Clarification of Terms
Making Sense out of Non-Sense

(That ethereal world beyond Human Perception)

                     Before we begin to learn a concept within which the beginning of all things lies the Totality of all things, I thought it wise to first present a few enlightening excerpts from the Grand UniVerse Discussion Forum, as our dedicated members are devoted to resolving the timeless questions of the nature of Existence, the functions of Consciousness, the Emanation of the Universe and the Omnipresence of what it is that many of us call "God". 

An excerpt from the Grand UniVerse Discussion Group

From Erron

Erron wrote; 

                     I too am skeptical of the imposed scientific explanations of the origins of the universe. While I believe in the principles of science, our western linear thinking demands a beginning/middle/ending to things, so “big bang” falls neatly into that category. As well, “nothingness” and “neverness” seem to be the logical opposite of “everything” composing our perception of space-time reality. However, you are stating that “nothing” has never ever really actually existed. Perhaps the concept of “nothing” is just a construct to complete our formula of “everything” and our curiosity of how exactly everything, including ourselves, got here. And I believe you’re stating it’s the Fluxion that enables our idea of everything without nothingness before hand? 

Mike responds; 

                     How did it all begin? What was before the universe? Before there was anything was there merely nothing? How could something grow out of nothing? ..or was there some other foundational condition that we have yet to comprehend? 

                      These ageless questions are most fundamental. The notion of "nothingness" stems from a pre-Einstein, pre-Maxwell concept of a universe of particles and objects divided from each other through the "nothingness" of space.

Be that as it may..

                     In order to conceive the idea of pure "nothingness" however, we have yet imagined and struggled with an even deeper situation, devoid even of space or time - as the pre-condition before creation.

So, what existed before space-time, if not "nothing"? 

                     Ok, let's approach this in a reasonable way. Is the concept of "nothing" reasonable? Has it ever been? Think for a moment - How can something come out of nothing? - It can't. Isn't the concept of "nothing" just a way of saying, "This is beyond my comprehension"?

                      ..And thus the paradox, for we must ask, "How can space-time and all of the universe within space-time come out of nothing"?  Religion is quick to answer - "The Heavens were created by the Will of God".  And so we ask of religion, "Just where and what is God in relation to this magnificent creation"? Religion is quick to answer once again - "The where, what and how of God is beyond Human comprehension". And so we are once again back to the unimaginable or the wildly imaginable, but we have not been given a reasonable answer. We ask the same of the scientist and the answer is not so quick, but hardly better - "The universe was cast out of chaos, out of a quantum foam where the rules of logic do not apply, thus the universe came about through uncertainty and random chance; hence the concept of creation may be incomprehensible, ..but we are working on it". At least in this answer there is the illusion of a sliver of hope that one day we might achieve a hint of understanding ..maybe. Many scientists actually do give up the search at this point and settle for the mind numbing concept of "nothing", declaring that the quest for the inception of the universe is circular, redundant and ineffective.

Well, take heart!

                    The concept of creation is fundamental, comprehensible and very effective, providing one puts in a little effort into learning the proper version. I am not talking about a belief system. I am talking about studying and learning the actual Foundational Mechanism that "nothingness" has been mistakenly substituted for ..and strangely enough, Quantum Theory, String Theory and God are part of it.

The Rough and Ready Description of The Totality!
In other words ..How to fit the entire Universe
as it is ..into the point of a pin!

                     When we conceive of the universe we wonder if there is some condition outside and separate that would give birth to it, for we always ask; "Where did the universe come from?"

                     What is rarely considered is that the universe is an expression that resides within the precondition that gave rise to it and that the entirety of existence, which includes that precondition is a Singular Wholeness, a Foundation of Totality that must by its own essential nature create within and of itself the functions of time, space and object reality. And such a totality in utmost simplicity would necessarily be sizeless, spaceless and instantaneous, (hence, the false notion of "nothingness"), but yet be capable of creating within its own confines the vast reaches of the cosmos and thus the reality within which we dwell. While at first this may seem an impossible scenario, I assure you that as you read on you will see that such a condition is not only plausible, but logically the only foundational condition that is possible.

                     When we conceive of a Totality, we imagine a condition composed of everything, for how could it not be if it is in fact a Totality? If it contains everything, then there cannot be another Totality, because only one Totality would contain all else that could be imagined. (Take a moment to think about this, consider the universe, consider many universes as the Multiverse. Make it as big as you wish, but it is still a totality if everything is contained within). Thus, there can only be - The Totality ..and no others. And finally, if everything is contained within the only Totality that can exist, there can be nothing outside of The Totality; in fact there would be no "outside" if everything is contained within.

                      This singular concept is key to understanding the pre-condition of Creation because in order to measure the size of any object or volume, one must consider its outer perimeter and if the Totality has no "outside" to it, then it is sizeless without an outer perimeter ..and if it is sizeless, it is also spaceless ..and thus instantaneous!

 ...The Infinitesimal Point..

                      We know however that it does exist because we dwell within it and so it is something and not nothing, but as it exists, it is immeasurable and thus infinitesimal  ..and being so, it would appear that time, space, motion and object reality cannot exist as we perceive ..but yet from our experience we imagine the universe to have a maximum inner perimeter, (a radius of about 15 billion light years), and observe as well the endless flow of time, vast reaches of space, and innumerable galaxies, stars and planets.

So how do we reconcile the vastness of the Cosmos with the
Sizeless, Spaceless Condition
within which it resides?

                     As it turns out, there is a way that a spaceless, sizeless and instantaneous condition is capable of generating space-time, energy and matter, capable of creating and containing what appears to us as an immense universe. It is described herein as a Fluxion Wholeness and although it has been in plain view at least since the time of Newton and Leibniz and perhaps for many thousands of years prior, little realization of its true nature, of what it ultimately represents has been achieved. 

                      Because the concept of "nothingness" has been so powerful in the minds of Humans and because Mathematicians are grounded in the art of math, Theologians and Philosophers in the art of subjectivity and Scientists in the art of objectivity, each dedicated to their own separate fields of endeavor, they have failed collectively to evoke the unified concept of this mathematical "curiosity" as representative of the actual foundation of universal existence. Hence, as we have only perceived the Fluxion as a curiosity, we have allowed the mistaken concept of "nothingness" to take precedent, while the actual mechanism of creation lies just below our threshold of recognition. 

                     Recently, a few bright minds have come out and said that "nothingness" is not what we thought it was, that it had functions capable of generating the universe and thus it is not actually "nothing". Such a statement actually nullifies the concept of "nothingness" and while not yet recognizing the Fluxion to be the basis of existence, nevertheless asserts that existence requires as a minimum threshold, a functioning Foundational Condition from which to operate.

                     Now, even if we hypothetically dismiss all conjecture, reject every theory and notion regarding the inception of the universe, wouldn't there still have to be a foundational threshold with a bare minimum of attributes from which all of reality and existence has generated? ..else there would not be reality and existence. So considering that a primary condition must exist, we can at least look back with simple logic and say that the Cosmos has emanated from a Foundational State that had and perhaps still has those attributes that has enabled the Cosmos evolve. And when we look back to find the simple start point we work back through the complications that have ensued from that point. We take away matter, then space, then time; take away everything we can imagine that a universe consists of ..until it appears that there was "nothing" from which the universe has emerged ..but emerged it has and so ..there had to be "something" that could not be taken away.

                     Thus when scrutinized, what we have imagined as "nothingness" reveals itself to have Foundational, Evolutionary attributes. Hence it is not nothingness ..yet it is perhaps almost that.

Erron wrote; 

                     I guess my first question is: what proof do we have of the Fluxion other than math or faith? Chaos theory has shown us “repeating patterns of infinite complexity” and I wonder where is a similar, “repeated-pattern” example of the Fluxion in our perceived universe?

Mike responds; 

                     All we have to work with are our sensory and thus limited interpretations of the condition within which we dwell and our logic. We cannot measure anything to perfection because neither the things we measure nor the tools we measure with are perfect. The reason for this is because when we try to measure to perfection we find that in between every rational point on a line; 1,2,3,4,5 are the irrational and transcendental points, each reaching to infinity. Hence there can be no perfect measurements. All we can do is approximate to the best of our ability the objects and processes that we perceive and deduce. So mathematics is our most precise tool to offer evidence of existence, as mathematics is representative of every nuance of the physical world, though still not a perfect measuring device, as the world itself containing irrational and transcendental points is also not perfect. 

                      We can see however that mathematics, like the world, is evolutionary, because we can follow it back to its most simple foundation; an infinitesimal function that dwells just below the smallest conceivable number, an Iota containing all of the rational, irrational and transcendental attributes, from where mathematics, (and so the world), explodes into every equation/nuance conceivable and beyond imagination ..and thus from which physics, hence "reality" must follow logical rules. This foundation is of the ultimate simplicity; sizeless, spaceless and instantaneous, yet still capable of evolving. This is the only condition that meets the requirement for the absolute "beginning" of all things; a dynamically self-interactive point that can develop within its own confines, known in Calculus as the Fluxion - an algebraic expression that clearly represents the initial condition described in Astro-physics as having emanated the Big Bang, and as that nebulous function put forth by religion as the Creative Will of God.

                      We look back through time and space and all conditions of matter and energy and ponder the creation of the universe. Science calls it a "Big Bang", a point exploding from out of nothing, never considering a Creator. Religion says "God" created the Cosmos from a thought, but has never adequately described how a thought could transform into a universe. Both science and religion may see the evidence, both tantalized by tacit understanding, in fact by a self-evident concept, but neither have yet achieved a proper theory that describes the simplicity of this foundational condition. Both Newton and Leibniz saw it, both simultaneously and independently developing the Calculus, but neither took it far enough. Einstein picked up on it and applied the self-interactive relativity of the Fluxion to world reality, but stopped short of defining the Fluxion itself as the ultimate foundation from whence and how reality generates, leaving both science and religion in the lurch, searching for a Grand Unification Theory. 

                      One might ask, if it is so simple, how could Einstein have missed it? The only possible answer is that it is not so easy to see the needle of simplicity when we are so accustomed to searching through the haystack of complexity. The difference between using the attributes of a mathematical function to interpret the laws of the universe and actually realizing that the function itself represents that which contains and generates the universe, is a subtle shift in comprehension, which when expanded upon and followed through to conclusion, represents a quantum leap in understanding ..but that only happens when one has studied and worked through oceans of complexity and then looks back through a lifetime of work at the final result, having finally achieved simplicity at the end of the task.

                      But now suppose it could be shown that the Universe has evolved from and is contained within a spaceless, sizeless, self-interactive Cosmic Fluxion, not as an abstract concept, but as an actual condition of Existence, a condition composed of nothing more than Elementary Consciousness? - a simple starting point that anyone, with a little studious effort can realistically understand; an advanced comprehension that describes the Basic Foundational Mechanism of Creation as Consciousness itself - as the constructive substance of an evolving Fluxion that develops ever-changing realities within its own matrix - self-driven, self-controlled, self willed and self-creative ..then this interpretation, this unpretentious view of Creation as well as Creator would certainly become more acceptable, more easily grasped in both the scientific and religious communities and by lay persons as well ..providing this model of creation is precise and efficient. 

                      We will have finally exposed a view beyond natural faith to enable anyone to pursue a logical and thus comprehensible path of scientific exploration and spiritual enlightenment. 

                      Such comprehension could remove the conflict between religions, could bring all people together into a common concept, could finally close the gap in science to create a true Grand Unification Theory ..and then maturing and innovative faith may be explored and expanded upon and exercised in a fundamental and useful way to accomplish and manifest in reality our common dreams and goals under a single umbrella of Humanity.

The Undeclared Religion
The translation of Foundational Flow
into Sociology and Philosophy

                      Even the Constitution of the United States is fashioned after Fluxion Relativity. The framers of the Constitution embraced the notions of undividedness and dynamic creativity. Although they may not have had a clue about Fluxion Theory, the very nature of Foundational Existence nonetheless governs all aspects of Sociology and Philosophy in our reality. At the very beginning it says; "We the People of the United States, in Order to form a more perfect Union, establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defence, promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America". The concept; "a more perfect union", did not come overnight, but took decades of careful thought to achieve. It does not speak of perfection, but of dynamic growth towards the ideal of perfection. There, within this document lies a concept at least equal in scope to Einstein's Theory of Relativity and Newton's Principia, for implied within is imbalance seeking equivalence generating diverse growth within the confines of a wholeness ..and this is the exact mechanism of the Fluxion. 

                      George Washington himself alluded to the philosophic as well as the religious nature of our system of government in his magnificent Farewell Address;

                      "With slight shades of difference, you have the same religion, manners, habits, and political principles. You have in a common cause fought and triumphed together; the Independence and Liberty you possess are the work of joint counsels, and joint efforts, of common dangers, sufferings, and successes."

                      "Of all the dispositions and habits, which lead to political prosperity, Religion and Morality are indispensable supports. In vain would that man claim the tribute of Patriotism, who should labor to subvert these great pillars of human happiness, these firmest props of the duties of Men and Citizens. The mere Politician, equally with the pious man, ought to respect and to cherish them. A volume could not trace all their connexions with private and public felicity. Let it simply be asked, Where is the security for property, for reputation, for life, if the sense of religious obligation desert the oaths, which are the instruments of investigation in Courts of Justice? And let us with caution indulge the supposition, that morality can be maintained without religion. Whatever may be conceded to the influence of refined education on minds of peculiar structure, reason and experience both forbid us to expect, that national morality can prevail in exclusion of religious principle."

                      "Observe good faith and justice towards all Nations; cultivate peace and harmony with all. Religion and Morality enjoin this conduct; and can it be, that good policy does not equally enjoin it? It will be worthy of a free, enlightened, and, at no distant period, a great Nation, to give to mankind the magnanimous and too novel example of a people always guided by an exalted justice and benevolence. Who can doubt, that, in the course of time and things, the fruits of such a plan would richly repay any temporary advantages, which might be lost by a steady adherence to it ? Can it be, that Providence has not connected the permanent felicity of a Nation with its Virtue? The experiment, at least, is recommended by every sentiment which ennobles human nature." 

"Alas! is it rendered impossible by its vices?" 

The Enigma

                      That last line reveals a stark reality. Through no intentional fault of democratic nations who literally grope through a morass of complex illusions to ensure their survivability, there is no choice but to first negotiate with and occasionally confront opposing forces who would deter their chosen path. And the forces who oppose likewise have no choice but to do what they must to insure their own survivability ..thus; What are we to do collectively if we wish to survive as a race? ..hence, with even the best of intentions, though Humankind continues to strive toward higher ideals, we endure hardship, mishandle events and situations and inflict collateral damage on ourselves and others. No good deed goes unpunished within this reality of appearances and misapprehensions.

So, what is to be done?

                      As reality is nothing more than the generated matrix of self-relational consciousness, the world we perceive is illusory by nature. We actually live in a magical condition, a woven tapestry of existence coupled with appearance, coupled with sensation. The effect of this environment on those innocently born into it is to evoke faith in "reality" as actual existence, while existence itself, (the Fluxion Foundation of Primary Consciousness), is misconstrued as "nothingness".

                      Every explanation to date of the condition within which we dwell fails to recognize the simplicity of its foundation, further complicating our journey through reality. The advance of technology is nothing more than a rudimentary translation of the illusions that already surround us. Theology, in its attempt to instill hope and sometimes horror in an afterlife has provided conceptual scenarios of spirit worlds at the fringe of Human imagination; so convincing the indoctrination that even a suicide bomber believes they will enter paradise by giving up their life while taking others, that terrible actions are justified by fanatical religious conjecture. 

                      If we knew, really understood the Foundation of Existence, we would realize that we are already in the "spirit world", as our forms and all that we perceive are but flows of elementary consciousness entwined within the confines of a sizeless, spaceless self-relational matrix.

But in not knowing..

                     All that we do as we  pass through "reality" is to unwittingly, but faithfully replace one illusion with another. Knowledge of the actual foundation however, once understood would redirect our misguided perceptions to an enthusiastic embrace of Cosmic Enchantment. Were this taught in schools throughout our world to children and made available as well to adults, we would know that we are the Living Evocation of God's Magical Dream ..however we perceive what "God" is..

Evolution and Maturation

                      Studying the infinitesimal, (Leibniz's name for the Fluxion), is said to lead to a never ending quest for the unobtainable, but it has been my experience that such study leads to a maturation of understanding that eventually brings about a sudden leap in comprehension. As the infinitesimal itself is an evolutionary process, there is a threshold of realization that is achieved in following that process, as the vision of the process itself evolves and matures, as the student reciprocally engages the concept.

                      The infinitesimal was long thought to be a useless curiosity until mathematicians discovered that a reciprocal function - the "Limit " - could be applied to finally bring about an all-inclusive view of the process. It was found that even though an infinitesimal could continue its development forever, it could nevertheless not go beyond a certain point, (to compensate, it becomes infinitely more complex as it approaches the limit). Hence when one comes to the realization of the Foundation of Existence, the same reciprocal function, in essence, can be conceptually applied to show that the Cosmic Fluxion, sizeless and spaceless, although infinite in function, is nevertheless Finite as The Totality, and thus can be comprehended as such.

                      The Fluxion permeates all aspects of existence, because existence itself is the substance of that foundational mechanism. As we are each contained within and undivided from our Creator, as creation itself is a blend of Foundational Existence coupled to illusion, we each have it within our power to evoke the miraculous within "reality". It can be done by a single individual, any single individual, who understands the function of the foundation and who recognizes the undivided process within which they dwell. 

                      When one can evoke a smile in the face of adversity and boldly step forth through horrific illusion, when one can treat all hardship as triviality, they stand both at the edge and center of God's love, at the edge and center of the Foundation of Creation. This is from whence the reciprocal flows of consciousness blend into the illusions of reality. It is from this point of existence that the twining of reality is most vulnerable to change. Any endeavor from this point will bend the flow of time and events and alter the illusion. If one understands the Foundation of Creation, then the instinct for predation which conceptually separates us from each other is sublimated into a loving and cooperative symbiosis. Sublimation extends from the root "sublime", which means inspirational, uplifting, awe-inspiring, moving, transcendent and magnificent! 

                      Only one individual is required to take the step, for that symbiosis is actually a subtle shift in comprehension of the singular process from which we are each undivided. Others are encouraged to follow as the undivided love that is generated overpowers the fear of predation that conceptually divides us. This is the true power of creation taken into reality. It does not just affect individuals, but it can also be used to alter one's undivided relationship with space-time, gravity and materiality, as described further in this writing. New events in object reality can also be brought about through such fundamental use of such matured Faith. 

                      One might ask, If all it takes is courage in the face of adversity to change reality, why is it necessary to study the subtleties of the Fluxion Foundation? The answer is that although we do quite often accomplish miraculous change, we do so unwittingly. It is necessary to understand the foundation so that when we evoke, we do so decisively and with wisdom.

Dwayne Sheffield has recently quoted and defined an excerpt from the Bible;

                      Yes, Michael. I had grappled with this same scenario for many years and come to the same conclusion, i.e., infinity cannot exist being only "no-thing" (the fluxion inactive). I believe the bible explains it thus: "Speaking of that which was and is not but yet is". Even though when there is "no-thing" YET the ingredients ("that which was", and is of the fluxion) for it is (intrinsically inherent). Thus, it had no choice but to come into manifestation, behold, the Universe!

                      As we and all that exist are generated within its, (the Fluxion), internal matrix, we see its representations in every aspect of reality, not hiding its own actuality, but being perceived through our neurological filters in an infinity of ways. Every perception, interpretation and action in reality is representative of an aspect or combination of aspects of the Fluxion, no different than our interpretation of atoms, their composition - protons, electrons and neutrons the same, the wide differences between them ..their compound arrangements. But Newton's interpretation was of the Fluxion itself and this above all stripped away the layers of clouded interpretation and laid bare this function of wholeness in all its glory, awaiting Mankind's unfettered recognition, Einstein coming so close, the framers of the Constitution actually carrying out its precepts. Though we are driven through its actions upon us, as we are an undivided part of its experiential self-encounter, all that it requires of us to redirect it that we recognize it for what it is and for what it does that we may comprehend our own inalienable right and responsibility each other, to all life, to our planet ..and to that glorious mechanism that existence is.

So where is the evidence of such "Primary Consciousness"?

                      In the ultimate sense we do not have any "real" evidence that anything actually exists except through our cerebral interpretation of the condition within which we dwell. In fact, there is evidence that the reality we perceive is actually synthesized within our gray matter, but outside of our neuro-perception, existence is entirely different. That which one can see, hear and touch are merely sensory interfacial and cerebral interpretations of charged inertia, algebraic symbols that we transform within our own minds into a representation of "world". Thus our entire interpretation of reality is actually based on faith, but since we are innocently and unknowingly born into this condition we naturally accept it as real, taking our natural faith for granted ..and so if we wish to awaken to fundamental existence, to begin to understand its underlying nature, we must rediscover what faith essentially is and what it can truly accomplish. This writing will show that the entire emanation of the universe is based upon nothing more than faith at its most essential level ..where the dreams of consciousness flow to weave the tapestry of reality.

                     Motion itself has been shown by Zeno to be MAYA, a cerebral interpretation of change within the instantaneous NOW; a dreamlike observation of statistical information ..and in modern quantum theory to be a perception of dissimilar charge, just a transfer of data. Sub-atomic particles consist of nothing more than reciprocal circular currents of space-time, simply interactions of polarized inertia as Primordial Will, as offset charges exchanging information/awareness, creating ever changing boundaries between their reciprocal interpenetrating flows ..and here is the seat of Primary Consciousness - the reaction by inertia to self-induced limitations, (such limitations the undulating boundaries, as shown in String Theory, created between reciprocal interpenetrating flows of inertia), for inertia is simply WILL - and WILL is simply the necessity to solve an imbalance through counter-balance - such necessity created and driven by that imbalance, (the intrinsic necessity of an equation to solve itself). 

                     So what we are living in? This writing will show the Cosmos to exist and operate through the mechanics of a dreamlike state, generated within a Cosmic Mind, whose thoughts travel in reciprocal, interpenetrating, self-relational currents of elementary consciousness, creating a world of diversified realities ever changing, within which we dwell and of which we interpret. 

                      It begins from an initial condition of ultimate simplicity - no SIZE, no SPACE, no TIME PERIODS other than INSTANTANEITY, no MATTER and no ENERGY as we are accustomed to perceiving it. ..and that sounds exactly like "NOTHINGNESS".

So where is the spark? ..What is the mechanism by which this mind thinks?

Faith and Commutation

                     However, in such a condition resides foundational stress, as this condition is self-contained and thus self-constrained as there is no outside to it and therefore includes the attributes of curvature, (imagine a point at the end of a pin - now take away the pin and just leave the point). This very subtle concept of foundational curvature is that "quantum leap" in thinking that replaces the notion of "nothingness" with the realization of minimal somethingness.

                      Let's take a moment to think about this. Imagine the curvature of a circle. Is it not ever changing direction? Is something actually happening or is the directional change of curvature, point after point, merely an illusion? Shall we say that the curve of a circle is a static condition? If so then it must be complete, for if it is not then it is out of balance, seeking equivalence and thus in "motion", and yet we do not see it moving. 

                      Measure the circumference of the circle using r. The measurement is imperfect because the circle is changing. We get a remainder - to infinity, because the circle is inherently stressed, out of balance and thus in flux, due to its own curvature. The circle is in foundational flow, the same flow that we perceive as motion when we interpret reality and world. 

                      So why can't we see the flow of a circle, if we can see the flow of reality? Actually, we do, but only as a representation of that which supports reality, a representation of Foundational Consciousness.

                      When we look at a circle, we see it as complete, as a wholeness, but we are seeing from outside of it. When we look at reality however, we see the circle from the inside, as we ourselves are undivided from the dynamic flux of the wholeness within which we dwell. Look out into the world and know that your body and gray matter, (that which filter's your consciousness), are created of it. The same MAYA, (those cerebral interpretations of symbols we use to synthesize "world"), that allows us to see flows of charge as motion within reality, works oppositely when we look at a represented wholeness - when we look at the "completeness" of a circle from within reality. 

                      So a represented wholeness, even an infinitesimal point, when viewed in its entirety appears as a static condition, but proves itself dynamic during measurement, ..but when viewed from the inside, ..the observer undivided from it, such "reality", even contained within an infinitesimal point ..appears in motion. Thus we perceive the charges/changes of stress as "flow" when we ourselves are at their same level.

Here is a perfect representation of the function of Maya
Our optical receptors and interpretive brain are designed to work within the realm of
reality. We interpret light from different simultaneous perspectives at the foundation
of existence as "motion", as a series of sequential events. Interrupt the normal flow
of light from a single perspective however, breaking it up into multiple perspectives,
and then we are able to see through the function of Maya to get a glimpse of the
illusion of "motion".

Look at one circle and it is static, but look at several, (multiple perspectives),
and they are turning. The motion is not being generated by your computer.
Print them out on paper and they will still be turning.

                     Motion as we know it requires sequential time and if we are contained, perceiving from within a spaceless sizeless continuum, time would necessarily be instantaneous. The perception of sequential time therefore, the flow of events, would then be only an instantaneous exchange of perceptions by such undivided continuum of and through itself. The construct of Neuroceptors such as we, as extensions of its matrix is one natural but ingenious way of creating analytic self- perceptions through the "sequentiality" of Maya, a dreamlike interpretation of dualistic, multiplistic perceptions as "Time Frames" through "Space", by the undivided continuum of itself.

                     This same function of MAYA applies as well to our concept of "nothingness", but in reverse. When we try to imagine the sizeless, spaceless mechanism from which the universe has evolved, we try to grasp the entirety of it as a conceptual view and this means we try to see it from the outside, but of course there is no outside to it ..and so we mistakenly conceive of "nothing".


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