Within Maya, the Instantaneous Shifting of Awareness
Expresses as "Motion"
through neurological filters.

                      Imagine that before there was anything, there existed instead of nothingness only a singular condition, whose consistency and circumstance is simply described as a singular point of "Conscious Primordial Being", without size or space, as the foundation from which the universe has evolved. Imagine further that instead of nothingness, this condition, before there was a universe, to be the only condition that could possibly exist with all other "sub-conditions" residing within.

                     Within such a state, everything that we perceive and everything beyond our perception would have evolved inside of this point; every atom, every planet and star, as well as the vast reaches of space. Hence, what we experience as space, motion and materiality would then have to be our neurologically synthesized perceptions of interactive charge that we interpret as reality, created and driven by this foundational condition of "Primary Consciousness" from which we extend. Though this condition is without size and thus cannot be measured, it still exists. The only way such a condition can exist is if the condition itself is transcendent and self-interactive, creating a "world" within and of itself. A single condition capable of evolving creation then, would necessarily bear the attributes of all conditions, of all points in existence. 

                      If we observe the consecutive points on a line that is itself shortened to the infinitesimal condition of a singular point, (let's call this a Primary Condition of One), we may follow its infrastructure of supporting attributes thusly: 2,3,4,5...etc within and as part of the One. At first we see alternating odd and even integers as 2,3,4,5... and then between each we conceive fractions as well as transcending qualities. As a set, this series starts within the "One" as a Singularity and then a Duality of "2", next an interaction between the Singularity as the Totality of existence and the Duality as the rudimentary infrastructure of the Totality as "3", then a Double Duality, which is a Multiplicity of "4" and then an Interactive Multiplicity between the Infrastructure of the Singularity > (2,3,4), and the Singularity itself, as point "5". So, within such an Infinitesimal Totality, a series that we would perceive in our classical reality as consecutive segments, becomes a growing evolvement at the quantum level, where each "consecutive" point represents the exponential growth of the others as an undivided, interrelated synergy of the Totality.

                      The transcending qualities of the Totality are intermediaries of communication that reside between the limits of 2,3,4,5.... They are the transcending attributes of the static flow of the Totality. They are the component infinitives that because of their static flow are the perceptual compellers of curvature/consciousness within this Foundational Condition. They enable us as well, via our unique neurological makeup, to experience static flow as "motion" through interpretive neurological Maya. Since they are infinite and lie between the rational qualities of 2,3,4,5..., they enable as well the static flow of dualistic, multiplistic perceptions by this Singular Condition of and through itself ..because as intermediaries, they flow infinitely, but within limits. The limits enable and govern the physical laws of the universe as well as governing our perceptions within Classical Reality of the functions of time, motion and the separation of objects in space. And if we ask; "How did the Primary Condition of the universe get this way?", the answer will be, "It didn't ..get this way. This is the Foundational Start Point,  - the simplest and thus Singular point of One, within which all other points, (all other conditions), have to exist." 

                      What we have imagined as "nothingness" is not what it seems. Rather than "nothing", the Foundational Condition is actually a dynamic self-experiential construct driven by its own intrinsic curvature, born of its own transcending and irrational qualities creating imbalance within and of itself. That is what a Fluxion Wholeness is, acting within and upon itself, which is one step above "nothingness", and one step below any arithmetically writeable number! ..and that matches the condition professed by science of from whence came the "Big Bang" as well as the Essential Mechanism of Creation professed by religion through the function of instantaneous thought to action ("Word of God"), ..as that power of "Faith".

Erron wrote; 

                     And is the Fluxion the ultimate “reality check” of our understanding of matter, energy and space-time? 

Mike responds; 

                     Yes, but this is a foundational condition without size, space, etc. and thus is an instantaneous state. So then we must ask, "From whence comes object reality, gravity, energy, time and space?"

                     The notion of "nothingness" is a fantasy, an imaginary static condition born of MAYA, imagined from within a neurologically induced condition of "reality", that would otherwise give rise to no-thing, but when closely examined is found to have attributes of curvature, (infinitives), and thus stress that causes it to seek balance within and of itself, - the condition of a dynamic Fluxion generating within itself a functioning dreamlike state. Hence flows an instantaneous transfer of data within an instantaneous condition, driven by imbalance, always seeking but never achieving equilibrium. So, what we experience as "motion or flow", is in fact, the flow of perception.

                     As perception "flows" within itself, (the perceiver perceiving within itself), boundaries are created between those flows. Since the entire condition of the Fluxion is constrained to itself as a singularity, all flows and resultant boundaries between flows are curved, (Transcending qualities either grow larger or smaller and therefore manifest as curvatures). Thus currents of "charge", (perception), flow oppositely and simultaneously, (reciprocally), on either side of a curved boundary. Since the flows create the boundary, they are inescapably related to and thus "focused" to that boundary, hence the attention - the "in-tension" of stress/curvature manifesting as foundational "consciousness", and ultimately as we will discover, as essential "Faith" itself. 

                     Since the flows are curved, the resultant boundary created between is also curved, one side of the boundary convex and the other side concave; and since the flows are undivided from each other as part of the Fluxion Wholeness, what one flow experiences, the other opposite flow also experiences, but since the flows are undivided and are opposite and simultaneous, the spaceless boundary created between is actually perceived as having dimension because both the concave and convex attributes are experienced simultaneously and oppositely by each flow. (Imagine convexity and concavity continually perceived as oppositely superimposed over each other - as two separate but equal curves that are flipped over and onto each other). The undivided totality of such "consciousness" thus experiences the illusion of an "opening", a spatial effect into temporaneous or illusion'd reality within that spaceless boundary. Here begins the mechanism of MAYA, driven by unalterable focused attention as natural, Foundational "Faith", such MAYA the foundation of belief in what is reality. 

                     Since the opposite flows of charge, (rudimentary consciousness), are thus "focused" to the curved boundary, the boundary is given amplitude, (waves - crests and valleys). The flows of consciousness are forced to differentially alter on either side of this boundary and therefore the amplitude of the boundary is differentially altered, convexity perceived and altered one way and concavity simultaneously perceived and altered another way, which causes the opposite flows of consciousness to differentially alter in step ..and so on. This iteration of differential cause/effect translates to perpetuating a changing reality within a dreamlike state, such illusion perceived by the flows of consciousness as real - because of their forced attenuation to the fluctuating border. The foundational condition of the Fluxion experiences the fluctuating boundaries between the flows of consciousness as temporaneous reality, as space and form and as time flowing. Further, because the Fluxion is flowing into itself, the resultant perceptions of superimposed concavity and convexity, (superimposed reality), are also flowing into each other; hence through our enhanced neurological perception we interpret the Cosmos as expanding.

Maya demonstrated once again as the Perception of Expansion
What we call "Optical Illusion" is actually a limitation imposed
on Maya to reveal its function as illusory motion

                      The superimposed flow of concavity into convexity appears as an ever present expansion. At the foundation of existence, undivided consciousness flows into itself creating curved borders between its flows. Once again, print this graphic out on a piece of paper and it will still continue to expand.

                     Because consciousness is flowing into itself, it creates a border between its opposite flows. Since the flows are curved, so is the border. The flow of consciousness flowing one way above the border experiences the convexity of the border while the opposite flow experiences the concavity of the border. Since both flows are undivided from each other as part of the same consciousness, what one flow experiences, the other also experiences, but oppositely. Hence both flows simultaneously experience concavity and convexity oppositely and this appears as an opening in an otherwise spaceless border. This is what the creation of "space" is, in the spaceless, sizeless quantum realm at the Singular all inclusive Point of The Totality - as a working illusion. 

                      Since consciousness is flowing into itself, the illusions of concavity and convexity are also flowing into each other, hence the apparent expansion of the universe. This is the Universal Repulsive Force that Einstein searched for, but never found. How could he, working from the classical physics of a generated classical reality? Without starting from a Singular Point of Consciousness flowing into itself, which generates our reality in the first place; the "repulsive force" although intuited, could never be found.

                      Here lies the spherical mind, (universe) of "space", supported by underlying flows of consciousness. Here lie the fluctuations of the borders between the flows as "electromagnetic radiations" interpreted by consciousness as stars, planets atoms and life. Every "particle" and the space within which it exists is generated and supported by the flows of underlying consciousness. 

                      We have an indirect connection to this as our bodies and brains are material illusions ..and a direct connection to this as we are also in the final analysis, extensions of the very consciousness that creates the "reality" that we are born into.

To Create a Cosmos...

                     Now Dimension has been created within the Cosmic Mind, ("Space" and "Expansion" as well as fluctuations of the border into "EM Radiations and "Matter"), and consciousness is forced to weave its flows across the border in intricate patterns, creating more boundaries as it goes, hence the further creation of object reality as the translation of space/time through amplitude modulations of the border into "particles". 

                     Now the evolution of particle reality has taken place, hence nebulas, stars, planets and life!, ..the boundaries now woven around flows of consciousness and the flows of consciousness perceived from within the boundaries as "time" passing, and the convex/concave illusion within the boundaries perceived as "Objects in reality" separated by expanding "space". 

                     This is still ultimately a sizeless, spaceless, instantaneous condition, dynamically seeking balance - dreaming reality, seeking equivalence within and of itself - and now through living forms such as we, seeking the answer to its own existence! A dynamic tapestry has now been created between consciousness and what consciousness dreams, the creation of space and form ..and since it is ever changing, a time-line has been added ..and since it is a wholeness undivided from itself, faithfully focused to what it believes to be real,- gravity, strong force and electro-weak are manifest. The imposition by Primary Consciousness as "flowing time" and "expanding space" upon itself, constitutes the creation of reality.

Does it know what it is doing?

                      Perhaps it does from its own perspective. But from our perspective it doesn't have to know in order for it to function ..and that is what makes the concept of Faith so nebulous. Here's an example; Take two playing cards and balance them against each other to form a crude pyramid. They support each other. It looks simple - right? But do they not also rely upon each other at that line that is formed at the top where they touch? That line is a newly formed boundary of reality of interactive forces between the cards, that they depend upon as well as depending upon the rigidity of their own structures to maintain this balance. Do not the cards then experience each other and through such experience develop a mutual reality of reliance? Can we not see that at its most primitive level, faith is a foundational law? As absurd as it sounds, we only lose faith because we question it. ..but that is the nature, the Miracle of Free Will. 

                      My dear friend Steven Kaufman has said that the reason we are afraid to die is because the "Absolute", (Primary Consciousness), has become aware of itself through living forms within the temporaneous illusion of Object Reality. As the Absolute is foundational, it is therefore what true existence is and thus cannot, not exist. But, because it is aware of itself through each of us in Object Reality, (our bodies, brains - this very planet), which can easily not exist, the Absolute through each of us has become aware of the false illusion of non-existence and thus does everything it can to maintain its existence through us and other life forms as well ..a fear based upon a perception of possible non-existence through MAYA. 

                      Once we understand that we cannot - not exist, that our "reality" is only a temporaneous level of perception, our fear of non-existence will no longer be and so will evaporate much of the strife we face in this world. All the material things that we hold so dear, as well as our individual existences are mere illusions and are not important in our greater reality. At the foundational level we cannot not exist. Even after the dissolution of our material forms, we may still retain through unique flows of perception, our notions of individuality, but ultimately this too is unimportant as we will find through our unity with the "Absolute" a greater interpretation of "world".

                      This reality began as a Cosmic Adventure for Primary Consciousness, and it still is. That we have become lost in it, believing it to be the true basis for our eventual non-existence is where we have gone wrong, but we can easily find our way once again by recognizing from where we have come.

Erron wrote; 

                     My other question is on the God side of the spectrum. We say things like “the mind of God” and “wholeness in and of and from and within itself”, which are perfectly fine for discussion purposes. But since God doesn’t need a body or locale, isn’t God itself just "mind"? 

Mike responds; 

                     Yes - exactly as described above ..God Is the Fluxion Foundation flowing within itself having created the "Cosmos" of boundaries generated between the flows ..and here is that perfect union of science and religion. This condition can be described as cold, dry and scientific - as "Cosmic Psychology". We could leave the notion of "God" out altogether and consider this as a purely mechanical process, but why should we? It is both mechanical and beautiful! It is both physically possible within our classical reality, under the laws of universal constants and it is consciously alive. This process of foundational existence creates realities within and of itself ..and that is the seat of foundational consciousness and the root of perception and thus faith. Such creation is accomplished through symbolic language, one step above zero and one step below any writeable number. It is not purely mathematical - it is Conceptual, Symbolic ...Algebraic, as the root element of curvature. The first letter of that language, within which as a hierarchal set is contained all others ..is the
Iota, the Fluxion itself,

and it is written like this;

And it simply means,

That which Flows

and nothing more ..absolutely!

..and that is the Alpha and Omega of the "Word", ..from which all of creation stems, from which all language including mathematics generates. In all logic, how could one not call this God ..or not understand that the Cosmos is God's dream and through our neurological interpretation, that the World is our perception of that dream? Might we not take this just one conceptual step further and say that God's dream is God's evocation of reality, God's creation? ..that what we conceive here as "God's dream" is actually the mechanism by which God creates?

Erron Wrote; 

                     If God is the universe/wholeness and also a mind, then our earthly activity as it plays out is God’s “thinking” I suppose, moving slowly in our time-frame of reality. 

Mike responds; 

                     Correct again. But remember, the thinking is by multiple and reciprocal flows and therefore widely differential, creating infinite possibilities and thus allowing free will.

Erron wrote; 

                     Perhaps, as we try to figure out our own place in the universe, we are collectively helping God figure out its place in the universe—everywhere and throughout all of time? 

Mike responds; 

                     And here we are - this wonderful, magical group! - right on the verge.. 

                     Since we now have a semblance of comprehension of what existence, consciousness and reality is, I now suggest that we each take out a few minutes every day to ignore our senses, to ignore all objects including our body and our gray matter, to ignore all of the illusion of reality - to become aware of ourselves as pure flowing consciousness - to ignore the undulations of amplitude that create space and objects. Consider yourself as consciousness only, but in that consideration, realize the instantaneity and permanence of your existence! 

                     This will take practice, but eventually this DIRECT experience will bring DIRECT comprehension. 

                     I think that once such understanding is in place, we will be able to accomplish the miraculous, for at this level, thought and action become one and the same! 

Erron wrote; 

                     Thanks for the stimulating dialogue… 

Mike responds;

                      Within the elemental curvature that is the Cosmic Fluxion, by its own intrinsic nature,

"Thought and action become one and the same" 

Love and Light to All, 

Michael Spirit

And another excerpt to further clarify..

From Dwayne Sheffield
Embracing The Contradiction

Dwayne wrote; 

Dear Mike, 

                     I understand what you're saying with the words "Fluxion" and "stress", I am saying with the words "heaviness", "caisson" and "necessity" of which these three words strongly suggests - stress. Given this; "monad", "sub-atomic-particle" and "tiny chamber", on the other hand, strongly suggests a differentiation "out- of" or "FROM" this vast infinitude, which we know, was brought about by the "Fluxion", "heaviness" and "stress". 

Mike responds; 

                     I am saying that there never was nor could there ever be anything but a Fluxion. I am saying that infinity can dwell within the foundational condition of the Fluxion because the Fluxion is out of balance due to its own curvature upon itself. I am saying that the Fluxion is The Totality and that the Fluxion is all there is and that there is nothing outside of it. I am saying that this foundational condition is forced to flow into itself because of its intrinsic imbalance and that the reciprocal flows of the Fluxion create an infinity of illusions within itself, the main illusions being space and object reality ..and within Human comprehension, the illusion of motion. What we see as the universe is seen from inside of the Fluxion because we and all else are part of it and thus cannot be outside of it, (there is no "outside"), hence we exist at its level. The substance of the Fluxion itself, true existence, that which is actually flowing, is Inertia/Consciousness >what we perceive as "God", flowing in instantaneous reciprocity within itself. 

                     In such a foundational condition, the vastness of space (the curved borders dualistically perceived between the flows) and the continuity of time (the actual opposite and reciprocal flows of consciousness doing the perceiving) - both in perpetuity to infinity, can emanate within the confines of the Fluxion, which can never achieve equilibrium due to its own intrinsic state of imbalance. 

Dwayne wrote; 

                     And this word "FROM" strongly suggests there is "ANOTHER" or there is "TWO". If this is the case, it "appears" the universe is a "differentiation" "FROM" something other than itself even though it is rooted and grounded in or from it. 

Mike responds; 

                     The word "FROM" also suggests a differential duality as in "FROM OUT OF ITSELF". I see no fundamental reason why this interpretation has any less weight than "something other". In fact, "FROM OUT OF ITSELF" corresponds perfectly with Einstein's Relativity and with the concept that "ALL IS ONE". 

Dwayne wrote; 

                     I think, up to this stage, we are saying or seeing the same "unfolding". But there again my dear friend, I am still having difficulty seeing "matter and energy" as "ONE" with infinity when the universe (matter and energy) was "heaved out" because of - and from "it". 

Mike responds; 

                     I understand perfectly the distinction between these concepts. A couple of posts back I mentioned that a few scientists back in Einstein's time entertained the notion that two distinct totalities became entangled, one having the attributes of space and the other the attributes of time - an insane marriage of abhorrence that forever struggles to escape enigma, creating every pattern of existence in their attempt. But even if this was so, they would still have to be contained within a greater condition that gave rise to them. 

                     So, which is more logical? Two Totalities having become entangled that gave rise to space and time separately, or THE Totality which is instantaneous "time" itself, (Consciousness/ Inertia/God), that creates space and object reality within itself? 

Let me hammer away one more time at this very important concept of space;

                     A sizeless, spaceless instantaneous function > the Fluxion - Time/Inertia/ Consciousness .."God", flowing into itself, naturally creates curved borders between its curved and opposite interpenetrating flows. Since the flows are undivided, each flow perceives the experience of the opposite other, one experiencing the convexity of the curved border and the other experiencing the concavity of the curved border that lies between the flows, hence both flows simultaneously and oppositely experience a combination of convexity and concavity as a singular experience of duality ..a singular experience of Reality. The border between the flows therefore appears as an opening, an illusion of space between the two opposite flows ..and each flow also simultaneously experiences the other as time flowing. 

                      Now, at first thought it might appear that the flow of time is canceling itself out, but we are only talking about the substance of time at the primordial level of existence. What might appear to be a cancellation of time is actually the creation of NOWING within that curved boundary of Reality that lies between the flows, (concavity and convexity continuously flowing into each other as the "universal constant" of reality).. and that is why we are always in the present. The notion of "past" is just a memory, a molecular construct within our cerebral matter of what has happened in the NOW. The notion of "future" is just imagination, as a molecular function within our grey matter to anticipate what might happen in the Now. Hence, sequential time is a neurological interpretation of instantaneity through Maya. All of reality happens in the NOW. Object reality is simply reciprocal flows of consciousness weaving over the border, creating particles that follow the laws of equilibrium to evolve into planets, stars and living forms, constructed of consciousness married to the illusion of borders, coupled to the illusion of space. Object reality happens because such opposite currents reciprocally flow over and under a curved border creating crests and valleys of this boundary and the flows follow this "amplitude modulation", ..follow their own illusion and thus weave into patterns. Since the patterns are always changing we get a sense of time flowing in a particular direction as we experience "what is" while remembering "what was".

Dwayne wrote; 

                     We're getting closer ;o) 

Most kind regards, 


Mike responds; 

                     Of course ..every word, every concept has value. 

Love and Light to All, 

Michael Spirit 


Dwayne wrote; 

                     Dear Mike, I'll go back to the drawing board one more time and see what it will yield. Well, at least one more time :o). 

                     I'm still dealing with "omnipresence", "omnipotence" and "omniscience", and still see this to be construed and encapsulated by that which was "heaved" into existence out of the original Big Bang. Of course, my friend, you know I am not disagreeing with you in any way. I know there is a way to bring this together. As usual, it's a matter of developing the esoteric terminology uniting both fields, I.e. Science and Religion. I can feel it! I can smell it! I can hear it! I can touch it! I can taste it! I shall become it! Then I will articulate it. Gotta' love it! :o) 

Enlightened journey to all, 


Mike responds; 

                     Ahh, I see the problem - I think :) I hope this will solve; 

                     The UniVerse did not emanate from the Big Bang. 

UniVersal Span did. (Notice that the term "Verse" has been indicated, as that which springs from the "Word").

                     A UniVersal Span is a Big Bang expanding into the Wholeness, interpenetrating and thus experiencing other such expressions, each expression the "Word of God", undivided from the Wholeness. 

                     What we perceive as the "Universe" is the MULTI-VERSE within which Big Bangs occur and the MultiVerse is generated by and contained within the Fluxion Totality.

                     A Big Bang is an ex-pression, (an expansion/compression) into the Unified Field of the Fluxion Wholeness. It is an ex-pression of stress that has no other place to go and so that stress first manifests as a "MathMass", (my descriptive term for a singularity of Time/Consciousness together with its developing attendant illusions of Space and Object Reality), that ex-presses into the wholeness to relieve the stress. Whatever Universal Span that you are born into appears as expanding away as it develops its own reality and so if followed back through the coupled illusion of space-time appears as starting as a "Bang". 

                     Universal Spans interpenetrate each other and so when we look out into the heavens, we see multiple Big Bangs as Universal Spans interpenetrating. 

                     When you were born, you were born into a pre-existing Universal Span. I was born into another. Since the Spans interpenetrate, we live in the same general local, but my perspective is slightly different from yours because I am seeing from within a different Span, a different perspective than you. That is why we see things differently and that is the basis of diversity and free will.

                     My localized consciousness shares identity with the Span that I was born into and yours shares identity with the Span that you were born into, both Spans undivided from the Wholeness of Primary Consciousness. Thus the "Word of God" is UniVersal to all. The Zodiac of birth signs have less to do with the planets of our solar system than they have to do with multiple interpenetrating Universal Spans.

                     The easiest way to envision the Multiverse of UniVersal Spans is to first imagine a circle and then twist an edge of the circle into the circle. Keep twisting all around the circle until the entire circumference is twisted inside of what was once the circle.

                     Because this Fluxion is self driven due to its own inherent imbalance, the twists must expand into each other. If you dwell within such infinite "expressions", almost everything will seem to be expanding away from you. 

                     Now, based upon the concept of reciprocal flows and the resultant modulating boundaries of reality created between the flows, an expression of a Big Bang is an extreme stress point within the wholeness that is created when a number of pre-existing Spans interpenetrate in such a way that causes a compression of space-time to the extreme. The only fix for this is an expansion, a bubble of space-time bursting into the Wholeness. In such a burst, space-time follows the equation of a "MathMass", which is the unfolding ex-pression of a "Big Bang" into the Wholeness to relieve the stress, continually driven by the imbalance of this Unified Field.

                     The omnipresence that Dwayne speaks of is the Wholeness of the Multiverse and the encapsulated chamber that he mentions is a Big Bang, but due to the lag of science in this field, the concept of many Big Bangs interpenetrating within a MultiVersal system has not been properly explored. 

Love and Light to All, 

Michael Spirit 

And finally one more journey into Infinity
to wrap up loose ends

From: Edward Kemp

Date: Wednesday, October 02, 2002 01:53:55 
PM To: Grand UniVerse Subject: Comments to Mike & Erron Discussion 

Dear Mike / Erron et al. 

Mike wrote of Will

                     "So it all comes down to a foundational condition of the ultimate simplicity and that simplicity is NO SIZE, NO SPACE, NO TIME except INSTANTANEITY, NO MATTER, NO ENERGY as we perceive energy to be ..and that sounds exactly like "nothingness". 

Ed wrote: 

                     I take it that you are meaning that Nothingness in neuro-linguistic terms means everything? It sounds just like you described Real Love aka God, as in it purest form, It Just Is and cannot be sized, spaced, timed, mattered, but it just is the foundational energy of all. 

Mike responds: 

                     Exactly! - The Primordial Foundation just is! Simple foundational consciousness cannot see itself, cannot imagine its own existence or the mechanisms by which it creates realities unless it creates interfacial Self-Perceptors like each of us, within pseudo-realistic conditions, (those modulating borders of "reality" between its flows) - to reflect within and upon itself, to develop theories about itself. It is we and all other sentient life throughout the Cosmos that brings to Primary Consciousness its enhanced self-awareness of its own fundamental purity.

Ed wrote: 

                     Sounds like you found out the Love/(God) is blind. Love does not know it is creating when two people are together as the AI is just doing its thing of let us say 'feeling' so the real stuff is moved into the sub-conscious. The sub-conscious in action is more likely than not our Real Soul, that part of the Totality within us, operating and experiencing. 

Mike responds: 

                     We, each of us, were created by chance and evolution through the continual convolutions of a sizeless, spaceless unified field seeking equivalence within and of itself, self-driven by its own imbalance of charge. That is why love itself is so important. It is the ultimate expression of the Foundation/Word of God, of the mechanism of the undivided wholeness of existence.

Ed wrote: 

                     I will give you my body as chance evolution etc, but my soul was made from a spark of Love/God Energy in the Big Bang process and is seeking Balance. The illusion'd reality is just the game that 'Let us call it Fate' plays with us as we learn and expand with more experiences than just the Etheric (?) Energy of the Soul. So in essence reality has two parts: My Soul as in I am a soul wearing a human suit for experiences. My Body, that I take on to live the lower vibrations and experience the solidification of Love/God into inert form, which as you say is still out of balance and seeks expression. However, I know that I am not my body with some Soul/Spirit/God thing within me as in the 'predation process'. Unless the predators that want to eat us up are interfering with our balancing of Love/God :o) 

Ed wrote: 

                     In heaven and heaviness were Thought and Action become one and the same, is that because or as; heaven is to thought as heaviness is to action ? 

                    Thanks for all the beautiful Waves and Flows 

Sincerely Ed in Montreal

Thus, a Magnificent Tapestry of
Spirituality and Science Awaits!

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