Chapter 2


(The Cerebral Synthesis of Existence)

It's all thought into Be-ing!

                        We think of nothingness as an absence of existence, or as a Void. In such a perception we cannot imagine how nothingness, as we perceive it to be, may emanate as existence, but intuitively we know that it must, for when we ask;  “What was before the universe existed?” – we always come to the concept of “nothing”. Confusion then arises within our interpretation of “nothing”, as we next ask, “How can something come out of nothing?” The only logical answer is that if it can, then our concept of “nothing” is in some way mistaken. In our attempt to understand, we have taken various approaches towards unraveling this riddle through Science, Religion and Philosophy yet only to be hampered again and again by the elusiveness of “nothingness”.

                    Our natural perception of nothingness demands that we perceive no “things” within it. Within such a view, we might speculate that some creative force pre-existed the universe, or that some creative condition might exist outside of the universe and so we are led to ask; “What might have been or be outside of the universe that could cause a universe to come about?” Try as we may however, we cannot imagine that there is an outside and so we are next led to ask; – “If there is no outside, if the Universe is all there is, then how did it get here?” On the surface, we seem to be caught in a paradox. If there is nothing outside of the Universe, then how could a Universe possibly occur if nothing was before to create it? Attempts to answer this question have taken the form of;

1.                 “God, as a separate being, created the Universe.” If nothing is outside of the Universe, is God nothing? The answer would be - "yes - if nothingness could somehow emanate as existence". No? Then God exists? – Ok, then how was God created? The answer always comes back – “God created himself". Hmmm …

                    As awkward as this answer seems to be, it is the only one that makes a bizarre kind of sense if “God” is the “nothingness” that we have misconceived, out of which has emerged the universe. In this allusion, even if the term "God" is applied as only a designation, as a an identifying label for the foundational condition that has enabled the creation/emergence of the universe, such a Condition/Creator was certainly necessary in order for the universe to occur.

                    Of course, this sort of logic has been pushed to the edge by both science and religion; religion not wishing to admit that God could be a pre-universal auto-function or a condition that in some ways seems mechanistic, even if such a mechanism should meet the criteria of Creator, even though such Creator has nurtured the emergence and evolution of life. Even more, from the viewpoint of cognizant life, what greater act of "God" would be conceivable? Science as well has avoided the application of the "God" label to any function of creation so as not to hint at any form of universal intelligence, be it called "auto-thought" or rule of physics by intelligent design. And as well, many of us, scientist and not, also reject this view of the "Dynamic Foundation" as being "thoughtful" or in any way, intelligent. Many of us blatantly say “there is no God.” ..but among those who say this, probably every one of them would at key times in their lives at least secretly wish that a thoughtful and benevolent God did exist, as our own existences appear to be so fragile.

2.                 “The Universe exists differently than we perceive it to be. In this view we interpret reality as an integral part of the observer. We realize that existence is what one makes of it to the level of one’s understanding. Within this abstraction, if the Universe does not exist as we perceive through our senses, then the observer as well  exists differently than what is commonly perceived to be. “Reality” then is a concept through the mind of the observer, who is actually undivided from the "universe" perceived ..and then with a little more thought, the observer may be interpreted as part of that Primordial Force from which the universe has emerged. 

                    If the observer recognizes themselves as an extension of the Universe, then they are a short step from widening their view to see the Universe as a "self" ..and thus having consciousness. 

                    In this view, they “are” ..and what they perceive as the “Universe”, is their extended interpretation of themselves. And here is the great secret; One may act within this greater part of oneself to the limit of one's understanding. One may now contemplate their greater extensity and through increased understanding perceptually join with it. 

                    This may be accomplished through bypassing short-term memory, thus freeing ourselves from the limits of our “Animate Interface”, (as many do through meditation), to achieve higher understanding through the joined and therefore concurrent perception of both our localized and extended consciousness. Through such experience, one will by degree, achieve greater control over their extensity. They will come to an understanding and dissolution of the paradox between sequential and concurrent interpretation. 

                    Through such understanding, They will realize that control and balance on a previously unrecognized level was always there. They would then further understand that their birth into what appears to be a "universe", originally perceiving themselves as a separate entity, was merely a way that the foundational condition of Primary Consciousness extended a contiguous part of itself into a cognizant form ..into a localized observer that is now capable of thoughtful action. All of one's new interpretations of life's situations would now be modified through such an understanding. One would know the reason for all things ..that which we call “purpose”, through their recognition and unraveling of the paradox. One would see that all of Primary Consciousness is a Unified Field, an Entity, a Being ..and know that they and “God” are undivided. 

                    What they would have previously interpreted as life's hardships, would now be regarded as trivialities be easily handled, or dismissed through greater understanding of the undivided Wholeness of Primary Consciousness. To understand the “paradox” is to unravel all confusion and all “hardship”. For what is to be thought of as a “hardship”, if it is a concurrent process within one's own Unified Being? Even the recognition of the paradox leads to the understanding of it – and eventually unravels it. Then one's perception and interaction with all occurrences, with all things, is forever changed.

                    Isn't anxiety sequential? Don't we build on it ..making theoretical pictures of what might happen next? And don't we further compound our “difficult” situations by building them into something that they never truly are? We suffer for our sequential perception of our own concurrent processes. The Void, from which we each extend, acts in a unified, synchronous way within its own concurrent Totality. We see the process however in a sequential way because we focus through localized animate matter and do not get a clear picture of its entirety. Our interpretation therefore is “This just happened! ..What will happen next?” We would not worry at all if we understood that all situations are parts of the Totality from which we are undivided. Through our sequential interpretation however, it is like we “walk into situations”, not able to see the big picture ..and then experience anxiety over “what will happen next”, not realizing that all things are concurrent. We then take our anxiety and superimpose it over our sequential perception, thus imagining “what is not” as “what is”, which may further compound a situation into something even more unexpected, thus increasing our anxiety.

                    This is the paradox that has guided the evolution of our DNA react with hyper-awareness to our perceived “separate” and sometimes unexpected “environmental” conditions; perhaps a good thing in some ways, to have evolved our awareness and capability of survival to our level of existence ..and not so good a thing have kept us in a perpetual state of confused illusion. Once we recognize it however, it is neither good nor bad, it just is ..and we may then learn how to deal with it.

3.                 “An older Universe collapsed down to a seed and then re-exploded into what we currently perceive as our existent Universe.” That brings us back to the original question – How did the prior Universe get here if nothing was before it? To answer that this is a continuing cycle of collapse and explosion, side steps the original question because we must then ask – how did the cycle begin? 

                    After exhausting every conjecture, we find that our thoughts always end up back in the same frustrating place, back to our original concept of “nothingness”. If “reality” directs our interpretation to that from which it extends however, then “nothingness” may not be what we think it is..

                    Let us suppose that the underlying code of existence, what we call "void or nothingness", is a translatable environmental medium that may be interpreted in a particular way by any alteration of itself, depending upon how that “area” is constructed, (convoluted). Put simply, if a twist of what we imagine to be void or nothingness is convoluted in a particular way, it will interpret that which it is a part of and extended from – it’s base environment, in a complimentary and therefore unique way. If it is convoluted in another way, it will interpret its base environment differently. Each twist or distortion of this "Fluxion" environment is an extension of that environment, a convolution. ..And although all parts of it are constructed of the same medium, all parts of that medium are constructed differently from all others, or if constructed in the same way, those parts are uniquely oriented, or on a different level and therefore have a different perspective/ interpretation of the whole of the environment. And of course such “nothingness” being timeless and spaceless, is therefore instantaneous, and is thus as well transcendent within and of itself. It must have such qualities, as it is opposed to itself, (self-experiential), as an undivided totality.

                    In this view, the base environment and its internal realities, (distortions/extensions - interacting transcendental properties forming convolutions of the base of “nothingness”), are the same because they are indivisibly connected, interpenetrated and are constituted of the same medium, but are also different because each convolution of this medium occupies a unique reality relative to the wholeness from which they extend – and because they extend – even though they are indivisibly connected and interpenetrated, (The trans-emanation of a totality – the action of a Wholeness upon itself, generates an infinite diversity of patterns within itself). This base medium then, at its most essential level is a symmetry that when distorted and compounded, generates an illusion of itself to cognizant extensions of itself, (beings of self-awareness like ourselves), as asymmetry – dividedness – objects and spaces, times and events that occupy here and there, now and then. What we imagine as “nothingness” therefore, would be of an unconstructed, undistorted, (un-experienced), environmental medium, which in truth is not that way, but is in reality always constructed of itself and further constructing. The confusion that we experience regarding the concept of nothingness is that we perceive separation between objects in existence when in fact, all objects are actually constructed of and connected through the foundational medium that “nothingness” is. The connection is through an intangible field of symmetry, (Inertia as Thought), of implicit intensity that generates the illusion of explicit asymmetry, of dividedness, to the cognizant interpreter ..who is an extension of it. 

                    The underlying unity between all patterns of existence is that they, (including we), are distortions/extensions – compounds of the undivided whole, of the convoluted symmetry of Primary Consciousness, of that which we interpret as both the Void, (nothingness), in one view ..and as Existence in another.

                    Consider for a moment your notion of nothingness it sequential or concurrent? Do you see it as a Wholeness or as a fragmentation? Now consider your notion of “environmental existence” you see this as concurrent or sequential? Do you see this as a Wholeness or as a fragmentation? If “nothingness” is “environmental existence” ..then one can get a glimpse of the paradox ..if both “nothingness” and “existence” are, in the substructure of reality, the same. If you can first visualize “nothingness” as a singular Wholeness and then give it a perceptual “twist”, you can visualize the Superstructure and the Substructure of our reality combined as a singular Totality. Imagine it first as a perfectly round balloon – This is the homogeneous Locality-Non-Locality, Everywhere/Nowhere Field of Primordality. 

                    Now twist that balloon into two equal parts, undivided from each other, but uniquely oriented to each other. This is “existence” generated from “nothingness” ..a relativity, as two Universal Spans undivided within the Multiverse. Now twist each part again and again until there are two homogenous mediums, relative to each other, though undivided from each other. Now, merge the two homogeneous mediums so that they interpenetrate each other in that each maintains a substructural “individuality” that is perceptually indistinguishable from any part of the Totality ..this is “Space-Time”, (or in the deeper view – two Inbounded interpenetrated systems of Primary Consciousness – two Universal Spans undivided but still relative – intermixing “Locality” with “Non-Locality”), as the representative Unified Field of the Void. 

                    Now twist Space-Time into relative macroscopic and microscopic parts, still undivided from each other - as parts of this “Unified Field” …These configurations are quantization's of “energy and matter” that synchronously depend upon one another ..and upon the Unified field from which they extend. Now finally consider that you are an undivided part of this ..that your consciousness and its consciousness are the same, that you are not only uniquely oriented within it, but that because of your understanding of it you may visualize all of it as your undivided extensity yourself - You are “IT” and “IT” is you! 

                    When you try to look at it through your animate form, you perceive it in an oriented and therefore ordered way, first seeing one part, then the next and the next, over time, (through its convolutions). But when you conceive the Totality of it in a concurrent way, you realize that what you have been imagining as “Time” is the Totality itself that you have been interpreting sequentially. This understanding in itself dissolves the paradox and modifies one's view of all encountered situations. Additionally, this is not an emotionless realization, ..indeed, it removes negative anxiety regarding the “unknown” and further removes anxiety from the illusion'd “known”, replacing this negative emotion with radiant joy and contentment. Once this understanding of the Totality manifests within you and you know that you are undivided from it, all perceived “threats” to your existence are then dissolved ..for how can a Totality threaten itself? Coming to this understanding is like waking up from a fragmented dream. One becomes centered and perfectly balanced without effort. One becomes ..One. 

                    Our perceived “environment” is the Unified Field of Primary Consciousness, that when compounded, (folded upon itself in an infinity of ways), manifests within the view of cognizant extensions of itself, (such as we), as existence. Because we cannot readily see the connections between the folds, we perceive the folds as separate objects, which give us the illusion, that nothing, or non-existence lies between. 

                    An unconstructed environment, like an invisible page, yet to be written upon, is what we would then imagine Primary Consciousness to be ..if the only way to interpret that the page is there when we see the writing upon it.

Within the Protection of Guardian World

I fashioned the Seed of thy Preparation

Through Sheltering Veil 

I watched thee Unfurl

As Questioning Flower of 

Earth’s Captivation.

           On Earth, beneath an umbrella of protective atmosphere, the seed of life was prepared by the vitality of the Universe, who watched over its evolving creation. As life matured, it became curious… according to plan, (by nature).


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