I wish to express my heartfelt thanks to the following souls who put up with my constant revisions and who continued to encourage me to complete this writing; 

1.                My Dearest Helen, my dedicated partner in life and love, who through her brilliant insights, unceasing Love for God’s Precious Creatures and 1000 days and nights of intense discussion with her relentless husband , has lent infinite dimension to every part of this work.

2.                My Children, Michael, Dorothea and Joel, who always encouraged their Father to continue the search for higher understanding.

3.                Susan McCool, whose tireless efforts at Wildlife Rehabilitation was and is …a 
continuing example of the goodness of Humankind.

4.                Steven Kaufman, Philosopher/Scientist, whose brilliant rendition of Space, Time 
and Consciousness, “Unified Reality Theory”, and whose kind patience and selfless correspondence greatly helped to focus my thoughts within these last few years towards the refinement of this work.

5.                Lou Monte, who as a stranger to me, came to my house 8 years ago and said to me, 
“I am you and you are me – and here is why this is so…”, and then went on to explain in great detail to me his knowledge of the undividedness of the Void.

6.                Michael Hanna, my dear Son-in –law, who has lived with Meditative Vision for as 
long as I have known him.

7.                My Dear Friends on the Internet, Paege Culver, Sara R. Kelly, Sylvia Taylor, Michelle A. Smith, Clause Janew and Countless Others, who have selflessly contributed brilliant concepts and actual life experiences towards facilitating the advancement of this work.


To the Grand UniVerse Discussion Group

                    I am truly blessed to have found each of you ..your insightful minds of such intense dedication. Your essays continually challenge the imagination to realms heretofore beyond comprehension. To work with you is an exhilarating experience, a profound excursion into the foundation of Existence. I expect to remain an integral part of this Unified Consciousness for as long as I shall exist and that Grand UniVerse shall continue to evolve through all of our efforts.

Contributing Editors

1. Edward Kemp, Montreal, Quebec, Canada - Email - - Website - Member of the Grand UniVerse Discussion Group, Member of the Grand UniVerse Webring. 

Edward Kemp has worked tirelessly, going over every paragraph of Grand UniVerse text, finding new insights on a daily basis,  broadening the scope and depth of this evolving creation. I read through his comments and suggestions every day and continually revise Grand UniVerse text based upon his recommendations.

2. Dwayne Sheffield, Texas, USA - Email - - Website - Embracing The Contradiction Member of the Grand UniVerse Discussion Group, Member of the Grand UniVerse Webring. 

Dwayne Sheffield unceasingly drives our exploration of the Foundation of Existence to the Nth degree! His correlations between Biblical Scriptures and the logic of the Relativistic Universe continually propels the Grand UniVerse Discussion Group to higher comprehension, which generates continual enhancement of the Grand UniVerse Book. 

3. Christa Gautschi, Dornach, Switzerland - Email - - Website - Cigal Illustration and Fine Art Member of the Grand UniVerse Discussion Group, Member of the Grand UniVerse Webring. 

Christa's grasp of visual arts never ceases to amaze! Her expression of Creation and Consciousness through her artwork puts mere words to shame .  Christa has captured the Spirit of Grand UniVerse Theory through her exceptional rendition of the Mind of God, entitled

 "Priska Philosophia" 

of which she has graciously donated to the Clarification of Terms section of the Grand UniVerse Book.

4. Erron - Member of the Grand UniVerse Discussion Group.

Erron has an uncanny grasp of foundational existence and has impelled our Discussion Group to higher understanding with his insightful questions and observations, the result of which has greatly enhanced the Grand UniVerse Book, especially in the Clarification of Terms Sections.



Love and Light to All

Michael Spirit

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