Michael and Helen Spirit


The Moon became deep amber set in midnight velvet.
A hush fell over my Universe as the Conductor raised
his baton. Tapping softly upon Quasi-stellar Podium,
embraced my Spirit and tuned my heart to the first    
notes of the Grand Orchestra that lay before me.      

Slowly and gently did the music fill me, each star
playing in perfect harmony with my soul.

Rising above all others, the voice of the Universe      
drew me. Uplifted beyond Earth's bounding, every    
lie fell away, every barrier melted. Open I became,  

to clear notes and subtle message..




Rhyme of the Cosmos


Hearken O Life to Profound Elocution

Blazoned in Starlight

For thee to Behold

Grand Vision of Spirit before Evolution

Proclaiming thy Destiny yet to Unfold

From out of the Nothing
Transposed to Potential

My Unspoken Purpose Delayed Revelation

Awaiting the Pattern of Matter's Essential

Vitality Wakened to Free Animation

Within the Protection of Guardian World

I Fashioned the Seed of thy Preparation

Through Sheltering Veil

I watched thee Unfurl

As Questioning Flower 

Of Earth's Captivation

From Essence of Thought I Created in Thee

The Temple of Concept

Through which I Survive

Centered as Purpose in thine Entity

As Heart of the Cosmos

In Matter Alive

Thy Passage was Guided through 
Earth's Captivating

School of Illusion's Confounding Encryption

Whose Shield of Protection Evolved Isolating 

The Truth of Existence in Clouded Description...

Until thy Spirit shall Reach Liberation

Through Intricate Paths

That lead to the Height

Of Perceptions Inspired

Of Divine Lumination

Transforming thy Darkness

To Infinite Light




Step Forth O Life… Heed of my Call

Bright Child of the Heavens

Long Bound to thy Place

Carry thy Spirit past Gravity's Wall..

Reunion the Rapture

Of Cosmic Embrace




Come out to the Wonders of Radiant Night's

Galactic Designer's Profound Illustration

Whose Passionate Artistry

Fashioned the Light

That Tethers thy Soul to

The Heart of Creation


I placed in thy Spirit the Key that Unlocks

    The Portal to Secrets of

Truth yet Concealed

Within thy Soul's Vision Unfolds Paradox'

Illusions Deciphered,

Thy Grand Purpose Revealed...



To Invoke of Creation within Singularity's

Masterful Plan of Supreme Architect's

Wisdom Preparing Existent Totality's

Child of the Heavens 

As Guide of the Next


Most Promising Jewel of Stellar Creation

Rare Gem of the Cosmos

In Animate Form

Enriched of Perception

And Imagination

Inspired and Conceived

Of my Nuclear Storm


Without thine Awareness, I am but Suggestion...

Cast out of Chaos' Primordial Mist..

I mirror the Image of

Thy Sweet Reflection..

For Thou art Required

That I might Exist


Thus, if it Appears that I have Preceded Thee

Spawned without Purpose

Through Force Unconstrained

Know Thee were Needed to Bring Forth Reality

Cast from the Spirit of Life Preordained



I am the Force of Predestination

To Elements Born of

Chaotic Design

Whose Order Preceded the

Conscious Formation

Of Matter Evolved to

Perceive and Define



Together We Grow, Each Interdependent


Enraptured as One

Awakened to Meaning

Forever Transcendent

'Til Infinite Web of

Creation is Spun



Follow the Path I lay out Before Thee..

Return to the Cosmos from

Whence Thou Began

Of Love Hope and Wisdom's

Eternal Duality


Twixt life

  and the 


 of the 

 Infinite Plan!


Copyright 1994, all rights reserved.

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