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                    The word "void" is being used a lot these days by scientists,  metaphysicians, and even Madison Avenue. What I have never heard anyone discuss however, is that there is a difference between the scientific definition of dimensions and the occult definitions. And therefore, a difference in what "the void" actually means. Many speak of the void, as the space between the stars, as in the void of space. But we all know that that void is full of energy. Others equate it with the zero point energy field. But I believe the void is another step in subtlety beyond that. Consider that in science, the line is said to have one dimension, and the point is said to be dimensionless, and represents the void. But in the occult, the line, (or the lingam, or tower,) signifies the second dimension, and therefore, exits in two dimensions, while the point represents the first dimension, and exists in one dimension. But how can a point have one dimension? How can a line, which has only length, and no height or width, have two dimensions?  We will see.. Consider that time is called the fourth dimension. But look at the line. Scientifically, a line is said to have one dimension, length. But does a line disappear as soon as it is drawn? No. A line has duration. It exists in time. Therefore, as the occultists say, a line has two dimensions, time and length.And the point also exists in time, and is therefore, not dimensionless. A particle that has no duration is called a virtual particle. A line that has no duration, is called a virtual line. Time is not the fourth dimension, but the first. And within that first dimension, there are numerous sub- dimensions of time. The scientific definitions of point and line have worked for mapping the out world, in the old definition of physical. But within the quantum realm, and  esoterically, there are problems. For if one follows the scientific version inward, then the seeker will reach the line, and think it is unity, and will reach the point, and think it is the void.

"Now", can lead to the Void.

                      "Now" is an esoteric reality that is, perhaps forever, beyond the realm of experimental physics. The now transcends the present and includes all of time. To see things as they are, is to see, at the same time, how they were and will be. This includes the self. The way to experience the now is to shrink our awareness to a grain of time size, at which point it is so fast that it is everywhen. We could also reach the now by expanding our time awareness to include all of the past, present and future. Either way, we get the same result, whether we go as small as possible or as large as possible. How to escape from space-time? Simply be now enough in either direction.

                       Vibration is intimately connected to time. All kinds of time. From the phonons, the quanta of action produced by the simplest of all motions, the oscillation of a subatomic particle, to the slow tick-tock of the cesium atom, to the eon long waves of the birth and death of stars, oscillation is time. And recall, that in the pre-big bang singularity, the free flowing quarks, so pressed together that in accordance with the strong force, they possess absolute freedom, are rapidly vibrating, producing multitudes of phonons. The singularity is a ball of sound. For a touch of religion, we can say, first  there was the word, first, there was sound, oscillation, time. Yes, earlier, sound was defined as oscillation. And so was sex. So we hear the new physicists say that time is multidimensional, and wonder if they can feel and hear it? Indeed, that is how we can know the void. For, at the point, the oneness, the "on" aspect of the binary field, we can hear the most beautiful music of all, multidimensional time itself. The void is one step farther, it is absolute silence, the "off" aspect of the digital quantum foam.

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