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Disembodied Experience

                    Out of body experiences reported by sincere individuals are not experiences of the Soul leaving the body, but rather are experiences of the Soul extending its perception beyond the sensory and interpretive devices of the body while still remaining associated with the body. Such experience may be accomplished through an interface that connects the Soul from the body to the mass consciousness that the Soul originally extends from. (The interface is actually the between state of consciousness. Press your thumb and forefinger tightly together. No matter how hard you press, there is still a between. If you fuse your fingers together with glue, they are still fingers, but held together with the fusing material. There is a separation where the fusing material attaches to each finger, even though the fingers are now attached. Every nucleon, atom and molecule in existence is attached to all others through the “Between”, the Tension Field of the Void, which to our perception, is the glue of existence and in so being attached, appear to have separateness, because the “Glue” is not macrologically perceivable - not perceivable through the Animate Interface). The Soul however may examine this interface and perceive through it, to experience non-material existence while still associated with the animate form. The connection points of the Soul are throughout the body, but the sentient connections appear to be in the Medulla, Limbic system and the right temporal lobe of the brain, at the Sylvan Fissure. 

                    These are parts of the brain that become active during Transcendental Meditation, during hypnosis directed at bringing forth past life memory, and during a near death experience. All scientific research that has measured brain activity during these experiences shows the Medulla and such as the active mechanisms. Although the Soul interfaces completely with the body, it appears that it is in the Medulla and other parts of the brain that the sentient essence, (“thumbprint”), of the Soul exists. (Buddhist science has it that the essence of the Human Soul dwells within the center of the chest, extending to and interfacing with the brain).

                    A Soul is the expression of the sum of its experiences. The combined memories of “past” animate lives are molecularly imprinted upon the above-mentioned sections of the brain as sentience …and throughout the body as mechanistic automata when the Soul extends into and merges with an animate form …as the image/interface of the operative Soul. It is through such molecular imaging/interfacing that the connection of the Soul and the animate form is maintained. The image/interface is also the passageway that allows the Soul to extend out of animate matter, as in an “out of body experience”, while still associated with animate matter. It is through this image/interface that the Soul retains cohesiveness within the animate form and it is this image/interface that may be examined by the Soul during hypnosis and meditation to bring forth memories of past lives. As a waveform, the Soul is more intense toward its center than toward its outer perimeter. The intense center of the Soul bonds its energies, (its organized units of Inertia), to the particles of the sections of the Medulla and other parts of the brain, to where it perceives its “self” image. When the body experiences death, this “thumbprint”/mirrored reflection of the Soul upon the brain, molecularly decomposes and releases the Soul to new perception outside of animate form.

Confusion and Mistrust of the Concept of an Afterlife

                    The body dies and it appears that the master of that body is forever gone. This is the point in Human understanding that confounds our perception of an afterlife. We perceive the death of an individual other than ourselves through a casual, (causal), observation, as a digitized, sequential translation of the “obvious”, not realizing that our perception of time is synthetic, as we perceive through an electro-chemical transducer, the Animate Interface of our senses and brain. Because we perceive through such an interruptive shell that perceptually breaks time up, we do not realize that “time” is essentially concurrent and that “past” and “future” and especially the “present” are illusions of the virtual moment within which we exist. But consider …if we are undivided from the Cosmos that created us from its own substance, are we not then at least each a part of this “common soul”, one that exists concurrently with and as part of our animate forms? If the body dies, does not the Cosmos still remain …and are we not still a part of it? At the very least, we can say that we continue to exist on a “higher plane” whether in animate form or not. 

                    Yes, we can at least say that …but shouldn’t we also consider the possibility that our Localized Consciousness may have a transitory moment within which to diffuse once again into the totality of Primary Consciousness from which it arose? 

…And what is possible within that “moment”?

                    Our perception of time through the Animate Interface is one of sequentiality, of objects, places and consecutive events. But this is a translation, a synthesis of what “time” actually is. The concept of transition from “life” to “death” …and back to “life”, actually boils down to this crucial point of perception, for “time” once observed without the hindrance of a translational shell, as during deep meditation, is perceived as the totality and substructures of consciousness itself …as what existence actually is.

We might, in one brief moment realize what we actually are…

                    If the totality of existence is nothing but consciousness and consciousness is the foundation of time, then time is an illusion/translation by consciousness of itself. Hence if objects are ultimately constructed of “time”, then all material things, including our bodies, are illusions as well …no matter how real they may seem to us while we perceive through them. What then perceives this illusion if not consciousness/ “time” itself? From where does it perceive? The Cosmos is a totality undivided from itself. Its “dimensionality” is generated by its perception through and of itself, (this is how “time”/consciousness perceives itself – thus creating the illusions of spatial, temporal and material dimensionality). At its foundation it is instantaneous and sizeless and therefore infinite and ever becoming within and of itself …and from this we are undivided. 

                    We leave one illusion for another, but at our foundation we always exist in this “Between” …in no space, in perpetual instantaneity because we are the Cosmos seeing through itself, seeing itself through shells of perception, including our animate forms…and that is from where we perceive. We have always existed in this “place”, as facets of Primary Consciousness …and it is from here that we learn and evolve.

                    Can a totality have many minds? Can it have infinite simultaneous perceptions and translations of itself? Of course, most definitely! How else could a totality possibly be? That has to be the way the Cosmos is, else how could we as extended from it perceive “motion” and change, and how could we each ourselves be unique? 

                    It acts on its own, driven by its un-equilibrium, (the wholeness is greater than the sum of its parts) …and therefore seeks balance through reciprocal “action”/translation upon and of itself. If “it” acts upon “itself”, a duality, indeed a multiplicity of reciprocal actions therefore must take place. (Your index finger presses against your thumb – this is a duality, but each digit receives differential action from the other because each is unique although undivided from the other by virtue of their connection to your hand). Its expressions of duality within itself are therefore differential and thus infinitely unique while nevertheless undivided from each other and from the totality. Is it such a wonder then, that the average person imagines the death of the animate form as the annihilation of consciousness …this “complexity” unknown to them? And if realized does it not change the flavor of what we call “mortality” and our concept of “oblivion”? Are we not better prepared with such knowledge for our journey into the “Between”? 

                    We are not born with a guidebook in our hands entitled “The Traveller’s Guide from Death to Life”…

Although I actually do have a copy

And I acquired it through “coincidence”

                    We have had to grow in our awareness in order to reach this understanding …and if one did not pursue such knowledge throughout their life they would still never know, always remaining innocently unprepared for their transition in the “Between” …each journey from “death” to “life” driven by the auto-thought of Primary Consciousness from one life to the next, on and on …and on, perhaps from one undesirable existence to another. 

                    But through this continual experience we all do learn, at some point we catch the idea …and then during a particular transition we realize that we can pause the auto-thought of Primary Consciousness through our own enlightened perception, finally choosing more appropriate paths through our matured ability to act with self-determination. 

                    At that split second of transition from life to death …to life, in what may seem to be an instant to a living person observing the process of death in another, that process is perceived differently from the standpoint of the one actually going through the transition. They are leaving a sequentialized perception of “environment” and are entering a new perception, one of joining with the common soul …a place where time and space are one …an environment of perpetual instantaneity – the essentiality of the “Between”. What is possible within that instant, where time, space and thought are one? It is this instant that is controlled by the thought of the soul and also controlled by the auto-thought of the Cosmos from which the soul is undivided …and it is in this place of the “Between” that the degree of courageous lucidity and experience of the soul together with the mechanistic auto-thought of the Cosmos will determine an actual outcome of the soul’s continued existence. The animate form allowed the soul a view of itself as Localized Consciousness in Time-Space, though still undivided from the greater structure of the Cosmos. Thus Localized Consciousness having once perceived through animate form became a “self”. To say that the soul does not exist is to deny that Localized Consciousness is the master of the animate form. Can we deny that we each have a “self”, at least while we are still alive? If we can admit that, then it is only a question of whether or not this “self” will endure and how it will endure, if only for that “perpetual instant”, within which we already live, beyond the death of our animate form.

                    We can speculate that the soul dies with the body, but such conjecture is generated by our inability to perceive Localized Consciousness after the body has died. We look at a body and we see no life, but the consciousness of the individual never was “tangible”. The only tangibility that we were ever aware of was the motion of the body that was controlled by the “intangible” soul. If a body appears lifeless, are we to automatically assume that the soul has also died? Shall we be led to assumption by what may appear to be obvious or should we not take for granted such a casual observation? And if we say that the structure of the living brain gives rise to such intangible consciousness and that when the brain dies this consciousness dies with it, how are we to explain so many cases of past life memory as well as the recognition and memory of places and events during a near death experience that a comatose individual obviously could not possibly be aware of? …And yet many having recovered from such a state speak precisely about events that took place miles from their immobile bodies, events that they could not possibly have any knowledge of unless they were able to somehow perceive through the convoluted substructure of existence. 
How can we explain precognition and the countless synchronicities that we encounter in our lives? (Crucial experiments have been conducted whereby a person undergoing surgery and supposedly unconscious, reported that they wandered the hospital in a disembodied state and saw exit signs on the ceiling in another room, not knowing that the individuals conducting the experiment had purposely placed these signs there).

                    I had to put my dog Foxy to sleep – she was suffering terribly. That night we heard scratching at our living room door and running footsteps up and down the stairway to our second floor bedroom – not just me, but my wife Helen and a friend of ours heard it too. We opened the door, but nothing was there. This went on for several nights until I finally put Foxy’s empty food and water dishes away. The Veterinarian who put her to sleep, you see, was right across the street from where we lived and although Foxy’s body was lifeless, her soul apparently “walked” out of the Vet’s office when someone opened a door and she then walked across the street to her home and entered when we opened our front door. She had no idea what death was, or that she was missing her animate form. After her dishes were removed she made herself known less and less to us as she eventually lost interest in our material world and without such distraction began to see new paths in the “Between”. 

                    As we go through life, each and every one of us, given enough of life’s experiences, will encounter at least one and perhaps several situations that lend credence to the concept of an afterlife. If we treat such incidents as coincidence or speculate that they must have been generated by our own desires or by some chemical reaction in the brain, or by some fluke of nature …we will forever remain closed to higher understanding, for in the cold light of scrutiny, we find that each of these explanations are only mere speculations, carrying no more weight than what science describes as a “blind wish” for an afterlife.

                    What is your earliest memory? Do you remember looking down at your Mother, as if you were floating above her from several feet away? Do you remember how beautiful she was? Do you remember the bright lights, the white gowns, the surgical masks, the bright metal surfaces, the white pillow beneath her head? Some of us remember …many have forgotten. From where were we looking? Shall we chalk all of this up to coincidence or desire? Isn’t the notion of “coincidence” actually an intellectual escape for our inability to grasp the underlying process of a situation? And how may we explain the synchronous phenomenon of electron twins if not for an unseen substructure within the unified process of existence? That substructure is the “Between” …the Outbounded realm of Primary Consciousness where thought and action are one and the same, where Time-Space is created. Yes, we can say that DNA promotes its own growth, but where is the “spark” that drives DNA to become an individual? Doesn’t that spark also drive the growth of DNA? 
Where dwells that spark, if not in the “Between”? There is an intangible substructure to the Cosmos …and to life, a matrix of convolved energy that shapes and governs the Universe and animate matter …and within this intricacy dwells a hierarchy of processes and paths …patiently awaiting discovery. The Cosmos is a singular structure compounded upon itself into incredible complexity. It is a mind of inertial thoughts that we synthetically perceive as our reality. We are each part of this greater consciousness – we are substructures of it, limited in perception within our animate forms, but when these temporary shells unravel, our thoughts then remake our reality. 

                    Our limitation of perception through an animate form is what causes each of us to be unique, to be a “self”, but, as cause is always within effect, it is we who actually create our animate forms. They are a necessary interruption/limitation between each of us and Primary Consciousness that allows specialized evolution of the totality of existence. We always seek equilibrium, always searching for a way to balance our lives, always searching for the path to Primary Consciousness and when we do this through animate existence we uniquely discover the complexity of totality by the very fact of our “limitation”, which also enables us to act with “self”-determination. We carry our notion of “self” into the “Between” and choose our next illusion, while always moving closer in perception to our undividedness from Primary Consciousness.

                    If I pluck a violin string and then destroy that string, the sound wave that it produced still goes on, slowly blending into the environment …as consciousness transitioning into greater consciousness… until it is no longer a sound wave, no longer a “self”, but eventually becoming a part of the greater Cosmic Totality from which it is and always has been undivided. But during its transition/realization, it still remains a “self” while gradually changing into something greater.

                    A ball of pure energy, (balled lightning), “floats” through the air. It passes through a windowpane as though the pane wasn’t there, changing direction, shape, color, and intensity. How is it possible for this pattern of pure energy to sustain, in plain view, for any length of time were it not maintained by the very “environment” within which it exists, from which it is undivided …which promotes its “life”? So it is with Localized Consciousness, bearing the intense illusion of a “self”, until it learns its way back to the greater consciousness from which it is undivided, of which it actually is, through a series of ever-enlightened perceptual transitions.

                    I saw a “soul” once …not a human soul, but a soul of nature. I was camped next to the Schroon River in upstate New York and I heard the water boiling. I looked up-river and saw a churning in the middle of the river slowly making its way downstream. Every few seconds a mist would rise about six feet above the churning water in the form of a spinning funnel and as it got closer it made a loud whirring sound, the funnel rising and falling. Within that mist was an energy source, governing and shaping the funnel with great intensity. And then it did a very strange thing …the funnel made a sharp right turn directly in front of me and left the river and smacked into the opposite river bank with such an explosive force that it tore a two foot trench into the ground, sending mud and rocks flying in all directions …the funnel instantly disappearing, but its governing energy enduring momentarily through transition! During my observation, the animate form of the funnel, in this situation instantly disappeared, but its “soul” remained and transitioned before my eyes. In this case the river was part of a greater consciousness which gave rise to the animate form of the funnel of this “water witch”, this mini-tornado …that gave rise to a “Localized Consciousness” – the governing energy of the funnel – that gained the ability to leave the river, if only for a moment, to join in its own remarkable way with the even greater environment from which the river and I were undivided. 

                    Does this prove that Human souls exist and endure? …No, but it does show a process by which Localized Consciousness may leave an animate form through transition, rather than through what we during our casual observation of death in another may assume to be “annihilation”. For during what appeared to me to be a short period of time, when the funnel made that right angle turn and in the next second struck the river bank, the funnel searched for and found its way back to the greater consciousness, gradually losing its “self” in the process. But what seemed to me to be only a second …during that process might have been an eternity of wandering, searching and transitioning to the energy of the funnel. Did that energy actually perceive its environment? Of course it did …it made that right angle turn because it had found a path. In the final analysis, every part, (convolution), of existence …every part of the Cosmos …is a conscious sub-process of perception, undivided from the greater totality. 

                    Imagine that the inertia of an inanimate pattern of matter, (a child forms a ball out of modeling clay for instance), is driven by “outside” forces. If the ball is left at rest, the inertia of the ball maintains the shape, (dimensionality), and therefore the material existence of the ball. If the child throws the ball and it hits a wall however, the child as the outside influence over the inertia of the ball may cause that inertia, upon hitting the wall, to change the shape of the ball. The materiality of the clay still remains, maintained by its own inertia, but changed in shape by the same inertia that maintains its existence. The inertia of living matter maintains the materiality and shape of living matter, in that animate matter is driven by its own inertia to gather the energy necessary to maintain its own molecular cohesiveness. The enlivened shape, (cohesive dimensionality), of animate matter therefore, is maintained by its Soul which is not other than its own “enlivened inertia”.

                    Until a newly disembodied Soul recognizes that it is in a new environment with new rules, it will wander between the learned perception of animate life and the perception of disembodied life until it discovers how to interact with its newly perceived “environment” …and all of this takes place within that “instant” that is subject to either interfacial synthetic or direct disembodied perception. An inexperienced or uneducated Soul does not realize that it had perceived through an Animate Interface and therefore may have difficulty in coming to the understanding that it had lost its animate shell and animate tools when the body experienced death. 

                    The basis of awareness of the Soul is not just that of the Soul's perception, but of its ability to interact with its environment, (The Soul associated with animate matter, intentions' - in-tensions - the body, and when disassociated from the animate shell, it in-forms through in-tension, its “environment”). The Soul no longer has the ability however, to split Time-Space into segments because the interface of the animate brain is gone. For the disembodied Soul, there is no here and there and now and then; there is only perpetual instantaneity, but it does not know this at first. There is only the extensity of itself, maintained as a pattern generated from the greater complexity of Primary Consciousness that is its “environment”. This is frustrating and frightening to an inexperienced Soul. A Soul having a viewpoint that is incompatible with a community of higher consciousness is relegated to wander until it learns how to get along within its “environment” and how to integrate in a collective way. Thus a soul must eventually come to the understanding that there are certain ways in which to relate and will adopt the philosophy/rules of its “environment”. Such adaptation to the rules of its environment is the same as joining/realizing the community that it is an extension of for the purpose of collective communication.

                    The Soul is capable of being affected by the “environment” that it is an extension of and simultaneously affecting its “environment” in a variety of ways, but does not comprehend these processes and abilities at first. The Soul did this however, through all of its animate life while it operated as an automatic function having maintained its Animate Interface, never realizing that such function was occurring or could be intentionally self-initiated. It drew ambient energy from its “environment” and “intentioned” this energy to maintain the health, (structure), of its vessel. The energy that it accessed was in the form of food, sunlight and other energetic patterns. It “intentioned” the energy from food and used it appropriately. It brought its vessel to sunlight when sunlight was required. It found music and other forms of patterned energy and accessed and re-”intentioned” those energetic vibrations as well. 

                    It focused such “in-formed” energy where the energy was needed and sometimes it also “intentioned” energy in detrimental ways, (overeating or other extreme indulgences of the animate form). The process of gathering and focusing energy is an automatic function of the Soul whether the Soul exists within animate matter or is disembodied. The “environment” that the Soul exists within only affects the way in which the energy is gathered and focused.

                    While in animate matter, the Soul “in-forms” and focuses energy through the Chakras of the body. The Chakras are focal points where energy may flow into and out of the body governed by the gathering/focusing process of the Soul. The study of Chakras goes back thousands of years. Chakra study and the application of Chakra knowledge has occurred in every society on Earth, called by one name or another. It has both scientific and, “mystical”, applications. The mystical study of Chakras has spun off many fringe theories that may have some truth to them, but generally project sensationalism. What is known however, is that there are a number of points on the body that reflect a measurable energy source. Physical and psychological manipulation of the Chakra points result in improved or deteriorating health. The Chakra points of the animate form are interface points of the Soul. To date, Chakra study has identified twelve main points on the body and certain other points that through further study may be added to the list. As Chakra study continues and is taken more seriously by the scientific community, a great number of Chakra points may be identified, each with its own function and ability to work harmoniously with other Chakra points. The entire body is in fact controlled and maintained by the Chakra, (electrostatic), mechanism of the Soul. Various parts of the body exhibit stronger and weaker Chakra energy points. The Medulla and such are considered together as one of the stronger energy points. In time, the entire body will eventually be considered to be a Chakra interface of the Soul.

                    The molecular imprinting of the Soul's image upon the Animate Interface is what allows the Chakra action of the Soul to manifest as perception as well as intentioned motor activity through the interface. The molecular imprint is the Soul's connection to the Animate Interface, (as all matter, including inanimate matter, is interfaced – molecularly or atomically, united with its “Inertia”…with its consciousness).

                    When a Soul becomes disembodied through the death of its animate form it doesn’t at first understand that it is disembodied or what a disembodied state of being is capable of. The Soul continues its automatic function of gathering and focusing ambient energy, but without the Chakra points of the animate form to work through. The Chakra points were its connections to both the body and its outside “environment”. Now that the body is gone, its connection to its “environment” is direct, but the Soul doesn’t realize this at first. It must learn how to interact with its new environment through trial and error, or be taught kindly by enlightened beings …and sometimes harshly, by the auto-thought of Primary Consciousness – the environment from which the Soul extends. 

                    Many societies have recognized this and attempts are sometimes made by the living, (those in animate form), to inform a disembodied Soul of its new condition through ritualistic prayer. Such rituals can be found in the Hebrew Cabala, the Egyptian Book of the Dead and the Tibetan Book of the Dead. Anyone wishing to inform a Soul of its new condition can do so however by just speaking to the Soul while viewing the body, or at the gravesite or in a place that was frequented by the deceased while alive, (a favorite room in their home), informing, (“in-forming” through intentional, “in-tension-al” communication), the Soul of its new condition.

                    Simple communication to energy, with the understanding that we are “in-forming” that energy through our intention, “in-tension” of it, will cause that energy to reform. Does this seem just… too simple? Well, it is just that simple …but we have trouble with the concept while in animate form because we comprehend our extended “environment” through this “Animate Interface”, which leads our macroscopic comprehension into a concept of “being divided” from which we extend. So, try as we may through the Animate Interface, to “in-form” energy, we block ourselves by our concept of dividedness. And of course, as soon as we begin to consciously focus upon this concept of “In-Forming” energy, we recoil from the concept because we must counter our sense of dividedness and “localized position” and therefore lose our perceptual “balance”. We inwardly say NO, NO, NO …because to “In-form” energy is to perceptually join with it …and in so doing, we think that we are giving up our sense of “self”, and without that sense of “self”, we lose our “localized position” and our sense of “balance” and we think that we could fall! 

                    So, to keep our balance, we pull back from the concept of unity …and the wave function of “In-forming” between ourselves and the energy that we would like to reform …collapses, effectively blocking our intended communication.

                    And yet, every once in a while we unwittingly bring about such “in-formation” of energy by ignoring our sense of our “dividedness” from our “environment” …through our unintentional abstraction of it! In plain words, every once in a while we unwittingly bypass our concept of dividedness and directly communicate with our extended “environment”. Is it possible to gain control over this ability to communicate? 

                    In religious practice, through prayer, we sometimes accomplish this …and through unwavering faith we sometimes accomplish this, but these practices know nothing of the actual mechanism that allows this to happen, except that it is thought that “God” has heard our prayers and has led us through. In a way, this is true, but “God” is the Primordial Force of Primary Consciousness of which we are an undivided part. We act through the Inertial Tensor Field of “God” and it synchronously acts upon us as well. If we can come to a direct understanding of this, then we can “In-Form” the Tensor Field without a fear of falling. The Tensor Field is a mind within which an infinity of differentiated minds thus dwell. Matter and energy therefore are merely constructs of the mind of “God” …thoughts generated by the Tension of Wholeness upon itself. When we “In-form” any of these - thoughts - by our intentional, “in-tensioning” communication with it, we can “re-form” it. There are a number of ways to do this. One way is through Transcendental Meditation. Transcendental Meditation bypasses the short-term memory, effectively bypassing the senses and interpretive devices of the Animate Interface. This allows direct communication with the Tensor Field of Primary Consciousness. To maintain a useful state of Transcendental Meditation takes a great deal of practice however …and courageous lucidity must be maintained while in this state in order to accomplish anything. There are other ways as well, by which thought can be sent out into the Tensor Field of the Void, but there is less control over the reforming of energy without Meditation. In certain cultures, Meditation is combined with ritual, which is a very effective means of reforming energy.

                    As mentioned previously, there is a wonderful book written by Robert Thurman called the “Tibetan Book of the Dead”. It is a translation of ancient Tibetan writings taken from “The Great Book of Natural Liberation through Understanding in the Between”. Within this writing are detailed explanations of how a Soul that is dwelling within the animate form, may communicate with and “in-form” a Soul that is existing in the disembodied state. Through the ritualistic “prayers” contained within this writing, a person in animate form may “In-Form” a disembodied soul of its new condition. Generally however, any individual may speak to a newly disembodied soul and explain to that Soul that a new life awaits it in its community, (Locus), of Souls that it is an extension of and that it may live again in animate form once having perceptually integrated with that community. This explanation will serve to calm the Soul and facilitate its new understanding. Using the Tibetan book of the Dead, a learned mentor may even attempt to guide the Soul to bypass an association with a new Animate Interface and conduct the Soul into a higher state of existence, (to join with the Lathe of Creation as a High Initiate, discussed further into this writing). Bringing a disembodied Soul to such an understanding is difficult if the Soul has not practiced identifying such existence while in animate form. The communication between the mentor and the disembodied Soul does serve as a calming effect upon the Soul however, allowing the Soul some measure of environmental identification even if the Soul is inexperienced. Such understanding allows greater choice/identification with a new animate form and great possibility of liberation to a higher realm of existence. This also promotes the Soul's desire for education in its next animate life, to possibly reach the understanding of the High Initiate.

                    Until it learns how to interact with its new “environment”, a disembodied Soul will attempt to interact as an animate form, using the automatic Chakra functions that it used in animate life. Instead of manifesting through an animate form that no longer exists however, the disembodied Soul may now manifest through its direct “environment”, perceived by those in animate form as an unusual phenomenon. It doesn’t realize at first that its old tools are missing and therefore acts upon and changes its immediate “environment” instead of effecting changes upon an animate form, manifesting its immediate “environment” to us as a reflection of itself, in place of its animate form. Since it is no longer in animate form, the way in which the Soul affects its “environment” is different than the way it would affect an animate shell. Certain abilities achievable through animate form no longer exist and new abilities, about to be realized are now present.

                    For instance, if a Soul manifests through its “environment” as a visible reflection of itself, it may not be able to move an object because it has caused its “environment” to undergo a change of state that may preclude the movement of objects. It doesn’t know why it cannot move an object and suffers confusion, fear and frustration. If a Soul learns how to move an object through the manipulation of its “environment”, once again causing a change of state in that “environment”, it may lose visibility. It cannot do both at once because environmental changes of state preclude the dualistic aspects of particle and waveform, only allowing one or the other to manifest at a time. (A wizened Soul may learn the art of inserting sequentiality into “time concurrency” and eventually be able to accomplish a digitization of manifestations). The Soul is now operating from the root of Time-Space, from the Totality of the compoundment of Primary Consciousness from which it extends. It is no longer operating through the interface of an animate mechanism and therefore an inexperienced or uneducated Soul has lost the ability to split “Space” and “Time” into segments. 
Existing and manifesting as an extension without an Animate Interface precludes the use of “Time” over “Space”. Everything that it does is instantaneous, affecting its “environment” of Time-Space as a singular/non-dualistic unity of Primary Consciousness and therefore it can only manifest one way or another during any particular process. We, perceiving through an Animate Interface, see the manifestation as affecting both “Time” and “Space” and within our view this phenomenon looks strange to us. The Soul has to learn through disembodied process of its new limitations and of its abilities in this newly perceived “environment”.

                    A Soul existing as a disembodied entity and therefore perceiving through a new interpretation of “environment” gains new awareness of certain abilities that were clouded in animate form. It now finds that it can move through “Time” at will, as we in animate form can move through “Space”. A Soul can communicate therefore with its descendants and predecessors, as “Time” is no longer a segmented system. A Soul can be anywhere and everywhere as “Space” is no longer a segmented system. A Soul can propagate through the instantaneous “environment” of Primary Consciousness without the constraint of separation of “Space” and “Time”. A Soul may cause a change of state in immediate “environment” to manifest itself and in so doing may travel through its “environment” of Primary Consciousness at will, through all of “Time” from our standpoint because “Time” from the Soul's standpoint is concurrent. A Soul quickly learns that this is possible from its experience with its unencumbered “environment”, that thought to action, (the In-Forming of Time-Space/energy), is the natural way.

                    The lucidity of a Soul in the disembodied state is natural and at first the Soul is not afraid because it is lucid and still able to perceive. Over “Time” however, the Soul experiences the differences between the animate state and the disembodied state and such experience can be terrifying to an uneducated, un-“In-Formed” Soul. If in a state of terror, “thought to action”, (auto-thought), can work against the Soul as the Soul projects images of its own terror upon its perceivable “environment” and interprets such images as being real. If the Soul submits to terror, then it loses control over its choice of existence as it recoils from its perceived “environment”, effectively blocking out its perception. Once perception is self-blocked, reincarnation into a compatible animate form will automatically take place as an auto-thought function of the environment of Primary Consciousness experiencing itself. This is why the prayers of a mentor are needed in most cases to calm the Soul and direct it towards properly identifying itself and its “environment” through its disembodied perspective, as a natural and acceptable state of existence. In this way, the Soul retains lucidity and choice through what otherwise might be an experience that would cause it to psychologically shrink into the self-protective, delusional state of “un”-consciousness.

                    (There was the Unified Field of the Primordial Force, as a less compounded level – “before” - there were Souls. Souls are a natural development of the Unified Field, but were developed through animate interfacial shells. Souls that have become disembodied have to learn therefore, that the Unified Field is a natural environment).

                    There have been many reports of near death experiences where the person who experiences such a condition claims to have seen a bright light within which their deceased ancestors were waiting for them as guides. There have been other reports where the person claims to have communicated with a single individual, also a guide. Although the person did not actually pass away, they remember having experienced such an occurrence. A mentor, whether in animate or disembodied form, can communicate with a Soul. A Soul can receive instruction whether in animate or disembodied form. Those Souls that have achieved understanding in the disembodied state and who have chosen not to reincarnate again into animate life, may reach out to less educated Souls to help them navigate the perception of the “Between” – of the Soul's interpretation of the Inertial Tensor Field of the Void. An uneducated Soul may become terrified of the environment of the “Between” and of the guides reaching out to them. A mentor in animate form can calm the Soul by reciting the prayers of navigation, (explanation of interpretation of “environment”), of the Inertial Tensor Field of the Void, of the extensity and unity of Primary Consciousness, to the Soul. Such prayers can be found in the “Tibetan Book of the Dead”, (translation by Robert Thurman is highly recommended), and others as stated above.

                    How is it possible that one Soul may experience confusion in a state of disembodiment and another Soul may experience less confusion and accelerated communal integration with other Souls? The answer lies in the prior life/death experience of each Soul. If a Soul has once experienced the process of reincarnation, then it has already gained some small measure of the education required for communal integration. In other words, if a Soul has had a prior animate life, then it has already experienced animate death. It has already experienced the confusion of a disembodied condition and has learned how to better deal with this natural state of existence. It has altered its pattern for extended lucidity, enabling more comprehensive identification of its “environment” through its disembodied perspective, which facilitates its communal integration. If the Soul through such communal integration has extended itself from the community of a mass consciousness of Souls, (a Locus), to reincarnate into an animate form once again, it carries with it the experience of the prior death of its last animate form. It is therefore better prepared for the next disembodiment and communal integration. There are rare near death reports where the individual sees the light, but no one is there as a guide. In such cases, the waveform of the Soul is altered to the degree of being able to see the entrance to the collective level of the community, but not able to see its individual inhabitants. An inexperienced Soul might experience this and wander until it learns, (changes its pattern), how to interpret its new “environment”. Likewise, a Soul that has acquired experience, but has developed an “antisocial” viewpoint, (altered waveform, personality), will not be able to integrate back into its community on a collective level until it relearns the rules of its “environment” once again. Finally, because all Souls extend from unified communities while in the Animate Interface, Souls continually receive information from their communities while experiencing animate life. This is how pre-comprehension of events and experience/awareness of current, non-local events manifest. 
There are two states of existence within a locus. One state is of Souls in the disembodied form and the other is of Souls extending and perceiving through the Animate Interface. All are connected as extensions of this common “environment”. Information that initiates pre-comprehension is received from perception through the Locus. (Sequential “Time” is of no consequence to that “environment”). Awareness of current, non-local events that could not otherwise be perceived, (a feeling that something is happening - right now – that cannot be otherwise perceived), is derived of information received from the Locus as well. Souls extending/perceiving through the Animate Interface, whose common connection is that of the Locus, may exchange “Time imaged” information through the concurrency of the Unified Field. “Future”, “present” and “past” events are synchronous within the Locus.

                    All of the above statements may seem to be reaching. After all, reports of near death experiences are not proof of an afterlife or possible reincarnation, but they do lend support to the statements above, encouraging at least, an exploration of the subject. If a direct connection between the Soul and the animate form could be shown to actually exist however …then the argument for an afterlife might become more acceptable. Such a connection would be the unique Chakra points described earlier, that would allow the memory of a “prior” animate lifetime to be remembered by anyone who is currently in animate form. Such experience of prior life and communication with the community that they are an extension of is possible for anyone who wishes to learn Transcendental Meditation. The learning process is not a quick one however and requires unwavering mental discipline. Such discipline should be learned from an experienced teacher who can guide the student to comprehension of the Locus in general and of the disembodied state in particular. Although it is possible to achieve a perception of the disembodied state without a mentor, the benefit of the achievement may be lost if courageous lucidity is not maintained. 

                    An experienced mentor can guide a student through self-delusion and misunderstanding, enabling comprehension of the disembodied environment. A misguided or non-guided individual having achieved the perspective of the disembodied state may suffer the terror of confusion while in such a state and when returned to animate perception may continue to suffer the effects of a traumatic experience. Finding a qualified mentor therefore is the better way. (Further into this writing we will explore in great detail, a series of perceptual and mechanical experiments that show the electrostatic/gravimetric association between the Soul and the Body).

Until thy Spirit had reached liberation

Through intricate paths that led to the height

Of perceptions inspired of Divine Lumination

Transforming thy darkness to infinite light

Life finally began to theorize and develop skills that permitted even higher learning and through such enlightenment saw itself and its surroundings as having potential that was unlimited through life’s own faith in its ability to learn and accomplish.


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