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              My name is Michael Spirit and it is my Great Pleasure, (and I hope it will be yours), to invite you to explore the Grand UniVerse of Primary Consciousness Website!

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              In the fields of Quantum Theory, Quantum Reality, Consciousness, Spirituality, Sociology and Cutting Edge Theoretical Physics. 

              In the past few years, many Theoreticians have found a common foundational structure that reflects and inter-relates all of these subjects. 

              And while it is certainly true that among the confusing sea of Paperback Books on the Literary Market one may find a rare jewel, one can never find a Cutting Edge Work written one week ago, one month ago or even in most cases one year ago! (It usually takes a year or more to bring a "Written on Paper" creation to market).

              But here within Grand UniVerse may be found the Secrets of the Cosmos revealed in Astounding and Penetrating New Literary Creations..

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                   Our Member Authors have posted samples of their work with Grand UniVerse in the forms of  Essays, Poetry and Entire Original Theories of Universal Creation, Quantum Reality, Astrophysics, the Nature of "God", the Purpose of Life and the Mechanics, Meaning and Purpose of Existence at both our Neurological Classical Level and at the Quantum Level as well.

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