Before Genesis,

The Unbridled Mind

Michael Spirit

     Before there was Light..
Before Comprehension..    
Through limitless realm of thought unresolved    
In turbulent currents of fleeting expression         
        Where dreams of existence emerged and dissolved..   


Through Outbounded World of randomization   
Of timeless infinity’s endless expanse…               
Dwelt’ nebulous shadows of God’s intonation    
Foretelling Creation in Quantum advance          


‘Twas here through Eternity’s Spiritual Grace     
        Encountered reflections of “Verse” yet unspoken      
Igniting the darkness of Measureless Space       
Transforming Totality’s Circle unbroken           


Spirit of Heaven now joined through the mist     
In Positive, Negative rhythmical Dance              
Each bound to the other through binary kiss      
 Achieving new meaning through Destiny’s chance


  Balanced Polarity’s new syncopation     
    Neutrality turned to desires’ stimulation,
   Illusion encircled, perception awakened,

The Dawn of Existence



Harmonic Seduction constrained dialectic
Adventurous Mind of Creation now seeing

Polar Magnetic…

Curving Electric…

The Will of Inertia…


Unified Being!

Copyright 2001, all rights reserved - 

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