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Glossary of Terms

Animate Interface – The body and brain of “living matter” – the senses and bio-devices that we and other life forms use to interpret our environment …the Animate interface is the Hardware” of life forms.

Auto-Thought – The forces of nature. The inertially driven processes of the Tensor Field. The Tension of Wholeness by Primary Consciousness upon itself is its intrinsically driven experience of itself. This is “Experiential Self-Encounter” …the 

Comprehension - By Primary Consciousness of itself. The resultant processes generated by such Inertial Will upon itself is the “Thinking within the Quantum Mind” of Primary Consciousness. Such processing is the “Thought to Action” function, the “Auto-Thought” of the compounding Tensor Field emanating as “Existence” within our unique view.

Distortion – A compoundment of the Tensor Field of Primary Consciousness through the Tension of Wholeness upon itself. The result of an experiential encounter by Primary Consciousness of itself, (see below).

Experiential Self-Encounter – Refers to the compounding by Primary Consciousness upon itself to emanate Existence and also refers to the action of Living forms bearing Localized Consciousness, (such as ourselves and other life forms), in experiential encounter with the environment from which we extend. This writing will show this “environment” to be a unique view/perception by Primary Consciousness of itself through Localized parts of itself, (such as We and other “Localized” Life Forms), that extend from it and look back upon it.

Extension, (Ex – Tension) – A compound of the Tensor Field of Primary Consciousness that “stands out” from the background of the Field.

“Gist of the World” – The Inertial Properties of the Tensor Field of Primary Consciousness that we interpret through the Animate interface …as “Existence”.

Grand Universe – The representation of an infinite diversity of Universes – the Multiverse - emanating from the interpretation by Primary Consciousness of itself.

Grand Uni“Verse” – The Unified “Word of God”, emanating as the Universe …as the Multiverse. It is the language of Primary Consciousness upon itself, (Mathematica), through which Thought transforms to Action compounding into Existence.

Informing, (In-Forming) – The action of the Comprehension by Primary Consciousness upon itself to form the processes the we perceive as existence. The interactions of the Tensor Field to experientially encounter, interpret and express itself, (See Comprehension above and Tensor Field below).

Intention, (In-Tension) – The building stress of the Tensor Field to form compoundments of itself driven by the hierarchy of the language of Mathematica. (See below).

Localized Consciousness – the Inner Self, the Psyche, the Soul …that which perceives through the brain and body of the Animate Interface and ultimately interprets the environment. Localized Consciousness is the “Software” of life forms. Localized Consciousness together with the Animate interface are shown within this writing to be extended from the “environment” perceived …undivided from Primary Consciousness.

Mathematica – The language of Primary Consciousness to and of itself through Experiential Self-Encounter. The Theocratic action of the Tensor Field upon itself expressing within our undivided though Interfacial view of it …as “Existence”.

Primary Consciousness – The Wholeness of all of Existence emanating from that which we perceive as “Nothingness”. The “Universal Mind” presenting as Existence. The Singularity that Science interprets as having emanated the “Big Bang”, (although within this writing it will be shown that the “Big Bang” is still being emanated). The foundation of Volition, Perception and Thought. Primary Consciousness is also a translation of the following terms – The Primordial Force, The Singularity, The Unified Field, God, Void, Nothingness, Tao, Time …and Existence.

Primordality – The Unconditional/Conditional Locality-Non-Locality domain of Everywhere/Nowhere …prerequisite to the formation of the Point/Instant terrain of Space-Time as the Tensor Field of Primary Consciousness.

Primordial Force – (See Primary Consciousness).

Quantum Mechanics - A theory based on using the concept of a discrete unit to describe the dynamic properties of subatomic particles and the interactions of matter and radiation. The statistical treatment of the underlying forces that constitute “existence”. Originally envisioned by Physicist Max Planck, who theorized in 1900 that energy can be transmitted from or to matter only in small, discrete units called “quanta”. Aiding the further development of Quantum Mechanics was the Uncertainty Principle, theorized by Physicist Werner Heisenberg in 1927. (See Uncertainty Principle below). 

Quantum Mind – The logical hierarchy of the Inertial Thought Processes of the Tensor Field of Primary Consciousness. Theocratic levels of rationale, (comprehension), within the Tensor Field.

Quantum Potential – Any part of, or the entirety of …the wholeness of Primary Consciousness. The undivided substructure of the atomic and macrological ensembles of existence.

Tension of Wholeness upon itself – Primary Consciousness is a Singularity – whole and undivided from itself. That which keeps it whole is its own Tension upon itself, (the tautness of a singular structure that maintains the structure as being whole). 
As an inherent function, the Tension of Wholeness emanates throughout Primary Consciousness, intrinsically creating and binding together, infinite diversities of the structure within its wholeness – emanating within our unique view as our Earthly and Cosmological “environment”. The function of the Tension of Wholeness upon itself is the foundation of communication within Primary Consciousness – it is Thought …a form of speech, (Mathematica), transformed to action within a Singularity – ratios building upon ratios – the “Word of God” creating in and of itself.

Tensor Field – The Inertial Field of the intrinsic Will of Primary Consciousness that is the emanator of the compound diversity that we interpret as Existence.

Uncertainty Principle – Developed by Werner Heisenberg, the theory that it is impossible to simultaneously know both the position and the momentum of a particle, such as an electron, with precision. It further states that a more accurate determination of one quantity will result in a less precise measurement of the other.

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