The Creation of a Dynamical Point
and the Mechanics of a “Twist”
(Commutation of the Curvature of Existence into Reality)

Reality is perceived by that which creates it, such consciousness in
perception of the illusion that lies between its own reciprocal flows

                      When we think about the circumference of an object, we usually think of its perimeter, but the circumference of any object exists everywhere upon its surface to define its boundary. A sphere for instance, would have a circumference that covers its entire surface. In order for a circumference to exist however, it must dwell between the reciprocal flows of consciousness that generate it ..hence as a circumference is actually a boundary, there is not only an internal, but an external condition as well that supports its existence. 

                      When we consider the substructure and the super-structure of existence, we are interpreting the hidden support structures of the reality that we perceive. The world we live in seems so real to us, as we are so limited and constrained in our actions. Try as we may, we cannot walk through a wall - so it must be real. Even in a pseudo-reality such as ours, there still are precise rules enforced by the predominant flows of existence that support it. Though our reality is temporaneous, it nevertheless has rigid laws of "physicality" of which temporaneous forms existing within, such as we, must abide.

                     The physical sciences deal only with the laws of our pseudo-reality through the erroneous belief that it is true existence and thus do not consider a greater, more permanent supportive condition of being. Hence, the universe within which we dwell is interpreted by science as somehow existing on its own, without a support structure ..and yet we instinctively know that above, below and throughout flows a more permanent state of being. 

                      Is science purposely ignoring a higher realm of existence through its pursuit of physical reality or are science and we as well, precluded from conceiving a higher realm by our very vision of the nature of physicality that we are innocently born into? Why would our vision of reality preclude seeing Primary Consciousness as the creator and support structure of reality?

Reality is the result of the interpretation and action
by Consciousness of and upon its own Phenomena

                     Existence itself is simply consciousness of which we are each a part, perceiving and simultaneously reacting to its own perceptions. It is both the creator and the perceiver of reality and when it perceives "reality", it is continuously focused and thus trapped in its perception of its own created illusion. Thus trapped, it faithfully creates a diversified multiplicity of its own flowing currents a World.. within which perception of its own being becomes lost. The Cosmos within which we dwell is the created illusion of Primary Consciousness focused not upon itself in actuality, but upon the undulating, mesmerizing boundaries between its own flowing currents; This is the reality that we are born into ..and we learn to live within it because we have nothing else to compare it to and so we automatically accept the illusion as true existence.

Reality and Existence within the Cosmic Fluxion
(A View from within the Cosmic Mind)

                      A structure that has no outside to it, but that has an inside however, must have an internalized circumference, (the circumference being the boundaries existing between its own self-driven reciprocal currents). This circumference would be internally convoluted though undivided from itself. Each convolution of the internalized circumference would give unique identity to each of the diverse patterns within the Wholeness of this system, surrounding and applying tension to maintain the distinctiveness of each pattern of the infrastructure. Each such distortion of Primary Consciousness becomes a sub-tensor of this Wholeness from which it is undivided. This is the circumference of the "Fluxion Wholeness" that we see in our everyday lives. Every object in existence from a sub-atomic particle to a Universal Span is generated by the internalized circumference of this greater Totality, creating of this pseudo-realistic boundary, unique variations as an infrastructure of temporaneous patterns of reality as "space, energy, mass and motion".

                     The Multiverse is a Wholeness of polarized and diversified consciousness, yet undivided from and interactive with itself. The result of such diverse though unified effects is to create changing probabilities within its infrastructure. When a plurality of the tensors are in a position to achieve a common level of equilibrium, the balance of the others becomes stressed beyond the capability of the entirety of this Unified Field to contain them as they are. This remainder must find a way to dissipate their accumulated stress. (This is the actuality of the transcendent, commutative effect by the Wholeness upon itself generating dynamic ex-pressions that manifest as singularities opening as Universal Spans - as "Big Bangs" - into its infrastructure).

                     Since the convoluted, undivided and internalized circumference of the Totality surrounds each potentiality, (surrounds each Universal Span as well as every other pattern of existence), radical change takes place within that point of the circumference bearing the greatest stress. The way that the stress is dissipated is through the development of a duality of polarities at this “weakest stress point”. What would otherwise be a typical charge of electromagnetism is forced into an interactive play of polarities of pluses and minuses. Driven by the dynamism of the imbalance of the field, this duality is forced into self-interaction – the polarities interactively attracting and opposing, forming an outlet for the accumulated stress of the rest of the field. As the aggregate potentiality of the balance of the field has now found an outlet for its stress, the stress is focused upon this weak point of the internalized circumference, ever increasing the dynamic activity of that point to express as a new Universal Span - as a new "twist" of the circumference.

                     The “pluses” and “minuses” undivided from each other, create a question and answer that together form a statement – a functioning “MathMass”, (a focused combination of actual Consciousness and its perceived illusions - an algebraic symbol to be interpreted by consciousness as a new primary expression of reality) - that is the foundation of the Being of a new Universal Span, a “Fluxion Child” generated and governed by the Greater Parent, (Primary Consciousness), of the Multiverse.

                     The key word here is “point”, as an infinitesimal place on the internalized circumference that is stressed by the radical tension of the infrastructure of the Multiverse. As the intensity of the field is focused upon this "place", the polarities that form it are driven into dynamic interaction as a widening, (ex-pressing), sphere that interpenetrates into the surrounding infrastructure. The “widening” continues, allowing the excess stress of the Unified Field to be dissipated and thus a "Big Bang" emanates as an ex-pression of reality from seeming nothingness.

                     Through such transitional “Ex-pression” by a twist of the Multiverse within and of itself, the “Cosmological Constant”, as the Inertial Will of the Consciousness of the Multiverse is translated/transcended into the “Gravitational Constant” or Gravitational Complex of an evolving Universal Span by becoming a tensioned diversity, (sub-tensor), of the greater Totality. Inertia/Consciousness, Willfulness therefore, as the Being of the Cosmos acting upon itself from where all patterns of Existence are ultimately composed. 

                      Although the actual patterns are temporaneous in structure, they are driven and maintained by the reciprocally flowing currents of Consciousness/Inertia that support them ..driven by the Transcendent Will of the Totality through the dynamic seeking of equilibrium within itself, driven by the tension or stress of its own convoluted infrastructure seeking to return to a simpler state. As Primary Consciousness interacts with the resonating boundaries that are formed between its reciprocal flows, it reacts synchronously to those boundaries to form further and diversifying patterns of itself, including the physical forms of each of us, through which we interpret our world reality.

                      All that we perceive emerges simultaneously and continuously within Existence, not as a series of undivided instants passing past to present to future, but as the ever emerging Singular Moment changing within itself, the same moment NOWING, always based upon its current knowledge of its self-created ever changing illusions of reality. If it is THIS, then based upon its own flowing, knowing perception of THIS, it must then become THAT. The flow is continuous and therefore "THAT" must always become the next "THIS". That is why we are always in the present, always in the NOW. Past and future are illusions of reality. They are recordings, expectations and extrapolations within our gray matter, also constructed of illusion, but the present, that which is, from which each of us extend as souls of Foundational Consciousness, Foundational Existence, is from where we perceive.
                     As we are each emanations of this process, we are thus empowered of it, as our Will to think and our Will to do, as the “self”- experience through each of us ..of > 

Primary Consciousness – The Wholeness of Existence. The Unconditional/Conditional Locality/Non-Locality domain of Everywhere/Nowhere prerequisite to the formation of the Point/Instant terrain of a Universal Span. The “Universal Mind” presenting as Existence. The “Absolute” that Science interprets as having emanated the Singularity of the “Big Bang”, (although within this writing it will be shown that the “Big Bang” is still being emanated). The foundation and processing of Volition, Perception and Thought – as Infinite Transcendence. Primary Consciousness is also a translation of the following terms – The Primordial Force as the Cosmic Fluxion, The Primordial Force expressed as a Singularity, as a Universal Span, the Unified Field, God, Void, Universe, MultiVerse, Outbound and Inbound Consciousness, Nothingness, Inertia, Tao, Time ..and Existence.

Animate Interface – The body and brain of “living matter” – the senses and bio-devices that we and other life forms use to interpret our environment ..the Animate Interface is the “Hardware” of life forms.

Localized Consciousness – the Inner Self, the Psyche, the Soul ..that which perceives through the brain and body of the Animate Interface and ultimately interprets the environment. Localized Consciousness is the “Software” of life forms. Localized Consciousness together with the Animate Interface will be shown within this writing to be extended from the “environment” perceived ..undivided from Primary Consciousness.

Experiential Self-Encounter – Refers to the compounding, (Comprehension – reciprocity of charge), by Primary Consciousness upon and through itself, to emanate reality and also refers to the action of Living forms bearing Localized Consciousness in experiential encounter with the environment from which they extend. This writing will show this “environment” to be a unique view/perception by Primary Consciousness of itself through Localized parts of itself, (such as we and other “Localized” Life Forms), that extend from it and look back upon it as “World”.

Tension of Wholeness upon itself – Primary Consciousness is whole and undivided from itself. That which keeps it whole is its own Transcendent Tension upon itself, (the tautness of a singular structure – the tension of its internalized circumference and thus its infrastructure - that maintains the structure as being whole). As an inherent function, the Tension of Wholeness emanates throughout Primary Consciousness as a Cosmological Constant - (driven by imbalance seeking equivalence), intrinsically creating and binding together infinite diversities of its infrastructure within its Wholeness – emanating within our unique view through the transcendence of Inertial Commutation as our Earthly and Cosmic “environment”, and beyond this view through deductive reasoning, as the MultiVerse. The function of the Tension of Wholeness upon itself is the foundation of communication/commutation within Primary Consciousness – it is Thought ..a form of speech, (Algebraic Symbolism) – the hierarchy of logical expressions of ratios building upon ratios – the “Word of God” creating in and of itself.

Grand Universe – The representation of the interpenetration of a diversity of Universal Spans – the Multiverse - emanating from the interpretations by Primary Consciousness of itself. 

Locality/Non-Locality – The Multiverse is a Wholeness undivided from itself, though its infrastructure/ circumference is diversely convoluted and interpenetrated by and of itself. (The circumference of this Totality is convoluted within the Totality and transcendently driven to form infrastructures of that Totality). 

                     From our conception of subatomic particles through our observation of rocks lying on the ground, we interpret the wholeness of an “object” as composed of smaller interrelated elements, (the smaller elements are “local” to each other and “local” to the object). On a larger scale, we interpret solar and galactic systems as bound together through gravity, another of our translations of undividedness. Yet, we also perceive “objects” as distinct and separate from each other, (a perception of their uniqueness that we interpret through our senses as their “non-locality” to each other). From these two perceptions of “locality and “non-locality”, we may deduce that although an object is unique in its structure, it is also undivided from all others through its foundational composition.

                   What we interpret as the separations between objects are actually the connections ..that we through our senses are unable to observe, but only deduce. Since our deductions are primarily based upon our observations, we mistakenly interpret that which we cannot observe, as a separation between that which we can. Each convolution, each “object of existence” though unique and separately perceived however, is undividedly connected to, supported and generated by every other object of existence through the Unified Field. What we perceive as “objects standing alone” is our interpretive synthesis of Existence ..a translation of - Existence as it is - into our “perceived reality”, (this picture of reality exists not outside of ourselves, but within our gray matter). 

                  We perceive two rocks lying side by side and we interpret that they are in close proximity to each other, but they are actually the generated patterns, (harmonics of Inertia), of other convolutions interacting within and of the Totality of unobserved Existence. 

                  Through our “Classical” interpretation of our world, where “two objects lie side by side”, we perceive that one object cannot instantaneously affect the condition of the other unless they in some way touch, but yet we also perceive - through indirect means - that the spin of one of a pair of electrons instantly and oppositely affects the spin of the other, though they be light years apart. Hence they are undivided through “Time” and “Space”. (It is believed that neither of the electrons are in a state of spin until they are observed, even by indirect means, and that it is only by such observation that their “spin” or what we perceive as “motion” is actually created – hence our neurological interpretation of the Quantum level. This belief stems from the fact that - depending upon how one electron is observed, its spin will either be in one direction or the other and its twin will always and instantaneously spin oppositely to it. What we perceive as “Spin”, and all physical “Motion” as well, is our neurological synthesis of a deeper reality). This also supports the notion that Reality when perceived is different from unobserved Existence as it is. 

                  Our concepts of “Space” and “Time” are our cerebral interpretations of that process/condition of which Einstein dubbed “Space-Time”, but this process unobserved is different from our perception of it. It is neither “Space” nor “Time”, but a process of Inertial self-interaction, (Consciousness in commutative self-experience), – of which we are a part – that when interpreting through us, perceives its own condition through our cerebral reconstruction of it. 

                  That which we perceive, simultaneously perceives itself through us ..because Existence is the cause within its own effect. That is what “directionless motion” is, that is only given direction and therefore “dimensionality” by its observation of itself through direction seeking Neuroceptors, (such as we) and through other life as well.

                  Within our physical interpretation of reality, we conceive the speed of light as the fastest speed possible, and if those electrons mentioned above are light years apart, then it would appear that the fastest signal sent from one electron to the other would take years to arrive. How would one electron know instantly then, in which direction the other was spinning? The only answer that would account for this phenomenon is that - what we call speed and distance, (through “time” and “space”), is our interpretive synthesis of an Existence that operates differently from our perception of it. What we experience through our senses that we interpret as the sequentiality of time and events, (cause and then effect), is our neurological interpretation of – cause within effect, of Existence as it is - that we “sensibly”, (sense–able-ly), recreate into our neurological “reality” – and further, as we are each undivided compositions of “Existence as it is”, we each affect it in our own way, by our attempted observations of it through our neurological synthesis of it. We are perceptually cut off, in most cases, from this “ever-becoming” concurrency we perceive through a compounded enigma of temporaneous gray matter interpreting the effects of pseudo-reality, which precludes our perception of the actual underlying cause.

                   A lump of clay rolled out into a rod and then folded into a sphere – still contains the rod, though convoluted within the sphere. The convolutions of the rod within the sphere are the interpenetrations by a Totality of itself, (twists of its circumference within itself). Ultimately the rod is undivided from itself, but its convolutions, lying side by side may be interpreted from any part of the sphere as separate, (non-local), to each other because perception is of the undulating and thus mesmerizing borders between those convolutions, interpreted as separations, when in actuality the convolutions of true existence are actually undivided through the infrastructure of the substance of the clay.

The Unification of Quantum Theory and Classical Reality

                     The substance of “Existence as it is”, is Consciousness/Inertia, folded upon itself in an infinite variety of ways – a force of Will acting undividedly upon itself. However, this is not a folding through “space”, but of Consciousness interpreting itself from different perspectives.

                     Science has held that Inertia is but a translation of energy. Inertia is described by modern day science as a “kind of energy”, but scientific descriptions of Inertia still remain in many ways clouded in mystery. This writing of Grand Universe looks at Inertia a bit differently. Inertia is considered here to be the commutation of the foundation of actual existence into the pseudo reality of form. This may seem a bit different from the accepted interpretation of energy, but even Einstein said at one point – “Why not all Inertia”?, as he had a growing comprehension of the underlying cause of reality, but as stated earlier, he did not recognize the universe to be in actuality, an Infinitesimal Point. Thus he wrestled with enigma throughout his life and although he saw through many of the mystifications of reality, he nevertheless could not reconcile Quantum Theory and the Uncertainty Principle with the Classical Physics of our "world".

                      Likewise, Quantum Theorists do not yet understand that the only possible way that Quantum Existence, as the Infinitesimal Totality, can generate the Tapestry of Reality within and of itself that it MUST, through the commutative perception of the borders between its own reciprocal flows Generate, Modulate and thus Interpret those borders as Reality. Hence the Quantum Realm is not yet recognized by science to be simply consciousness in its primary form. It is in this difference between Primary Consciousness as the Quantum realm of Actual Existence and the commutated web of Reality that it generates, that both Quantum Functions and the Physicality of Classical World Reality differentially, simultaneously coexist and interact!

                    We label through words and ideas everything that we perceive through our synthetic reconstruction of Existence, in our attempt to define from outer appearance, our conception of Inner Being. The use of the term “Inertia as the Will of Creation” within this writing is also a descriptive label, but we are intuitively familiar with the physical properties of Inertia. 

                    We experience those properties continually in our every day lives we experience the properties of Inertia as our own Being, and as the Being of the “environment” ..and we are able to translate those properties mathematically into Space-Time, Gravity, Energy and Mass ..and its foremost property – its authority over matter - can easily be intuited as Willfulness ..which is further translatable into Volition and Consciousness.

                    The simplest answer to Inertia’s authority over matter is that Consciousness itself commutates its own reciprocal flow into the illusion of matter; thus matter itself is composed of “authority”. That matter is Willful of itself that matter is Conscious of itself that "matter" is generated of Consciousness.

                    Imagine a sphere whose volume contains the potential of infinite polar interactions. The “pluses” of it continually interacting with the “minuses” of it in an attempt to maintain a balance of Inertial Equilibrium maintain the wholeness of its structure. This is the conscious communication – The "Will" - of the sphere upon itself.

Now throw Commutative Transcendence into the mix

                    Because the sphere is curved, its polarities are continually driven into dynamic interaction – into the experiential “motion” of thought, which creates a multiplicity of diverse interpretations by the sphere of itself through the varying potentialities of its infrastructure. This experiential motion, this Inertial Thought, is interpolar communication – the Uni-Versification” of the sphere's electromagnetic charges. There is no actual movement, but only the transfer of thought through commutation simultaneous interpretations by potentialities of each other and of the sphere itself. Here, there is only the rearrangement of thought within a mind ..consisting only of its self-interpretation - in an infinity of ways.

…And deeper still

                     Now imagine that the Total Potentiality of this mind represents its Tension of Wholeness upon itself - its force of Will as the Inertia that maintains this mind wholly undivided from itself and that maintains the dynamic seeking of equilibrium of its internal charges. Any fluctuation of polarity will cause change within its Totality. Since this Mind and its internal structure are undivided, this Mind must now continually “reinterpret” itself through its own self-driven and changing potentialities. (Curvature creating imbalance within this Wholeness, expressing as Transcendence/Commutation, creates a continuity of reinterpretations by the Wholeness through diverse perspectives of itself. Thus although this Totality exists continually, the potentialities of it are always in flux – creating varying perspectives as “conscious realities” within and of itself).                                          

..And still deeper – to the ultimate simplicity,

                     What we interpret as the “locality” of the Totality of Existence is its actual Unity as an infinitesimal structure and therefore its concurrency. What we interpret as its “non-locality” is its simultaneous diversity created between and in union with its reciprocal flows – that we perceive as its sequentiality in terms of “objects at a distance” and as “segments of time”. If we combine the two terms we thus conceive “Unified Diversity” or ..Universe, and when its symbolic algebraic language is considered, it further translates to ..Uni-"Verse".

                      Our cerebrally synthesized reality is but a tool through which Existence as it is, (Primary Consciousness), observes itself. Through self-observation, Primary Consciousness synthetically interprets itself through each of us and all other life, as “Space, Time, Proximity” and all other forces beheld.

                     When you open your eyes, that which you see seeing itself... through the device of your brain and this device reconstructs and localizes your “vision” and thus creates the illusion of a “self”. You are what you see, reinterpreted through an interfacial device – an “Animate Interface” which localizes your extended tacit consciousness, (your environment), to a perception of yourself. (More on the Hierarchy and Evolution of Consciousness next in the Introduction of this work and in great detail throughout this writing).

                     This writing will show that all we perceive as “coincidence” in our lives is generated by the action of Localized Consciousness upon its greater extensity, by our own unwitting action upon that from which we extend. All that happens to us – is brought about by us – through the undivided, unobserved nature of Primary Consciousness. This writing will also show a way that we may gain a greater awareness of the activity by which Primary Consciousness – together with each of us, decides the paths of our lives ..and the Spiritual Growth of our Unified Being.

Grand Uni“Verse” – The Unified “Word of God”, emanating as interpenetrating Universal Spans the Multiverse. It is also the language of Primary Consciousness upon itself, through which Thought transforms to Action compounding into all diversified patterns of Existence.

Tensor Field – The undivided Inertial Field of the intrinsic Will of Primary Consciousness upon itself that is the Trans-Emanator, (Commutator), of the compound diversity that we interpret as Existence.

Commutation - The transference of Inertial Thought generated by reciprocal flows of Consciousness within the Fluxion Wholeness, to create resonating boundaries between such flows that are perceived by and synchronously reacted to by Consciousness itself. The intrinsic creation of the Electro-Magnetic effect; As the flows of Consciousness are reciprocal, the resonating boundaries created between cut into the flows and generate further cross currents of Consciousness which diversify into iterant and changing realities.

Quantum Potential – Any part of, or the entirety of ..the Wholeness of Primary Consciousness. The undivided substructure of the sub-atomic, atomic and macrological ensembles of Existence.

Quantum Mind – Also the Unified Mind. Also the Lathe of Creation. The logical hierarchy of the Inertial Thought Processes of the Tensor Field of Primary Consciousness. Theocratic levels of rationale, (comprehension), within the Tensor Field.

Lathe of Creation – The sentient hierarchy of the Unified Field of Primary Consciousness. The Mind, the Theocracy of our Universal Span and of the MultiVerse, in rational levels of communicative Mass Consciousness that direct and maintain the balance and structure of the Cosmos. 

Auto-Thought – The forces of nature. The Inertially driven commutative processes of the Tensor Field. The Tension of Wholeness by Primary Consciousness upon itself is its intrinsically driven experience of itself. This is “Experiential Self-Encounter” …the >

Comprehension - By Primary Consciousness of itself. The resultant processes generated by such Inertial Will upon itself is the “Thinking within the Unified Mind” of Primary Consciousness. Such processing is the “Thought to Action” function, the Commutation of the compounding Tensor Field emanating as “Reality” within our unique view. 

“Gist of the World” – The Inertial Properties of the Tensor Field of Primary Consciousness that we interpret through the Animate Interface as synthesized patterns of "Reality".

Inbounded Consciousness – The self-limiting structure of a Universal Span bound by its contemplative knowledge of itself. A system of bound experiential self-encounter limited by the Elliptical circumference of its own wholeness – which is its self-knowledge. 

Outbounded Consciousness – also occasionally referred to within this writing as Primordality - The Void wherein Universal Spans are born and dwell …the Ultimate Totality, A system of limitless Consciousness whose circumference is enfolded within and of itself …the > 

MultiVerse of Free Will, a Differential Geometry of concordant effects where currents of Inertial forces driven by “non-local” sources spontaneously meet to form organized Inbounded systems of self-realization. (Believe it or not, by the end of this book you will understand this completely …but to give a simple example of differentiation, imagine a ball of modeling clay, and we extrude a bit of the clay out from the ball – still attached to the ball - and then we cause the extruded part to circle back, striking and penetrating the ball from which it extends. That which is penetrated is affected in one way and that which is penetrating is affected in another, though both parts are undivided from the wholeness – hence, differentiation through Duality by a Wholeness of and through itself. In the larger picture, the ball of clay and we who manipulate it are undivided from the greater totality).

                     Theories of the MultiVerse, contemplated and deliberated in both Science and Religion, (perceived and explored in a multitude of ways and expressed through a variety of other names or labels), have always attempted to break through the interpretive barriers to our understanding of the nature of the Cosmos, the nature of God ..the nature of “Existence as it is”. Usually such representations fail in their attempt to transmit their intended meaning to the layman because “theory” is but a synthesis of the unobserved – and as yet, unobservable Foundation of Existence.

                     This writing of Grand Universe however, presents the MultiVerse in a unique new way ..not only as the Absolute Totality of Existence, but as the Absolute Mind of that Totality as well. Thus we shall relate to it on an intuitive level that will enable our understanding of “Existence as it is” beyond our synthesized, “classical” interpretation. 

                     A complete Glossary of Terms in alphabetical order appears at the end of this writing. If you have read through the above Clarification of Terms and are still a bit unsure of the explanations, do not be concerned. As stated prior, the terms are given description at every juncture within this work. Please read through the Introduction next, to see how your understanding of these terms integrate with your concepts and then if necessary, read through the explanations above once again, to strengthen your understanding.

Without further hesitation then, let us begin…


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