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Chapter 7

The Diversification of the Elements
and the Organization of Existence

                    That which we perceive as the, “Big Bang”, was not other than the “burning”, of two currents of Outbounded “Nothingness”/Consciousness into an organized state – as the diversifying compoundment of “Unifying Time”, (Primary Consciousness), into patterns of existence – that we translate as our “Universe”. The burning has continued ever since, though on a scale of increasing control, as the organized state of Primary Consciousness gained advancing mastery over itself. A great leap forward in the control of the destiny of Primary Consciousness, (the destiny of unified “Time” within our perceived region of the Multiverse), came about through the evolution of the Animate Interface through which Primary Consciousness/“Time” was able to gain a unique perception of itself. Such perception eventually led to the self-awareness of the Localized Soul …and that led to the formation of the multilevel geometry of the Quantum Mind described within this writing as the “Lathe of Creation”. The uppermost level of the Lathe, is perceived by man as the mind/hand of God, which regulates the stability of the Universe through the application of a vibratory question throughout the “Void” that is answered by the response/reaction of all patterns of existence. The answer is taken up through the experiential levels of the Lathe where it is reformulated into empirical data by the highest level and mandated into a more highly advanced vibratory question. This cycle of question and answer furthers the experiential adventure of the entire Lathe of Creation, including its extensions of self-aware Souls. It is the advancement of Souls through experiential levels that gives the entire Lathe, including the highest level, its spark of life. No Soul that has gained self-awareness ever loses its dignified property of self-determination and advancing experiential status, although such properties exist within the greater framework of the community/Quantum Mind of the Lathe, which serves as the supporting foundation of its Souls.

                    That which we perceive as the intention of “God” did not exist until Primary Consciousness organized itself into the Lathe of Creation through its multilevel configuration brought about by the entry of self-aware, self-determinate extensions of itself as Souls. This configuration began, (by our perspective of our Universal Span …through our perspective of the sequentiality of time and events), about 7.5 billion years ago when our Span cooled sufficiently to allow the formation of environments that were capable of supporting animate matter and the formation of Souls. It was at this time that the “Mind of God” in our “part” of the Grand Universe began to develop intent. This is a very fine point to be considered …as what we call “our own” with regard to the Multiverse, is the Universal view that we are able to perceive. The order in which Primary Consciousness, (as the Primordial Force) develops, is in logical stages. When a stage is reached that permits the emergence of a “Primality”, (an Inbounded thought by Primary Consciousness of itself as a reflection of its own Totality …a Universal structure such as our Span), the eventual inhabitants of that Primality see the Multiverse as “Their Universe” – as their own. The perception by the inhabitants of such concurrent, though intricate processing is that of sequentiality …and is therefore looked back upon as an evolution of processing – as a history of the Primality. In our case, we see the “history” of our perceivable Universe as being about 15 billion years old …and the formation of intent by Primary Consciousness as the configuration of the “Lathe of Creation”, as having occurred about 7.5 billion years ago. These “years” that we perceive however, are our own superimposed imagery that we have placed upon the unified, but diverse processes that we interpret as our Universe.

                    (It will be shown further into this writing that it was the intention of “God” …the intention of the “Lathe of Creation”, that caused our “Primality”, a sub-process of the Grand Universe, to develop in the first place and that the force of God has always existed with intent within the Multiverse. The intent of God acted upon our region of the Grand Universe from other regions - other perspectives - of the Grand Universe, until our region cooled sufficiently to enable the incarnation of God's intent to manifest within our view through what is described herein as the Lathe of Creation within our region, as a multilevel Locus. Our Universal Locus together with all other Universal Loci, form the Lathe of Creation of the Grand Universe that acts upon our region and all other regions as the mind and hand of God).

Why only 7.5 billion years ago?

                    Our sun is a second-generation star and only second-generation stars have the probability of having planets or other environments orbiting that are capable of supporting animate life. First generation stars must undergo the process of Super Nova in order for the creation of elements required for the formation of planets to occur. Additionally, the seeding of interstellar space with the elements required for the formation of animate matter required the explosions of first generation stars. 

                    First generation stars had great quantities of hydrogen to burn with little interference of other elements except traces of helium that were formed with hydrogen as the, “ash” of the burning of Inbounded Consciousness/“Time” near what we perceive as “the beginning of time”, (what science calls the beginning of the Big Bang), for our Universal Span. (The beginning of “Time”, the creation of a new Universal Primality is the contemplation by Primary Consciousness/“Time” of itself in a new way – a new view. Even what we may call “Outbounded Consciousness” will be shown to be an organized sentient state in the final analysis of this writing, forming Sub-Universal Primalities of which our Universal Span is but one).

                    Within our macro/sequential view of our Universe, we interpret that first generation stars burned their hydrogen into helium over billions of years and then burned their helium over time as well. The combined burning took between 5 and 7 billion years to accomplish. When their helium fuel was used up, the first generation stars lost their ability to counter their own gravity and collapsed in upon themselves, generating enough heat at their centers to then cause the stars to explode. During the course of these explosions, enough energy was produced to form all of the heavier elements that we perceive in our Universe today that was required for the formation of planets and animate matter. About one billion years went by after the explosions for the debris from first generation stars to reach the neighborhood of other forming stars. Such stars that form out of ambient hydrogen mixed with the debris of exploded first generation stars are called second-generation stars. Some of the heavier debris from the first generation stars formed into masses that orbited the second-generation stars as planets and other satellites.

                    As will be shown further into this writing, although planets may seem to be the most convenient place for animate matter to occur, they are not.

                    About 7.5 billion years ago, animate matter made its debut in what might be considered as being the most unlikely places in our Universe, but upon closer examination – will actually turn out to be the most likely, after all.

                    Let us now explore the Universe through a conventional Classical perception and build to the interpretation of the High Initiate. We will discover the actual mechanics of the formation of Animate Matter, its intimate relationship with gravity, the mathematics that are generated for the splitting of Time-Space and gain a vision of controlled synchronicity. We will learn the functions of the Multi-Verse and experience the Totality of the mind of Primary Consciousness.

                    The physical elements of animate matter and all other material in existence result from the most abundant supply of matter in “our Universe”, that being the first elemental state of matter in creation, known as hydrogen. As for the creation of hydrogen, it has already been shown to be the, “ash”, resulting from the burning/ experience, (mutual encounter), of currents of homogeneous Primary Consciousness, also interpreted by us as “Nothingness”, as the immutability and the plasticity of Time, Inertia, the “Between”, Tao and the Tensor Field of the Void. 

                    Great clouds of hydrogen atoms exist in our Universe in elemental form and although a single hydrogen atom exerts almost no discernible gravitational force, (one electron and one proton, no neutron), a great cloud of hydrogen atoms does indeed exhibit an enormous gravitational force. Such a cloud, (generally containing other elements as well), is called a nebula. Due to their powerful gravitational forces, nebulae tend not only to attract other surrounding material, but also tend to collapse in upon themselves, forming many dense central cores. Each core has an extremely high field of gravity and continues to attract surrounding material. It grows in size with each addition until a point is reached where the core begins to further collapse in upon itself because of its great mass. If the physical size of the core can become no larger and yet a powerful field of gravity exists, where will attracted surrounding material go?

                    The collapse of a core causes its internal pressure to rise to a point where hydrogen atoms are forced together to form a more densely packed element known as helium. This process is known as thermonuclear fusion. During the fusion process vast amounts of energy are released in the forms of heat, light, x-rays, microwave emissions and other electromagnetic radiations. It is this release of energy and the more densely packing of helium atoms that allows the core to remain stable in size even though it attracts vast amounts of new matter.

                    We know such a core as a star and stars continually transform their hydrogen into helium, an element containing a greater mass per atom than hydrogen. The more densely packed helium nuclei create a greater gravitational attraction, forming equally greater internal pressures. The greater internal pressure causes helium to also undergo the fusion process resulting in the liberation of considerably more energy. Shells of thermonuclear fusion processes are formed as heavier and heavier elements are produced and fuse to the next permissible heaviest shell. Such buildup within stars of thermonuclear shells, producing ever-higher temperatures and pressures cause the core material to expand against its gravitational collapse. If the internal pressure becomes great enough, an explosion will finally take place.

                    Such an explosion, known as a Nova, is the possible result of this, (pre-Nova), process. Possible, because although stars may enter such pre-Nova stage, not all explode, (some are not able to attract enough mass to carry through to going Nova and quietly burn out over time). If a star's mass is great enough to form internal pressures resulting in an explosion however, then a Nova will occur. A Nova, due to its tremendous heat and pressure causes much of the considerable mass of the star to be hurled away from its center of density and towards other nebulae, (towards other star forming neighborhoods), or other stars contained within the same nebula as the exploding star. 

                    Certain stars, such as those containing a very large mass, (hundreds to thousands of times larger than the Sun), undergo a form of Nova known as a Super Nova. A Super Nova is an explosion of much higher magnitude than a Nova. The energy released by a Super Nova is greater, for a very short period of time, than all of the energy expended by the galaxy within which it resides, for that same short period of time. The pressures created by a Super Nova drive inward as well as outward. As a result, a tiny star of great mass, known as a White Dwarf may be created at its center. Finally, if enough mass was present at the time of the Super Nova, a White Dwarf may collapse in upon itself forming what is commonly referred to as a “black hole”, an area in space exhibiting the ultimate gravitational attraction, but displaying no mass to anyone perceiving it from the outside.

                    It is referred to as a black hole because not even light may escape it. Therefore, a black hole cannot actually be seen, but can be deduced to exist due to the nature of observable material surrounding it. If viewed from our vantagepoint, we would see a dark area, completely devoid of light, surrounded by the fragments of what was once a huge star. Some of the material will be observed moving away from the dark area and some of the material will be observed moving toward and into it, disappearing from view. We may find, upon closer examination, an irregularity in the combined quantities of the mass moving into and away from a black hole. Such combined quantity may be greater than would be permissible by the mathematical evaluation of what the star’s original estimated mass was prior to exploding. In other words, a black hole may permit the entry of matter into a Universal Span as well as permitting its exit. As a further Inbounding of Consciousness within a Universal Span, a Black Hole may interpenetrate in a unique way with the Outbounded realm of the Multiverse. If matter is transported through Black holes within our Universal Span, a reciprocity may be in effect; permitting as much matter to enter our Universe as is leaving, at any particular time. This reciprocity would support the Steady State theory of our Universe …as compatible with what has been postulated as the “Big Bang”. (Since Black Holes are timeless and spaceless, higher civilizations throughout the Multiverse may communicate instantly with each other by transmitting and receiving through Black Holes).


And other satellites through
Inbounded Logic

                    How are planets and satellites formed? A Nova or Super Nova casts whatever it produces, out and away from itself and towards other nebulae and stars. If a nebula is large enough, it may contain many stars. In a multi-star nebula, when one star goes Nova, its material is thrown out and away and towards the other stars. This material is attracted by and also attracts itself to any such nearby star. As expelled Nova material converges toward an attracting star, fragments of matter, large and small, may join with each other during approach or more likely during orbit of such star to form a satellite of that star. If any other matter lies in close proximity to the newly formed satellite, it may also be attracted to the satellite. 

                    All stars are capable of capturing a satellite or planet, but not all stars are capable of supporting an evolutionary pattern of planetary life. A star containing enough mass to eventually undergo a Nova would exhibit a higher gravitational field than stars of lesser mass. A planet must be far enough away from a star to have temperatures low enough to support life, (but not too far away). The further away a planet is from a star, the more elliptical will be its likely orbit around that star. If the mass of a star were great enough to enter the Nova process, then the orbiting paths of its planets would probably be substantially more elliptical than the paths of planets circling a star of lesser mass. If the mass of a star were great enough to cause wide swings in the paths of its orbiting planets, the presence of animate matter, if at all, would in most probability be of the lowest forms conceivable. Such forms would necessarily have to develop a capability of suspending life processes for lengthy periods of time, (A wide ellipse deprives a planet of sufficient heat and light energy for extreme periods, - by our standards), and might overheat such a planet for short periods. Planetary animate matter capable of advancing its evolution therefore, would most likely occur on planets circling stars exhibiting a quantity of mass confined to a reasonably narrow range, not too far above or below the quantity of mass contained within our own Sun. In order for animate matter to evolve, a reasonable climate must prevail. 

                    Our Sun and our planet Earth are perfect examples therefore, of the type of star and planet that would be necessary for the development of planetary animate matter that can advance its evolution.

                    What a wonderful gift we have to study, so unique within the vast reaches of the Cosmos, to allow the emergence of intelligent planetary animate life, apparently being an extremely rare occurrence, given the narrow range of factors that would permit it's evolution. One must consider however, that in the known Universe there are hundreds of billions of galaxies each containing tens of billions to hundreds of billions of stars. Certainly a reasonable number of stars, (billions?), could meet the requirements for mass, heat and light that our own Sun displays. To go further, one might argue that additional requirements for the evolution of animate matter might not necessarily be present within these star systems, (lack of a planet orbiting at just the right distance and angle for instance, or who's rotations might be too fast or too slow). Out of these billions of stars, certainly a further reasonable number, (millions… or hundreds of thousands?), would display all of the requirements necessary for the advancement of animate matter.

                    Might not then all other star systems, (the vast majority of non-life bearing), therefore comprise the balance of the life supporting makeup of the rest of the Universe?

                    If the logistical position and gravitational influence of a billion star systems is necessary to create the perfect environment for the formation of one single star system capable of evolving planetary animate matter, then it could mean that life is such a necessary ingredient to the continuance of our Universe that vast situations are created that would permit the emergence of such rare and specialized supportive environments. From this viewpoint, the less life there is, the greater is the effort of the Universe to support it. Didn't the Sun and the entire planet Earth support the emergence of the first single DNA molecule? Imagine the size of this single molecule compared to the combined mass of the Earth and the Sun. 

                    Truly, a vast situation was required to allow the emergence of such a tiny, but not insignificant bit of specialized matter. 

                    Of course, such a statement could be viewed as bending the existing data to meet one’s personal viewpoint, and that is indeed, when making a presentation, a very difficult problem to overcome. Semantics and hindsight are often used to twist perceptions …and language is often a barrier to communication, especially where paradoxical views are concerned. I do not ask you to accept the above statement as written in stone however, but to only consider its possibilities with an open mind as we continue to explore it. We will see further into this writing that enough evidence exists to support this viewpoint and to make it at least worth exploring.

                    In order for such a situation to exist, it would appear that a plan would have had to have been in effect and it might appear that an intelligence would have had to have implemented such a plan. On the surface, this statement might seem even more far-fetched. Certainly, hindsight can make sense out of any “history” of occurrences, (view of paradox – once again). If hindsight tells us that what was apparently a random string of chaotic events, has formed a perfect and rational situation, (the emergence of the Universe and of animate matter); does that preclude the possibility that hindsight might also reveal the truth? Is it possible that a chain of “random events” is a kind of logic in and of itself? …Not the sequential logic of the animate perceiver, but the logical plan, (in concurrent multiplicity), of Primary Consciousness/“Time”, unfolding/ compounding in perfect symmetry? Certainly the point is arguable. A fresh concept that states;

Random occurrences are symbols of Universal Logic
might be worth exploring

If all space, energy and matter is ambient, undivided, but differentiated
Primary Consciousness, (is contiguous)

and if animate matter converts ambient Primary Consciousness into
dynamic, (sequentialized), Localized/Primary Consciousness

                    That non-animate matter constructed of ambient Primary Consciousness existing within the Now, (existing within the concurrency of the wholeness of itself), having no concept of past or future, processes a virtual plan within the concurrency of the Void from which it extends …that is perceived by animate matter bearing dynamic Localized Primary Consciousness …to be a series of “moment to moment” random events.

                    This rational has been avoided in scientific circles because it might appear that one is possibly bending existing data, through the use of hindsight, to match a personal, philosophical or religious viewpoint. (We cannot really blame the scientists for this however. Look at the loss of credibility that Fred Hoyle brought upon himself when he maintained his view of the “Steady State” Universe in opposition to the “Big Bang” theory). 

                    It is safer to say, “We are born into a self established condition that we call Universe, generated by a random act that we call the Big Bang”. OK, but what is meant by a random act? After all, science is referring to, (within our sequential perception), the very first occurrence, the establishment of the seed from which our Universe evolved, without offering evidence of anything that happened prior. Doesn’t a random act need a background of non-random occurrences to be perceived as being random? …Some baseline to be judged against? …And just how does a “random condition” establish itself without a plan? Science has it that due to the lack of concrete evidence, we cannot deduce a Creator, yet we deduce Black Holes …and the scientific community certainly uses hindsight to present their case for the “Big Bang”. The Baseline has been missed by science, in that “Time” though considered to be a measurement of process, a measurement of change, is actually much more than what we perceive of it. The Unified Field that is described herein as “Time” itself …is what has been misinterpreted …and whose properties have been largely ignored by science. No “Grand Unification Theory” is achievable unless that which we perceive as “Time”, (the Unified Tensor Field of the Void), in concurrency and in “comprehension” of itself, (in diversified processing of itself), is used as the baseline from which all other processes of space, energy, matter and perception emanate.


                    The view of a Creator has been cradled in mystery within religious circles. “God planned it... and God made it happen!” – (which in the final analysis happens to be true, but…)

That type of rhetoric doesn’t help matters either. 

                    Such statements bear resemblance to ultimatums, forbidding further questioning of them. If one expects another person to accept anything, one must anticipate the other to have enough intelligence to understand the concept being presented. If one believes that such intelligence is present within the other, then that intelligence must be respected. Any thinking being therefore, (except maybe God), might be inclined to dismiss such statements out of hand and might be less willing to consider any further reference to an intelligence that creates, nurtures and perhaps maintains the universal constants and physical laws that we discover and perceive. Isn’t it ironic that for the last 4000 years or more, we have been trying to interpret an invisible and incomprehensible “God”? We know “something” is there, but our paradoxical view of it precludes its actually being seen …it is so nebulous …and also so manifestly present. How does one decide what to believe, if one cannot see, except by the indirect perception of a force that might …or might not exist?

                    Religious fervor on the one hand has created a kind of religious prejudice within the scientific community on the other. Scientists go to their religious temples of prayer, but quietly leave the possibility of “God”, (or a willful, intelligent force called by any other name), out of scientific exploration. It is certainly understandable within the parameters of scientific investigation that an objective viewpoint must be maintained, but must this viewpoint be maintained to the absolute exclusion of the possibility that a higher intelligence might exist. Do we know and understand every physical law of the Universe? Our hindsight tells us that everything that we have discovered so far has a logical explanation. It stands to reason therefore, that there are no supernatural or mysterious occurrences. Why should this preclude an interpretation of “God”? Couldn’t “God” manifest through and as the physical laws of the Universe, both known and not yet discovered? Couldn’t “God” be natural, a component generated by the aggregate of the physical laws of the Universe, such component bearing intelligence, a kind of Dynamic wholly Localized/Primary Consciousness in diversification of itself …generating non-localities of itself? …generated by something other than animate matter, (though at one time, nurtured by animate matter)? This Totality would have the ability to further generate a continuance of itself by maintaining the “environment” that supports its existence, the “environment” of an ever becoming, ever renewing Universe/Multiverse …And here, the explanation is so simple – that “Time” as a Unified Field in comprehension of itself, (in compoundment of itself due to its inherent tension upon itself), manifests as existence within our view of it …and that the only reason that we are able to “see” it all …that it is able to affect us at all …is because we are an undivided, though diversified part of it!

                    When it unexpectedly acts upon us, we interpret it as “coincidence”, “Universal Consciousness” …or as “God” …and when it acts upon us in a way that we expect …we see it as matter, energy, nature, relativity,

…as common …Existence

                    The exploration of this concept must take us back and through the dynamics of where Space, Time, Matter and Energy form a Singularity, back to Void where thought and action are one and the same, back to the Lathe of Creation. As this writing unfolds, we will discover that what we discern as “Space, Time, Matter and Energy” are actually reflections of our own perception because it is we who extend from the Unified Field of Time/Consciousness …from the Lathe of Creation …and give Time/ Consciousness form and texture …dimensionality, reality …and existence. The chapters that follow will provide a transition of perception from vision through the Animate Interface to vision through the substructure of the Unified Field.

Come out to the Wonders of Radiant Night’s

Galactic Designer’s Profound Illustration

Whose Passionate Artistry fashioned the Light

That tethers thy Soul to the Heart of Creation

The invitation speaks of the beauty and majesty of what life may experience out among the stars and goes further to promise a level of perception beyond that which is limited to Earthly imagination. There within lies a deeper message …that the Spirit of the Universe, all Animate Matter and all Souls are together, the Spirit of Life 



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