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Chapter 5


                    In order to have greater and more detailed experience of itself, Primary Consciousness compounded into the experiential interface of animate matter. The Animate Interface allowed Primary Consciousness to become a localized “self” and thus permitted the perception of the instant, which then allowed the choice of reaction by the “self” to an action perceived. The Animate Interface therefore housed this localized inner pattern, (the “self”, or the Soul), that became the pilot of the Animate Interface, but the localized inner pattern, not yet being aware of itself, recognized here and there, but did not translate this re-comprehension to, “it and I”. Even so, this inner pattern was able to use animate matter as a sophisticated interface to experience the “environment” of Primary Consciousness in a unique new way.

                    Humankind has labored under the misconception that the Totality of Primary Consciousness, (the Primordial Force, or “God”), is all knowing. In the greatest sense, it is not. It is all learning and what it has learned thus far is understood to the extent that the knowledge that it has gained is the total knowledge of its experience. In this sense, the Totality of Primary Consciousness is “all knowing” up to the point of what it has thus far learned. The education/experience by Primary Consciousness of itself is an ongoing process. (It might appear from the above statement that a function of sequentiality is generated within the concurrency of the experiential self-encounter of Primary Consciousness. The perceptions by localized patterns from within Primary Consciousness of its Totality are comprehended in a sequential way, as the interpretation of the whole of Primary Consciousness is translated through the cones of its structure, from their centers to their outer perimeters. In this sense interpretation from within a Totality of the Totality, is sequential. The concurrency of Primary Consciousness however, is interpreted from the outer perimeter of the Totality to its center …as a singular thought …the interpretation/translation by Primary Consciousness of itself, as a Wholeness is a function of ever-becoming, as a concurrency in perpetuity).

                    Animate matter is an extension of Primary Consciousness created as a house of sensory devices and interpretative mechanisms for Localized/Primary Consciousness as a secondary extension to dwell within, perceive and act through. Primary Consciousness extends as an animate shell and simultaneously extends within that shell as a localized occupant. The types of animate matter that fall into the classification of non-self aware would be of the least sophisticated forms possible ranging up to a threshold state of genetic molecular complexity that would enable self-awareness.

                    One test of self-awareness is the mechanism of preemptive self-protection. Any life form that actively seeks to protect itself from perceived danger is self-aware. Moving after or during an impactive experience does not express self-awareness. Moving prior to an encounter shows perception of implied danger and such perception is an expression of self-awareness. This is not to say that there are not other expressions of self-awareness. Certain plants for instance, have developed symbiotic relationships with other life forms that protect them from implied danger. The recomprehension by a life form of other life forms as other life forms is also an expression of self-awareness and there are other expressions as well.

                    When a number of life forms are destroyed or impaired by a catastrophic event, those that are left to survive then propagate their species. If survival/propagation occurs, the genetic makeup of such “animate life” is passed on to future generations. Because of the uncertainty/ probability factor inherent in all of existence, genetic material alters from generation to generation, affected by “environmental” conditions. This permits Primary Consciousness to build a better house for Localized/Primary Consciousness with each generation.

                    That which lies between changing patterns of existence, (that which has been described herein as the “Inertial Force of Will”), is itself directed by the convolution of existence, to project the continuing evolution of animate matter. Evolution is an expression of determination, (the Inertial Will of Being), and ultimately, evolution transforms Inertial Determination into Self-Determination through the generation of more highly sophisticated animate forms through which Localized/Primary Consciousness as a motivator, can perceive and act. (Once again, the use of the term “evolution” must be interpreted as “creative” within the concurrency of the Totality of the Unified Field).

                    The building of better houses is the evolution of the sophistication of Primary Consciousness through the diversification of species. In order for Localized/ Primary Consciousness as an occupant, to use its house for any period of time that would permit the gathering of experience other than impactive/destructive, Primary Consciousness continually configures new generation houses with better protective, (interpretive/reactive), devices.

                    Localized/Primary Consciousness learns from its experience as occupant of the house. Primary Consciousness is also the house and the “environment” within which the house exists. Each factor, “occupant”, “house” and “outer environment” are extensions of the same Totality of Primary Consciousness. Such organized configurations allow Primary Consciousness to observe and interact with itself to gain a better understanding of itself, thereby allowing the raising of sophistication of animate matter to better endure within such “environment”. 

                    The continued evolution of the genetic structure of the Animate Interface to a threshold level of perceptive sophistication, allows the function of self-awareness of the occupant of the house, (the Soul), to occur. Once self-awareness begins, added benefits of experience through the exercise of self-determination may take place. The localized extension of Primary Consciousness that is the Soul however, doesn’t realize that it is an extension dwelling within an extension. It thinks that it is the animate form that is its house because it perceives through the sensory and interpretive devices of the house. The Soul must experience many houses, each different, through many reincarnations, in order to gain a better understanding of its true existence. In this way, the Soul comes to the understanding that it is a unique entity that is not the house within which it dwells. Once this realization occurs, the Soul is ready for higher education.

                    Once animate matter was created, the intention by Primary Consciousness to experience itself through the exercise of self-determination became paramount. The occupant of the Animate Interface eventually saw itself as existing …and through such realization became an individualized “Child of the Universe”, as a unique extension of Primary Consciousness, growing and learning within the womb of animate matter, although still an extension of the Totality of Primary Consciousness as its “parent”.

                    I recently asked an intuitive friend, “In your perception, by what process would a Soul be accepted into Heaven?”, (We all have different perceptions of what Heaven would be).

                    She responded that a Soul would have to undergo “cleansing” before it would be allowed to join. 

The “Cleansing” of Localized/Primary Consciousness

                    How would individual Souls share experience with each other and with the greater Totality of Primary Consciousness? They would have to come together to form various levels of Mass Consciousness, (as organized levels - States of Hierarchy - of Primary Consciousness), dependent upon their individual levels of experience. The various levels of Primary Consciousness would interact with each other as substructures of the Totality of Primary Consciousness …as levels of auto-thought built upon levels of auto-thought …which further into this writing will be shown to be the Lathe of Creation of the “Alpha and the Omega” …of the ever-renewing Time-Space Multiverse. The various stages of compounded Primary Consciousness, (graduated levels of comprehension), each performing a higher task than the level below would form something akin to a “University of Souls”, a multilevel “Quantum Mind” …where information is exchanged and where transactional functions take place. Remember – its all one Consciousness – including each of us – compounded and diversified into the experiential wonder of the Unified Field.

                    An electron orbiting the nucleus of an atom exhibits a unique wave pattern/vibration. The application of a specific level of energy is required to alter this unique pattern to achieve a change of state, (to jump to a higher level). It matters not if the electron has many experiences with levels of energy lower than its change of state threshold. Until the exact amount of energy required to effect a change of state is applied to it, the electron will remain at its current level. An electron however, is less complicated than a Soul. An electron is not self-contemplative and therefore its current state of existence is maintained by the ambient condition of Time-Space, (maintained by the auto-thought of ambient Primary Consciousness …maintained by the direct influence of the Totality of Primary Consciousness …as the cause/effect singular process), from which it extends. A Soul however, as a dynamic self-reflective configuration of Primary Consciousness, although extended from the matrix of ambient Time-Space, maintains its state of existence, (in the disembodied state), through its unique mechanism of self-realization, which gives the Soul a sense of “individuality” and allows the Soul a sense of “differentiality” from the direct influence of the Totality from which it extends …which as described earlier and shown in great detail next, is a process of self-virtualization. 

                    (Further into this writing, in chapter 10, “The Median Effect” – we will explore in great detail the mathematical functions performed by Primary Consciousness that enables the creation of the Animate Interface and the resultant self-contemplative Soul and we will also mathematically explore in depth, the mechanics of the existence of the disembodied Soul. We will first gain a logical view of those functions and mechanics within this current chapter however, and within the chapters that follow).

                    A Soul whether associated with an animate form or in the disembodied state, will remain in its current condition, like an electron, until it receives a sufficient amount of energy to cause a change of state, but in the case of the Soul, a change of state may only be achieved by a specific polar reorganization of its structure that is generated by its accumulation of experiential, (energy), encounters. All accumulations of experience affect the Soul as algorithms of change. All changes throughout the Universe are based upon algorithms because the inherent nature of change is that of a dynamic process that generates distinct quantum levels. The dynamic process of change throughout the Universe is based upon transcendental numbers, which reflect the expanding dynamic of a sphere and also the ongoing nature of its internal processes.

                    Any sphere or circle is representative of a dynamic process. Any geometric form made of, “straight” lines however, (square. triangle, etc), is a representation of mental imaging, in that we venture that we can ascertain, while ignoring the Uncertainty Principle, such forms as closed systems, measured with exactitude. (Straight lines are a product of imaging. When measured closely, all “straight” lines are found to be curved, - actually, they are circles viewed …edge on). A measured circle or sphere on the other hand, is a dynamic process, though imaged as frozen in place, (imaged in stasis). No matter how hard we try, we absolutely cannot apply the image of a closed system measured with exactitude to a circle or sphere …because we must measure using the transcendental device of .

                    (Spheres and circles are examples of approximations of existence because the mathematics that is used to measure them involves PI, which is an open numbering system reflective of the Uncertainty Principle. As PI is applied with increasing intensity to the measurement, it becomes obvious that measuring can go on forever without ever achieving an exact determination. What is generally overlooked when PI is used as a measuring device however, is that it reveals the intricate dynamic of the interior of spheres and circles as well, in that each furthering decimal place of PI is reflective of not only a more comprehensive measurement of the whole, but of the “dynamic” laws, {functions of change}, of its existence). 

                    When is used in the attempt to measure the whole of a sphere, not only is the approximate volume of the sphere measured, but more importantly, the internal processes that manifest as the sphere are measured as well. Through the use of PI to measure the sphere, approximations of the infinite processes that are the substructure of the sphere are also expressed.

                    Where the Universe is concerned, measurements on the macro level are rendered in terms of magnitude and on the micro level as quantum states. There is no fundamental difference however, between magnitudes and quantum states. We just see them differently because of the instruments that we use to measure them with. Magnitudes and quantum states therefore, are algorithms of approximation within which the Uncertainty Principle allows for the general connectivity between all states of existence. (Here again, what lies between bordered existence is shown through abstraction to be the driving Will of Primary Consciousness in comprehension of itself). A specific algorithm must be encountered and recognized by a disembodied Soul, (and in some cases while in animate form), in order to cause a change of state, as a perceptual merging with a higher level by that Soul. Such algorithms are characterized within the next few paragraphs.

                    Energies, (experiences), encountered by the Soul, whether the Soul is in disembodied or animate form, cause repolarization, (electromagnetic reorganization), of the structural content of the Soul. The structural content of the Soul remains unchanged until further experiential, (energy), encounter. With each encounter, structural repolarization occurs until the correct structural polarity is achieved to enable a change of state. 

                    A change of state for the Soul is its realization of that from which it extends …of that to which it is indivisibly connected. Because a Soul is extended from compounded levels of Time-Space, a Soul may only come to the realization of the level that it is extended from, until a further realization, (a further change of its internal polarity), causes a more comprehensive change of state. The more comprehensive change of state would be a realization …that the level of Time-Space that it is extended from is also extended from a higher level. Thus the Soul through continued experience and learning advances its comprehension of the increasing levels of magnitude of Primary Consciousness …thereby increasing its own “unified” self-realization. Many times when we encounter difficult situations we struggle against them not realizing that they are part of our own extensity. When we come to settle these situations we have actually expanded our view of our extended selves and within this view, we are then able to handle other situations of a similar nature. 

                    Once again, we must remember that if we each have this knowledge of our “environment” being our own extensity, then it falls upon each of us to take personal responsibility for the conditions that surround us …and when I say we each, I mean every reader of this work and every reader of other works similar to it, that raise our understanding to a recognition of our undividedness. Each of us therefore …as Enlightened Beings, must treat our “environment” as we would treat ourselves and of course, this includes the compassionate/enlightened treatment of all others as part of ourselves. Take responsibility wherever you are because “wherever you are” is part of you.

                    The structure of a Soul reflects its accumulation of experiences …and the continual repolarization of its structure, caused by experiential encounter, reflects its growing wisdom and change of perception. The perception by the Soul of its accumulated experiences is the Soul's image of itself - as the sum of its experiences. 

                    The Soul's image of itself is that of its perception of Primary Consciousness through its own Localized experiential construct. The perceptive ability of the Soul therefore, is dependent upon the sophistication of its “Quantum State” …dependent upon its “wisdom”, to achieve a translation of its “environment” into a realization of “self-extensity”. 

                    As the Soul observes the details of itself, its comprehension of itself, (that which we call memory), changes through the recomprehension of its individual experiences and through its realization of the connections between those experiences. That which connects experiences together is the order of the intensity of polarization of those experiences that forms them into classes, (communities), of experience. The Apexes of Perception of the Soul, (that which it perceives through), are the polarities of greatest intensity of the Soul's own structure.

                    A Soul perceives dualistically whether through an Animate Interface or while in the disembodied state. One Apex of Perception is that of its current “environment”, (that from which it extends – which includes the Soul itself), and the other Apex performs the function of the Soul's projected imaging upon that “environment”, (super-imaging), to make the “environment” sensible to the Soul. The Apexes, (polarities), of perception are positioned opposite to each other as extensions of the Soul's body of knowledge, (the total accumulation of its experiences), that lies between the poles, (between the Apexes of Perception), and because of their positioning, the perceptual Apexes of the Soul are only vaguely aware of each other, but in fact, work intimately together, (work extra-consciously together through the “environment” of the Unified Field). 

                    They are but of one mind performing a dualistic function – 1. The acquisition of data and - 2. The modeling of data into sensibility through super-imaging, (the perceptual projection of the data back upon the “environment”), and then re-comprehending the projection as “reality”. Such dualistic manifestations of the mind are commonly referred to as the Conscious and the Subconscious …and the most intense areas of each, (the Apexes of Perception), are the extreme polarities generated by the Soul's electromagnetically structured body of knowledge. The Soul's polarity changes with each new experiential encounter, changing the positions of its Apexes of Perception …rendering a different view of the Soul's body of knowledge to the Soul of itself. 

                    When a Soul encounters a new experience, it makes sensibility out of the new experience by connecting it to a class of its accumulated experiences. Such connection is the expression of the Soul's current perception of its present situation. The Soul's polar adjustment through perception of itself is the adjustment by its Apexes of Perception to a new view of its own structure …and therefore – a new view of its current situation/“environment”. 

                    It appears here that I am referring to an actual “motion” of the Soul's Apexes of Perception. It will be shown very clearly in the next few paragraphs however, that what we perceive as “motion” is in fact a change of intensity of polarity between the perceiver and that which is perceived ...because the perceiver, (the Soul), perceives that from which it extends. Because of this connection, opposite polarities simultaneously change perceptual “position”. The Soul, as a dynamic configuration extended from the Totality of Primary Consciousness, may extend its polarity into greater and greater classes of experience, (higher levels - realms - of Primary Consciousness), thereby increasing its “body of knowledge” – which is itself. The Soul does this by achieving a change of state, (a perceptual merging …an electromagnetic reorganization between its differentiated “Self” and its “environment”), through experiential encounter.

                    The Soul is driven to look at itself in different ways by its encounter with new experience, (encountered energies). In so looking, the Soul eventually finds that from which it extends. This discovery is the realization of a more comprehensive existence, which corresponds to a quantum change of state. Energy applied to the Soul in the form of experiential encounter modifies the Soul's structural polarity without driving it into a higher state of existence however, until the correct positioning of polarity is achieved, (until the correct algorithm is generated). 

                    As an example, let us imagine the “Rubik’s Cube” to be representative of the Soul, but in this design each part of the cube is magnetized and the magnetic state, (polarity), of each part may be affected by the application of energy, (an experiential encounter), to any other part. A change of magnetic state, (weakening or intensifying of electromagnetic flux), of any part of the cube would be represented by a color change of that part alone or of that part and its adjacent parts. As adjacent parts achieve the same color, organized classes of experience, (ordered degrees of magnetic intensity), would be formed. As a Soul proceeding through experience to a condition that would allow a change of state, the cube in its entirety is only partly arranged into what would be the goal of complete organization. From the perspective of any specific part of the cube, the perception by the cube of itself would be different than when viewed from any other part. When the cube in its entirety is interpreted from any particular part of itself, the part doing the interpreting becomes the Apex of Reception, (present perception by the cube of itself – of its current condition). The Apex of present perception referred to as the Apex of Reception, is the receiver of data that works in tandem with the oppositely positioned Apex of Image Generation. The Apex of Reception and the Apex of Image Generation are always those parts of the cube that contain the greatest concentration of magnetic polarity and are together referred to hereafter as the Apexes of Perception.

                    If any part of the cube has its polarity altered through the application of energy, changes of polarity will be generated throughout the cube that will affect the polarities of the Apexes of Perception. Once one part of the cube is affected, the polarity of the other parts of the cube must change as well and the greatest effects of polarity will become the new Apexes of Perception, thus changing the cube’s view and interpretation of itself. (The Apexes of Perception as points of the cube are always positioned oppositely to each other with the body of the cube positioned between. As the cube encounters energy/experience, stress is placed upon the magnetic polarities of the cube. When the stress reaches a certain point, the Apexes of Perception change position to other points of the cube, still remaining opposite to each other. A threshold level of energy, of experiential encounter, is therefore required to force the cube to undergo a “change of state”). The Apexes of Perception always interpret the cube in its current state. As various parts of the cube undergo experiential encounter, (the effects of applied energies), they achieve states of logical order with their adjacent parts and form with the adjacent parts into individual groups of organization. Such groups of organization become ordered classes of experience, (associations of knowledge, collections of wisdom). The order of the classes, (the way they are lined up), is dependent upon their greater or lessor intensities of polarization. Each class commands its own intensity of polarity and therefore, each class contains Apexes of Perception, though weaker than the Apexes of Perception of the Totality of the cube …that generate the current view by the cube of itself. 

                    The class experiencing the highest intensity of polarization becomes the current perceiver of all of the classes, (the perceiver of the cube's current situation). The order of polar intensities of the classes forms the personality of the cube, as they are the components of that personality in order of diminishing degree of the cube’s perception of itself. Since the classes of experience of the cube are of varying degrees of polar intensity, they are automatically arranged by the degree of their intensities through the current Apexes of Perception, which are the highest intensities of polarity of the cube.

                    The Apex of Reception, (interpreter of data), together with its opposite Apex of Image Generation are depolarized to lesser intensity by a new experiential encounter, thus causing other parts of the cube to be simultaneously re-polarized to greatest intensity, forming into new Apexes of Perception. In this way, the current Apexes of Perception of the cube become “repositioned”, using what they interpret as the “past experience” of the cube to make sense of a new experiential encounter, thus forming an expression of the cube’s “present” condition. The Apexes of Perception, (those parts of the cube bearing the greatest polar intensity) - activate to a higher or lessor degree, the associations of knowledge throughout the cube by the varying positions of the Apexes of Perception, which render diverse interpretations by the cube of itself …and of course of its extended “environment”, (as different interpretations of its knowledge applied to its current situation). Since the Apexes of Perception “move” to a different view with each experiential encounter, associations of knowledge throughout the cube gain or lose polar intensity with each reciprocal repositioning of the Apexes of Perception, (with each change of perception). The associations of knowledge bearing the greatest intensity of magnetic organization in relation to the Apexes of Perception, are the ones that are most relevant to the current view of the Apexes of Perception, with all other associations of lesser intensity being less relevant by the degree of their intensity.

                    It would appear in the above description that the Apexes of Perception had “moved” from one place on the cube to another, but by what vehicle did they move? Herein lies the perception of “motion”, in that the lessening of electromagnetic flux in one area creates the intensification of it in another. This happens because the Inertial Field of the Void is in tension with itself as a unification of diversified processes. Consciousness intensifies one part of its comprehension, (the process of tensioning), while lessening another. It remains still …but creates the illusion of motion. We see a direct analogy to this in solid-state electronic components that have “logic gates”.

                    What we perceive as motion is the experiential encounter/comprehension by Primary Consciousness of itself, - by Localized/Primary Consciousness of its own extensity, - of that of the perceived and the perceiver as one Unified Field, enabling the algorithm of change within the current view. The passage of “Time” within this process is - concurrent… and events are therefore - synchronous. 

                    The perceiver, as an extension of the perceived, superimposes imagery upon the perceived, thus making sensible, the varying intensities of electromagnetic flux within the process ascertained as the “environment” …which is the Unified Tensor Field from which the perceiver extends.

                    The classes of experience are also “separated”, (unified though bordered), from each other by less organized parts of the cube. (Since the more organized and the less organized are of the same cube, they are in reality actually connected). The classes of experience, thus perceptually separated and ordered by their degrees of intensity, are interpreted as the components of the present personality of the cube and by diminishing degrees of intensity, are interpreted as the cube’s retrospection, (its memory), of its accumulation of experience. The classes of experience receiving the least intensity of polarization by degree, would be considered as the least important experiences germane to the current view of the Apexes of Perception with graduations of greater degrees of intensity, the greatest being that which is most applicable to the current perception by the cube of itself – of its current situation – which includes its current “environment”. (That from which we extend is what we are). The classes ordered by degree of intensity are the choices of applicable wisdom, (applicable imagery), ranging from the least intensive to the most, that comprise the entire accumulation of experiences up to and including the Apexes of Perception, from which is derived the cube’s immediate level of experiential awareness.

                    A change of state for the cube would be its realization of being a part of the greater matrix from which it extends. The cube would undergo a complete reorganization of itself into a single experiential class having an Apex of Reception interpreting its “environment” and an opposite Apex of Image Generation extended into that “environment”. The only perception that the cube would now have of itself …would be that of its indivisible connection to that which it perceives, as the cube would now perceive itself as part of the “environment” from which it extends. All of the classes of experience of that “environment”, cubes of a similar experiential level existing within that “environment”, would join together through such change of state, into the forming of a mind that is of a higher quantum level. (Those cubes of that “environment” having achieved such a change of state become a unity of perception, generating varied imagery accessible to all of the participants). This higher “Quantum Mind” would be a part of an even greater Quantum Mind, though unaware of such higher level until a further change of state is achieved. 

                    Let us now address the question of the perception of a time-line, (the illusion of sequentiality), of experiences, (perception of the past, contemplation of the future), through an Animate Interface, using our magnetized Rubik’s cube as an example of both the body and Soul of the perceiver. That which we perceive as the materiality of the cube will represent the Animate Interface and the electromagnetic flux of the cube will represent the Soul. It has previously been shown that experiences accumulate as varied degrees of polar intensity, (electromagnetic flux), and the intensities change to lesser or greater degrees, dependent upon the current view, (“positions”), of the Apexes of Perception. What we call memories are not other than classes of experience, or “collections of wisdom” that we superimpose upon our current interpretation of our current condition. We see through this depiction that the associations of knowledge, (“memories”), that find their way into our current perception are not time dependent, but are rather polar intensive, (they would be the most appropriate), to what would be our current perception. 

                    Each of us comprehends what we perceive as the present, and yet in order to be current, we must also be continuous. How then is the contemplation of the future and the discernment of the past achieved? In order to answer this question, we must first have an understanding of what constitutes the essence of knowledge.

                    Starting from a view by the Apex of Reception of the cube, one part of the cube now becomes affected by an experiential encounter that changes its polarity. Such change of polarity in one part of the cube sends a change of polarity pulse throughout the cube that causes the Apexes of Perception to change “position”, (to change their interpretation of the body of knowledge – to change their “view”). 

                    At this point, a reversal of the application of experiential encounter, (energy), upon the original part effected would reverse the order of the pulse, sending the Apexes of Perception back to their original “positions”. In this example, since things can return to what they were, there would be no basis for the perception of a “past” occurrence.

                    If however, a reversal of energy is not applied to the original part of the cube first affected and a second application of energy is received by another part of the cube, a second polarity pulse would then be sent into the cube causing a second change of position, (change of view), of the Apexes of Perception. In this case, a secondary pulse being imposed upon the first pulse creates an algorithm of experience, (a compounding of consciousness), that is difficult to undo because a multiplication of events has taken place. The algorithm is represented in the following way; 

The first experiential encounter is comprised
of three significant events;

1.                 The application of energy, (experiential encounter), to the cube,

2.                 A resultant change in its electromagnetic flux and,

3.                 A “repositioning” of its Apexes of Perception.

                    The second experiential encounter also causes a further change of electromagnetic flux and another repositioning of the Apexes of Perception. Since the electromagnetic flux had already undergone a prior change and it was affected again by a second experiential encounter …a multiplication of events equaling a sum of nine significant changes, (3X3), will have occurred. Because a multiplication is involved, an algorithm is generated, such algorithm not having existed prior to the multiplication. The algorithm itself then becomes a furtherance of events added to the accumulation of experience. The added algorithm is interpreted by the Localized Consciousness of the cube as a step forward, but since the algorithm is intangible it is interpreted as a procession of a “Time-line”. If the cube undergoes a third experiential encounter, the algorithm changes again, making reversibility even more difficult. What may now be perceived as an irreversible “Time-line” will have thus been created.

                    Since the electromagnetic structure of the cube, (represented as the Soul), encounters a continuous stream of experiential encounters, the algorithm of change of the Soul's perception of itself – including that from which it extends as its perceived “environment” – as the extensity of its current condition, also undergoes continuous change. We affect our “environment” by our action upon it, but more importantly …we affect our own “extensity”, which contains other Souls, by our thought/interpretation of it …and this we will see very clearly within the next few chapters of this writing. 

                    This is why proceeding through a situation to a conclusion is more natural to us than extracting ourselves from it. Addictive substances and addictive situations make use of algorithms to draw us further in. Once we are aware that algorithms of change affect our lives however, we have a better understanding of what it is that draws us, thus enabling us to bring an addictive situation to close. 

                    As an example, the addiction to smoking is an algorithmic process. We start with one cigarette and then build up to a pack a day or more over what we perceive as a “period of time”, which in reality is an algorithm of change. For those who smoke and wish to quit, the best way to stop smoking is to create a counter algorithm. 

                    This is accomplished by resisting the first urge to smoke in the morning until the urge is forgotten. This generally takes from three to five minutes. A pad, pencil and a watch that shows the date and time of day should be present so that you can write down the date and the exact time of day that you resisted. Cigarettes should also be kept out of sight, in a pocket or in a drawer. The pad should be a small spiral with a pen or pencil attached and the watch should be a small lightweight digital that can be attached to the cover of the pad as well, (A little double stick tape will suffice). A string should be attached to the pad so that the pad can be worn around one’s neck when awake, inside of a shirt or blouse. The next time an urge to smoke comes upon you, light up and enjoy the cigarette. The time of lighting up should also be written down. The next urge after this should be resisted and the time of day of resistance should be again written down. In this way, every urge to smoke should cause you to look at the pad and see what you did last, allowing you to next do the opposite. The times of day are written down because you may not remember when you last had an urge to smoke and the times of action, (smoking or resisting), should be kept at least ½ hour apart. (This period of time can vary however. If you are smoking 20 cigarettes per day and are awake for 16 hours, then the time period should be about 50 minutes apart between actions of resistance and lighting up on the first day, such time period getting longer with each progressive day. If an overwhelming urge to smoke should occur prior to 50 minutes, then at least a waiting period of ½ hour should be maintained. If you are smoking 40 cigarettes per day, the urge to smoke should come about every 25 minutes and extending this time period to ½ hour is not unreasonable. If you are smoking more than this however, starting with a time period of 20 minutes between actions is not unreasonable for the first day, but by the second day, at least ½ hour between actions should be maintained. In all cases however, the time periods between actions should automatically lengthen with each proceeding day.

                    The alternates of resisting and lighting up will create an algorithm that will cut the smoking habit in half on the first day, perhaps in half again on the next day and so on until you are down to one cigarette per day. The one cigarette can be easily resisted, bringing the addictive situation to a close. If the algorithm is a little more complicated than described here and the urges come more frequently on the second or third days, then just resisting every other urge to smoke will still eventually lead to quitting altogether, even if this process takes two or three weeks. Remember to keep a pad, pen and watch with you so that you can write down the days and times of day that you smoked and resisted. Having such a list allows you to refer back to the last urge that you had so that you can see whether you last smoked or resisted. The list in its entirety will give you a picture of your personal “quit smoking” algorithm. Taking note of the time patterns of the list will give an indication of when the last day of smoking will occur. 

                    Special note; it is important not to use a digital watch that has an alarm, as you will eventually begin using the alarm to alert you to a time to smoke. Forgetting about the urge when resisting, (and not being reminded by an external source, is the key to this).

                    During this process a “nicotine wall” may be encountered. Most people who smoke, even if they smoke 1, 2 or 3 packs or more per day, only require an average nicotine level within their bodies that is provided by 9 to 11 cigarettes per day. After getting down to about ½ pack per day, it may sometimes be necessary to maintain at this level for a couple of weeks to give the body a chance to become accustomed to ½ pack per day as its normal dosage. Once ½ pack per day becomes the norm, resisting every other urge to smoke may be resumed. If this normalization period is ignored, the urge to smoke may become overwhelming and the anti-addiction process may be defeated.


                    The algorithm of change is perceived by the Apexes of Perception, by their current “positioning”, as the sensible interpretation of the otherwise formless body of all knowledge. In other words, the body of knowledge is given specific form by the current “position”, (maximal intensity of electromagnetic flux), of the Apexes of Perception. An algorithm generated by new experience affecting the electromagnetic flux of the body of knowledge causes such “positioning” of the Apexes to change. Each change of algorithm produces a unique change in the electromagnetic flux of the body of knowledge. The electromagnetic flux of the body of knowledge is the waveform of the Soul …the Soul's electromagnetic structural content). The current configuration of the Soul's waveform together with the position of the Apexes of Perception is interpreted as knowing.


                    A cube comes to a number of points, any two of which may become the current Apexes of Perception. (Areas between the points cannot become Apexes because they stretch out the electromagnetic flux leaving the points of the cube as the only possible focal points of perception). If we place the cube on a table and we stand the cube up on a point, we can see that the cube is composed of two roughly cut pyramids joined at their bases, one facing up and the other facing down. (Roughly cut because most people imagine that if a cube is stood up on a point that there will be a girdle of points circling the cube at its midsection, but in reality, this is not so. Three points about the “midsection” will be facing up and three others will be facing down. 

                    If the cube is to be equally separated – as being cut in half horizontally while standing up on a point, the cut will have to be made diagonally across the “midsection” - diagonally up and down, from point to point around the “midsection”). If the Apex of Reception is positioned at the point of the pyramid that faces up, (the highest point of the cube), then looking down from this point, (by the cube of itself), will give a current perception from that point to the widest area of the cube, although roughly cut, at the “midsection” of the connected twin pyramids. The Apex of Reception perceptually “takes in” all that is in its view, into the body of knowledge of the cube, where sensibility is made of the data. This “view” made sensible, represents the Soul's perception of its present existence and of its “environment” from which it is undivided. What is not seen from the Apex of Reception, but what may be imagined, (attracted to a current perception), is the oppositely adjoined pyramid, facing point down, whose widest base is just below the threshold of current perception and whose apex point, (Apex of Image Generation - touching the table), is opposite to the current Apex of Reception.

                    The adjoined bases of the pyramids, the “midsection” of the cube, just below the current perception of the Apex of Reception, is the interface that connects …what is interpreted as a previous moment …to the current one. The pyramid facing down, whose point, (Apex of Image Generation), that touches the table, which cannot be seen by the Apex of Reception, but which can be imagined …is interpreted as all past moments of the Apex of Reception’s perception. The unseen down facing pyramid is infinitely divisible by the imagination of the Apex of Reception into - planes of moments, (cross sections of the down facing pyramid), - and each plane is a field of events united with the others, that corresponds to the moment imagined. What we consider to be remembering back in “Time”, is the interpretation of the unseen planes of “diminution”, (planes of less and less intensity), that are germane to our “personal pyramid of existence”.

                    As the Soul looks upon itself, (its “self” including its extended “environment”), it first sees its current existence from its Apex of Reception to the base of the present, (the base of the present is like the midsection of the cube, stood up on a point), interpreting all between its Apex of Reception and its base of the present, as the construct of its current existence. (We can infinitely perceptually divide or focus upon anything that is in our presence, such presence being the volume we may perceive through, ranging from the Apex of Reception to the base of the present - like interpreting through a cone, from its point to its widest part, as described earlier within this writing). 

                    The mechanism that enables the Soul to see itself as a “presently existing being” however, is its Primal Perception, its subconscious – which is its Apex of Image Generation, that is positioned oppositely, (out of sight – out of sensory range), to the Apex of Reception.

                    Perceiving through its increasing planes of experience, the Apex of Image Generation projects, as broadening planes of reality, each ordered by a further accumulation of experience, the logical progression of the Soul's existence …or its “memory” of itself …as its “history” and therefore its knowledge of itself. Each further accumulation of experience becomes the next broadest plane of experience/existence, broadened because it is enriched with the “prior”, (greater concurrency of), accumulations of the Soul's experience. The Soul's “history” and therefore its interpretation of itself, ranges from the Soul's inception of self-awareness, starting at the Apex of Image Generation, through to its present perception of itself together with its “environment”. The totality of the Soul's perception therefore, interprets from the Apex of Image Generation up through the “midsection” where the widest parts of the pyramids or cones, (subconscious and conscious), meet. This is the Soul's subconscious interpretation of itself as extended from its “environment”. 

                    Next, the Soul's conscious interpretation of itself takes over …as the perception by the Soul of itself as existing as an “animate being” within an “environment”. This interpretation is the result of the further perception by the Soul through the intensifying planes of its current experience, ranging from the base of what it interprets as its “present condition”, (that base being just above the subconscious, within the conscious perception of the Soul). The Soul's conscious perception of the “present” ranges from just above its subconscious, and up through intensifying planes of interpretation, to finally as its current view of itself, (up through the upright pyramid/cone …which is the Soul's construct of “conscious perception”). The final step in the construct of the Soul's conscious perception is the interpretation by its Apex of Reception, of the data projected through the Apex of Image Generation, of the Soul's translation of its “body of knowledge”, as “sensibility” over its perceived “environment”.

                    We see here that it is the “Subconscious” working synchronously with the “Conscious” …that makes the perceptions by the Soul of itself, together with and as its extended “environment”, into a “reality”. 

                    By continually re-imaging and re-projecting interpretations back out upon the “environment”, the Soul thus re-cycles its concurrent “body of knowledge”, which synchronously includes the Soul as a differentiation of that environment into the “sequentiality” and “sensibility” of an “individual Being” existing within an “Environment”.

                    (When perceiving through the Animate Interface, the soul molecularly images its perceptions upon the brain and then reads and projects those images into its further perceptions. This function generates the illusion of sequentiality, which enables the interpretation of time, space, motion and dimensionality. When in the disembodied form however, there is no brain upon which to record molecular images and therefore the interpretation of “reality” is one of concurrency because a layer of interpretation, {the brain}, has been removed from the interpretive loop).

Back to the Pyramidal Structure;

                    The graduated planes of experience extend from the Apex of Image Generation of the unseen pyramid to its upward facing base, which represents the totality of the Soul's accumulation of experience, (its interpreted “history” of itself - its “memory”). From this base further upward, perception continues in the “present” through the adjoined base of the upper facing pyramid/cone, through the upper pyramid's decreasing, but intensifying planes, to its Apex of Reception, ever focusing the Soul's accumulation of knowledge to a point that is the Soul's perception of the present. (The point/instant is our perception of the present). Perception through the planes of the upper pyramid, from its base upward through intensifying planes of current existence, builds the personality of the Soul. This personality consists of that which is focused upon by the Apex of Reception …of that which is projected as imagery through the Apex of Image generation upon the “environment”. In other words, the Soul's personality consists of that from which it is undivided. The “environment” of the Soul is in actuality an undivided part of the Soul.

                    In the deeper understanding, this perception by the Soul of the “present”, of its “environment” and of the Soul's “personality” is a perception of the Unified Field of Primary Consciousness interpreting itself through a “twist” of itself, translated into the “present” and projected upon the “environment” as “sensibility” and “differentiated Being”. The Apexes of Perception superimpose their totality of experience as imagery upon their current perception of the data of the Unified Field, (interpreted as the “present environment”), thus making sensibility of the Soul's present perception.

                    If perception is continued beyond the Soul's “field of view”, then the Soul superimposes its imaged perception upon the diminishing planes of experience of the subconscious ranging from the base of the unseen pyramid, perceived, (imaged), as its latest past moment, downward to the Apex of Image Generation of the unseen pyramid, perceived, (imaged), as its earliest moment. This process as a continuing loop of the imaging of experience reveals the process of self-awareness, self-continuance and self-determination as emerging from algorithms of change, first inducing and then self-inducing a “Soul” as a unique pattern of Localized/Primary Consciousness in perception of itself.

                    As the Apex of Reception, perceiving the present, induced by new experience, jumps from point to point on the cube, its opposite point, (the primal Apex of Image Generation), which is the Soul's first experience of itself, moves correspondingly. The body of knowledge between the Apexes of Perception is pulsed through such changes of position to correspond sensibly to the current situation. 

                    Knowledge therefore, as a living entity itself, generating perceptions of itself remains continuous, while different interpretations, (different views), of itself - by itself - are in this way obtained. The Soul itself therefore is a living body of knowledge, a self-comprehending electromagnetic construct of Time-Space, which is undivided from the wholeness of all of Time-Space, whose view of itself changes with every experiential encounter within such wholeness. Such changing view allows self-imagery to be superimposed upon new experience thus achieving sensibility.


                    We will use a magnetized Rubik’s cube once again to illustrate a unique interpretation of dimensionality that generates self-continuance. 

1.                 If it were possible for an Apex of Perception to occur on a flat side of the cube there would only be one-dimensional perception of environment, as the apex would be on an even plane with the flat surface that it would perceive from. Since the apex is not above the plane, the plane itself would block any view of itself. (The apex would be buried in the plane). This type of perception by an apex would be of its existence as a point only, without any notion of extensity of itself or of its “environment”. What would have been an Apex of Image Generation is confined as the opposite polarity on the reverse flat surface of the cube. Since there is no perception of “environment”, there is no perception of a “history of events” to draw from, therefore no personality, no identity… and no sense of “self” can exist.

2.                 If it were possible for an Apex of Perception to occur on an edge of the cube there would only be two-dimensional perception because only two sides of the cube would be interpretable. The reason that this is not a three dimensional interpretation is because the environment is restricted to only two directions thus greatly limiting its interpretability. What would have been an Apex of Image Generation is confined as the opposite polarity on the reverse edge of the cube. Since there are inhibiting areas of non-perception between the Apex of Reception and the Apex of Image Generation, the two cannot communicate, as they do not meet at intermediate points, but are separated by flat areas. The flat areas are not perceivable by either Apex and therefore imagery cannot be generated throughout the cube that would allow the Apex of Reception to make sensibility of its current situation. Without the ability to receive and apply imagery, there can be no personality, no sense of a history of events and therefore… no sense of “self”.

3.                 If an apex occurs on a point of the cube however, there would be three-dimensional perception because it could interpret three sides down, each side intersecting with one edge and two points of the opposite side of the cube. The availability of complete perception would be present and the paths for communication between the Apex of Reception and the Apex of Image Generation would exist. Because of such communication, a fourth dimension, (algorithms of experience), would be utilized between the apexes. The fourth dimension would be the process of communication itself, (the dynamism between the Apexes of Perception), as described earlier, as the algorithmic effect of change upon the cube generating an accumulation of experience within the electromagnetic flux of the body of knowledge. (Here we see that “Time” stressed as a “fourth dimension” is the mathematical continuity expressed as dynamism …the communicative “language” of the Inertial Tensor Field of Primary Consciousness …its “Syntactic Structural Characteristic”. The algorithms would be interpreted by the Apexes through the body of knowledge as a “Time-line”, thus enabling a comprehension of self-awareness and therefore …self-continuance.

                    The Soul's conception of the future is generated in a similar way. From the Apex of Reception looking down to the length and breadth of the present environment, the Soul can see a presence of events that are not aware of each other. For instance, if you were atop a building, you might see an open manhole to the north and a person walking toward it from the south. You could then yell to the person to watch out for the manhole, surmising within the limitation of your view, the possibility of that person’s immediate future. Based upon our ability to bring into our present view, events that are not aware of each other, we have a notion of the continuance, (the “future”), of existence.

                    The Rubik’s cube as a representation of the Soul has served us well up to this point. In order to show what may be achieved by a change of state however, we must now take a wider view.

                    A change of state for a Soul is the result of the Soul increasing its field of perception by a quantum level. Such change happens when the Soul comes to realize that it is extended from a higher level of Primary Consciousness through whatever imagery that Soul may utilize. The perception of the higher level is imaged by the Soul as an enhanced “environment” …within which the Soul can exercise new abilities.

                    Like a magnetized “Rubik’s cube”, when a Soul undergoes “cleansing”, its accumulation of energy encounters, (its experiential level), has reached a point that generates an introspective comprehension by the Soul of itself that enables a change of state. (It recognizes its “environment” as part of itself …and itself as a part of that “environment”). In order for a Soul to achieve a higher quantum state, the Soul requires an accumulation of applied energies, (experiential encounters), that would generate a specific waveform, (state of realization), of its body of knowledge. The accumulation of energies that would cause a change of state to a higher quantum level is the accumulation of experience that would generate the realization of that level by the Soul. Once realized, the waveform of the Soul and the waveform of the higher quantum level join together in a unity of perception. A greater body of knowledge would be realized by the Soul, thus enhancing its abilities and its understanding.

                    “Cleansing” for a Soul, whether the Soul is disembodied or perceiving through an animate form, means alteration of its waveform for the purpose of an exchange of information, (sharing its animate life’s experience with other Souls and receiving new information from them through a higher state of Primary Consciousness). Acceptance into a Quantum level, (a mass mind of Souls), of its own experiential level means alteration of its wave pattern and alteration of the wave pattern of the “Mass-Consciousness” that it joins. Although a Soul is an extension of the mass consciousness even while dwelling as an extension within an animate form, it is only capable of indirect, (sequential), communication with other Souls also perceiving through animate forms due to such limitations of perception. Ambient (concurrent), communication however is always ongoing between Souls and the Unified Field, (Locus), from which they extend.

                    Ambient communication is auto-thought, and in most cases, the Soul though receiving information from a matrix of the Unified Field from which it extends, is unaware of receiving such communication. Communication through auto-thought however, gives the Soul its notion of belonging to its environment, its sense of connectivity. Because of this, if the sensory apparatus of the Animate Interface is rendered inoperative …or removed, the Soul may temporarily feel disconnected, but this is only because the Soul is still trying to gain information through an inoperative or non-existent interface. The fact that the Soul is still there making the attempt, indicates the foundation, (Locus), from which the Soul extends. The foundation from which the Soul extends enables the Soul to continue to exist. Such enablement of existence is what gives the Soul the notion of location while perceiving its environment through the Animate Interface. The environment that we perceive through the Animate Interface is the view rendered by our imaging of the Locus that we are undivided from. When the Locus is perceived through the Animate Interface, it is interpreted as our “environment”. When the Locus is perceived without the use of an Animate Interface however, it is interpreted differently because its differentiated processes are perceived directly. In rare instances, a Soul perceiving through the Animate Interface may communicate dynamically with disembodied Souls directly through the Locus, but such ability requires unusual circumstances or advanced education.

                    When in the disembodied state, a compatible harmonic must be achieved between the joining Soul and the community of disembodied Souls that it would join, in order for it to communicate with that community, based upon its new mode of perception. If the wave pattern of the Soul, due to its perception, is too radically different from that of the community, then its experiential level in relationship to the experiential level of the community will not permit mutual comprehension, preventing a shared change of state between the community and the Soul. In this case, the Soul must undergo a period of wandering and learning, (cleansing), to cause itself to become more compatible, (to alter its own pattern), for compatible communication. Even though the Soul is extended from a community, it has the built in functions of self-awareness and self-determination and is capable of deciding for itself how it will perceive that community or other communities. It will not know however, that it is capable of deciding until it has a communicative experience with its Locus. If a disembodied Soul's perception is still rooted in animate existence, it will not perceive the community that it extends from as other than a strange “environment” …and will not be able to integrate with that community in a collective way. Additionally, a Soul may come to the realization that it is disembodied, but still may not integrate in a collective way with its community if its perception of “environment” is incompatible with the perception of the community.

                    We exist in a Universe of limitation. Since the Universe in Totality is greater than we as its extensions are, we must abide by its rules or wander until we ourselves change enough to perceptually integrate with it on a higher level. (To avoid confusion, if an individual perceives the Universe as extended from themselves, the sense of “self” is quickly traded for the greater notion of unified existence. As long as the notion of “self” is maintained however, then the perception of the Universe is always that of a Greater Totality of “environment” …a synthesized reality, of which we are a part). Once we are integrated however, we may then influence change over “environment” by the adoption of a philosophy. The philosophy will naturally be adopted from the environment within which we exist. We cannot as Souls, dynamically join an environment, (mass consciousness), that is incompatible to our viewpoint. Our viewpoint must change in order to join because the community that we would join is higher in energy than we are and therefore a change of state cannot occur unless the threshold of compatible energies are present. In order for this to happen, the Soul attempting to join must undergo sufficient change of pattern to enable collective communication.

                    All representations of existence are composed of energetic waveforms of one pattern or another. The energetic waveform of a Soul is composed of associative quanta of energy that are arranged together not unlike the DNA/RNA arrangement of animate matter. (Einstein and Paulie discussed this very aspect of energy, as “units of Inertia” capable of forming into complicated structures, but still remaining as “energy”). The Soul therefore, like DNA/RNA, is a product of its experiences. (What we perceive as the “past” therefore is a recomprehension by the Soul of itself through the Animate Interface. Because such perception by the Soul of itself is accomplished through an interface, the perception is illusory in that the Soul does not realize that what it perceives as a “time segmented environment” is actually the concurrent extensity of itself interpreted through an interruptive interface.) Just as DNA/RNA changes through experience with environment, so does the Soul. The reason that the Soul is capable of operating and observing through an animate shell is because its structural integrity is compatible with DNA/RNA matter. Souls therefore evolve within the limits of and through the same experiential process as that of their animate shells and then with enough experience, evolve beyond. 

                    A Soul's perception is limited through the sensory and interpretive devices of its animate shell until such time that the Soul is enabled by the process of the evolution of its animate shell to begin to perceive its “environment” beyond its animate devices. Once this occurs, the Soul no longer needs the animate shell for perception. 

                    Its own internal associations, (the Soul's own internal processes), will have evolved to the point of developing their own sensory and interpretive devices – like a non-material Ram Drive in a computer, that contains the same configurations as a Hard Drive, but in the case of the Soul, the Ram Drive is supported by the greater extensity of Primary Consciousness …supported by the “environment” from which the Soul extends.

                    Because the energy structure of the Soul is compatible with the material particle structure of an animate shell, the Soul may interface with the animate shell completely. DNA/RNA has no, “life”, (no self-controlled - “enlivened” inertia), without such an interface. While interfaced, (the energies of the Soul and of the animate form are united and interactive), the Soul is held fast to the animate shell by the structural bond of the interface until the animate shell undergoes the experience of death. At such time, the structural interface decomposes. The bonds that unite the Soul to the particles of the material body are electrostatic in nature. The Soul is not matter and therefore, chemical bonding is excluded. The breaking of nuclear bonds requires extremely high levels of energy not present in the ambient environment of the Soul and body. Therefore, nuclear bonding is also excluded because the Soul lets go of the material composition of the body when the body experiences death.

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