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Chapter 9


The auto-creation of the Animate Interface and the
Digitization of Localized/Primary Consciousness

What is the Median Effect?

                    When Time “sees” through itself …when it perceives its own extensity through a complexity of itself, it localizes as Dynamic Consciousness at that complexity and comprehends its own totality as Duration/Space and interprets other complexities of that totality as electromagnetic waveforms and objects of mass.

                    Every molecule in existence is composed of atoms structured of Time/Inertia/ Consciousness that are joined in a logical way and depending upon the types of atoms involved, their quantities, and how they are joined, the molecule will display the required properties that enable it to exist within its environment. The internal structures of organic molecules, (primarily composed of hydrogen, oxygen and carbon in varying quantities and combinations), are continually rearranged by the energies that they encounter and are thus enabled in this way to adapt to an ever-changing, though narrow range of environmental conditions. 

                    In order for a molecule to achieve “life” however, it must be able to be continually reassembled by the environmental conditions that it encounters without decomposing and if its structural integrity is caused to approach zero cohesiveness due to its growing complexity, it must also be able to seek the necessary energy that would enable it to maintain its structural integrity. (Structural cohesiveness is proportional to structural complexity in that as complexity rises, cohesiveness lessens).

                    That “seeking” of energy to reinforce structural cohesiveness is the key to the Median Effect. Molecules constructed of hydrogen, oxygen and carbon are versatile in that they are capable of rearranging their internal atomic structure in response to a narrow range of energies encountered within their environments without decomposing. If environmental energies rise above the capability of the molecule to sustain its current structure, the molecule must be capable of rearranging its structure to adapt to the higher energy levels or be destroyed. 

                    If such a molecule exists within an environment where energy levels are continually rising, but within a range of survivability, then that molecule must be able to rearrange its structure with great versatility and must also be capable of adding new material to its structure in order to survive, by either joining with other atoms or with other molecules of a like kind. As this “organic” molecule increases its complexity in response to its encounter with rising energy levels, its structural cohesiveness lessens in proportion to its complexity, apparently making it more vulnerable to lower energy levels within its environment. What appears to be an apparent weakness however is actually a strength because as molecular cohesiveness lessens, the frequency of molecular reformation of its structure increases, adding to its versatility, driven by the frequencies of energies that it encounters.

Herein lies the formula for dynamic consciousness.

                    Statistically, low energy levels within an environment occur more frequently that do high energy levels because greater work within the environment is required to produce higher energies than lower energies, so molecules encounter lower energies more frequently than higher energies. Hence, simple organic molecules are unaffected by lesser energies, but as they less frequently encounter higher energies, their structure is forced to undergo change to meet the higher energy levels. If such molecules exist within an environment that is rich in atoms and molecules that they may join with, some of them will join by chance and become more complex and therefore more versatile. As these surviving molecules continue to encounter even higher energies, the electromagnetic cohesiveness of their structures drops on a sliding scale toward zero, as their complexity rises. 

                    When that cohesiveness reaches zero, their complexity becomes metastable, (has reached the Median State), that in order not to decompose, the molecule must now appropriate and use environmental energy in order to bolster its cohesiveness and maintain its structural existence. The molecule may infrequently encounter higher energy levels within its environment that may destroy it or cause it to once again “mutate”, but since it is now in a metastable state it is continually affected by the lesser energies of its environment, continually driven to rearrange its structural complexity in order to survive. Some do not survive, but those that have achieved the proper structural configuration do survive because their complexity has been arranged in such a way that they may perceive “Time” over “Space” in order to take advantage of “life” sustaining situations. (In the metastable state, the frequency of molecular reformation matches the frequency of encountered energies and as the two frequencies engage they exchange information. The information received by the molecule is transformed into perception of “Time” over Space”, a splitting of direct experiential encounter into “existence within an environment”, in that the molecule utilizes encountered energies to maintain its own cohesiveness. 

                    The exchange of such information is received as well by the “environment”, creating a reciprocal though differentiating pattern of energy/inertia that is in control of the molecule. The duality of information exchange enables perception within the molecule of space and time, here and there, and eventually it and I or self-awareness, the “self” actually being the combination of the environment and the molecule perceived locally through the molecule.) A particular arrangement of molecular complexity during zero cohesiveness enables dynamic consciousness within a Median State molecule and when that surviving molecule is driven by environmental conditions to in a sense “open its eyes”, the Median Effect has been enabled. What is to hold that molecule together, if not the emergence of its own localized consciousness to take control of its metastable state? This may only happen when a molecule whose structure is at zero cohesiveness is forced to exist within energy levels that are slightly higher than its “material” atomic structure will permit. In order for this molecule not to decompose, a secondary structure, a differentiated though undivided duality of Time-Space, (Localized Consciousness), must be enabled through its unique complexity, within and around it. 

                    Let us proceed then into the actual mechanics and simple mathematics of the frequency of energy levels within an environment translating into the frequency of molecular structural reformation going to zero cohesiveness and then beyond to dynamic consciousness. 

                    Earlier in this writing, I said that planets were not the most likely place in the Universe where animate matter could be formed. I also said that what would be thought of as the most unlikely place would turn out upon close examination to be the most likely place after all. The next few chapters will show where the greatest abundance of animate matter exists within our Universe and why ...and how it is formed. We will discover the actual mechanics of the development of non-animate matter into animate form and further explore the capability of animate matter to provide digital awareness as well as self-awareness to the resultant extension of Localized/Primary Consciousness that is the Soul. We will clearly see the auto-translation of energies within the gravitational field of a contracting nebula into the dynamic consciousness of the organic molecules existing within that environment.

                    For purposes of the distinction between wavicles of matter and wavicles of energy that have not formed the braided pattern of matter, I will now refer to braided wavicles as particles of matter and wavicles of non-braided, but cohesive units of energy as packets. Additionally, when the word matter appears below, it will mean one or more particles of matter and when the word energy appears below, it will mean one or more packets of energy of varying intensity.

                    Little energy is required to form simple molecules, save that which sets their individual atoms moving at random velocities, (Brownian Motion), and that which is within their own self contained gravitational and electromagnetic forces, (which are relative compoundments of “Time”). After they are formed however, a great deal more energy is required to break the bonds thus created. Simply put, when elements are created during the fusion process, they are given the energy required to form molecules. Water, for instance, is formed when hydrogen and oxygen are joined. A small spark is all that is required to begin the process of causing water to be formed. During molecular formation, a great deal more energy is released than was required to kindle the process, because the constituent atoms had already possessed this energy prior to going into the process of molecular formation. The positions of electrons in the outer rings of combining atoms change when forming molecules and interlock, thus creating stronger bonds although no new energy is produced, (One outer ring becomes part of another). Far greater energy is required to break the bond than was required to form it. Therefore, atoms capable of uniting with others already have the required energy to easily do so. The formation of simple molecules, although “Time” consuming because of the random “movement” of the individual atoms, continually increase in numbers, because the energies required to break down these formations occur at greater “Time” intervals, (less frequently), than do the energies required to build them up. (As you may have noticed, the word “Time” appears in quotes throughout this writing. That is because the concept of “Time” is interchangeable with the concepts of “Inertia” and “Consciousness”. To see this interchangeability, try exchanging the terms “Inertia” or “Consciousness” for the word “Time” in the above paragraph. This effort will bring the commonality of the concepts into your tacit understanding and when you see the word “Time” again throughout this writing, you will know that it also means “Inertia” and “Consciousness”.)


OUTPUT OF LOWER ENERGY REQUIRES LESS EFFORT. ======================================================

and because of this,

(They are spread further apart in “Time”)


(They are spread closer together in “Time”)

                    If the energy required to form molecule X equals a unit of ( 1 ), and the energy required to break down molecule X equals a unit of ( 10 ), then the “Time” required for the random occurrence of energies high enough for the breakdown of molecule X is ten “Times” longer than the average “Time” required for the formation of molecule X. The result is; for every ten molecules formed, only one is broken down. 

                    This model of reasoning for build up to breakdown holds true for simple molecules and continues to work with molecules of greater complexity, but on a sliding scale proportional to their complexity. As molecules form with greater complexity, their internal electromagnetic bonds weaken due to polar cancellation within their structures. This statement applies to all structures in existence. As a structure becomes more complex, it becomes more vulnerable. Generally, as molecules become more complex, their electromagnetic structures weaken in proportion to their complexity and allow for faster breakdown at lower applied energies. (As complexity increases, structures become more wave-like and less particle-like). It is important to understand that the ability of matter or any other pattern of existence to develop localized consciousness is a process that is inherent in the substructure that such pattern of existence extends from. That is why the chirality or “handedness” of matter is so apparent in many forms of matter that do not fall into the description of an Animate Interface. Primary Consciousness always tries to find new avenues to gain greater experience. If this were not true, then, “life”, would never occur. Thus, it is the inherent nature of Primary Consciousness to develop awareness through self-exploration and by trial and error through non-animate forms to eventually manifest into “Animate molecular” extensions of itself. The apparent randomness of Trial and error therefore is in itself a plan.

The Median State of Molecular Complexity
A modified excerpt of “The Grand Universe”, Copyright 1986

                    As molecules move up the ladder of complexity, a point is reached where the energies required for their breakdown match the energies required for their formation. Such molecules have entered, for all intents and purposes, a classification of existence referred to within this writing as the, “Median State”. It is at this point that the doorway to the unique experience of sequentiality truly opens …and “life”, displays in “animate” matter …which is not other than Localized Consciousness, as an extension of the foundational matrix of the Totality of Primary Consciousness, recognizing that foundation through iterate/digitized, (“Time over Space”), perception of the Totality as an “environment” through a complex molecular interface.

                    Although it may be hard to imagine, it is this single molecule having perceptive ability that is the first stage of animate evolution. It is from this point that greater complexity/ sophistication through intentional, (self-determinate), choice of action is enabled. (Can you see the correlation between “Self-Determination and the In-tensioning of the Inertial Field of Primary Consciousness upon itself…as the Tension of Wholeness upon itself? This is the self-experience – the self-tension of the Void that we perceive within living forms as “Will, Intention, Self-Determination, Volition”). Without the ability to choose, such molecules would disassemble to simpler states rather than add complexity to their structures. The way that, “life”, is generated in such molecules is by the configuration of the matrix of Time-Space from which they extend, forming within that matrix a duplicate, though differentiated “simultaneity” of their structures, (an Inertial “root”).

                    All patterns of existence within the Universe exist in relation to themselves, first as the foundational matrix of Time-Space from which they extend …and again as extensions in relation to the matrix. In this way Primary Consciousness generates the basis through which animate matter encounters Primary Consciousness as “bordered existence”, as an “environment” that contains the Animate Interface as a “bordered extension” as well. In non-animate forms, (a rock for instance), the matrix of Time-Space from which the rock extends is configured in such a way as to support the bordered existence of the process that is the rock. Since the rock is molecularly stable, so is the stability of the localized Time-Space from which the rock extends, (the “Soul” of the rock is ambient and not undergoing dynamic change). In animate forms however, the molecules are unstable, (Meta-Stable – the root of Meta-Physics J ), constantly undergoing dynamic change generated by environmental encounters and by the molecule's own cohesive structural needs. This instability causes animate molecules to constantly seek stability or otherwise perish. The seeking of internal stability further compounded by environmental encounters causes such molecules to continually rearrange their atomic structures in response to such experiences. Since the atomic components of animate molecules are continually being rearranged …and since these components are extended from the matrix of Time-Space …that localized part of the matrix of Time-Space from which such molecules extend is also continually and automatically rearranged, and thus ...digitized. 

                    When the awareness of Localized/Primary Consciousness occurs through the development of animate matter, it is because that part of the Time-Space matrix from which such animate matter extends is tem-por-ally, (temporary in continuity – simultaneity in succession), affected by the Process of Digitization …which is not other than the frequency of encountered energies, (the frequency of encountered experiences through the “environment”), affecting the Frequency of Molecular Reformation. (Remember the repolarization of the Rubics Cube?)

                    In simple language, in order for the complex structure of a molecule to undergo change, (molecular reformation), that molecule must encounter the energies/experiences that drives such change. When the frequency of molecular reformation matches the frequency of encountered energies required for molecular breakdown, zero molecular cohesion exists within the molecule. The only way the molecule can maintain a state of self-coherence is through controlled, self-induction of such energies, (self-induction of experiences into its body of knowledge), a process that allows it to self-strengthen its own molecular cohesiveness. The ability to carry out this process is generated by the interaction, (the iteration – digitized reciprocity), between the molecule and its complimentary root foundation of localized Time-Space, (which is not other than the localized matrix of Primary Consciousness from which the components of the molecule extend, as its “enlivened” – digitized Inertial “root” …its “Soul”). The molecule as “matter” has volumetric and dynamic aspects. That from which the molecule extends, is the root of Time-Space from which the dynamic and volumetric aspects of the molecule may be generated as an extension of matter. When awareness is generated in animate matter, it is because the localized Inertial root matrix from which such animate matter extends is iterately digitized through the continuing experiential encounters by such animate matter of environmental energies. It is the digitization of the “root” by the experiential encounters of the molecule, that generates the perception of “Time and Space” within the root by sequentially iterizing it's dynamic and volumetric aspects. Iterate digitization is the propagation of compounded “Time” as the molecule …through “Time” as the “environment”. As an extension of “Time” propagates through the “environment of “Time”, (the Inertial “Will” of Primary Consciousness locally encountering itself), that part of the “environment” that is encountered is rearranged to continually support the encountered extension …and the extension is continually rearranged by the encountered “environment”. As the molecule propagates through “Time”, the localized matrix of Time-Space from which the molecule extends thus propagates with it through the greater “environment” of Primary Consciousness. Because of the loosely bonded components of the molecule, the molecular structure is continually rearranged through this propagation and thus continually rearranges, (digitizes), it's “Inertial root” as well.

                    While the animate form exists, the molecule together with its “root” foundation develop an interactive fluidity of structure, capable of being synchronously affected by the slightest energetic influence while maintaining their delicate intra-structural integrity. It is at this stage of low molecular cohesiveness, open to the slightest stimulus for change, that an animate molecule becomes an interface for Primary Consciousness, thereby localizing Primary Consciousness as an attendant duality of the molecule. The animate molecule, through the localization of Primary Consciousness, relies more upon its dynamic property and less upon its volumetric property, to maintain its structural integrity. If unaffected by environmental stimuli, structural integrity is maintained over a period of “Time” because the molecule remembers to maintain its structure because its body of knowledge of itself is rooted in a localization of Primary Consciousness, (maintained by its own digitized inertia). Of course, animate molecules do not survive for very long if deprived of such stimuli and animate molecules will seek the required energies/experiences to maintain their delicate structures. Why use the term, “remember”? What is to keep the molecule from just falling apart if its electromagnetic cohesion is near or at zero? Couldn’t it just as well disassemble at this point rather than maintain its structure? A slight encounter with the “environment” should easily tear it apart. It has a “memory” therefore that enables it to overcome its vulnerability. At first thought we might imagine the memory to be in its atomic structural fluidity, but non-animate molecules, if synthesized to such a state of low cohesiveness, immediately begin to disassemble if their structures are not artificially supported. This “life” of the animate structure is not contained therefore within the structure, but is only intimately associated with it. Associated support therefore is required to maintain the delicate structure of a molecule of low or zero cohesiveness.

                    It could be argued that an animate molecule has just enough cohesive energy to maintain itself because of its “Inertia”, but then doesn’t this “Inertia” serve to maintain the molecule’s material memory of itself? It can be further argued that material cohesiveness generated by inertial force is the primordial foundation of what we interpret as “memory” …as the “Localized Consciousness” of matter, from the sub-nuclear through the compound molecular …which is not other than the Inertia/ “Time” from which all “matter” is compounded. (Again here we see that “memory” is related to “Time”/Consciousness compounded of and within itself - as a Body of Knowledge interpreting itself). The ambient consciousness of any pattern of existence therefore, is its memory of itself that we perceive as its inertial state. Put simply, Inertia is matter’s memory of itself, because matter is compounded of …and extended from “Inertia”, which is also “Time” and which is also Consciousness… It is through the digitization of its “Inertia”, of its “Time”, of its Consciousness … from which it extends, that non-animate matter becomes animate. 

                    The digitized Inertial State is the continuing iteration of interpretation between the molecule and the localized root foundational matrix from which the molecule extends …that generates the process of the perception of the “environment” …of Time-Space into the separation of “Time” and “Space” by Localized/Primary Consciousness as the “root” from which animate matter extends. The molecule, through its interaction with encountered “environmental” energies generates digitization in its root foundation, causing the root to experience iterate digital manipulation of its dynamic and volumetric aspects. This sets up the mechanism in localized Time-Space to perceive the “environment” as “Time and “Space” because the Time-Space aspects of the Inertial “root” have been digitized by the experiential encounters of the molecule into the differential configuration of “Space” superimposed upon “Time”. This sequentialization of the aspects of localized Time-Space enables awareness and perception of “environment” through the interface of the molecule …rendering the “root” as Localized Dynamic Consciousness. Primary Consciousness cannot become Localized Dynamic Consciousness through matter until that matter experiences a continuing digitization, (continual reformation), of its molecular structure through its encounter of energies/experiences that also affect the “root” from which such “animate” matter extends. Until digitization is generated in localized Primary Consciousness as the “root” of matter, self-memory cannot translate into the self-awareness that would bring that matter together with its “root”, into an animate state. It is through the forced, (auto-thought), perception of the “sequencing of events”, (the auto-encounter of energies/experiences), that the animate state of self-governing, (self-awareness), becomes possible. Once this state is achieved however, auto-thought becomes enhanced with recomprehension of the moment, (recognition of the instant), enabling Localized Primary Consciousness as the root of an interfacial “animate molecule” …to have choice of action by perceptually splitting Time-Space into sequences of “Time” and “Space”. It is not the molecule therefore that is making the choice, although from our perspective it would seem so. The molecule is only an interface that allows the root foundation of Localized/Primary Consciousness to experience awareness through the digitization, (sequencing of events), of its interfacial animate extension.

                    That which maintains and continues digitization is a secondary duality pattern of existence generated by the molecular compoundment of animate matter. Non-animate matter forming into animate matter generates an electromagnetic pattern in Time-Space, (a secondary duality - as a manipulated foundational root), of the dynamics that enables animate matter to maintain its own molecular state of existence. When a molecule is forming into animate matter, the secondary duality is forced into existence by the “external” conditions, (the “environment” of applied/encountered energies/ experiences), affecting the molecule. 

                    When the complication of molecular structure is forced to near zero cohesiveness, the changeover from molecular digitization of the secondary duality …to the continued maintenance of the molecular unit by the secondary duality, is achieved. It must be, or otherwise the molecule would disassemble because the molecule's internal structure is at or near zero cohesiveness. It is at this point that the control of the state of existence of the molecule is taken up by the secondary duality. A continuing association between the dualistic aspects of the molecular unit and its inertial root is maintained unless the association is adversely affected by “environmental” conditions. The affects of adverse “environmental” conditions upon the molecule can be destructive thereby breaking the association between the molecule and the secondary duality, dissolving both into simpler states, (into simple elements extending from a non-digitized matrix). The “environment” that would allow such a unique association to exist however, is more likely to facilitate an evolutionary advancement rather than the destruction of such molecular associations. As the evolutionary pattern of the molecule and its secondary duality continues, self-awareness is generated in the secondary duality because of the energetic/experiential needs of the animate form. The internal dynamics of a molecule having reached negligible cohesiveness, demand structural maintenance …and the secondary duality is forced into a more intensive relationship with the molecular pattern that it is associated with. As an animate molecule develops greater complexity, the secondary duality gains complimentary functionality over the molecular state of existence. When the complexity of animate matter advances to the point of allowing self-recomprehension, the structure of the secondary duality becomes self-sustaining although still intimately entwined with its material interface. If the material interface is destroyed at this point in its evolution however, the secondary duality is released, still maintaining its own viable structure. The following will show the actual creation of the secondary duality and the intricate relationship that it develops with its animate counterpart.

                    In a burst of enthusiasm and brilliance …Einstein said, “Why not all Inertia?” …and with that same enthusiasm continued …“Quanta of energies are discrete - why can't quanta of energies form into associative structures like molecules?” …I see no reason why they cannot and furthermore, it would appear that they do through the cohesion of light and all forms of energy”.

                    We see here the possible foundational basis of the Soul …as a cohesive unit of quanta of Inertia, (a “root”), that is continually digitized through the experiential encounters of the animate molecule extending from and being reformed by the matrix of Time-Space as its “environment”.

                    Due to their comparatively weak electromagnetic bonds, pre-animate molecules require lower applied energies for breakdown, but the weak bonding also enables the molecule to more easily reform itself in response to such applied energies. The outer electron rings of its constituent atoms interlock repeatedly in different ways by trial and error, (auto-thought driven by applied energies – by experiential “environmental” encounters), until higher stability is reached, if possible.

                    Low energies occur at higher frequencies, (more often), than high energies. As the frequency of encountered energies increases, its cumulative or quantitative effect equals the force of higher energies. The frequency of molecular reformation in response to the frequency of encountered energies equals the digitization of the changes of complexity of the molecule, (over “Time”). The dynamic, (“Time” aspect), of the molecule digitally interacts with its volumetric, (“Space” aspect), through its encounter of energies/experiences. This is a metastable state of animate material existence undergoing change driven by impactive experiences with “environmental” stimuli. Through such sequencing, the dynamic aspect of the molecule further generates a reciprocal, (secondary), volumetric aspect within its foundational root matrix and the volumetric aspect of the molecule generates a reciprocal, (secondary), dynamic aspect within the root as well. The secondary aspects are necessary to maintain a state of existence - Inertial Memory - during change. (This is a variation of the “intelligence” of the Primordial Force continually manifesting its will between occurrences and events, maintaining a continuity of existence). The primary volumetric aspect of the molecule now joins with the secondary dynamic aspect of the foundational root and the primary dynamic aspect of the molecule simultaneously joins with the secondary volumetric aspect of the root. As shown earlier, the supply of, “substance”, that allows for the formation of this secondary duality comes from the Totality of Primary Consciousness, (the foundational matrix of Time-Space within which the “root” as the secondary duality is formed), that the molecular form and also the applied/encountered energies are all undivided from. The energies generated from this “environment” facilitate the formation of the compounded dualities of animate matter and its supportive inertial soul. As molecular complexity increases, differentiation of structure between the compounded dualities evolves, manifesting as the materiality, (volumetric aspect divided by the dynamic aspect), of animate matter, (its particle-like nature), and the tem-por-ality, (dynamic aspect divided by the volumetric aspect), of the Soul, (wave-like nature). The association of the two enables iterate, (evolving – revolving - compoundment), as differential replication of their combined state of existence through the reformation of volumetric/dynamic molecular structure and the complimentary reformation of dynamic/volumetric soul structure driven by encountered/applied energies/experiences over “Time”, (over experiential encounters within the Inertial Tensor Field of the Void).


                    1 unit of applied/encountered high energy equals a, (singular occurrence), instantaneous and difficult for an animate molecule to deal with and might result in its damage or destruction.

                    .25 + .25 + .25 + .25, also equals a force of 1 bundled unit, (a packet or particle), of energy, but spread out over 4 parts of “Time” rather than instantaneously, (a frequency of occurrence of 4). Molecules of a low order of complexity, but having some weakness in cohesion would find this division of power easier to deal with. Likewise, the root from which the molecule extends experiences a four-part digitization of “Time” over “Space” that generates temporary Localized dynamic Consciousness in the root through the molecular interface. The link between the two, (between animate matter and its digitized Inertial root), may be described as Temporary Aspect Integration.

                    .125 + .125 + .125 + .125 + .125 + .125 + .125 + .125, also equals a force of 1 packet of energy, but divided into 8 parts and spread out over 8 parts of “Time”, (frequency of occurrence of 8). A molecule of twice the complexity and double the weakness of structural cohesion, would find such division of power as easy to deal with as a molecule of 1/2 it's complexity would find, dealing with a division of power over 4 parts of “Time”. As described above, the “root” once again experiences temporary Localized Dynamic Consciousness through the interface of its “material” extension. As the molecule and its complimentary root foundation gain higher complexity, an algorithm comes into play and changes with each increase in complexity. The algorithm is a form, (a complexity), of inertia …as the will/memory of the “auto-thought” of Primary Consciousness …that keeps the process growing. As described earlier within this writing, algorithms are directionalities of “Time”, (orientations of both Primary and Localized/Primary Consciousness), and are difficult to undo once they begin. (Those “directionalities” of time are omnidirectional. We perceive the curvature of Time-Space as “time” and “space”, but we also perceive other directionalities as energy and mass and in combinations as multifaceted situations of existence.)

                    A complex molecule of low cohesion is more susceptible to lower applied energies than a molecule of lesser complexity. The cumulative effect that these energies have upon the molecule is equal to the force of a higher energy, only spread out over a longer period of “Time”. This longer “Time” period gives the molecule a chance to reform itself into a state of greater stability. A state of greater stability is more capable of dealing with such applied/encountered energies. The configuration of such state of stability is not other than the inertial memory of its foundational root matrix. The root is manipulated, (digitized), through the molecule's experiential encounters, resulting in the molecule's evolutionary change. 

                    (The encounter of what might appear to be a singular occurrence of energy may be broken up into a frequency of occurrence of energy through the frequency of molecular reformation of the structure of the molecule encountering such energy. Thus the molecule adjusts its own perception to environmental encounters to more easily survive within its perceived world.) The experiential encounters by the molecule are the digital applications/expressions of the code of Primary Consciousness, (expressions of the molecule's “environment”), that are matriculated into and interpreted as “Time” and “Space” by the root matrix of the molecule.

                    In other words, complex organic molecules are likely to be prepared to meet the challenge of applied energies equal to or slightly higher than they have dealt with before because their metastable state of existence, (median molecular complexity), is stabilized by their intimate relationship with their viable Inertial foundational root. All animate forms as well, eventually answer the vibrational question set upon them by their environment of Primary Consciousness through their demise, which releases the foundational root from the animate form. If the animate form had reached a level of complexity to enable sustained self-awareness in the foundational root, it is then released as a disembodied Soul. The animate form is only an interface through which we, (the Souls), as localized self-aware roots of the foundational matrix of Primary Consciousness may gain digital experience. We always reincarnate and enter into new animate forms until reincarnation no longer serves a purpose. The experience of the death of the animate form and of the reincarnation of the Soul only serves to strengthen our experiential status.

                    A single occurrence of an applied environmental energy may be described as a bundle. A bundle is a grouping of packets of lower energies that produce the cumulative effect of that of a single occurrence of a high-energy packet over “Time”. A high frequency of occurrences of energies below the Median State may be perceived as a single occurrence of high energy above the Median State and if perceived in this way, do in fact form a bundle. Bundles are manageable, (and are also “managers”), as expressions of the code of Primary Consciousness. They are energetic expressions of auto-thought that are encountered by both animate and non-animate patterns of existence.

                    The higher the frequency of occurrence, the lower the force of the individual constituents of low order energies of the bundle, but the higher the cumulative effect. The cumulative effect of many low order energies grouped together may be described as a high-energy bundle, over “Time”.

                    I cannot stress enough the importance of understanding this concept because it is a key to where animate matter together with its complimentary root gain the capability of digital perception. The key ingredient to digital perception is the ability to utilize “Time” over “Space” to accomplish a task. The splitting of inertia into conceptual “Time” and “Space” is caused by the translation of frequencies of occurrence of energies/experiences encountered within an environment into the perception by localized consciousness of the peaks of those experiences and the valleys between them. (A frequency by its very nature, must be a digitization of energies, having peaks and valleys). When “Time” is perceived as duration, the possibility of choice occurs. When a molecule reaches the Median State, it has achieved the ability to reform itself through awareness in response to an applied energy bundle. Since the bundles that most frequently affect Median molecules are comprised of low order constituent energies, “Time” is required for the dispersal of these energies upon such molecules. Of course, the perception of “Time” as duration is created by the continuing encounter/ experience of a Median State molecule that digitizes its complimentary inertial root into the concept of “Space” and “Time”. Median State molecules utilize this “duration” factor through their inertial roots to enable themselves to reform in response to such applied energies. It is not the molecule by itself that causes its reformation in response to the applied energies however. It is the interaction between the molecule and the variable root foundation that the molecule extends from that generates molecular/root reformation. Patterns of existence propagate through the matrix from which they extend and therefore all patterns are dependent upon their foundational matrix for their continued existence. 

                    Earlier in this writing I gave an example of the replication of a pattern of existence by its propagation through an extended roll of ribbon. Without the ribbon, the pattern could not exist. To take this a step further, consider that the twist propagating within the ribbon now becomes digitized through the frequency of applied energies while propagating through the ribbon. A secondary pattern is thus generated within the propagating pattern and within the foundational ribbon. If the ribbon is untwisted during propagation of the primary pattern, (correlation to the demise of the Animate Interface), the secondary pattern, (Soul of the Primary), continues to propagate down the ribbon until the energies that started the propagation process have dissipated. The secondary pattern does not maintain structural integrity after the dissipation of applied energies in this case because the patterning of the primary extension did not reach the level of complexity that would enable self- recomprehension within the secondary pattern, (would not allow the secondary pattern to reach a state of complexity that would cause it to maintain a sustainable “memory” of itself).

                    The weak electromagnetic cohesion of the constituent atoms comprising a Median molecule enables the molecule and its root to be easily affected by a low order energy bundle. Weak electromagnetic cohesion also enables such molecules and their complimentary roots to reform themselves during the application of such bundles. Weak electromagnetic cohesion is what allows variability in the root foundation.

                    The force produced by the high frequency of occurrence of low order energies over a specific period of “Time” is equal to the force generated by a singularly occurring high-energy bundle. Force is the ability to do work. It can be done all at once - (a singular occurrence), or slowly over a longer period of “Time” - (a frequency of occurrences).

                    We perceive singular occurrences as all at once due to the limitation of our senses. If we were able to slow down a singular occurrence, we would be able to perceive that it is in fact comprised of a frequency of occurrences. The more we were able to slow it down, the greater the frequency of occurrences we would perceive. The terms, singular and frequency are both projections of digital perception.

                    Frequency of occurrence permits the “Time” over “Space” factor to come into play allowing more “Time” for the molecule/root to accomplish the task of reformation. The quantitative force of a low order, high frequency energy bundle is equal to the force of a singular occurrence of high energy over “Time” and is directly related to the qualitative structure of a Median molecule. The qualitative structure is the degree of stabilization of the inertial root of the molecule, through the reformation of the aspects of the root by the encounters/experiences of energies upon the molecule. A vulnerable Median molecule, through its root, can utilize the energy supplied by a low order energy bundle to reform itself. The same force of a high order, singular occurrence, - all at once -, would certainly damage it because the molecule would have no “Time” within which to react, (no possibility of choice).


                    The high complexity of molecules above the Median State requires low energies of high frequency for structural alteration and stable reformation, but high frequencies of reformation resulting in higher molecular stability, (an increase in ability to perceive and react), require higher frequencies of occurrence of energy bundles of greater intensity. The frequency of applied energies below the Median State, (low order energies), is directly proportional to the force of such energies in a singularly occurring high-energy bundle. As individual force goes down, the frequency of occurrence of forces goes up. The frequency of reformation, (MR or Molecular Reformation), of molecules of complexity above the Median State goes up in proportion to their complexity. 
The complexity of a molecule is the sum of its accumulated atoms, each atom being a discrete extension of the foundational matrix in intimate association with the other atoms that comprise the molecule. When digitizations of encountered energies are applied to the molecule, its individual components rearrange into a more sophisticated pattern of stability. As the components of the molecule reach stability, the foundational root of the molecule is rearranged as well. The digitization of the component atoms by the frequency of occurrence of encountered energies therefore also digitizes the root. When the atoms rearrange, the root components are also rearranged, but the arrangement of the root is more temporal than volumetric during digitization. Since the molecule is in constant encounter with its “environment” of digitizing energies, the root foundation undergoes continuous change as well. The continuous change of the root causes molecular reformation by its interpretation of encountered energies through the interface of the molecule, thereby furthering the sophistication of the molecule, (advancing the molecule's evolutionary pattern), and reciprocally advancing the experience/structure of the root matrix as well. Encountered energies cause the molecule to change its arrangement, (to change its internal atomic orientations), thereby reciprocally reweaving that part of the matrix of Time-Space, (the root), from which the molecule and its components extend. The woven root, (woven inertia, the will of the constituent parts of the molecule), then experiences the encounters of energies through the interface of the molecule, further effecting molecular reformation by altering its own arrangement in response to its digital interpretation of “environment”. In this way, the Inertial Soul of the molecule applies imagery to the molecular structure. The natural application of imagery by the inertial soul of matter is what maintains such matter as a state of existence. Once again, Inertia is matter’s memory of itself ...its will to be, (to exist). The process continues as a simultaneous though differential integration of events for as long as the molecule encounters energy/has experience. 

                    Higher complexity results in a weaker electromagnetic bonding force and higher frequency of molecular reformation. When a molecular structure is rearranged by encountered energies, the new structure remains until rearranged again by energies of a higher order. This inertial effect results in molecular stability, (molecular memory of itself – the “Mind” being the root foundation … the inertial structure that cannot be seen, but only deduced, that is in control of the molecular form. The “environment” itself, the Wholeness of Primary Consciousness, is the “ground” from which the root extends. The “environment” within which the Animate Molecule dwells is actually the driving force of the molecule itself. The “environment” is differentiated by the existence of the Molecule and therefore “localized” to the molecule). Stability is anticipatory, (Inherent memory gives rise to awareness), in that stability enables the newly rearranged molecule to deal with energies up to the force or frequency of its last encounter. This last premise, that -


is the second key ingredient to the ability of matter
to provide digital perception to its root.

                    The ability of animate matter to achieve digitized perception is engineered by the Lathe of Creation. The fusion process changes hydrogen into all of the various elements that exist. Atoms that form organic molecules are created in vast numbers and are drawn together to form such molecules by the rules of the “environment” from which they extend. Since such molecules are affected by low order energies, they must develop a way to remain stable. Stability in Median molecules is maintained by their ability to reform themselves in response to applied/encountered energies and to maintain their structures when dealing with energies lower than or equal to their last highest encounter. This ability to deal with energies exhibiting forces below or equal to their last highest encounter is a form of rudimentary memory and is therefore anticipatory.

                    As higher stability is achieved, greater complexity becomes possible. Higher stability and greater complexity result in an expanded Median State. Such molecules have entered into the realm of…

Discussed in greater detail in the chapter entitled
Spacelife, Super Novae and Molecular Society

                    Molecules below the Median State require high energies of low frequency for breakdown due to their high stability and low complexity. Molecules above the Median State having low stability and high complexity then would apparently require low energies of high frequency for breakdown, but only apparently.

                    As molecular complexity climbs above the Median, molecular frequency of reformation climbs proportionally. This results in an inherent versatility that enables the molecule to match its stability to low energies of high frequency. Higher energies of higher frequencies are required for breakdown above the Median and the frequency of occurrence of such energies are few and far between, requiring the molecule to seek out higher energies to maintain and advance its delicate structure through the induction of such energies.







                    Molecules above the Median point are longer lasting due to such inherent versatility and are therefore -Transcendent. What is transcended? The natural order of molecular matter is toward decay, an ongoing reduction to simpler states. Inherent versatility, (the transformation of Ambient Consciousness into Dynamic Consciousness, the Dynamic Consciousness being the Inertial effect of the root upon the Median molecule), permits the evolutionary advancement of Median molecules within a decaying environment. 

                    The roots of life in its simplest forms on through that of its most complex lie within the realm of the expanded Median State. All matter moves towards the Median State and evolves within it wherever and whenever it can, driven by the experiential requirements of Primary Consciousness. Any form of energy or matter that cannot achieve digitization of perception becomes the provisional environment that permits the types of energy and matter that can achieve digital perception to do so.

To Invoke of Creation within Singularity’s

Masterful Plan of Supreme Architect’s

Wisdom Preparing Existent Totality’s

Child of the Heavens as Guide of the Next…

             That Life’s ultimate purpose is to return to the “Nothingness”, (Singularity), from whence the Cosmos descended …and to bring with it, experience, understanding and greater wisdom to the forge of renewal and to prepare again, the next Child of the Heavens to grow to such maturity. The life of the current Universe shall become the Guide of the Next and shall prepare the Child of the Next as the Guide of the following.

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