Here is a perfect representation of the
Function of Static Flow or Maya

          Everything in reality is constructed of quantum forces generated at the Foundation of Creation - the Static Flow of the Fluxion into itself, the same foundational condition that generates the universe. Motion then is actually an illusion of perception, an illusion of consciousness experiencing Static Flow through a complication of senses and brain.

          Look at any one circle and it is static, but look at several, (multiple perspectives), and they are turning. The motion is not being generated by your computer. Print the above graphic out on paper and they will still be turning.

          Motion as we know it requires sequential time, and if we are contained, perceiving from within a spaceless sizeless continuum, time would necessarily be instantaneous. The perception of sequential time therefore, the flow of events, would then be only an instantaneous exchange of perceptions by such undivided continuum of and through itself - This is Process at the Quantum level. The construct of Neuroceptors such as we, as extensions of its matrix is one natural but ingenious way of creating analytic self- perceptions through the "sequentiality" of Maya, a dreamlike interpretation of dualistic, multiplistic perceptions as "Time Frames" through "Space", by the undivided continuum of itself.

          Such "Non-Being" becoming "Being" through the interpretation of its self-created Neuroceptors perhaps answers the question of the purpose of life - to give Reality and thus Meaning through the Vision of Life an otherwise meaningless condition.