The perception of discontinuity creates the illusion of the “present” – the perception of an existence as an individual between “Times”, because Consciousness focused through a disruptive interface, interprets a separation between itself and that which it perceives. Localized Consciousness receiving this continual interruption, (digitization), of perception through the Animate Interface, thus applies a continuing changing image as points/instants to whatever may be further perceived, and is therefore always in the "present". The reason that Localized Consciousness uses points/instants as applied imagery to what it perceives is because it receives a varying frequency of interruptions of information ..a digital coding through the Animate Interface, that must be interpreted and decoded in a similar way. 

                    Simply put, all that Localized Consciousness can possibly know through the reprocessing device of the Animate Interface is the frequency of interruptions, (coded data), between itself and its “environment”. Such digital information is imaged into the most logical sensibility possible by imprinting the code upon the brain's molecular receptors and then interpreting the aggregate of these molecular impressions into an image ..and then reapplying this ever changing image to further continuing perceptions. In this way, Localized Consciousness maintains its perception of Primary Consciousness as its “present environment”. We continually reinterpret information to form our sequential "classical" reality within our brain matter through a revolving process of molecular re-imaging.

                    The Animate Interface, as a uniquely focused lens to experience, would appear to be a formidable and paradoxical obstacle to the ability of Localized Consciousness to interpret its “environment”. Localized Consciousness however, does not see this as formidable because the intrinsic nature of Primary Consciousness, in any form that it may present itself, (including its transformation as Localized Consciousness), is that of willfulness. Such willfulness allows Localized Consciousness the inquisitive ability to get around obstacles and to work through situations. This is the basis of curiosity and creativity. It is the search for knowledge, driven by the Tension of Wholeness by the Unified Field upon itself. 

                    Localized/Primary Consciousness got around the obstacle of the Animate Interface by taking command of and evolving the Interface for its own use while focused through it, and thus created and refined the tools that would enable the perception of indirect experience.

                    Through continuous though indirect experiential encounter, Localized Consciousness refines the imagery of sensibility by imprinting molecular formations, (images), on the brain, of the digitized interruptions that it receives through the senses of the Animate Interface. Localized Consciousness then re-interprets those formations and projects the interpretation upon its further experience of its environment. By continually re-imaging its interpretation in this way, Localized Consciousness makes into sensible imagery and sequential continuity that which it interprets as “Time, Space, and Objects, as its perceived "natural world". The interpretation by Localized Consciousness of experience is re-imprinted upon the brain, re-retrieved and re-projected in a continuing, revolving process into continuous sensibility. This is the making of cerebral “Classical World Reality”, of the foundational code of Primary Consciousness. 

                    The application of digitized imagery upon the molecular receptors of the brain creates a perceptual three-dimensional grid of points/instants. Comprehension through this grid is interpreted as “motion” through “space “ while “time” is passing. What is actually happening however is that Localized Consciousness does not actually “move”, but comprehends its extensity, interpreting the convolutions of Primary Consciousness - as an environment - in a focused, but indirect way. 

                    As a part of Primary Consciousness, Localized Consciousness expands and contracts its view, (like focusing through a variable lens), of its “environment” through such digitized imagery. This view by the "Soul" is focused through the sensory devices, (lens), of its Animate Interface, which gives this view, “direction”. In the direction of its view, what appears to be the motion of the Animate Interface is actually the indirect comprehension by Localized Consciousness expressing into the medium of Primary Consciousness from which it extends. What appears to be motion is merely a change of the oriented perception of localized Consciousness as part of Primary Consciousness. 

                    Since Localized Consciousness extends from the whole of Primary Consciousness, there is no actual physical motion, but the translations of the Wholeness of Primary Consciousness is experienced as “motion” by a perceiving extension of itself focused through an interface that provides information to it in an indirect and reprocessed way. 

                    The experience of “motion” therefore is just the “change of view”, a sensory interpretation, between the cognizant observer as Localized Consciousness and the greater totality of Primary Consciousness from which the localized observer extends – a dualistic transformation of perception. The view is dualistic because Primary Consciousness “sees” itself through the interface of the localized observer from which it is undivided. The “picture” that Primary Consciousness “sees” is a localized illusion of itself, as an oriented view. Since we are doing the seeing, we are Primary Consciousness perceiving itself/ourselves through multiplicity.  Since each localized view within multiplicity is oriented differently from all others, we each see this “environment” from a different perspective, from a different frame of reference ..and the whole of Primary Consciousness synchronously “sees” itself from all perspectives. As stated at the beginning of this writing – “You are the Universe seeing itself through the eyes of an infinite number of beings”.

                    Our individual views of Primary Consciousness are interpretations of localized multiplicity. In simple terms this means that in order to “see” dimensionality and motion, we “see” simultaneously through the totality of Primary Consciousness, (our minds extend into the “environment”), - and the “environment” sees through us. We localize this perception to where we believe we are, as our localized Consciousness/Perception is focused through our animate forms. Thus we “see” differentially, thereby perceiving the - concurrency of process the sequentiality of form and motion. 

                    An extension of Primary Consciousness focused through an interruptive interface applies its own imagery to the indirect information that it receives to make sense of its perceptions. The expansion/contraction of perception as Primary Consciousness interpreting through a localization of itself is imaged to sensibility as “motion” through “space” over “time”. Such control over the imagery of the point/instant allows Localized Consciousness to widen the interruption of what is interpreted as the “present” to encompass its field of perception. Between itself and what it perceives, (as all interpretations are ultimately formulated mathematically within the mind), a three-dimensional grid of points/instants is laid out, projected “out there” – which is actually upon the molecular “projection screen” of the brain. The judgment of “Time” over “Space” is thus enabled through this molecular field of interpretation.

                    Through the application of such digitized imagery, choice of action is enabled within the mind view of Localized Consciousness to an interpreted threat or opportunity, or through curiosity/creativity, in that points/instants may be applied through imagery to the perception of the convolutions of Primary Consciousness as “Spatial Extension” through “Time” passing. The interruption/interpretation of such “Time” into manageable segments, allows the segments, through the application of point/instant imagery, to be used to the localized perceiver’s advantage, in that the localized perceiver can now attempt a "change of direction", (as a localized, dualized contraction or expansion of the Tensor Field of Primary Consciousness), at any point/instant thus applied and then perceived. The application of point/instant imagery is the creation of an illusioned grid through which judgment can be made and upon such judgment, direction/intention can be changed. This is how "Free Will" may be processed into action.

                    What might be considered to be common “auto-thought” as the automatic processing of direct experiential encounter by Primary Consciousness through its inherent - inertial - stress or “will” upon itself, is therefore interrupted by the reprocessing of such “information” through the Animate Interface. This allows limited “self”-control by Localized Consciousness of such “free will”. If Primary Consciousness is to have unique experience of itself, the Animate Interface is then the necessary apparatus, and as a result, sentient beings are created that are capable of limited control over Primary Consciousness from which they are undivided.

                    The Animate Interface evolved to allow the exploration of the properties of Primary Consciousness by Primary Consciousness, through unique localized extensions of itself. It takes a cognizant mind to make a reality and by extending into many cognizant differentiations, Primary Consciousness formed many substructural minds within and of itself, indivisibly, although tacitly connected. Hence, through each mind, unique interpretations of “reality” can be achieved.

                    Consciousness perceiving itself as sameness is boring, but perceiving through differentiation is exciting. Such excitement (and the anticipation of excitement), is the joy that furthers the evolution of the discovery by Primary Consciousness of itself ..through localization's of itself such as we.

                    (As described earlier and as will be explored in greater detail further into this writing, it will be shown that Primary Consciousness, or “the Void”, is just that ..a mind, whose growing comprehension of itself is generated through a hierarchy of levels of rationale, of integrated levels of mass consciousness, driven by anticipation, hence curiosity/creativity).

                    Change takes place within the moment, an instantaneous occurrence that requires no space or time within which to occur. When carefully considered, change is always twofold: A process acting upon itself must diversify in two or more part reciprocity while still remaining a process, hence change is always differential through undivided transformation. What we interpret as change is the continual inertial effect of Primary Consciousness acting upon itself. What we perceive as continuity is the perpetuity of instantaneity, of the Inertial Tensor Field of Primary Consciousness ever creating distortions upon itself, manifesting within our view as “sequential existence”. What we perceive as “Time” is the Void as it is – the foundational wholeness of the Void in translation of itself, the Virtual Inertial Moment - as Primary Consciousness itself, between our perceptions of change, and during our perception of no-change, as - ourselves passing through “time” – which in the deeper view is our propagation through the “Void”, and even deeper – as "We", the "Void", propagating through itself. 

                    The nature of Primary Consciousness is that the “Void”, or “Nothingness” is actually a Field of Inertia that acts upon itself because of the inherent (in-tension, - intention), of its own symmetry of wholeness. Inertia therefore may be interpreted as the Primordial Force of Will, in its purest and most simple form. Its inherent nature is the process of being itself, – of Be-ing, (as in continuing to be), by its own experiential self-encounter – driven by its own tension of wholeness. Since there is nothing else to act upon, inertia acts upon itself, as the force of will acting upon the force of will ..and that is from what Trans-Emanation is generated ..which is the creating of reciprocal, instantaneous. undivided diversities within a wholeness by its own self-encounter/self-experience. 

                    When inertia acts upon itself, it generates a process of distortion of itself, creating folds that we perceive as here and there, now and then, this and that, “Space and “Time”. Through further compoundments, Nuclear Strong and Weak forces and Electromagnetism as quanta of energy and mass are also created. 

                    Through greater intensifications of electromagnetism, the Matter/Gravity complex is translated into the primary element of hydrogen - quantities of which condense into nebulae that enable the gravitational formation of stars. Finally, through the course of star generation, novae and star regeneration, the higher elements that support and form the animate matter through which these processes are locally perceived, are compounded into existence. 

                    All of these processes occur because of the Inertial Tension of Primary Consciousness manifesting its intrinsic Will upon itself. And this foundational law is not a question of the choice of consciousness to exert or not to exert its will, ..this is automatic, fundamental, the essential beginning of auto-thought. Existence is not other than Be-ing – as in to be, continuously. When we see an object relative to ourselves or relative to another object, it continues to do what it was doing, being at relative “rest” or in relative “motion” until disturbed by an “outside” force, (disturbed by another distortion of the Tensor Field). It stays that way because it is ultimately composed of Inertial Moments of Be-ing – moments of Will, Volition, Determination, as distortions of Inertia’s action upon itself manifesting as the object, interpreted as “matter” by living extensions of the Inertial Tensor Field. 

                    When unique perception is added through the structure of Animate matter, we interpret such "will" as the process of the continuity of objects in existence to remain in existence, and this same process coursing through Animate matter is interpreted as its Will, Intention or Volition ..the same substance of “soul” of which the Universe consists. 

                    The Inertial Tensor Field makes its presence known to itself ..through all compoundments of itself ..upon itself. Its intrinsic nature is unchangeable through all such distortions and compoundments. Such un-changeability of its basic nature that drives the change-ability of its structure, is the basis of the Continuity of Existence.

And here we have the crux of it..

Mercurial change through self-alteration, driven 
by the unwavering property of in-tention.


                   The most advanced Unification Theories within the field of physics today, suggest that existence is derived of nothing else but tension acting upon itself to form symmetries, (harmonious self-equivalencies) ..and that is what "in-tension" or will is.

                    The intrinsic nature of Primary Consciousness, the Void – Nothingness or “God”, is that of an Inertial Field – a Tensor Field of Will, that through acting upon itself, represents itself to us and through us, (as we are a part of it), as all of existence perceived directly and indirectly.

                    We can now comprehend Primary Consciousness as a “willful” medium that acts upon itself to create animate forms as extensions of itself through which self-perception and self-evolution is enabled . In order to achieve this, Primary Consciousness had to work itself through a maze of “logical” constructs. The first was Space-Time. The next was energy. Then came the formation of energy into the material element of hydrogen and its conversion into other elements. Next came the gravitational concentration of elements into nebulae. Then came the gravitational collapse of nebulae into stars. Next came the explosion of stars, (novae), which further created heavier elements. Finally, the ordering of these elements into planets and other “localized environments” where Animate matter could be formed and of course, the actual development of Animate matter itself. 

                    We can see that each step had to follow as a logical progression, that not only was each step predicated upon the previous, but that each of the previous directed the next. (Here is the foundational auto-intelligence and planning of the Primordial Force, spoken of earlier within this writing). This view of logical progression is especially apparent where matter is concerned. When matter was formed in quantity, gravity took control of universal evolution, (directed it), and therefore of the evolution of animate matter as well. Nebulae, stars, planets and life were automatically formed due to the direct influence of gravity, the willful dimension of the “creative process” explained within this writing as “auto-thought”.

                    The scientist may say that as a matter of natural evolution, the Universe once begun had no choice but to form into what it is and that the forces that brought this about had no willful intention to create a Universe that may incidentally be teeming with life. But here the Universe is and here we are. If we look back first to the Void as a willful medium expressing itself through innumerable processes into the matter/gravity complex, we can clearly see from where the willfulness of gravity to carry out a “plan” and the persistence of matter to continue its existence is derived. That Fluxion seed at the beginning of all things had and still has a built in intelligence and plan within it, else it could not unfold, ..and it could not "Bang".

                    The logic of Primary Consciousness may seem like mindlessness within our initial interpretation, but when we consider that we are extensions of such “mindlessness” undivided and wholly connected parts of it, our perception must change. In this view, we see the translation of “mindlessness” into mindfulness or “God”, through the evolution of our own beings ..through the natural adaptation of the Void into cognizant extensions of itself that allow the “view” of it to be interpreted through “our logic” into what we perceive as existence.
                    Are we so narrow in our interpretation as to not perceive our own “mindfulness” as an extension of that from which we are wholly undivided?

As a matter of fact - we are narrow minded,
but there is no fault in this

                    We perceive everything through our senses and brain and reprocess the flow of information that we receive. Because of our unique focus, we see things as separate from ourselves. We get information through the limitations of our senses and brain matter and because our interfacing forms have evolved in a protective way, we are limited to how we are able to perceive and this restricts our recognition of our extended existence. This is why we develop secondary devices to judge processes that we cannot normally perceive, such as infrared detectors that operate beyond the ability of the eye to see.

                    The scientist may declare that his approach is willful and therefore mindful, to what appears to be a mindless “evolutionary” process perceived as the Universe in existence. But if willfulness constitutes “mindfulness”, then even the scientist must admit that the logical evolution of the Universe, its willfulness, is in some way ..“mindful”. 

                    If the nature of Primary Consciousness is to create logical processes within itself, then isn’t this intentional? If we interpret a logical progression of events, then we may interpret such progression as a form of intention, as the overall field of tension driving the entire process, translating itself into existence within the view of cognizant extensions of itself. Since we are a part of the process, acting with intention, our “intention” must be interpreted as a translation of the willfulness, of the in-tention of Primary Consciousness.

The transposition of "Nothingness" to the diversity of "Somethingness"

                    In order to strengthen and facilitate the understanding of this concept, let us imagine “nothingness” to be equal to zero and existence to be equal to one. If nothingness emanates existence, how is it possible to get one out of zero, something out of nothing?

"Zero" must be acted upon to display its capability of function.

                    In simple terms, it must become distorted and once such distortion takes place, zero, (Primary Consciousness), must reveal its essence, its capacity of internal function that manifests all of the undivided transcendental and irrational processes that would equal the sum of existence. In order for this to occur, zero as nothingness, must contain within itself all of the non-manifest, but essential fundamentals that would allow existence to occur ..that “Void” may be interpreted as “Existence”. 

                    In this view, “nothingness” becomes substantive when subjected to interpretation - and so, "
Zero" in spite of our mistaken interpretation of it, is not exact, but exists as an iota of something - and not quite a perfect "nothing". Zero as "absolute nothingness" is an invention of our mind that enables us to interpret an end to a process or situation in order that we may focus upon the next, even though every process in undivided from the previous one and the next. "Zero" as an invention also reinforces our mistaken notion of discontinuity within the unified field from which we and all processes and situations undividedly extend. When the correct interpretation is introduced into the picture, it is as if zero as nothingness ..has been turned inside out - to reveal what existence is. (And actually, it is this process of “turning inside out”, of consciousness acting upon its own Unified Field – that creates the function of perception).

                    This means that if "Void" is not experienced, the thought of it is emptiness, everywhere/nowhereness, nothingness, (of course non-experience never happens) ..and when experienced, (always happening), – such emptiness, everywhere/nowhereness and nothingness is manifest as

Totality, Diversity, Some-where-ness,
Some-when-ness Existence

                    Imagine an empty hard drive in a computer. It has all of the fundamentals for generating information, but generates none until its magnetic media is altered. The media was always there, but the information was not. When the media of the hard drive experiences’ information input, the media becomes distorted. It becomes rearranged and is then capable of expressing that information through a Central Processing Unit, (like an Animate Interface), to an observer – the computer user. 

                    If the media on that hard drive is given a special set of instructions by the computer user that allows it to continually interpret and rearrange itself, the observing computer user will experience an ever changing panorama of media expression on the computer monitor. This is the difference between “Nothingness” and “Somethingness”. The sense that we have of nothingness or Void, as the absence of existence, is an illusion generated by the complexity and limitations of the sensory devices of the Animate Interface. ..But in the deeper view, rather than the absence of existence, the Void is the abstract of existence that we deduce through our undivided, but interrupted interpretation of it.

                    If the magnetic media is undistorted throughout the hard drive, the same expression is everywhere. In order to have a somewhere, there must be a somewhere else, but if there is no division between here and there, then all that exists to the observer, is everywhere – a void everywhere, containing no information and no-things, (nothing), which is nowhere. As soon as information is put onto the hard drive however, the magnetic media is distorted into undivided parts of here and elsewhere; - spaceless borders are created. The media is still the media, still the environment of essentiality, still interconnected ..but is now twisted to express a bordered view to the observer. Now the computer user can see the expression of information arise out of what was once perceived as no-thing, to be perceived as some-thing ..from a blank screen to a screen filled with shapes and colors. 

                    Of course in this case, you know in advance that a magnetic medium existed prior to the generation of information and you also know how this maneuver of information generation was accomplished. By manipulating a magnetic medium perceived as no-thing-ness, it can be made to express some-thing-ness. How does this apply to what we perceive as existence? – Think of the Magnetic Media of the Hard Drive as being analogous to the Space-Time Tensor Field of Primary Consciousness. We invented the hard drive and so prepared it in such a way that it could perform as it does. It does not produce three-dimensional objects that we can touch however and so although this analogy may be similar to the reality within which we exist, it does not quite meet the mark. Something is missing; no matter how hard we try to get the hard drive to manifest a solid object, it will not, and yet “solid” objects surround us, including the hard drive.

The missing ingredient

                    If the computer user is removed from the scene and the computer is still allowed to self-generate information, like a Fluxion, what then is generated if no one is there to interpret? The computer, the hard drive and the information being generated now become a process of self-unified data integration, ..a mini-Universe without an external observer. Should an internal observer be generated as part of the magnetic medium however, then that observer would directly experience information at the same level from which it is generated.

That observer must experience “solid” objects within such a frame of reference.

                    If the internal observer becomes cognizant of its own existence and is extended from the same magnetic medium that is its environment, then all manifestations of that environment must appear as “reality” to this perceiver.

                    Not realizing that she is extended/generated from the same medium that all other things within this environment also extend, as she perceives through an "Animate Interface", she sees her environment as separate from herself and and each object dwelling therein as separate from each other ..and perceives the “fragmented materiality” of a perceptually “divided” world - and perhaps she even invents the notion of "zero".  Furthermore, if our original instructions to the computer were to generate random data, we would see the expression of this data as disordered. The internal observer however would see this environment as natural, because she is a part of it ..and because it is natural to her, she would thus perceive her environment as ordered. 

                    The foundational medium of Primary Consciousness is purely and simply, an environmental self-translator ..that through distortions of itself manifests electromagnetism through Inertial Self-Interaction, (of which we are a part) ..that through our senses we interpret a narrow range as our perceived reality. All patterns that we perceive extend from it and we perceive “materiality” because we extend as inertially compounded electromagnetism from this field as well. We therefore exist on its level, as part of it ..and in such an existence relate to it as real.

The Creation of In-Tension
(“Before” there was Space and Time)

                    This raises another question – How did Primary Consciousness manifest as an organized state if there was no programmer present to alter its homogenous – everywhere - configuration? The answer though seemingly paradoxical, is that because of its unique structure and medium, it automatically, (naturally), created and programmed itself in the following way;

                    Foundationally, a configuration of nowhere is implicit within the homogenous configuration of unorganized everywhere, which enabled Primordality to become heterogeneous, as organized Primary Consciousness; “everywhere and nowhere” must form through their implicit relationship into the organized state of “somewhere and elsewhere”. This differential state of unorganized near nothingness as "pre-conscious chaos”, resulted in the formation of the organized condition of Primary Consciousness. The elements of perception were implicit within the "Primordial Soup" and were induced through chaos into a self-encountering Tensor Field, the result of which is the forming of an organized state of perceptive/creative consciousness that manifests as existence within the view of cognizant extensions of itself, such as we and other life forms. All of this is driven by the transcendental properties of an irreducible simplicity - the foundational Fluxion condition of the pre-universe.

A representation of the self-driven wholeness of existence

                    The lower graphic represents the dynamism of the void expressing as existence. The upper graphic numerically shows how. The numbers within 10, (as ten parts of the one wholeness), when laid out in self-reflection run:

1, 2, 3, 4, 5,
0, 9, 8, 7, 6,

                    When the upper and lower parts of each column are added together they equal 11, (the zero actually represents ten), as in 10 plus the intrinsic dynamism of the wholeness - together as the entirety of the wholeness. So the “one” of the wholeness, divided by ten parts is represented as the ten undivided from and in experiential self-encounter with the one from which they extend ..of the one in self-experience. Because self-experience is intrinsic to wholeness, wholeness must express as existence to that which is undivided from it. A wholeness of "zero" works the same way – expressing as “one”, plus the dynamism of “one”, to its undivided parts thus creating a curved field which transcends itself, creating within itself, perpetual self-translation. The simple representations shown above demonstrate how a wholeness can dynamically exceed the sum of its parts.

                    Each aspect of this configuration is contained within and is a part of the others. Such simplicity of configuration is on its own level, one of non-sensory “self”-experienced reality, a reality from which we extend and then neurologically, hence synthetically perceive. If we think about the realm of homogeneity, it would at first appear to us that there is only everywhere because there are no organized configurations that would separate here from there. With further thought, we come to understand that the realm of everywhere, (infinite, unconditional area), is also the realm of nowhere, (infinitely constrained, conditional area), – the point. We also come to understand that the notion of endlessness is implicit within the realm of everywhere and therefore “timelessness” – the instant, is implicit within the “point” realm of nowhere ..hence the point/instant. 

                    These two aspects of “unorganized nothingness” are an intrinsically undivided duality of pre-space/time that must manifest into a compounded totality, as a diversified multiplicity, as existence.

The realm of the conditional is intrinsic to the realm of the unconditional.

                     A Tensor Field is just this – a force acting upon itself. The unconditional property of the field is - that it is. This is a foundational aspect of the field. The Tensor Field of the Multiverse is a unity of wholeness - a foundational, irreducible simplicity of self-encounter generated by its own transcending properties. It is at this primordial level that rudimentary perception and consciousness simultaneously arose, (as nowhere implicit within everywhere), that has enabled its state of being. As such, it is precharged with the intrinsic aspects that allow it to act upon itself.

                     We perceive “reality” because we are undivided from this greater totality. (We are each a bump in the “oneness blanket” of Primary Consciousness perceiving other bumps in the same blanket).

                     As living organisms, we have the ability to perceive the compounded topography of Primary Consciousness as “existence and reality” because our sensory devices focus our Localized Consciousness to an awareness of presently, “where we are”. That does not mean that consciousness unfocused does not exist. It means that Primary Consciousness through unlimited experience of itself, (through trial and error – through the evolution of experience), built an interface for itself and then - at once, "presently" ..found itself to be focused.

                     In its basic non-sensory form, Primary Consciousness does not have experience through neural imagery. In its compound form it exists as a topography that is only interpretable as “unique realities” by the differentiated and therefore unique animate forms, (such as we and other life forms as Localized Consciousness’), existing as undivided parts of that topography. The confoundedness of this topography only arises paradoxically, when Primary Consciousness constructs an Animate Interface to focus through in order to make sense out of what it sees ..and then because of this ..loses sight of itself! In fact, it was always “reality”, just untranslated, non-localized, non-cerebral reality. Clearly then, paradox is a translational property of our differentiated localized comprehension – perceiving the “twists” of Primary Consciousness in an indirect, but undivided way.

                    Because Primary Consciousness inherently discovered itself, it developed foundational awareness and got a “taste” for experience. As a result, the emotion of anticipation was born through the evolution of animate forms. Anticipation through the Animate Interface brought with it desire, which induced the evolution of Primary Consciousness into ever more cultivated phenomena in order to further the adventure and therefore the sophistication of its experience. The animate form adds levels of interpretation to experience through imagery because the animate form is a specialized interface to experience.

                    We are generally not aware of direct experience, but rather through that which we are focused, we experience indirectly, through our senses and interpretive brain. Because we are “localized” in this fashion, we see ourselves as being here and all other things as being elsewhere. Within the instantaneity of the Tensor Field, the property of Be-ing is the Tension of the moment, (stress points within the wholeness of the Virtual Moment by its tension upon itself). Within that “moment”, all that constitutes our perception of “Time” and “Space” is implicit. The tension of the moment of Primary Consciousness trans-emanates equally in all directions rendering Primary Consciousness directionless, unless a part of Primary Consciousness that is cognizant, perceives it. Within such localized perception, the illusioned difference between the cognizant perceiver as an extension and that from which it extends, creates an interpreted direction of “Time” and “Space” within the relative perception of the perceiver.

                    Because that observer perceives himself as well as that from which he extends, he sees himself as where he is and when he is. Perception of the tension that draws the future is cut off within the interpretation of he who perceives himself to exist within the present, because to exist as a “self” precludes a direct experience of unity with that from which he extends. The compounded electromagnetism, (body and brain), that is the interface that he interprets through, only allows an imprinting of illusioned experience upon itself, but is not sophisticated enough to allow the perception of the Tensor Field in its totality. In simple terms, the limitations of the animate form prevent the sensible interpretation of what we imagine as the future, as part of our current experience. This restriction is another example of the illusion of bordered existence, (separateness), within a cohesive field.

                    If he would realize that he is indirectly experiencing that from which he actually extends however, then he might try to find a new way to experience “environment” ..directly. He would occasionally disconnect from his senses, (ignoring his short term memory through deep meditation), and in this way discount his interface completely. In this way he would achieve an altered state of perception that would allow direct interpretation of his undividedness with the Unified Field from which he extends. He would see all of “Time” as the singular virtual moment, as an expanded view of the present the totality of all of existence. By experimentally, temporarily giving up the notion of “self”, which is the illusion of separateness generated by perception through an interface, he would also be giving up the notion that the present is an interruption between the past and the future. All of time, previously perceived as the past and as the future, interrupted by the present, would then be for him instantly comprehensible within his perception of the “Virtual Moment”. 

                    So, how is this possible? As shown earlier within this writing, we are each a duality of perception, in one way interpreting our greater extensity of Primary Consciousness through our animate forms and therefore indirectly as our “environment” - and in the other, each perceiving as unique facets of Primary Consciousness, direct experience of our greater extensity. When we bypass the animate form through deep meditation, we directly and simply experience the totality of existence “souls”. 

                    Because we interpret separateness between objects, we label everything, including ideas. We also invent intervening ideas, (shells of interpretation/expression), that help us to, “measure”. One example of an intervening idea that we all use is the concept of distance. If we draw or imagine a line from point A to point B and then move our hand between these points, we can imagine an infinite number of interruptions in the line. 

                    Based upon this imagination, we can further imagine that our hand, although perceived as continuously in motion, is at rest at any instant in “Time” that coincides with any point in “Space” that we infer to the line. Through the use of imagination therefore, we create a line with infinite points and then through imagery, apply to these points, instants in time. We then superimpose, as an added level of interpretation, the imagined line with its points and instants to the perceived motion of our hand. From our standpoint of perception, through our sensory-motor interface, it seems perfectly natural that we interpret what we perceive as “external” to us in this way, to superimpose our imagination upon the quality of a process, (to perceptually project “out there”), to make that process quantifiable and to appear sensible to us.

                    What is forgotten through this imposition of imagination however, is that the motion of our hand has a start, (A), and an end, (B), based upon our intent. What lies between points A and B, is a process of interactive propagation, (transaction of experience), through which Consciousness merges with Consciousness, (merges with itself). The line that we invent is an imagination between points A and B, containing all other imaginations within it that we self-express, therefore allowing us to self-interpret the propagative process. All that we really wanted from our hand was that it should no longer remain at point, (A), and that it should now remain at point, (B). We perceive the process by which this happens through the use of superimposed imagery that we revolve between our Localized Consciousness, our hand, and the “environment” within which our hand appears to move. In order to make the process sensible to us, we see the propagative procedure as “motion”, when in fact it is only changing differentiations of potentiality – as changes in stress of the Tensor Field that Localized Consciousness creates through its superimposition of imageries. We get the notion of superimposing imagery from interpreting what we perceive as the “External Environment” through an Animate Interface positioned between that environment and our Localized Consciousness. The thoughts therefore, of, “space and time”, “point and instant”, “matter and energy”, and “position and motion” are the required imaginations and thus the customary interpretations, that enable a localized extension of Primary Consciousness bearing self-awareness, (such as each of ourselves), to interact with itself and with its perceived “external” environment of Primary Consciousness from which Localized Consciousness extends. Such an extension of Primary Consciousness is perceptually focused through, and thus has become accustomed to an interpretation of “dividedness” within the heterogeneity of its “environment” through the use of an animate form.

                    A friend of mine described our “Animate” condition by saying that the world we perceive is governed by the laws of physics - in whatever form they may be interpreted - and since our animate structures, and we as Localized Consciousnesses are extended from that world, we are governed by those laws as well. The perceptual/interpretive devices that we use, (sensory organs and brain), to experience ourselves and our “environment”, are “physically” constructed and so are compatible with the rest of the physical world. 

                    The best we can do however, while focused through an Animate Interface, is to interpret the “world” in the interfacial, indirect way that we do. Although such interpretation is indirect, it is usually good enough to get us through life, and the paradoxes that are created by such indirect experience can usually be handled on a day-to-day basis by treating the results of the paradox as problems to be solved. We therefore spend a great deal of time continually mending illusioned problems, (treating the symptoms), when the actual cause of such “problems” in fact goes unnoticed. To notice the underlying cause of a “problem” however is the real key to its solution, because to pay attention to the paradox is to see it and then to adjust one's thought process through understanding. Once this adjustment is accomplished, the effect one has on others and upon one's “environment” causes real change. One cannot clean up a polluted river by just removing the toxins downstream ..if the river is continually being poisoned upstream. In order to notice something and pay attention to it, one must first be made aware of it. 

                    And so, this writing of The Grand Universe is meant to do just that make the reader aware of their undivided connection to that which they perceive, to point out the paradox of such "self-experience" and to bring this concept into the foreground of comprehension. There are several other books that deal with the “paradox of perception” that I highly recommend, as they are Jewels that lie amidst the accumulated writings of mankind.. 

1.                 The speed technique to Alpha Meditation and Visualization - by Harold Kamph. This writing has an elegant innocence about it that can only be projected by a selfless master.

2.                 On Dialogue - by David Bohm, edited by Lee Nichol. This writing goes far in unraveling the paradox of the relationship of Localized Consciousness and Collective Consciousness. I consider this book “a must” to read.

3.                 Wholeness and the Implicate Order - by David Bohm. This writing beautifully describes the nature of Primary Consciousness - the Quantum Universe and beyond. A knowledge of calculus and statistical math would be helpful while reading through this work, but is not absolutely necessary to understand the imageries that it projects.

4.                 Matter and Memory - by Henry Bergson. This writing takes you on a trip through the paradox of superimposed imagery, and further brings out the undividedness of existence. 

5.                 Time and Free Will - by Henry Bergson. This writing goes to the depths of the inter-relationships of Primary/Localized Consciousness - almost mystical.

6.                 Unified Reality Theory, (The Dynamic Structure of Space) - by Steven Kaufman. This writing is produced, in my opinion, by one of the most profound minds on our planet, although Mr. Kaufman shuns any reference to this description of himself. His work is to be published in October of 2001. The work is filled with graphical images that make the text easy to understand. Steven Kaufman is a “one of a kind” and this planet and our society are blessed to have him among us.

7.                 The Tibetan Book of the Dead - Tibetan scriptures translated and narrated by Robert Thurman. This writing brings into the foreground of understanding the perceptions of a disembodied Soul as well as the knowledge required to navigate the Void without the encumbrances of an Animate Interface. The title of this work is misleading because it is really a partial translation of “The Great Book of Natural Liberation through Understanding in the Between”. This work is filled with wonderfully detailed concepts of transitions between animate and disembodied existence and shows the path for experiencing disembodied excursions into the void while still associated with the Animate Interface. Furthermore, it describes the various realms of existence that a soul may achieve beyond the human state of affairs and in place of reincarnation, while also describing the processes of reincarnation in intricate detail. This work also provides a wide range of prayers between the living and those who have passed on, that enable the living to guide a Soul through the “Straits of the Between”, to enlightenment and to a more pleasant existence.

8.                 Albert Einstein Philosopher-Scientist – Published by the Library of Living
Philosophers – Volume VII. An autobiography by Albert Einstein, which he jokingly calls his obituary – and in the deeper sense, perhaps not so jokingly …because this work also contains 25 critical essays written by his contemporaries that both applaud and criticize his work, (he also answers back). Theories of existence are investigated from every conceivable concept and if one reads through this work carefully, a comprehensive understanding of both sensory perception and deductive reasoning will certainly be achieved.

9.                 A Tour of the Calculus by David Berlinsky. A mind trek through the “MathMass” led by a master of both mathematics and prose. Another must reading for anyone wishing to fathom the connection between perception and the intrinsic tension within mathematical functions ..and anyone can understand this work, if they are persistent, (some passages may have to be reread several times, but it is worth the effort).

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