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Chapter 8


                    Matter exists in a number of different states. It occurs to our perception in the form of gas such as hydrogen, and also in the forms of liquids and solids. These are the three states that we are generally familiar with.

                    A fourth state of matter also occurs within stars. This state is known as Plasma. The Plasma State occurs when, due to extreme heat and pressure, electrons are stripped away from atoms, leaving a charged cloud of nuclei. Matter must be in the Plasma State in order to undergo the fusion process. Much of the matter we perceive throughout our Universe is in such a Plasma State. Plasma is propelled out of the thermonuclear reactions ongoing in stars. Plasma enables molecular formation of atomic, (elemental), matter in condensing nebulae. It is the go-between for the formation of all molecular states, in that plasma is ionized, (electrically charged), and permits interconnection of outer ring electron structures of diverse and similar elemental matter. Plasma therefore, may serve as a catalyst in special cases of molecular formation. Since plasma is diffused throughout all nebulae as part of a common cloud, Any elemental or molecular particle may be permitted to migrate to any other elemental or molecular particle, (so capable of attracting), by way of the ionized plasma field of that cloud.

                    In order for matter to exist at all, it must exist within certain boundaries, (as perceived through the Animate Interface). It must occupy “Space” during a period of “Time”. The boundaries of matter are interpreted as the dimensions of height, width, depth and time. “Time” is a necessary perceptual dimension of matter through the interpretation of the Animate Interface, because through our localized perception of it, matter is always in “motion”. Motion may be expressed as velocity and velocity is defined as, distance, (space) divided by time. Even if a quantity of matter appears to be at rest, its atoms are still reciprocally vibrating as expressed by its temperature and it is therefore in “motion” – (as a compound process “moving” in place). The smallest distance traveled still requires time and a vibrating atom requires time to travel back and forth, however quickly, though it may appear to be at rest. We can see here that “Time” is the medium through which “things” travel – as compoundments of the Tensor Field of Primary Consciousness propagating through the Totality of the Tensor Field… propagating through the Void, as in Primary Consciousness experiencing itself. 

                    We may deduce therefore that “Time” is intrinsic to the existence of “Matter” because matter cannot exist at the theoretical temperature of absolute zero, or no temperature at all, (a complete lack of energy - no motion …and this law of matter unequivocally supports the theory presented here that “matter” is constructed of “time”). All matter must therefore be in “motion”, because motion is a construct of time. Once again, we see that matter must exist in a dualistic state because motion through our animate perception is a function of “Space” over “Time”. The “Time and Space” aspects of matter are what make “matter” what it is within our synthetic reality. Without the “Time and Space” aspects, matter cannot be …and because divisions of “Time” and “Space” are the illusions of the perception of Localized/Primary Consciousness, “Matter and Energy” and “Position, Direction and Velocity”, are illusions as well.

                    “Brownian Motion” is the natural motion exhibited by all matter as the innate vibrancy of being. In a jar of air for instance, the molecules vibrate – they move in all directions and therefore apply equal pressure against all interior surfaces of the jar. If the temperature of the jar is lowered, the Brownian Motion slows down, but still affects the molecules. The Brownian Motion therefore is the exertion of the will of Primary Consciousness as the manifestation of - Being - in existence. The vibrancy of individual molecules is driven by their inertial state, which is not other than the Inertial will of Being of Primary Consciousness. Each molecule moves in a different direction because of the attempt by Primary Consciousness to gain the greatest possibility of experience. The different directions of movement provide Primary Consciousness with simultaneous, (multiplistic), avenues of possibility. Furthermore, the Uncertainty Principle as the Inertial Will of Being is manifest as the omnidirectionality of Brownian Motion in whole systems. In a whole system, such as the jar of air portrayed here, the Inertial will of Primary Consciousness as the Uncertainty Principle manifests as a multiplicity of possibility, whereas in a singular extension of matter, a single atom for instance, the Uncertainty Principle as Brownian Motion presents the will of being as constantly changing “direction”, (within our localized view of it), thereby once again preventing exact measurement of position or velocity simultaneously. Since position and motion are illusions of localized perception attained through the Animate Interface, what is really happening is that Primary Consciousness is vibrating perspectives/ polarities at changing frequencies due to its experience of itself, which drives it to further experience.

                    Most types of atoms are capable of molecular attraction. The atoms that are capable of forming organic molecules are of the greatest available number. Hydrogen is the first and most plentiful element in existence and combines with a wide variety of other elements to form organic and other molecular compounds. 

                    The natural course of molecular bonding is that not only are most atoms capable of uniting, but that an inherent plan of seeking out other atoms of a similar capability actually exists within the outer ring electron structures of all atoms so capable of uniting. Driven by the expansion force of the Universe, (which is the Tension of Wholeness of the Void), such capability is forced into action …and therefore atoms seeking other atoms becomes an expression of the intelligent “auto-thought” of the Void.

                    The greatest quantities of atomic matter in the Universe comprise the nebulae that exist around and between the stars. These immense clouds teem with organic molecules. As the Universe evolves, it would appear that the blueprint for the evolution of animate matter is naturally generated.

The Fifth State of Matter is that of Animate Matter…

                    The next few chapters will deal with the actual physical mechanics of this concept… and the pages after will reveal its ultimate beauty and why this should be so. You are about to embark upon a revealing journey through Time, Space and Mind as judged from the viewpoint of Non-Animate matter …becoming Animate.

I placed in thy Spirit the Key that Unlocks

The Portal to Secrets of 

Truth yet Concealed

Within thy Soul's Vision unfolds Paradox’s

Illusions deciphered, 

Thy Grand Purpose Revealed…

The Vitality of the Universe assures life that within life’s own Spirit lies the truth of existence and the promise of great purpose, that the enigma experienced through higher awareness may be solved through self and Cosmic exploration guided by the Universe itself, which prepares us.


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