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Comprehension as a dualistic process

                    Such comprehension by Primary Consciousness, in the macrological view of itself is interpreted by localized cognizant extensions of itself, (such as we), as time, space, position and motion, from which all other notions of energy and materiality and their interactions are derived. The comprehension by Primary Consciousness of itself at the quantum level however, is the greater or lessor extensity of itself, its Primordial “vision” of itself.

Such “vision” at the quantum level is instantaneously/
simultaneously Interpretive and Creative.

                    This is the function of thought in its pure form, at the level of instantaneity, at the baseline of “Time”. At this level, thought and action are one and the same and it is at this level that the thought/action, (comprehensive), process of Primary Consciousness is the dualistic, self-forming, Trans-Emanator of “Existence”.

                    In our view, a photon displays either particle or wave properties depending upon how it is being detected. If our detection of a photon is invasive, we find nothing inside of the photon to suggest that it is a particle. We determine that it is a wound up distortion of Space-Time of a particular intensity and this intensity is determined by its wavelength. If we detect a photon by allowing it to invade our detection device however, we then perceive it as a particle – it strikes! 

                    How is it possible that “emptiness” may strike with causality generating a reaction, which is our detection of it? The answer is twofold. First, “Space” is not “emptiness”. “Space” is substantive as a translation of Time-Inertia, in that all patterns of existence, (braided of space-time), extend from it, as “Space” is a manifestation of the Tensor Field of the Void, such tension being the comprehension by Primary Consciousness of itself. (The thoughts within a mind are relative to one another and therefore locations of Space-Time may be perceived as particles). As shown earlier within this writing, the Tensor Field is instantaneous except through our perception of it when “beginnings” and “endings” are created within through distortions of it. The Void then is what we consider “Time” to be when we “move”, (propagate), through it. All patterns of existence extend as distortions of the Tensor Field, composed of what we perceive to be “Time stressed”. “Time” wrapped up this way or that way - appears to us as this object or that object or as energy or as space.

                    What then is a photon, but a distortion of “Time”? Some photons are “larger” than others as they have longer wavelengths, but all photons emanate from the baseline of the undivided Tensor Field, from the omni-directional and speedless baseline of “Time”. The Void undivided from itself is then …the ultimate photon, trans-emanating itself in an infinity of distortions as frequencies of longer or shorter wavelengths, less tightly wrapped or more tightly wrapped diversification’s of “Time”. In the current view of physics, “Time” is considered to be the “fourth” dimension, when in fact it should be considered to be the first! We are familiar with the term “Space-Time” because science has rightfully connected “Time” with “Space”, but has failed to see that “Space” is constructed of “Time - stressed”. The term “Space-Time” then, should in its most proper sense be presented as Time-Space, because “Space” is an illusioned aspect, a translation of “Time”.

                    The point/instant is the incarnation of the singularity, (Fluxion/Iota), of Primary Consciousness manifesting/expressing within our neurologic/macroscopic perception, dualistically and in multiplicity as existence. Through its interpretations/ experiences of itself, (its comprehension of itself), the undivided totality of Primary Consciousness allows a perception of its extensity through cognizant patterns of itself, (such as we), as the dimensionality of dynamic volume, (Time-Space). 

                    We cannot measure a point or an instant because they are without size or duration in our macroscopic view. We can conceive of them however because they are baseline representations, (our quantum, unified view), of ourselves …as we extend from the totality of Primary Consciousness that is time-less and size-less. 

                    What is a point, but a center or a “self”? What is an instant, but a realization of center/self, manifesting as the present and in manifesting, is there not a perceived location of “time”, (the present), and place, (the center/self), in relation to all other realization? Is not then a continuance of realization… the propagation of existence, all thought perpetuating harmoniously through itself as the expression of “Time-Space”? This is the baseline comprehension by Primary Consciousness of itself at the quantum level, at the baseline of “Time”… And upon further reflection, is not the expression of “Time-Space” an illusion of thought? 

                    If this is so, then all interpretations by thought of itself are illusions manifest as existence. Position/location therefore, is a result of realization, of thought noticing itself and at each juncture of noticing, (at each stress point in “Time”), at each new experience/interpretation, a new, “position/location”, (comprehension), of center/self is achieved. In the multiple center/self illusion, position/location translates to dimensionality of form, distance and duration. If Primary Consciousness can experience, “see” itself once and simultaneously see itself as it is seeing itself, as existing in relation to itself, then it can see itself again and again differentially through the generation/interpretation of multiple simultaneous interpreted/expressed existences of itself in relation to itself. The multiple experience, (multipliable interpretation/ expression), is what dimensionality is. It is a singular experience composed of many perspectives, as the whole is composed of its parts, as the totality of the undivided Void is diversified through comprehension’s, (distortions), of itself. The whole of it therefore …interprets itself through each of its parts and in order to be a whole, its parts must interpret simultaneously though differentially, as if they were each the whole, even though they are extended from the whole as a part, (Each part interprets the whole differentially as itself from its own center). 

                    The whole therefore, as the sum of its parts, is reflected differently in each of its parts …as the knowledge of itself, each part reflecting a different interpretation/view of the sum.

                    At the quantum level of Primary Consciousness, at “time” zero, size zero and speed zero, in the instant of the “quantum virtual moment”, synchronicity, non-locality and “spooky action” are diversified expressions of the simultaneous, multipliable comprehension by Primary Consciousness of itself. All events therefore are “synchronous” at the quantum level, but the interpretation of those synchronous events, (all events), at the macrological level, allows them to be perceived as differentiated in “Space” and “Time”. 

                    Because complex communication can take place at the macrological level, the perception of apparently separate events can also reveal the relativity of “non-local”, synchronous events at the instantaneous baseline level. 

                    We get to see, every once in a while, through seemingly unrelated events that engage us, the relationship of those events to other events of “non-locality”. Through our own actions of measuring that from which we extend, we unwittingly reveal in our “classical” view, the simultaneity and undividedness of macrologically unrelated events as “coincidence, dejavu and precognition”.

                    Further into this writing, we will learn how to mindfully reveal synchronicity, as well as its relationships to coincidence, dejavu, precognition and even telekinesis - through the recomprehension of our extensity in the virtual moment. In some circles of thought, this would be considered to be “conjuring”. It will be shown however that such “conjuring” is merely a realized application of that which we sometimes do “unwittingly”, as we exist in and extend from the virtual moment, but do not easily comprehend its qualities as we perceive it macrologically, (neurologically).

                    The simultaneous multiple experience of Primary Consciousness, as the totality of existence is interpreted/illusioned as volume/s undergoing change. It may also be interpreted as a singular perception of “self” - as the ultimate “self”-realization, trans-emanating reality and form. At the speed of thought, which is instantaneous realization, (intra-interpretation of the point/instant at the baseline of “Time”), photons manifest instantly, which is at no speed at all and therefore in no part of “Time” at all, at the baseline state of the generation of “Time-Space” which is zero. During their generation/realization photons assume the translational “speed” of the rate of the trans-emanation of the Multiverse, which in analysis is the manifest existent speed of zero. The speed of light and no speed at all are therefore the equally interpreted extremes of the same entity in reciprocity…Light speed and Absolute Zero;

Of Primary Consciousness in Comprehension of itself

                    This is what Primary Consciousness is, for if it were not in comprehension of itself, it could not exist. Primary Consciousness at speed zero is instantaneous existence, as a singular whole having interpreted itself in its entirety because all parts have been instantly realized by the whole, (each part realizing, in concurrent experience, the whole as a singular entity). 

                    Primary Consciousness, interpreted by Localized Consciousness at the “speed of light” is manifest reality, as a multiplicity of the whole …as illusioned, (existent), parts achieving realization of the whole, (as the parts realizing in multiplicity the aggregate of the whole). The “speed of light”, (the speed of manifest existence), is the translation of the omni-directional velocities of translations of the singularity/totality of the Void, of Primary Consciousness interpreting itself as existent. “Speed” therefore, is the reciprocal translative flow of logic by an undivided wholeness through and of itself.

                    The interpretation by Primary Consciousness of itself is instantaneous and therefore “speed” and sequentiality are at zero. “Speed/s and Time/s” and therefore “Space/s and Volume/s” are only existent as multiplications of interpretation, as compounded views of Primary instantaneous, speedless, sizeless realization. 

                    The illusion of past and future is our synthesized view of here to there, (which includes – now to then), from where we perceive ourselves to exist …to where we perceive we have come from …and to where we are going. But in reality, we have not moved and cannot move from “here to there”, from “now to then”. What we perceive to be “movement” in “Time” and “Space” is an illusion of secondary information perceived through the Animate Interface, focused through by Localized Consciousness. What we are really doing is translating existence into further existence. There is no real change of position because position is an illusion. Such illusion is generated by Localized Consciousness experiencing its own extensity - itself – through an interrupting interface, (body and brain), and then interpreting such experience as position. 

                    We perceive the multiple simultaneous experience by Primary Consciousness of itself as multiple position, which is interpreted, (imaged), by us locally, as dimensionality and materiality. 
There is only change of perception/knowing …and such change translates through us, as “motion” perceived. Motion and position, which give rise to the interpretation of dimension and materiality, are expressions of the change of our knowing, of our connected realization of the experience by Primary Consciousness of itself. We may interpret such experiential encounter as a physical change of position or as materiality, but in reality we are experiencing the advancement of thought into further thought.

                    In order for position to manifest or for an object to be, it must exist in synthesized “Time” to our localized, interfacial perception, as well as in synthesized “Space”. Objects do not exist in the past and do not exist in the future. Objects exist in the synthesized present only. (In the deeper view, the perception of the present is also imaged/synthesized). It is only by interpreting through the interruption of animate matter that the synthesized present is perceived. It is only through the recomprehension of the instant, which is what we perceive as the present, that we gain the ability of choice, which is digitized, (sequentialized), perception. (The digitization of perception comes about when perceiving through an interrupting interface, which is the sensory/ interpretive apparatus of the body and brain, as information is thus transmitted through sequenced interruption – digitization - to Localized Consciousness as the perceiver). 

                    “Position” and “materiality” therefore are synthesized manifestations of the recomprehension of the instant, (the interruption of information by and through the Animate Interface), which is interpreted as the “present”. We therefore conceptualize into “materiality” that which we interpret through our recomprehension of the instant. Materiality does not exist in the “past” or in the “future”. Materiality can only exist in the synthesized present, and since the “present” is an illusion of center/self, “materiality” is an illusion as well. Once the notion of “self” is abandoned however, if even for a “classical” moment, comprehension of the unity of Primary Consciousness is instantly achieved. It is we who perceptually form the materiality of the object, enabling the presence of it, (its existence), by giving to experience, position/location through the synthesized perception of the instant, such instant ever emerging, because of our continual digitization of perception/experience through the animate form. 

                    This is not to say that perceptions of “motion, position and materiality” are not real and viable to us. They are real in the sense that we very comfortably maneuver within such awareness, but in the final analysis, “Time, Space and Motion” are only interpretations, that allow the reality of a material world to manifest into our view through the Animate Interface.

Anything that is interpretable is illusory
by the very fact of its interpretability

                    Our interpretation of reality is fine to the limits of its viability and if our existence is comfortable within such constraint, then we might never venture beyond what we perceive and therefore imagine reality to be. If on the other hand, existence within our illusioned’ reality becomes uncomfortable or unsatisfying, then our interpretation of reality must change. What then is the primal reality of “nothingness? It is the first order of Primary Consciousness without experience or awareness. Once “Nothingness”/Primary Consciousness experiences itself however, the first thought, which is the Primary Foundation of Existence is born as the expanding moment/volume of “Time-Space” …as the Pen that writes upon itself.

What is the intricate nature of the first thought?

                    It is no different than you or I thinking. It is a formulated question with an attempt at an answer, a Unified “Verse”. We may express our thoughts through speech or some other form of communication. If we ask a question of ourselves, we speak to ourselves through a function of communication.

                    When “Nothingness” experiences itself, the first thought comes in the form of the Primary question, 

“What is?”

The Primary Question is an interpretive shell
of expression containing sub-questions.

What is this?

Where am I? 

Where is this? 

What am I?

How can I?

                    The attempt at an answer is automatically processed through the seeking of equilibrium, as “auto-thought”, the continuing and compounding self-experience of Primary Consciousness into Existence. Self-experience is the way Primary Consciousness communicates through itself to answer the question of its Existence.

How long does this experience last?

                    In order for “Existence” to be, “Nothingness” must experience itself as a closed loop of perpetuating self-interpretive knowledge. It is this “continuity of experience”… in concurrency, that spawns the perpetuity of awareness in Localized Consciousness, (in our vitality of Being, our Soul), that interprets such continuity of experience through the sensory-motor devices of our animate forms, as “Time, Space, Energy, Matter, Position and Motion”. 

                    Without the benefit of the Animate Interface, Primary Consciousness would only interpret that experience as a concurrency of process – without “Time, Space, Position or Momentum” and therefore without “materiality”. The development of the Animate Interface gave Primary Consciousness a way to look at itself through sequential, multipliable perceptions of itself, which provided the means to anticipate, seek out and direct “further” experience.

Shall not the Universe ever create itself through
a higher and more detailed view of itself?

                    Visualize the moment of creation of existence as a sphere that continuously expands at the same rate that “Nothingness”/Primary Consciousness experiences itself. Within the sphere, a logical, procession of experiences/processes take place. Each new process is dependent to varying degrees upon all others. (Of course, since this is a closed system, all experience is concurrent within its totality). A volume of experiences, each of varying intensity takes place within the expanding moment. Only one type of process actually occurs however, although its expression as varying patterns of existence may be infinite. It is the process of change. In order for “Nothingness”/ Primary Consciousness to experience itself, each experience must cause change in all of experience. The change is inclusive simultaneous, multipliable experiential encounter and the “before” of it and the “next” of it …exist together as part of the same experience …the cause and effect as one and the same. “Before, Now and Next” are imaged interpretations that we through our interfacial shells place upon the experiential self-encounter by Primary Consciousness to make such self-encounter sensible to us. All of experiential self-encounter remains concurrent. It does not disappear through “Time”. Experience is accumulated concurrently. What we interpret as a past occurrence is actually an interpenetrative view by Primary Consciousness of itself …in that if a piece of clay is molded into a rod and then the rod molded into a sphere, both the rod and sphere exist concurrently, interpenetrated.

                    Experience is both linear and radial. Varied ongoing experience throughout the expanding sphere of existence, (throughout the Void), propagates inwardly and outwardly – concurrently - in all directions, (directionlessly), as processes that engage each other, changing with each engagement and perpetuating the outward and inward expansion of the sphere. The “substance” of the “experiential sphere” is what we perceive as “Time/Inertia”. It is the Will of Primary Consciousness – the Inertial Tensor Field of the Void in contemplation – comprehension - of itself. Even in our interfacial interpretation of the procession of “time”, we perceive it as “Willful”. When “Time” is distorted, it appears to us through the imagery that we place upon it – as “present, past and future”. 

                    When “Time” is further distorted it appears to us through our interfacial senses as “dimensionality” and “materiality”. With each experience/engagement causing change, variation in what kind of change that may take place becomes increased. Here, probability places limitation/intention upon the variance or amount of change based upon the inten-sity, (in-tention of inertia), of each engagement. The moment expands into itself, compelling infinite variations of patterned existence to occur through an agenda of logical progression. The moment expands outwardly as well, encompassing and forming/expressing as all of time-space, as the virtual moment in concurrent comprehension of itself …and life created in the process eventually wakens to the realization of its foundational existence …and thus matures into the driving force of Primary Consciousness itself.

How is “Time-Space” actually formed?

                    The expanding moment is a closed system of the expanding experiences of Primary Consciousness in self-encounter, now constrained by the limitations of probability, which is its own self-limiting, (self-intentioning), experiential level …its auto-thought equal to its degree of self-perception. The force of the expanding, (expressing), moment is the Will/Thought/Inertia that Primary Consciousness is, emanating as the probable manifestation of what lies between experiences, (its “willful intelligence”), that drives experiential self-encounter. We always seek this …to find in our imaginations a way to describe the function/s of a process by breaking it up through synthesized imagery into sensible parts. The between that we image that lies amid our conceptualized parts of a process is actually the Emanator, (the Will), of the process we seek to understand.

                    “Time-Space” is constrained Primary Consciousness in self-experience, undergoing change. The expression of the moment equals the aggregate rate of such experiential self-encounters. Each encounter is a Primary form of awareness or self-perception. We identify Primary awareness as duration and intensity. We can easily relate duration to “Time”, as in something lasting. Intensity on the other hand is not as easy to relate to. “Space” and “Time” are manifestations, (aspects, perceptions), of the Primary Consciousness closed system of perpetual self-knowing. Within the sphere of the expressing moment, experience translates to process. When processes interact, further experience/processing is achieved. The furthering of process is the embodiment of change manifested by experiential encounter. When processes merge to create new processes, they do so inwardly and outwardly, (reciprocally). Contained within every process are smaller processes, (infinite centers of perception), that are governed by the larger process, the larger process being the limitation of probability over the smaller processes. 

                    The aggregate of smaller processes contained within the larger process comprises the volume of the larger process and supports its existence. There are therefore, concurrent intervals of existence and volumes of existence ranging by comparison, from the very small to the very large. By their very interaction, processes must change. When change takes place, the smaller processes contained within the larger process change more rapidly than does the larger process. The reason for this is that when larger processes interact, their intervals of existence being larger than the smaller processes contained within them affect the smaller ones more energetically than the larger ones, (like larger gears driving smaller gears faster than the larger ones). Such encounters force more rapid change among the smaller processes, creating greater numbers of smaller and smaller processes within. In this way, dynamic activity translates to volume as greater numbers of processes are created.

                    As the number of inner processes increase, the volume density of the larger process increases correspondingly. What is happening, (through our synthesized interpretation of process), is that merging intervals of experiences, (“Time”), translate into quantities of experience, (“Space”), thus dimensionality is created and when braided, such “Time” becomes materiality or form. The two aspects, “Space” and “Time”, of experiential encounter are inversely related. The largest process ongoing in our Universe is that of its expansion/contraction or ex-pression.

Where is the Universe going? What is fueling this expansion?

                    The Universe is the expanding/contracting, “reciprocal” moment driven by the self-experiential encounters of Primary Consciousness at the quantum level. As Primary Consciousness experiences itself, it expands into itself. Since we are part of Primary Consciousness, (as localized extensions of it), and have developed acute devices of perception, our senses and brain …we perceive volumetric expansion as “Time-Space”, when in actuality, volumetric expansion is simply the compounding of experience.

                    As experience grows, “Time-Space” becomes increasingly constrained. This statement is reflective of the ability of Primary Consciousness to learn more about itself and of its maturing ability to self-govern. (The function of governing by Primary Consciousness of itself as the “Lathe of Creation” through the transmigration of the Interpretive Soul will be addressed in great detail further into this writing). 

                    The Universe/Multiverse stabilizes through such constraint and although internal experience continues, the Inbounded realms, (Universal Spans), release energy back to into the Outbounded realm where it is re-experienced/reprocessed back into “Time-Space”. (This is the concordant versification – the communication between Universal Spans and Universal Clusters). In this way, the Multiverse continues to experience itself, creating “Big Bangs” within itself, while maintaining a stable volume, (expanding and contracting simultaneously – expressing within and of itself). The dynamic volume of the Multiverse places limitations/intentions upon its internal processes and the internal processes reciprocally interpret the limitations/intentions. Each limited/intentioned process, (each Inbounded Universal Span), expresses its interpretation of experience in its own unique way. The aggregate of all internal processes make up the entire Multiverse and communicate their experiences to each other and to the totality of Primary Consciousness as a whole. The fuel for this process is the substance of “Nothingness” - “Time/Inertia”, which is the self-compoundment of the Tensor Field of Primary Consciousness.

                    Consider what burning is, as in burning fuel. Is it not other than molecules experiencing each other and releasing energy? As Primary Consciousness experiences itself, it “burns”, and forms “Time-Space” …which is the “ash” of self-experiential encounter. As self-experience continues, expanding/contracting “Time-Space” is established. As expansion/contraction continues, “Time-Space” is forced to act upon itself and precipitate a higher complexity of electromagnetic force, (energy), which is further acted upon by expansion/contraction to form the constituents of elemental matter.

                    More clearly, what we call energy is the effect produced by the experience by Primary Consciousness of and upon itself.

                    To reiterate, homogenous Primary Consciousness, (the substance of “Nothingness”), itself is the fuel. It “burns” when it experiences itself and the resultant “ash” is the compound of existence. Will it burn itself out? It cannot, as the entire process is driven by a Fluxion acting upon itself in such a way that the whole of it is always greater than the sum of its undivided parts, hence that extra nudge to drive the process is always present. Matter is converted back to energy and then back to singularity/homogeneity at the “edge” – Outbounded realm - of the Universe/Multiverse based upon Hubbell’s Constant, where it is reformed back into the “Time-Space” of the Inbounded realms. The small amount of energy required to nudge this process along is taken from homogenous Primary Consciousness driven by the consensus of matured Universal Clusters, as currents of Inertia which, when drawn into the process are committed to experience, forming “Time-Space” and energy. Only a small amount of energy is required to start the self-experiential process of an Inbounded system, as a match is all that is required to start a raging fire. Very little energy is required to carry fuel to the fire compared to the energy output of the fire. 

                    Therefore, energy from the fire is available to run the mechanism that brings fuel to it. If the fire is to remain stable within limitations/intentions, constraint is applied to the fuel supply. The constraint that is applied to the fuel supply is the mechanism of probability limitation generated from the whole of self-experiential encounters of Primary Consciousness – generated through the concordant versification of the matured Inbounded systems of the Totality. This constraint varies with “Universal/Multiversal” self-knowledge. The “fuel supply” that is the substance of Primary Consciousness will last as long as experience is able to continue, and since experience at the quantum level is instantaneous, experience will last, to our conception, “forever”. (The reciprocal, unconditional qualities of everywhere/every-when are contained within the reciprocal, conditional qualities of nowhere/no-when, as cause is always contained within effect).

                    When the ultimate answer to the question of existence is finally realized, Primary Consciousness, as the “Universe/Multiverse” …will have had its most intimate experience, remain stable and require little energy for maintenance. If the Universe/ Multiverse, through such realization decides to embark upon a new adventure, constraints will be eased and Primary Consciousness will have a new conception of itself. Homogenous Primary Consciousness will be further drawn into the system to form yet another Inbounded realm to add yet another “dimension” of wonder to this Unified mind. 

                    It appears that this may have already happened in infinite multiplicity, as we stand upon the edges of Multiple Sub-Time Frame Universal Spans. If one looks out in any direction, using the finest of instruments, one can only see to the edge of which Hubbell’s Constant will allow, about 15 billion light years into the distance. If one turns 180 degrees, one can also see 15 billion light years out in the opposite direction. One cannot however, see across the 30 billion light years of this diameter and therefore, one stands upon the coinciding edges of Multiple Sub-Time Frame Universal Spans – apparent multiple “Universes”, (Universal Spans), that overlap.

                    Finally, let us end this chapter by attempting to answer the question of the first spark that starts the process and sets it in motion. Before there was existence, there was Outbounded homogenous Primordality. The lack of limitation/intention allowed for an uncertainty of conditions within this state. A lack of limitation/intention is a state of random possibility, which is in itself a mechanism that creates restraint. (As pointed out earlier within this writing, the conditional function of no-where – the point, is a part of the unconditional function of everywhere ..and the conditional function of no-when – the instant, is a part of the unconditional function of endlessness. This is the Locality-Non-Locality Field of “Primordality”, the prerequisite to the Tensor Field of Primary Consciousness).

                    Since “Time-Space” had not yet been formed, whatever could happen inside this state must happen instantaneously and simultaneously. Simultaneously, because whenever something happens, two forces must converge. Within Outbounded possibility, lacking the element of “Time-Space”, two forces must occur randomly at once. When two “chaotic” perturbations, (bumps caused by random uncertainty), of the domain of Primordality occur within a critical proximity to impact upon each other they influence each other and become an organized state. (To dispel any misperception; any two occurrences that merge …must form into an organized state and it is within this expression that the notion of randomness is shown to be a logical function). In becoming organized through simultaneous experience, they, “burn”, through their convergence and in so doing, kindle the process of the continuing creation of “Time-Space”. 

                    Once this simple process has been kindled, it rapidly expands into surrounding homogenous Primary Consciousness, engineering and perpetuating ever widening heterogeneous encounters of experience, bending the concurrency of “Time” into what we perceive as “sequentiality”. As experience widens, its perimeter becomes its greatest limiting/intentioning' - (in-tensioning'), factor. This perimeter, not being “perfect”, (undergoing continuous change), allows for stable growth outwardly and as a limiting/intentioning factor upon its internal processes, gaining information from the experience of its internal processes …it forces the inward stability of the expansion of internal experiential encounters as well. The information/experience that the perimeter gains from its internal processes automatically alters the probability conditions of the perimeter, thereby causing the perimeter to reciprocally command its internal processes based upon such “automatic” interpretation of its internal information …and as it communicates to, through and of itself…

A Uni“Verse”
Is Born!

From Essence of Thought I created in Thee

The Temple of Concept

Through which I Survive

Centered as Purpose in thine Entity…

as Heart of the Cosmos in Matter Alive

The consciousness of life was fashioned from the essence of thought that pervades the Cosmos as the force of Vitality, awaiting and evoking the formation of living matter so that it might move to the Dynamic Foreground of reality. Thus centered, it acquires awareness and fulfills its purpose of enabling reality through the mind of “Animate Matter”, thereby sustaining its, {the Universe’s}, existence. Without Conscious observation, {perception}, there is no reality… and therefore no existence.


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