ReKey The Locks    
2002 - By



Key is not to divide the Attention and cover it with some lacquer
Because it is the Grand Trickster who divides so as to conquer,
You have the cart before a horse it is the conditioned delegates
And images/ideas and meanings and notions of sorts generates.

We are creators of our Suffering all else is a product we wrought
Of our conditionings so letting go of automatically arising thought,
That is the object of working on not Sleeping to eliminate Strife
Because concepts are aspects of conditioned perception of life.

Life is AS it IS conditioned mind Veils the Fact with a conception
So nothing Real about a concept other than deluded perception,
The Grand Purpose is one of the concepts that we cling Tightly
That we also must let go of to establish our Awakening Rightly.

Concepts are not entities in themselves they are but fabrications
Of our conditionings so you must drop the stick of elaborations,
You keep beating yourself up with these concepts that you see
Are the stumbling blocks that you yourself create can't be Free.

It is that which we name that which we forever conceptualize
Or which we contrive and/or intellectualize and/or rationalize,
They are but our conditioned projections into/onto What-IS this
For when we let go of mental notions we Embrace Life AS it IS.

We must know what we know and that we surely know we sit
As we must know what we don't and know we don't know it,
And must know the difference to be intelligent you must learn
Yet to be Wise you must forget the knowledge once did Burn.

An Empty mind is a very Clear mind so as to See things Right
A very hard lesson for us learn but surely needed for Insight,
You have to be most Dedicated to Truth/Reality that paradox
Of contradictions and uncertainty when you ReKey the Locks.

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Truth You Need
2002 - By

If you want Awakening you have to Empty the mind
There is nothing else that you can do of any kind,
As you let those conditionings go things get Clear
And the old beliefs you had no longer seem so Dear.

You do not work at Awakening you Work to let go
Because the Grand Trickster has you deluded so,
So think you know Truth yet not know your Breath
In your Illusion of some Grand Resort after Death.

You try so hard that you always wear yourself out
So you never get to Experience what it is all about,
It's not what you Gain but rather what you let go of
Until you let go all the Hate you can not BE Love.

You have your Secret Agenda known only by you
And you stick by it even though it make you Blue,
Quite obvious if the Game doesn't work why Play
For Life hangs in the balance it's a Price you Pay.

The Trickster makes you think you have a Chance
But Truth be known you don't know how to Dance,
You pantomime all the steps but never know Why
But if it is relief from your Suffering why do you Cry.

You must pay Attention to what really matters most
And stop all that Chasing of the ever Illusive Ghost,
Just Openly Honestly Observer yourself every way
About every conditioning you think and do and say.

What wanted may not be needed so BE Receptive
Because you are not Separate it is a Big Collective,
Take off those Blinders of your wants and be Freed
To Accept the very Eternal Infinite Truth you Need.

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