The Unified Field of

 Primary Consciousness


               The use of the terms within this writing therefore of “Motion”, and the “interactivity of Inertial Forces” from which our perceptions of Space-Time, Energy, Mass and Gravity are evoked, will be shown to be but derivations generated of and by the singular root of Existence - the Fluxion …as compounded levels of the Willfulness of this Quantum Foundation through and of itself – as the dualizing effect that the self-tension of a “Wholeness” would naturally bring upon itself …as the reciprocity, the cause within the effect of the experience by Primary Consciousness of itself, within which animate matter and “Souls” are created… 

Inertia and Willfulness

              Within our Classical perception, Matter remains at rest until it is forced to move. Matter remains in motion until it is forced to stop. Matter is therefore Willful in relation to the Will of the environment within which Matter dwells. The Inertia of Matter acted upon by the Inertia of the environment is therefore the Will of Existence upon itself.

                Within the context of classical physics, Matter is composed of Mass – and Mass is a specific configuration of Energy. Hence, the Inertia or Will of Matter is the Will of Energy. The fact that Energy can remain configured as Mass, can express as shape and form displays such Will. We may now ask, “What is Energy composed of”?

                 This writing will show that “Universes” emerge from within a unified environment, a greater Totality from which they are undivided …a Wholeness of Inertia, the “Multiverse”, constituted of a convolved, internalized, interpenetrated circumference/infrastructure that acts upon itself from every part of itself.

                  The encounter by this Totality through and of itself forms internal convolutions that expand and interpenetrate to organize the Multiverse as an undivided though diversified infrastructure of Inertial forces. Each self-convolution of the Wholeness starts as a stress point, as a “Singularity” that is driven to open and express as a broadening “Universal Span” into the undivided infrastructure of the Multiverse by the greater forces of this self-tensioned Totality.

                   As an undivided extension of the Multiverse, a Singularity is driven to expand, penetrate into and simultaneously be penetrated by the infrastructure of the Multiverse from which it extends through the seeking of equilibrium, as a translation of willfulness by the Multiverse upon itself. The entirety of the Multiverse is composed of convolutions of its own undivided Wholeness …of broadening Universal Spans of the Totality, of bubbles of “Space-Time”, interpenetrating each other. When viewed from within any broadening Span, the Multiverse appears uniquely as the “Universe” to any observer within that Span. 

Viewed from within another expanding Singularity, the Multiverse would appear differently, but still as the Universe, because it would be interpreted from another unique perspective. Unique views of the Wholeness, of its totality of infrastructure, from within each expanding Singularity, are therefore uniquely characteristic of each expanding Singularity. 

A Wholeness infinitely twisted within itself…

                  Each expanding convolution of the Multiverse is a widening Span of its own sphericity – a “twist” of the Totality emerging internally, adding to the complexity of its infrastructure. Singularities are created because stresses accumulate due to the interpenetration of “Spans” within the infrastructure of the Wholeness. Spans are driven to creation and interpenetration because of an intrinsic quality that arises with the Wholeness – a transcendence within that creates imbalance seeking equivalence ..the first law of Creation.

                  The infrastructure is thus always changing, always translating, creating further stresses and additional Singularities, making the view of the Multiverse from within any expanding Singularity a unique perception of the “Universe”. Each Singularity is a “Universal Span”, an undivided part of the Multiverse, broadening within, penetrating and being penetrated by the infrastructure of this Wholeness.

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