Our worldview of the Fluxion

                     Our Span is but a perspective of this Totality, of all perspectives, of all Universal Spans combined, but seen in our particular way. When we look up at the night sky, we see the geometry of the Multiverse from an ordered perspective. All Spans combined, present as the Multiverse ..interpenetrated within and of itself. Only through the various perspectives of this interpenetrative geometry, the various views by sentient life forms undivided from it, is the Multiverse recognized as the “Universe” to which they belong. Thus our Universe is the Multiverse experiencing itself through a unique interpretation.


Within the Geometry of the Absolute,
Dimensionality does not exist except
   as illusion'd by its Sentient Extensions

                     But it does have its own form of “dimensionality”. Not the dimensions of height, width, depth and time that we perceive through our limited senses, but a hierarchy of wonder and experience ..dimensions of adventure upon adventure generating joy within and of itself. This is the processing by the Multiverse of itself – an experiential self-encounter of worlds upon worlds – of realities interpenetrating realities, contained within and generated by Primary Consciousness upon itself. From this “Cosmos” we extend – and perceive its wonders to the degree of our limitations.

The Creation of a Substructural Thought

                     In order for a Universal Span to be created, two neutral forces must engage in a complimentary way so that their individual neutralities, each internally balanced of positive and negative forces, (opposite polarities of the about to become “twist of the circumference”), dynamically affect one another to the extent that they become unbalanced so that the polarities of each seek and interact with the other. Now each are no longer neutral, but communicating through an interactive condition of interrelated polarities. Joined, they become a substructural thought by the Fluxion of itself ..a new mind of the Cosmos ..whose Transcendent Tension of Wholeness is now translated into Sentient Curiosity/Creativity within the living extensions formed of it.

What are the “poles” of polarity?

                     A Pole is both an attractive and repulsive force, depending upon its orientation to other poles, but can only be so if there is another force to act upon. For how can it not be so, what will it attract or repel without this relationship?

                     If we take any object and separate it into two distinct parts we find that it was held together by its own self-attractive forces. As a whole structure, its attractive forces exist in a neutral, (balanced), state. During separation, external force was required to overcome its internally attractive force. As the structure is separated, its neutral balance is stressed as its attractive forces present some degree of difficulty in being separated – hence the use of external force. After separation the two parts each become balanced individual structures as their attractive forces settle down to equilibrium once again, but now in two diversified parts, (the repulsive forces of the poles held in place by the attractive forces maintain the distinctiveness of objects that we perceive as shape and form. The ability to remain as two distinct objects is derived from the sublimation of the external force required to separate the single object into two).

                     We now have two entities, each with balanced polarities. How could we recombine them? If we apply heat we may disrupt their internal neutral charges, creating polar unbalance and thus allow a recombination of attractive forces between them. When the heat is taken away, the polar forces calm back down to neutrality once again to form a single structure. This is the result if we melt two lead weights together to form one. Another way would be to cause them to orbit one another in a way that would cause their neutral internal forces to become unbalanced and again interactively attractive. Finally, in order for any combination or recombination of patterns to come about, an undividedness between all patterns must “pre-exist”, (must substructurally exist), every object of “Existence”. This undividedness is what allows and promotes the occurrence of all interactions throughout the Cosmos. Though subatomic particles may “spin” when observed, this perceived motion does not cause them to be separate. The attributes of “angular momentum” and “position” in dynamic interaction that constitutes what we call a “particle”, are expressions of the modified celerity of “Space-Time”, tightly woven in self-integration as sustained point/instants supported by the greater potential of the Totality from which they are generated and thus undivided. 

                     (If we start out with the purely homogeneous medium of uncompounded Primary Consciousness, that medium must compound upon itself because of its own Tension of Wholeness upon itself. The compounding by Primary Consciousness upon itself is what transforms its homogeneous medium into the interactive complimentary forces that we perceive as the heterogeneous terrain of our reality and into realms beyond our limited perception).

In the case of two currents of Inertia, of Free Willed Consciousness..

                     The circling between the two entities allows a spherical translation of the circular motion of their interacting polarities. The interaction in itself is a translation of the forces between the two and thus mutual interpretation, i.e. translation between them is established. An electromagnetic flux is built up between them as they exchange centripetal and centrifugal forces - and as they circle, the flux develops multiple polarities, multiple interactions – as diversifications within this combined force between the entities. When the flux reaches a new uniformity - the circular “motion” is thus spherical and unified – the becoming of one Being – trans-emanating ..expanding outwardly and reciprocally compressing inwardly – ex-pressing as directionless “motion”. This is the Gravitational Complex of Primordial Will, of “Space-Time”, of which is formed quanta of Energy and Mass ..as perceived by life forms existing within and generated by this process. 

                     All of this “motion” however, is the exchange of polarities between Inertial forces as thought! - a singular mind in-forming within and of itself, becoming the Universal Spans of the Multiverse – each Span driven by and extended as the one Cosmic Fluxion, from which all things, including each of us are undivided. Each Span interpenetrating every other, each thought sustained by all others ..each “locality” supported by “non-local” forces ..and each “locality” a “non-local” force supporting other “localities” ..through the undivided internalized convolutions of the inbounded circumference/infrastructure of this Totality.

..And this we see from our perspective, from 
within our own Span, as “Our Universe”.

                     What we call our “Universe” is the Multiverse interpreted from our unique vantage point. The terms “Universe” and “Multiverse” are therefore interchangeable, when we understand the geometries. The construct of our Universe is the convoluted, interpenetrated construct of the Multiverse. What we see when we look up at the night sky is our unique neurological view of the interpenetration of infinite perspectives of the same Wholeness - the Multiverse..

..Of The Same Grand Universe
In Self-Comprehension!


Before Genesis
The Unbridled Mind

Before there was Light.. Before Comprehension..

Through limitless realm of thought unresolved

In turbulent currents of fleeting expression

Where dreams of existence emerged and dissolved

Through Outbounded World of randomization

Of timeless infinity’s endless expanse..

Dwelt’ nebulous shadows of God’s Intonation

Foretelling Creation in Quantum Advance

‘Twas here through Eternity’s Spiritual Grace

Encountered reflections of “Verse” yet unspoken 

Igniting the darkness of Measureless Space

Transforming Totality’s Circle unbroken


Spirit of Heaven now joined through the mist..

In Positive, Negative rhythmical Dance

Each bound to the other through binary kiss 

Achieving new meaning through Destiny’s chance


Balanced Polarity’s new syncopation

Neutrality turned to desires’ stimulation, 

Illusion encircled, perception awakened,

The Dawn of Existence through Trans-Emanation


Harmonic Seduction constrained dialectic

Adventurous Mind of Creation now seeing

Polar Magnetic.. Curving Electric..

The Will of Inertia..

In Unified Being!


                     Our Universe, that perception of the Cosmos that we call our own, that interpenetrates and is interpenetrated by every Universal Span ..each a perspective generated by the “Mind of God” within and of itself ..is interpreted by each of us in our own unique way, in that we believe that what we see is our own Singular Universe.

                 Let us again envision that our Universal Span may combine, (interpenetrate), with infinitely many others without increasing the “dimensional sphere” that they are all contained within, or increasing its overall density in any way ..because each Span is merely a twist of the Totality in comprehension of itself. This comprehension is driven by the transcendent Tension of Wholeness essential to a Totality that convolutes its circumference into a geometry of internal perspectives, each an adventure of wonder and experience. The sentient beings of any internal perspective will naturally see from within their “world”, a “Cosmic Environment” unique to their perception. They would interpret what they see as “Their Universe”, but would not be aware that what they see is interpenetrated and interpenetrating an infinity of other perspectives, some similar to their own and some completely different, unless they came to the understanding that a Multiversal system indwells.

                 They would not realize for instance that Space-Time is the generated matrix of Inertia woven by the interpenetration of multiple varied comprehension’s by Primary Consciousness of itself, (of Universal Spans interpenetrating within a Totality). ..And they would also not realize that within their interpretation of reality that an object that they can reach out and touch is generated by the “non-local” forces that exist within other perspectives, within other Universal Spans ..and that the “most distant” objects perceivable are synchronously affected through the convoluted circumference of the Multiverse by what we consider to be “local” forces.

                 A sentient being of one Span would not know that the others existed, even though by interpenetration, an infinity of Spans were at hand. That life form would experience the non-local effects of the Multiverse, the conjoined existence of infinite realities working in concordance to produce a picture of “local” reality ..without necessarily ever realizing that the order as well as the spontaneity of their world was generated by others.

                 Until the realization of our undividedness to a greater realm occurs within us, we are subject to the unexpected forces of the Void ..forces that discourage many into the mistaken notion that they are dividedly alone in their pursuit of happiness and enlightenment, born into a mindless reality as unwitting victims of its indifference.

                 With such a belief we may act in a self-protective way, many times to the exclusion of compassion towards others ..and also to the exclusion of regard for our “environment”. But of course this notion of separation and the fear that it generates, is actually an illusion, a very powerful one to be sure, born of limited sensory perception ..but one that can be dispelled through higher knowledge.

Within the Translation of Humans
on Planet Earth…

                  The apparently diverse explanations rendered by Scientists, Theologians and Philosophers of the creation, evolution and continuity of our planet, ourselves ..and of the Cosmos to which we belong, are the result of widely varying interpretations of the underlying forces that have given rise to what we construe as “Existence” and experience as "Reality".

                  This does not mean that Science, Religion and Philosophy have opposing or non-related vision. What this means is that any concept may be expressed or interpreted in different ways. Any shell of translation, whether Scientific, Theological or Philosophical, contains within it the significant meanings of the others.

The shaping of Science, Religion and Philosophy through
“The Perceptual Lens of the Animate Interface”

                  Every Human culture on Earth and perhaps innumerable societies throughout the Cosmos have struggled with the paradox of the interpretations of existence and reality through the sensory/motor apparatus of a “Bio-Electrochemical Transducer”. In other words, we and most probably they ..encounter our natural environment through an interfacial shell of Neural Receptors, (our senses), and Organizational Mechanism, (our brain).

                  Interposed between each of us, (as focused localized consciousness), and the “environment” that we perceive, (the totality of Primary Consciousness that does the focusing), our bodies and brains engage the forces of nature ..and through this array of sensory mechanisms of sight, hearing, touch, taste and smell, forms a cerebral image of our “neurally encountered surroundings” that each of us translates into a common “reality”.

                  As we each, (indirectly), engage our environment through this interface of bio-sensory and interpretive devices, we automatically, mathematically - and internally cerebrally ..reconcile the Quantum Realm with our “Neural Experience of Nature” ..for it is through our senses and our brain that each of us encounters the essence of what we call “World”.

                  Over thousands of years of Human contemplation ..and continued refinement of our interpretation of existence, three ideas in particular have survived all tests of time and logic ..and the reason that they have survived and will continue to survive is because they are intimately entwined ..forming the immutable principles of the undivided wholeness of the ..Primordial Force of Primary Consciousness ..as the substructure/superstructure of all of existence. 

                  This is the foundational level where the Unconditional and the Conditional, “Everywhere” and “Nowhere”, form the “Point/Instant of Now” ..the Locality - Non-Locality Tensor Field ..trans-emanating as the closed system of Space-Time and the Outer Realm within which “Universes” are born and dwell. As we have seen above, a limited system of Inbounded Consciousness is created when two complimentary forces within the realm of Outbounded Consciousness unite by transforming their individual neutralities to interactive polarities to manifest a singular mind of diversified self-experience. 

This Inbounded system is a Universal Span interpenetrating
an infinite number of others…

                   As we experience our world from within such an Inbounded System we interpret the effects of both the Outbounded and the Inbounded from a unique perspective. We perceive the Inbounded – our earthly and cosmic environment - as the interactive wholeness of our world. We experience the effects of the Outbounded realm - conjoined with the effects of our Inbounded realm - as “random” effects, coincidences, simultaneities and “miraculous” occurrences. The effects of the Outbounded are in concordance with the effects of our Inbounded sphere, thus the conjoined effects of both realms manifest as infinite possibility within our self-limited, quasi-finite Universe.

                     It is all one mind, from which we are undivided ..and at the Quantum level, both Time and Space are of a singular process. Shall we not ask then, “If we can contemplate and experience the Classical forces of our Universe ..can we not also do the same of the Quantum realm?” We can ..and we do, but when we do, it is almost invariably by unwitting chance. Within this writing we will learn the ways of Instantaneous, Spaceless comprehension, of Instantaneity and Simultaneity ..of deep “Transcendental” Meditation. We will see our world in a new way and learn to interact with it on a higher level.

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