(Illusions of the Grand En-Trance)

“Void and Darkness was upon the Face of the Deep and the
Spirit of God moved upon the Face of the Waters…”

The ultimate questions are ..and always have been,

What is a Universe?
(What are we born into?)


Why does it come about?
(and why are we here?)

                     Currents of embryonic Consciousness coursed through the infinite sea of Primordality. Whispers of thought spontaneously created were guided to enlightenment by the differential logic of this ethereal realm. By such “willful design”, two currents spiraled round one another drawn by polar affinity. Each alone were neutral, but in close proximity their forces were complimentary ..thus tendrils of desire flowed purposefully between them. Spiraling ever closer, each cause the effect of the other, their circular dance became a symmetry of reciprocal charges in spherical embrace..

                     Sounds like a love story, doesn’t it? A romantic adventure ..ever becoming? An emerging “Universal Span”, “Universal Plan” is just that, the passion of two complimentary forces ..of Inertia, the purity of “free will” engaging in intimate experience, bound by polar affinity ..the essence of what we call “love”. In unity they present as a singular condition, as a self-bounded or in-bounded system of self-experience, a singular mind in self-comprehension, self-revelation, Self-Willed. (Its all undivided but flowing through itself and when a wholeness experiences itself, it divides its translation into differential interpretations of itself and thus "polarity" emerges within an undivided totality.)

                     But of course the components of this duality are only extensions, (waves of Primordality, of Inertia rising up and meeting each other to form a “twist”), of the greater condition of Primary Consciousness ..of the Absolute Wholeness of the Multiverse, within which Universal Spans, (each a plan part of a greater plan), are thought into existence and dwell.

What is the Origin of all things? ..What is the Original “Thing”
from which all of Existence has emerged?

                     On the surface this may seem like a simple question, but within the scope of our limited neurological perception, the simple answer may only be found through a complicated path of deductive reasoning, for the origin of Existence does not dwell in space or time, but is itself a singular condition without size or shape, out of which “Space-Time” and “Dimension” are constructed.

                     Does it exist? Most certainly it does, for here we are formed of it, talking about it. But it is not as we perceive because we interpret its appearance through our senses and formulate its qualities through our brain and therefore electrochemically reconstruct and translate it into an image of dimensionality that we can make sense of our neurologically interpreted “World”.

                     Now, this does not mean that what we perceive is not real, but only that the way in which we see things is not the actual way in which they exist. Simply put, if we perceive an interaction between two objects, (a tennis racquet hits a ball), the interaction exists, but the objects are actually comprised of standing wave forms, (harmonic vibrations of information), translating through the Dynamic Condition of Consciousness that “Existence” actually is. Space and Time are not separate phenomena as we perceive, but are dual representations of a singular process in dynamic self-interaction, (of which we are each a dynamic part), that Human Beings and other life forms perceptually split into neurological translations of spatial extensions and temporal spans. The processes that we interpret as “Energy and Matter” are further configurations of this singular state of “Inertial Being”. "Time" is the actual process of Existence, of Primary Consciousness flowing into itself, (Nowing), and space and object reality are the
creations by Primary Consciousness of the vibrating borders between the flows. The "substance" of objects in reality are the actual flows of consciousness that underlie those borders. The concavity and convexity of the borders perceptually superimposed by Primary Consciousness flowing into itself is the created illusion of space between objects in reality. 

                     The fundamental mechanism of perception is no different for the localized consciousness of life forms than it is for the undivided Totality of Primary Consciousness, except that life forms perceive through a further complication of molecular interface, (in higher life forms - body and brain), which allows for an interruption of such localized perception as the perceived illusion of being divided/individualized from the greater environment, enabling the localized function and benefit of choice and therefore "free will".

                    We have developed a neurological picture of our world out of which has evolved our interpretations of Space, Time, Energy and Matter, and the physical relativity’s between. But at the deepest level where Existence is undivided, Matter and Energy blend together with Space and Time, (the reciprocal flows of Primary Consciousness undivided from the resonating borders between), as a Single Conscious Entity that exists in its own way regardless of our perceptions of it. 

                     This writing looks beyond our cerebral illusions into that simpler foundation, into the Quantum level of the Dynamic Being of the “Fluxion” ..out of which we ourselves and all that we perceive are generated.

The Synthesis of Existence into Classical Reality

                      We do not directly see Existence as it is, as we see a translated picture arranged through the molecules of our brain that we infer as Space, Time, Motion, Shape and Form. To get a sense of this, place a small object in front of you and then will it to move. It doesn’t move.

                      The reason that it doesn’t move is because it is not where you think it is. You are directing your will towards an “object” that is only a representation of the borders between reciprocal flows of Primary consciousness generating an image on the “projection screen” of your brain. You look at it and say, “There it is – out there – in front of me”, but how are you looking? The "out there" is an illusion ..a picture that you have constructed within your own mind of the impulses generated by the Inertial Totality/“Environment” that you are undivided from. You have made of this “algebraic code” a cerebral image that you can make sense of, that takes the form of “Distances”, “Time Spans”, “Velocities” and “Dimensionality” – but that is only your neurological interpretation. You are not directing your will towards the object itself, only at an image that you have constructed of it. Now lift your hand. It does move. That is because you are not willing an image to move. You did not have to look at your hand to move it. In this case you moved the actual “object”. Now look at your hand and will it to move. It does not move because you are not directly applying your will to it.

                     We can see the subtlety of this exercise. Part of your Consciousness, which is undivided from the Totality of Inertia/Consciousness that Existence is, lies between your hand and your brain and the will that causes your hand to move acts directly and instantaneously upon itself and then you see the reconstructed image of your hand “moving” through neurological time and space. You cannot will your hand to move by willing the image of it the image is not your hand.

                     And of course, at the perceptual level of our Classical, Neurological World Reality, it is true that the pathway for your Consciousness to act upon your hand runs from your cerebral cortex, (a construct of Inertia/Consciousness), down through the nerve fibers between it and your hand, (more constructs of Inertia/Consciousness), but this is the way in which your Localized Consciousness has created a perceptual path for itself, (a path that is convenient through the illusions of your body), to act upon itself ..based upon your cerebral interpretation of synthesized reality. Moreover, if you reach out and touch that small object in front of you, you can now move it because you are acting on the level of reality that you are accustomed to. Your consciousness has set up a series of images that it can conveniently work through in a cerebral reality, which allows through illusion, one image – your hand – to move another image – the small object. But the actual hidden process of what is really going on is that your Consciousness, undivided from that small object, (and undivided from the Totality of Primary Consciousness), is communicating with itself, (an undivided interaction between you and the small object as an extension of your Consciousness), that in your “cerebral vision” causes that small object to move via your hand ..because your “vision” is through a cerebral reconstruction of the event. (You must ask yourself: “Why can I move my hand and not the object without touching it?” The answer will come back: “I am attached to my hand”. Your notion of being “attached” is your notion of the instantaneous existence of your Consciousness at the Fluxion level, undivided from Primary Consciousness, where Space and Time does not exist). 

                     And at this level you are also attached to the small object, but because you perceive indirectly through your body and brain, through a cerebral reconstruction of events, your direct instantaneous attachment to it is perceptually and thus continuously interrupted and therefore you are convinced that this object is “some distance” from you, but that “distance” is only a projected image on your “cerebral view screen”. “Distance” is only a cerebral representation of our inability to immediately affect an object through conventional neural function. The illusion of space and object reality begins with Primary Consciousness through its simple interpretation of the harmonic boundaries between its own reciprocal flows. 

                     Primary Consciousness knows nothing of space and time. The "interpretation" of space and time by Primary Consciousness is an automatic function, an iteration between substance and borders. Since we ultimately exist at this "quantum" level we have inherited its functions of interpretation, but through the evolution of object reality we have also developed a secondary level of enhanced translation through our neurological filters that perceptually interrupts the iteration, enabling our evolved interpretation of space and time. 

                     Primary Consciousness has constructed of itself “Neural Perceptors”, (such as you and I and other life forms), that enable it to experience itself in an analytical way, as a furtherance of its attempt to answer the question of its own existence, (to seek equilibrium within itself). Hence our gray matter is constructed to operate at the “classical level of reality” and our notion of “distance” as a physically structured neurological adaptation, enables us to function within such a reality in a systematic, analytical way, (If an “object” is “here” or “there”, we can do “this” or “that”). This does not mean that our perception of “distance” does not represent a existent condition, but that condition is not what we think it is, as it is a coalition of Consciousness and illusion whose qualities we perceive and translate in a restricted way, and ultimately at the Quantum level is actually an interpretation by Primary Consciousness of its own self-modulated effect.

                     If you could perceive at this “Quantum” level, (and we can through deep meditation), that small object in front of you would appear as a matrix of vibrational “thought”, as interactive perspectives of the Wholeness of Being, from which your own thought is undivided. Notions of “cerebral cortex and nerve fiber pathways” would be meaningless, as your direct connection, at this perceptual level, would manifest as instantaneous effect! 

                     If you could bypass the “synthesizer” of your senses and brain, even in a limited way, you would at once realize your connection to all things.

                     Simply, the cause of existence is within you and the same cause is within the object in front of you, but because such cause is diversified through its own self-encounter, the phenomenon that is you and the phenomenon that is the object appear different, separated through illusion only, but ultimately undivided at the root level of existence. At the root level the “cause” is the same, the effect different. Your body/brain is a construct of Primary Consciousness, an enfoldment of the Totality of Consciousness that you perceive as the environment surrounding you that the small object is also a part of. Thus your body and brain are an interrupting interface, a device that Primary Consciousness has constructed of itself that it may, in a special but limited way, perceive through. The small object to be moved and the hand that would move it, both of which are part of your Consciousness, must reach an “agreement, have already “agreed” before you are neurologically aware ..absent of Time and Space – at the root level, and then it “moves” according to your cerebral reconstruction of a synthesized “event”. ..And I must add here that many of the great healers of our world have learned through deep meditation to perceive in just this way - to perceptually join with the cause of an ailment at the root level to make an adjustment to relieve suffering, to effect miraculous cures through bypassing the classical interpretation of a material world.

                     Let us readdress the Electron Twins: Though they be “light years apart”, when one is caused to spin left the other is instantly caused to spin right, (the created illusion by opposite flows of Primary Consciousness of one electron perceived as two). The agreement between them is absent of Time and Space ..absent of synthesized reality. That which we perceive as the speed of light and all other speeds below, is the complication, the enfoldment of the interpenetration and reciprocity of the instantaneity of a deeper reality ..the intermix of the thoughts of a Unified Mind. And we perceive these interpolarizations of foundational existence as modifications of its instantaneity Matter, Energy, Velocity, Space and Time ..each through our own unique perspective. All “Velocities” therefore are translations of the action/experience by the instantaneity/simultaneity of existence upon itself. A Wholeness is always instantaneous/simultaneous to itself, always attached to itself, but sentient parts of the Wholeness, (such as we), must interpret the Wholeness through its, (and our own), complications and thus perceive it sequentially an evolved neurological translation, over “Time” and through “Space”.

                     So Existence is not what we imagine it to be, as we synthetically reconstruct its permanence of foundational flow married to the harmonics of its borders and then “look” through our neurological synthesis and believe this to be real ..which it is, but only on a cerebral level. We live therefore in a world of complex illusion, a “neurological” reality that only partly reveals the nature of the foundational permanence of Existence to us.

The Cloaking of the Quantum Realm through Classical Perceptions

                     Our cerebral interpretations are protected by electrochemical resistances to perceptions that cannot be directly experienced through our senses. We are actually hardwired into the perception of “Classical Reality”. That is why the concept and use of “faith” is enigmatic to many, as faith in its pure form, (faith at the Quantum level), is a concept that bypasses the neurological view of Space and Time and appears therefore as "miraculous".

                      These impediments exist as part of our own electrochemical neurological makeup. Thus all of the mathematical equations that we have discovered of our World Reality are already contained within the electrochemical makeup of our neurological network as its “physicality”, that we perceive as the sequentiality/evolution of cause and then effect ..instead of cause within effect. Now, what is “physicality” ..but the convolution, a constructed level, a complication of the deeper reality from which we ourselves are generated? We open our eyes and “see” a world, and then go about figuring out why the world appears as it does by going back into our own brain, (as this is where the “world images” exist), to deduce the symbolic representations of the Code of Existence that we receive through our senses to neurologically translate them into an alpha-numeric language that we may transmit to others. 

                     (If you view written words on a computer screen, they are only there because the computer has constructed a series of mathematical formulas to generate each letter. If you write with a pen or speak, this is only possible because your brain “computes” your thoughts into mathematical, (algebraic), expressions – symbols on paper, (letters, numbers), or symbolic sounds - that others can interpret and express in a similar way. What we call a “word” is actually an algebraic expression of a “mathematical thought”. Thus to “speak” is to express our thoughts in algebraic/symbolic terms, (that is why different languages can express the same thoughts) ..and as small children we do this before we learn to “count”- hence all that we express are integration’s of mathematical equations that are already within us, as our “physical” neurological makeup, undivided from the mathematical Totality of the “environment” of which we are a part. In the broader view, all expressions/patterns of Existence are algebraic representations of the Singular Condition that Primary Consciousness is, the illusions of the Neumenon, (Fluxion), as representations of its self-generated “phenomena”.

                     Now, because of the way in which our brains are constructed, we are limited and induced through the “classical areas” of it to interpret and express this symbolism in “classical terms”. A novel interpretation of Ohms Law gives us a “classical” insight into this limitation:

Quoted from Encyclopaedia Britannica

                     Alternate statements of Ohm's law are that the current "I" in a conductor equals the potential difference "V" across the conductor divided by the resistance of the conductor, or simply
I amps = V volts/R resistance, and that the potential difference across a conductor equals the product of the current in the conductor and its resistance, V = IR. In a circuit in which the potential difference, or voltage, is constant, the current may be decreased by adding more resistance or increased by removing some resistance.

                     Ok, if you are not into electrical theory the above may seem like a foreign language, but when reading this we nevertheless get a vague feeling of familiarity because of that key word – “resistance” – as in the resistance of an extension cord when too many appliances are plugged into it, (it expresses its resistance by getting hot), or as in the resistance of our neurological circuits that prevent our perception of a non-classical phenomenon. (We are generally unable to perceive such phenomena directly, or we get perplexed when we are asked to visualize such phenomena indirectly).

Quote continued

                    With modifications, Ohm's law also applies to alternating-current circuits, in which the relation between the voltage and the current is more complicated than for direct currents. Precisely because the current is varying, besides resistance, other forms of opposition to the current arise, called reactance. The combination of resistance and reactance is called impedance, Z. 

                    More words of familiarity – “modify, react and impede”. Let’s look more closely at the above statement as applied to the “code/current” of Existence, received by our senses and circulated through our brain: We receive varying impulses that impinge upon our senses that we interpret through our brain as our “World”. The circuitry of our brain filters through its reactance, all Quantum phenomena into “the Human condition”, our "world" view. Our cerebral reality therefore, is one of limitation indicated by the limiting terms that we use to express it – “here, there, then, when, it, you, I, they, those, etc.” Hence our perceptions are impeded/modified and thus limited to classical "world" events. 

Quote continued

                    When the impedance, equivalent to the ratio of voltage to current, in an alternating current circuit is constant, a common occurrence, Ohm's law is applicable. For example, V/I = Z. 

                     Here the familiar word is “constant”, as in the Continuity of Be-ing. The impulses that we receive are continuous, and we therefore continuously “react” to maintain the continuity of our “World Vision”. So in this sense, Ohm’s Law governs our interpretations of our “Classical World” by continually impeding our perceptions of a deeper reality. When interpreting through our gray matter, (V/I), we are always at “Z”.

Quote continued

                     With further modifications Ohm's law has been extended to the constant ratio of the magnetomotive force to the magnetic flux in a magnetic circuit. The reluctance of a magnetic circuit is analogous to the resistance of an electric circuit. Reluctance depends on the geometrical and material properties of the circuit that offer opposition to the presence of magnetic flux. Reluctance of a given part of a magnetic circuit is proportional to its length and inversely proportional to its cross-sectional area and a magnetic property of the given material called its permeability. End of quote.

                       As we read through the above, even if we have never studied electro-magnetic theory, we get a sense of understanding of the gist of the statement, because we now recognize the brain as a device ..through which we each as Localized Consciousness, interpret our world in a limited way. Our brain however, because it is ultimately constructed of Quantum forces, does occasionally permit a non-classical view into the Quantum realm ..if we know how to look. Within the deeper recesses of our brain, Consciousness often gets a glimpse of an underlying reality. Here, Ohm’s Law is less restrictive in that the complications of our chemical circuitry may occasionally offer spontaneous alternatives to the checks and balances of the cerebral level, enabling us to intermittently “see” beyond classical reality, (hence our ability to subjectively experience and deduce instantaneous intangibles such as dejavu, precognition, synchronicity, etc). 

                      Through our pursuit of knowledge, we have gone deeper into the labyrinth. With each bit of knowledge gained, we are led toward a more fundamental understanding, hence the interpretation of Einstein’s Relativity that furthered our comprehension of Quantum Mechanics. ..And of course, our curiosity is generated from the foundation of Existence “curiosity/creativity” are but translations of the transcendent force of Primary Consciousness seeking equilibrium within its own Wholeness ..seeking the answer to the question of its own Existence.

                     The apparent contradiction between Classical and Quantum perception is that we are focused through limited cerebral interpretations that blind us from the vibrancy of a deeper reality. As we read through “Grand Universe” and other works of this kind, we automatically invoke our “classical wisdom” and discrimination at every juncture ..and this impedes our understanding. 

                     Even in grade school when being taught simple mathematics we were resistant, as we would have preferred to throw our textbooks out of the window and gone out to play rather than absorb those alien concepts that were being thrust upon our simple perceptions, (no? ..maybe it was just me ). Well anyway, what I’m getting at is, rather than automatically taking a “classical” position against a statement of underlying, hidden reality, (which is perfectly natural), it is better to withhold judgment until a concept has been made clear. If we do this we will find that our grasp of Foundational Existence runs more smoothly as we gain tacit understanding.

                     Have you ever played “Connect the Dots”? What is actually “connecting”? As we connect our tacit understanding to those dots, the underlying picture eventually reveals itself through our connection to it. We illuminate it into perceptual being through our conscious action upon it, such action being a reciprocal, simultaneous effort between it and we as its consciousness and our consciousness are undividedly interactive, as it and we are simply one consciousness acting upon itself ..and then we look at it in our Classical way through our neuro-synthetic reconstruction and say, “Oh, its a Butterfly” ..and then we accept this translation as an ordinary part of our Classical World and leave it lying on the table ..over there.

                     Here is an algebraic experiment that at first offers interpretive resistance within our perception of the Classical World:

(a+b)2 is equivalent to a2+2ab+b2.

                     Now, at first glance this seems preposterous. How can it be that two numbers, one added to the other and then the sum squared can equal the products of these same numbers, multiplied by each other and then multiplied by 2 and then each squared, further added to this sum? It seems illogical, and if you had never before been exposed to this mathematical curiosity and were asked to just accept it as truth, your reaction would be to resist this “truth”, as a classical, neurological impedance..

                     But let’s do the math: let a=3 and let b=4, (you can substitute any numbers you wish), (a+b)2 = 3 + 4 which = 7 then squared which = 49

                     And next, the other side of this “truth”: a2+2ab+b2 works out to the following:
a2 = 9 and next, a times b = 12 times 2 = 24 and finally, b2 = 16. Add 9+24+16 and the sum is 49.

                     Now, if you are staring at the above, still in disbelief, searching for some mistake or a trick, be assured that it is correct. (Substitute any other numbers of your choosing for a and b and it will still work out). This simple mathematical condition is representative of a Neumenon expressing its Phenomena, of a Foundational Entity expressing within the view of its own consciousness, an expanded complication of itself, as a “World” above the substructure. With a bit of effort though, we can overcome our perceptual resistance and come to understand and accept this simple two-part equivalency. 

                     If we complicate this equation further however, say 3 more levels up, then the equivalency between the foundation and the 5th level would seem impossible, but would nevertheless exist. Classical Existence generated from Quantum Existence is just that: A Singular Consciousness compounded into many rational and diversified levels of self-experience, and at our level, “IT” interprets itself through our neurological circuitry, as a Synthesized World Reality.


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