What is Consciousness?



                 Consciousness is the translational flow of Inertia through itself, diversifying through self-encounter into every aspect of existence perceivable ...and beyond!


The “Versing” of Primary Consciousness

“Physical Motion” as the neurological perception
 of the Translative Flow of Differential Logic 
by an Undivided Medium through itself.

An Excerpt from Grand Universe


             To this point we have interpreted “motion” within this writing at both the neurological “physical” level and at the instantaneous Quantum level, and we see that what it is that we perceive as motion is actually a function of differential translative flow of information by an undivided medium, a Wholeness of which we are each a part, through itself.


What Information?

           The scope and details range from the infinitesimal to the infinite! – Inertial self-encounters forming Singularities expanding into the Cosmos generating differential Electromagnetic Radiations and translations of reciprocal accelerative/ decelerative flows into attractive/repulsive patterns of existence - as atoms, nebulae, stars, fusion to higher elements, now planets and finally Life to perceive it all in a unique and analytical way…


It grew eyes..

What information indeed


What Grand Adventure!


…And still, nothing moved, but thought illuminated

 …and “Space-Time” saw itself…


            It is the self-ordering tension of Inertial Logic by the Wholeness of Existence in self-encounter that creates this living flow of translation in continual self-experience and therefore continual change. It is a Mind, a Totality thinking within itself, undergoing differential perpetuity without “physical motion”. Nothing actually moves except the flow of thought, the Spirit of the Cosmos coursing through itself, illuminating “Space-Time” within its own vision into every possible pattern and perception!

As a Wholeness translates/“flows” through itself, it must, due to its own self-encounter, perpetually diversify into an infinite variety of undivided patterns and realities that constitute an ever-changing infrastructure. 


          “Motion” then, as a function of duality, a Reciprocal Flow of Translation, truly is Maya – an illusion of “physicality”, as nothing actually moves, although polarities simultaneously change through a differential “Flow of Logic”, the “Versing” of Inertia. 


          What actually “flows” is the Cosmic Word …a perpetually diversifying Universal Constant, a translation of the unifying Tension of Wholeness into self-experiential information …and because this flow of translation is through an undivided medium – through that self contained Mind of Primary Consciousness, that Wholeness of Inertia/ Existence - it is necessarily differentially expressed within that medium as it simultaneously/reciprocally encounters and changes itself …its effect to our neurological perception …an ever-changing panorama of “World”.


          In this scenario, differentially changing velocities of the reciprocal flow of information/translation continually modify the Wholeness throughout its entire infrastructure. Since changes in translative flow are self-encountering and therefore reciprocal, any translation must express differentially as accelerative and decelerative aspects of existence. We interpret the accelerative/ decelerative changes of translative flow as reciprocal velocities of “motion” or as reciprocal polarities of standing waves of inertia that constitute objects of mass. 


          It is within this concept of Differential Celerity that we may finally conceive and understand the “Directionless and Diversifying Flow of Inertia/ Space-Time” through and of itself …expressing within our neurological view as “Motion through Space and Time” generating 


Electromagnetic Radiations, Mass

 and the

Spirit of Life!


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