Let us then continue this exploration by now examining our own Inbounded realm, our “Universal Span”, because through this we are focused, though we are undivided from the Grand Totality. We will start with the three immutable concepts of concordant effects alluded to earlier within this writing..


                     The first is the interpretation of the will or motion, (act), of “God” ..perceived directly as the fundamental and omnipotent forces of nature, and indirectly conceived ..as a Supreme Being that generates and manipulates the destiny of all of existence for purposes that appear to be incalculable and therefore unknowable. This is the Auto-Dynamism of the “Essence of the World”, the Inertial Will of the Tension of Wholeness of all of Undivided Consciousness ..the Auto-Thought of the Primordial Force. 

Strong words ..and to the uninitiated, perhaps
at first as incomprehensible as is this “God”

and the “Existence”

of ourselves and of our environment 
that we struggle to understand.

                     But these words and the concepts that follow here, do offer a sound explanation ..for when we carefully consider the nature of what we encounter as our perceived environment, we must eventually come to the conclusion that what we are experiencing is an extension of our own perception, an extension of ourselves ..and we are an extension of ..“It”.

                     “It” and “We” therefore, are a dualism ..and then more ..a multiplicity of the same thing, generating differential aspects of our own self-perception as a

Singular Force in Experiential Self-Encounter.

                     As we proceed further into this writing, we will come to the understanding that all patterns of existence, including ourselves, are “Folds in the Blanket of Oneness” and that the “Blanket” itself, in the final analysis, is the superstructure of what we consider and perceive existence to be ..but each “Fold” carries a Special Dignity unique to itself ..and it is this aspect of uniqueness that creates the notion, (and the paradox), of autonomy, borderedness, the separateness of “Individual” Existence, among People, Other Life Forms, Rocks, Buildings, Planets, Stars and all perceived ..“Things” ..for only this explanation of the nature of existence can support the combined concepts of Relativity, Quantum Mechanics, the Uncertainty Principle, the natural intimate coherence between Mankind and the existence of all structures both inanimate and alive ..and God ..and also fully satisfy our philosophical questions.

                     For what is the force of Existence to encounter, but aspects of itself, generated by its own self-encounter? ..And the paradox then becomes clear; for when we step back and consider the foundation of what we perceive as the external influences upon our lives, (the things, people and situations that we come upon), we must eventually reach the understanding that they are the result of the internal processing of the Singular Unified Field of all of existence, of all of Consciousness ..of which we and all “things” - undivided from each other - are a part.

                     It is ironic that we can imagine this unity on the atomic and sub-atomic scale - Quarks forming Nucleons, Nucleons forming with Electrons into Atoms, and even various types of Atoms forming into Molecules. We can imagine the intimate relationships between all of the parts as necessary to the whole, because we imagine that all of the components are somehow connected to and are a part of each other. But when our minds perceive above the atomic and micro scale ..into our macrological everyday world, we lose our sense of the unity of things because we then trust our severely limited interfacial senses - our “natural” observational constructs, that fail to see ..that cannot see the connection between all “things” that we are led through such illusion to perceive as separate. We perceive in this way because we are on the same macrological level as the environment within which we exist.

With this understanding we can begin to realize

…that the Universe/Multiverse is…

                     A Singular Force in self-encounter, folding back upon itself to experience and develop itself - representing itself in multiplicity ..to itself, generating Differentiation's of itself - to itself, in the forms of Ratios, Primalities, Peaks and Valleys, Bumps and Folds in the Blanket of its own Oneness, Convolutions of itself, Auto-Translations of its own composition, Observational Constructs of itself, (such as we and other life forms), in order to better “view” itself ..and therefore, Auto-Self-Interpretations of its own experiential self-encounters that cause further changes and further experience within and of itself.

                    For what is a “Universe” ..but the essence of all that can be? It is Consciousness in its Pure State, becoming all that it can through the processing of its own natural qualities into the self-perceived infinity of quantities ..although still remaining qualitative, (as the undivided wholeness of it), as well as quantitative, (as the differentiated, but undivided convolutions of the Singular Whole - relative to the Singular Whole ..and to each other), as our interpretations of “Times, Spaces, Materialization's and Quanta of Energy” ..through a Singularity's inherent function of Experiential Self-Encounter. ..And this is but the interactive processing of a Singular Universal Span ..among an infinity of others. 

                     Each encounter by an extension of Consciousness within a Span, limits the extension as a unique pattern of existence – as a “thing”.

                     It is shaped, qualified and quantified by its encounter of its own “Unified Field”, (by its encounter with the Wholeness from which it extends), and thus manifests as “Being” within that field.

                     And within such a concept, one should not be misled by the thought of – “Where would the energy come from to initiate and sustain this self-encounter?” ..for a Singularity, a Universal Span, is pre-charged with all of the energy it needs. It received and continues to receive this energy from the Multiverse.

It releases itself,

and becomes ..ever becoming


by its Comprehension of itself!

That is what a Singularity does..

That is how a Universal Span grows

                     A simple analogy to this release of energy would be the internal heat generated by the mass of a planet upon itself. This is not perpetual motion, but it might as well be, as the planet will continue to generate internal heat for what we may imagine as forever. The release of energy of a Singularity by its encounter of itself is a similar mechanism, the idea is the same – as the release of energy by experiential self-encounter will go on “forever” ..and of course, there is always the transcendence of the Tension of Wholeness ultimately driving the entire process.

                    What we imagine as the event that we call the “Big Bang” ..is what our Universal Span is. It is the Singularity, manifesting as time and space, people, other life forms, rocks, planets and stars - in our view ..and we are an undivided part of this, making our view ..but one of an infinity of views ..by a Singularity in experiential self-encounter. – That is what the “Big Bang” is..

That is what Inbounded Consciousness is

                    This is a description of Foundational Comprehension ..comprehension at the base level ..where Thought and Action are one and the same ..where Time and Space, Matter and Energy, have no meaning ..until Neural Interface Perceptors, (Flesh and blood “life forms”, Observational Constructs ..sensory/motor bodies and brains), are naturally formed by the Singularity's inherent self-encounter. Neural Interface Perceptors, (such as we and other life forms), enable the refinement of its own self-experience through “living” - digital/analytical - exploration of itself ..and through each living “Animate Interface” it is therefore able to indirectly perceive itself as..

“Environmental Existence”

As space, time, people, other life forms, rocks,
planets, stars and all “things” beheld.

Which is the existence of itself - its “Being” - through 
its “living” observation/encounter of itself.

                     An astute individual might declare at this point that the laws of the conservation of energy would be violated through the self-motivation of a Singularity. But in this case, as has been indicated above, we see that a Singularity is the only condition that is even capable of generating “patterned existence”, and therefore of self-motivation ..and that self-motivation is intrinsic to its composition, to its State of Being ..for the Singular State is that of origin derived from the free wheeling forces of the Outbounded realm.

                     (Just as a planet may generate internal heat because it has reached a threshold of mass that initializes this mechanism, so does a Singularity automatically generate its own experiential self-encounter and continued release of energy. In order for a Singularity to be a Singularity, it must be at a “Singularity threshold” – Inertia must be driven into the ultra-stressed condition of a “MathMass” by the stresses of the Multiverse upon itself. The actual mechanics of reaching this threshold – the Mechanics of Primordality, the concordant state of Inbounded and Outbounded Consciousness has already briefly been shown and will be discussed in greater detail further into this writing).

                      Here we shall discover the Essence of Perception in comprehension of itself through and because of its intrinsic tension upon itself..

Because a Singular State, a “Universe”, is
Undivided from Itself..

And such undividedness is

And Wholeness must maintain a tautness of itself
in order to be whole..

Always to be in tension with itself, such tension
generating an Auto-Interpretation of itself..

Of which we are an undivided part..

An auto-analyzation through us and all of life for
the purpose of its own self-comprehension..

This is the inherent state of what we call “Being”,
“Universe” or “Primary Consciousness”

                     A Universal Span is composed of its Tension of Wholeness upon itself and is therefore in experiential self-encounter/self-interpretation. The Tension of Wholeness is derived from the Multiverse from which it is undivided, whose circumference is taken internally and encircles every Inbounded system that indwells, generating a multiplicity of diversifications within each Universal Span ..that we interpret as Stars, Planets, etc ..and ourselves.


                     The second is the concept of “Matter” upon which our patterns of sensibility are based as our interpretations of “things” from within our Inbounded realm of “Constrained Will”, as - objects of existence - rocks, people and other life forms, buildings, planets, stars - beginnings and endings - all of which are translations of our encounters with the “Essence of the World”, perceived into our Cerebrally illusioned ..and Cerebrally projected ..Dimensioned “Realities”. 

                     Within this translation, first internally visualized and simultaneously, “externally” projected by each of us, through our “Organizing Neural Perceptor”, (our brain), as our “world”, we have conceived our notions of chemistry, the periodic table, gravity and dimensioned structures, which include all interpretable aspects of the “Atomic Rendition” of existence. Our illusions are further solidified into reality because we see that our chemistry actually works and that our atomic theories bring results ..and we can even “touch” a rock ..but we fail to understand that what it is that we imagine as real is only real to the extent that “space” and “time”, although illusory, are nevertheless proportional to “energy” and “mass”, which are also illusory - all of which are interpretations, representations and cerebral projections of the undivided, but diversified convolutions of the Primordial Force of Primary Consciousness – our Universal Span extended from the Multiverse ..in comprehension of itself – through us ..and through all other patterns of existence that it forms of itself. Thus, if the proportions are mathematically compatible, (and they must be, otherwise comprehension/self-interpretation/existence, could not occur), then the illusions become a “reality”. 

                      This is the “Essence” - the diversified qualities and subjectivity’s that we interpret of the Primordial Force that we cerebrally quantify as sensible, recognizable patterns of “Existence”..

But “IT” is not what we perceive ..as Space, Time, Mass or Energy..

until a cognizant extension of it,
(like any one of us)..

experientially “self”-encounters it.

                     It is the Unified Field of a Universal Span ..the multiplicity of the qualitative aspects of Inbounded, interpenetrated Primary Consciousness, perceived by undivided parts of itself ..such as each of us. We translate the compounded qualities of this substructure into ensembles of “Existence” through our unique perception, (self-encounter), of it.

Thus we each create our own dimensioned “World Reality” 
through our interpretation of that from which we extend.


                     Finally the third idea has become our mind's eye into this substructure that we call “nature” ..through the inherent continuity and interactivity of mathematics. This concept that we have of numbers, proportionality's and rationales, although we imagine that we are clever to have created this system of computation as a way to indirectly measure nature, is however, not something that we have invented. In truth it was always a part of us, of all patterns of existence of the Inbounded realm, and as all forces of the Outbounded realm ..as the sub-structure and superstructure of existence is expressed in no other way than this ..as the qualities, subjectivity’s, interrelationships and undivided continuities of the MultiVerse in concordance with our Universal Span ..which is the inherent Foundational Language of Primary Consciousness ..that drives its own self-experience. 

                     Through the use of mathematics, science has come to the understanding that our entire encounter with the “Essence of the World” is automatically numbered and proportionalized, (consider the quantization of energy as discrete states - as Electrons, Protons, Neutrons, Etc). Consider that anything that we can interpret as “real” is constructed of rationales and proportions - each “thing” has a size, a mass, a wavelength, a frequency, an intensity ..as all patterns of existence are ratio'd, rationale'd  ..auto-thought, to fit into existence. 

                     And in further truth, this language intrinsic to Primary Consciousness ..necessarily invented each of us ..as an extension of itself! - For it is we, and all of life throughout the Multiverse, who are natural and necessary to interpret the myriad convolutions of the “Essence” of the Primordial Force ..as the wonder and beauty of experiential reality.

This numbering system that we perceive, is the “Tension of Necessity” 

..that which is necessary to the Unity of Wholeness

..the God, the Wellspring of our “Universe”

..of the Multiverse,

                     ..From which all patterns of existence are manifest and is therefore an inherent part of each of us, of our genetic composition ..of ourselves as extended Localization's of Primary Consciousness perceiving through a genetic “Animate Interface”.

All of which is undividedly connected to,

Mathematically tensioned with,

that which all of existence is extended from and expressed by..

The Singular State of Primary Consciousness

In the Multipliable Dialogue of its own differentiated

Self-Experiential Construct!

For what is there to keep this Wholeness together, if not the self-
experiential language of its own intrinsic tension upon itself?

                     Here is the Foundation of Rationality, Proportionality, Thought, Continuity, Inertial Will, Bordered Materiality, Space, Time, Velocity ..and Perception itself!

                     This is the natural language of Primary Consciousness that we interpret as a numbering system, as mathematics - the raw language of the Primordial Force that we must interpret, because we are an integral part of that which has has comprehended each of us into its existence!

                     The way that Existence/Reality is created is unconditionally and wholly simplistic, once understood ..while nonetheless beautiful and wondrous in its formulation. To realize that the “Essence of the World” ..of all of Existence/ Creation, is the Singular Force of Primary Consciousness - a force of Will undivided from itself, is to come to terms with the foundation of our existence, of our world and of our perception of “reality” ..and to finally comprehend its wonder and beauty and to stand in awe of its utter simplicity. For with such understanding we come to realize that we are translating the “World” ..interpreting the infinitely combined aspects of the convoluted qualities of Primary Consciousness through its self-created extensions that are formed into “Neural Perceptors” - the Observational/Motivational Constructs of our bodies and brains, so that IT/WE, may, through this self-constructed interface, interpret that wholeness, the “world” as extended, but undivided from ourselves, in an analytical way. 

                     Through the configurations of our animate forms, though remaining undivided from itself, Primary Consciousness creates the illusions of dimensionalities that we automatically interpret as our natural, but indeed… “Neural Reality”.

                     The images that we have of our “World Reality” therefore, are facsimiles of what we perceive through our physiological senses and brain. They are practically a mechanically engineered rendering of the Code of Primary Consciousness, creations of symbols of sensibility, consisting of impacts, impulses, impressions and waveforms that we, through our neural receptors, (eyes, ears, touch, etc), digitally/systematically encounter and then cerebrally translate and sequentially, perceptually project into a “World” of materiality, energy, time, space, position, velocity and dimensionality. This we infer as "Reality". This is the “auto-thought” of Primary Consciousness, of our “Universe” in self-encounter ..experiencing itself, comprehending itself ..through us.

                     What is the World, if not the aspects, the subjectivity's, the qualities of the Wholeness of Primary Consciousness in the Self-Experiential Embrace of what we auto-interpret as the “Equation of Existence”?

                     We also conceive experimental realities wherein space and time are reinterpreted in new ways and it is through such conceptions that the very foundation of what we call “truth” may be investigated. By mathematically approximating the existence of that which we perceive, (including ourselves), we may thus realize that we naturally, automatically - statistically analyze - our continued experience of existence. (Here is the basis of our notion of Quantum Mechanics – genetically built into us). 

                     We overcome the interpretive obstacles of our limited senses by bridging the blind spots of the “perceptual lens” of the body and brain with our “Statistical Faith” in the continuity of the Equation of Existence – from which we are undivided. As mentioned earlier, we are born with a trusting nature towards our “environment” – that is what “statistical faith” is.

                     We can credit in part, our notion of the coherence of existence, (our perception of the passage of time and the continuity of experience), to the unique structure of our brain, where experience is recorded and therefore divided, (digitized), into the sequential illusion of past, present and future. Here is the physical basis of our notion of “faith”. And of course, the structure of our brain is made “unique” by the very “environment” from which it extends ..that “environment” of Primary Consciousness constructing of itself a device that enables a unique view through itself ..of itself.

                     When we take a close look at the brain's electrochemical recording process however, we come to realize ..and perhaps find humor in the irony ..that we are first led into an illusion of the sequentiality of existence by our electrochemical bodies and brain ..and then because we imagine sequentiality, we may develop faith in the continuity and perpetuity of a “Separate God” ..And because of the illusion, (sequentiality in one view and concurrency in another), we fail to see that this “God” - which we fear, depend upon, give up our destiny to - and perhaps love ..is wholly misinterpreted and thus paradoxically perceived as incomprehensible!

                      Let us understand, finally ..that what we put our faith into is God, but as the Foundation of Existence - the “Essence of the World”, the “Primordial Force of Primary Consciousness”, which are together the “Totality of God” undivided from itself and from which we also extend. 

                      The interpretation of God as a separate being, somehow ruling from “outside of the Universe” is nearly correct – except for the words – “separate” and “outside” . If the circumference of the Multiverse is drawn into itself to form and encircle every Universal Span, then “God as the Multiverse" could easily be misinterpreted as being “outside” ..which would naturally lead to the further misperception of God being “separate”.

                      “God” is both concurrent and sequential - depending upon how “God” is perceived ..and this we will gain a deep understanding of as we proceed further into this writing ..for the communicative language of “God” ..that which is called the “Word of God”, is the Tensor Vernacular of Primary Consciousness, the Syntactic Structural Characteristic of the Inertial Tensor Field, (the Wholeness), of the Multiverse and of all of its substructural Universal Spans, its self-computation, inherent to itself ..which maintains in diversified but undivided form, its own coherence and totality.

                     We will discover within this writing that the Tension of Wholeness, as the ultimate Cosmological Constant, generates the Primalities, Ratios and Proportionality's within the solitary, but differentiated structure of the whole.

                     We will come to a clear understanding that the configurations inherent to the Wholeness of Primary Consciousness, the God of which we are an undivided part, is the foundation of mathematics - which is the substructural algebraic language of Primary Consciousness ..of a Singularity intrinsic to itself - as it continually and infinitely encounters itself through its Tension of Wholeness upon itself. ..And as the Superstructural language of the Outbounded Realm that drives the formation of Universal Spans within.

                    All of number theory and consequently all rationale, all language, all understanding, all comprehension.. We.. and the entirety of the Planetary and Cosmic environment that we perceive, only exists at all, because of the intrinsic nature of the Tension of Wholeness that Primary Consciousness naturally induces upon itself ..as its raw communication/ commutation and comprehension within and of itself.

                     It automatically Wills itself into Being through the Inertia of its tension upon itself, diversifying into an experience of which we ..as undivided, cognizant extensions of it, interpret as..



And thus it Speaks!

“Hearken O’ Life to Profound Elocution

Blazoned in Starlight for Thee to Behold

Grand Vision of Spirit before Evolution

Proclaiming thy Destiny yet to Unfold…

Listen O' life… with your heart, to the profound message spoken/written
in starlight, for all life that is open to the edification of what was intended

before living matter ever appeared...

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