Perceptions By Jeffrey O'Callaghan

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By Jeffrey O'Callaghan 

                   Perceptions define our reality. They effect how we judge ourselves, others and our environment. Some perceive themselves as not worthy while other perceive them as being worthy. Some perceive others a being arrogant while they perceive themselves as being self-confident. Some perceive the universe as being “created” and “controlled” by a supreme being while others perceives the universe as being the result of a natural sequence of uncontrolled events. How do our perceptions define reality? In the fifteenth century may believe that the earth was the center of the universe. This definition of “reality” was based on the perceptions drawn from the observations made at that time. However by the 16-century many began to question this “reality”. New observations such as moons rotating around the planet Jupiter began to undermine the “reality” of the earth being the center of the universe. Eventually a new “reality” one that was based on the earth revolving around the sun was born out the perceptions generated by these new observations. In the 19-century many believed that light was transmitted through space on a physical medium some called “aether”. However by the early 20 century many began to question this “reality” New observations such as the Michelson Morley experiment that verified the speed of light was constant no matter what direction the earth was moving through space began to undermine the “reality” of the aether. Eventually a new “reality” one that was based on the existence of space-time was born out of the perception generated by the Michelson Morley experiment. However new observations such as the existence dark energy that is causing the expansion of the universe to accelerate and the anomalous accelerations NASA has observed in its deep space probes may be undermining the “reality” of space time. Will this lead to yet another new “reality”? Only the future can answer that question. Will it be the final “reality”? Only eternity can answer that question. 

Jeff An Imagineer

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Truth You Need
© 2002 - Yogajyotii

                        Indeed the Suffering you see is very Real for the Sleeping masses controlled/ manipulated by their conditioned ideas and images and meanings and notions of all sorts. But when you get beyond that, when you start letting all that conditioned clutter go, when you start Emptying the mind of it's Baggage, you see that "hope" is but a clinging to the Desire to dwelling in the future. You chase after that which is not, when actually that is the Baggage that you must let go. Slow down so you will be able to catch up with yourself, and BE the Present Moment that IS and you ARE. Fear of the Present lends to Desire of the future, as Fear of the Present lends to Desire of the past. When we Fear the Present, we are always a step behind or a step ahead of ourselves, thus can never Directly Experience Truth/Reality. Let Go, Let Live, Let BE, simply BE What-IS.

                        It can not be explained, it can only be Pointed to. It is our conditioned modus operandi that needs explanations and labels. The "known" is the conditioned drivel and must be let go. BEing, Walking the Walk, is indeed without effort. "Knowing" and Talking requires effort. The effort is to let go of the Grand Trickster, because while we still harbor him we can not Walk or BE or Understand/Realize/Recognize Truth/Reality AS it IS. All existence other than Robot-Man is quite Awakened. Why even give credence to conditioned drivel by calling it "entertainment". Conditioned drivel must be seen for what it is and not even paid attention to, let alone name.

                       Conditioned ideas and images and meanings and notions of all sorts (contents of the mind) initiate thoughts (thinking), which in turn establishes the idea that there is someone (self) to do the thinking. The clue is that when the mind is Empty, there are no thoughts and no self able to think. This is Pure Observation or Witnessing or Understanding or Realizing. You see, as long as there are conditioned contents there will always be thoughts and thus always be someone thinking them. And the someone (the self) is created by the thoughts. Without the thoughts there is no one, as without the self (someone) there are no thoughts. Indeed there can be thoughts (thinking) without a self (someone thinking), but there can not be a self (someone) without the thoughts. Though they co-habitate, the thought is generated by conditionings an instant before there is the recognition of the self. So one could say that the thought comes before the self, but where/why/what/how generates those thoughts ?

                      And THAT is the crux of the problem of self/thoughts. It is the stupid conditioned notions (contents of mind). And if anyone points to the creator of thoughts (thinking) other than conditioned mental contents (influences, as Jesus called them), they are avoiding the discovery and thus exposure of their own conditioned state. The real ones will recognize the varying influences condensed into *Toxic Conditioned Notions*, though they may use different terms.

                      Actually any learning, conditioned or otherwise, would generate self-arising thought. When the mind is still empty there is no self-arising thought, there is only observation and witnessing. It is any mental contents that generate self-arising thought, though there can be though without contents but not the self-arising type.

                      We have thoughts at the point when we started harboring/hording contents/ideas/images/ meanings. If you do not know, there is a me. You will know when there is no me. Paradoxically, it is not recognized but is known (intuitively understood to be so, and not known knowledge). The Key is the Empty mind, the observing, the witnessing, the unprojected/unattached recognition. The less contents, the more it will be experienced. These are self-arising thoughts due to contents. Yes, you let them fly by without paying attention to them but it lets you know that there are still contents to let go.

                      When there are contents there will be self-arising thoughts, as when there is no contents there will not be self-arising thoughts. Where is the choice ? As needs be done, when observing and witnessing thoughts will arise due to the need to do so as response to the flow or the Moment. Memory is not lost in an Empty mind, just the contents therein. Our natural existence is without thought. But since we have a mind, thoughts indeed can be a part of it. Yes, it could be simply a response to the Moment since memory is very much in tact with an Empty mind.

                      But remember that just because you are not aware of it there still can be a self entity via thoughts. In Pure observation or witnessing there can be no thoughts though there is a certain recognition. Without contents thus without self-arising thoughts, the arising thoughts are due to the natural flow of the Moment as a needed response in a continually anew Dance of the Multiple aspects of Unity. Only when the Dancer IS the Dance is there no thought but rather the continuous flow of Dancing.

                      Do not confuse the learned, which can be called conditioned, reactions/responses to our environment with the programming of society and other people. There is a vast difference. This is a misdirection by our conditionings to lead our attention away from the fact that we are programmed controlled manipulated robots. The stuff that we naturally learn through trial and error is simply that, learning. The stuff that we are programmed by that controls and manipulates our thinking and behavior, by others for the purpose of influencing what we do and say, is conditioning. Most of this conditioning is done subliminally so we will not realize what is done to us. And naturally we pass it on to our offspring and others. You can see this behavior and thinking in all walks of life, if only you would look. But the Fear of seeing that you have become a mechanical robot is too scary to admit. Study of conditioning, especially the subliminal type, is a great asset.

                     Do not lump learning and conditioning together, which makes you think it is okay. Is the Suffering that conditioned notions of fear and greed and selfishness establish okay ? 

                     We allow ourselves to be conditioned as well as conditioned without ever knowing about it. We are conditioned to allow it. We are conditioned to have a choice in the matter. We are conditioned to like being robots.

                      There is no choice, thus not choosing our thoughts, but thoughts arise due to the conditioned contents we harbor mentally. Not off stage but rather in the attic where we store the conditioned contents and we are never aware of it until we actually look at what the conditioned programmed controlled manipulated automatons we have become.

                       Thoughts are always arising from conditionings (content). But doership arises from the same place thoughts do and not that one thought is for one thing and another thought for doership or delusion. Although self-arising thought is delusional and thus even the idea of non-doership is delusion arising from conditioned contents. That is, Sleeping, any offering is but parroting and arises from intellect (which is part and parcel to conditioned contents. Empty mind = no self-arising thoughts and thus any *apparent* thoughts are actually only the exchange of memory within the organism (Consciousness). Much the same as the way cells communicate with each other within the body. A Flow of what needs to be done within the Moment by any aspect of that Moment, and nothing more. You may Talk the Talk, but there may be telltale holes in your Walk.

                       We must give up control but control is not an illusion. Control is what occurs when we have conditioned contents cluttering up the mind. To give up control you have to give up the illusion that control is an illusion.

                        We are responsible for what we say or do, but that does not have to involve someone doing or say it. The most Enlightened do and say, but they only say and do what must be said and done and take no credit for doing or saying it even though they are responsible for it. That is, we can take the blame but we can not take the credit.

                        Save yourself from ourselves. Saved from the conditioned contents that control and manipulate our thinking and behavior. So even though Consciously there is no doer, physically there has to be otherwise all manifested form is but an illusion. Talkers, parrots, take the statement of Wise Sages that "all is an illusion" to mean that phenomenality does not exist only in our head. The Sages did not mean that. What they meant was that our *perception* of manifested form is an illusion. Our attachment to it, our thinking it is permanent, based on our conditioned contents of mind. Walkers Understand this, Talker just say it and misunderstand it. It is all founded on the contents of the mind.

                       We have no volition, thus we have no want. Thoughts will always control us when there are self-arising thoughts. You can not control the thought. Wherever there is a self-arising thought it is in control. Trying to control the thoughts is a rationalization for letting there be thoughts. A Waste. Let go of the thoughts and there is no more trying and no more control.

                       Of course we are responsible for what we do and say. It is foolish to think we are not, as it is foolish to think that manifest form is illusion. We take the blame but we do not take the credit. That is, there is doing and there is a doer but neither the doing nor the doer is acknowledged as such, but rather being done what must be done. We do not take ownership of the doing though it is foolish to think that we did not do it. Of course we did it but we do not have to broadcast it or even pat ourselves on the back for doing it. It must be done and it was done, and nothing else to consider. I am speaking about an Awakening perspective.With conditioned contents functioning as our modus operandi we take ownership and/or deny it. We take ownership by denying it. Awakening there is no ownership to accept or deny. It just needed doing and got done. We can not see it because the conditioned contents harbored will not let us see it. It all boils down to the conditioned contents of the mind, and Sages from Siddhartha and before to modern ones have said FIRST get rid of conditionings. Do the self appointed gurus think they know more about the situation ? No, they are just too Fearful to let the contents go. Others like and agree with what they say because they are just as Fearful. The Blind leading the Blind.

                       We do not wake up before getting rid of the contents, and we do not get rid of the contents before we see it. So, at first, we are very much Sleeping. Then someone adds something else to that contents, such as "hey, what's all this clutter in your attic ?". Or you get so fed up with the way things are that you start looking for a better way. In both cases there has to be a certain Evolution/Involution already established. Which most of humanity has already established. So for the most part it depends on how indoctrinated the contents, and how fearful the person of letting it go. That is, you have to be *ready* before you could even consider someone's notion or go looking for some better way. But at this point you are still very much controlled and manipulated by self-arising conditioned thoughts, a doing, a self, an identity, carrying around the contents in mind. But due to your particular level of established Wakefulness you lean more toward looking at the clutter and toward going and looking. It all depends on the contents, but it also depends on whether you are able/ready to see it. THEN you go to work to do whatever needs to be done to get rid of it. Those who are not ready to see it, will not, and argue tooth and nail that "it's no big thing" or that it is "human nature". But their peers have gotten them into a new fad, non-duality, advaita, whatever. So they learn the Talk, and Talk the Talk, and convince the others who do the same thing that they are "right on". And even argue about it. Another clue -- how many *real ones* argue ?

                       If we do not cling to them why are they still around, as they have no glue on them ? If we can let them go, then we must be the ones hanging onto them. And we can let them go, as we can Empty the mind of the conditioned clutter, people have been doing it for a long time. You do not think so because you are too afraid to, you are too conditioned to. You hold on to them for dear life thinking that you will miss life, and paradoxically in doing so you miss Life. Those conditioned notions can be dispensed with, yet in order for you to Truly find out whether this is so you will have to give it a whirl and see for yourself. Otherwise you will have to remain in the darkness of the *belief* that it is impossible. Just take a look at Sages of yore as well as those who are considered to be Awake today and you will find that in their own words their own way they all say that we must get rid of the conditionings. Some of the ones of today even use the word conditionings, while the ones of yore used such words as "influences" or "defilements" or "beliefs" or whatever. But they all say to get them out of your head. So are you the New Messiah bringing the Real Truth of the matter, that all other Sages were only close ?

                       In Reality there is no Real inside/outside, there is only What-IS. Yet, there is a vast multiplicity that IS this Unity and thus each and every Multiple aspect is unique. And though our own conditioned notions should not be projected into/onto any of these Multiple aspects, there is a differentiation of one aspect to another. Thus though the underlying Bridge is indeed a Oneness, that which is not one aspect is another (one is outside the other). The same differentiation of Yin and Yan. And of course for the purposes of communications, using language as the medium, there is no way around this *seeming* separation. Confined to ourselves only, of course All IS One, but when talking to another there is another to talk to. Each of us establish this seeming separation by talking, so to suggest that there is no inside/outside while talking is a fallacy. The Moment that someone opens their mouth to utter a word they have established the other, though we must not cling to this establishment but rather Recognize that it is a medium for us to communicate with each other.

                       That Inner Yearning is none other than the True Nature trying to push forth. Which is always suppressed by the contents of our mind (conditioned programs we think and live by). Yet IF the Evolved/Involved True Nature is strong enough due to not quite as much suppression in both this incarnation and previous ones, it will gain a foot hold and a certain supremacy making it more difficult for us to Lie to ourselves. To a point that we get real tired of Lying to ourselves so we go Seeking for what this Yearning is about. A Few actually come face to face with it and Embrace it BE-ing that True Nature. Most are so Frightened by it that they turn tail and Run so they can keep wearing their Masks and study the words so they can Talk the Game. They even eventually fool themselves into thinking the Talk (Game) is the Walk. So the Suffering continues and they wonder why. You can fool a few many times, as you can fool many a few times, but you can not continue to fool the many forever. You just Fool yourself.

                       You leave a trail so that you can backtrack when you realize that the light at the end of the tunnel is a Train. Due to the conditioned contents we harbor mentally we misunderstand the simplest of Pointers, twisting them into just about anything we Desire. You see, though there are many Route to/upon the Path there can BE only One Path Awakening. When Krishna said that "all paths lead to me" he meant that many routes lead to One Path or the Many lead to One. So because of the wording, as most get hung up on the words thus not able to see the space between the words, the word Path is misconstrued to mean in a distorted conditioned way that everyone can have their own path. Why do you think there are still wars, and conflict, and greed, and selfishness, and corruption, and crime, and every other ill we are plagued with daily?

                       It is true that "as a man thinketh, so is he". But when we Empty the conditioned contents harbored in the mind, we are not thinking so we are no-thought or no-self. Thus "as a man does not think, *he* is not".

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The Trickster's Domain
© 1999-2000 Yogajyotii

                 How long do you suppose talk of the ego, how to control it, how to curb it, how to subdue it, etc, has been going on ? 200 years ? 2,000 years ? 5,000 years ? 10,000 years ? 100,000 years ? Perhaps 250,000+ years ? And where has all of this discussion gotten us ? What have we learned from all of this discussion ? Since we are still discussing it, I would say that it has not been much help. Is the ego the problem or simply the shadow of the problem ? We can chase our shade form now on yet will never catch it. Who wins when we shadow-box ? We can not resolve a problem by addressing it's shadow, we must go directly to the Root Cause. Perhaps if we looked for the Cause of our Suffering rather than chasing it's shadow, perhaps then we can catch that shadow.

                 We would not want to throw out the baby with the dirty bath water, nor keep the dirty bath water because we want to keep the baby, so we BE-come the baby and step out of the dirty bath water. That is, we BE the Divine Wisdom that we ARE and discard our conditioned ideas and images and meanings and Dwell AS the Moment. There is no Truth or Reality anywhere other than AS the Moment so why dwell anywhere else.

                  Much is multi-layered so that with each reading another bit of Insight is Realized. It is all in the baggage of conditioned notions that must be discarded in order to Truly Realize Truth and Reality. Some of those conditioned notions will not be easy to discard, for we have become quite comfortable with them. Some will be very painful to discard. With this further input, perhaps the Bhagavad Gita, by putting yourself in Arjuna's place, will reveal further Insights for you. This is why Siddhartha said that we would give up anything including life itself for some cause whether it be noble for foolish, but would refuse to give up even a miner Cause of our Suffering.

                   The first conditioned notion that you must discard is the dualistic notion that there is a *his* and *yours* and *them* and *us*. There is only YOU, and there is only NOW. All else is an Illusion contrived by the conditioned mind. Realizing THAT, and synergising it AS the discipline that you are very accustomed to would be a major advancement not only in that discipline but in general.

                   "The human condition" IS the Suffering, but that is not the Cause. Suffering is easy enough to band-aid or relieve, for that is apparent or readily recognizable. But will lead to only temporary relief until we Realize and Understand the Causes of that Suffering. It is when we root out the Cause, that Suffering ceases, and not before. Again, the Causes of our Suffering are depicted quite well in the Bhagavad Gita in Arjuna's struggles with his conditioned thinking. Siddhartha said not be believe anything even if he himself said it until we have Directly Experienced it ourselves. Jesus said that we are to directed by the influences upon us, that we had to rely more on our own Direct Experience. In Arjuna's struggles with Krishna's guidance, the very things that Siddhartha and Jesus was conveying is depicted. Both said that we had to be Lamps for our own Sight and that as we think is the way we ARE. No one Saves us but ourselves, no one can and no one may, others can Point to the Path, but we ourselves must Walk the Way. Look Within -- at your Reflection IN the Mirror of Truth -- and See what controlled manipulated programmed automatons we ARE -- and Vow to yourself to do something about it.

                    There IS only One. There IS only YOU. There IS only NOW. When we Realize THAT, we will Understand the Cause of our Suffering. And with THAT Understanding, we will have no real choice but to do something about it. For we will be our own worst antagonist until we do. And *try* not, for there is only *doing* or *not doing* -- as *trying* is but a delusion to account for our imagined future failing. Yet on this Path True effort never goes to waste and there are no failures. Yet before we take that first step, we will not even realize THAT. It is not a matter of Trust, or a matter of Faith, but rather the Realization of Truth and Reality and What-IS. When we ARE Truth, when we ARE Reality, when we ARE What-IS, we ARE Directly Experiencing and therefore are not forced to *believe* anything by any seeming *authority*.

                    It has been said that "as a man thinketh, so is he". If the mind is cluttered with toxic thoughts, then are we not toxic waste ? If our mind is subdued and at the bequest of our Awakening Inner True Self, are we not Christs or Buddhas in our own right. AS Awakening, have we not Unfolded a degree of Christ Consciousness or Buddha Consciousness ? Is it not sad that so many Sleep through this Realization and call those who do Realize it mentally ill ? I would ask the real mentally ill to stand up, but they can not because they are Sleeping.

                    Indeed ego is very recognizable, but it is part and parcel to the conditioned mind. Look at your own mind. The one who carries things thinks he has things, but the one who looks on only sees the heaviness. Throw away things, lose them, and find lightness. "Purify", "surrender"? Rather -- Transcend, Transmute, Transfigure, Purge, Discard. As long as we stand apart from ourselves, dividing ourselves into various lesser selves, we lose sight of the Fact that *There can BE only One*. We are not jugglers, always trying to balance the multiple different selves, but rather Visitors who should be limiting our baggage. AS Awakening, we Realize that ego is but an Illusion contrived for a false security and false protection which is no longer needed once one starts Awakening. And so it is Discarded along with the other conditioned notions. Not that it gives up without a fierce fight, for it is one of the major struggles we undertake Within in our Awakening. A good example is Arjuna's struggles in the Bhagavad Gita. The story is set in a battle field, but the battle field is actually Within ourselves. The seemingly insurmountable struggles we must face with our conditioned ideas and images and meanings, Arjuna battles.

                    Ah the Freudian *Id* -- the Super Subconscious -- the Primordial Drives of Survival. Pent up or suppressed by our *cultureness* ready to unleash at any time. Taming the Id is like taming a house cat compared to taming our conditioned mind. It is the conditioned mind and it's contents of ideas and images and meanings and notions of all sorts that we must struggle to let go of. For it is at that point of those notions dying and shriveling to nothing that our psychic apparatus flowers and blooms to ultimate comprehension. Psychoanalyzing the psyche is of no use, for all we have to do is unlock it's cage by psychoanalyzing our conditioned thinking and behavior. Do not over complicate that which is really quite simple. The more complex WE make an undertaking, the less our chances of *solving the riddle*.

                    As to "the demands of the social and physical environment", I must say that such seeming demands are child's play when we discard the conditioned notion that such seeming demands *bind* us in some way. In our conditioned thinking we like to view these seeming demands as responsibility, when in Fact they are *attachments* to a physical realm where we are but Visitors. And Visitors of a reasonably short duration, at that. We seek *permanence* in this physical realm by clinging to various ideas and images and *things*, yet we are only here for the blink of an eye. We can not take that which we see with us, so may I offer to *let it go*. Our True Work here is not in the outward undertakings of the Moment, but rather Waking-Up from the conditioned delusion that it is. For our True Work IS Within. For it IS there where we will Realize the God we seek. It IS there where we will Realize Awakening.

                    It would depend on whether one is Sleeping or whether one is Awakening. Sleeping, we Realize nothing and are controlled and manipulated by our conditioned notions. "As a man thinketh, so is he". Awakening we Realize that we ARE, and All manifested form IS, and Recognize Truth and Reality IN the very instant Moment, Moment to Moment. That there is only US and there is only NOW.

                    One must BE Silence in order for one to Realize Silence, as one must BE the Sound of Silence in order to Realize the Sound of Silence. We can only Truly Understand that which we ARE. Sleeping, we do not Recognize Awakening for we have yet to BE Awakening. Awakening, we Recognize Sleeping for we were Sleeping. We can Realize/Recognize where we have been, but we do not Realize/Recognize were we have not been.

                    When we label via our programmed thinking, each person will be programmed differently based on his particular life experiences. When we do not label via our Awakening from the delusion of labels, we Recognize quite Clearly that which IS and that which IS-NOT. And that which IS and that which IS-NOT is quite Eternal and Infinite and Changeless, as Truth and Reality are quite Eternal and Infinite and Changeless. Anew each Moment, Moment to Moment, but quite Eternal and Infinite and Changeless.

                     Sleeping, the ego is our medium of expression. Awakening, What-IS is our only medium of expression. We can not offer Truth, for Truth is not ours to offer. We can not possess it so we can not offer it. Offerings are not Truth, but rather a Pointer to Truth via the lack of that which is false. Truth can not be found nor obtained for received nor given, but can only be Realized as we discard that which IS-NOT (our conditioned notions).

                     Certify nothing, look beyond so called "authenticity", look beyond the finger and Realize that to which the finger Points. Once we discard our conditioned notions, study a bit, meditate on that which is studied, and put aside that which did not survive the meditation for further study, and we will at least be heading in the Right direction. Of course the first step is Realizing that we are conditioned automatons, and the next step is doing something about it.

                      The ego Recognizes nothing other than that which is conditioned to recognize. Direct Experience of Truth and Reality is without ego, for the ego is part and parcel of our conditioned images and ideas and meanings. Ego, the contents of our mind, that which we know, that which we learn, our programmed thinking and behavior, is but stumbling blocks to our Awakening. To become intelligent we must learn something new each day, yet to become Wise we must forget something that we have learned each day. 

                      The state of "pre-conditioning" is our state BEFORE the age that we are so conditioned by those in our life experiences. Our family and friends and peer groups and society in general. Observe the new-born, it's Openness and Honesty and total Awareness of What-IS. Such are our most Enlightened Gurus, for they have not yet been tainted by conditioned ideas and images and meanings so they can Show us our Natural Divinity of Awakening. Yet Francis of Assisi said, "give me your child for a year and he will be mine for the rest of his life". HE was saying to learn from the child, not condition the child.

                      Answers are of little importance for they are but Pointers to that which must be Realized Directly. For in many cases the answers Point to the question and more importantly the questioner. For in order to "Know thyself" we must Observe thyself and Observe why we asked such a question. As most of the time the answer is found in the question.

                      For there is ego, and then there is ego. Thus far in this forum I have only been speaking of ego that is part and parcel to our conditioned thinking and behavior. Yet in the more Buddhist and Occult bents ego is something far different. Ego in this Understanding is the vehicle by which we direct our forces to Action. This is not conditioned but rather our Natural state of BE-ing. A vehicle of our most Awakened state of BE-ing. But this vehicle can not be utilized while we harbor our conditioned notions. So while still quite conditioned we must direct our attention to the conditioned ego. So I would offer that you Dwell on this difference of ego and ego and Realize that one IS and one IS-NOT, for it is our task to Understand the difference.

                      Now, yes, through discarding our conditioned notions we can Dwell AS Nirvikalpa Samadhi or the Direct Experience of Truth/Reality/Eternity/Infinity/Divinity. But it is generally fleeting for we are so easily distracted by our attachments to the physical realm, so can only be sustained for a short time, from time to time, from time to time. Yet, the less defilements of the physical realm that we cling to, the less conditioned notions that we are attached to, the longer that state of Samadhi can be sustained. Which is a paramount task for those Awakening for once we Open that door of Awakening by discarding only a few conditioned notions it can never be closed completely again.

                      Samadhi is Samadhi, and once you have crossed that line between Sleeping and Awakening it is just a matter of letting go of the remaining conditioned notions. The difference between Nirvikalpa and Sahaja is the remaining defilements (Causes, conditionings) that we must discard so that we can relieve ourselves of our Suffering. Stages or Steps in our Awakening, as it were. Though I must add that in Awakening there are no stages or steps, but rather a continuous Unfolding. Likewise, consciousness can be viewed much the same way. We can say, for the purpose of discussion, that there is an overall consciousness and our individual consciousness is within it -- but why ? If we placed the sun in a box of many holes, the sunlight shining through those holes would give the illusion that there were many suns in the box. So if we Dwell outside the box we would *think* that there are many suns. But alas, if we Dwell Within we Realize that there is but One Sun, but One Light, but One Consciousness. And we Realize that we ARE that Consciousness. We Dwell without, we Seek that which is outside us, we rationalize our physical position in the Cosmos as being of some significance apart from that which IS. But alas, *There Can BE Only One*.

                     May I offer, not to complicate or make complex that which is simple. We can get so involved with the *process* and with the *explanation* that we can lose sight of the result. All to often our process or our explanation becomes our result. Yet the name is not that which is named. The deed is not that which is done.

                     That which IS is UNknown, as that which IS-NOT is Known. How can the UNknown be Known, as how can the Known be UNknown ? One can Realize the difference by Observing the jump of a legless frog.

                     Can the ego Observe the ego ? Can a conditioned mind Observe a conditioned mind ? If the ego does not belong to What-IS, how can the ego confirm What-IS. For in order to Realize What-IS, we must BE What-IS.

                     How could an offering of Help be "sinning" ? Yet indeed, endeavoring to Awaken the Sleeping would be quite sinful to the Sleeping, for they are conditioned not to want to be Awakening. Then, perchance if they stir and Open their Eyes and notice Light by such offerings, they would perhaps no longer consider such offerings sinful. True ? Sleeping, we judge. Awakening, we consider. Are our judgments not projections of our own failings ? Would it not be sinful to be silent when we should protest ? May I offer that we must Openly and Honestly Observe ourselves and face that Reflection IN the Mirror of Truth long before we make observations of anything else.

                     For this "common standard of behaviors" and "collective consciousness working in unison" that you so dearly cling to is none other than *conditioned controlled manipulated programmed automatons* who mistakenly *think* it is freedom ..are Conditioned to *think* it is freedom.

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