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Chapter 4


                    In what is to follow, it is important to remember that all perceptions and imaginations of space, time, matter, energy, position and motion are simply the experiential self-encounters of Primary Consciousness, sequentially, (synthetically), transmitted through the Animate Interface of the body to the “Perceiver”, which is the soul of any one of us – as Localized Consciousness. (The Soul perceives through the sensory-interpretive devices of the body. That which we perceive as the body is an interface of perception, which is also a process/illusion, discovered/created and evolved by Primary Consciousness through the following of a thread of experience, that allows the uniquely digitized experience of sequentiality. Once digitization was discovered/encountered, by its very sequential nature it continued the development of the mechanisms, {Animate Interfaces}, that allowed further digitization, {the evolution of DNA}, to continue to manifest). 

                    In the deepest analysis, there is no materiality. There are only interactive processes – locations of thought - “ideas” - in varying relationships. One process is the compounding of Primary Consciousness into the interpretive shell of the Animate Interface. When interpreted through, the interface allows the processes of Primary Consciousness, including the interface itself, to be perceived “materially”. Those processes that cannot be detected through the sensory apparatus of the Animate Interface can be detected through the use of a secondary interface interposed between the Animate Interface and the process to be detected. A radio receiver for instance, detects radio waves and converts them to into a medium that can be perceived by the sensory apparatus of the Animate Interface. When a secondary device, such as a laboratory instrument is used to measure a process, Localized Consciousness extends itself into and as part of this secondary device while still remaining undivided from the Animate Interface. When someone uses a measuring device, his or her “soul” extends into it. To the Soul, any secondary instrument of detection is merely an extension of the Animate Interface. 

                    Secondary devices are further compoundments of Primary Consciousness, further layers for the Soul to interpret through …and therefore, further confoundments of perception. Our technologies lead us into further paradoxes of interpretation, but it is through the perceptual unraveling of the paradoxes …through the mind journeys of Philosopher/Scientists that we gain a higher understanding of that from which we extend.

                    In the previous chapter we studied the creation of Time-Space as the beginning of experiential awareness. As the Universe expands/contracts, Time-Space becomes distorted, (stretched and compressed), and is forced to undergo further self-experience. As Time-Space in this fashion, “burns”, it precipitates quanta of electromagnetic radiation of varying wavelengths that we define as energy. Such Universal “expression” also acts upon “energy” causing further experience. When the wavelengths of two or more quanta are compatible, they engage each other and form the more highly organized state of a component of mass. 

                    How is it possible that energy propagating at what we perceive to be the speed of light can form into matter that cannot propagate at the speed of light? When the quanta of compatible energy engage each other, (such engagement being allowed and encouraged by the environment within which they exist), they circle each other and lock into a braided pattern of experiential process. From our interpretive perspective, the speed at which they circle each other is still the speed of light, but since they are no longer traveling in the straightest possible lines, they have “further” to travel over the same amount of “time”. Therefore, the speed of the braided pattern itself, manifesting as matter, travels more slowly than its internal processes. When components of elemental matter are formed, they are created containing the uniting capability with other components that are also compatible.

In the Macrological View
(of the existent Universe)

                    Elemental particles, (Protons, Neutrons and Electrons), join together to form atoms. Such joining is driven by the inherent energies that were created and contained within the structures of these particles at the time the particles were formed and by the energetic environment within which the particles dwelled. Atoms join together to form molecules because they too contain the compatibilities, acquired at the time of their creation, which permit them to do so within the environment that they exist. The environment of Time-Space is a necessary ingredient because it is of Time-Space that the higher complexities of electromagnetism, that “energy”, (electromagnetic radiation being the propagation of a distortion of Time-Space), and matter are formed. 
The ambient environment that forms and permits the joining of elemental particles to form atoms, and atoms to form molecules, exists therefore as a foundational, axiomatic condition. This totality of environment then permits and encourages events to occur. 

                    I say encourage because as the Universe expands/contracts, Time-Space is distorted into precipitate patterns of energy and matter. Time-Space is distorted by its reciprocity of expansion/contraction to act upon itself, and in so acting transmutes its own matrix into distortions of patterned electromagnetic radiation and then undergoes further transmutation to sub-atomic particles to eventually form hydrogen, which evolves through stars into the higher elements. 

                    The reciprocal expression of the Universe is its primary function of dynamism required for the transmutation of Time-Space into energy and matter. Without this expressive force, existence could not occur. It is the expansion/contraction, (ex-pression - the inertial will of Primary Consciousness acting upon itself), which conveys energy to create and maintain all patterns of existence by distorting the matrix of Time-Space into the infinitely varied manifestations of energy and matter that we perceive. 

                    Any event occurring through the medium of Time-Space becomes “historical” within our macrological view, as well as being concurrent at the quantum level, in that while occurring, a progression of instants in time and points of existence in space, (stress points in “time”), are generated. As a Universal Span expands/contracts, Time-Space is driven to stretch and reform. Such reformation precipitates out as compound relationships of historical instants of “Time” occurring within our perception as points of “spatial” existence, that we interpret as patterned forms of “energy” and “matter” and the Time-Space between. We interpret the subjective quality of Time-Space, its rate of change, as its objective quantity – as dimensionality, through our perceptions of it as patterns of existence.

                    From our macrological perspective, we have defined as, “quanta”, those patterns that display both particle and wave nature, such as the photon, electron, etc. 
Our definition of only such patterns existing as quanta however, is misleading since all patterns of existence, from subatomic particles through stars, are ultimately formed of such quantum level forces. All patterns therefore, whether large or small are translations of quality into quantity. All are quanta in the final analysis. What we conceive as the nebulous “thought”, intangible to our external perception, but having form within our internal imagination, is the foundation of the objective quantities of the world that we perceive.

                    During experiential self-encounter, the convergence of Time-Space upon itself forms sustained states of existence as distortions quantified as energy and matter. Earlier within this writing it was shown how the convergence of the auto-thought mechanism of Primary Consciousness manifests as the organized matrix of existence. 
Further into this writing it will also be shown that we too have some control over the formation of “external” events, that we already have the ability to focus ambient energy, affecting both external and internal change.

                    Neither “Time” nor “Space” can exist without the other, as they are both aspects of the same condition of Primary Consciousness. As energy from universal expression transfers to Time-Space affecting its form, Time-Space itself then becomes the vehicle/generator whereby the mutation of circumstance becomes eventuality. Every synchronous process of Primary Consciousness transpires through the mutation of Time-Space, precipitating in varying complexity as differentiated states of existence. 

                    The reciprocity of such “thought” may be viewed as an automatic dualistic, though singular process that occurs within the realm of inanimate, (non-living), matter/energy. It is a compound process driven without the benefit of choice. There is no benefit of consideration of result. The processes propagates involuntarily and spontaneously through Time-Space becoming formulations of energy and matter through dualistic, differential equations of instants of “Time” stressed… manifesting as spatial points of existence. The creations of formulations are structured in that for any formulation to be as it is, it must become from an unaltered series of circumstances, (the natural inertial reciprocity of Primary Consciousness), within a strict matrix generated from that reciprocity, (Time-Space), its self-environment. Any progression of events, mutation, formulation or equation must therefore be logical, (rational'd). Time-Space is its own house and its own occupant, a unique dualistic personification of Primary Consciousness, within which occur mutations of circumstance to multiplistic formulations of existence. 

                    Transmutation of circumstance to eventuality is an expression of the mechanics of thought in its purest form, (as mechanical auto-thought without deliberation or choice of action). A small operation, such as a few atoms joining to form a molecule may be considered to be a random, independent action when focused upon to the exclusion of all else. If viewed from a larger perspective however, the innumerable “individual” actions that occur throughout our Universe would fall into obscurity. As the larger picture emerges, the actions no longer appear to be randomized, but as a singular structure of all functions working together as one. 

                    This unified matrix is a magnificent thinking machine where Time-Space is the representative mind of the compounded forces of the Fluxion of Primary Consciousness, that energizes and drives the constant rate of the virtual moment into the expression of the Universe, propagating formulations of thought into action automatically. The process of expression may be better described as involuntary thought/action or ambient Primary Consciousness. We can interpret this as “ambient” because such “thinking” is generated from the instantaneous baseline of the quantum level as thinking/awareness without the benefit of choice, wherein thought and action are one and the same. Ambient thought, (action/ reaction – reciprocity, directionless flow of Time-Space within and of itself), therefore pervades our Universe and drives its constant rate of expression.

                    Time-Space displays patterns of existence as units, (quanta), of relational point/instants, (stress points in “Time”). Such units driven by the reciprocity of Universal expression form into groups that trigger the formation of larger units. The same process that drives the formation of all quanta affects smaller units more energetically than it affects larger units. Smaller units when grouped, reform their combined structures to display as a higher quantum or larger unit. Larger units may interact with smaller units, distorting the form of each respectively. Such distortion creates the infinitely varied manifestations of matter and energy that we perceive as patterns of existence.

                    This foundation of ambient Primary Consciousness is changed in more highly organized matter/energy such as carbon based animate, (living), matter, to a localized dynamic Consciousness – (reciprocity as thought/action/reaction, thus interposed with the benefit of choice). The special molecular structure of animate matter existing as an evolved pattern of Time-Space, permits the perception of the instant, (permits the translation of a stress point in “Time”), within such matter. Once the instant is recognized, choice of action between what is perceived as “past” and “future” becomes enabled in the formulation of the “now”.

                    When the special molecular configuration of animate matter is generated, its internal dynamic becomes altered, forming a secondary association with its volumetric aspect that creates a complimentary though temporary, secondary distortion of Time-Space. This secondary distortion, (Localized Consciousness), acts through the first, using the animate matter itself as a sensory/interpretive device, positing such matter with choice, thereby gifting such matter with the ability of an interrupting perception between action and reaction, (perceptually breaking up the singular process of cause within effect), augmenting formulation with consideration. Such complimentary association is what we commonly refer to as the body and the Soul. 
Although the association is temporary, (the Animate Interface eventually expires), it will be shown further into this writing that the secondary distortion, (the Soul), may maintain a state of existence, (may continue propagation as a process), under certain conditions, after the animate form has expired. 

                    Animate matter as an interface to experience, an interface that the soul as Localized Consciousness perceives through, is capable of enabling thought to action with choice interposed between, transforming ambient Consciousness, (direct process encounter), to dynamic Consciousness, (indirect process encounter enabling perception of materiality). When considered from the perspective of ambient Primary Consciousness, chemical attraction can be argued, as direct process encounter, to be the foundation of love of particles for other particles to form simple and complicated structures within an environment conducive to such conditions.

                    As structures climb the ladder of complexity, gravity holds composites of matter together as a patterned form. If such form exists as a satellite orbiting a greater mass such as a planet orbiting a star, then gravity gives further evidence that rudimentary love of particles for other particles pervades complicated structures.

                    Science describes matter as distorting space, that the greater the mass of the material object, the more intensified the curvature of the space around it. In this macrological view, objects of lesser mass entering this space encounter a hyperbolic area and fall toward the more massive object in a circular fashion. Since space is not composed of just space, but is composed of Time-Space, the same medium/mind that permits the joining of elemental particles and molecules through energy exchange also permits the attempted and sometimes accomplished joining of more massive objects by way of gravity. Thus, gravity being a form of energy exchange for more massive objects, allows the description of “particle love” to be applied to all objects existing within the medium/mind of Time-Space. The concept of love as we know it, generates from perception through living matter, expressed as feelings of attraction – and when the attraction process is completed through a joining, a sense of well-being ensues. (Here we find insight to what Love actually is – The process of love is the process of joining – of two entities though undivided on one level, finding each other on a different level and joining/compounding in a unique way – exchanging polarities as interactive views through each other, of the substructural/superstructural foundation from which they each extend. Having dynamically joined in this fashion they experience the omnidirectional “motion” of the Unified Field, which is in and of itself the ultimate sense of well-being, from which they each extend,).

                    Since all matter including living matter is composed of the elemental particles that naturally attract each other, more highly organized “living matter” expresses such attraction as emotion. A being, free to move about by virtue of choice is not compelled to join other matter in the way in which elemental particles automatically join. Although motivated to do so by virtue of its physical makeup, “animate” or living matter must choose through perceived attraction to join. Such degree of perception is by degree of sophistication of structure. Beings of higher sophistication have greater choice than beings of lower sophistication. As described earlier, the process of predation is the molecular encoding of the Inertial Will of Primary Consciousness to act upon itself, expressed as the attraction of particles to other particles in existence. The Inertial Will of Primary Consciousness is modified through the evolution of animate molecular encoding into what we perceive as “love”. In the quantum process however, what is perceived as predation in the macrological view, and the evolved, transformed predatory process …that which we perceive as “love”, is the process by which Primary Consciousness experientially encounters itself. Love then, especially unconditional love, is derived from the baseline of the experiential encounter by Primary Consciousness of itself. 

                    It is the realization within our thoughts then, of this baseline from which we extend, that will enable our perceptual return to the comprehensive synchronistic function of our undividedness …and one knows without question when this baseline experience is achieved, for the omnidirectionality of the Unified Field wells up inside of you as a radiance …as the most profound sense of well being that can ever be experienced.

How does a thought/action/formulation become?

                    The terms, “materiality, object and energy”, are purposely left out of the following explanation because such interpretative labels are reserved for perception through an Animate Interface. Here below is described the foundational perception by Primary Consciousness of itself, manifest as Time-Space. Our perception of the patterns/processes described below would be that of quanta of energy, (energy packets), or materiality if we were perceiving through an Animate Interface. The explanations that follow below however are from the perspective by Primary Consciousness of itself without the use of the Animate Interface.

In the Quantum View
(of the existent Universe)

                    Starting with processes, (patterns), having inherent compatibilities built in at their creation, such processes join other processes of a like nature. During the joining, “Time” is stressed. At each stress point, “moment” in time, such “points of existence” formulate the configuration of joining processes. Each moment and each series of points of existence gives rise to the eventuality of new moments and different points of existence thereby changing the ongoing formulation of the new pattern yet to become and becoming. The expansion/contraction force of the Universe continuously drives this process. An oscillation, (a reciprocal digitization of process interaction perceived by each of us through the Animate Interface as “sequentiality”), which is a perception of time between what is and what will be, generated by the inertial forces contained within the processes so joining, acting upon and being acted upon by Time-Space to the furtherance of the pre-cognized …“new” pattern to become. Pre-comprehension is the process of forming an interpretive interface that is in itself, the pattern to become. (Not all interfaces are “animate”). Once having become, the pattern remains as an interface through which other processes may engage and emerge. During such oscillation, Time-Space interacts with itself to determine the structure of what will be. Patterns of existence generate from a process of back checking against what is to what will be next. Such process of, “Dualistic Analytical Transaction”, is induced by the “perception”/ interaction by Time-Space upon itself through its multiplied centers, (parts), of itself.

                    Time-Space impelled by its own expansion/contraction, (the inertial reciprocity of the Universe …of Primary Consciousness), and distorted by the developing effect of a pattern to become, formulates the pattern into existence. Time-Space first testing what is, (perceiving itself through every center of perception, as Time-Space is not other than centers of perception – each center is a stress point in “time”), and then in concurrent perpetuity, further impelled both inwardly and outwardly by the expansion/contraction of itself as the “Universe” …and by the effect of the becoming pattern, Time-Space undergoes, (self-experiences), the reformation of its own matrix. (Its centers of perception are propagated – “comprehended” - through distortion). This permits the next step of a new pattern to become existent. In this way, Time-Space gradually matures its interpretation of ongoing events, (the evolution of interpretation/expression through distortion of centers of perception), until a complexity is achieved whereby a unit, (quanta), is formed, (realized). 

                    Of course, Time-Space, driven by its own expansion/contraction, has no choice in how it will interpret and process each pattern that it encounters. Nevertheless, Time-Space must interpret encountering patterns and must furnish an expression of them …as a new pattern, so forced by the impelling expansion/ contraction of the Universe. The formulation, (quanta), realized after each processed encounter, is composed of the unique patterns encountering each other, acted upon through the matrix of Time-Space by the effect of the rate of the expansion/contraction of Time-Space imposed upon itself. The final outcome is contained within the combination of forces prior to becoming and that therefore must become. Elements of the (thumbprint/image), of the pattern to become is contained within each of the encountering “parent” patterns, as the “thought/image” generated by the greater Totality of the matrix of Time-Space that they are propagating through. Thus Time/ Space “knows” what the patterns will form into. 

                    The propagation of the encountering patterns stresses Time-Space into a pre-comprehensive equation of itself, which is then imposed upon the encountering patterns to form into a new existent pattern. This is the process of interacting centers of perception, (experiential encounter), which is the interpretation/expression of the mind of Primary Consciousness focusing a compounded pattern of itself into existence. 

                    During encounter, patterns of Time-Space exchange and ultimately display, the form of the modified pattern to become. Such pre-comprehension is a visualization/ preconception of a new pattern about to mature, existing within the encountering forces. During such encounters, the new pattern that must occur becomes fixed as a pattern to be, within the encountering patterns that give rise to it. The process through which this occurs is a process of forced cooperation, (synchronistic experience), between encountering patterns, driven by the inertial reciprocity, (the Will …as auto-thought), of the Totality of Time-Space > of the Totality of compounded Primary Consciousness. 

                    At the baseline of “Time”, Primary Consciousness converts thought into action through its tension of wholeness upon itself, (through its experiential self-encounter). At this baseline of “creation”, communication between all forces, (compoundments and convolutions - “twists”), within a totality are instantaneous and therefore synchronous. As patterns build into complexity, communications between the patterns become diversified, though remaining synchronous. Information is thus simultaneously exchanged between all of the patterns. Each pattern contains baseline energy, such energy capable of transforming the pattern or enabling it to join with other patterns. The information exchange between the patterns directs the energy within each pattern to manifest within the Totality in a compatible way.

                    Here we see the true basis of “intelligence”, in that all patterns of existence are capable of communication within the greater Totality from which they extend. This communication is active and “forming”, indeed - “in-forming”, (to form within each pattern, the constructs that are necessary to its existence), at the baseline …at the quantum level.

                    This “communication” between the patterns of Primary Consciousness is what we will explore - in great depth - within the pages that follow and especially within the last chapter of this writing. We will gain a firm understanding of the mechanics of synchronicity, from which we will be able to gain “in-formed” control.

                    Forced cooperation is a series of unalterable logical steps that transpire as an exchange of information during an encounter, driven by the expansion/contraction of Time-Space to create the final picture of what will become. When the final picture does become, it manifests through the creation of a quantum state, a differentiated complexity of Primary Consciousness. As patterns encounter each other through Time-Space, they undergo change that will permit the becoming of a pattern to be. When the new pattern manifests, it does so because the patterns that gave rise to it have altered their structures through mutual transaction, (mutual, “synchronistic” communication/ comprehension), and in so altering, give rise to a new pattern, (a new, “reformed” quantum state of existence). A quantum state becomes only when the conditions for its existence are met. At the moment the conditions are met, the quantum state is instantaneously achieved. The new pattern being the pre-cognized quantum state itself, thus instantly manifests as existent. 

                    If a pattern is to become, its structure must be created by the encountering patterns that give rise to it. Each step of creation is an oscillation of the becoming pattern affecting Time-Space and Time-Space affecting the becoming pattern, (as the propagation of creation – the diversified reciprocity of existence). Each previous point/ instant must become fixed in order to be checked against to give rise to the next. Time stressed fixes points in time generated by the pattern becoming, (within the structure of instants), and so having momentarily existed, may continue to exist into the “next” moment and so on continually evolving/creating into the pattern to be during such ongoing conception. (That “next” moment is actually the same moment translated from a simultaneous though differential perspective). Every new moment is dependent upon and transactive with the previous because all moments are derived from the instantaneity of the virtual moment …the baseline of “Time”. The interpretation/ representation of what is to become is contained within all moments leading up to its current expression. 

                    In fact, if we look deeper, we will see that Time-Space itself through its unique and simplistic configuration may interact with itself in a dualistic formation of historical events. Time-Space has an inherent agenda generated by the energy of its Tension of Wholeness upon itself …as an expanding Universe …whereby the formation and interaction of quanta …of instants and points is compelled.

And from our perception through the Animate Interface,
(The translation of the Unified View into the Macro View)

                    Due to general expansion/contraction, quanta overlap and interact with compatible quanta to form what we perceive as electromagnetic radiations that in turn form subatomic particles. All interactions are dualistic because Time-Space must permit the forming of energy and matter out of quanta of Time-Space and thus the becoming of energy and matter concurrently reconfigures Time-Space. Energy and matter do not exist within Time-Space, - they are composed of it and so composed, extend from Time-Space, thereby attaining existence. This process is thinking in its purest form. Any ongoing process is a form of thinking. The only difference between what we process as thought and what inanimate matter/energy processes as thought is that we know that we are doing it and that we believe that inanimate matter/energy does not know …and therefore does not “think”.

                    Does a process have to know that it is processing in order to be regarded as thinking? Time-Space calculates processing during experience, but does not know that it is processing. Time-Space has no choice in what or how processing takes place. Time-Space therefore displays Auto-Thought and limited awareness, but apparently has no choice in what it does.

                    We can now visualize several levels of the compoundment of Primary Consciousness, each higher level must be triggered by a unique set of circumstances generated from the level below and each higher level gives rise to new circumstances that may create a higher level above. These are the undivided interactive realms of consciousness of the substructure and superstructure of a Totality. This process is always in propagation, driven by the constant expansion/contraction of the Universe/ Multiverse. Although circumstances from the lower levels enable and support the higher levels, this mechanism endows the higher levels with command over the lower ones, as the higher levels become the greater governing probability over the lower levels. In this way the mind of compounded Primary Consciousness is able to refine information/ experience up through its levels where at the highest level, such information/experience becomes empirical and thus commands the lower levels.

                    In the previous chapter we gained an understanding of what was “before” Time-Space, that Time-Space is constructed of the medium of pre-existence, (Primordality), awaiting activation/organization.

What then is Consciousness?

Consciousness is Origin

                    Consciousness starts as the pure structure, the Function/Fluxion of Inertia - Thought, as a blank page yet to be written upon as the canvas of unawareness, except that when modified by the function acting upon and through itself …Time-Space, (bordered existence capable of experience), is generated from it.

                    The Pen that writes upon this blank page is the imperfection/possibility of unconstrained limitation/intention. The homogenous state of Primary Consciousness acts upon itself driven by the Pen, (the inertial uncertainty/probability of itself), into the convergence of perturbations, (currents of itself), to precipitate the heterogeneous matrix of Time-Space together with its self-formed patterns of energies and matter. (The Pen is the foundation of determination. It is the Inertial Force, as the inactivated natural Will of the Outbounded realm of Primary Consciousness, that once self-activated, becomes the mechanism/progenitor of organized volumetric existence). 

                    When activated, it is the, “realized”, dimensionality interpreted through the Animate Interface, of dynamic existence, (“Time” stressed), that projects volumetric existence as form and substance.

                    The first level of Primary Consciousness is that of which has just been described, Primordality - the homogeneity of “nothingness” as Outbounded in-def-inity, (indefinite affinity), awaiting greater organization through Inbounded limitations.

                    The second level/compoundment of Primary Consciousness is that of self-experience, of currents of inertia converging into an organized state, (defined affinity), which is the expanding moment of the organizing, undivided matrix of Time-Space. The organizing state is formed as ambient Primary Consciousness expanding outwardly and inwardly, as automatic thinking within Time-Space without the power of choice, pervading the Universe as innumerable individual, (but indivisible), cooperating functions acting within the relational matrix of the Totality, driven by a constant rate of expansion/contraction. (Which as you will see as you read on, is ultimately derived from the most highly organized level of Primary Consciousness). 

                    The third level/compoundment is that of dynamic consciousness, where a unique molecular/compound of Time-Space is configured into a special condition that allows ambient thinking, (auto-thought), to be enhanced with the power of choice. Such configuration occurs within the unique molecular structure of animate, (living), matter.

                    It must be pointed out that any configuration of energy/matter that would provide inherent choice of action to the second level of compoundment would achieve the third level. It appears however, that what is most likely to occur naturally within our Universe is the formation of animate matter based upon organic molecules.

                    The power of choice occurs when a compound is able to recognize the instant, thereby perceptually splitting the totality of “Time”, (recognition of the stress points of the Tensor Field), into segments of time, recomprehended as the passage of time and as spaces and objects, and is therefore able to perceive “Time” and compoundments of “Time” – energy and matter, sequentially. This is why perception through the Animate Interface is described within this writing as being “digital”. We split “Time” as past, future and present. The ability to split “Time” gives animate matter choice of reaction over action, the use of “Time” over “Space”. The configuration of animate matter is such that Time-Space has formed a more highly sophisticated interpretive condition > the Animate Interface, enhanced with sensory/interpretive mechanisms, (Observational Neural Constructs), that allows Localized Time-Space, (the Soul), to act with self-limited independence, (“self”-determination). (Within the realm of everywhereness dwells the function of nowhereness. Such “nowhereness” is the “instant” recognized by Localized/Primary Consciousness, perceiving through the Animate Interface, of the “Between” …of events and of “beginnings and endings”– allowing the synthesized perception of the “dimensionality” of objects). 

                    Recomprehension of the instant allows formulation of reaction to perceived action. In other words, Localized Consciousness interpreting through animate matter may now perceive a rock heading for it and rather than have an impactive experience may now attempt to get out of the rock’s way. In this fashion, the Soul perceiving through animate matter, judges “Time” over “Space”. It sees the rock converging on it, calculates the perceptual segment of “Time” it will take the rock to arrive, calculates the impact point of the rock …and within its macrological view of reality …“moves”. Rocks do not have the ability to pre-calculate “Time” over “Space”, but they may occasionally experience each other, whereby through such experience …calculating, (automatic thinking), takes place during the impactive experience.

                    We are able to see here that without sophisticated sensory devices coupled to an interpretive mechanism, Time-Space, (Primary Consciousness), is limited in the way it may experience itself. Because living matter contains this special configuration of Time-Space, Localized/Primary Consciousness perceiving through animate matter can perceive in a way that rocks cannot. Indeed, what we call, “Time-Space”, is our perception/awareness of organized Primary Consciousness. We split it up through our perception into segments of here and there, (space), now and then, (time). 

                    Our awareness of organized Primary Consciousness through sensory devices is altered, thereby causing us to perceive it as “Time” and “Space”, but the interpretation of organized Primary Consciousness through sensory devices is only expressed/projected as “Time” and “Space” and this projection is interpretive and therefore illusory. Through the evolvement of Localized/Primary Consciousness, all of living matter, our bodies composed of animate matter included, have become shells of interpretation/ expression.

                    A rock knows nothing of “Space” or “Time”. It exists in the expanding/ contracting, (virtual), moment. It is without the ability to recognize other formations, (patterns), of existence. As far as the rock is concerned, it exists automatically as part of all of existence and that all of existence is not other than the rock, compounding within the expanding moment until it is compounded further by impactive experience. It matters not to the rock if its physical pattern is changed, because the rock is part of that which has impacted it. In the view of the rock, an impact is between itself and …itself. Therefore, whatever change the rock undergoes is considered by the rock to be natural and not unexpected. The rock expects nothing because it is an expression/extension of everything. The only awareness that a rock has is that of ambient Consciousness, until it is impacted. During impact, the rock gains Dynamic Consciousness for the period that it undergoes dynamic change, such change being above the threshold of what all of existence undergoes, as constant, ambient change. 

                    When a rock undergoes what is not ambient change, its Ambient Consciousness changes to Dynamic Consciousness during that period. The rock is forced into Dynamic Auto-Thought, (the physical calculation of pattern change), by virtue of the impactive experience. When the rock returns to ambient change, after the impactive experience is over, its Consciousness once again becomes ambient. The rock as a pattern of existence has perception, but this perception is afforded no choice in what is perceived or in how to react. The perception/reaction of the rock is automatic. It is only by perception through an Animate Interface, (a digital reprocessor), that choice is gained because the interface interrupts, (delays) perception, allowing recomprehension. 

                    The interruption is interpreted as the instant, which is a perception by an extension of Localized/Primary Consciousness of the illusioned separation of itself, through an interface, from its “outer environment”. Once the instant is realized, the ability to use “Time” over “Space”, to choose a reaction to an action perceived within that “environment”, is attained because the singular process of cause/effect is interrupted through the perception of the instant into “cause” and “effect”, into “action” and “reaction”.

                    The use of the term “Ambient Consciousness” does not mean that no thinking is occurring. Because the virtual moment/Universe is expanding, change is always taking place, but this is ambient change because the changes are commanded at the same rate by the general expansion/contraction of the Universe – the baseline of experiential encounter by Primary Consciousness of itself at the quantum level. The thinking that is occurring is the auto-thought, (ambient thinking - simultaneously calculating and being calculated), of all patterns of existence subjected to the same command, the same general reciprocity. 

                    The inward expansion is perceived as contraction. The outward expansion of the Universe is equal to its advancing internal complexity. The omni-directional “velocity” of the time-less, space-less, size-less virtual moment is expressed as differ-en-tial-ity, (dimensionality), within our macrological interpretation of existence.

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