The Grand UniVerse of
Primary Consciousness
The Sorcerer's Handbook to the Void
Copyright 2001, 2002 - All rights reserved


Table of Contents


Clarification of Terms

The Essence of Primordality
(Before Space and Time)

 It is necessary to read Grand Universe in its proper order because each preceding
section or chapter sets the stage for the understanding of the next.

Please start above with the Preface, and then Clarification of Terms and then next the
Introduction to assure proper comprehension of the following chapters below.




Preface     Clarification of Terms     Introduction

Chapter 1

Interpretation and Expression

The Mechanism of the 
Expression of Existence
(The Creation/Manifestation of Be-ing

Chapter 2

Translation of the Foundational
Code into Classical Reality

(The Cerebral Synthesis of Existence)


Chapter 3
The Creation of Space, Time
and Comprehension


Chapter 4
Quantum Encounters Within
Classical Reality


Chapter 5
Creation and Transmigration
of the Soul


Chapter 6
Formation of the Spiritual Locus
and of the Lathe of Creation

(Construct of the Unified Mind)


Chapter 7
Metamorphosis of Time-Space

(Organization of Existence)


Chapter 8
States of Matter


Chapter 9
The Median Effect
(The digitization of Consciousness)


Chapter 10
Dynamic Consciousness

(Primary evolution of the Soul)


Chapter 11

(Super Novae and Molecular Society)


Chapter 12
The Interactive Processing
of Duality

(Electromagnetic/Gravimetric association
 of the Body and Soul)


Chapter 13
The Unified Mind of the
Grand Universe

(In contemplation of itself by perception
 through the Animate Interface)


Chapter 14
The Locus of the Lathe of Creation
as the Center of the Universe

(And the perception of Centeredness
 through the Animate Interface)


Chapter 15
The Relativistic Interactions of
We and the Unified Mind

(The Mechanics of Synchronicity)