Poetry of Jessamy


Our True Self

Falling in Love...

Love Across the Distance


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What is Life About ???
Why are we here ??

We ask ourselves from time to time
 and rarely can we answer
Inside ourselves is the door to space 
where our hearts live...

Here we meet everyone else's hearts 
whether they are aware of it or not
Here the angels live

The kingdom of heaven...
Bursting with love and 
joy and laughter

The door is a point inside us 

The dot in the circle...

It opens to this vast space 
which is our true self....
It contains everything that is 
It is all that is...

And is all that was
or will ever be

You don't need to do anything special to find the way
No meditation or special rituals...

You just ask to go 
and you will be taken

Knock and the door will be opened
Call and I will come to you

Call on the angels for help ..they will come

All the light is there

and the music 

The chanting of the sound...

The sound of creation 
Music of the spheres some call it.
The sound of electrical vibrations 

The Breath of God

The mantra of pure energy and consciousness

All that exists is just whirlpools of energy
Dancing at such speed that we see it as solid
The spaces between the whorls are vast
Like the spaces between the stars

Our perception of this world is just a mirage


Like a bicycle wheel spins and looks solid...
But we know the spokes have spaces between

We must change our point of view - move our standpoint...
Instead of centering inside our head - we must sit in our souls.

Here we can experience all that is...
The oneness within all....
The very substance of life
Beyond language, forms, physical trappings...

We meet all in their very centre
No language is needed - understanding is complete
We see the beings - not the humans -
And they shine like the stars they are

From here the human values seem so paltry...
Rules seem so ineffectual and irrelevant
Because there is nothing greater than this love - being...
Pure love - recreating itself - in a very simple way

Mathematicians have found the formula - of chaos...

What seems chaos - is really perfection

The fractals that appear are the pattern of creation
From the universal to the microscopic...
The pattern repeats - and reappears

Repetition, iteration, over and over - the same action...
Creates and continues to create...
Like a rhythmic breathing.
The pattern of God

How is it then - that we sit here...
In bodies - with sensations - and perceptions....
With the planet beneath our feet ???

We feel so physical - so solid...

The senses all tell us we are real people
And we know we are not....
But we believe we are...

Yet - even believing we are bodies..
Think for a moment of the planet..
Hurtling through space 
through the universe..

With the wind blowing back your hair

Hold on tight - don't fall off!
Feel the miracle of that - in itself...
How extraordinary life truly is!

It just makes me want to laugh

Such JOY I feel - such love and laughter
Come and laugh with me for a space...


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Falling in Love...

Falling in love...the feeling of letting go and expanding into a vast
space...not exactly a space...more of a place that is filled with the most
wonderful adoration...for all others...for all that is...a childlike wonder
in one's eyes as you gaze at all that is around...

And all who approach are seen in that light and full of the joy that you can
feel...everything that moves or interacts in the surroundings is just a
trigger to recharge that joy....

Not only those who are near...there is no distance holding anyone away from
this feeling...it is as if all is one and the love is the heart that beats
for the whole of creation...

And yet we fight it...in our fear of being hurt we close up and cut off and
thus we hurt ourselves so much...

And however you weep for those who are hurting...you cannot make them
understand this love...

They have to feel it within themselves... it can be so very very sad....
And is the most precious of all gifts...

the grail that is filled 
and runneth over...

That is our life within....

Feel it... Love... It is simple... You just have to let go and allow yourself
to open to any hurting and somehow that opens the door
 to this pure vast creative Love...

With love to you all...


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Love Across the Distance... 

Great things are in this universe - miracles and magic
Feel you are standing on top of this planet - 
hurtling through space at 19 miles per second

Feel the wind rushing through your hair
Feel the galaxies flying past

Fly through the space - between the stars

We are whirlpools of energy - feel the current of electricity
Going from your heart to the sun, moon and stars -
From them to your heart

Fill you with light to make you shine like a star - 
glowing - radiating

I would dance with you in the sea - like the current.
Feel the music bursting out of me

Would dance with you in the universe, 
in that special place that we meet

Can't explain things of the soul - beyond the mind

Would dance outside space and time with you

Feel the electricity we generate together
Dancing, spinning, making music

Dance in your Soul

Dancing through my dreams..

stroking you gently

with my thoughts

Feel them loving you, wrapping around you
See you glow like a lighthouse in the dark

See the sun is rising - a new day is born
Fly with me in the rays of red and gold,

Feel the colours of pink and purple wash you free

Feel the blueness of the sky - clear and rich.
This world is for you - love it

Fly through the galaxies with the planet beneath your feet.

Feel me wrap you up in my feelings

There is no distance in thoughts or feelings

In my spirit, I am with you

 Do you feel it?

Touching you so gently - like the wings of a butterfly.
I know you so well - that part of you which is 
larger than the universe

Not what you do, or who you know, or where you live,
The larger part of you beyond all that

In this other level we can mix - be as one..

My feelings are flying through the atmosphere 

to mingle with yours on the
other side of the space

Wherever you are..

I will be with you while you are walking
listening to the water in the river,
feeling the air on your face, 
kissing you with the breeze,

Hearing the leaves whisper to you. 

I will be unseen - will you know I am with you? 
Will you feel my hand in yours? 

I love to smell the air with you

I will sit with you today, watch you, be quiet - 
no-one will know I am there, only you

I will hold your hand, feel the wind with you, 
smell the woods, hear the music

Music in my heart..
only you can hear

A special place where no-one else can come - we can meet
Maybe it is sharing or mixing or tuning in - I call it love

Share this place with me, and we can laugh a little,

 mingle feelings

Love me ..fly with me in my dreams
Let the dreams sing inside us

You can touch me from the inside out
I would that you could touch my skin

I would love to feel that electric touching between us
But which is the more real? Physical or spiritual?
Share some loving with me

Laugh - be careful, laughter is very infectious - 
and fun too

Feel the morning mist kissing you
and the warm soft summer rain

Lift up your face and enjoy them 
They are from me

See the blue sky - a present from me,

Wrapped up in sunshine - decorated with a few clouds

The feel of the ground beneath your feet,
a present from me too

And the feeling that you may want to smile

Don't worry about the distance - 

it is quicker for me to fly to you in my thoughts
Than the fastest airplane

Inside me is sadness - but within that sadness is 
just excitement, laughter and dancing

Bursting with love - pouring out of me - for everyone

I am flying with joy. Shining with the stars

I feel our lights fuse - not as 2 lights shining, 

But as 100.

Like positive and negative electrons, we fuse 
and make a larger being - vast

I would stroke you, like the sea caressing the shore
I would keep my heart in you - safe

Within the depths of the sadness there is 
another world - 

full of music, colours, like those I visit in my sleep

I feel the shining is there

I can't see much - too bright for the eyes

I just get filled up with the feelings there

Such joy and gaiety, 

It floods me right through

I just feel overwhelmed by it
 I can't contain it inside me

It is like emotion, but not the same

It is like happiness - but very sad

It is like sadness - but laughing

I feel so strongly these feelings - 
and I want to give it to everyone

See them laugh,

Spread the light somehow

Wrap them all up in my arms and care for them

I don't know what is happening - 

But I feel that I am being shown something very special 

and I can't hold it inside

It is like being a drop of water - and suddenly 
you realize you have a door inside you

 that opens to the ocean

Not the drop in the ocean - no,

the ocean in the drop. 

Quite the reverse

It feels like being the container, as well as the contained

The life, as well as that which is alive

Is the bridge between the two, our body and mind?

When I am thinking of you, it is like the gravity 

that keeps us here on earth

I have lain on the grass and felt sometimes

that gravity may fail

We would float through the universe

Would we be falling, or flying?

I have been known to clutch the grass at times

Laugh at myself

I don't know how to explain these things

I feel as though I am jumping out of a plane, 

and falling into you

But then I realize I am not falling at all -

It is just an expansion into a vast space

I can fill the space in you

It feels warm and safe..

Do you mind me falling in?

Does this explain anything?

I love you so vastly - do you feel the warmth
of my hand in yours?

The sun is a glowing, red, fiery ball -
and it's on its way to you

Like the light from the sun,
I would fill you with love..

See you shine

Let each new day in your life be filled
with happiness and laughter..

With smiles in both eyes and in your heart

Shine, glow, I will see your light

I reach you across the space..

Can you feel it?

Kiss you like the dawn mist

I melt, dissolve into you, ache for you

I fill you and I am you

In that deeper part of yourself, 

where we meet

I feel love here - Do you feel it surrounding you?


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