When Consciousness looks upon itself

What does it see?


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This Book is about the Beginning of All Things, which is also the
substance of that which we call "Time"..and more, as this is the
Primal Fabric of all of Existence, it is in and of itself ..Timeless..

The Things constructed of it and contained within it however, are not..

In One Magical Moment I looked at the Stars . .

I might have regarded the Cosmos as a random happenstance,
as an incidental artifact of inexplicable chaos ..but I couldn't.
I can't imagine how anyone could.

                                I have felt the music of the heavens course through my soul ..a tacit vibration between that hidden part of me and the entirety of the Cosmos ..so simple to feel ..so difficult to describe..

We do not really know what this is that we are born into.

More than that, few of us are ever aware of the subtle processes of existence that dwell beneath our ability to perceive.

                          The psyches of living forms such as we are not simply oblivious to this hidden condition however; we are actually shielded from the awareness of such deeper knowledge by a veil of neurological reality. In other words we interpret existence indirectly, through our organic receptors, the interpretive processor of our gray matter, our internal projector and our internal projection screen. Our electro-chemical complex of senses and brain matter, evolved over millennia, have built within us an internal picture of "world", a synthesized interpretation that we unhesitatingly accept; a vision however, that actually impedes our ability to be cognizant of a more profound reality.

                           Though we may be unaware in our day to day lives of this underlying process, it nevertheless has a direct and acute effect upon us. Extraordinarily experienced as random occurrence, coincidence or even miracle, we vaguely refer to such events as products of the Great Unconscious, the Karma of the Unified Field or the Force of God - and so, while such phenomena may have awakened us to the existence of a process beyond our casual perception, we are still unable to precisely explain what it is. Although we have attempted to reveal its nature through religion, interpret its qualities through meditation and describe its intricacies through technology and mathematics, we are still at a loss to define the enigma from which we have come and within which we exist.

In the most direct way, it is indeed our Creator..

and yet..

                         Many Philosopher/Scientists dismiss the notion of God, rather that there is only our immature perception of classical reality, fraught with danger that each of us are born into. I hear this quite often and I certainly understand the viewpoint, given their rigorous pursuit through scientific fact, as well as the predacious nature of our world;

But if not God, then what?

                         What is this that we are innocently born into? What is this process of existence within which we dwell? What has created us and all that we see?

                         There are two parts to the equation; they are the actual process within which we exist ..and the way in which we interpret that process.

                         We observe the Cosmos changing, moving, evolving. Even the energy imparted to our planet during its creation still continues its course through transformations of our world, often affecting our lives and sometimes our very existence. As we consider the conditions under which we live, experiencing the unfolding of our environment and of our lives, that force of "God" or "nature", may often seem to us ironic, capricious and occasionally malicious. Yet as we proceed through life we see that through such "chaos" emerges new avenues for growth, new possibilities for success and thus new hope. Through our interpretation, that force may seem at times both randomly disordered, and yet filled inexplicably with hidden purpose.

..and this is because we are born into a Curved Universe, a Curved Existence.

Before we go any further..

                         I wish to impart to you that not only is space curved, but that time is curved as well, as this is a "Space-Time" continuum within which we live.. 

                         As such, as we move through life, there appears before us a horizon. This horizon exists because of the curvature of that within which we dwell. In simpler terms, as we move through life we move through the curvature of Space-Time. On this planet as it is throughout the cosmos, as we peer ahead we see that the "edge" of what we see appears to drop off at a certain point,.. and we can see no further.. unless we take a step forward. In my experience, if one lives their life courageously, if one steps forward though one cannot see what may come, that individual moves the horizon and thus sees new opportunities that could not be seen while standing still. Additionally, because time itself is also curved, events can present unexpectedly during the most difficult situations. If one steps forward courageously during difficult situations, the least probable opportunities often present themselves and if immediately seized upon will usually result in a successful outcome.

                         The curvature of space/time is governed by PI - 3.141592653589793 ...on to infinity.., a transcendental number, a condition without end, a condition of infinite possibility, the most improbable of which will inexplicably emerge when least expected. This is a law, a power built into the Universe we are born into, always at hand, always ready for our use. The time and way to use it is when conditions are too complicated to humanly judge. Courageously step forth when you are too blind to see. Always make the attempt to succeed and doors will open ..and unexpected possibilities will present. The curvature of the Universe often emerges as irony, because nothing is exact, as all things and conditions are open ended to new possibility. All humor is based on the irony of curvature. Such "God" is always smiling upon and through us ..and many times I think in its own way, laughing. The Creator, thus in this way, always provides a path to success, but each of us must be courageous enough to seize the opportunity, to boldly step forward. There is an old saying that states that "Fortune favors the Bold", and that saying is undeniably true because the Bold Step Forward and move their horizons. Every book ever written about the power of positive thinking is absolutely correct, because and only because, we live within a curved universe.

                          We search the Cosmos to see from whence we have come ..not realizing that we are in fact looking at our Creator, not realizing that we are part of what we are looking for. Although we are each a component of the pattern of its totality, we are prevented because of the way in which we perceive, from realizing that we are each a part of a singular process looking upon and within itself through our eyes. When the Universe is considered in its entirety, driven by its own energy, we can sense its vitality; the predominant power by which it moves, that creates stars, planets and life in a continuing drama of evolution, that provides what is necessary for the continuance of life and as well through harsh circumstances, often destroying life in the process, is clearly what we are interpreting as "God". Still, we look elsewhere for our Creator, as we have not yet understood the process from which we extend. 

                         The very question of "God" and of "Universe" is a result of our unique perception of the conditions within which we exist. And although we are a part of it, we misinterpret that process as separate from ourselves ..because that which has created us has also enabled in each of us a sense of "individuality", manifesting naturally in advanced life forms such as we, experiencing neurological reality, which paradoxically precludes our view of our unity with that process.

                     This is not to say that we are not individuals, but we are also undivided from the process that has created us in the same manner that a wrinkled sheet of paper has bumps and creases, each uniquely different from the other, yet all extended from the sheet itself. Though we are wholly undivided from it, man's ability to perceive the unity of the process from which we extend is impeded by our own self-awareness. And so in one sense we are awake through our self-awareness and in another sense, we are equally asleep because of it, unaware of our extended, tacit undivided consciousness.

                      The part with the eyes, (Man and all seeing life forms), interprets the process from which it extends as separate because the Seer observing itself through an undivided part of itself paradoxically sees itself as an "environment" within which dwells the part that is looking. Hence, we misinterpret what we see as other than our Creator, because the Creator when looking at itself through the eyes of its creation is prevented by the very "individualistic" configuration of that creation from seeing the Creator objectively. The Creator is only able to have a subjective view of itself through our eyes. We, the creation however, each having a separate and unique viewpoint, ironically mistake what we see as an objective and separate "environment".

This is the mechanism of the creation of "Classical World Reality" - through our eyes.

                       In order to have free will then, one must have a sense of individuality, but in having that, one sees its Creator as apart from oneself. This is the limiting synthesis of perception focused through each of our localized consciousness, from God's simple purity into mankind's analytical ambiguity.

We mistakenly interpret the force of God as ruling from outside of the universe,

when the entire process that manifests as the universe,

is what God is.

What is it then, that we perceive as "Universe"?
And with that ..What is God?

                          In order for the Cosmos to exist at all, however we may perceive, it must emerge from a self enabling and self sustaining process, a condition undivided from itself, singular and self-contained, though diversifying and changing within itself ..a wholeness whose process of growth is driven by means of its own energy and self-encountering dynamics.

                          A self-contained dynamic condition, having nothing outside of it, must through its own forces, continually encounter itself and evolve through self-experience. Here lies the origin of consciousness and the foundation of perception.

What would drive this process continuously and indefinitely?
(From whence comes that driving force of self-encounter, of change and evolution?)

                             The Basis of Creation, that start point of all Universal law is that an undivided Wholeness, from an infinitesimal singular point to the entirety of the Cosmos, cannot be precisely measured. During measurement we find that nothing is perfect, not the things or systems that we measure and not the tools that we use to measure with, all being parts of that "Wholeness" ..and this is because a wholeness and everything contained within it is curved.

                         If we try to imagine the borders of a wholeness as being straight lines as in a cube, we still need to deal with the corners, which upon critical analysis are found to be rounded, (even those "straight lines" would be found to be bowed if they could be measured with precision). If we look at anything closely enough we will find curvature. In fact, our notion of "straight" is an imagination within our grey matter, of workable limits to deal with the curvatures and approximations of an imperfect reality in a practical and decisive way. Even in our day to day lives we find that little of what we encounter and few situations that we plan for, work out in quite the way that we may have imagined. A more realistic representation of a Totality then would be that the entirety of it is curved and thus dynamically ongoing, (always a part beyond our control ..and therefore filled with hopeful possibility). In a calculated measurement of a Totality then, or any part of it, all parts being curved, one must use an infinitely transcending number such as PI - (3.141592653589793 ..on to infinity..), which always leaves an infinite and dynamic remainder ..which is reflected in our world of reality as that "imp" of imperfection, uncertainty and unforeseen change.

                        The imperfection of measurement speaks of imbalance in a self-contained system within which every part is curved and undivided from every other part. In order to be a wholeness then, such a system must seek within itself a way to counter that imbalance. The mechanism for accomplishing this lies in the quality of imbalance itself, which translates to uncertainty - a potential energy, which leads to ongoing change ..the natural mechanism of counter-balance. The inherent quality of curvature is that force of change that lies between every point of existence, that force of uncertainty lying between every juncture of reality ..and that is the built in impetus of imbalance, (the demanding question that is built into the process of existence), and counter-balance, (the continual attempt to answer), that is foundational to an undivided wholeness. The energy of change is reflected in our mathematical interpretations of curvature as that infinite and dynamic remainder generated through the use of PI. A Wholeness therefore contains the natural impulse, because of its curvature and imbalance, that causes it to continually self-compensate and thus evolve.

                        To clarify; A wholeness undivided from itself is the beginning and containment of all things, such "things" being the undivided parts, the infinitely transcending elemental attributes of the wholeness. Because the parts of a wholeness are undivided, the dimensions of those parts, as well as their measurements are imperfect, uncertain, indefinite - hence the changing nature of curvature. A foundational impulse to undergo change therefore is innate to a wholeness because of this uncertainty, which leads to imbalance, which leads to counter-balance. Any change within the wholeness must cause the wholeness to actively encounter its own composite parts, generating further change; therefore a wholeness continually encounters itself, undergoes change and experiences self-evolvement.

                        We look out upon the Cosmos even through our limited neurological vision and yet still perceive a constrained Universe undergoing continuous change. In the simplest understanding, if we consider the totality of the Cosmos, its spherical/elliptical construct is due to the curvature and therefore constraint and resulting laws of space-time. If we consider the fact that we cannot see into the heavens to more than a distance of approximately fifteen billion light years ..if we consider the fact that Hubble's Constant states that matter approximately fifteen billion light years from us must be moving away at near the speed of light - hence we can see no further ..and finally if we consider that the speed of light itself limits' the velocity of matter, we must conclude that the Universe is a curved and closed system, (consequently reflecting the constraint of all Universal Constants and generating the laws of equilibrium and conservation of energy, i.e. "nothing is ever lost, only transformed"). 

It is a Wholeness of Curvature which is the
Containment of the Entirety of Existence.

                        A Wholeness must act upon itself, for what else is there to act upon? Could it act upon another Wholeness, another Universe? If it could, then these two systems would be constrained within an even greater totality, undivided from each other as part of a Higher Order, a contiguous, self-contained Multiverse. Due to the transcending qualities of its curvature, this Higher Order would continually drive its own self-encounter, expressing within itself, diversified patterns encountering each other, interpenetrating and thus "communicating", altering each other's infrastructures. This interpenetrative flow constitutes the original form of communication in the universe, the question/answer - causation/effect of the auto-thought of Primary Consciousness.

This is the quintessence of what we call "God" manifesting influence over the Cosmos.

                         This is the driving force inherently fundamental to the Foundation of Creation; a higher self-contained, self-constrained Totality in dynamic self-encounter, compelled through its own curvature to seek balance within itself, of which Expressions within its infrastructure - "Universal Spans", (our Span/Expression conceived by science as the "Big Bang"), may be spawned.

What are the Minimal Attributes of that "Start Point" of Creation?

                                The first attribute is Self-Containment, for how could that not be if this is the beginning of all things? There would be nothing else, nothing else outside of it, nothing else to affect it. ..And if one should conjecture that something else was the cause, that the "start point" might have been initiated by something other than itself, then this would not be the beginning ..but since this is the beginning, nothing else would exist. So, in order for there to be a beginning, there can be nothing but the beginning. Hence, the "beginning" of all things is the self-contained Totality within which all other things shall exist. The Universe, the Multiverse therefore, is a closed system.

                          The next attribute is Minimalism. The beginning of all things must be the ultimate simplicity, for how could that not be if this is the beginning? Any complication beyond the ultimate simplicity must lead back to what was before that complication. The beginning of all things must be as uncomplicated as possible, an irreducible simplicity, but it must also allow for the emergence of a universe. Hence, the ultimate simplicity for the beginning of all things would not be "nothingness", for where would be the foundational attributes for the emergence of a universe within nothingness? Consequently, the ultimate simplicity for the beginning of all things would have to contain the minimum fundamentals that would allow a universe to emerge ..and that is a step above "nothingness". So what many believe as the universe bursting forth from out of nothing ..is misperceived. There never was nor could there ever be "nothing". The minimal attributes for the beginning, however, would be - spaceless, sizeless and instantaneous, having only the nucleus of curvature as its driving force. In other words, a single infinitesimal point as that "Wholeness", (described by science as the singularity that produced the "Big Bang"), would be the foundational beginning and also the containment of the universe, within which an infinity of other infinitesimal points could develop.                         

                          The final attribute is Curvature/Consciousness. This particular attribute is the most difficult to understand, not that the explanation is complicated, but because both science and religion have not yet caught up to broaden their scope of what consciousness or curvature actually is. The understanding of this relationship is necessary to our awakening to the process from which we extend and is essentially the next step in our evolution - both spiritually and scientifically, ..and so requires an advance in comprehension. But even so, with a little perseverance, the average individual can achieve this.

Briefly, it goes thusly;

First, Consciousness:

                          What is alive and conscious, only flesh and blood? Well, crystals grow like organisms under the proper conditions - and so do stars, planets and galaxies. Do we plan and strive and seek to survive and advance ourselves as well as our civilizations because we have neurology - senses, brain, eyes, etc? We feel pain and pleasure and we think through evolved flesh and blood. We reach out and invent. We develop our cognizance. Plants do much of the same - without neurology. Plants form symbiotic relationships. Plants develop strategies. Plants reach out and seek to survive ..and so here we now extend our notion of consciousness, not necessarily in the way neurological life forms exhibit it, but more as a foundational attribute, as that "spirit" of energy from which "life" grows. The Spirit of Consciousness lies in the background of matter awaiting the proper conditions within which to show itself.

                          An even deeper awareness however reveals that consciousness lies in all forms of existence, in what we accept as "living" and in other forms as well. Driven by the impetus of PI, the curvature of space/time transforms into the first tetrahedrons of physical existence, to grow and evolve into more complex structures and to form into crystalline communities. Crystalline communities either co-exist with or invade other crystalline communities. Under the proper conditions rocks transform and grow and certain viscous molecular compounds actually sense the proximity of nearby matter and reach out for it. Clouds form into communities as well, transforming potential energy into kinetic and interact with each other and with the ground. Here we further extend the nature of consciousness to include "non-living" matter. In this form, consciousness proceeds in its own way, alien to our still evolving awareness of what consciousness actually is. Its fundamental thought processes do not require neurology, rather a form of auto-thought is built into all forms of existence, driven by the laws and constraints of the minimal attributes of being, the Spirit of the beginning of all things, driven by the impetus of the infinitesimal point of creation, of its curvature, waiting to act or react through physical laws and constants, under the proper conditions. We have not yet recognized consciousness in this way and so we have been limited in our scope of understanding. But if we look open mindedly at plants or flesh and blood life forms, we will see that the elements from which they are made are the same elements that form crystal communities under different circumstances, born of the same star dust that formed into this planet and others. Plants and life forms such as we, are actually evolved crystalline structures,  with greater capabilities than our counterparts. In our form, solid matter co-exists in harmony with liquid, and so within us, the spirit of consciousness having achieved greater opportunity, has further evolved.

                          Under the influence of gravity, nebulous hydrogen has coalesced to form nurseries within which stars are born. Even under these primitive circumstances however, consciousness does what it can to emerge and display its properties and abilities. Hence, stars evolve to create the higher elements of which planets, moons and life manifest within galactic communities. This too is the spirit of consciousness transforming and emerging, though unfamiliar to our way of thinking.

                          None of the matter, energy or dynamic forces as described above, nor the space that they fill would even exist were it not for the unique way the beginning of all things was able to unfold. In fact, as we take a more detailed look at this "beginning", we will discover that it had to unfold in just a particular way, that it had a built in necessity to grow, just as crystals and "living" forms do, and interact within itself, driven by its own system of auto-thought in the forms of uncertainty, imbalance and counter balance; by that process of question and answer provoked by curvature. We will see that the very foundation and substance of existence is consciousness itself, transforming and evolving to create environments of itself within which to awaken.

Next, Curvature:

                          Curvature is that constant break of redirection between the continuous points of a sphere, the probability and improbability, (uncertainty), between the continuing points of our world reality. The uncertainty of elemental curvature at this rudimentary level, where time knows no direction and where cause lies within effect, allows this minimal condition to manifest as quasi-dimensional, both dimensional and non-dimensional at once. It is the potential of action within reality continually becoming kinetic. It is imbalance and thus, the foundation of energy, and becomes kinetic when liberated. A striking manifestation of such potential is revealed through nuclear fission. When the nucleus of an atom is disturbed to a high enough degree, the balance between the forces that hold it together, (the strong force), and the forces that await the proper conditions to drive it apart, (the weak force), is tipped in favor of the weak force, the atom then flies apart. More than just breaking up is accomplished however, as the energy of the curvature that lies between those points of force - the protons and neutrons, is released. What is further revealed is that this energy is also the substance of those protons and neutrons and that some of these sub-atomic particles return to energy and no longer exist as "matter", hence liberating a great deal more energy than was required to overcome the strong force and release the weak force. It is clear that the "matter" that we experience of the world within which we dwell is composed of such "energy". We experience world through our neurology however, and build within our grey matter an interactive picture of that interpretation. If we for a moment recognize and acknowledge that our experience of objects of matter and the spaces that lie between is only a neurological interpretation and projection, a synthesis of "world", we can then begin to more easily understand the foundation of creation in its utter simplicity.

                          Reduce that "Wholeness" of world to a spaceless infinitesimal size. It is here that the foundational, what some may call "spiritual" attributes of creation dwells. Here is the beginning, the impetus of continuous change ..and in its higher levels, the Alpha and Omega of all change, of all growth, of all things evolving, for without space only the stimulus of curvature exists, such stimulus, the spirit of consciousness. Here is the built in necessity of continuous change and evolution - the basis of auto-thought. Here lying hidden in the background of all things is the driving force of existence, because continuous change prohibits precise measurement of any object or system and promotes "imperfection", imbalance and uncertainty ..which are just the right ingredients, the minimal requirements necessary to create an emerging, evolving universe out of a sizeless, spaceless and instantaneous foundational condition.

The Stumbling Block

                           So far the attributes of creation are not so difficult to understand. The substance of existence, (curvature/consciousness), is the essence of that which lies between every point of spatial and material reality. Spatial and material reality is a neurological construct, a way of interpreting the attributes of existence through senses and brain. The difficulty in understanding comes with the realization of how we interact with those attributes through our neuro-perception of reality ..for as described above, the process of creation is self-contained, sizeless, spaceless and self-evolving, and since there is nothing outside of it, the universe that we perceive thus dwells within. The difficulty in understanding then, as well as our great misperception of what it is that we consider the "world" that we are born into, together with the forces that affect our lives, arises when we attempt to reconcile our neurological experience of the vast reaches of space, trillions of stars, planets and ourselves ..with the fact that we exist within and are undivided from ..a spaceless, sizeless condition.

                           Inwardly, we know that there is more to our reality than we see. We feel our unity with the universe, our connection to our creator, but that tie is not perceived as physical, as we are only able to express it as "spiritual". The world although natural to us, seems to block our physical ability to fathom its subtle energies. But even so, a mystical sense of belonging to a greater force yet dwells within. That is why religion has had such an impact on so many - both pro and con. That is why science is compelled to investigate.

                           How can it be that in a sizeless spaceless continuum we can interpret billions of light years of volume, endless galaxies, stars, planets and life?

How can a spaceless, sizeless continuum
actually contain an entire universe?

What is Reality and how do we interpret it?

                          A Wholeness, even the Highest Totality, need not have size or space. (Size, space and the passage of time are neurological interpretations, synthetic renderings within our grey matter). A Wholeness can be an Infinitesimal Iota - a sizeless, spaceless condition of self-containment that can only act upon itself as there is nothing else to act upon, nothing else to encounter. And since this is a sizeless, spaceless condition such action must be instantaneous, a condition that is N-O-W-I-N-G, ever evolving, ever changing, ever renewing - in the same instantaneous moment - ..within itself.

                         If it is sizeless and spaceless and if it is the Ultimate Totality, it would not display an "outside", since there would be nothing beyond it, but it would still have an infrastructure of realities, an internal condition where its force upon itself would be expressed - an actual inside ..without an outside. The force or "Tension" of a Wholeness acting upon itself must express as a multiplicity of diversities within itself and thus its infrastructure would continuously and infinitely rearrange and evolve. The evolution of such an infrastructure, because it is constrained, cannot happen haphazardly, as it must follow the rules of its own limitations. It must build upon itself in a rational way; hence that which we perceive as the Cosmos is governed by physical laws. (Even that which starts as chaos does not continue as chaos, but immediately develops a constrained pattern of orderly interactivity.)

                         Of course, if there appears to be a conflict in the above expression where the term "instantaneous" is used in concert with the terms "continuous, infinite and evolve", one must consider that a condition that is instantaneous, but is also undivided from itself as a self-contained Totality ..is in fact "continuous". Such a condition because of its curvature, also contains transcending and irrational properties that are "infinite" as they are consciously followed, (that we interpret such properties consciously, mathematically, as PI, square root of 2, as well as countless others). As such properties are encountered by consciousness, a continuous change of comprehension occurs as consciousness is led through the relationships formed by the combinations and juxtapositions of such infinite attributes. Such varying encounter by consciousness causes innumerable translations of perception which generates interpretations of continuous change within an instantaneous "environment"; Hence the perception of the flow of time, the volume of space as well as the sense of size and materiality. And of course, if it is consciousness that constitutes the totality and infrastructure of existence, then it is consciousness that interprets and translates itself. This is what we have been calling "Spirit".

                          If we start then with a simple premise that the universe is generated from and is contained within a sizeless, spaceless, infinitesimal condition constructed of such "Spirit", then all that is confined within that universe, including life forms and all other material objects, (even our bodies), must also be sizeless and spaceless, except through our conscious, spiritual perception. Our notions of size, space, materiality and the passage of time would then be auto-translations, the natural auto-solving of equations through our neural constructs of the interactive transcending properties of this Iota Totality of which we are a part and within which we dwell. Such translations form algebraic symbols that we and other life forms interpret through biological filters rationalized by consciousness, which enable the perception of an "environment" as well as the perception of our own individual existences. Once the notion, (the algebraic formula), of our own individuality is created, the interpretation through such form-ulated, "localized" consciousness gives us a sense of unique individual position, (from our perspective), which also enables our perception of other individuals, as well as other non-living material objects, each interpreted by our localized consciousness as form, each being positioned in space and time.

                         It is difficult to imagine an object or condition that has no outside, but that has an inside, given the limitation of our sensory perception, but it is not impossible given our propensity for mathematics.

The Spiritual Expression of Mathematics
The Calculus!

                         During their development of the Calculus, both Isaac Newton and Gottfried Leibniz outlined the process of the "Function", (and although I am sure they both knew it in their hearts and minds, in their day they dare not express this epiphany as the Transcending Motion of Spirit), where the variance of one number would affect the variance of another, (and where in the real world for instance, a change in one aspect of our environment would have effect on other aspects of our environment - like the relationship between greenhouse emissions and global warming). Now, the Function in and of itself does not take up space and being variable and continuous, occurs in the now and is therefore instantaneous. While working out the mechanics of the Function, both Newton and Leibniz were led to conceive a special object that Newton called a Fluxion and that Leibniz called an Infinitesimal. This object is a mathematical condition of infinitely small size, (described as the closest condition to zero without having a numerical value), to which when a Function is applied will cause the infrastructure of the Fluxion/Infinitesimal, (herein called the Fluxion, in deference to Newton), to vary and evolve.

                         In fact, it is easy to correlate that the Function and the Fluxion, both resembling "nothingness" but not quite, are interchangeable. Under the proper conditions they actually represent energy and mass at their simplest level, inter-convertible as energy into points of force, (as quarks - the constituents of protons, neutrons, electrons and other sub-atomic particles), and back to energy through atomic decay, fission or fusion. Each type of quark having unique qualities but being massless, can exist within a sizeless, spaceless continuum. As their qualities interact to form atomic and sub-atomic particles, they acquire "mass" through electro-magnetic induction. But even such "mass" is an evolved quality of masslessness within the spaceless continuum, as such "mass" bears only the appearance of materiality through our neurological interpretation.

                         Now, although it may seem inconceivable that neither Newton nor Leibniz realized that if the properties of a Fluxion could self-generate a function that would act upon the Fluxion, that this object would self-vary to create an infinity of evolving, interpretable realities within its own structure. Given the religious conditions of the time however, it is certainly understandable why each of them might have kept this idea a secret. Unfortunately, because this idea was either not realized or purposely kept secret, science was deprived of the simple answer to the generation of the universe.

We will use this Infinitesimal Object, the "FLUXION", together with the Self-Generating Function
to describe the Foundational Condition from which our universe emanates.

                           The following query has come up several times;

                          "You refer to the fluxion as "infinitesimal", which I believe means "extremely tiny, extremely small". But I also seem to glean so far from your writing that the fluxion, or source of our universe, is sizeless and spaceless. To my way of thinking something that is "infinitesimal" may be incredibly tiny, incredibly small, but that which is very, very tiny still has space dimension.. it may be incredibly small, much smaller than even a quanta, but doesn't the word "infinitesimal" simply mean incredibly small, microcosmic? And wouldn't even something incredibly small, infinitesimal, still possess space dimension, three dimensional volume? So by "infinitesimal" do you mean utterly spaceless, no space dimensions at all, or simply incredibly small but still possessing space dimension?"

                           The answer though difficult to describe in words is actually one of utmost simplicity;

                           When both Newton and Leibniz discovered the concept and created their terms, they meant them to be used in conjunction with a function. The function works in a spaceless, sizeless environment. The true concept of the Fluxion or Infinitesimal is that it contains the rudiments, the beginning mechanics from whence space and dimension shall manifest. The key word "shall", in this case means "bearing the fundamentals, and the vitality created by the combination of those fundamentals, to create space and dimension, and thus so doing". Space, time and dimension are all conceptual through our neurological reality. So, when we try to conceive of an instantaneous, spaceless, dimensionless condition through our grey matter, we see it as "nothingness". The best we can say about the Infinitesimal or Fluxion through our neurological perception is that it is quasi-dimensional - approximately sizeless, spaceless and instantaneous, ..and this being the case, size, space and sequential time cannot be attributed to it except when its fundamental attributes cause it to internally produce an infrastructure that can be interpreted through neurological reality. And of course, the contrarian may say that this explanation smacks of theoretical "wiggle room" in that the description is hazy at best. But this really is not the case. The truth of the matter, is that the Fluxion, because of its construct, does indeed have its own "wiggle room", in its ability to manifest infinite variations of reality within its infrastructure. Additionally, any attempt to measure it, mathematically, theoretically, will only give approximate values, as the construct of the Fluxion is of transcendental qualities. Furthermore, that which is doing the measuring is part of what is being measured. Clearly, Heisenberg's uncertainty principle at the foundation of the Fluxion, rules over any attempt at precision ..hence the haziness of description. This is the realm of the Creator in theology and referred to as well by science as the Singularity from which has emerged the "Big Bang". The Fluxion, because it is almost inconceivable, is the one mathematical term that actually requires faith in order to be understood, (see, God is hilarious ). The Fluxion is the last bastion of mystery, the well of infinite possibility and also the ultimate challenge of science, religion and philosophy.

The Elusive Progenitor..

                         If we try to conceive of the foundational condition that spawned the universe from the outside, it isn't there; we imagine a "nothingness" and so cannot envision from whence or how the Universe has emerged. The source appears as an infinitesimal mystery that science calls a "singularity" within which an infrastructure of Chaos exists. When interpreted naturally from the inside, (through neurological senses and brain), we do see the infinitely changing infrastructure of the Cosmos, but yet cannot conceive of the source that created it, as we still look for an external creative process, and of course we still cannot imagine an "outside" - because there is no outside - and so try as we may, we cannot conceive of how or from where the Universe has emerged. The best that science can say is that the universe has emerged from a singularity as a "Bang" and though while unwittingly approximating Newton's Fluxion as that singularity, science is still not able to offer a credible description of the actual mechanism of creation.

                         In a Spiritual sense the mystery source becomes the Creator that religion calls God, somehow seeming to rule from outside of the Universe, but nevertheless intimately entwined within it, and in the scientific view ..a chaotic Quantum Foam residing within a singularity devoid of the logic of Classical Physics that has somehow spawned the Cosmos. (Even in this, science coincidentally, though unintentionally admits the singularity as a "Creator", ). Strangely however, science is unwilling to relate the idea that the creative force that religion calls "God" is the foundational "quantum foam" that resides within or is in itself that "singularity" ..although religion must admit that science is actually trying to interpret the "Creator".

..If we just apply simple logic however..

                        Wouldn't a foundational condition that drives the emergence and evolution of a universe, in fact be its Creator? Wouldn't its creative construct and process be as simple as possible to permit a universe to occur? If we are considering the beginning of all things, there cannot be complication before simplicity, as it is simplicity that evolves and convolutes into complication. The beginning of all things cannot be nothing, but must be an infinitesimal step above what we would conceive as nothing and since it is the beginning - there could be nothing else and so it and all that it creates must be self-contained. The Totality and Infrastructure of such an Infinitesimal Wholeness would be constructed of the very force that drives it, as its own dynamic tension of imbalance upon itself thus causes it to evolve, as a Function of curvature that converts into a Fluxion, as that Fluxion driven by the Function of curvature evolves' its own infrastructure, (like the transformation of the curvature of space/time into the first tetrahedral particle of matter), both interactive expressions of that Singular Infinitesimal Wholeness.

                         If we think about the ultimate simplicity, though it may resemble nothingness as a sizeless, spaceless and instantaneous condition, it still requires the fundamental attributes that would allow a universe to emerge and evolve - and so, such a condition is an infinitesimal step above nothingness. It is in this understanding that the misconception held so long by mankind, of the universe emerging from "nothingness", is dispelled. In actuality, the universe has emerged from a foundational condition of "Time/Force/Consciousness", which resembles nothingness and that is the foundational substance of the Totality of Existence! It is also within this knowledge that the truth of how we perceive our existence and how we actually do exist, is revealed.

                         Interpreted by science as that "Point of Singularity" from which materialized the "Big Bang", and conceived long before by Newton as the "Fluxion", the Infinitesimal Wholeness within which the universe is contained is essentially the same as it was at the beginning of creation; only the perception of its infrastructure has changed and evolved. All that is contained within the universe, including life forms such as we, have emerged within this singular point ..and are still contained within. Constrained by this Totality, matter as we perceive it, cannot exist, because matter needs volume and this Fluxion Wholeness is sizeless and spaceless. Time does not exist as we perceive it, because time is a function of motion and there can be no motion as we perceive motion to be, where there is no space; therefore the functions of this "point" within which we dwell are also instantaneous.

                      Yet we do perceive matter, space, motion and the flow of time. Those those function, as well as their perceptions however, as pointed out earlier, are neurologically synthesized and then interpreted by consciousness. Such interpretations are of the evolving interior of the Fluxion of which we are a part and within which we dwell. We have evolved to interpret our world in a practical way so that we can interact with it. Being on the same level of existence as the world itself, constructed of the same massless forces, imagine yourself for a moment composed of trillions of infinitesimal points of force, whose various qualities are assembled through evolution in such a way as to have senses, a brain, a body, mobility and perceptive abilities. Imagine as well the world you perceive composed of incalculably more infinitesimal points of that very same force, only assembled in a myriad of different other ways. Being composed of the same force as the world you perceive, your brain builds a picture of points of force assembled together, not interpreted as individual curvatures of conscious energy, but simply together as space and "materiality". The passage of time that one experiences, remembrance of past and anticipation of future, is a molecular configuration recorded in the brain, as we only actually exist in the timeless, instantaneous moment. The world we perceive, including ourselves, is a practical interpretation through our neurological reality, of the wholeness within which we exist and of which we are a part. The wholeness has evolved and produced us as well as other beings, as living extensions of itself, undivided from its own essential consciousness. Through evolution we had no choice but to perceive as we do, being constructed of the very same attributes from which we extend. Through evolution, our ability to understand however, has deepened, Newton and Leibniz envisioning the Function and the Fluxion, Einstein revealing a curved universe, religion embracing a singular God.

                      The problem however is space itself ..for in a sizeless continuum - how can space exist? This is the stumbling block, for we see vast reaches of space and divisions between material objects, and so, how can the universe be self-contained and undivided within an infinitesimal point of creation? In fact, we have gotten so used to seeing the divisions of space that we imagine social divisions as well, in the races, colors, beliefs and misconceptions of our fellow Humans, where if undividedness was better understood there would be less strife in our existence.

                      Did this single point of creation expand and get larger, allowing for internal space? Well to answer, there is simply nothing outside of the point, because the point of creation is all there is, hence it has no "outside" and could not outwardly expand.

                      Did this point somehow expand on the inside, but not on the "outside"?

We begin to approach the truth.

                       The process of how space is interpreted in fact answers how space is created, for within the Fluxion, Consciousness, aka "time", at its most embryonic level, driven by its own force of imbalance, flows into itself, as it has no other place to flow and builds an infrastructure of currents and borders, builds a structure akin to an elemental mind within which the initial interpretation and thus creation of "space" and all that it contains is generated.

                      Now, what shall we call the condition that resides within the Fluxion and how shall we describe its "process-ability" and our perception of it? This has been the conundrum that has plagued scientists, theologians, sociologists and philosophers down through the ages. Physicists have latched onto confounding labels like "chaos" and Theologians have likewise presented equally insurmountable concepts. And We, the average individual either blindly accept such mind numbing conjecture ..or having been thus blinded, in an attempt to free our minds from that which we cannot humanly judge, fall into the next trap of assuming other concepts like "the universe emerging from nothing" or "universe always existed", which are equally defeating. The lack of understanding of our foundational unity has lead to deep polarization among Humanity and therefore unspeakable suffering throughout the history of our world.

                      Did the universe come out of nothing? ..or is the universe generated from a condition which to all intents and purpose only appears as nothing.

Is this "Fluxion" ..nothing?

                      First let us determine what a point is. If we draw a line on a piece of paper and divide it into say 5 equal segments, each place where we divide is a point between the segments. These are rational points that reside between the segments - 1 . 2 . 3 . 4 . 5. If we continue to divide the segments, we then get fractions of whole numbers and more segments - 1, 1.5, 2, 2.5, 3, 3.5, etc. If however, we divide any one rational segment or even the entire line into thirds, we now get for each third .33333333333333 flowing on out to infinity and if we divide a fractional segment like 1/4th divided by 3, we get .83333333333333 flowing on out to infinity and these are two examples of the sub-properties of the countless transcending progenitors mentioned earlier which consist of irrational and transcendental points contained within the Fluxion - all of which are spaceless and sizeless.

"Time" transforms into Quality

                      So we may describe points as "conditions of varied quality" affected and manipulated by the conditions of other adjacent points. Since there is no space within the Fluxion, all points of varied quality are undivided from and affect each other. And it should be noted here that the rational segments mentioned above are not really "rational" because when looked at closely in our world of reality, are always found to be imperfect through curvature and thus are actually limited irrationals or transcendentals that are not easily observed. Example; measure the "rational" 1 inch increments of a wooden ruler with a fine micrometer and you will find discrepancies of measurement from increment to increment. Hence, "rational" segments are only approximations rounded off to measurements that we can work with in our "imperfect" world, such "imperfection" a misnomer, as our reality will be shown here to be constructed of open-ended irrational and transcendental properties only - as nothing curved can be measured precisely. And if you are wondering then, how it is possible that a toy truck rolling across the floor should stop at some point instead of rolling on forever, although with infinitely decreasing speed, it is because where such motion ceases, the open ended properties that constitute the wheels of the truck have engaged and meshed with the open ended properties that constitute the floor, creating an interrelated process of localized balanced equality, an equation of curvature which through neurological translation we perceive as stationary be-ing.

                      The idea to be grasped here is that our world is constructed of qualities that in and of themselves have no resemblance whatsoever to what we perceive as the physical elements of reality. In and of themselves they have no space,  no mass and do not exist in the way that we conceive existence to be. But, they do exist and inter-process at what science calls the quantum realm of "chaos" and at what Theologians call "God's realm of creation", to generate our reality.

                      Now, going back to that line mentioned above that was drawn on a piece of paper; if we make the line itself infinitely small, say the sizeless, spaceless diameter of a point or "fluxion", we can still mathematically manipulate it into conceptually sizeless, spaceless sections, as an infinite number of undivided "points" of varied, logical conditions. 

                      In this case because the point has no actual size, each section of "conditionality" will be connected to, affected by and manipulated by the others, as this point is continuous. Thus even a single point dividing into itself will have infinite qualities - qualities which require no size. In fact it must consist of irrational and transcendental properties - qualities that continue to flow on forever, like the Square Root of 2 - of which we mathematically, (neurologically), represent as - 1.414213562372095... flowing on out to infinity, or Pi - of which we mathematically, (neurologically), represent as - 3.1415926535897... flowing on out to infinity. This is so, because if the point had a size, it as well as its properties would be limited by its outer perimeter. Being sizeless however, it has no outer perimeter and so this sizeless point as well as its properties are only limited by the properties of other sizeless points which constitute its infrastructure.

                      Because the point and its properties are undivided from other points with other properties as part of its infrastructure, such continuity self-governs the interrelationships of its properties and thus limits the types of internal expressions that this point may generate. This is how chaos becomes the auto-thought of logical progression, of how reality is governed and maintained. Example of limited infinity; Draw a line from A to B and then move halfway between. Now move halfway from your current position closer to point B and then halfway again. Continue approaching B in this fashion through an infinite number of moves, but you will never reach B. In this case B is a limit, but the approach to B is an infinite series of moves. The distance from A to B through infinitely finer and finer measurements can never be measured exactly, but the overall distance between cannot go past A and B and so is limited.

                     And, we must understand what numbers actually are; If we look above at the transcending numbers of PI and the Square Root of 2, we see that one digit follows another after another; the ongoing digits however are collectively only a digital representation of each of the singular transcending qualities of PI or the Square Root of 2. They are actually algebraically represented symbols that we have converted into "numbers" through our neurological translations. We also see that even although such numerological conditions may conceptually flow on forever - they do not actually move. Hence, they only "flow" when perceived and consciously followed - and when not perceived - they remain as static foundational elements of the curvature, i.e. "action/consciousness" of the Fluxion/Point in a state of non-motion, a state of "Static Flow" or otherwise, what "motion" would be at a level where size, space and time does not exist; a state of instantaneous flow.

                    We use numbers to represent qualities and quantities - such as size, distance, mass, velocity, etc., within the reality of the classical world that we perceive, but what we see, hear, feel, etc., is only our neurological interpretation of the actual non-motion Quantum Processes of Static Flow - neurological interpretations of the foundational qualities that we conceive as "world".                                                    

 The construct of the human psyche is such that when we observe and interpret from within this fluxion condition, space, time and motion as well as objects of mass are naturally interpreted to make our interactivity with the fluxion condition practical. This is so only because our forms and psyches are constructed of and are undivided from the very same conditions of qualia as the fluxion itself.

                    But remember, the Fluxion is sizeless so there is no room for motion - therefore all process is actually instantaneous - thus Non-Motion i.e.; Static Flow exists as instantaneous process. So, a singular point, though it does not have size, space or be material in any sense, still has a qualitative mechanism of Static Flow to generate Static, (instantaneous), Experience within itself of other sizeless, spaceless, instantaneous points ..and it is the differing qualities of those points that enables our perceptions of motion and world reality.

                    These sizeless transcending progenitors of existence statically flow on forever, but they do not actually move. (Notice how "Static" is similar to "Statistical". In modern scientific interpretation, quantum processing is the instantaneous interaction of probabilities - the inter-processing of conditions of Qualia - to achieve the effect of a state of existent reality. Thus, Quantum Mechanics is a Statistical representation of Statistical process.) It is only our neurological interpretation that gives such process the reality of "motion" as well as the other perspectives of size, mass, volume, etc., of our world experience.

                    The Buddhists call what we now know to be Quantum Process or Static Flow, "Directionless Flow" or "Tao". There is the inherent quality of instantaneous self-encounter, hence instantaneous self-experience and the Real-i-zation of, (the self-creation of), now, as part of the quantum process of the Fluxion Wholeness within its own matrix; Thus is created a fundamental self-awareness within the Fluxion, (due to a singular, sizeless, spaceless condition having only itself to encounter), that follows the progression of the Static Flow of its own transcending qualities. It is this elemental awareness, (self-experience), forced upon the Fluxion by the Static Flow of its own irrational and transcending qualities that creates its own Foundation of Primary Consciousness and hence the properties of the "Reality" that we are born into ..and since we ourselves are constructed of the very same quantum processes of the Fluxion, we perceive Static Flow as well, but through the enhanced condition of a neurological construct of senses and brain that generates the perception of the illusion of space/time and thus "motion". 

                     Webster's Dictionary states: "In Taoism, the basic, eternal principle of the universe that transcends reality and is the source of being, non-being, and change." Such "being, non-being" the quantum representation of instantaneous Static Flow as "non-being" and when neurologically perceived as real world motion - as "being". Conversely, when the quantum foundation is encountered through deep meditation, (neurological bypass), it is experienced as "being" and the reality of our classical world is perceived as "non-being".

Let us then start with a Fluxion as the Foundation and
the Totality of Existence ..and see where it leads..


                      Now, if there is only this one point and no others outside of it, this one point must contain within itself all of the statically "flowing" Irrational and Transcending Aspects of all points that constitute "world", which are after all composed of nothing but Qualia - (quantum statistical probability). Through our perception of "materiality" and thus "reality", we can touch, see, hear, feel and move - but all such experience of space, time, mass and motion is through senses and interpretive brain - which creates an image of reality, a true algebraic rendition of "forces" in Static Flow, a virtual experience of "world". Even the building blocks that generate the properties of Protons, Neutrons and Electrons - the actual elements of these particles, are described by modern physicists as constituted conditions of Qualia, as quarks, which are described as generated points of force. 

                    You may ask - Can a singular point be divided into all of the objects that we see? The answer is - no, it cannot actually be divided into separate parts because it is a singular wholeness, (sizeless and spaceless), that by its very definition and nature is undivided from itself. It can however, in fact it must, because of its experience of its own flowing transcending and irrational properties, self- manipulate, self-interpenetrate and thus reciprocally and simultaneously self-experience ..and it is within this flowing mechanism of interpretive self-encounter that "world" may be created.

It is the Irrational and Transcendental properties of this Singular Generator that
drives it to spawn within itself a multiplicity of "creations" and perceptions.

                        A transcending quality like PI forms a meandering curve as it is followed through its continually changing consecutive points towards infinity. If those points were a path consciously traveled, its properties would appear as continual change through an ongoing experience of "action in the moment" perceived through that curve. Now, when we think of consciousness, we think of a mind that is aware and has a sense of space, time and motion. Our neurological construct which enables such perception is a unique interrelation of the transcending properties of the Fluxion, an evolvement of Primary Consciousness into thinker and doer. An elementary consciousness however, existing within a sizeless, spaceless, motionless condition would only be aware of what it was driven to experience by the static rules of that environment and nothing else. There would be no sense of time and thus no sense of self. Hence, the only kind of motion that such a consciousness could experience would be the flow of its own perception through the self-encounter of the infinitely changing transcending properties from which it is undivided ..and even this "flow" would not be sensed as "motion" without self-awareness. Such varying experience would be in the continual Now as "action in the moment", without remembrance of past or anticipation of future. There would however be the experience of instantaneous reality through a myriad of different properties transcending through the Fluxion. If some of those properties were to interrelate in a unique way to provide the interpretation of space and time, (such as our neurological construct), the experience of the "motion" of a changing reality would then be interpreted.

                   Although there is no actual motion within a Fluxion totality, varied experience by the Fluxion of itself must occur as its transcending qualities translate through self-encounter into infinite variations of its infrastructure. Because such variations of experience are simultaneous and are also undivided from each other, a Singular Consciousness of infinitely varying perception is enabled within the Fluxion. The perception of this Primary Consciousness varies because although the Fluxion is a singular wholeness, its properties are infinitely transcending and interrelating. It is this process of diverse yet undivided self-experience that creates such rudimentary awareness. Consequently, the curvature of Static Flow enables the dynamism of Primary Consciousness as the driving force of the Fluxion. Although there is no actual motion, there is still the static flow of elementary self-experience, driven by the foundational dynamics of the interaction of the Fluxion's own transcending properties; thus the perception of Primary Consciousness flows while nothing moves, creating within our enhanced neurological experience ..the illusion of motion.

To get a First Hand View of Static Flow
Click Here.

                   Since this point, sizeless and spaceless is the Entirety of Existence - it is a Singular condition that generates variance only within itself. Thus undivided from itself as a wholeness and due to its inherent function of the Static Flow of its transcending attributes, which creates its own self-encounter, it experiences a flow of rudimentary awareness. But where will this flow go if this singular point is all there is? It cannot flow outside of itself - because there is no "outside" since it is the Totality of Existence. (Imagine a mind flowing through itself creating thoughts and perceptions because of its own self-encounter. It is sizeless and spaceless, except for what it conceives). It must flow through itself - and it is within such self-encounter that the condition for the experience of "reality" is created.

                       As an infinitesimal condition flows into itself, a relativity of opposite flows is created by that which is flowing and that which is flowed into, because that which is flowing is undivided from that which is flowed into. Imagine this "consciousness" as a viscous liquid flowing into itself - completely undivided from itself.


                    So, that which is flowing, goes one way and that which is flowed into, simultaneously goes relatively in the opposite direction. Remember, this is a flow of perception only, not a flow of physical motion, and so when perception flows into itself, relative opposite directions of flow are simultaneously perceived by this undivided, flowing .."consciousness".

The Actual Mechanism

                    The flows of perception are curved because the curving aspects of the Fluxion are actually "flowing" in a curved manner and thus a border is created, (a line of demarcation without width that exists between the opposite flows), which is also curved. A flow traveling in one direction above the curved border experiences the convexity of the curved border while the opposite flow traveling beneath the curved border experiences the concavity of the curved border.



                   Since both aspects of concavity and convexity are simultaneously experienced by this undivided flow of rudimentary "consciousness", both concavity and convexity are perceived as opposite and inverted curves superimposed upon each other..

and thus the perception/illusion of an aperture within the curved border
is experienced within this sizeless, spaceless totality

 ...hence the perception/function of "space" is created.

                   This works very much like light passing through a convex lens which inverts the image:

                    The curvature of the lens redirects and focuses the light image to a point and then the image passes through the focal point and continues inverted beyond the focal point. The border between the flows acts like this lens, only in this case the lens is not material, but an ethereal, temporaneous construct created between and dependent upon opposite, simultaneous, relative flows of conscious perception.

                          Since there is the opposite and simultaneous relative flow of "consciousness" into itself, the border created between the flows, now experienced as "space", is also flowing into itself, offset by angles of 90 degrees to the underlying flows of consciousness, (see graphic of consciousness and space above to see the 90 deg. offset). The border is experienced as inverted curves flowing into each other and passing through each other and so it appears as if space is also flowing through itself - hence the experience of expanding space, (This is Einstein's elusive Repulsion Force, and the foundation of gravity between material objects) - and from our perspective - an Expanding Universe. (Space flows through itself - this is an expanding universe as well as generalized gravity, and space also flows simultaneously and oppositely through matter, but is channeled through matter, thus warping space oppositely and simultaneously within and around matter - this is discrete gravity.) 

                      As the curves of the border flow into each other:

they intersect, forming dualities of new points which change the perceived shape of the border, which causes the opposite flows of consciousness to alter direction, which causes the border to alter - and so on. This iteration between the opposite flows of consciousness and the changing shape of the border between the flows is perceived as a flow of events within space by consciousness ..and thus a flow of "Time" is perceived within the instantaneity of this spaceless, sizeless, and still motionless Singular Totality. Of course a neurological construct would be required to record such "flow of time", else it is not remembered, but the mechanism to be recorded is clearly available and awaiting neurological or similar evolution, and at least on Earth such advancement has occurred.

                     The iteration between the border and the opposite flows of consciousness thus causing change, becomes a modulation of the frequency of perception which creates the illusion of functioning object reality, (matter existing and moving through space). Since the flows of Consciousness are always at right angles to the flows of "Space-Time", the modulation of the frequency of the border between the flows of consciousness expresses as Electro-Magnetic radiation within "Space-Time", as "magnetic forces" displaying at right angles to "electrical forces", driven by the expression of "space" flowing into itself, driven by the underlying function of consciousness flowing into itself ..all of this still - Static Motionless Flow. Thus the dualistic incidence of the opposite curves of the border flowing into itself is perceived by consciousness as elemental particles bearing strong and weak forces, (sublimations of gravity and electro-magnetism) - such forces generated by the actual undividedness and thus "conserved energy" of the underlying flows of consciousness.

                            Pictured below, the leading edges of inverted concavity and convexity about to flow into each other, about to create "space". The incidence of where they begin to touch, forms an elementary point/particle of force.


                            As they pass through each other below, creating "space" between, a double incidence is created, twinning the original elementary point/particle into point/particles of opposite spin.

                       Consciousness still flowing oppositely, continues to generate the interflow of inverted concavity and convexity to drive an ever widening "spatial" span and continues to generate twinned particles spinning in opposite directions. The opposite particle spins are caused by the curvatures of concavity and convexity passing through each other - hence, twinned electrons and twinned photons.

                       This foundational constant/"velocity" of the interflow of such "space-time" is the same constant that creates and limits the speed of light to an unwavering velocity of 186,282.397 miles per second in the vacuum of space, as we neurologically interpret within our classical physical reality. The indirect evidence of this is suggested thusly; If one considers the constant velocity of an electron circling a hydrogen atom, one must also consider where the energy comes from to maintain the constant velocity of that electron. Since hydrogen atoms are the most stable of all atoms, lasting many billions of years without decay, then one must also consider that the energy that maintains the velocity of the circling electron for those billions of years is being generated from a source other than the hydrogen atom. The hydrogen atom itself is the transfer point and processor between the actual source and the electron for such energy, as this energy cannot be drained from the hydrogen atom itself, else the atom would quickly decay. When conditions cause an atom to emit a photon, the photon rides the directionless radiating spherical wave of the constant interflow of space-time at the velocity of the interflow, hence limiting and maintaining the "speed" of light. All constants in our physical universe, though modified through various conditions and processes, are generated and maintained by the foundational constant of the interflow of consciousness/space-time.

                         See, if two opposite flows of foundational consciousness are undivided, they are thus constrained, (manifesting within our generated reality as "conservation of energy"), and hence governed by their own inherent, constant "physical laws" of this still sizeless, spaceless condition of Totality. Such "forces" of Object Reality - illusion that reality may be, nevertheless must follow the constancy of the physical laws of such "creation", guided by the constraint of the undivided interflows of the underlying consciousness that temporaneously generate them, forming the Quarks that have arranged into the atoms, planets, stars and this Neuroceptor - (this perceiving life form), who is communicating this miraculous idea to you now.

                        The stress of the Inertial Tension of an infinitesimal Wholeness upon itself must be taken internally, as such a structure has no "outside". Since the structure is curved, the internal stress placed upon its infrastructure must express in curvature as well, as bubbles of inertial "space-time". Since the stress of a Wholeness upon itself affects every part of the Wholeness instantaneously, the stress upon its infrastructure is directionless, but nevertheless dynamic, (hence the curvature of an emerging, expressing bubble, or "Big Bang", of space-time). The infrastructure must express spherically within this Greater Totality from which the infrastructure is undivided, (hence the curved structure of the Cosmos). But since this Greater Totality is acting upon itself there are always two undivided actions transpiring, the part that is acting, (the Wholeness), and the part being acted upon, (the Infrastructure of the Wholeness), and it is here in this process that the diversification of the Infrastructure and the further stress upon the Totality must occur. As a bubble of space-time emerges and expresses into the Wholeness, the infrastructure of the Wholeness is differentially stressed and at some point must express another bubble of space-time and therefore many "Universal Spans", many "Big Bangs" may be spawned, interpenetrating and interactive, within and of the Wholeness as, 

The Universe of Universes

The Multiverse

And this Entirety of Condition is what
we interpret as Cosmos!

                       I know it is an undivided Wholeness, even through my classical neurological interpretation because the Cosmos seeks equilibrium. Water seeks its own level, gases automatically fill a container, atoms and molecules unite wherever and whenever possible. 

                       Its primary function is "Imbalance seeking Equivalence", a Willful Function of Duality and therefore it acts upon itself through all of its undivided parts.

                       The simplest function of the Calculus describes the Multiverse perfectly. A function acting upon itself through the variance and evolvement of a Fluxion generates an infinite multiplicity of diversities within and of the Fluxion, hence simultaneously and infinitely varying the function. Neither the Fluxion nor the Function exist in space or time, for this Fluxion Foundation acts upon itself instantaneously, an Iota, as the Noumenon of all Phenomena, as cause within its own effect! ..But within and of itself it is a Wholeness ..and nothing but that ..but within that, a Wholeness as well as the sum of its parts is always in a state of imbalance, (hence the existence of and due to the relationships of irrational and transcendental properties), and through this fundamental attribute, Imbalance continually seeks Equivalence, generating an unending series of realities.

                       Within such infinite diversity, Universes, Worlds and Life are generated ..and life forms being what they are, (Electro-Chemical Perceptors), especially higher life forms - Phenom's of the Noumenon  - born into this process as Neuroceptors, (such as we), perceive the Wholeness from which they extend as "World" and thus such Localized Consciousnesses interpreting "space" and "time" are created Interactively and Undividedly within.

                         And then this process of Totality, undivided from the life forms it has made of itself thus looks back upon itself through the synthetic, analytical realities of its progeny and sees itself uniquely through their eyes as the Physical Cosmos!

The Dreamer Perceiving the Dream through Extensions of Itself..

                          Here is the seat of all Consciousness, the Foundational Axiom of Creation, as we and all that we perceive and beyond are but extensions of this greater Universal Mind, whose thoughts we perceive and interpret as our own reality.

In all sincerity, I plead my case,

If not a Creator in Self-Creation,

Then what shall I call this..?

In Contemplation of the Universal Mind

�������������������� What entity eludes our view at the root of existence, evermore unknowable, ..a capricious shadow evading every attempt at description? Our World Reality seems but a trance-like derivative of this deeper, more fundamental Architect. Ahh ..but our reality is not so dreamlike.. Governed by the rules of physics, the rules of life ..we are undeniably connected to this �Creator�, though we perceive its wonders through a transitory vision, through a neurological synthesis � experiencing our �World� through senses and brain. But at its foundation, this �Prime Mover� follows its own agenda, creating ..trans-emanating.. our world by experiencing itself in a differential way, dualizing and multiplying its perception and comprehension by seeing through itself, creating living forms of itself such as we and other beings in the process ..and because it sees through itself ..that which it �sees�, sees itself through the seer! ..thus weaving into multiplicity, dynamic realities within and of its own structure. These are the undivided expressions of the Neumenon of Primary Consciousness that we as its extended awareness are born into, that we interpret through our senses as the phenomena of �World�.

...and that is what �Existence� is...


I dedicate this writing in this year of 2007, having
begun its preparation in the year of 1956...

To our beloved Family of Humankind,
all Races and Religions
for whom we have
Great Hope!

And also to,

Our dearly beloved Mothers and Fathers�
who gave us the Gift of Life!

To our Relatives, Friends and Progeny
To whom we have taught and
from whom we have learned.

To every living creature that has been,
that is, and yet to be...

To my Beloved Helen who I cherish as
my Wife and Confidant, Forever.

�������������������� On June 8th of the year 2000, My sweet Helen looked over at me after hearing me spout yet another of an unending series of corrections to this book and said:

�Before Consciousness, Time is Inertia�

�������������������� �Why yes �of course!�, I said, �What a beautiful way to put it �it actually sounds like an equation, like a function, f(t)=i/c. �Yes�, she said, with eyes twinkling in that loving way she looks at me ..and while I stood there staring at her, awestruck and admiring, she next said, �What would you like for dinner sweetheart?�


The Moon became deep amber set in midnight velvet
within whose fabric glistened a billion points of light.

�������������������� On those special nights when the sky is clear ..during an eclipse, the reddened moon draws one�s attention to the heavens. The stars become more visible and appear to the naked eye in greater numbers due to the gradually decreasing lunar light..

A hush fell over my Universe as the Conductor raised his baton. Tapping softly upon Quasi-stellar Podium, embraced my Spirit and tuned my heart to the first notes of the Grand Orchestra that lay before me.

�������������������� The vitality of the Universe gains the attention of the stars ..and of those who listen with their hearts ..and within the silence of the night, it begins.. 

Slowly and gently did the music fill me, each
 star�playing in perfect harmony with my Soul.

Rising above all others, the voice of the Universe drew me. Uplifted beyond Earth's bounding, every lie fell away,                 every barrier melted. Open I became, to clear notes and subtle message.            

�������������������� Within the enchantment lies a meaning, born on the wings of starlight through all of space and time ..calling from the depths of the Cosmos ..to the audience of life.. 

Dreamer Awakened!

�������������������� What if you discovered that you were actually an undivided part of the Entire Universe ..that the Universe was peering out upon itself through you ..that you were an extension of a Grand Totality looking back upon itself? ..But because you perceive through a brain, you imagine that you are a separate �self� ..looking out upon your �environment�.

�������������������� ..Like a giant Amoebae - that Wholeness - extending an intelligent pseudopod ..infinitely many intelligent pseudopods, each with a brain - that look back upon the Amoebae from which they extend as a separate �environment� - and at themselves and each other as �individually separated Beings� - not realizing that they are each and altogether undivided from the Whole.

�������������������� ..But now imagine that you were one of the few who caught a glimpse of this connection ..and in looking out upon this Planet and the Cosmos were able, just for an instant to see yourself as Space, Time, People, Places, Other Life Forms, Rocks, Buildings, Oceans, Moons, Asteroids, Comets, Planets and Stars.

�������������������� If only you could continue to �see� this, you would know that anger, hostility, selfishness and war are emotions and actions of futility, based upon the paradoxical illusion of a separate �self�.

�������������������� Imagine the serenity in the knowledge, that you will continue beyond your body - that you already are ..continuous ..undivided from the Wholeness ..because you are the Wholeness ..that nothing can ever be lost to you ..because the Universe is a Totality ..contained within and of itself, of which you are and shall ever be ..an undivided part.

Now, close your eyes and empty your mind of every assumption, every opinion.

Let go your notion of separateness for a moment

�just for a moment�

And within that sublime instant ..that afterward one may forever struggle to define,

�consists all of Wonder and Knowledge..��

at once!

Purpose and Meaning

Are we and all other life ..the accidental result of����
a mindless cataclysm science calls��The Big Bang�?

Or does a Creator really exist?


�������������������� I have always wondered why Science and Religion were so diverse in their explanations of reality. It has always seemed to me that, �If God created it�, and, �Science discovered it�, that science was certainly a supporting branch of religion and conversely, religion a supporting branch of science, though perhaps unrecognized as such. Religion seems to tend toward a subjective interpretation of our environment, while science appears to strive for an objective one. Yet many scientific achievements came about primarily through the spark of intuition, �A brilliant thought that burst forth seemingly from out of nowhere�, such thought and its implementation being an objective use of subjective interpretation.

�������������������� ..And within the concept of religion; the forces of nature converge into an unusual occurrence ..and sometimes as what we perceive as a �miracle� ..and this is interpreted as the �Will of God�. Should religion not interpret in this way?

..Of course this is God. ..But

And also of course, there is this paradox..

that we through our perception and misconception have created..

We think that "God"

might or might not exist

and yet there is this apparently perfect mechanism that we call, �Universe�,

..and life and intelligence are born within.

Could a plan be in effect?

Too improbable to consider ..too huge to imagine?

Or is it all some grand coincidence?

If it all just happened by chance ..what irony that would be!

Did it evolve from a seed, a random occurrence
that science calls the �Big Bang�?

This proposition may seem more logical. If there was a seed
however, look at how it has evolved..

Wouldn�t it have had to contain a plan?
(Even Chaos settles into Order)

�������������������� What if science is partially right and religion is partially right and the union of the two form into a perfect theory? What if the seed is self-generating and continually renewing? How does it generate, and what constitutes the creation, implementation and dynamics of a plan?

Just what is this force we call �God�

..and does it exist?

What if the Entire Universe is Alive as a Wholly Self-Integrated
Dynamic Being ..and in the deeper sense,

E=MC2 really means..

(E)-xistence=(M)-ind in (C2)-omprehension of itself?
(...A Singular Mind in Experiential Self-Encounter� )

                     The time of true awakening is upon us, as the concepts of Science, Religion and Philosophy within our world are merging at an ever accelerating rate. This is an amazing time in the evolution of the Human Spirit, as we stand upon the threshold of a Quantum Leap to the new and higher understanding that..

Reality is the Space-Time Kinetic

of the Spaceless, Sizeless, Instantaneous




An important word from the author about�
truly comprehending what you read

�������������������� When I read through a particularly difficult work, I have found that the best way to fully comprehend it is to read through the introduction and perhaps the first chapter twice. I get the �gist� of the concepts put forth on the first read through and I do not worry too much about the details of what is being said. I just let those details come into me without straining too much to understand them. When I do a second read through however, I am now armed with the general understanding of the �gist� and I can now focus upon the details with greater comprehension �and I can then usually get through the rest of the chapters easily. Grand Universe contains a myriad of concepts that continually challenge the imagination. As understanding is gained from a first read-through of a chapter, that comprehension creates further awareness during subsequent readings. Hence, every chapter of Grand Universe can be read any number of times with each reading evoking new insights.

�������������������� Another difficulty that one might encounter when reading a work of this kind is that the terminology used may be unfamiliar to the reader. The nature of this work and of other works like it, is that all are conceptualizations of a process that is unobserved and as yet unobservable � the process of �Existence as it is�. At its foundational level � hidden from our casual, �classical� observation of the world, we interpret "environment" through our neurological senses that generate impulses to our neurological brain, of which such data we remake into the synthesis of our �neurological reality�. Thus, we can only approximate our comprehension of what it is that we are born into.

�������������������� In the case of Grand Universe, I have attempted to enhance the reader�s understanding by putting a few explanations of the conceptual terminology used throughout this work, ahead of the main body of text. Usually you will find a Glossary of Terms in the back of a book that you might have to refer to time and again. This book has one as well, but further, additional explanations are given throughout this writing at every juncture, to clarify the meanings of the terms used herein, (some in very unorthodox ways), and as stated above, I have put detailed presentations of the main terms next, ahead of the general body of text, so that the reader may have the greatest possibility of fully understanding and enjoying this work. These next explanations are not in the alphabetical order of a glossary, but are rather in the order that will focus the mind towards a greater comprehension of

The Grand Universe�

Love and Light to you,

Michael Spirit


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