Chapter 3


                    Between and part of all patterns of existence lies the "emerging moment", the Vitality of Primary Consciousness, instantaneous and spaceless. That which we experience as reality however, is our interfacial, electro-chemical - "through the flesh interpretation", of the infrastructure of Primary Consciousness, as space, sequential time, energy and objects. And as well, ..this infrastructure is assembled in such a way as to lead living forms such as we, to interpret time and events as having direction.

Experiencing the Passage of Time within the Realm of Instantaneity..

“Space-Time-Comprehension” a Singular Inclusive Function..

Through the Specialized Condition of Life.

                    We each exist as a Localized Consciousness, as an undivided part of Primary Consciousness, perceiving through the specialized devices of our Animate Interface. From our localized condition, we interpret the instantaneous condition of Primary Consciousness in a sequential/sensible, (sense-enabled), way, because we are compounded by and of Primary Consciousness. As we are undivided from it, we are thus compelled to naturally accept and be cognizant of it.

                    In plain language this means that we are constituted of and connected to the same substance/condition that we interpret as our environment ..that we are an extension of that which sees itself through each of us and therefore,

..of that which sees through itself, naturally adjusting to what is seen.

                    During our evolution we developed the necessary equipment required to perceive the wholeness of existence in our own sensible way, in that the “environment” developed each of us and other life as well, as the necessary apparatus required to analyze itself.

                    Life is interpreted by the scientist as happenstance. The scientist considers the condition that spawned the universe to have no apparent ability or volition - by scientific standards - to plan into the future. How could it, if the "Creator" is an instantaneous, quantum condition? In such a state, how could the occurrence of life be "planned"? But what is not recognized is that in this domain, time/consciousness knows no direction and so planning into the future - by "scientific" standards - is not what is actually going on. More accurately, the seed of evolution within this condition, filled only with Potentiality - which is actually the foundation of hope, is instead the creative process from which life and all of intelligence has naturally evolved. So, in the case of the occurrence of life, in fact, in the occurrence of all that exists, the flow of time/consciousness in any particular direction to carry out a plan is not required. Rather a higher process, the radiance of auto-thought, instead of our limited form of linier "planning", is taking place. In this instantaneous condition, the occurrence of life in its simplest form on through evolution to man and perhaps higher, will have taken place in a single moment, an instant that to us however, will seem almost an eternity.

The Cubing of the Sphere by Primary Consciousness and
The Ordering of Uncertainty by way of the Tetrahedron

                    That which we imagine as “all of time”, is our supposition of Primary Consciousness in its entirety. What we experience as the “passage of time” is our experience of propagating through Primary Consciousness ..actually, of Primary Consciousness propagating through itself by extending our localized perception sequentially through its own instantaneous moment. The passage of time can take place within an instantaneous realm when the infrastructure of that realm is being created by the totality of the realm itself. What this means is that the entirety of the realm exists in the moment, but its infrastructure is in a state of "static" flow. Static flow occurs when Primary Consciousness perceives that it is encountering itself, (flowing into itself) and auto-adjusts its encounter/perception because of this, causing its flow to alter. This further changes its perception of its own self-encounter and then alters its flow even further. This causes a progression of events to occur within the moment. When encountered by living beings, this iteration of events is recognized and molecularly recorded in our brain matter as an arrow of time. We are capable however of also experiencing the instantaneity of the moment, because although we are part of this flowing infrastructure, we are as well undivided from the totality of existence, and therefore also undivided from the instantaneity of Primary Consciousness.

                    Undivided from and between all points in time lies the instantaneous moment of Primary Consciousness made into sequential time because of our perception of it;  f(t)=i/c, an adaptation of the singular moment interpreted into sequential, neurological, analytical and therefore - manageable reality.

                    We often imagine an alteration or adaptation to be an unnatural shape or occurrence, but upon close examination, all objects of our reality are natural while they exist and because they exist. How can something exist unnaturally if it in fact exists? One might say that things made by man are not natural; but man is natural. What man is able to forge is a natural extension of man who is a natural extension of the universe. Every thing that we perceive in existence is in fact an adaptation, an alteration of the foundation of existence. Matter is constructed of energy braided into a form that we can perceive as materiality. This is a natural distortion of energy. Carbon in one form may be compressed into diamonds, another form. This is a natural adaptation of matter. All things in existence, as they exist, are adaptations from one state of existence into another. In the Buddhist view of the “Between”, all realities are states undergoing change between other states. Therefore, every state is a between state a naturally changing, dynamic adaptation of the Void.

The Soul of Infinite Perceptions

                    What “between” is it that we pass through when we pass away? What between state do we exist in as a soul? Mankind's fear of the end of individual existence has led not only to the question of what happens to our localized consciousness when we pass away, but also to the concoction of a multitude of elaborate after-life scenarios. The question, "Does the soul remain or even exist?", has at one time or another plagued the mind of every thinking Human Being. Certainly there is a driving, controlling force in each of us and as well in all living beings. This Spirit of Consciousness that we call "soul" is the essence of our individuality, the core of our selves, but as shown throughout this writing, we are also each undivided from our Creator. We exist therefore not only as beings of individuality, but as undivided alterations of Primary Consciousness. Our material forms may decompose, as they were only facilitators of our limited, individualized view of our higher existence. That which makes us unique however, that inimitable core that enables in each of us our sense of self, does remain, although perhaps not in the way that we have been led to believe.

Imagine a Sphere who's surface and interior is comprised
of an infinite number of Vortexes and Tetrahedrons.

And let this structure represent the transition of Foundational Curvature
into the Simplest Building Blocks of Force and Matter

When Primary Consciousness flows into itself,

Vortexes are created in pairs that spin oppositely to each other.


This happens because the flow by Primary Consciousness into itself,

causes the opposite and simultaneous perception of
the curved, spaceless borders between the flows.

 This causes the concavity and the convexity of those curved borders
to flip oppositely to each other and to pass through each other.


As concavity and convexity are now seen simultaneously and oppositely, the perception of space in the spaceless border between the flows is achieved as concavity and convexity flow through each other.

As they begin to touch, just prior to flowing through each other,

A point of force is formed at the quantum level, with neutral spin, but
having the potential to spin in opposite directions simultaneously!

As concavity and convexity pass through each other, that point of force
appears in two places at the same time, but spinning oppositely!

                    Such Vortexes are known by science as Foundational Particles. They are known as Quarks, Neutrinos, Leptons, Bosons, etc. They are the pre-atomic forces generated by the interflow of Primary Consciousness, that under proper conditions arrange into the sub-atomic particles of electron, proton and neutron. When atoms are formed they still retain the vortex/spherical condition;

                    It is only when atoms join to form form into solid matter that they must converge in the simplest way in order to grow into a shape. The simplest molecular shape achievable would be that of the tetrahedron, as atoms attract together and build into a simple lattice. The lattice, always based upon a tetrahedral structure, forms a molecular seed crystal to which other atoms may be attracted and upon which they may build, which causes the crystal to grow. Crystalline growth is the mechanism for molecular replication of material solid and semi-solid forms. It is also the basis for the ability of living forms to replicate as well. The genetic mechanism that drives the replication of a DNA/RNA lattice is the same but less sophisticated mechanism that drives the growth of crystalline forms.


                    Other than the sphere, the tetrahedron is the simplest material structure that can be, from which all other material shapes may be grown. The vortex however, is an energetic condition, generated by the interflow of space/time. Although vortex structures of space/time/energy may intertwined with tetrahedral matrices of matter, they are not material, but may nevertheless exist as coherent, logical structures ..driven by the Flowing Will of Primary Consciousness to grow and evolve as do crystals and D.N.A.

Within our Universe, Quantum Vortexes and Molecular Tetrahedrons are interlaced,


                    Each Tetrahedron touches many others, each having a particular place on and within the sphere of our universe and therefore the unique combinations of the many have distinct influence over each individual. This means that many different qualities taken together have unique effects on each of the tetrahedrons within the sphere. Each of those qualities, similar but never quite the same in individuals, are derived from countless other tetrahedrons occupying unique places on and within the sphere. And further, each individual tetrahedron also has direct influence over those that it is in immediate contact with and thus has indirect, tacit influence through the vortexes associated with them over the entirety of the sphere.

                    Communication of information generated at the tetrahedral molecular level is transmitted via vortex at the atomic and sub-atomic quantum level. At the quantum level, transmission of information is instantaneous.

                    It is at this instantaneous level and through this communicative mechanism, that all of our psychic phenomena may occur. Here at this level is where precognition, dejavu, telekinesis, synchronicity, coincidence and deep meditation take place. Although each Tetrahedron may look similar to the others, no two are quite the same because each is derived and supported by the unique influences of those adjacent. Each is unique because its counterparts, which supply its qualities, each occupy unique places within the sphere.

                    In the case of this Fluxion Condition within which we dwell, the points of the tetrahedrons are actually points of force. They are points of existence created by the interflow - (intersections) - of Primary Consciousness, that can only begin to build and join together at first in this simplest form. Vortex forces build into the elemental forms of matter, joining subatomic particles into tetrahedral structures, (similar to vortexes), which are then capable of building into more complex crystalline forms.

When two lines, or "borders" intersect, four triangles are created.

When infinite borders intersect from every direction, infinite tetrahedrons are created.


Since the intersecting borders in a fluxion are curved, the sides of the tetrahedrons,
whether they be lines of force or dimensions of matter, are curved as well.

Notice how the Cone or Vortex shape is similar to the Tetrahedron.

The Vortex is representative of the complex geometry of space/time and energy.

The Tetrahedron is representative of the conversion of
 the Vortex
into simplest building blocks of matter.

                    The Vortex and the Tetrahedron are each coherent, logical structures, interdependent upon each other and wholly dependent as well upon the Totality of Primary Consciousness from which they extend. Vortexes of space/time join to become sub-atomic particles of matter. When matter forms into the specialized condition of living forms, associated vortexes naturally evolve in step with the tetrahedral structures of their material counterparts. As evolution continues, vortex structures develop greater coherence, until they are able to exist without their associative Animate Interface. The material vessel may decompose, but its associated coherent spirit remains as an evolved self-aware convolution of Primary Consciousness.

                    A tetrahedron is comprised of points of force, of which other tetrahedrons are part of the support structure to form a communal condition within Primary Consciousness and thus of foundational existence itself. This is the simplest condition possible and necessary to the creation and building of three dimensional realities. Such realities, founded upon and driven by the transcendental aspects of the Fluxion condition, must become four dimensional, as they are driven into motion as part of this domain. Although each tetrahedron is uniquely individual, at least in its position within the sphere, it cannot exist without the support of the others. This is because the edges and points of all in the sphere are contiguous. All are dependent upon the forces of each other for their unique qualities. And so, if the sphere of Primary Consciousness is visualized in its entirety, it will be in a state of constancy, motionless, as it is instantaneous, but if one considers any reality that is part of its infrastructure, that reality will always be in "motion", in the same state of constancy, but now a constancy that is dynamic and "moving". Since all points within the sphere are transcendental, all vortices and tetrahedrons are in "motion" - in a state of static flow, that becomes dynamic when observed by a localized consciousness.

                    In the case of living forms, vortex forces build together in a specialized way, undivided from Primary Consciousness, and interface with equally specialized crystalline tetrahedral structures of organic matter, which are also undivided from Primary Consciousness, to create the unique conditions in living forms of Localized Consciousness that Primary Consciousness may focus through. When such focus occurs, the transmission/translation of data/perception from Localized Consciousness to Primary Consciousness takes place through the specialized vortex forces of Primary Consciousness that are interlaced with the crystalline structures of the Animate Interface. This is what communication is at the Quantum level.                   

                    When such unique vortex forces are formed in concert with Animate Matter, they then become the resolutions of what we call souls. These are the interpreting culminations of Primary Consciousness, the portals of spirit that look through the Animate Interface into reality. They and the matter that they focus through are not aware however, that they are a part of and are supported by the very "environment" that they look upon. Nevertheless, such localizations of consciousness are not able to exist without the support of that "environment". They would actually be non-existent without the intersecting flows of Primary Consciousness that constitute the "environment", which includes the souls and the animate matter that they focus through. Hence, all are connected to an undivided and structured hierarchal community of Foundational Consciousness. As the crystalline structures of Animate Matter evolved into higher complexity, so were the vortex Forces of the soul driven to evolve as well ..until an awakening of self-realization was achieved, a level of sophistication where the soul could exist without the support of Animate Matter, as part of a higher social level of mass consciousness. Prior to the condition of living organic forms, embryonic crystals were driven into existence by the primordial will of formations of vortex energy. Look at any crystal and you will see that of the many complex forms that occur, when reduced to their ultimate simplicity, at their base will be the tetrahedral/vortex form. It is in this natural ordering of this force of Primordial Will that the simplicity of that force formulates and builds into foundational realities, which evolve into hierarchal complexities of consciousness ..conditions that give rise to environments within which living forms may occur and mature.

This is the transition from what we call "nothingness" into the condition of
"somethingness" - through the view of such "transitional" consciousness.

                    Primary Consciousness is itself a single soul, diversifying within itself, producing of itself, from the simplest formations on through to the highest complexity, infinite souls of varying, yet maturing perceptions ..all undivided from the one.

                    So to answer that question, "What happens to our Localized Consciousness when our body stops functioning?" The Buddhists may have said it best. Within the Buddhist view we pass into the “Straits of the Between”. This is the realm of Outbounded Consciousness, the foundational condition of the Fluxion that lies amid Universal Spans.

But of course, we are already there..

                    There is the Wholeness of Existence - the greater condition of undivided Primary Consciousness - awake in its own way - such awareness unfamiliar to our localized way of thinking ..and there is Localized Consciousness, such as each of us, narrowly focused to our "environment", awake in our specialized way, but generally oblivious to the tacit auto-thought of Primary Consciousness until an "Act of God" gets our attention. In order for consciousness to be localized it must be awake in a narrowly focused way and thus unawake in the broader sense. Our narrow form of awareness - our sense of individuality negates our greater awareness of the Unified Field of Primary Consciousness from which we extend. That soul of infinite perceptions however, is awake both as Primary Consciousness and as well as Localized Consciousness.

                    Through multi-levels of mass consciousness, a hierarchal social structure, the undivided condition of the Multiverse follows its path of self-enlightenment - through auto-thought and through the focused choice of the animate form. Each animate form is an interface to the greater condition of Primary Consciousness, each interface a portal of perception through which a facet of what we call soul observes, acts and conducts information of every kind back to the greater mind of the Unified Field.

                    The Wholeness of existence, as a closed system of consciousness, has only itself to focus upon and through such focus self-determines its own diversified infrastructure and its own differential and therefore “free-willed” destiny. Every pattern within the infrastructure is a series of focused point/instants that constitute the uniqueness of the pattern. Every sub-atomic particle, atom, molecule, grain of sand, mountain, star and life form is not other than this. Each pattern as well reciprocally focuses upon the Wholeness, but because each pattern is unique, each pattern focuses uniquely upon the Wholeness. The Wholeness is thus perceived according to the construct of the pattern and the pattern is perceived according to the construct of the Wholeness. In this sense and ultimately in all other models of existence, when you get right down to it, existence and thus reality is a process of creative self-perception – the comprehension of Inertia/Will upon itself, convoluted into infinite form. However we may state it – as space-time, atoms, EM radiations, life forms, mountains and stars – it is not other than thought forming within itself – seeing itself as real. 

                    Each “Soul” is constructed of a pattern of point/instants that exist as a facet of the mind of Primary Consciousness at the Quantum, (Fluxion), level. Each soul, as a unique construct suppresses certain forms of focus in order to enable others. Since each soul is unique, each soul suppresses and enables focus in its own way. During animate existence, (focused through the molecules of animate matter), the soul focuses in two ways. The first is always as a part of Primary Consciousness, as an expression of the wholeness of existence: the soul sends and receives, (communicates), with the Wholeness instantaneously as a unique pattern, (facet), of Primary Consciousness. Secondarily, the soul communicates through the narrow molecular interface of animate matter. The narrow interface allows unique analyzable perception of the Wholeness and since the Wholeness is ultimately an extension of the soul itself, such analysis enables the soul to alter its own pattern, thereby changing its own wisdom, ever strengthening its own sense of uniqueness ..and ultimately through its own introspection, it may eventually develop its own awareness of unity with the Wholeness from which it extends. 

                    As this awareness this wisdom grows, a soul becomes self-contemplative, which eventually enables it to begin to give up its narrow sense of “self”, as it begins to perceive its own true extensity. Once such enhanced interpretation of “self” transpires, a greater threshold of “self” perception through unity may be reached. That threshold is a recognition of its undividedness from the greater totality ..and then the soul gives up its sense of self ever further as it realizes a higher level of existence through its unity with others of comparable enlightenment and still higher finally through recognition of its unity with the ultimate Being of Primary Consciousness itself. 

                    Souls alter their environment, alter their own extensity by focusing through animate matter, by rearranging the vulnerable molecular complexity of the animate form to further explore and rearrange the “environment” from which they extend. As the animate form is led by the soul to evolve to greater complexity, the soul gains experience and knowledge by perceiving through such growing molecular sophistication, continually changing the soul’s own pattern, changing its own “Wisdom” ..and this leads to the further evolution of animate forms and to further rearrangement of the soul’s own extensity. There eventually comes a point in which souls of greater wisdom begin to recognize their own true reality and then gain the capability of self-determination without the benefit of animate matter. They no longer “reincarnate”, and then exist as a culture of enlightened minds, in a hierarchy of distinct levels of mass consciousness, beyond the confines of the physical/neurological/“mortal” realm.

                    We each have a strict sense of “self” because we synthesize our world reality through our neurological animate construct – hence we perceive “physicality” of dimension, time and distance through our interfacial interpretation, but we exist first and foremost at the Quantum level, spaceless and instantaneous – as Facets of Oneness, ever maturing. We start simply as uncomplicated facets of perception having found a complex pattern of organic molecules to perceive through and then through such perception we find that we are able to direct those molecules to action and thus we each become volitional and widely differentiated. We are both the environment that the molecules dwell within and the focused localized consciousness of the pattern of molecules as well. As such, we drive the molecules through environmental encounter to higher complexity and find that we can now perceive with greater awareness and have greater control over our environment. We therefore build our own wisdom by using an interface of molecular intricacy to perceive, analyze and act through. When we think of ourselves as focused to a location, it is only because the pattern of our soul is focused through our animate form. We see our environment through animate matter, as this planet contained within the vast Cosmos, but the soul as part of Primary Consciousness, also sees from the Cosmos to a planetary localization of itself.

                    From the point of view through animate matter, the soul would appear to emanate from the Cosmos, limited to a point of reference as a localized consciousness on planet Earth. It matters not where each point/instant of the soul resides however, as those point/instants still form the unique pattern of the soul – and at the Fluxion level, distance and time are meaningless, as time and space are merely neurological illusions of a cerebrally synthesized world reality. That interplexed community of souls at the quantum level generates a higher form of thought, beyond interpretation through a neurological interface. In order to get a glimpse of our true nature, in order to experience such higher thought we must learn the art of deep meditation, and through practice, (and sometimes through happenstance), we can each reach that level of comprehension.

                    A Fluxion, instantaneous and spaceless can still nevertheless generate infinite dimension through its own self-encounter – through its own dynamism of reciprocity. We each exist as part of the Fluxion Condition, as facets of “wisdom” undivided from its Totality – as part of its dynamism. In this place of Quantum “Chaos” where time and space have no meaning, where thought and action are one and the same, we choose our next animate existence by recreating our “physical” selves based upon our wisdom and experience. The process is automatic until we learn how to avoid it ..or control it ..until we perceive our own true extensity.

                    The tension of the Multiverse upon itself creates Universal Spans within itself as answers ever-becoming to the question of its existence. This process is automatic. What is a Universal Span, but a diversified expression of interactive inertia penetrating back into its own Unified Field? Within Universal Spans, further diversifications of interactive inertia are expressed as Localized Consciousness when the proper conditions are present – another automatic process. Each one of us, like a Universal Span is a specialized condition, a unique ever-becoming process of Primary Consciousness. Our first animate forms may have initially been the tools of our creation as determinate beings, but have since become a shell to be left behind on our journey to higher knowledge and experience. The animate form is merely a process that we are able to perceive through in a limited way. We are born extending into it, we see and learn through it and then leave it for another shell, though with greater wisdom we may choose not to “reincarnate”. 

                    When we leave it we automatically directly encounter the wholeness from which we extend, bringing with us the wisdom and experience of our last animate existence. I was not Michael, John or Mary before I was born and I will not be any of these when I leave. There are no names in the “Straits of the Between”, only diversified consciousness reflecting upon itself, ever recreating. One’s sense of being is not lost however, through the realization that they are a part of a greater totality; indeed it is automatically enhanced through greater perception, and since the animate form requires experience through convoluted “algebraic terms”, through a neurological synthesis, when we leave it, we leave behind a perplexing enigma of contrived “labels” – and thus we are able to see more clearly.

                     Each Span of the Multiverse is an expressed and reciprocally expressing child of consciousness. The self-awareness of the individual is the diversified awareness of Primary Consciousness, of itself creating “localized” patterns of perception, localized patterns of inertia. In the specialized process of the soul, inertia becomes self-interactive, “enlivened” through the sensory perception of animate matter as a self-experiential, self-aware pattern. When the animate interface passes away, that pattern of self-conscious inertia still remains as an enhanced facet at the Fluxion level and now in direct experience of the greater realm from which it extends. As a self-experiential pattern, it naturally and automatically seeks the path of most familiarity and chooses the most convenient conditions that will permit its emergence once again into animate form. Since the choice is made from between Universal Spans at the Quantum level, its emergence will be into the Span that presents the most convenient and automatic situation for its “rebirth”. Those conditions appear to the soul as a path, but are actually the most convenient potential DNA construct of organic molecules existing within a convenient Universal Span, (yes, we auto-choose our parents ), of the form of the species with which it is most familiar, (species recognition stems from the unique construct of the pattern of the soul – it can only do what its “wisdom” will allow). We thus auto-focus and are reborn into a convenient Universal Span as all Spans are interpenetrated. Although we may be born into a Span other than which we lived before, we still co-exist with all whom we knew before, but we now see existence from another viewpoint, now from the unique history of the new Span that we are born into. The “substance” of our consciousness is no different than the substance from which it is formed – of inertia in self-experience, in self-perception. What we self-perceive in the “between” is what we automatically become, as our self-perception of our own limit of wisdom provides the recognition of the path from which we will emerge. The paths into every Universal Span exist within the “between”, but the self-perception of the soul provides its own unique recognition of a particular convenient and compatible path to the soul’s re-entry into animate form.

And here is where “automatically” may stop..

                    Through the animate form, through interfacial perception, through synthesis of world reality – localized consciousness has learned the pause of consideration – which is the interrupter of the automatic process, enabling Self-Determination! 

                     Interpretation through the interruption of animate matter empowers the soul to perceptually split space-time into “space” and “time”, which permits judgment of events over time at a distance. When interpreting such dimensionality through “time”, consideration and choice of action is thereby enabled – as a pause of consideration. Since judgment of events at a “distance” is a learning process, the soul thereby alters its own pattern, and thus retains such subtle knowledge beyond the dissolution of the animate form. To go through the process of death however, is a frightening experience and that pause of consideration while in the “Straits of the Between” is usually suppressed, except for those who have learned through meditation that their own fear is what keeps them perpetually reincarnating ..that fear actually creates an automatic path to reincarnation! Once understood however, this involuntary process is automatically interrupted and greater choice is enabled. Certain cultures on our planet actually enhance the process of reincarnation by willfully focusing as a culture, through prayer and visualization, upon the rebirth of a particular soul. In this case, the wisdom of the soul is greatly enhanced by being called to and reborn into a culture of higher knowledge. Of course such a soul may choose not to be reborn, but also may decide to answer the call of its culture through a pause of consideration. But to look past this, the Multiverse of Primary Consciousness is itself the greatest culture, having a calling beyond any other ..thus a soul may elect through its degree of wisdom, an existence within a higher compatible realm.

                    Every viewpoint is a conscious interpretation by the Multiverse of itself through each pattern it makes of itself. The infrastructures of the Multiverse range from the infinitesimal to the expressions of Universal Spans, all undivided, all constituting and contributing to the Grand Adventure of Primary Consciousness. The “death” of an animate form permits the transition of focus of localized consciousness from one “locale” to another, from one Universal Span into another. 

                    Since all Spans are interpenetrated, a Soul may be reborn in the same country or even the same town, same hospital, though it may have transitioned into another Universal Span. Its view of its environment however, will be different than before because it will now see from a new perspective. This is one of the reasons that different people see the same situations in various ways – and this is also the foundational process that creates frustration with others, arguing over seemingly simple or seemingly complicated situations ..and also, for the collaboration between individuals for the development of new ideas. 

                    Mathematics is common to all Spans however, as 2+2=4 within the perceptions of all people and even if taken a step further, to conceive that a theoretical 2+2 would actually equal the approximation of 3.9999 ad infinitum, most of us would still understand such a concept. That is why the language of mathematics is chosen by science to express ideas among a multitude conceiving from different perspectives. It is the one tool that we have that focuses ideas to a common understanding. The process of the interpenetration of Spans is also the basis of all languages, both spoken and written, as the enfoldment of shapes and ideas is not other than this. 

                    The synthesized pictures held in cerebral matter of past life are lost during the transition of focus from one “history” into another, but the essence of the individual, the evolved form of the soul ..the wisdom, remains as it always did, as a maturing facet of the mind of Primary Consciousness. 

                    So, the essence of an individual is the wisdom of the individual, a configuration of inertia, undivided from and maintained by the greater Totality from which it extends. What is localized consciousness, but the view of Primary Consciousness through a part of itself? The animate form may pass away, but the greater series of convolutions that gave rise to it still remain. Each convolution within another, undivided from still others, constitute the construct and wisdom of the soul. 

                    The animate view will have passed away with the animate form, (another inertial construct), but a less limited localized view will still remain – the view of the facet at the Quantum level, seeking extension back into the species from which it came, or into the species of greatest familiarity or greatest emulation, as each species in itself is a convolution, a subculture of the great society of Primary Consciousness. We are each a convoluted duality of consciousness, a duality of perception. We simultaneously exist in the Quantum Outbounded Realm as undivided, communicative patterns of consciousness and we are each extended within Universal Spans, perceiving locally through communicative animate forms. Experience through the animate form adds to our “wisdom” in the Outbounded realm where the decision to “reincarnate”, or not, is made. (The soul extends from between Spans into a particular Span of its choosing). Within the Outbounded realm of the instantaneous Fluxion through which “time and form” are expressed, we exist in the moment, ever-becoming through self-creation, though we perceive ourselves as existing in “time and form” through our cerebral synthesis of reality. It is only through animate matter that we illusion the passage of time through the transition of process, but we are each preserved within the wholeness of Primary Consciousness through its own self-experiential method of transition ..a process of instantaneity, of cause within effect, of which time, space and world exist as thought.

                    A Buddhist term for the substructure of existence is, “Dadada”, (which is similar to “yada, yada, yada”), an apparently meaningless term except when a child utters its first as, “dada”, in that it sees its Father as the substance, as the quantified volumetric/dynamic and, “mama”, in that it sees its Mother as the continuance, as the qualified dynamic/volumetric, emanations of being. As the first spoken imagery, they carry within them the pre-confounded substratum of the processes of Primary Consciousness emanating as existence. The D in dada is a sharp pronunciation, (as in D with a short i), which indicates an edge, the beginning and end of bordered existence, the male particulate emanation – as space-time in particulate form. Particulate emanation is indicative of the objective attributes of penetrative ability, strength and reliability. The M in mama is a soft drawn out pronunciation, (as in mmmm), which indicates a continuance of existence, (the dynamic aspect), the female wave emanation. Wave emanation is indicative of the subjective attributes of receptiveness, suppleness and unfailing perpetuation – as time-space in waveform. 

                    Dada and Mama are the spoken declarations of a child’s primal comprehension of its parents as the manifestation of being of which the child is a part. This is why children instinctively trust their parents, such trust conceived as a sacred bond, which is imaged from the Void’s realization of itself, as a child automatically accepting its parents as an extended part of itself and its parents undivided from all that is.

Our notion of “sacred” therefore, is our interpretation of that which represents itself to
us as undivided from us and undivided from the foundation from which we extend.

Origin of the Genders

                    We see male and female types within most species on our planet. We also see that the conceptual approach to life by each gender displays’ noticeable differences. Physical differences and functions between the male and female brain and body are also strikingly evident. The differences in the approach to life by men and women for instance, their conceptualizations of it, might as well classify them as contrasted psychological and physical species – as symbiants.

                    Evolutionary theory suggests that all life on our planet evolved from a single source that diversified into the various species that we see today, including men and women, but this theory does not account for why male and female types have appeared. It is possible that many sources of life came into existence as the appropriate conditions for the emergence of life had occurred, but it is more probable that mutations from a single source formed a symbiotic relationship with each other out of the necessity to survive. 

                    They may have been equally matched and equally predatory, but could provide for each other certain benefits that they could not attain separately. (Hunting cooperatively for instance, to capture more food than they could independently). The benefits of symbiosis therefore outweighed the dangers of close proximity to each other as predators. Although they may have originally tried to prey upon each other, they found this difficult because of their predatory equality and differentiated molecular constructs and were thus inclined to feed upon other existing resources. Because of their close proximity to each other and because of their ability to benefit each other, they eventually formed a symbiotic relationship that evolved into a singular primary species that was consisted of male and female types, the two types being representative of the two original symbiants. The change from asexual to male and female types could very well have happened in the following way;

                    Two Amoebic types, one probing for food and the other attempting to engulf food may have joined together as both prey and predator to each other. Ingesting food when hungry is a pleasurable act. Because of their molecular differences, they were not actually able to “eat” one another, but were able to exchange DNA. The resulting asexual offspring carried their combined DNA and eventually evolved into male and female types, exhibiting and further evolving the behavior of the parents. What is predation, but the process to insure the survival of the individual, to enable the further experience of the individual? The act of will over will, the tension of Primary Consciousness upon itself exhibits through the molecular encoding of the “living form”, within our perception of existence the Void’s own process of self-experience. 

                    Because the tensioning of the Void is that of the compoundment of itself, it is expressed process-ionally through the evolution of living forms, as compoundment must follow a logical path. (Here we see a clear representation of the concept of the “Willful Intelligence” of Primary Consciousness, expressed through what we imagine as evolution). We interpret the will of Primary Consciousness over itself, observed in the individual as that of opportunism, which is the evolution of predation. When symbiosis occurred, the opportunistic predatory act was modified through evolution into one of mutual seduction. The sexual act is pleasure oriented because it originally developed from the gratifying act of ingestion, as the satisfaction of the need to survive. The function of sex then, between male and female types originates from a predatory process that is completed when gratified. Through the twists and turns of evolution, the opportunistic process became one of seduction, a modification of predation, which opened up new possibilities of benefit between the symbiants. Everything that we do, every act, every conceptualization is based upon the original predatory process, modified through “evolution”. The first life forms on our planet were driven by the primary function of the Void, its will upon itself, translated in animate molecular form to the acts of feeding and being fed upon. 

                    Through the seductive process, by appearing as food, predators drew their prey to them. Through mutual seduction between the “prey” and the predator, symbiosis eventually developed as a mutual defense and as a process of cooperation, in furtherance of their survival. In the deeper sense, Primary Consciousness found a way to prolong and develop an experience through symbiotic compoundments of itself that were capable of passing on information through mutual DNA encoding. Through its diversification into higher species, Primary Consciousness also broadened the advancement of this experience through the teachings by parents to their offspring and through the development of inter-individual and inter-societal language shells. In our view therefore, the predatory act is both good and bad, good if it helps us and bad if it hurts us. When modified to its extreme, (as paradoxical as this concept may seem on the surface), the predatory act eventually becomes one of unconditional love – as the Multiverse at its foundation is not other than this. We will get deeper into the concept of unconditional love further into this writing, but here is an example; 

                    During my writing of this part of the book, my lovely wife Helen has been lacking my attention. She has approached me several times, just to talk and although this interrupts my concentration, I nevertheless interrupt this work and give her my attention and talk with her for limited periods of time. She eventually realizes that I also have a need to complete this section and she sacrifices her need for attention by leaving me alone for a time so that my need can be fulfilled. Alternately, we each sacrifice our immediate needs, recognizing the needs of the other. We do this so that we can maintain a happy and respectful relationship. We provide limited time for each other, regardless of what we are doing, so that we may be able to integrate happily when there is more time for the both of us to spend together as a couple. Respect therefore of the predatory ability of one’s mate and appreciation of their willingness to convert this ability into sacrifice, (an aspect of unconditional love), is necessary to a happy and productive relationship. 

                    Through subsequent evolution and diversification, resulting species continued to explore the benefits of DNA symbiosis, but nevertheless also continued to exhibit the original and fundamental pre-symbiotic qualities of our primary ancestors. When Men and Women argue as mates, it is because the symbiotic process is incomplete and the act of arguing is the attempt to bridge, i.e., to complete that process. That is why the sexual act is often capable of ending an argument. If the argument is not satisfied, then the fundamental traits of the act of seduction manifest as what they originally were, that of predation. When Men and Women argue, it is always because of some disappointment, representative of incomplete symbiosis. 

                    With this understanding in mind, knowing that our inter-gender relationships are driven by the modified primal act of predation, we can more fully comprehend the emotions that are expressed in an argument. Because we are a highly evolved species, we can choose, with this knowledge in mind, to “stand down” from hurtful predation. With further understanding, we can attempt to resolve those argumentative situations by practicing patience with one another before the “Tension of the Void” becomes too “strained”.

                    ..And always remember, that when a female chases a rogue of a male, it is not because he has some special power over her, not because he can provide for her security ..and definitely not because he is inwardly “a good person”. It is only because..

He looks good to eat!

                    So, as you can see, the differences between men and women are not paradoxical once understood ..I can feel the laughter welling up inside of me once again..

Desperately hanging on to composure ..I continue,

                    I sent the above gender analysis out onto the Internet to several individuals from different walks of life for their opinions. With their permission, here are their responses together with a further interpretation of their conceptions;

1.                 Methinks you have found the origin of duality in the physical World. I do not think that “seduction” is quite correct.. Desire might be a better word.. it's difficult to let go of a process that can “taste” very good to you. Along with being “seduced,” it's possible that desire can be as strong, if not stronger, than seduction.. actually, if taken to extremes, desire can become addiction. There are symbiotic relationships in this world that do not harm either party.. I assume “intelligence'“ ruins that, right? 

Interesting that you call the intelligence of the Void the “willful intelligence,” the intelligence assigned to Virgo, the virgin… (laughs),

Opportunism taken to the next level is love. I have no problem with that. That's just a step up the ladder in “awareness.” The next level of duality.

As always, it was good reading.. and of course, you're making me try to think ..and you know how much I HATE to think!!!!!

One of these days you and I will talk about MY thinking that men and women are NOT designed to live together.. and see how close we are in thinking… (laughs).

We will have to talk about your meditative state again.. I'm learning some things about that..

                    Desire is a translation of predation. When we feel desire, we are experiencing predation translated through our genetic code as what we call desire the need to survive in order to further experience. In the deepest sense, what we experience as desire is the will of the Void to compound further. In a purely mechanical sense, desire is the tension of the Void driving the Void towards further compoundment of itself translated through our genetic encoding. The tension of the Void, as a translation of desire, manifests on an individual basis, as personal desire and on a societal basis, as our common genetic encoding is derived from the evolution of the earliest life forms on our planet diversified into the multitude of gender’d species that currently inhabit our world.

                    To say that desire is stronger than seduction is only to say that desire, a translation of predation, is more apparent, more conspicuous. Seduction, which is also a translation of predation/desire, acts upon desire by providing the illusion of what is desired. Rarely, if ever, does seduction deliver what it is imagined to have promised. This is not to say that co-participants in seduction/desire may not be sincere, but the illusion that seduction promises is always an approximation, as “existence” and “reality” are not other than this. Patience and tolerance therefore must be practiced if a relationship drawn by illusion is to be sustained. To explore together what may be attained through such illusion brings a couple closer to what is imagined as “reality”. If seduction is understood by both partners to be illusory, then it may be practiced as playfulness and within that vision, unlimited joy may be experienced.

2.                 Always felt better having sex after an argument… an interesting and detailed point - like a yin yang concept. I liked the… symbiotic predator/prey/ predator concept… Reading this made me hungry… I think I’ll go eat something.

But seriously, I’ve had that, (personal space), problem a lot with women. They didn’t give me my space when I needed it many times.

                    As described earlier, in order to prevent the “need for attention” from becoming a confrontation, one must always interrupt what one is doing for oneself for a limited time to give attention to one’s partner, together with a kind explanation, that one needs to complete what one is doing so that full attention can be given soon to one’s partner. 

                    When two people join, that is a priority, for what purpose is there in joining if it is not important? Sometimes, the attention seeking behavior of one partner may be exasperating to the other, but the virtues of patience and tolerance, gained through maturity, must be practiced because attention seeking is a translation of the Tension of the Void manifesting in Classical existence. When two partners are in close proximity, the Voids’ tension, (at-tention), can only be responded to, but never avoided. With this understanding, the response should be kind, patient and tolerant – every time - because the possibilities of the “future” are lost within the intolerance’s of the present.

                    We are born trusting, as we extend from the Totality of Being as it truly is, not yet having experienced the world though classical vision. As we grow older, maneuvering with the limited tools of our animate forms, we quickly become accustomed to interfacial/classical reality ..a fragmented synthesis of our true unity. We learn ..we are taught, that objects and people exist separated from each other within a medium of spatial nothingness, as words written upon an invisible page. We see the writing upon the page as existence, and continue to imagine the page underlying the writing as a blank “nothingness”. Through our synthesized vision we fail to realize that the writing that we see is a construct of the intangible page itself, the construct now made tangible because the writing as a distortion of such “intangibility” causes intangibility to become “sense-able” and therefore perceivable. Put simply, the “intangible” becomes tangible when distorted to a level that we can perceive through Classical awareness ..but as we may grow in wisdom, the less “tangibility/sense-ability” we will require.

Levels of tangibility

                    Is energy tangible? It is because we can make use of it. If you have ever received an electrical shock, then you have felt the “tangibility” of energy. Energy in the form of light may at first be interpreted as intangible, but as photons striking our eyes, may be then interpreted as tangible, (the molecular structure of the light sensors of our eyes are distorted by the invasion of photons. The distortions are then interpreted as images of events). If light is directed as a laser beam and the laser is used to cut into matter, the tangibility of light becomes even more apparent. Is water tangible? Though we can feel it, our hand moves through it. It has a kind of “tangibility” to it. When we experience being hit by a snowball however, its tangibility is striking!   Is space tangible? Matter dwelling in space is said to warp the space around it causing other nearby matter to fall into the warp. Thus gravity displays as the “tangibility” of space induced by the matter existing within and as an undivided part of it ..and of course all of this is a neurological interpretation of an aspect of the Fluxion that we call “Space-Time”. 

                    (We see here that the concept of tangibility is “touch” oriented, but we also see that this concept is translatable into varied interpretations through our other senses. The foundational code of existence seems confounding to us therefore, partly because we experience it through the diversity of our senses. Within its own concurrency however, its construct is much less complicated than we perceive it to be).

Tangibility verses Sense-ability

                    If we look at a painting and say that we cannot make sense of it, this does not mean that the painting within our field of view isn’t “sense-able”. Basically, the painting dwells on a canvas, which is tangible and is formed of painted shapes, also tangible. Because the painting has such a base of tangibility, we can comprehend that it “exists”. Beyond its basic existence, the subject of the painting may be temporarily incomprehensible, (the shapes within the painting may be perceived to be nonsensical), but we may eventually comprehend the painting through our continued contemplation of it. To contemplate the painting is to relax our view of what we consider sensibility to be. The more we relax our notion of sensibility, the greater our capacity to comprehend. 

                    (In this way, we may “Meditate” upon the painting, communicating with it by relaxing our assumptions of what is “sensible”). The relaxing of sensibility is the abandoning of the notion of “self”. As we do this we spiritually join with the object of our contemplation and then see it as comprehensible part of our own extensity.

                    As Primary Consciousness, (we), experientially encounters itself, the experience manifests as the expanding moment of creation, which is the matrix of “Space-Time” expressing dynamically as existence. In the beginning, (such beginning existing within the Tensor Field of “Time” – within the totality of the Inertial Moment), our Universal Span was a singularity, a MathMass without size. As it expressed outwardly into the Multiverse, it expressed inwardly as well. Such inward expression caused alterations in the medium of “Time”. Most of the “time” alterations/adaptations that now exist as energy and matter were patterned during the initial formation of Universal Spans, including our own as the “beginnings” of histories within the Multiverse. 

                    When the Void is considered in its entirety, any alteration of the Tensor Field becomes the beginning of a history, the start of an “evolution” within the void. The history of cognizant forms within a Universal Span may be traced back to a singular alteration of the Void prior to the further diversification of that alteration. What we interpret as the “Big Bang” is just this. It is the Primary Distortion, (a “Primality” of the Multiverse – an emerging/expressing Universal Span), that is the singular beginning of our diversified “history of evolution” that eventually formed each of us into Localized Consciousnesses – interpreting the illusioned “beginning of Time” through our Universal Span. 

                    To recognize any pattern of existence as an extension of ourselves is the first step towards the intimate exploration through Meditation of that pattern. The more we relax our concept of sensibility, the more we become one with the object of our contemplation ..and the more “sensible” it becomes.

Eminent Penmanship

                    The tangible writing, (that which we perceive as “existence”), as an alteration of the intangible page, (that which we perceive as “nothingness”), is therefore not separate from the page ..and we are a part of that writing and of that page. As such, we interpret ourselves and all other perceivable patterns as the base environment of existence, when in fact all patterns in existence, including ourselves, are extended as modifications of the invisible page, as convolutions of Primary Consciousness. The “Fluxion page” then is the underlying foundational environment of connectivity. 

                    Primary Consciousness, as the underlying structure and diversified totality of existence, is misperceived as the ultimate separation, when it is in fact, the true connection, because it is the Totality, the convoluted, but undivided “substance” of all things perceived and beyond. What we perceive as a Supreme Being has been illusioned as a separate entity that independently acts upon us, when in fact we and everything that we perceive are the intimately connected, entwined extensions of that being. Within the environment of Primary Consciousness, from which existence/perception emanates, the pen, page and the ink are all the same substance of inertia, but the ink as the writing, is the generated phenomena that we synthesize into the imagery of the intrinsic nature of this foundational medium. Such imagery then is our perceived reality of this “environment”. 

                    Nothingness verses Existence is first perceived by each of us as the page, (nothingness illusioned as unconstructed and divided from existence), and next the ink, (divided patterned existence, illusioned as lying amid nothingness). The true nature of “nothingness” however, is that from where we perceive ..Primary Consciousness is the pen that writes upon itself.

                    (If the “Pen” is all there is, then its own Tension of Wholeness intrinsically forces it to compound partly into a “Page” that is undivided from the “Pen” and through this compoundment is further driven to “write” upon itself. The “Ink as Words” are further compoundments – the AutoThought of the “Pen” and “Page” – the “Word of God”, expressed as patterned existence within our interfacial view).

                    From where it is, as the Pen that writes upon itself, all patterns of existence that we perceive, (including ourselves), are the ink written upon the intangible page. The environment of such “nothingness” constructs itself into the existence of which we are a part and then we, from our perspective, actually view such “nothingness” as “existence”, but do not realize that what we are viewing is Primary Consciousness translated through our senses to our perceptual level. We then imagine “nothingness” as other than existence, when in truth, it is Primary Consciousness, of which “existence” is formed. As unique extensions of this common medium, we see other forms of it as bordered separations, as in existent objects like rocks, organisms, planets and stars. We see it a little differently when we perceive living creatures, because living creatures act with volition. We therefore perceive the Void in this way as Consciousness coupled with Matter, as in Animate Matter, (here we get a hint that what we perceive among the atoms that constitute a living form is - Consciousness). 

                    During experimental experiences, through secondary sensory devices such as electromechanical laboratory instruments, we see it more delicately, as Electromagnetism, Gravity, Inertia and the Unified Field. Through our imaginations, we see it as the passage of Time, Being, Determination, Consciousness, Pure Thought, the Void, Nothingness, Tao, Unconditional Love and as God. From any viewpoint of our perception, it is any one of these conjectures, of which all of the others may be derived. Each of these concepts are derived from our own unique perspective in duality with that which we perceive.

The trick is to understand..

That which we perceive is that 

from which we extend.

We are constituted of it and are undivided from it
and so see it as ..Existence

And to further clarify,

                    When I say “a part of it”, I do not mean like an individual member of a club or organization ..and I do not mean like a rock lying on the ground, “somehow” existent within an environment. These are the illusioned asymmetries of perception through the complexity of the sensory interface of animate, (living), matter. What I do mean is that we are completely indivisible from the organized medium/environment that we perceive. We are constituted of that which is inseparable from itself. We are an adaptation of it and therefore an oriented extension of it. 

                    Our own moment of thought transforms through our own imagery how Primary Consciousness presents itself to us as reality. That which we perceive as “Space-Time” is the Inertial Tensor Field, the Wholeness of Primary Consciousness, trans-emanating as the moment within the reality of our perception, as what we call “existence”. The environment that we interpret as existence is the Inertial Moment of in - tension of Primary Consciousness, as convolutions within this medium that we imagine as “nothingness”. What we label as Space-Time then is also the in - tension, (the intention) of the Void represented to us as the inertial moment ..and the inertial moment as NOW the moment of

                    The Void, as a symmetrical Field of Tension is inherently stressed. Stress upon itself is represented to us as a multiplicity of tensioned point/instants that we perceive as Space-Time lying amid and connected to further distortions of itself as energy and matter. The Void expresses itself through a hierarchy of logical processes, (syntactic structural characteristics – the mathematical “Verse” of the UniVerse/MultiVerse), that we first perceive as Space-Time, then as energy and then as matter compounding in an infinite variety of ways, i.e.> as the Word, Act and perpetual self-creation of what we call “God”.

                    The Tension of Wholeness upon the Multiverse is its translation of itself, the Primordial Language of Primary Consciousness - as it speaks “Differential Mathematica” through its own self-encounter, through its own reciprocity - making into continual creation - that which we interpret as “Existence”.

                    Matter is a compound of energy that lies within and is undivided from the wholeness of the energy field that constitutes matter. Energy is a compound of Space-Time that lies within and is undivided from the wholeness of the Space-Time field that constitutes energy. Space-Time is a representation of the Wholeness of the Tensor Field interpenetrating itself, (the Tensor Vernacular that generates the logic), that is the Void as the inclusive Multi-“Verse” Primary Consciousness, in tension, (intention), with itself, generating through trans-emanation the Inertial Moment, perceived by it’s extensions of cognizant beings, (such as we), as Space-Time and as the illusioned “passage of time”, emergences of energy, matter and events.

                    Existence presents itself to us instantaneously, but from our perspective of deciphering our environment through the sensory/motor interface of the body and brain, we perceive point/instants as virtual separations within the Void, as sequential junctures of space and time. Our perception of separation is twofold in that we illusion’ not only here and there, but also now and then. 

                    We are able to interpret in this way because perception through the Interface of Animate Matter creates the illusion of the disunion of the point/instant, the perceptual disunion of trans-emanation, as separate views of “space” and “time”, which creates our “pause of consideration” and our ability to act with volition. 

                    Localized Consciousness creates and applies imagery to what it perceives as its surrounding environment because it interprets that environment through an interfacing, interfering construct of itself, - (our “material” bodies) - the Animate Interface. It creates and applies imagery because the transmission of information through the Animate Interface becomes “second hand” when received by Localized Consciousness. This is because the Animate Interface is interposed between Localized Consciousness, (the Soul), and the environment perceived. Thus an indirect interpretation by Localized Consciousness of its environment, (of itself ..of its own extensity as Primary Consciousness), is created. The indirect flow of information, (digitized code), that Localized Consciousness receives in this way is converted to imagery to make sense of such reprocessed data. The created imagery is then superimposed upon our continued perceptions to make further sense of what Localized Consciousness imagines its environment and itself to be, not realizing that the environment, the interface and the focused “self” are all one and the same compounded though the diversified medium of Primary Consciousness. 

                    Because information received through the Animate Interface is reprocessed information, imagery applied to this information will take the most sensible form possible to insure what Localized Consciousness believes to be its own survivability. 

                    Focused through the Animate Interface, an extension of Primary Consciousness becomes “localized” and believes that it is the interface and therefore to insure its own survivability, localized Consciousness protects the interface. Indirect information received through the Animate Interface, re-imaged by Localized Consciousness to sensibility, allows this task to be accomplished in the following ways;

1.                 Through imagery, the homogenous, though tensioned/convoluted medium of Primary Consciousness, perceived by each of us as “Space-Time” is split into separate perceptions of “time” and “space” so that Localized Consciousness may utilize “Time” over “Space” to seize opportunity or to avoid danger.

2.                 An extension of Primary Consciousness becomes localized when focused through the sensory/motor apparatus of the Animate Interface and quickly becomes accustomed to the limited perceptions that the interface provides. Interpreting its own “locality”, Primary Consciousness then perceives from a unique place – the “self”.

3.                 Because Primary Consciousness is localized to the “self” through an animate form, it sees the materiality of this form as part of the “self”. In effect, Primary Consciousness has looped a portion of its extensity around a portion of itself, thus becoming “Localized” ..and perceives the balance of its own greater extensity as an “environment” through the loop. (You see your own arms and legs as part of the synthesized “environment” – looking through the loop – at the loop).

4.                 This creates the notion within our perception that we are disconnected from what we are actually extended from ..that we are disconnected from that which we perceive as our “surrounding environment” ..the notion through localization ..that Primary Consciousness is somehow disconnected from itself. 

5.                 Localized Consciousness of course, does not realize that our notion of being disconnected is an illusion ..for we are “born” into what we believe to be a “naturally separated environment”. The perceived disconnection is interpreted as a separation between ourselves and our “environment” however, because we receive our information about our environment through the disruption of an Animate Interface.

6.                 Because of this notion, Localized Consciousness assumes that it must protect itself from dangers to the Animate Interface that Localized Consciousness now believes that it is. This belief is reinforced by perceptions through the Interface of pain and pleasure. 

7.                 Because Localized Consciousness perceives the need to maintain the health and well being of the Interface, believing that it is the interface, Localized Consciousness does what it believes it must, to serve the needs of the Interface. 

                    The Animate Interface was evolved so that Primary Consciousness might more intimately explore its own properties. By imaging to sensibility, information received in an indirect, (localized), way through the Animate Interface and then superimposing such imagery upon what it continues to receive, Primary Consciousness is able to create perceptions of its own processes as “materiality”, “spaces”, “times”, “motions” and “positions” through the interpretability of its own cognizant extensions such as we and other life forms. In the process however, those extensions develop perceptions of self-structure that become the essence of the “individualized soul”, as sustained realities by Primary Consciousness of itself.

                    Through the development of the Animate Interface, part of Primary Consciousness became diversified Localized Consciousness and thus became enabled to see its own intangible processes as tangible forms because the Animate Interface allowed Primary Consciousness to apply imagery to indirect information that it received about itself.

Revolving Super-Imagery

                    Animate matter is the only natural compound modification of the Void of high enough complexity to develop sensory/motor devices as an interruptive interface that allows us to interpret direct experience ..indirectly. 

                    Life forms therefore perceive experience through algebraic interpretation and expression, which allows for a pause of consideration that would not normally occur through direct experience. Since Life Forms interpret experience through such indirect symbolism, that “pause of consideration” is the neurological restructuring of “Space-Time” into the symbolic function of Space divided by Time to generate the perception of dimensionality. Through the molecular encoding of indirect experience upon the brain of the Animate Interface, Primary Consciousness, through localization's of itself, is able to construct conceived images of its own extensity thereby gaining unique interpretations of itself. The evolution of the Animate Interface thus provides for Primary Consciousness the continuing means for the interpretation of such uncommon experience. The use of an interface through which to interpret however, locally confounds the ability of Primary Consciousness to see the whole of its own extensity in a direct manner.

                    Although localization of perception through an interface provides the uniqueness of indirect analyzable experience, it also inhibits the ability of Primary Consciousness, while in this form, to experience itself directly, to “see” itself as it essentially is.

                    Focused through the Animate Interface, Primary Consciousness thus localized, sees its own extensity as a separate “environment” separate from itself, as its perception is localized to the confines of the self-created device that it is focused through. The indirect interpretation of its extensity is perceived as a virtual discontinuity between the Localized Consciousness perceiving and the “environment” that it perceives. The perception of discontinuity is created by the interruption and reprocessing, (digitization), of information through the Animate Interface, (through sensory apparatus and interpretive brain). Each disruption of information through the Animate Interface is perceived/imaged as the “point/instant”, the illusioned interrupter of the continuity and concurrency of the Void. The perception of the point/instant as an interruption is imaged as disunited by the interpreting Localized Consciousness and then perceived as “space” and “time”, and in more intensified convolutions as “energy” and “matter”. 

                    The imagery of the disunion of Space-Time to “space” and “time” allows for the perception of events “at a distance” by the superimposed re-imagery of such “distance” to the perceived by the perceiver. In other words, data received through the Animate Interface is interpreted into sensibility and then this sensibility is made into an image that is projected upon the continued reception of new information. 

                    As the information, (the view by Localized Consciousness of Primary Consciousness as its extensity), changes, so does the image superimposed upon it. In this way, Localized Consciousness makes sense of what it continually perceives by applying the previous image of sensibility to it, (the mind of Localized Consciousness dividing the mind of Primary Consciousness, thereby perceptually splitting Space-Time into “Space” and “Time”). We never get a true view of what is currently happening as we view through the imagery of what we illusion as – “just past” experience. Because we interpret in this way, our assessment of our environment is always one of sequentially imaged approximation, (spaces between objects and the notion of time passing as “spaces”/durations between events). 

                    We perceive the heterogeneity of convoluted “Time, God, Nothingness”, (Primary Consciousness), as the coded information experienced by our senses. Our senses transmit this code to our brain, a picture-making device, with which we as Localized Consciousness use to form a synthesized reality. The way that we do this is through perceiving the code of convoluted Primary Consciousness, (“Time”), and converting it into the illusion of “Space”, as a picture that appears upon the brain’s Molecular "Projection Screen". We then further project as an illusion this picture of “Space” back out onto “Time”. This is self-Applied Imagery. We are able to do this because our brain as a picture-making device is also a picture holding device. We then re-image, (transform), the “held in memory” projection into “Space and Time” ..into a world of fragmentation, of times and spaces. Because we are always interpreting, we create of this code a continual experience of situations and events. We interpret the more concentrated convolutions of Primary Consciousness, (convolutions of greater complexity), as “forces, particles and objects” distinct intensities of “Space-Time”. (We see here that our perception of energy and matter is - intensified – distorted - Space-Time, and not separated into “Time” and “Space”, but rather separated into quanta of energy and objects of materiality. We are able to “see” materiality because when the curvature of space-time is altered through greater intensities of inertial interpenetration, we interpret the altered curvature of space-time as an extensity, as attraction/repulsion, {materiality as braided energy/space-time}, rather than the acceleration/deceleration of ambient space-time.)

                    Through the perceptions by Localized Consciousness of Space and Time, the point/instant is separated through applied imagery and the imagery is then superimposed through further perception, upon the “environment” from which we extend. The instant is perceived as the present, an interruption in what is interpreted as “time”, creating the notion that such “present” lies between our created illusions of past and future. 

                    We perceive the instant as the disruption of the direct experience of the concurrency of Primary Consciousness, (its inclusive continuity), because the Animate Interface is interposed between the Localized Consciousness focused through it and the extended “environment” of Primary Consciousness, (the extensity of that Localized Consciousness). Such focus through an interruptive device localizes Primary Consciousness to a perceived place and time, (the point/instant) – the “self”, which is an illusion of discontinuity of extensity, a misperception that it is separate from that which it perceives.                   


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