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Brilliant Authors!


Claus Janew's Omnipresent Consciousness
 and Freedom of Choice

Jerry Bayle's ElectroGravity Site

Jeffrey O' Callaghan's

Father Jerome's
Magnificent and Outstanding

Science Pages!


A New Age Website


The Evolution of Interstellar Travel


Literature and Poetry


Your Source for Books of Extraordinary Spiritual Insight



John Sefton's
Charge Pair TOE

Displaying the Innovative
"Galaxy Model"

Stew Ellington's
Theory to Art!
A superb view of Quantum Reality set to Canvas!

Dwayne Sheffield's
Embracing the Contradiction
An in-depth study of biblical duality and its relationship to theoretical quantum physics, universal laws
 and the pattern that synthesizes them (without contradiction). My purpose is to present the ONE 
knowledge that cannot be contradicted. It is found inside the illusion of duality. Contradictions are 
the energies of life, and without controversy great would be the mystery of creation. 


Cigal presenting her artwork alongside with her thoughts and reflections about the great mystery of existence.
 Cigal's digital art, surreal art, poetical images, photoshop artwork, fantasy, imagination, illustrations, 
animations, paintings, graphic design & webdesign, result out of a continuous research and 
loving respect for the essence of all being.


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