity as

"The Eternal Word"

…and pronounced by Judaism as the

"Omnipotent Will

of the

One True God"


        These assertions are based upon a premise …that a Singular Condition, a Wholeness undivided from itself – without size or sequentiality, that we perceive as Time, Inertia, Consciousness …as Existence itself, is intrinsically self-interactive and that this Dynamic Foundation differentiating within and of itself generates the physicality that appears to our senses as the sequential "motion" of, and comprising the structure of, the objects and wave forms of the "Classical World" that we perceive.

        …And finally, the only reason that we are able to experience "Existence" at all is because we ourselves are an undivided, dynamically generated part of it.

        The self-interactivity of the Quantum level described within this writing as Primary Consciousness, is self-interpreted through Life forms undivided from and generated by it as the Velocities, Waveforms and Objects of Classical Existence.


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