Neurological Nothingness..

                     Let us now imagine that time and space do not exist as we perceive, but are only cerebral reconstructions of a singular instantaneous condition. There are no “physical things”, hence no space is required to contain them. What is now left? We cannot see “IT” because we are accustomed to interpreting reality through neurological “Time and Space”. Without our cerebral reconstruction of “Existence as it is”, we are unable to formulate a physical “IT” to see. A physical “IT” is a thing and there are no physical “things” to be revealed to our senses without space and time. We might at first conceive an absence, but even an absence can only be formulated in relation to an existent environment, so where there is no space or time, nothing can be absent. If such condition, which at first thought appears to be "nothingness" has spawned the universe, then we have to realize that such a condition nevertheless has functionality ..else how could it spawn anything? If it has functionality it is not nothing, so we must substitute a process that is almost nothing in place of "nothingness". The only process that meets the requirements to spawn a universe out of which appears to be "nothingness" is the self-encountering Iota, the foundational state of Primary Consciousness from which we are undivided and within which the Cosmos has been created. For if it is sizeless and spaceless as "almost nothingness" would have to be, then space, time, matter and energy are functions of perception only, through a Conscious Mind constructed of self-experiential Inertia, undivided and infinitely interpreting within and of itself. It is driven through its own self-interpretation/self-representation by its own transcendent imbalance to emanate as every pattern of reality that we neurologically perceive and into realms beyond our perception. Viewed by sentient/neural constructs of itself, (such as we), it cannot see itself as it is, and therefore must interpret itself sequentially through our synthesis of Space and Time. 

                      It does not dwell in Space or Time, but is constructed of a single quality that is simultaneously and instantaneously a Willful, self-interactive equation, a formulation of ongoing thought, of Self-Experiential Inertia, the origin of all formulas self-actualizing, emanating diversified attributes of itself – through itself - that we who are woven of it, cerebrally reconstruct into our “Classical Reality”. 

                     What science calls “Space-Time” is the dynamic self-interaction of this “Equation”, a living, thinking, self-interactive mind, seeking to solve itself, analogous to a chemical reaction that can never dissipate, that we neurologically interpret as a sphere of Time, Space, Energy, Matter and Consciousness expanding into itself. Inertia as the “Fluxion”, by its Tension of Wholeness upon itself diversifies within itself, forming compounded levels that result in the creation of Neuroceptors, (such as we), that provide Inertia localized interpretations of itself, provoking a view of “environmental” sequentiality: interpretations of volumes and durations, in short, dimensions of “physicality”. When we interpret a “Time Span”, we make a neurological synthesis of the difference between convolutions of Inertia – those convolutions being “Time”/Inertia wrapped up! And yes, this almost sounds like “Space” between “objects”, such “Space”, Inertia less convoluted. So, when we interpret unwrapped Inertia, we interpret from two neurological perspectives – one as distance, the other as temporality – and “wrapped up”, as objects of mass. But it is all one thing, interpreted from within and of itself in an infinite variety of ways. Within the context of “atomic particles”, we deduce that all atoms consist of Electrons, Protons and Neutrons, and depending upon the numbers of such particles in an atom, it has identity as this element or that, but all atoms are made of the same substance – made of varying convolutions of Inertia/“Time”/Consciousness. Such a medium, undivided from itself, whose self-interpretability allows it to “fold” upon itself in an infinity of ways, may present itself to the senses of a life form as an infinity of patterns. Now add to this that the life form is an undivided part of this same Wholeness, and perceptions of infinite convolutions become a vibrant continuous reality ..that reality consisting of “Objects” existing in “Space” over “Time” ..that reality consisting of the Mind of the “Cosmos” ..divided by the Mind of the Life Form ..both of which are undivided from each other.. 

                     Yes, there is a mathematical equation intrinsic to all observation affecting the Wholeness and the Life Form as part of the Wholeness, because ultimately it is all one solitary condition of Inertia/Consciousness diversifying within and of itself. ..And here finally, we conceive the formula for Manifest Destiny – a living function – the Calculus! And how? – A life form generated of the Wholeness the Wholeness, perceiving/“moving” itself through the Life Form, and through such perception/“motion”, the Wholeness differentially develops through each life form a sense of self, and as each “self” moves/perceives, it instantaneously affects the Continuum that generates it ..and “moves” the world from which it extends! Any part of an undivided Wholeness experiences the transcendence of the Wholeness cause always lies within its effect.

                     In simpler terms – the nature of the Wholeness arises with the Wholeness! - as a border simultaneously arises between two passing flows of consciousness. That is the character of a dynamic function, which is constituted of the components it affects. This simple law, the first law– the nature of a function, the nature of Primary Consciousness – once understood, may be used to describe every aspect of Existence and may also be used to describe the creation of Existence itself! Above, through and below every event, pattern, action, “motion” that we perceive and beyond our perception – there is a mathematical function – a thought by Existence of itself. All of the functions generated by the Totality constitute the dynamism – the Living Spirit of the Totality ..and above, through and below this, there is that spark that gets and keeps the ball rolling – the transcendence of tension intrinsic to the Wholeness that arises with the Wholeness – and that is its nature. That is the dynamism of what nature is.

                     Because we are extensions of the undivided Totality, we observe it through its convolutions ..sequentially, but we may also interpret its concurrency/simultaneity as we may now begin to grasp the idea of the function of a Wholeness. We imagine the Cosmos as a sphere undividedly, but differentially interactive, but when we look through it, we see/analyze it in a fragmented way – we perceptually break it up to more easily integrate, achieve and survive within our “World”. Indeed, even UniVersal Spans, although they are undivided from each other, have actual differences between them each maintaining its own individual integrity. Each Span is a dislocation of the Wholeness within and of the Wholeness, permitting a unique interpretation of the Multiverse from within each Span, each Span broadening, interpenetrating into the Multiverse, the entirety of the Multiverse considered by the sentient natives of each Span, to be their “Universe”.

                     Temporal as well as spatial conditions only come about through observation, a neurological function of synthesizing the deeper reality into our “World View”. Think about it this way; observation/analysis is a function of inertial displacement by a Wholeness of itself and such displacement creates Temporal/Spatial perception in the Neural Perceptors, (life forms), generated within and of the Wholeness.

It sees itself through each of us ..through sentient “twists” of itself.

                      In order to make an observation, which is an analytical assessment of itself, Primary Consciousness must displace a part of itself through a twist, a loop, a lens of itself, which is formed as a Neurological Perceptor, an Animate Interface such as any one of us and every other living being, through which it may observe itself – hence our perceptions through and of the Sphere of Wholeness as “Time” and “Space”, as “Observational Displacements” by the Wholeness of itself. When we perceive, we automatically analyze ..and this is through the synthesis of Space and Time, the neurological splitting of the Wholeness into interpretable parts, that we may deal with it on a cerebral level. When we act however, we do so in the moment, in the present, instantaneously at the Quantum level, without regard to Time and Space. That which we know of “faith” is what we do when we act. Any action is an act of faith because all actions are instantaneous acts of Be-ing.

Yes, we are at one of those irritating paradoxes..

                     Move your hand from here to there and it traverses a distance over time. But where your hand rests is always in the present, always at a “place”, both perceptions – present and place, instant and point are instantaneous. Between here and there, how many instantaneous places are there ..and how many instants? The infinite number still adds up to zero time and zero space. The infinite number still adds up to instantaneity. Time and Space are aspects then of what we perceive as “motion”, a span of measurements, a function of analysis. They are perceptual constructs of a deeper reality. Ok, you walk from here to there ..and you think you are walking ? Your localized mind is dividing the mind of the Wholeness, and the Wholeness is presenting to your perception its perceived divisions because you are an undivided part of it. All perceptions of reality are localized perspectives by an undivided Wholeness of itself. Nothing actually “moves”, but thought illuminates! – Perspectives become “active”! This is the Cosmic Mind that acts upon itself, stresses forming within through its attempt to solve the equation of its own self-constructed, self-driven infrastructure, creating within our neurological view, volumes and motions as functioning illusions. 

                     Within the Wholeness of Primary Consciousness lie infinite interpretations of its structure, as perspectives by a Unified Mind of itself, capable of seeing itself simultaneously in a multiplistic way. Through self-translation, from all perceiving parts of itself, any combination of interpretations generate further perceptions through and of itself. As this is an undivided process, any generation of perceptions affect other perceptions within. It is this ongoing generation of perspectives that are taken as the “Motion” of “Objects” through “Space” and “Time” when the interpretations are through Neural Perceptors such as we.

                     We interpret its interactive complexities as varying velocities, Electromagnetic Radiations and states of Matter. We judge the propagation of EM radiation through Space-Time as the fastest speed possible, as a constant within our Universe, because EM Radiation is a representation of the duality of accelerations and decelerations of Space-Time itself, an accelerating and decelerating reciprocity of perspectives by a Unified Mind through itself. It is therefore limited to the foundational state of Being that the Multiverse is, but we judge it through our neurological construct of “Time” and “Space”, our “classical” interpretation. Underlying this however is the instantaneity of the Wholeness, of Being undivided from itself.

                      If we look deeper into the Quantum realm we find that light particles, (photons), act like electrons, in that photon pairs can be any “distance” from each other but still affect each other instantly. The speed of light therefore is not a “speed”, (as “distance” is not a “space”), but is an interpretation of the existent continuity of Be-ing, of a Totality, of the singular condition of Primary Consciousness that we call “Existence”. (Instantaneity and Continuity are interactive and co-dependant aspects of Primary Consciousness as another interpretation of “Space-Time” or “Existent Being” – to wit, what we call the “present” is both instantaneous and continuous – as “now” ever-becoming). Because we and all other patterns are compounded of the Totality, we interpret those patterns, including ourselves as “moving slower” than the Totality itself, (slower than instantaneity), because we each are an ordered expression of it and therefore perceive it through a series of ordered constructs. Ordered perception is sequential ..and sequentiality arranged from simultaneity requires the neurological construct that enables the interpretation of time and space.

                     When consciousness, (Inertia), acts upon itself is a mind self-interpreting – and that is what Simultaneity/ Reciprocity, from which is derived Continuity/Perpetuity is. When consciousness constructs neurological extensions of itself, (such as we), it is viewed/experienced as a “sequential environment” by those constructs through their ordered but limited neurological interpretations. (The actual integrated mathematical construct of Perception through Space and Time and the further creation of Life Forms through a “space divided by Time mathematical/molecular construct" is described in great detail within the later chapters of this writing - as an actual mathematical formula, fully explained, for the manifestation of life forms, souls and localized consciousness).

                      The Wholeness of Existence is bound to itself and any part of it affects its entirety by degree. It cannot “break” and become two individual parts outside of itself and therefore can only self-internalize to make of itself a united, diversified construct, of which its “parts” may interpret and interact with each other as varying perspectives of a “thinking environment”, within the totality of a self-experiential mind ..a Quantum Mind composed of Willful, self-experiential Inertia. At any and every level, a “World” is happening. There is perception within Space-Time of “World”, and among atoms, of their world, and perception of world among molecules, rocks, forests, cities, oceans, planets, stars, galaxies, galactic clusters, Universal Spans, Universal Clusters ..and finally throughout the Multiverse itself ..because all of it is constructed of tensioned Inertia, of Consciousness diversified in an infinity of ways. All of the levels of "World" are interactive because of the imbalance of tension generated by this Wholeness upon itself. Our own planetary economic environment is a prime example, as it mirrors in its own way, on its own level, the "commerce" of the Cosmos.

                     From within this mind, as it experiences’ itself, it forms of itself an infrastructure of infinite self-perspectives that are in a sense, chaotically “in each other’s way” and must therefore rearrange and assume a logical hierarchy of structures and levels that we interpret from tacit “Space” and “Time” to Subatomic Particles and Forces on up through Atoms, Molecules, Rocks, Planets, Stars, Galaxies, Universal Spans ..and finally Life. Since we are constructed of its “substance”, we see its thoughts as manifest symbols of our reality. Its multiplicity of self-perspectives form a standing radiating sphere of interactive self-experience within which Primary Consciousness constructs living interpretive forms of itself, (such as we), that perceive it as a “dimensional environment”. To this “sphere” we give a circumference as we imagine a Totality, but that circumference is actually the internalized infrastructure of a conscious mind, to which we belong, expressing itself through us, to itself.

                     What we conceive as “circumference” then is what we cerebrally, synthetically apply to any “object” that appears to our senses. (We are part of what we see). Thus we can imagine any “object” or a Totality for that matter, as having a “size” even though that which defines its “boundary” is actually the emanation of its infrastructure. As the Totality defines an object, the object appears as having a boundary because Primary Consciousness perceives undivided parts of itself through our neurological interpretations of space and time, interrupting and thus complicating its otherwise direct experience. Hence those "parts" appear localized and therefore bounded. If we approach the circumference of any object, from the size of an atom to the size of the Multiverse, we find it quasi-existent, not really there. Rather, we find a series of perturbations of the interior of the object that we infer as its exterior. Hence, objects define to us ..through us. Primary Consciousness draws a perspective of itself through a localization of itself ..through an Animate Interface, and in so doing assigns a perceptual boundary, a circumference to this thought of itself because the thought has been perceptually isolated through the localized perception of a life form.

                     How beautiful is this? ..All of these things that we see, are seeing themselves through us. We pick up a ball and throw it, something that the ball could not do on its own. It finds dynamic consciousness through us ..and flies, and for a time ..lives. All of these things that we perceive, together make each of us. They come together through the interpretive neurology of our bodies and brains and achieve a united perception ..and through this phenomenon there is a wonderful benefit that gets added – we each develop personalities because our brains record and re-impose back upon us “memories” of these perceptions ..and thus we become continuous “Beings”.


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