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As a result,

A.                 Within the community of the locus, there are also Souls that are not extended into animate form. Such Souls in the disembodied state are between the death of their Animate Interface and reincarnation into a new life. 

                    The notion of “time” for disembodied Souls, (Souls in the “Between”), is inconsequential in that time in the “Between” is contiguous and concurrent. There is no interruption of information received or of action projected, as thought and action in the “Between” are one and the same. (What we perceive as the instant while in animate form is an interruption of the flow of information because the Animate Interface, as an information processor, is positioned between the soul and the information available to the soul. We perceive the constant flow of interruption, the flow of the perpetual moment as a flow of time, as a flow of instants through this interface …as a code, as the “reality of the present”. Such perception of interruption of information is what the illusion of separateness and therefore, bordered materiality is). Consequently, contiguous information, (non-interrupted and therefore, non-“time” based), transmitted by disembodied Souls through the Locus, whether intentionally or incidentally, is receivable by Souls extended into animate form, as they extend from the locus as well. Such information is interpreted by Souls through an Animate Interface as a premonition, (a vision of future events), and dejavu, (a feeling of remembrance of past encounter when no recollection of such encounter can be brought forth). Such information is not transmitted through the Animate Interface to the Soul even though the Soul is extended into animate form, but is rather received directly from the locus from which the soul extends. Because the Soul is accustomed to perceiving a flow of time through the Animate Interface, such information is interpreted as a vision of a past or future event, or at a place non-local to the Interface.

B.                 Souls are extensions of Primary Consciousness, (compound processes of experience). They maintain a state of being, of cohesiveness, by their own interpretations of themselves. Virtual self-interpretation is the Soul's method of continuing its existence. (If a pattern of existence is constructed of compounded “time”, and that pattern is self-aware, then that pattern may virtualize itself in continuity). The Soul also interprets its extended environment as well as itself – as the Soul is undivided from that environment - and such undivided interpretation is what gives the Soul the viability to act, (and to continue), within its environment. Such viability enables the Soul's transition, (propagation), through its environment. As the Soul propagates through its environment, it therefore changes form. It is malleable through its ability to interpret. Souls therefore, while receiving information through their animate forms from their material environment are reordered by the reception of such information. 

                    Because Souls are altered by the reception of information, they in turn alter the Locus from which they extend. Such extended alteration is the transmission of information to their Locus. Information received through an Animate Interface and then transmitted to the Locus is available to all Souls extended from that Locus because the Locus is reordered through such transmission. 
Since this type of information is constantly interrupted, (digitized), because it is processed through an Animate Interface, it is sequentially “time” dependent. Such information may be received by all other Souls extending from the locus, whether in Animate Interface or disembodied. If received by Souls extended into Animate Interface, such digitized information is interpreted as a current happening, a feeling of current experience when no apparent conditions for such current experience seem to be present. (This is similar to the quantum field experiments that generate the phenomenon of non-locality). We are capable of experiencing what others currently experience by receiving such information of experience through a common Locus. Once again, such information is not transmitted through the Animate Interface to us even though we are extended into animate form, but is rather received by us directly from the Locus from which we and other Souls of similar experiential status extend. The property of time within the locus is the concurrent Tensor Field of the Void and because of this, all events, all experiences within the locus are synchronous. Because the Soul is accustomed to perceiving a “flow of time” through the Animate Interface however, such information is interpreted as a manifestation of the “present”.

                    Since all information, (the totality of accumulated experience), is available to all Souls continuously, (as all Loci are connected together through the Lathe of Creation), the accumulation, (realization), of the experience of the Totality of Primary Consciousness can be achieved. All that is required to attain such understanding is the education of the Soul in how to interpret the information that is always available to it. Once such understanding is achieved, the Totality and indivisibility of Primary Consciousness is thus realized.

                    The next higher level of the Lathe of Creation is recognized and inhabited by Souls that rarely form associations with animate matter. Their level of experience has risen beyond that which association with the Animate Interface can provide. Souls at this level gain experience from the levels below and from the level above. There is only one community at this level because choice of contact with the Animate Interface rarely, if ever occurs. There are Souls of varied experience at this level however and only the most experienced may advance to the level above. Souls at this level have learned that disembodied existence provides greater opportunity for accomplishment because interface with their environment is more direct than through the vision, (illusion), of animate matter. Once a Soul begins to feel more comfortable in the disembodied form, it rarely returns to the animate experience. There was a time on every planet that supports animate matter when those planets did not support animate matter and there may come a time on such planets when they cannot. Souls therefore, are first born into existence through the Animate Interface and then evolve beyond it.

                    The next higher and final level is composed of the integration of Souls of highest wisdom. They form the mechanism by which Primary Consciousness exerts its in-tention upon the “environment” within which animate and all other matter exists. This mechanism/level is referred to within this writing as a Godhead.

                    The Lathe of Creation consists of several levels of the compoundments of Primary Consciousness that are interactive with each other and with what we perceive as being the entire Universe/Multiverse, including animate matter and the Souls existing/extending within. The primary purpose of the Lathe is to gather information/ experience from Souls extending from various levels of the Lathe and whose perception is focused upon the Lathe after having experienced animate life. The Lathe uses such gathered information/experience as an archival database to continually generate the blueprint/spreadsheet of an ever-becoming, ever-renewing Multiverse. Put simply, the Totality of Primary Consciousness requires a digitized, (delayed), vision of itself to allow it to know what it is doing in order to continue its experience and existence as an organized state. The delay allows the whole of Primary Consciousness, through its self-created parts, to look back at itself to know what it has just done so that it may formulate what it is to do next. The delay allows what may be expressed as a “holomotive” image/process in each of its self-created parts, of every part reflecting the process of the whole with different views, interpretations and actions, and therefore of the process of the whole, generated by the varied functions of its contiguous parts.

                    The Physicist/Philosopher David Bohm surmised that the Universe was a contiguous system, undivided, though interpenetrating of itself and is therefore convoluted to our perception. In his attempt to describe the dynamic process of the experience by the Universe of itself, Bohm coined the term, “Holomovement”, as a description of the action of a multi-dimensional reality infiltrating and permeating itself. More to the point, Bohm tried to show that what we perceive as space and time were the generated aspects of an underlying singular force undergoing experience of itself. The force and the experience were and still are the interpenetration by Primary Consciousness of itself, never truly dividing, but folding and convoluting, wherein we perceive the folds as bordered separateness. To our perception, the folds themselves are so tiny that we cannot see them except that when many folds are together, we interpret them as a material object.

                    If a ribbon could be folded 10,000 times accordion style and the folds were to be pressed tightly together, we would only see a solid block, but the ribbon would still be a ribbon. If a portion of modeling clay is rolled out into a tube and then the tube is compressed into a sphere, the tube, though convoluted would still be contained within the sphere and the original material, (the clay), though folded, would still retain its intrinsic nature of undivided totality. 
And here you might ask, “What if the tube is broken into two parts? Is it not then divided?” The answer is that the illusioned “space” between the parts, less convoluted than the clay, is the substance of Primary Consciousness from which the clay, simply more convoluted, also extends. Both the space and the clay are folds of the same thing, the clay more tightly folded than the space. Let us once again use the example of the ribbon to represent the substance of Primary Consciousness, but in this case the ribbon is invisible unless it is tightly folded. Let us make 10,000 folds in one part of the ribbon to make that part visible and then an inch of ribbon is left unfolded and is invisible. Next after this inch, another 10,000 folds are made. Each aggregate of 10,000 folds would be visible and interpreted as materiality and the unfolded inch between them would be interpreted as space. Primary Consciousness never apart from itself, although folded into infinite patterns, retains those patterns of itself within the whole of itself and each pattern undergoing continuous change reflects the whole of Primary Consciousness in different ways. Bohm avoided using the term “holographic” because “holomovement” is more applicable as a descriptor of the dynamic process of convoluting interpenetration.

                    A secondary purpose of the Lathe is to prepare Souls for reincarnation into renewed animate life, to further the gathering of unique information/experience for eventual retrieval once again. Each time a Soul reincarnates, it is capable of gathering more highly sophisticated information because it carries with it the heightened awareness and wisdom of its prior animate existence.

                    The ability of Primary Consciousness to gather information in such an advanced way did not always exist …as we perceive “time”. Within each Universal Span, prior to the creation of the animate form, extensions of Primary Consciousness had no way of gaining self-awareness and therefore the only information that could be gathered was that of impactive/destructive. When the animate form evolved, the Localized extensions of Primary Consciousness inhabiting such forms could, for the first time in the history of the Multiverse, (in the history of “experience”), gather information in a more sophisticated way. When the animate form gave birth to the self-aware Soul, Primary Consciousness gained the ability of unique perception that allowed the advancement of its self-aware extensions into the self-governing multilevel structure herein referred to as the Lathe of Creation. Such structure was generated by self-aware Souls experiencing disembodiment, (continuance of being), after the death of their animate forms, who congregated together due to their recomprehension of each other because of their similarity of experience. Once self-awareness was generated within Localized extensions of Primary Consciousness, the Totality of Primary Consciousness was by this effect, compounded into the levels of experience of its constituent extensions, (Souls), as the multilevel Lathe of Creation. 

                    There was a period in our Universal Span, (in all Universal Spans), when there was no animate matter. The conditions for the creation and evolution of animate matter were non-existent until our Universal Span cooled sufficiently after the original burning of Primordality that created it. Primary Consciousness did not become the intentionally purposeful Lathe of Creation within our Universal Span until the emergence of the Animate Interface and resultant self-aware Soul. As animate matter replicated, Primary Consciousness extended itself into a greater number of animate forms and began to see itself through each “living form” as a segmented system of time and space from within our Span. Each such extension of Localized Primary Consciousness could perceive other extensions of Localized Primary Consciousness through such animate forms and eventually developed advanced communication between them. The capability of the development of language, however it manifests, is another indication of self-awareness. In order to communicate with understanding, there must be an, “I”, and at least an, “it”. (I use the words, “capability” and “understanding”, to exclude those devices that we use for the transmission of communication such as radios, televisions, telephones, computers and Animate Interfaces. Only the Soul as an experient, understands the meaning of communication and can therefore, actually communicate). 

                    The advancement of self-awareness, awareness of others and environmental awareness, through the diversification of species created a multilevel structure, a new geometry within the Multiverse, (the Lathe), of differentiated experiential status within each Universal Span, including our own, transforming Primary Consciousness through the integration of these experiential levels into a self-aware being, as the “Universe”/ Multiverse, a self-determinate “Lathe of Self-Creation”. What we perceive as the changing Universe is our interpretation, our unique perspective of the continuity of experience by the Totality of Primary Consciousness of itself …with purpose!

                    Each of the levels of experiential status within the Lathe, through “natural selection” assumed the functions of operation of the Lathe that they were best suited for. Each level is unique in its own fashion therefore and manifests as a sub-structural “Quantum Mind”, (as sub-structural levels of hierarchy), each consisting of the co-mingled waveforms of its constituent Souls. Because the levels of the Lathe are each unique in function and because they are also undivided from each other, they formed between them the simplest process possible for the transmission of inter-level communication. The formation of this process was directed by the same auto-thought that drives the natural selection process of what we refer to in our material world as evolution. Since the Lathe communicates from within itself at the root of existence, Time-Space and Matter-Energy are treated as the inertial thoughts of a Multilevel Quantum Mind. 

                    The communications/transmissions therefore take the form of vibratory excitations between the levels, generated en-mass within each level by the unique perceptions/ communications between the inhabitants of each level. The four basic levels of the Lathe and their associative sub-structural processes are described in detail below:


                    The lowest level of the Lathe is formed of Souls newly released from animate life that have never experienced reincarnation into a form within which they had existed in their last animate life. Any Soul that has gained the enhancement of sustained self-awareness will reincarnate. Multiple reincarnations advance the wisdom and perceptive capabilities of the Soul through numerous animate life experiences. A Soul may advance into more sophisticated animate forms as it gains higher awareness of itself and of other species that it comes in contact with, resulting in greater comprehension of its environment. Such higher understanding permits greater investigation of its environment resulting in the gathering of more detailed information, (answers), that will eventually be returned to the Lathe for refinement through the four integrated levels into more advanced questions to further the experience of the totality. Souls therefore are encouraged to advance into more highly sophisticated animate forms by the presence of and interaction with advanced animate forms that are associated with Souls of advanced experience and understanding. (In a more basic understanding, this is part of the experiential advancement of Primary Consciousness driven by auto-thought, driven by its tension of wholeness upon itself).

                    While in animate form, an individual may become familiar with and emulate the behavior of another species. Pets, for instance, under certain circumstances emulate the behavior of their human caretakers. Every animate form has a Soul, but not every Soul may achieve disembodied existence. The quality of self-recomprehension must be present to enable such existence to occur. If a Soul dwelling within an animate form has achieved the rudiments of sustained self- recomprehension, it will then exist at some point as a disembodied pattern capable of reincarnation after its animate life is over. Human forms are thought to be of the highest sophistication on our planet and we should be inclined to believe that each human soul would have had many experiences of reincarnation in order to reach the level of human interface. We can formulate however that there were fewer humans on the planet in the past than there are now. If we believe that Souls reincarnate, it would stand to reason that they would seek a pattern of most familiarity to live again within. If humans are growing in numbers on the planet, where then are all of the new human souls coming from? The simple answer is that lower forms of animate life that are capable of emulating human behavior are reincarnating as first time humans. 

                    Our pets, which are in close contact with us, see themselves as part of the nuclear human family as children would, and during reincarnation seek the pattern of most familiarity, a human pattern. This is not to say that dogs, cats, birds and other species that we take as pets are not capable of reincarnation into their own species. If left to fend for themselves in their natural state, they would choose during reincarnation, a form that they could identify with, most probably of their own species because their species is what they are most familiar with. Because humans lead the way for their pets however, they make them part of the human family and therefore pets emulate human behavior to the best of their ability. They become mindset toward the human condition and therefore, as a reincarnating Soul, seek human pattern because this is what they know and are most familiar with. It is the mindset, the perception of being one with a group, which paves the way for entry into a particular level of the Lathe of Creation or for reincarnation into one species or another. In the final analysis, we become what we think we are. (The desire to be one with a group is not other than the expression of the substructures of Primary Consciousness to be one with the totality. Localized Primary Consciousness, because of its illusion of itself through the Animate Interface as a fractionalized form, seeks to regain unity).

                    If a Soul of one species becomes more familiar with the behavior of another species than the behavior its own species, it will seek out the pattern of the species that it is most familiar with when it reincarnates. When reincarnation into another species occurs, the Soul will experience a first time existence as a new species. When it loses its new Animate Interface through the demise of the Interface, the Soul will eventually enter the Lathe as a new species fledgling, (altered waveform of the Soul), and remain at Level 1 until reincarnation occurs. When reincarnation does occur, the Soul will seek an animate pattern of familiarity back into the new species that it has just come from unless it has emulated the behavior a higher species, which in most probability, such higher emulation at this point, would be an extremely rare occurrence.

                    Such Souls, although always having been part of the Totality of Primary Consciousness, join together along their paths of species familiarity, into a higher form of integration to form a union of first experience, (an integrated quantum mind). Such Souls are fledglings of their new species and have not yet gained the experience and wisdom that would give them the higher experiential status of such species. The union of first experience occurs after each Soul has gone through the process of disembodied environmental learning, thus altering its own waveform to enable integration with other Souls. This is the, “Freshman Class of Souls”. Altered individual waveforms permit this aggregate of newly reordered Souls to unite into a more sophisticated compoundment of mass consciousness that generates the greater waveforms of the various communities of quantum minds of the first, (lowest), level of the Lathe referred to here as level 1. 

                    Souls, the Animate Interface, the perceived environment, quantum minds and the eventual formation of the Lathe are the naturally advancing constructs, (algorithms), of the experience by Primary Consciousness of itself. They are alterations of the Tensor Field of the Void, as “realizations”, comprehension’s, by Primary Consciousness of itself. Put another way, even though Souls are individual extensions of the compoundments of Primary Consciousness, they form into a higher community of collective consciousness through their perceptions as extensions while in the disembodied form. Any community of disembodied Souls that forms into a quantum mind is a coalition of extensions above the mass consciousness that the individuals are extended from. It is through this process of the higher compounding of mass consciousness that the entire Lathe of Creation evolves itself as the Multiverse …as the Grand Universe, to higher experience.

                    In Level 1, the paths of familiarity are of species recomprehension. Souls at level 1 are inexperienced regarding new species disembodied existence. They therefore seek the paths of most familiarity, aggregating into groups of their own species. The way that they perceive their own species is by auto-recomprehension through a Mandala of Suchness, of the waveforms of the individual Souls of their species. Each time a Soul interfaces through a new species animate form, its waveform alters to allow for such existence/comprehension. (For example, when human surrogates care for certain baby birds, the baby birds are said to imprint the human condition upon themselves. Such imprinting is a molecular rearrangement of imaging within the Animate Interface of the bird generated by the alteration of the Soul of the bird to emulate the human condition). The altered waveform as a disembodied state of being can only join with other waveforms of compatible alteration. Migration of the Soul to its proper disembodied species community is accomplished through the recomprehension of waveforms similar to itself as a shared Mandala. Each species group integrates into a collective consciousness through waveform integration. The collective consciousness of each group joins with other groups, (similar groups of waveforms link together), forming into the compatible vibration, a harmony, (into the greater mass waveform of the union of first experience as a new species), that is accessed by level 2, the class above.

                    Souls reincarnate into their own species repeatedly until higher awareness of a more capable species is realized. Any species is capable of advancing through the higher levels of the Lathe. If a species evolves its awareness to the point of higher advancement through the Lathe, then the Souls of that species will have no reason to emulate other species. If some individuals of a species recognize the capability of higher achievement of another species and emulate the behavior of the other species, then those individual Souls will reincarnate into the species that they have emulated. 
(Many societies, both modern and ancient recognize the inter-species process of soul migration and hold each species through meditation/prayer, in reverence). Emulation of the higher achievers therefore, may occur within the species that the Soul already inhabits or in any other species that it has had animate environmental experience with. 

                    The only reason that a Soul would remain at Level 1, rather than migrate to a higher level prior to its reincarnation, is because that Soul has just had a first time experience within a new species. The Soul's altered waveform as a new species is a reflection of the changes in its perceptive abilities. At Level 1, such alterations in perception are accommodated in the following way:

1.                 The first accommodation is for Souls that are changing from a less advanced species into a more advanced one, as higher species emulators. The animate body of the old species has experienced death and the Soul is now going to join a community of Souls of a new species. The transition of the Soul's perception from old species animate form to new species community recomprehension takes place within level 1 as level 1 allows the formation of collective consciousness based upon species recomprehension/ integration. The individual Souls maintain self-integrity even though joined with each other and with higher realms, just as nucleons maintain a degree of individual integrity while they are part of an atomic nucleus. Species groups of Souls at this level exchange en-mass, past animate life experience. During and because of such exchange, the waveform of the entire level is altered to interface with the level above, creating an excitation, allowing an upload of information in the form of a vibration that resonates to the upper level. Likewise, the upper level, having been affected, (excited to a higher energy state), by the uploaded resonance of the lower level, releases a download through a similar vibratory pattern. Such download contains the information/preparation necessary for the reincarnation of the individual Souls of the lower level, once again altering the waveforms of such individual Souls and allowing their separation from their various groups. As each group undergoes separation of the individuals, the binding energy that held the individual Souls of each group together is released and so is the binding energy that held the various groups together, causing a new resonance in the upper level, which is transmitted to the levels above. This final vibration causes the uppermost level of the Lathe to prepare Animate Interfaces that will be used by the reincarnating Souls of both Levels 1 and 2. The process of animate form preparation is addressed in chapter 10 – “The Median Effect”.

2.                 The second accommodation is for Souls that will extend from Level 1 to interface with the animate forms of a new species, (first time reincarnation into a new species). Level 1 provides the path of extension, (Mandala), for the Soul, that leads to the Soul's recomprehension of the new species animate form.


                    The next higher level is that of Souls who have reincarnated one or more times within their own species and whose collective experience is enriched of higher wisdom within their species. Such Souls form the “Sophomore Class” of the collective level above Level 1. 

                    Level 2 has similar functions of Level 1, but where Level 1 is inexperienced, the Souls inhabiting Level 2 have already passed through Level 1 once as a same species experient and are now ready for the next phase of education. The responsibilities of the Souls of Level 2 are greater than that of the Souls of Level 1. Level 2 must prepare Level 1 for a first time reincarnation into a new species. Level 2 must also gather information from Level 1 and refine such information into a format that is compatible for upload to the Mandala above Level 2. The, “students”, of Level 2, therefore become the guides for the, “students” of Level 1. Both groups reside within the same, “classroom”, but belong to different, “experiential associations”. The refining of such information is accomplished by altering the vibrational upload of Level 1 through the advanced experiential waveform of Level 2. During the exchange of animate life experience between the Souls of Level 1, a resonance from Level 1 excites the waveform of Level 2 allowing the upload of experience from Level 1 to Level 2 and also enables the download of preparation for reincarnation from Level 2 to Level 1. During the excitation stage of Level 2, the changing waveform of Level 2 incorporates/ processes the uploaded information of Level 1. Such processing of information allows the alteration of the preparatory information for reincarnation that is downloaded to Level 1 to meet the general needs of Level 1. It is not necessary to meet the needs of the individual Souls of Level 1 as the body of information downloaded to them contains all that is needed by any particular Soul. Individual needs are satisfied through continuing experience in animate form after reincarnation.

                    (That is why an educated Soul will fare better during the disembodied experience than an uneducated one. Individual needs are not served during the transmission of information required for reincarnation. The transmission of information is auto-thought to the entire Community of Souls whose experiential level limits them to seek reincarnation. An informed Soul can seek a reincarnation to a more pleasant life or to bypass reincarnation altogether, but an uninformed Soul will be taken by auto-thought to a life compatible with the Soul’s own experiential construct.

                    If a Soul’s experiential construct lacks the education that would enable it to avoid unpleasant circumstances, or the Soul is burdened by what it considers to be its own “immoral” behavior in its prior animate life, then the Soul will project its own imaginations of itself onto the Tensor Field of the Void …and the Void will respond with an auto-thought as an answer to those projections …and a new animate existence, equal to the Soul’s projections of itself will be imposed upon the Soul by the Tensor Field …and that is simple Karma in the disembodied state.

                    A Soul who is familiar with the mechanisms of the Tensor Field however, can in-form the Tensor Field that the Soul has recognized its own interpretation of its own “immoral behavior” as a learning experience and that it has forgiven itself through higher understanding. In this way, a reincarnating Soul may alter the auto-thought of the Tensor Field to a more benevolent force. Of course, if the Soul lies about its perception of understanding, then the lie becomes part of its own experiential construct and further compounds the auto-thought of the Tensor Field against itself. When in the disembodied state, a Soul cannot lie its way into a pleasant life. Furthermore, it is obviously better to lead, within one’s own conception, a “moral” life while in the animate form. Finally, Robert Thurman’s translation of the Tibetan Book of the Dead gives detailed information regarding what to expect, what to choose …and what to avoid while navigating the “Straits of the Between”.

                    The processing of information in L2 that has been obtained from L1 and from the exchange of animate life information between the inhabitants of L2, causes an excitation in the level above L2 permitting the upload of refined information to such upper level, (L3). The resonance created in L3 allows reception and incorporation of such information into L3 for further refinement and transmission to the, (L4), level above. The resonance in the level above L2 also excites the waveform of L2 allowing the reception of a download to L2 from L3, which further excites the waveform of L2. Since Souls are entering/experiencing the Lathe on a continuous basis, all of the levels of the Lathe constantly resonate. Such resonance is not other than transmissions of information, (Questions/Answers - cohesive thought)… and as will be shown further into this writing, to be the 3K radiation background perceived and misperceived through the animate interface as the echo of the “Big Bang”. 

                    All patterns of existence are constructed of cohesive thought, Souls included, since all patterns of existence are not other than Primary Consciousness compounded into an organized state. The levels of the Lathe are individual schools of differentiated Primary Consciousness compounded of the collective resonance of individual Souls. 

                    Each level of the Lathe is formed of Souls of a similar experiential status, beginning with a threshold state, (lowest status), and ending with the highest experiential status of that level, providing the compatibility required for the transmission of information, (and Souls), between each level. The highest experiential status of each level is compatible with the threshold of experiential status of the level above, except that there is no level beyond the highest level, L4, of the Lathe except that which it affects, the advancement of experience of the Totality of Primary Consciousness, (the “evolution” of what we perceive as the “Universe”). Such compatibility between the highest experiential status of the level below with the threshold of the level above enables unencumbered transmission of information, including the advancement of Souls from one level to the next. The individuality of each level therefore is based upon the aggregate of the experiential status of its inhabitants. Each level forms a Quantum mind capable of interaction with levels above and below. Souls from throughout the entire range of planetary species and star based, (orbiting), molecular societies, (discussed further into this writing), enter/experience the Lathe, (Mandala of Suchness), in a continuous stream. Some Souls are entering new species, never before having reincarnated into the new form that they have chosen. Some Souls have had the experience of prior reincarnation into the animate forms of their old species and some Souls are entering the Lathe for the last time to remain as permanent residents without animate form.

                    When a Soul is reincarnated, it does not leave the Lathe/Mandala. It merely extends from its place within the Lathe/Locus as an observer/operator into an animate form. The Soul, being an extension of the Lathe continually resonates information to the Lathe while in animate form. Such resonance however, is different than when in disembodied form. When the animate body experiences death, the Soul's perception changes and it becomes capable of interaction with the Lathe without the encumbrance of animate perception, enabling transmission of information between itself and other disembodied Souls in a more direct way. Returning to the Lathe means that the Soul no longer perceives through its animate form. Such returning to the Lathe is merely a change of perception, not a change of position/location. Such change of perception is caused by the alteration of the waveform of the Soul due to losing its animate shell. The alteration of the waveform enables the Soul to interact in a different way with the Lathe, thereby exciting the waveform of the particular level that the Soul extends from, thus reforming and replenishing the more sophisticated compoundment of Primary Consciousness herein known as the Quantum mind. Souls that cling to animate perception after losing animate form cannot interact with the other Souls of their level in a collective way until they change their perception from animate existence to that of being disembodied, as described earlier within this writing.

                    The information received and refined by the level above L2 causes a download from such upper level to L2 that causes L2 to undergo the following additional waveform alterations:

1.                 To allow the experience/entry into L2 of Souls having experienced at least one reincarnation in the same species animate form. This is accomplished through part of the upload from L1 to L2. 

2.                 Souls inhabiting L2 that have undergone many reincarnations may elect not to reincarnate again. This decision can only be made by a Soul whose experiential level of animate life has altered its waveform to permit non-reincarnation to occur. Such Souls achieve the level above L2. They are the High Initiates of their worlds, spoken of at the end of the last chapter. Unless their waveforms are altered to a compatible vibration with the waveform of the collective mind of L3, they cannot migrate to L3. A Soul therefore cannot fake its way into, “Heaven”. The Souls of L3 also congregate into communities of experiential status. The experiential recomprehension in L3 is that of the High Initiate only however and whatever species they ascended from, no longer matters.

3.                 Souls inhabiting L2 whose experiential level of animate life is not high enough to allow non-reincarnation are prepared by auto-thought for reincarnation once again. Such Souls carry with them into their next animate life, the wisdom of prior reincarnation. Their animate forms and expected animate life experience are prepared to meet the level of their enriched abilities. A Soul will reincarnate an unlimited number of times until it reaches a level of refined wisdom where reincarnation no longer serves a purpose. One can become a High Initiate therefore, either through enlightenment derived of advanced Meditation techniques or through the advancing enlightenment of repeated reincarnations, which eventually must lead once again to the practice of advanced meditation. It is only through the understanding that such meditation, (study), would bring, that one would attain the status of the High Initiate.

                    (Once again I will say – that Souls are the children of the adventure of the Inertial Will of the Tensor Field of Primary Consciousness, and as such, Souls must learn how to navigate the Tensor Field. This education can only be achieved through meditation, preferably led by an experienced tutor, led by one who is on the level of the High Initiate. If one thinks that they can somehow “con” their way through the Tensor Field of auto-thought, they are then in for a forced education, the experience of which may be extremely unpleasant).


                    The next higher level above L2 would be that of Souls who have chosen not to reincarnate. They are the, “Junior Class”, of the Lathe. They are the High Initiates of their worlds whose collective experience is enriched of wisdom beyond that of L2, (They are more at home in the disembodied state rather than perceiving through the Animate Interface). Such Souls form the collective mind of the level above L2, remaining at the Lathe, rarely extending into animate form, although choosing to do so is possible. This level receives information/experience from the lower levels and in turn changes the structure of the lower levels, preparing them for reincarnation. This level also sends such acquired information/experience to a higher level, L4, which uses this information to maintain the environment that supports animate life. L4 also transmits such information to/as the Totality of Primary Consciousness, transforming the Mandala of Suchness to permit the alteration of the rate of expansion of, and to maintain the equilibrium of, the ever-becoming Universe/Multiverse.

                    Consciousness …that’s all it is …in whatever form it compounds of itself …and Consciousness always seeks a way to further its experience – driven by the Inertia of its own self-comprehending Tensor Field. That’s why Life is naturally “curious” and “creative” – it is driven to be, by the self-tension of wholeness upon the field of Primary Consciousness from which all life extends.

                    Gravity is nothing more than the continuity of the thought of Primary Consciousness between all of its self-created/extended patterns and its own Totality. 

                    Gravity created the stars – that created the elements of Life – that created the Souls – that took control of the Tensor Field, allowing “God” to manifest as “inherently intelligent”. This is all simply the thought of Primary Consciousness compounding upon itself, adding layer after layer of the interpretation of itself – through its own inertially driven language of “Mathematica” that we have interpreted as the “Word of God”.

                    The Quantum levels that are being described here are descriptive models of the natural formations of Primary Consciousness having taken control of its own self-experiential adventure.

Some of the additional functions of Level 3 are:

1.                 To refine information received from L2 to a degree where the level above L3 can use such information to form empirical decrees that affect the renewing Mandala of the Multiverse, which evolves the structure/compoundment of the environment of animate matter. The nature of thought within L3 is a blend of sequentiality and concurrency, sequential in reception/interpretation and concurrent in transmission/ expression. Can you imagine sequential concurrencies? No? …just barely? This is what is required of the High Initiate – which comes naturally through deep meditation. Unlike perception through the Animate Interface, where we interpret the Totality as fractions, unable to see the connections, the High Initiate instantly sees it all through meditation – sees all of Primary Consciousness at once …and then skillfully through his/her own volition, perceptually breaks up this vision into manageable parts.

2.                 To excite the waveform of the level above through the transmission of such refined information. The excited waveform of the level above L3 allows the uploaded information to be interpreted as acceptable or questionable depending upon the degree of refinement of such information by L3. If the information is questionable, (perceived as incomplete), an alteration of the waveform of L4 excites the waveform of L3 to further refine the information. Such excitation of the waveform of L3 by the level above causes L3 to gather more detailed information from the levels below. Once such detailed information is gathered and re-refined by L3, it is again uploaded to L4. Such forced gathering of detailed information causes the inhabitants of L3 to evolve toward higher understanding, expertise and cooperation/unity.

3.                 When the gathering and refining of information by L3 reaches a stage of expertise that no longer requires a secondary mandate of forced gathering from the level above, the waveforms of the most learned inhabitants of L3 become compatible with the minimum threshold of L4, permitting their ascension to this uppermost level. At such point, the remaining inhabitants of L3 will have lost their best refiners to the level above and the forced mandate of detailed information gathering will once again occur as required.


                    The highest level of the Lathe, the “Senior Class”, is composed of the collective minds of the wisest Souls who form the quantum empirical mind of the Lathe. This is the level that manifests perceptible patterns of existence by alteration of the Universal Mandala. It controls and administers the energy of the rate of expansion of Universal Spans. This energy is what we interpret as the 3K-radiation background emanating throughout the heavens, but in reality it is the force of what we perceive as “God”, acting upon the Multiverse …of Primary Consciousness acting upon itself. It is the driving force behind all processes that occur. This energy is the thought within the thought/action processes that occur throughout the Universe/Multiverse on a moment-to-moment basis as perceived through the animate form and as concurrency within the Tensor Field of the Void. 

                    The plan of this force has two main functions. The first function is to drive all processes including the creation and evolution of animate forms. L4 powers the auto-thought process of Time-Space and all patterns of existence as the ambient consciousness described in previous chapters. Ambient consciousness is the vibrational application of empirical information mandated by L4. The second function is to be interactive with life, to guide life through experience and to provide life with a vehicle to return that experience back to the Lathe of Creation. Some additional functions of Level 4 are as follows:

1.                 To excite the waveforms of all patterns of existence using the information received from Level 3. When information from L3 is processed by L4, such information is made empirical to mandate changes throughout the Universe. The information is translated into a vibration that is compatible/concurrent with the waveforms of all patterns of existence, animate and non-animate. This is why the 3K-radiation background emanates with slight modifications from all parts of the Universe. The modifications serve to correct imbalances within each Universal Span and within the totality of the Multiverse, such imbalances discovered by L4 through the upload of information by disembodied Souls associating within the Lathe. Such information is collected by Souls while in animate form throughout the Universe. The modifications also serve to destabilize as well, and therefore generate the furthering of the experience/education of Primary and extended Localized Consciousness. The vibration, transmitted to all patterns of existence, alters continuously, based upon the constant upload of information transmitted to L4 from L3. As the information changes, so do L4’s vibrations of universal mandate. The Universe already contains all of the material that can be used for manipulation by L4. 

                    L4 does not send out any new matter, although through its vibrational message, L4 can manipulate existent energy into new matter within the Universe. All L4 need do is to send a vibrational message into the Universe to affect/manipulate the changes required for the maintenance of the stability of the Universe and for the advancement of experience. L4 judges the possibilities of imbalance of the stability of the Universe through the information that it receives from L3 and changes this information into the correct vibration to avert such imbalance. In this way, L4 advances its experience as the experience of the Totality of Primary Consciousness. L4 accomplishes this task by first treating the information that it receives as answers to questions and then processes such answers into a mandate that takes the form of a questioning vibration, (alteration of Mandala), that is transmitted to all patterns of existence. As animate life experiences the questioning vibration it responds with activity in an attempt to formulate an answer. For instance, as we proceed through life, we are faced with many dilemmas that require answers in order to be solved. We, through our encountering of life’s situations, solve such dilemmas by virtue of our experience of them. What we are in fact really experiencing are the mandates of the questioning vibration of L4, or put another way, we experience the current state of the Universe/Multiverse requiring modification. It makes no difference that we perceive through our animate forms, or that the planet that we are on may be perceived as a speck floating within a sea of stars existing within an ocean of galaxies, as position/location is only an illusion of animate existence. Imbalance exists throughout the entire Universe/Multiverse due to the changes mandated upon it by L4, as L4 represents the totality seeking equilibrium, greater than the sum of its parts. Such solving of imbalance serves to advance the sophistication of experience of L4, in turn raising the sophistication of experience of all patterns of existence throughout the Cosmos. L4 has learned that it is limited in the degree of its application of intensity of mandate. If L4 mandates a change in the Universe beyond the abilities of the lower levels of the Lathe to process, then L4 will have defeated its purpose of evolving organized experience. L4 therefore, applies mandates of change to all patterns of universal existence, up to the capabilities of processing by the Lathe. Put another way, the entire Lathe of Creation is the entire accumulation of experience by Primary Consciousness of itself, refined to empiricism within L4. It only knows what it knows up to its own experiential level. The advancement of “time” in our view therefore is the advancement of knowledge by the Lathe of Creation – the advancement of experience by Primary Consciousness of itself.

2.                 L4 applies the questioning vibration to non-animate matter as well. Non-animate matter is conscious, but has no choice of action or perception of separation of segments of time and space. Non-animate matter therefore, does not judge the questioning vibration as a dilemma, but merely processes impactive experience as changes of state or changes of form. When a star explodes as a Super Nova, the star does not perceive that it is exploding. 

                    All the star knows is that data must be processed and then automatically processes that information – as a singular function. This is the auto-thought mechanism of the star, mandated by the questioning vibration of L4. When sentient animate life perceives the processing auto-thought of the star, it perceives the star as exploding – a sequential view. Such higher order of segmented perception entering the Lathe for the purpose of distributing segmented, (digital), information, allows the Lathe to place limitation upon the mandated changes enforced upon universal patterns of existence. (No limitation can be placed upon information without a “Between”. The digitization of information allows for interruption between the segments of information. The interruptions are used by L4 as insertion points of limitation – thus “time” is stressed into Time-Space configurations that interrupt ongoing processes… with limitation/in-tension). The Lathe had no positive control over the Universe before animate life had occurred, but at that point in Universal/ Multiversal evolution, more control was not necessary. It was only through the development of the Animate Interface that the extensions, (Souls), of Localized Primary Consciousness were able to acquire self-awareness. The acquisition of self-awareness allowed Primary Consciousness to come to the understanding that higher experience resulting in greater control over itself as the, (Universe/Multiverse), could be achieved. It was at this point that Primary Consciousness became the self-determinate Lathe of Creation. When the Universal Span that we perceive from cooled to the lower energy state that would permit the occurrence of animate matter, Primary Consciousness discovered through trial and error that interface through the sensory/interpretive device of animate matter allowed a gain of higher, interpretable experience. The Lathe of Creation continues the evolvement of the Animate Interface through the ever-altering questioning vibration that it applies to all patterns of Universal existence. Such application of questioning vibration alters the “environment” within which such animate matter extends and “exists”. Such alteration of environment causes the Animate Interface to evolve toward higher sophistication.

3.                 Prior to the creation of the Animate Interface, there was no Lathe of Creation. Primary Consciousness existed as the Totality of the compoundment of itself as one level of auto-thought only – the Totality of the Tensor Field of the Void. This level is the same level as that of L4, though lacking the awareness of unity and the sense of adventurous purpose that L4 now has at this juncture of its existence. It was the Godhead without understanding. The levels of L1, L2 and L3 only came about to accommodate the reception of information from the extensions of self-aware Localized Consciousness that perceive through animate forms. The level of L4 still acts upon the Universe containing animate life as it did prior to the development of animate life, except that L4 is now cognizant of itself as the Totality of Existence. 

                    L4 is the embodiment of the thought to action mechanism of ultimate interpretation/ constraint of the evolving compoundment of Primary Consciousness. At the beginning of the description of Level 4, I stated that L4 is composed of the collective minds of the wisest Souls who form the quantum mind that we interpret as God. L4 has caused itself to evolve through the changes that it has manifested upon the Universe/Multiverse, (that it has manifested upon itself). L4 developed self-awareness and understanding through the reception of information from self-aware Souls. Through the development of self-awareness, L4 came to the realization that the Universe required purposeful control in order to further the sophistication/ adventure of experience. L4 also came to the realization that the Universe must survive as an organized state in order for such experience to be used in a meaningful way. Souls are the unique extensions of Primary Consciousness formed by the mandate of L4 to gather experience through animate forms in a way that non-animate matter was incapable of providing. As a singular level experiencer through non-animate matter, Primary Consciousness was limited in acquisition and mandate of information by the lack of equipment required for the digital processing of information.

How could experience further itself …with purpose 
without the sequential perception of events?

                    The leap forward to the higher, sequential, (digital), experience came through the creation and evolution of the Animate Interface which allowed Primary Consciousness, as the singular level experiencer, to diversify through extensions of itself, (souls), into the four quantum levels of the Lathe of Creation.

                    From our animate perspective we see the “Lathe” as the Universe, as “World”. Every object that we see, every function, transition and event …including the Totality that they and we extend from is our synthetic interpretation of this “Mind of God”. What we perceive as the “auto-thought intelligence” of the Universe, of God, are the mandates and “substance” of the Lathe of Primary Consciousness expressing as Existence, as objects, waveforms and events. What we perceive as Inertia/time, is what Primary Consciousness, (willfulness), is. Inertia/Time/ Consciousness became purposeful however when animate matter and resultant souls were formed of it. Before there were souls there was the Multiverse, compounding upon and within itself, forming Universal Spans such as our own “Big Bang”. When life came about, the resultant self-aware souls joined into levels of experiential familiarity, forming a new geometry of consciousness within the Multiverse, one with greater control. 

                    Each of the lower levels of the Lathe of Conscious Creation are contained within the higher, the highest being the totality of Multiverse itself. The manifest difference between the old geometry and the newly added geometry is that the Multiverse through this new configuration has gained the property of consideration of action upon itself.

Some additional functions of the Lathe:

                    Each level of the Lathe contains an infinite number of associate sub-levels, (Loci). At L1, for instance, the first time Souls of unlimited species diversify into groups of familiarity. Having reached self-awareness for the first time as a new species, each associative group transfers its unique type of animate experience up through the lathe as separate vibrations of waveform. The group vibrations merge together to form a harmony, a quantum mind of transmission/reception of first life in new species experience of the aggregate of the groups. Though diversification of species exists in L2, it is the melding of similar experiences from throughout the aggregate of the various species forming into experiential sub-levels that configure the associative groups of L2. In other words, Instead of species groups forming collective consciousness, experiential groups form collective consciousness.

                    In L3, there is no diversification of species because all of the inhabitants have transcended their species as High Initiates and are no longer required to reincarnate. There are however, associative groups of experiential status ranging from apprentice to the most highly advanced. Only the most highly advanced have reached the experiential threshold of the next level and may enter L4 as an evolvement and enhancement of the mind/hand of “God”. L4 continues evolution toward higher achievement through the matriculation of advanced High Initiates. The Lathe of Creation, as judged from the perspective of the Soul focused through the Animate Interface, is of volumetric separateness in its existence, whereby every environment in the Multiverse that can support the existence of animate matter is a location, (Locus), whereby unions of Souls may form associations. Such associations build into local Lathe structures that are united throughout the Grand Universe to form the Lathe of Creation. Each Locus has the same four levels as the Lathe and each level spans its connectivity to all other levels of similar experiential status across the Grand Universe. The highest level of a Locus is composed of the wisest Souls, (the Godhead), of its particular, (perceived), locale. 

                    The Godheads of all Loci are joined as Level 4 of the Lathe of Creation through the concurrency of the Tensor Field of the Void. Our planet Earth, for instance manifests its own local Lathe, the wisest Souls of which are the high initiates of this planet having advanced to L4, forming a local Godhead, which is part of the common Godhead of the Lathe of Creation. From the perspective of the disembodied Soul, the Lathe of Creation, (the Universe /Multiverse), exists as a Mandala of dynamic, (temporal), perception and not of volumetric separation.

                    From our perspective of perceiving the Mandala through an Animate Interface, every satellite in our solar system, (such as Earth), that supports animate life, generates a Locus with its own Godhead, but the Godhead that we perceive is really a Mandalic view of the common Godhead of the Lathe of Creation. It is our perception of volumetric existence that gives it the appearance of separation and location. It would appear that Europa, a moon circling Jupiter has a vast oceanic system that may support animate matter. If this is the case, then we would perceive Europa as generating a Locus, together with a Godhead for Europa, which would be a unique perspective of the common Godhead of the Multiverse of which the Godhead of Earth is also a unique perspective. The combined Godheads of Earth and of Europa therefore would be integrated with every other Godhead perspective of the Multiverse, forming the common Godhead of the Lathe of Creation. Star Systems exist within Galactic Systems. Each Galactic System forms a Locus that is composed of the Godhead perspectives of its constituent Star Systems. Galactic Systems exist within Galactic Clusters. Each Galactic Cluster forms a Locus that is composed of the Godhead perspectives of its constituent Galactic Systems. Galactic Clusters exist within Universal Spans. Each Universal Span forms a Locus that is composed of the Godhead perspectives of its constituent Galactic Clusters. Finally, Universal Spans exist within the matrix of the Grand Universe, the MultiVerse. 

                    The Godhead of the Grand Universe is composed of the Godhead perspectives of its constituent Inbounded Universal Spans. The experiential levels of the associations of Godheads increase in proportion to the combinations of localities, those that are contained within Star Systems being at the lowest level and the Unified Godhead of the Grand Universe, composed of all Loci, being at the highest. 

                    When compound Primary/Localized Consciousness first extended into the molecular structure of animate matter, it did so as an incident of experiential adventure …and then found that it could experience adventure in a unique/digital way. This first excursion by Primary Consciousness into animate matter was a Soul that had not yet undergone the process of reincarnation. This was the first “life” within animate form. As animate forms gained sophistication, Souls gained sustained self-awareness. 

                    The mind of Primary Consciousness then used the Animate Interface as its womb to nurture and eventually give birth to Souls that are self-continuous. “Giving birth” occurs when the animate form experiences death and the self-aware Soul is released as a disembodied form …the Soul molts its external animate shell! 

                    Souls that have undergone the process of reincarnation are wiser than before reincarnation and therefore automatically influence Souls that have experienced fewer reincarnations. The ground state of influence of Souls having had a greater number of reincarnations over Souls that have had fewer reincarnations is the generation of emulation. More highly experienced Souls cause Souls of lesser experience to emulate higher experience. They teach by example and by their presence. The freshman class of Souls of Level 1 are enhanced through the mass enlightenment they receive by way of the collective waveform excitation between the individuals, the species groups, and the downloaded vibration sent by Level 2.

Step forth O Life... heed of my Call

Bright Child of the Heavens
Long Bound to thy Place

Carry thy Spirit past Gravity’s Wall

Reunion the Rapture of Cosmic Embrace

The voice of the Universe speaks to its child that was held so long by the gravity of the protective womb of its planet. Life now finally matured to the essential level of awareness required to enable itself, is invited to join a greater reality.


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