Chapter 6





The advancement of “Time” in our view, is the advancement of 

knowledge by the “Lathe of Creation”…

as the advancement of experience by Primary Consciousness of itself

                    Quantum theory shows us that everything in existence, (perceived through the Animate Interface), has both particle and waveform properties. When any particle, (electron, proton, neutron, neutrino, quark, etc.), is studied closely, it is found to be a tightly packed waveform, (cohesive vibration of energy). When a waveform is tightly woven, we interpret it as being solid but when examined closely, we find that is it not actually, “solid”. It appears to have the properties of a solid “particle” because the waveform is tightly packed which gives it the property of being discrete, as having through our animate perception the appearance of separation from other waveforms, (other particles). Waveforms, appearing as particles are very dense internally and less dense toward their outer perimeters. When we study a “particle”, we are invading its space. When we closely study a, “particle”, it appears to us as a waveform because we are intruding upon it, penetrating its space with high energy to reveal its internal structure. To the particle/waveform being examined, we are the, “particle”, because we are invading. It has been found that with an invasion of high enough energy, no “particle”, no matter how small or densely packed, is invulnerable to examination of its interior. (What is it packed with? – Wound up Time-Space! …which is not other than a compoundment of Primary Consciousness, {a “thought”}. 

                    The process of perception of wound up Time-Space is an undivided experience between Localized Consciousness focusing through an Animate Interface and a compoundment of Primary Consciousness of itself that is interpreted by Localized Consciousness as a particle or a wave. When particles are closely examined and nothing solid can be found within to support their solidity, then the Time-Space that they are composed of must be considered to have properties that can exhibit “solidity” under specialized perceptual conditions). The special condition that enables our perception of solidity is our recomprehension of the instant. Perception of the instant brings compoundments of Primary Consciousness that we focus upon, into our presence …as “materiality”. The steps of the Quantum ladder therefore consist of wavicles, (waveforms of Time-Space as auto-thoughts by Primary Consciousness of itself that exhibit “particle properties” when perceived through the Animate Interface). The lowest steps of the quantum ladder are the first compoundments by Primary Consciousness of itself as Time-Space, and then as quarks, (even quarks may have smaller components). The quantum ladder continues next into nucleons, such as protons and neutrons, then into atoms, then into nebulae that form into star systems that generate molecules, then into galaxies and galactic clusters, until the entirety of the Universe is reached as what would appear to be the highest step. (Steven Hawking has stated recently that the smallest bit of existence and therefore of perception/deduction, has been found to be the Planck Point, a mathematical application of Planck’s Constant that reveals the smallest possible twist of Time-Space).

                    A wavicle, whether a Planck Point or the entire Universe, has no definitive edges. Nothing is absolute, except by the limitation of greater probability. The size of a wavicle is defined by its limitation of ability to encroach upon the electromagnetic potential of other wavicles determined by the combination of its own force opposed to the greater probability of the environment within which it exists and from which it extends. Protons and neutrons, (nucleon wavicles), for instance, do not form easily into the nucleus of an atom. They have to be forced into extremely close proximity before they will join to form into a nucleus. The energy required to bring such nucleons into close enough proximity to create a nucleus is very high, but once the nucleons are brought into close enough proximity, the outer edges of the wave forms of each nucleon integrates the nucleons into the organized system of a nucleus. The force that maintains integration is very strong over the short distance between the nucleons and very weak beyond this distance. This is called the nuclear attractive force, (the “Strong” force). It is thought to be generated from the slight excess charge of each nucleon. (Of course, that “slight excess charge” is the “Noumenon” of the Wholeness – that component of the Wholeness that is greater than the sum of its parts). Such excess charges combine together when the nucleons get close enough to each other to hold the nucleons into an atomic nucleus. 

                    All nucleons also carry an electro-repulsive force, (the “Electro-Weak” force), that is stronger than the nuclear attractive force over distances greater than affected by the nuclear attractive force. The wave forms of the nucleons therefore are discrete to the extent that they maintain individuality within the context of the greater environment of compounded Primary Consciousness that they are extensions of until they are forced to undergo a change of state by joining together into the nucleus of an atom. When nucleons are created, they are formed under the conditions of an extremely energetic environment. The energies necessary to force nucleons into atomic nuclear structure are present within such an environment. As the environment becomes less energetic, (less stressed as it ex-presses into the Multiverse), the nucleons remain in their organized nuclear state due to the nuclear attractive force and slightly more energy supplemented by the expansion/contraction force of the Universal Span that they are contained within. 

                    As the Quantum ladder of complexity was climbed by the continuing experiential advancement by Primary Consciousness of itself, a great leap forward in the experiential ability of Primary Consciousness occurred.

                    Animate matter was formed when the appropriate environment to support it became compounded through the development of star, planetary and certain other environmental systems. (Such “other” environmental systems will be discussed further into this writing). Once animate matter was formed, Primary Consciousness gained a new foothold …a unique new way to further its experience of itself because animate matter is capable of evolution within an environment of comparatively low energy. Through the evolution of animate matter, more sophisticated experience was obtained by Primary Consciousness of itself. The next step in the evolution of Primary Consciousness came shortly thereafter through the formation of the self-perceiving “Soul” as an extension of Primary Consciousness, interpreting through an extension of animate matter. The Soul was formed within the shell of animate matter to use animate matter as a sensory/interpretive interface between the Soul and the surrounding “environment” from which it extends. As Souls and interfaces evolved, the molecular complexity of the Animate Interface eventually enabled Souls to become self-aware and provided the next great leap of the experience of Primary Consciousness …the compoundment of what is referred to within this writing as the Lathe of Creation, (integrated levels of deterministic self-aware Mass Consciousness compounded of Primary Consciousness… the Pen with purpose!), as the universal mechanism of self-maintenance and higher achievement.

                    The “environment” of Mass Consciousness, (the Locus), is one of comprehension. It doesn’t exist as “reality” for the Soul unless it is recognized. The Soul is born through and is associated with an animate form, (life-material body), grown from an inanimate, (non-life-material), foundation. What the Soul knows through its body, as an Animate Interface, is a perceived external material “environment”. Since its perception is automatically focused through its Animate Interface and because the Soul interprets sensation through its Animate Interface, the Soul mistakenly believes that it is the Animate Interface. It doesn’t realize therefore, that it extends from the Totality of Primary Consciousness as a localized pattern of enlivened inertia. Because of its judgment through an animate form, the Soul is accustomed to perceiving sequences of events, as the animate form interrupts the flow of information from the external “environment” to the Soul. Such perception of sequence, (digitization of perception), is a translation of the perception of undivided differential process to that of bordered materiality, (perceived as separateness between objects and events), the notion is created as steps, from here to there, from now to then. When in the disembodied state, the Soul at first, continues to use the form of perception that it was accustomed to while associated with the Animate Interface …though the rules of its environment has changed, but at first the Soul does not know this. “Time” and “Space” translate differently from the disembodied perspective. The Soul now sees from the root, (Time-Space), of that from which it extends, no longer perceiving through an Animate Interface, but joined directly to all of Primary Consciousness through undivided, but differentiated levels of this Unified Field. The border of animate matter that was its shell is gone now and new experience awaits the Soul through perception in the “Between”. The notion of “self” however, still remains with the Soul, because even though the Animate Interface is gone, the Soul's prior perception and reception of sensation through the animate form was what had originally created its notion of “self”. The notion of “self” as a cohesive process, still remains within the Soul and maintains its state of differentiated Being, (The vitality of enlivened inertia is maintained through its continuity of self-knowledge/awareness, drawing energy from the ambient environment of the Totality of Primary Consciousness from which such “enlivened Inertia” extends). What the Soul now sees however is the same “environment” that its animate form existed in, but without the use of the tools of the animate form. As it tries to act upon this environment the way it did through an Animate Interface, it runs into difficulty and experiences confusion. The experience of confusion serves as the bridge between unlearning the rules of animate existence and learning the new rules of disembodied existence. (Ultimately, that is what confusion is …a bridge to learning). As the Soul slowly learns the rules of its new environment, its perception of its “environment” changes. Confusion lessens and the Soul begins to recognize other Souls of its own experiential level.

                    The process of confusion is the changing of perception from spatial extension to dynamic protraction. The coordinates of “Time” are equal to the coordinates of “Space”. “Time” and “Space” are perspectives, two interactive views of the same thing, of Primary Consciousness manifesting as Time-Space …as the Inertial Tensor Field of the Void, constrained. When viewed from the volumetric dimensionality of “Space”, the dynamic aspect, (“Time”), is perceived as the “Between”, (as a fourth dimension). When viewed from the dynamic aspect of temporal dimensionality of what we call “Time”, volumetric existence, (bordered “Space” and form), is perceived as the “Between”, (as a fourth dimension). When viewing through the animate form, we interpret things digitally, as in, “here to there and now to then”. We view things this way because we measure the input we get through our sensory devices and formulate the data into an approximation of “environment”. This is the “reality” of synthetic experience through the Animate Interface. We consider therefore, what it would take to get from here to there and formulate the idea of distance. Perception through the animate form mandates a slant towards spatial interpretation. Matter itself is relegated to what we perceive through the Animate Interface as spatial existence because matter relationally moves slower than the “speed” of the expansion of the Universe, relationally slower by perception through the Animate Interface than the background foundation of Primary Consciousness from which such “matter” extends. Matter is perceived therefore, as being bordered because it is different dynamically, (differentiated within the undivided Tensor Field), from which it extends. “Time” therefore, appears as “Form” by the interpretation of the Soul through the Animate Interface. What we perceive through the Animate Interface as having form is generated from the internal dynamic of that form. We interpret the dynamics through our sensory devices and formulate shape, distance and duration. When the Animate Interface, (which is also illusioned of matter), is used as a perception device, the illusion of spatial extension, (objects and distances between objects), is synthetically created.

                    We can imagine dynamic existence as in, “now to then”, but we cannot force, under normal circumstances, (as we perceive, through our interruptive Animate Interfaces), a jump in “Time” or in “Space”. We can apply more energy to get from here to there faster, but we must nevertheless work with the constraints of our perceived “environment”, and through the tools of our Animate Interface. We can see that the application of energy can shorten “Time” over “distance” and that the lengthening of “distance” can decrease energy over “Time”. Through a little more consolidation of concept, we can also deduce that shortening “Time”, (stressing the Inertial Tensor Field), increases energy, which makes “distance” less consequential, but we experience difficulty in carrying out such an exercise through an Animate Interface. 

                    We even have difficulty imagining the exercise itself because the dynamics of the Animate Interface restricts our abilities to interact with our “environment” in this way as our attention is focused through its sensory/interpretive devices. (An understanding of the mechanics of the “Between”- of the Inertial Tensor Field of the Void, can enable a Soul, even while perceiving through an Animate Interface to carry out such an exercise).

                    Lacking education of the “Between State”, we are so focused that we are afraid to let go of the Animate Interface for fear of an inability to receive information from our “environment” and a fear of our inability to act upon it. The fear that we experience is engrained within us first by the effect of gravity, (fear of falling), and then by impactive experience upon our animate forms, (pain from heat, cold, hunger, thirst, impacts, penetration, etc. – focus is further reinforced through the pleasurable sensations of the animate form). The fear is necessary while in animate form because it prompts us to protect our bodies so that we may continue having the unique animate experience. Unfortunately, the fear that helps us to protect our bodies also amplifies our focus through our animate forms to the exclusion of non-animate perception. We get a hint now and then however, through what we call our “sixth sense”, of our primary, non-animate existence. When the animate form experience’s death however, that hint becomes our new reality. We engage the dynamics of the Void directly, although at first perceiving spatially, because spatial perception is what we have become accustomed to. We find however, that our ability to act upon our “environment” is different than it was before and so we begin to test our “environment” in ways that were improbable while in animate form. With each attempt, we find that we can no longer do this, but we can now do that. Our perception from spatial experience to dynamic experience slowly transforms as we learn the new rules of “environment”. Although we still retain spatial perception, the shedding of our animate forms has enhanced our dynamic perception. We have much to learn of the “environment” while in the disembodied state however and we are therefore constrained by our experiential level. (Here we get a further glimpse - that the stresses of the Tensor Field of the Void that forms into our Souls, self-limits our Soul's perception of the “environment” of the Void until we “unwind” our souls to become more “Wave-like” and less “Particle-like”… until we achieve a greater realization of the “environment - the Locus” - from which we extend). Our disembodied forms are that of experience, knowledge and wisdom, the same vitality that is projected through the dynamics of animate matter. We recognize therefore what we already know and what we continue to add to our knowledge.

                    The dualistic properties of particle and waveform are the volumetric/ dynamic expressions that constrained Primary Consciousness manifests of itself, through the stresses of its Inertial Tensor Field, as the aspects of existence. The Soul, whether perceiving through an Animate Interface or while in disembodied form is also an extension of Primary Consciousness exhibiting the same aspects of particle and waveform, with the added aspect of reflective comprehension. The sense of “self” is generated, while in the animate form because of the constrained dynamics of the matter composing the Animate Interface. The sense of “self” therefore is particular. Without the Animate Interface, the Soul is more dynamic than spatial and therefore exhibits greater waveform properties than it did while associated with its animate form, although such properties are now dependent upon and constrained to the experiential level, (cognizant ability/perception), by the Soul of itself. The disembodied Soul, still retaining the notion of “self”, generated from its previous association with its Animate Interface, continues to exhibit particle properties. (The Soul existing in the disembodied state is a waveform, but may project volumetric properties through auto-thought because the Tensor Field of the Void, from which it extends, is the foundation of determination). As the experiential level of the disembodied Soul increases, its particle properties decrease and its waveform properties increase. As wisdom grows, the Soul experiences less perception of “self” and greater perception of unity with the Totality of Primary Consciousness from which it extends, thereby decreasing its particular properties and increasing its waveform properties. It relearns its way back to unity, bringing with it enhanced comprehension generated by experience, (usually over many animate lifetimes). The continued loss of individual identity is replaced by the greater sense of unity, enabling greater experience and accomplishment. The loss of identity is not mourned by the Soul, because the cognizance of unity, which is a more comprehensive existence, is perceived as being better than the sense of separation generated by “self” identity. The trade off of “self” to unity however is an experiential process …a process though concurrent, that is nevertheless performed over “Time”, (the Soul relaxing its stress over the Tensor Field of the Void - which is “Time”… becoming less differentiated, and therefore becoming less sequential - less Particle-like - and more concurrent - more Wave-like. The notion of sequential time decreases as wisdom and perception of unity increases). A notion of “self”, although always lessening, nevertheless remains with the Soul during this process. The less the notion of “self”, the more the comprehension of the Totality of Existence as Unified Primary Consciousness. At the end of this process, over many reincarnations, the notion of “self” is finally given up as the Soul reaches a comprehension of the highest level of the Lathe of Creation ..perceptually joining with the “Godhead” of Primary Consciousness.

                    The only difference, although a significant one, between the construct of the waveform of a Soul and the waveforms other patterns of existence is the Soul's added aspect of virtual “self”-comprehension which was originally formed through the unique molecular sophistication of the DNA/RNA complex of animate matter. The function of self-comprehension allows perception of “environment” as volumetric separation. The notion of volumetric separation slowly changes to dynamic integration between the Soul and the “environment” as the experiential level of the Soul's waveform increases. The change of perception manifests as a transition of the Soul's internal structure to being less particle-like and more wave-like. The perception of its own existence still remains, but comprehension of its unity with the Totality from which it extends, continually increases. The internal structure of the Soul becomes more relaxed as its perception of itself as being extended from a greater reality increases, changing from tight, self-protective Particle-like structure to the acceptance of “self” as the greater reality wave-like structure. In other words, the Soul sees more of its “self” …the “more” being the foundation from which it and all other patterns of existence extend. It gains recomprehension of being grown from, and therefore being connected to the Totality of existence. It sees the Totality therefore, as being part of itself. As it integrates its perception further, it sees Totality itself …the wholeness of Primary Consciousness …as its ultimate existence. The transition of recomprehension does not happen all at once. The Soul must go through a process of experiential adjustments, (many levels of education, “cleansing”), to achieve this realization.

                    The process by which the Soul undergoes the transformation from the perception of volumetric “self”-separation to “environmental” unity is by its advancing comprehension generated through a number of associations with animate forms and equally through its direct disembodied experiences with its “environment”, or through association with an experienced mentor. If there is no mentor to teach the Soul, the process of oscillation between animate form and disembodiment continues until the Soul gains enough understanding of disembodied existence to maintain its waveform nature, (virtual lucidity), over its particle nature, (self-protectiveness). At this point, reincarnation no longer serves an experiential purpose and the Soul rarely returns to animate form, but seeks higher experience through unity with other Souls of a similarly heightened experiential level. The following describes in detail the perception of the Soul through disembodied experience and how such experience raises the cognitive level of the Soul enabling its perceptions of greater unity with Primary Consciousness…

                    The animate form experience’s death, releasing the now disembodied Soul. The Soul goes through a period of “environmental” adjustment until the minimum threshold of understanding of the “environment” is achieved. During this period of adjustment, the Soul learns to recognize the dynamic aspects of its “environment” as it previously recognized the volumetric aspects while perceiving through an animate form. That which it saw before disembodiment still remains, but new images begin to appear in between and as part of the old ones. 

                    As adjustment continues, the new shapes become more recognizable and the old shapes become less until total recomprehension of “environment” is accomplished. Through its adjustment period, the Soul through its changing interpretations forms a perceptual Mandala of its “environment” that permits the translation of waveforms not perceived while associated with the Animate Interface. The formation of the Mandala is automatically driven by the lack of an Animate Interface, (via non-animate perception). A Mandala is a form containing forms. It is the construct of the, “Suchness”, (the Wholeness – such as it is), of the unity of the whole of constrained Primary Consciousness differentiated by its extensions. It is a fractionalized composition of the whole that permits comprehension of its differentiated parts through the adjustment of “self”, to unity with the whole. As the Soul sees further into the Mandala, (sees further into the Tensor Field of the Void …gradually changing its perception), it recognizes shapes of familiarity, (gradually accepts what it perceived through its, “sixth sense”, while in animate form, as the new reality of its current perception). The shapes take the form of an “environment” that is compatible to the experiential level, (the perceptive ability), of the Soul.

                    A good example of a Mandala is what is perceived while dreaming. The Void is experienced and transformed into images of comprehension relative to the experiential level of the dreamer. Dreams are forays by the Soul into the Suchness, into the unity of Primary Consciousness while still bonded to the animate form. It is during such forays that the Soul experiences a Mandala of the Void, discovering significance, (superimposing sensibility), among the infinite patterns. This is why we are able to find hidden meaning within our dreams. The Soul focuses upon the Unity rather than through the Animate Interface. That is why our bodies go limp and lose sensation during sleep. But then we awaken and focus through the Animate Interface once again thus losing our vision of unity by returning to “self”. Our forays into Suchness while asleep are incomplete, because our Souls are bonded to the animate form during the sleep excursion.

                    When the Soul leaves the body because the body has experienced death however, it is no longer bonded to animate matter and the process of “Suchness encounter” continues until complete. What the Soul sees during disembodiment is no different that what it sees during sleep except there is no body to return to and the process of comprehension of “environment” continues further because there is no waking up that allows a return to focus through the Animate Interface. The Soul's cognizance of “environment” while in the disembodied state therefore intensifies. From its perspective of perception through the Animate Interface the Soul knows of “location”, (here and there), due to its animate interpretation of the fractionalization of Suchness as bordered volumetric existence. 

                    From its perspective while in disembodied form however, the Soul experiences dynamic existence and sees the unity of Primary Consciousness as a fractionalized though undivided, Mandala of Totality. There are four basic levels of experience that manifest within the Mandala, with each level consisting of fractionalized substructures. Each of the four levels will be discussed in great detail further into this chapter, but briefly they are;

1.                Species recomprehension, (first time existence within a species – lower part of the next level).

2.                 Experience recomprehension, (two or more existences within the same species – upper part of the first level).

3.                 High Initiate experience recomprehension, (wave properties become more pronounced than particle properties of the Soul. The Soul no longer reincarnates into animate form and exists/perceives within the “environment” of the differentiated unity of Primary Consciousness).

4.                 Godhead, (the highest experiential level effecting the “Everness”, the ever becoming experiential wonder of the Totality of Primary Consciousness).

The four levels are interactive and together
form the Lathe of Creation

                    Just as the quarks may have smaller constituents, it will be shown within this writing that there is a higher union of infinite numbers of interactive sub-universal structures as well, that form the Grand Universe – the Multiverse, as the current Totality of experiential existence by Primary Consciousness of itself. As Primary Consciousness climbed the quantum ladder, the experiential levels, (education), of Primary Consciousness climbed as well. Through the formation of star systems, the creation of life sustaining “environments” was achieved. Within such “environments”, Primary Consciousness compounded into the molecular complexity of animate matter. Once animate matter was formed, a second extension of Primary Consciousness could be extended within animate matter to gain unique experience by perceiving through animate matter as a sensory/interpretive interface between its localized “self” and its surrounding “environment”. For the first time, extensions of Primary Consciousness were able to gain awareness of each other and of other non-animate extensions of Primary Consciousness as well, and as a result eventually gained awareness of themselves, (developed self-awareness). 

                    Once the localized extensions of Primary Consciousness gained self-awareness, the self-determination of the “individual” became manifest …providing Primary Consciousness with dynamic intention …thus allowing the gathering of information/experience to become purposeful.

The Chirality of Primary Consciousness

                    Many forms of matter other than animate, exhibit a kind of handedness, (a rudimentary form of self-control and opportunistic behavior), within their own molecular structures and in their relationships with other patterns of existence. Polymorphic fluids for instance, do not follow certain of the Newtonian laws of physics. When water is rapidly stirred, a whirlpool is formed of which the center of the whirlpool faces down into the water. When a polymorphic fluid is rapidly stirred, the center of the whirlpool faces up and climbs the stirring rod. Although polymorphic fluids are not “alive” in the sense that animate matter is, they exhibit certain interfacial properties that allow Primary Consciousness to localize and display opportunistic or “love” behavior in a rudimentary and extremely limited way. One demonstration of the opportunistic behavior of a polymorphic fluid is the siphoning process. When water, a non-polymorphic fluid is siphoned, the tip of the siphoning tube must come into contact with the surface of the water in order for the siphoning process to begin. In the case of a polymorphic fluid however, when the tip of the siphoning tube is only brought near the surface, the fluid senses the presence of the tube and jumps the gap that lies between its surface and the tip of the tube. This is a clear demonstration of the desire by Primary Consciousness to have experience when given the opportunity to do so through a special, enabling configuration of matter.

                    Certain polymers when in a semi-solid state, exhibit behavior like worms in a can of damp soil. They are in constant motion, always seeking to rearrange their molecular structure into a more stable pattern. The patterns that they can arrange into are infinite and when such a polymer comes in contact with certain non-polymers, its opportunistic behavior attempts to incorporate the non-polymer into its own structure. There are infinite examples of the chirality, (take charge behavior), of Primary Consciousness in non-animate matter. A wonderful book that describes a wide range of the properties of matter in general, which I highly recommend, is “States of Matter, States of Mind”, written by Allan Barton. Although this book does not touch directly upon the Properties of Primary Consciousness as a model for interpreting the Multiverse, its descriptions of the behavior of all forms of matter clearly indicates a substructure of consciousness within all patterns of existence.

The perpetual “self”-advancement of Primary Consciousness

                    Although all patterns of energy and matter exist dualistically in Time-Space, animate matter has opened the door for a new type of existence/experience for Primary Consciousness. A secondary duality, the Soul, (an extension of Localized Primary Consciousness attendant to animate matter), was formed as a result of the molecular intricacies of animate matter. When localized extensions of Primary Consciousness developed self-awareness because of their perceptions through animate matter, (animate matter allows the perception of the splitting of Time-Space into “Time” and “Space”), they became to the degree of their experience, self-governing entities capable of maintaining their existence after the death of the animate form through their knowledge of themselves. Having once perceived their “environment” and themselves through the interface of animate matter, disembodied Souls repeatedly sought a return to the animate state until existence in the disembodied state felt more natural than existence in animate form. Since the environment for the support of animate matter continued to exist, Souls were able to re-associate themselves with molecular formations of familiarity, thus once again giving “life” to an Animate Interface. The re-association was automatic for all Souls whose experiential level was below that of the High Initiate, (High Initiates may choose not to re-associate), because of the compatibility between the waveforms of the Souls and the waveforms of the molecular structures they joined with. With each re-association however, came higher wisdom through increasing experience, because even though the animate forms experienced decomposition at the time of death, the Souls did not. The Souls retained the experience/wisdom within their bodies of knowledge, of prior animate lives and applied this experience to further the development of each new animate form through an “environment” that allowed such evolution to take place.

The Ram Drive of Localized Consciousness

                    To get a clear and simple visualization of the environment and self-sustaining nature of the Soul, let us explore once again the construct of a Ram Drive in a computer. Within the (R)andom (A)ccess (M)emory/Central Processing Unit coupling within a computer, what is called a Ram Drive, may be created. A Ram Drive is similar to a Hard Drive, but without the materiality of the Hard Drive. The Ram Drive can contain all of the informational configurations of a Hard Drive, but its dimensionality only exists within its own frame of reference. Information can be continually processed into the Ram Drive from the keyboard or Hard Drive of a computer, thereby continually changing the informational configuration of the Ram Drive.

                    The Soul, in a like way may receive information from its environment and experience reconfiguration of its “Body of Knowledge”.

                    The informational configuration of a Ram Drive can be written to a Hard Drive and therefore saved for future reference. In the case of a computer, if the informational content of a Ram Drive is not self-aware, (not a soul), when the computer is turned off, the Ram Drive along with its informational content will go out of existence. In the case of a Soul however, a self-perpetuating state of existence is maintained through its function of self-awareness and therefore of self-virtualization. The “(R)andom (A)ccess (M)emory/Central Processing Unit” that ultimately enables the Soul’s continued state of existence is the Unified Field of Primary Consciousness from which the Soul extends. This computer, such as it is, never turns off.

                    A Soul can write its informational content to an Animate Interface, (like a Hard Drive), by molecularly imprinting an image of itself upon the Animate Interface. In this way, the Soul remains associated with its new chosen physical form. Just as a Ram Drive can continually write to a Hard Drive, changing the informational structure of the Hard Drive, a Soul continually writes to its Animate Interface and so governs the physical and psychological growth and structure of the Interface. The Soul governs the growth of the Interface, leads the Interface to experience and maintains its health. This is why holistic healing techniques are successful. The process of holistic healing is directed at the Soul to process the healing of the Animate Interface, because the Soul ultimately governs the existence of the Interface.

                    The Soul has only as much conscious control over the Animate Interface as the experiential level of the Soul will allow. Above that level, control of the Interface is maintained by the greater field of Primary Consciousness from which the Interface, (and the Soul), extend. As Souls gain greater experience, through many reincarnations, the dynamic control by the Soul over the Animate Interface eventually becomes greater than the ambient control by Primary Consciousness as the Soul comes to realize its greater extensity of Primary Consciousness as one and the same as the Soul itself. At some point however, the Soul learns that the Interface is a limited device and that more comprehensive experience can be gained through the disembodied state. A Soul of such an experiential level thus looks upon the Animate Interface as unwieldy and obsolete.
The continued self-advancement of Localized Consciousness

                    The application of experience to further the evolution of the animate form was automatic at first. The waveforms of Souls are patterned by their continuing advancement of experience. When the pattern of a Soul associates with a compatible pattern of animate matter, molecular rearrangement occurs in the animate form to provide the greatest compatibility with the associative Soul. The energy pattern of the Soul automates the arrangement of the molecular pattern of animate matter, (by way of Chakra association through molecular imaging), where possible, controlled by the greater context of the environmental limitations that such animate matter exists within. 

                    As Souls gained greater experience, not only were they able to affect their animate environments, but they found through exploration of their disembodied environments that they were able to effect change there as well. Through associations of mass consciousness, (the Locus), Souls found a way to control the very foundation that they extended from, effecting change upon the “material world” as well as the “energetic environment”. The amount of change they were capable of bringing about was dependent upon their experiential level. Thus, Souls of a similar experiential level, (Souls of familiarity), congregated together as a mass consciousness. Because some Souls were more experienced than others, mass consciousness differentiated into various levels. The differentiated levels formed into an integrated multilevel community, herein described as the Lathe of Creation. 

                    Souls that are self-aware have greater ability than Souls that are not. Of course, in order for a Soul to exist in the disembodied state it must have self-awareness, as self-awareness is the Soul's function of “self”-continuity. In the animate state however, Localized Primary Consciousness is focused through an Animate Interface and although self-awareness is beneficial to this condition, it is not absolutely necessary. When the Animate Interface expires, a non-self aware extension of Primary Consciousness, a temporary Soul, will lose its ability to exist on its own, becoming ambient Primary Consciousness once again. Animate matter is always associated with a secondary extension of Primary Consciousness, (associated with a Soul, whether self-aware or not), because the molecular complexity of animate matter requires a bonding force greater than it can provide for itself to maintain its molecular cohesiveness. (The association between the Soul and animate matter to maintain the molecular cohesiveness of animate matter is explained in intricate detail in Chapter 10, “The Median Effect”). The Soul, as a structured secondary extension of Primary Consciousness that perceives and acts through animate matter, provides the required cohesiveness for the molecular structure through its Chakra function of electrostatically “In-Tensioning” while associated with the animate form. 

                    The simplest forms of animate matter provided Primary Consciousness with a way to gain higher experience through the use of an “experience interface”, (one extension of Primary Consciousness, the “Soul”, locally perceiving through the loop/lens of another extension of Primary Consciousness, “animate matter”). Souls associated with the simplest forms of animate matter are incapable of sustaining a continuance of self-awareness, (the limited molecular complexity of their Animate forms prevent this), but while in interface, cause their animate forms to experience evolutionary processes generated by the surrounding “environment”. Although the environmental evolutionary process destroys all animate forms that are incompatible with the “environment”, the remaining compatible forms continually replicate and advance experientially through this process. When through evolution, the sophistication of complexity of the molecular structure of the animate form reaches the threshold that will permit species recognition, (recognition of other animate forms, as animate forms), the function of sustained self-awareness is then generated in the Soul. Once self-awareness is generated, the association between the Soul and the Animate Interface is automatically strengthened.

                    A replicate of animate matter is given “life”, (coherence of molecular structure), by the extension of Localized Primary Consciousness that is associated with it, but if that extension is not self-aware, its association with animate matter is not very strong. That is why animate forms, though having limited awareness of “external” environmental conditions, but lacking self-awareness, have a lower individual survival rate than animate forms that are oriented to self-awareness. If a developing animate form, (the early cellular growth of that form), is capable of associating with a Soul that is self-aware, then a compatible self-aware Soul is already associated with its development. The inception of the cellular growth of an animate form is initially managed by the auto-thought of Primary Consciousness, (the Locus from which self-aware Souls extend), until a point is reached where the animate form may achieve the molecular intricacy that will support the association, (molecular imprinting), of a self-aware Soul. When such a point is reached, (very early in cellular development, during initial mitosis), a compatible self-aware Soul will imprint its image upon the cellular growth forming a bond with the animate structure and then direct the further development of the animate form through the Soul's Chakra action upon it. (The Soul - In-Forms - “Intentions”, In-Tensions, - the animate structure towards development into the image that the Soul imprints upon it, the same way the Soul In-Forms animate matter to “move” - the same way that we cause our bodies to “move”. The “movement” in this case is the differentiated replication of early stem cells to form into an individually self-determinate life form). 

                    In simpler terms, the development of an animate form is driven by the “environment” or Locus from which it extends, such Locus acted upon and driven by self-aware Souls that also extend from it. The development of the animate shell therefore is driven as well by the Soul extending from that locus who will associate with that life form. When the animate form reaches a stable state of molecular compatibility the association with that particular Soul will be complete. The development of an animate form therefore is part of the associative process. The associative process begins even before conception, as the sexual urge that attracts individuals to produce new progeny is generated by the Tension of Wholeness of the Locus from which both parents and children extend. 

                    A non-self aware extension of Primary Consciousness is merely the auto-thought mechanism of Primary Consciousness that created the first Animate Interface, as an incident of experiential “adventure”. Once this interface was created however, Primary Consciousness, while perceiving through it …in effect said, “AHA”, I “see” a new way… (The “new way” being the digital, sequential interpretation of the Unified Field as an “environment” …through an interrupting device/interface …and since the interpretation was “sequential”, the interface continued to “sequentially” evolve, driven by the coded interpretation by Primary Consciousness, through this device of itself as a “sequentialized – and therefore fragmented environment”) …and thus the “evolution” of the Animate Interface and the interpretation of “environmental sequentiality” born of localized/digitized, indirect perception, was begun.

                    This “evolution” of animate forms eventually led to the molecular complexity that was required to enable self-awareness in the extensions of Localized/ Primary Consciousness that were associated with those forms. Once self-awareness was enabled, the localized extensions of Primary Consciousness associated with those forms became self-governing entities and began to control the cellular growth of the animate forms through the Chakra Process of “In-Tensioning” …and so in effect, partly took over the evolution of the Animate Interface from the auto-thought process of Primary Consciousness. The reason that genetic encoding is so strictly “enforced” is because the self-aware Souls of a species develop the cellular structure of that species according to the Soul's own image of itself. It imprints its own image upon the developing Animate Interface through its Chakra mechanism upon the Interface and so forms the Interface into that image. If a Soul had prior association with a particular species, then the Soul's image of itself is of that species. When a disembodied Soul imprints itself upon animate matter once again, (reincarnates), it imprints the image of the species that it was last associated with, or that it emulated, thus genetically engineering the cellular structure into that species form, and particularly into the individual that the Soul's image of itself is. 

                    The DNA structure of that form, initially driven by the sequentialization of the auto-thought process of Primary Consciousness, is a place of familiarity to the Soul that joins with it, if that Soul had a prior animate experience within that particular species, or if the Soul had emulated that species. That Soul therefore, finds that particular DNA structure to be compatible with the Soul's own body of knowledge, (compatible with that Soul's own waveform). Of course, this takes place within the greater “environment” of Primary Consciousness and so the evolution of each individual animate form is slightly modified to only an approximation of the Soul's “in-tention” upon it. The image that the Soul imprints upon the Animate Interface is representative of the Soul's stewardship of the cellular growth of that interface, but because the Interface exists within the “environment” of the greater Totality of Primary Consciousness, it is modified to some degree by that “environment” during cellular growth as well. Thus, the Uncertainty Principle is manifest within the development of animate forms …as the Inertial Will of the Soul interacts with the Inertial Will of the “environment”, both wills in the greater view, the singular will of Primary Consciousness upon itself, enabling random modifications of newly constructed animate forms. (This is why children of the same parents look different from each other).

                    Within our macrological view of living organisms, it appears that DNA begets DNA and that the reproductive cycle is somewhat preset in the DNA structure. This molecular configuration however, is only reformed into a developed animate structure by the imprinting of an “image” upon it. If this were not so, DNA would have no purposeful direction. The animate form could not assemble into a viable structure were it not for the electrostatic bonding, (the soul’s image), imprinted upon it, by which it is controlled.

                    Of course, in the scientific view, DNA can be said to contain its own “self-image” because DNA “naturally” reproduces itself. That of course, is the macrological view. If we look deeper however; if we look through the “unified” view …we see that as DNA begets DNA through the reproductive cycle, a force of will drives this “sexual” process. DNA, inertially driven to reproduce itself, is influenced by the Tensor Field of the Void stressing DNA into an “evolution” of itself …and here, once again, we see the paradox …which “itself”? …the “itself” of DNA or the “itself” of the Void/ “Environment”? Since DNA is an extension of the Void, the “itself” is both …as Primary Consciousness acting upon “itself”, (acting upon DNA), through its Tension of Wholeness upon itself. Primary Consciousness once having achieved the molecular configuration of the simplest Animate Interface, was compelled through its digitization of indirect, “coded” perception through that interface to continue the evolution, (cycled reproduction), of the interface because digitization is no different than sequencing. 

                    Sequentialization, by its very nature is …continuance …and since Primary Consciousness is compelled to act upon itself because of its Inertial stress upon itself, any process that may become sequentialized within the Totality of Primary Consciousness, must continue in “auto-thought” through its own sequentiality. Since the Uncertainty Principle is inherent within the “action” of Wholeness upon itself and since sequentiality is inherent in the DNA interface that Localized/Primary Consciousness perceives through, the Tensor Field of Localized/Primary Consciousness, (the Soul's image of itself), continues the sequentialization of the Animate Interface through the probability/improbability of the Uncertainty Principle, thereby changing the Animate Interface with each reproductive cycle. The Uncertainty Principle allows the Soul to build a better house for itself based upon its experience of “environment”, together with the Soul's personal image of itself. What the Soul has to work with however is what Primary Consciousness started through auto-thought as a sequentialized process …the molecular configuration of DNA.

                    Before there were Souls and animate forms, there was Primary Consciousness in experiential self-encounter driven through the auto-thought process by the inertial effects, (the Uncertainty Principle), of its own Tension of Wholeness upon itself. Compelled to the process of self-experience, Primary Consciousness infinitely pulled the handle of its own “cosmic slot machine” until the correct combination of the molecular construction of a simple Animate Interface came about. Once this happened, the experience by Primary Consciousness of itself changed from the direct experience of concurrency to the indirect experience of sequentiality, while thus “localized”. The sequential perception by Primary Consciousness generated by the DNA structure caused Primary Consciousness to sequentially, (continually), restructure the DNA interface through cyclic reproduction. Because cyclic reproduction is driven by the Uncertainty Principle, (the will of Inertia upon itself), the experiential door was opened to the improvement of the DNA structure through evolution generated by “environmental” conditions. Those “environmental” conditions are not other than the extensity of Primary Consciousness acting upon itself while focused through an Animate Interface, causing the Animate Interface to respond reflexively in synchronous step with the “environment” that is modifying it. Once the molecular complexity of the “DNA Interface” reached the threshold of enabling the self-awareness of the extension of Localized/Primary Consciousness that perceived through it, that localized extension became a self-perpetuating Soul > in control of the DNA/Animate Interface – (and as will be shown further into this writing, as the Enlightened Controller, through the Lathe of Creation …of the “environment”.

                    As Souls grew in sophistication, they automatically began to control the growth of the Interface into an approximation of their own image through tacit knowledge that was generated by their prior experience with animate matter. (That “tacit knowledge” is their compatibility with familiar animate matter to maintain its molecular cohesiveness, thereby controlling it). The self-aware Soul was originally synthesized through the sequentialization of the DNA structure, such structure ever improving due to its “environmentally” driven evolution. As animate forms became ever more sophisticated, so did the Localized/Primary Consciousnesses that perceived through them until the sophistication of both the animate forms and the Localized/ Primary Consciousnesses reached a level that permitted the “Souls” to take over as self-aware entities in control of those forms.

                    Because DNA, through its inertially driven sequentialization had reached the sophistication that would allow the self-awareness by a Soul of itself, disembodied Souls were able to take advantage of this sophisticated, differentiating, ever renewing animate structure. Although the sequentialization of the Animate Interface was initially driven by the inertial auto-thought process of Primary Consciousness, the molecular complexity of the structure became compatible to “imprinting” because of its ever-improving molecular sophistication. As Souls gained further experience, and since they were compatible with the DNA structure of sophisticated animate forms, they were better able to control the cellular growth of DNA through each reproductive cycle by imprinting through reincarnation, their “self”-image upon it.

                    As self-aware Souls go through repeated associations with animate matter, each association, (animate birth, animate life and animate death), increases their experiential levels. Souls that have gone through greater numbers of animate associations than other Souls are more experienced than other Souls. Since all self-aware Souls exist from time to time in the disembodied state, their property of self-awareness allows perception of environment to continue while in disembodied form. 

                    They remain as a state of being due to their own self-recomprehension as a compoundment of Primary Consciousness, (enlivened Inertia), which maintains its own cohesiveness. A disembodied self-aware Soul is an extension of Primary Consciousness with a mind of its own. It perceives autonomously even though it extends from a greater “environment”. It perceives its “environment” more directly however, since it does not perceive through an animate form. Space, Time, Matter, Energy, Position and Motion are no longer perceived sequentially, but are perceived all at once. Recomprehension of existence while in the disembodied state is dependent upon the Soul's past experience with such a state. Therefore recomprehension of levels, (Mandalas of Existence), in the disembodied state is manifested by the experiential level of each Soul. 
Each time a Soul enters the disembodied state, it learns more about that type of existence and develops a greater familiarity with it thus advancing its learning of the rules of such “environment”. Souls with similar levels of experience, who have become disembodied, perceptually congregate within that part of Primary Consciousness, (shared Mandala), from which they extend. When Souls of similar experience congregate, they join together in a way that permits the sharing of animate life experience …and when joined in the higher experiential levels, the sharing of disembodied experience. The sharing of information occurs when Souls join together as a mass consciousness. Souls of similar experience are capable of linking together because their individual waveforms are compatible with each other. They therefore form into communities of experiential levels that correspond with the foundational levels of Primary Consciousness that they extend from. The communities then form into associative experiential levels, each level compatible to the experiential level of the Souls that congregate within it.

                    The lowest level is a species recomprehension level. This level is recognized by Souls that have had only one animate life within their species and who have not yet had a second life association with the same species Animate Interface. This level is constructed of many communities of, “first life within a species”, experients. (A Soul may have had many experiences of reincarnation through lives within many different species, but the first experience within its current species puts it into the category of a, “first life within a species”, experient). The various communities are able to link community waveforms together because of the similarity of experience. The linked communities form the mass consciousness level of first time species experience. This level is actually part of the next, which is constructed of Souls having had two or more animate experiences within the same species. The distinction between the two levels is of reincarnation for the first time into a new species, as opposed to the algorithm of continuing experience within the same species through repeated reincarnations back into the same species. Although a Soul may have had many transitions, reincarnation into a new species is a unique experience. The Soul has the wisdom of prior reincarnation, but lacks the wisdom of the new species. The experiential link therefore between levels one and two is that of reincarnation into an Animate Interface of a particular species, but the distinction between the two levels is that of experiential sophistication within a particular species.

                    The next higher level, (which as described above, is part of the first), is recognized by Souls that have had two or more animate associations within the same species. Their level of experience is higher and recomprehension of community within this level is - experiential recomprehension - as well as - species recomprehension. 

                    Souls from the lower level are only students of the higher level and may not fully integrate into the higher level until they have had a second reincarnation into the same species, as the algorithm of experience within a species must take effect to change the body of knowledge, (change of state), of a soul.

                    The waveform of a Soul is altered by its experience. A Soul is the product of its experiences just as animate matter is the product of the evolutionary pattern of change that its constituent molecules have undergone, driven by the “environment”, (experience), within which it exists. The past for a species therefore, is not other than the sum of the experiences of the aggregate of its Souls. The construct of the Souls of a species is driven by the experiences of the Souls. The product of experience, which is the Soul, is the embodiment of knowing/understanding. Hence the evolution of a species is driven through the auto-interpretation by the Souls of themselves, (and at the root level of their common experiential Locus, by the auto-interpretation of each other). This is the instinctual state, manifest through their animate forms within their common “environments”, (such environments being their common Locus extended from Primary Consciousness, and their macrologically perceived material world). The instinct of a species or of an individual is the accumulated experience manifested by the Soul/s that control it. Instinct is the Soul interpreting itself and other Souls through the common experiential Locus. The notion of past remembrance as, “memory”, is the Soul interpreting itself through the Locus, which manifests as instinct modified, because of the accustomed perception by the Soul through a more highly sophisticated Animate Interface. (At the Quantum level “Locus” from which a Soul extends, the free will of that Soul is limited by its association with other Souls and other adaptations of Primary Consciousness. This limitation manifests in the Classical World as the rules of physics and the rules of life).

                    In the higher animate realms such as human, the instinct of the Soul interpreting itself through the Locus is interpreted as remembrance of past occurrence, or, “memory”, because Souls are accustomed to interpreting their environment focused through the Animate Interface which evokes the illusion of separation of “Time” and “Space”. Such perceived separation in this case manifests as the segmentation of “Time”. If the Soul can be made to realize that “memory” is merely an interpretation by the Soul of itself – seeing through itself – which includes seeing through its own extensity of its “environmental” Locus, then realization of all of the accumulated experience of the Soul and eventually the interpretation of the accumulated experiences of all Souls, is achievable by any particular Soul through the Locus from which it extends. Such achievement is accomplished through the education of how the Soul interprets information about itself, other Souls and its “environment”. 

                    Through the advancement of interpretative techniques, Souls move up through the higher levels of the Lathe of Creation. The higher the level, the more comprehensive is the interpretation of experience.

                    All Souls extend from a common, but differentiated Locus of experiential status. (All Loci of similar experiential status are joined together as a common level of the Lathe of Creation). Put simply, Souls extended into Animate Interfaces at one end, extend from their community of Souls, (Locus), at the other end. All Souls are therefore connected. The transmission of information between Souls extended into the Animate Interface occurs in four ways;

1.                 Souls receive information while in the Animate Interface from their “environment” and from other animate forms through which other Souls project information, within their “environment”.

2.                 Souls transmit information to their “environment” and to other animate forms within their “environment” by their action upon their “environment” through their own animate forms. The Animate Interface is a sensory-motor device, an auto-processor of information stimulated by the associative Soul and by the “external environment”, driven with dynamic in-tention by the Soul and by the ambient auto-thought of its extended “environment”. The “external environment” interprets the in-tention of the Soul, as an in-forming action executed by the Animate Interface upon the “environment”. The Soul associated with the Animate Interface stimulates the Animate Interface to action. Because the Animate Interface is interposed between the Soul and the external “environment”, the Soul is not directly perceived by other Souls extended into animate form within the same external “environment”. Conversely, the Soul interprets the external “environment” as stimulation upon its Animate Interface.

3.                 Souls transmit information while in animate form to their locus from which they extend.

4.                 Souls receive information from their locus while extended into animate form.

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