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Perceptions by the Soul though the Animate Interface

                    The fourth level/compoundment is Reflective Dynamic Consciousness wherein a non-material distortion of Time-Space sees itself as a “self”, embodied as an entity contained within the unique matrix of animate matter. Level four is reached through a further, more highly organized interpretive mechanism within a more highly organized molecular configuration of animate matter. The interpretation of here and there allows a perception of - It and I. Once the vessel, (the body pattern of animate matter), is recognized as being attached to the perceiver, (Localized Consciousness), the perception of “I”, (self -existence), is enabled. Once the self is perceived, that extension of Primary Consciousness that is recognized as a “self” becomes fixed as a pattern perceiving through a molecular pattern, (becomes localized). Once activated through the function of self-perception, it becomes locked as a pattern in its own right, although still associated with the extensive pattern of the molecular structure of animate matter and still connected to the entire Time-Space matrix of all of Primary Consciousness. Thus, it is now capable of perceiving both concurrently at the quantum level and macro-logically, (sequentially), as well. It perceives in ambience at the quantum level and dynamically at the macrological level.

                    Because this Soul of Primary Consciousness perceives through an Animate Interface, it perceives itself as separated from Primary Consciousness …and sees Primary Consciousness as its “environment”, not realizing that it is or ever was connected to the entirety of Primary Consciousness because of its perception of “here and there”, and of “this and that” …but it is in reality not separated. It believes that it is separated from other extensions of Primary Consciousness due to its transformed awareness of perceiving through an Animate Interface …and it believes that it is the Animate Interface because that is what it perceives through.

                    (We see ourselves as being connected to our own bodies, but disconnected from all else. Our interpretation of being indivisibly connected to ourselves is our quantum view of our condition – and our interpretation of being disconnected from all else is our macro-logical view of our condition. When we are able to interpret that we are indivisibly connected to the “All Else” we are then able to interpret our “extended” condition> in a concurrent rather than sequential way. Such baseline interpretation of our total condition brings within our view, a concurrency …a totality of knowledge – as we perceptually extend into “IT” and “IT” reciprocally extends into us. The knowledge that we gain in this way is complete, but a description of this knowledge – necessarily sequential at our macrological level of communication would take forever to explain. This writing cannot hope to explain every nuance of the Unified Field, but through an exploration of its principal functions we can gain a general understanding, which is intended to lead the reader into further self-exploration). 

                    A Soul sees other extensions of Primary Consciousness as separate patterns, and until it learns that it is connected to all of Primary Consciousness, it doesn’t realize its true extensity. Through its macrological perception it perceives glimpses of its quantum connection through occasional re-comprehension’s of synchronicity, (it unwittingly stumbles into, and wonders about “coincidence, dejavu, precognition, etc.).

Perceptions by the Soul when in disembodied form

                    The fifth level/compoundment of Primary Consciousness is the reflective medium of disembodied Time-Space; (dynamic reflective Localized Consciousness remaining after the animate matter, which it had focused through has decomposed). Such a disembodied state of Localized/ Primary Consciousness can sustain its existence because it was always connected to and supported by the greater matrix of Primary Consciousness that it extends from. (It exists in the virtual moment, but maintains a macrological perception, because once localized, it developed “self”- recomprehension, a continuing loop of “self”-perpetuity. In other words, if it thinks it exists …it does. It was a localized extension of Primary Consciousness existing within an animate extension of Primary Consciousness… perceiving through the shell of an Animate Interface). 

                    It used the shell to perceive and act through, using the shell’s sensory-motor devices and interpretive mechanism as an interface to experience, thus it learned about existence through this shell. The greater state of the Totality of Primary Consciousness formed this outer shell/vessel in a sense …to give birth to its child, a Soul of sustained pattern, capable of perpetual existence and accomplishment. 

                    Once this inner pattern of Localized Consciousness became self-aware, it was able to maintain itself outside of animate matter because its pattern became altered and locked through its own self-perception. This is what self-perception actually is …the locking of pattern, no different than the locking of pattern by converging currents of Primordality forming the organized self-perpetuating state of Primary Consciousness …of Time-Space …of “Existence”. Except in this case, the freedom of self-determination was achieved by perception through a reprocessor …the Animate Interface, which altered the pattern of the perceiving Localized Consciousness, locking it into a perpetual state of self-determination/self-perpetuation. When formed from a prior organized state of Primary Consciousness, (formed of Time-Space), the Soul as an extension of Primary Consciousness thus localized, maintains its pattern and remains as an extension of the greater state, (as an extension of Primary Consciousness), until altered by the greater state, which as the Totality of Primary Consciousness, has domain over the “Soul”. 

                    Such interpretation of “domain” of course is the lack of perception by the Soul of the Soul's own extensity, which through continued experiential encounter, such extensity is finally recognized. In all other instances the domain of the greater state of Primary Consciousness effects’ entropy upon its extensions. If an extension bears self-determination however, (perpetuating self-knowledge), the effect of entropy is countered. While focused through the Animate Interface, the Soul as a self-determinate entity, maintains the cohesiveness of the animate form that it thinks it is, thereby projecting its attribute of self-determination upon that form causing it to resist entropy. Because the animate form is only an interface however, it is less resistant to entropy than the Soul that perceives and acts through it …that enables and maintains it. The animate form eventually loses to entropy, disassembles and releases the Soul.

                    When an extension of Time-Space becomes a self-reflective pattern, a continuous loop of self-knowing is achieved. Self-knowing is a circular process of enablement, locking this unique extension of Primary Consciousness into the relational matrix of surrounding Time-Space while still maintaining its, (the Soul's), unique pattern of existence. The pattern existed within the vessel, (the animate body and brain), was enabled by the vessel, and then using the construct of the vessel to perceive and act through, gained “self”-awareness. The unique structure of the vessel gave this inner pattern the ability to recognize its own pattern as a “self”. When this happened, the inner pattern became enhanced with the greater ability of self-determination. Once realizing that it existed, it continued to exist, but now as the self-recognized pilot of the vessel of animate matter and while associated with such animate matter, believes that it is the animate matter. While perceiving through a more sophisticated vessel such as the human form however, although believing that it is that form, the Soul eventually begins to suspect that it is something more...

                    The forming of self-awareness is similar to the creation of the expanding/ contracting moment. Unlike the organized Totality of compounded Primary Consciousness, that started from the self-experience of Primordality however, the Soul is created as an extension of the greater organized Primary Consciousness of Time-Space that it is contained within. The Soul may grow through continued experience, but is ultimately governed by the limitation of the “higher Consciousness” from which it extends.

                    The vessel of the animate body was formed of compounded Primary Consciousness to attain further experience and in such attainment, incidentally, as it would appear …accomplished the creation of the perpetual Soul. (Further into this writing we will explore in great detail the mechanism by which Primary Consciousness creates Animate Matter as well as the localized Soul. We will mathematically explore the functions of Time-Space that creates this localized condition and come to a full understanding of the existent nature of the Soul, both in the animate and disembodied forms).

                    When the body expires, its pattern, though changed, is still a diversified part of Primary Consciousness. The change in the body releases the inner pattern of the Soul, altering its perceptive awareness. A rock exists as part of the Totality of Primary Consciousness, not caring about or being aware of “Space” and “Time”. If its pattern changes, it still continues to exist as an extension of Primary Consciousness. The Soul however has already had the experience of perceiving “Space” and “Time” and although the sensory devices and interpretive mechanism of the Animate Interface may be gone, the Soul pattern, who's loop of perpetuating self-knowledge that was enabled by the now decomposed sensory/interpretive pattern shell, still continues to perceive in the only way it knows how to. How is this possible? The sensory devices are gone and the interpretive mechanism of the brain is gone as well. 

                    Because the Soul is used to perceiving in the way that it had perceived before, any device that would allow it to perceive at all will be used …and the information experienced by the Soul will still be interpreted in the same way as before. The environment of the Soul has changed however and its perception through this new environment will bring information to the Soul in a new way. “Space” and “Time” will become as one, though still perceptually interpreted by the Soul as “Space” and “Time”. A disembodied Soul will discover that it can be anywhere anytime instead of somewhere at a particular time because it now perceives at the quantum level – dynamically, as it is still accustomed to macrological interpretations. The vessel that enabled its macrological interpretations no longer encumbers it, (no longer interrupts its flow of information and no longer inhibits its ability to act), and the Soul now perceives directly through the higher matrix of Primary Consciousness that it was always an extension of. Of course, at first …this is very confusing to the Soul.

                    If a rock is broken up into smaller parts, the rock as smaller parts still continues to exist. This is the ground state for all patterns of existence – indivisible connection to the whole, but existing as extensions of it. Unless the rock is changed by impactive experience, it maintains its pattern. A change that the Soul would experience is generated from the death of the body. It is not the body that maintained the self-reflective nature of the Soul. The body only allowed the Soul to become self-reflective through an interpretive mechanism that provided awareness to the Soul of itself and once such awareness is established it becomes a perpetuating loop of self-experience/self-awareness.

Into the “Lathe of Creation”

                    We now shall explore a higher level of the compoundment of Primary Consciousness, Super Dynamic, which is composed of several sub-levels that regulate the Universe as an ever-becoming, ever-renewing totality of existence. Through the exploration of the interdependence of the various sub-levels, we shall finally be able to clearly visualize the ultimate governing level of Primary Consciousness.

                    There are no mysteries. Nothing supernatural exists within our Multiverse/Universe. Everything is a natural and logical intermix of compound Primary Consciousness, perceived by each of us as patterned Time-Space and matter and energy …as our “patterned environment”.

                    Time-Space is the house …the mind, within which automatic functions take place. One function creates living matter and Time-Space configured into living matter enables the reflectivity of the Soul, permitting choice and self-recomprehension. When animate matter is used as an interface to recognize “Space” and “Time”, Dynamic Consciousness displays in the moment, (creates the perceivable moment), within which such recomprehension occurs. Through dynamic awareness, Time-Space experiences itself, but may not know that it is doing so. If “self”-awareness, (a more highly organized configuration of Time-Space), is present, then Time-Space knows that it is experiencing itself, but that experience as a “Localized Consciousness” is interpreted as dwelling within an “Animate Interface”, dwelling within an “environment”.

                    When, an individualized, (extended), form of animate matter reaches the threshold of allowing the recomprehension of Time-Space into “Space” and “Time”, the common ambient Consciousness that exists within all matter becomes a reflective mind within the individualized animate form. Time-Space existing within animate matter as a Localized Soul/Mind, recognizes its own extensity as its external environment, as “Space” and “Time” …through the devices/interfaces provided by animate matter. The configuration of Time-Space that forms a mind, formulates and recognizes the existence of the “instant” through animate matter and in such recomprehension, gains the ability of choice. Once choice is present, the natural willful ability of Reflective Inertia to act with choice upon the surrounding environment becomes possible. Choice inherently brings the next step …the subjective interpretation of “future” events. It is the recomprehension of the instant that separates and allows the subjective interpretation of the “future” and the objective interpretation of the “past”, the two being the judgment and conception of Localized Time-Space, (Localized/Primary Consciousness), as the “present”.

                    At level four of Primary Consciousness, Time-Space sees itself as both the occupant and the house within which it resides. Recomprehension of such an embodiment of Time-Space by itself …as a self, is configured and allowed by an advanced molecular structure of animate matter. We perceive this configuration of Time-Space in animate matter as a localized conscious self. Time-Space configured to self-awareness misinterprets its vessel/body as “itself” because it is associated with it, dwelling within it and perceiving through it. As I said earlier, we are born with checks and balances. It is only through the higher education that comes in the form of an understandable explanation or through the death of the body, that the Soul may finally come to the realization that it is an extensive entity of the greater realm of Primary Consciousness …and able to persist as a pattern outside of the limitation of the Animate Interface.

                    (If one does not actively and enthusiastically pursue an education, one might never learn to spell or understand mathematics. We discover through life, as we get older, that life is not what we thought it was when we were younger. If we did not pursue an education, we remain ignorant of many of the possibilities, the joys and pitfalls that life has to offer. In one way or another however, we will gain experience and therefore education, whether it is by our own choice …or undesirably forced upon us. If we do not choose to actively pursue higher education, life will inevitably educate us in ways that we would most certainly consider to be undesirable – but we will nevertheless learn.

                    The Soul is the ultimate student. If it does not actively pursue an education, it will be taught by the auto-thought of Primary Consciousness …of which the soul will have very little, if any control over, due to a lack of pursued education. Enforced education is a harsh education, taking the Soul by surprise and possibly leading the Soul into undesirable circumstances and into regrettable reincarnations. If the Soul pursues an active study of the fundamentals and nuances of the mechanics of Primary Consciousness however, the Soul is then reasonably equipped to navigate the inertial tensions, {the auto-thoughts}, of the Unified Field).

                    Animate matter as an interface to experience, provides the capability of utilizing time over space to judge events at a distance in order to formulate a course of reaction. Animate matter having reached a threshold of molecular sophistication, enables self-awareness, allowing the perceiver, (the Soul), to judge itself from within a Time-Space vantage point … “I was, I continue, therefore I am - with the power to choose”. Ambient Primary Consciousness is thereby transformed within animate matter to the higher level of Dynamic Localized/Primary Consciousness as the limited power to act as a “self” within the constraint of greater probability. Such “individualized” power, an expression of reflective Time-Space, is the freedom that we interpret as the mind, internal Soul and vitality of living matter.

                    In a higher being, this ability to choose enables the adoption of a philosophy, a way in which to react to ones own “environment”. How one reacts may change the environment thereby altering ones interaction with it, furthering the evolution of one’s philosophy, causing subsequent changes in the environment and so on. Each of us and our “environment” are therefore interdependent, (In the deeper sense, we are our environment – one and the same in the virtual moment – as we are extended from our environment and it is extended from us). Such interdependence is no different than the intimate oscillations, (reciprocities), between atomic particles affecting one another and further evolving within the medium of Time-Space. We carry within ourselves the dualistic properties of Primary Consciousness as Time-Space through our perceptions, (interpretations/expressions), and interactions.

                    The underlying code for opportunism is no different from that of unconditional love, except that instead of particles being judged to have inherent love for other particles, they can be judged to have an inherent nature to expropriate other particles vulnerable to exploitation. 

                    Particles bearing a capability of joining with other particles do so when the opportunity arises. If a vulnerability exists within a molecular structure, it will be acted upon by atoms and or other molecules whenever possible, driven by the seeking of equilibrium of the unified field (driven by the Inertial Will of Primary Consciousness to experience itself), within which they exist. Particles therefore take advantage of vulnerable situations as they are encountered. Since animate matter is composed of opportunistic particles that encounter other opportunistic particles …and survival is of paramount importance, animate matter becomes the vehicle, (driven by the perceiving Soul), that may seize upon advantageous situations. (Of course, a vulnerable particle is only so because it is configured in such a way that it must reciprocally integrate with other “predatory” particles. Once the two are integrated, both are changed. That which we acquire …acquires us as well. The perception of opportunism over vulnerability is an interpretation of the experiential self-encounter of Primary Consciousness driven by the auto-thought of its Inertial Tensor Field …an action within its own matrix …that can also be interpreted through the Animate Interface as unconditional love. Our perceptions of the Void as “fractionalized existence” therefore generate our macrological interpretations of “Predation” and “love”...and sometimes we get the interpretations mixed up. Now of course, this last statement may be a little hard to visualize as in…

“There is this guy coming after me with a bat! It doesn’t look like love to me!”

                    But if one understands that the guy with the bat is interpreting love as predation …then one is more equipped to, (after ducking), alter the perception of the bat wielder to a more reasonable view. After all, one might stop the bat wielder with force, but short of ending his life, what will prevent him from picking up the bat again, except through your own transmitted understanding to him of his own misperception and wrongful behavior. This may at first sound silly or ineffectual, but consider that unless the knowledge that you have is transmitted to the “predator” …the “predator” will still remain. He has to become one with the knowledge of why he behaves as he does, in order to effect a change of interpretation and therefore of behavior from within himself – Yes, I know that infinite atrocities have been and are still being committed within our society, but the only way to decrease the number is through education of individuals so that they may effect change from within themselves). 

                    In higher beings such as ourselves, we may perceive the action of the Void upon itself as Predation and may alter our own behavior to counter this interpretation of such “threat” to our own well being. This may translate to, “Be careful of who or what you encounter and seek the advantage whenever possible”. If this rendition seems a little harsh, it is because you have a firm philosophy of love being the better way, but remember that “love” in the macroscopic view, is “Predation” transformed. In day to day commerce however, especially within the structures of large corporations, the philosophy of opportunism is predominant. Military planning, relations between nations and the development of national infrastructure are also based upon this philosophy. The life forms of the lower animal realm must learn this behavior quickly or perish. Their adoption of philosophy is automatically driven by the conditions of their existence in relation to their limited ability of interpretation. Finally, individuals of higher sophistication, such as human, seeking a better existence may also be ruthless in such pursuit.

                    Since philosophical expressions are reserved for higher beings, we have the power of choice in how we interpret the underlying code of Primary Consciousness. If we adopt the philosophy of opportunism, we may use up our natural resources, live in an environment that is untrustworthy and advance a continuing state of paranoia. Through so doing, we create and feel tension in our lives that is so profound that it may affect our personal health to the point of making us even more vulnerable than when we started to protect ourselves. Of course, our personal material wealth may rise and we may have all of the toys necessary to divert our minds from the terrible “perceived threats” that we are trying to avoid, but we will live within a self created shell, unable to touch and feel that which may be non-threatening. We will have changed our environment through our philosophy, to a continuing threat within which we ourselves will have become the most harmful predators. This is not a characterization of what might become… this is the way things are in our world right now.

                    A different philosophy, a different interpretation and expression of the underlying code would certainly change things dramatically. A single individual can spread a better viewpoint to others, in turn causing them to interact differently with still others, thereby changing the whole of the “environment”. I have said to many individuals looking for a better way, that they should see as a Soul would see, dispassionately and without prejudice, to practice ignoring the devices of sensory perception for short periods of time. In this way, one may become adept at interpreting through another’s shell of expression, thereby gaining knowledge of the underlying code within …of the common Primary Consciousness from which we all are undivided. We are each centers of perception, perceiving differentially but in reality from the same center. This is the natural purity of our localized state of existence. 

                    To listen dispassionately is to listen without localized thinking. To listen without localized thinking removes the layers of interpretation between the listener and the speaker, between the measurer and the measured. The more layers that are removed, the more that non-localized thought is achieved while listening …and the greater the dematerialization of conflictive concept into the common foundational code, (unified understanding), is accomplished.

                    If you come upon a person who is conflictive, (but not violent – it is better to avoid violence altogether), listen dispassionately, (without a layered conceptual filter of interpretive opinions and assumptions), and the conflict will quickly cease. Listening dispassionately disarms the defenses of the person who is conflicting with you and provides for mutual understanding. You will reach mutual understanding through dispassionate listening and thereby form a bond of understanding with the Soul of the other. It is not in how people express themselves, but in the meaning that they are trying to express. Dispassionate listening allows you to see through the shell of expression of the other. Once seen through, the shell of expression alters and a merging of interpretation may take place. 

                    Remember, you will have this knowledge, but others will not. Since you are undivided from others - they are your greater extensity ...and responsibility. If you understand this, then the responsibility falls upon you to alleviate conflicting situations by treating those situations as part of yourself, as higher enlightenment brings greater responsibility. It does not matter that the other person may be belligerent. They are only this way because they do not understand what you understand …so it falls upon you because you do understand, to ease the conflict within your greater extensity. So it is with one’s own self as well, to view yourself dispassionately will alter your perception of yourself, permitting you to interpret and accept yourself as you are. Thus seeing yourself as you are will allow whatever change of yourself to transpire from within.

                    Self-acceptance is the first step toward acceptance of others. It is in the merging of the understanding of meaning that change may transpire. You can change another’s perception through dispassionate listening. You need not speak at all except to acknowledge the other’s need to know that they are being heard and understood. You need not advise. You need only to listen without prejudice and the other will change through this encounter. After the encounter has achieved a coalescence of unspoken understanding, you may then advise the other of how this process works, thereby teaching this individual to teach others. In this way, your adoption of philosophy will change your environment. (Yes, this seems just too simple …but of course, it actually is ...just that simple. We rarely see the simple answers until we wade through our own self-created complexity, such answers hidden within our own bewilderment).

                    As Primary Consciousness compounded into higher complexity, choice of philosophy became possible through its Self-aware extensions. As awareness grew within the Totality of Primary Consciousness, the choices narrowed to the two postulated …Love or Opportunism. When the Totality of Primary Consciousness achieved its own self-realization, the irony and the ecstasy of its condition, (its duality), became evident to it. One path …one philosophy …then became the “intelligent” and necessary choice… 

Thy passage was guided through Earth’s captivating

School of Illusion’s confounding Encryption

whose Shield of Protection evolved isolating

the Truth of Existence in clouded description…

On Earth, held gently in place by gravity, life was nurtured and protected within the confinement of its own reality. As life matured, reality grew, but still remained obscured due to the isolating nature of planetary existence.


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