The Rules of a Unified Field

1. Only an extension of a Unified Field can perceive the Field as ordered.

2. Only a Unified Field can generate an extension of itself by its Tension of Wholeness 
upon itself.

3. Perception can only occur within a Unified Field through its Comprehension of itself.

4. The Comprehension of a Unified Field upon itself is its Quantization, (and therefore 
Qualification), of itself. 

5. The Comprehension by a Unified Field of itself is multiplistic due to its Wholeness, (oneness), of Tension upon itself. The Tension of Wholeness upon itself automatically generates a multiplicity of diverse patterns within itself. (The Field is quantifiable by its intrinsic tension upon itself – the oneness may be perceptually fractionalized, but the fractions are undivided from the Totality of the Field. If the Field puts out only one extension of itself, that extension must self-encounter the Field from which it extends. During this encounter, differential perturbations of the Field must occur because of the encounter, causing other extensions/convolutions to be formed and so on – creating a multiplicity of diverse patterns within the Field).

6. The “substance” of a Unified Field is Primary Consciousness, Time, Inertia, God, etc., in Comprehension of itself.

The Strategy of Creation

                    How can there be a “before” or “after” within a Unified Totality? This can only be accomplished through a stratagem - a magnificent perceptual tactic that is intrinsic to the Totality itself. The strategy is the creation of an interfacial shell - which is a twist in the Totality, (a loop), that forms into a perceptual “lens” - an Animate Interface > a living form such as you or I, or other life forms on this planet or throughout the universe, through which the Totality can analytically, (and therefore sequentially, as in "before and "after"), perceive itself.

                    The twist is induced by the natural tension of the Totality upon itself. Through naturally creating of itself in this fashion, into “Localized Consciousness”, Primary Consciousness, through differing views of itself, is able to interpret in an infinity of ways. As there are an infinity of perceptual variations, (a probable infinity of varied life forms throughout the Universe), Primary Consciousness is able to see itself differentially and in multiplicity ..simultaneously. This is the simplicity of creation. ..And precisely, the ordering of Primary Consciousness through a living self-translative apparatus, is the strategy that enables localized perception of itself as ..analyzable “existence”.

                    Now, Theologians may see the stratagem, (the creation of life to analyze existence through "reality"), as an intelligent act because the “auto-thought” - the natural self-compounding Inertia as the Will of Primary Consciousness, is translated into the “decision making” process of Localized Consciousness, (the decision making process of each of ourselves), and then we naturally infer the ability to make decisions back out onto Primary Consciousness as the “Willful Intelligence of God”. 

                    The Scientist may see the stratagem as a non-intelligent act because Localized Consciousness, (we), naturally infer our ability to make decisions, (that which we imagine to be intelligence), back out upon our “cosmic environment”, back out upon the Primordial Force from which we extend, and that our inference of intelligence to Primary Consciousness is merely our own perceptual illusion.

                    In the deepest understanding however, as will be shown in great detail throughout this writing ..that which is perceived as the auto-thought of Primary Consciousness, (as nature doing its thing), is what the Willful Intelligence of Primary Consciousness actually is ..and the decision making process of Localized Consciousness is merely a restricted form of this, ..and that the “decision making process” of Primary Consciousness, however it is perceived, is nevertheless in the final analysis, dynamic and willful. Thus what we perceive as “nature doing its thing” is actually the Dynamism of Comprehension by Primary Consciousness experiencing itself on many levels, and manifesting within our interfacial view the unearthly, unfathomable “intelligence of God”. 

                    So, Primary Consciousness has a form of built in intelligence intrinsic to its own processes. Since we are each an undivided extension of Primary Consciousness, we are subject to the effects of this intelligence. 

                    We may as well accept such as “intelligence”, even if it is expressed in a way that we are unaccustomed to. (But of course, we see it every day, in all that we perceive and it is because that we are so accustomed to it, that we do not recognize it as intelligent). 

The concurrent interpretation, the synchronous experiential self-encounter, the act 
of Comprehension, by a Unified Force of itself ..through an extension of itself..

                    Until that force is perceived by an extension of itself, (such as anyone of us), there is no sequencing of events as there is no ordering of existence, because the perception of a Unified Field by an extension of itself is a unique view of that Field. Through a unique view, all aspects of the Field are thus perceived as ordered, (as being sequential), because the view is focused through the perceptual abilities of the extended and therefore “ordered” observer. 

                    Let us think about this for a moment.. ”extended” and “ordered” are the same. If an extension of a Totality is aware because it is extended from the Totality, then the extension interprets the Totality in a unique way because it is extended from that which it perceives. It is just simple logic - the same as when a condition starts out as chaos but always almost immediately becomes hierarchal and ordered.

                    Without an extended observer, there is no ordered perception and therefore no phenomenon of what we interpret as “reality”. The “Mind” of the Primordial Force however, perceives its own Totality as concurrency – as the virtual moment of its own inclusive symmetry Existence ever becoming – as Nowing. When it diversifies into cognizant extensions of itself, beings such as ourselves and other life forms, those extensions see the Totality sequentially “Time” spanning “events”. (Our own awareness, perceptive capability and “intelligence” therefore, are the transformed intrinsic properties of the Primordial Force from which we extend).

                    We form imageries within our minds through our perceptions of the foundational code of the Primordial Force and then apply those, (conceived), imageries to our further perceptions and experience. In this way we make into sensible “reality” that which we become aware of. Because we re-image our “reality” upon our further perceptions, we interpret the foundational code ..the Totality from which we extend ..sequentially, and therefore do not see its entirety all at once. The communication between the extension and that from which it extends is however, a concurrent mutual function because the extension is a part of that from which it extends, as the cause is always in the effect, and only synthetically “separated” during the perceptual illusion of “time spanning”. Such Localized view of the Totality creates the illusion within us that we are separate from our Creator ..and from each other.                   

A “Mind” is simply a Tension of Wholeness upon itself
manifesting a multiplicity of diversities within itself.

Thus “Thought” is the experience of “Quality” upon itself 
that when compounded through such self-encounter,
manifests as Quantifiable “Existence” within itself.

How is it possible for a Unified Field to create extensions
of itself to “sensibly” perceive itself?

                    The Unified Field is an entity of Wholeness, that by its tension upon itself, is intrinsically self-convoluted in a logical, (mathematical), way. The convolutions become recognized as “sens-ible”, (sense-enabled), when a cognizant extension of the Field, such as any one of us - interprets the Field as an environment within which the extension exists.

                    The convolutions are relative forces that manifest a hierarchy of patterns within the Wholeness of the Field. When certain of these patterns integrate in complimentary ways, the groundwork for the formation of what we perceive as stars is created as part of this undivided, but diversified infrastructure. Within stars form the elements of life, such elements structured that they may further evolve to form sentient beings undivided, but diversified extensions of the Unified Field contemplation of itself. 

                    This is no accident – the creation of life throughout the Multiverse is an obvious part of its process of diversification and cognitive growth, as the elements that are necessary to assemble into the compounds of living forms are the most plentiful in the Cosmos.

                    The structuring of an animate form is the creation of an interface through which the Unified Field may uniquely experience itself. The “Animate Interface” is a perceptual device that enables the Unified Field to interpret its own undivided extensity as a topology a terrain of fractionalized “environment” when perceived through such an extension.

                    Primary Consciousness, when perceiving through an Animate Interface, does so as a Localized Consciousness, though still undivided from the entirety of Primary Consciousness. Through such perception, Primary Consciousness interprets its own enfolded complexity as fragmented diversity, as separations between “particles, objects, life forms, etc.” an analytical interpretation of itself by perceptually, synthetically, breaking itself up into illusion'd “parts”. Ironically however, some of the illusion'd parts are its own localizations of perception, as its extensions of itself as Localized Consciousness, (anyone of us), which sees itself as being separated from that which it actually extends, and thus imagines itself as one of the fragmentation's of what is perceived. Localized Consciousness imagines that when it is observed, it is also seen as a separate part. Of course it doesn't realize that anything that is capable of perceiving it as a separate part of the “environment” is also undivided from the Unified Field as well.

                    To "experience", requires that what is perceived must be a part of an inclusive unified substructure, undivided from the perceiver. All that is perceived as existent, are the ordered processes of the Primordial Force emanating as “reality” within our unique view. Such “Common Consciousness” when focused through the sophisticated shell of sensory devices and interpretive mechanism of the body and brain, then perceives itself as localized, enabling the re-comprehension by "Common Consciousness" of itself, as a “self”, (as an individual) ..and that self-recomprehension is the minimum threshold from which our concept of intelligence derives. Once the “self” is established, the translation of the “Will”, of the Primordial Force to the individual’s own decision making process must occur - changing from auto-thought to deliberate choice, and it is this process of “deliberate decision making” that constitutes what we interpret as planning and intelligence. Once an individual recognizes their own “self-intelligence”, it is a simple and natural matter to transfer the concept of what intelligence is imagined to be upon other life forms, (upon other living extensions of “Primary Consciousness”), that display varying sophistication's of ordered behavior. The next step then, would be to apply our concept of intelligence to order in general - to Primary Consciousness as a wholeness, manifesting as “existence” within our view. The order of the Universe/Multiverse, (the structure that we perceive as “Time”, “Inertia”, “Consciousness”, “Tao”, “God”), its behavior, may then be perceived as willful, as a form of “Universal thought” that displays an innate “intelligence”. 

                    We are no different fundamentally from the Universe that we perceive, except that our perceptions are focused through a localized, interposed, filtering mechanism, an “Animate Interface”> our body and brain. Is the focus of Consciousness then, what intelligence is? The focus of Consciousness is certainly what “Will” is. If this is so, imagine the focus of the foundational force from which the Cosmos and we extend. In the final analysis, our concept of what we call “intelligence” is derived from our cognizance of the Will of that force, as the undivided, but diversified dynamism of pure Consciousness emanating as existence.

                    The “language” or “code” of Primary Consciousness is its willful expression of itself into what we imagine as the four basic forces of nature, (now conceived as three basic forces, as the Weak Force has recently been interpreted as an aspect of Electromagnetism - such aspect now dubbed the “Electro-Weak” force ..and now within this writing, all such forces described as the “Gravitational Complex”), that evolved into what we are and that which continues to affect us and all we perceive. Any force that imposes itself, whatever its constitution, is “willful” through its ability to act and generate effect. Because we have evolved in a unique way however, we have difficulty in fully interpreting its abstract language through our own distinct shells of comprehension. (We perceive sequentially and therefore find difficulty in comprehending the structural concurrency of the Totality of Primary Consciousness). 

                    We intuitively relate to it because its super-structural code and our substructural code are the same, but we interpret it differentially as the “four/three forces of nature”, or the “Will of God”, because we experience it through an interface of sensory/interpretive apparatus. That which we perceive, including each of our own “Animate Interfaces”, our individual localization’s of Consciousness, and the Universe/Multiverse within which we exist, are all composites of the Unified Primordial Force ..the pure code of Primary Consciousness, of Will in self-experiential “motion”.

                    As we ourselves are cognizant extensions of the Primordial Force, being a part of that emanation, our own “intelligence” therefore is but an extension of this greater Totality.

                    Clearly, Existence itself is innately intelligent because it is ordered, such “ordering” recognized through the perceptions of cognizant extensions that are undivided from that which they perceive. It is we therefore, that convert the code, whether translated scientifically, philosophically or theologically, into a conceptual “reality”, but it is also Primary Consciousness itself that facilitates our understanding of it, as we are but cognizant extensions of it. 

                    The question of “How do we know that things exist when we do not observe them?”, always arises at this juncture of explanation. The answer is that we have “faith”, and that we can somewhat verify the existence of unobserved forces through our understanding of mathematical equations. 

                    Complex equations if taken far enough, present properties of forces that we are unable to comprehend, yet we know that those forces are present because we can see them in the equations. We have nebulous ideas about “Time” and “Space”, but we cannot imagine other properties like them, although we can interpret through our equations, that other such properties exist. Now, one perceptual step forward would be to conceive of the “Locality/Non-Locality Field”, where “Space” and “Time” are merely the “illusions of sensibility” by Localized extensions of Primary Consciousness. The Primordial Force of Primary Consciousness is shown throughout this writing to be just that, a Wholeness perceiving of and through itself in an infinity of ways – where “Locality” and “Non-Locality” are but alternate perceptions of the same Primordial condition – that “Undivided Diversities” of a Unified Totality are the next step in our conceptualizations of “Existence” – hence, the Internalized Multiverse.

                    During the evolution of computers, several different “species” of computers emerged. Among these were IBM, Apple and Wang, to name a few. (Similarly, during the development of Mankind, several different schools of thought emerged, described herein as Science, Religion and Philosophy). Each of these systems developed in their own unique way as each developed with different and seemingly incompatible shells of interpretation and expression. In the case of early computers, their unique operating systems, (software configurations), as well as their distinct hardware configurations were incompatible with each other as each responded to different computer languages, (different dialects of binary and higher code). 

                    Because each manufacturer had their own ideas about how a computer should be developed, different brands of computers had their interpretive and expressive functions evolved separately from each other. Because their hardware and operating systems were different from each other, communication between these systems was almost non-existent, as there was no common language to be expressed or interpreted between them. Programs developed for IBM computers for instance, could not operate on Wang or Apple systems because each kind of computer interpreted code in its own unique way. Eventually, an elementary common language shell called “ASCII” an acronym for “American Standard Code for Information Interchange”, was developed as a rudimentary interface between most varieties of computer systems and this language allowed a primitive form of communication among them. (It is always possible for differential systems to “somehow” find a way to communicate, as the Tensor Field between them, through which they are undivided may be convoluted into an interfacial language shell, such as in this case, ASCII).

                    Similarly, Science, Religion and Philosophy have also developed in their own unique ways with each having sub-divisions of interpretation and expression. Although human language in general is an interfacial shell between these modes of translation, human language comes in many forms with each having subtle differences in its function of communication. Furthermore, human beings express and interpret differently from each other, even when using the same language form. Finding a common understanding between the various human languages and between the interpretations of societies and of individuals would therefore seem to be a nearly impossible task. Despite our conceptual differences however, we are also physically and most importantly, psychologically alike - (we have similar hardware and software configurations), and it is because of this similarity that we are able to develop the interfacial shells of communication that are necessary to enable our general understanding of each other. Although our communicative evolution has been a difficult process, it is nevertheless advancing. The similar but differential translations of the foundational code of existence put forth by Science, Religion and Philosophy therefore, can eventually achieve unification.

                    Comparatively, the various “species” of computers are evolving to interpret a broader spectrum of languages among dissimilar systems and it is this evolution towards “systems conformance” that has further encouraged the development of computer languages toward a unified “vision”. As computer technology advanced both in hardware and software, manufacturers either had to modify their products to meet modern common standards or become extinct. Many fell by the wayside or were absorbed into larger corporations. The companies, (and therefore the various computer species), that survived, did so because they evolved interfacial capabilities to meet the standards of an advancing world. They recognized that the foundational programming code developed for any system could be interpreted by any other system that had a minimum threshold of modern hardware if an interfacing language shell was inserted between one system and another. Similarly, human language shells of communication are evolving to advance a common “vision” of the foundational code of existence, particularly through the mathematical language of Science. The language shells of Philosophy and Religion are also developing, and as they continue to accelerate their evolution to meet the demands of inter-societal and interpersonal understanding, their diversified expressions of the Substructure/Superstructure of existence are beginning to rival that of Science.

                    Philosophy, Religion and Science therefore, are evolving “program shells” that attempt to express the foundational code of existence, the “language” of the Primordial Force in an understandable way. 

                    Each shell of expression contains the same foundational code of the others, as each shell is merely a language form that we use to express our interpretation of the origins of existence. What has been deficient between Science and Religion, (and in many cases, missing altogether), is an interfacial shell of communication that could provide the “systems conformance” necessary to decipher their diverse explanations of the common foundational code to a unified understanding. In pursuit of such common understanding, many Theologians have educated themselves in the fields of Higher Mathematics, Relativity, Particle Physics and Quantum Mechanics ..and many Theoreticians within these fields are reinterpreting their notions of Theology and Philosophy. This is the movement within our world of conceptualizations ..towards “Systems Conformance”.

                    Common terms such as Time, Space, Matter, Energy, Position, Velocity, Momentum, Inertia, Consciousness, Nothingness, Void, Tao and God are language shell expressions of the foundational code of Primary Consciousness. They are translations of the processes that we interpret through our experience as Existence. When Humans, (and other life forms), interpret their environment, they do so by way of a “hardware configuration” an interactive interface of sensory organs and interpretive brain, (the perceptual lens of our “Animate Interface”), and an “operating system”, (our “Localized Consciousness”). 

                    The hardware configuration of the Human Animate Interface is capable of translating a limited number of “language” forms that impact upon it in different ways. We see and hear written and spoken words and mathematical formulas. We also translate other configurations of Primary Consciousness through sight, hearing, touch, taste and smell ..all of which are sensory interfaces to the Primordial language expressions that we interpret as heat, cold, sharp, smooth, hard, soft, loud, big, little, near, far, sweet, bitter, etc., naturally imparted to us by our “environment”. Our brain allows the operating system of Localized Consciousness, (the individual “self” that is you or I), to form a summarized image of what we experience through our senses and then to act upon this image, as what it believes to be “reality”, through the motor functions of the Animate Interface. The human body therefore, is an interface to experience, interposed between the perceiver, (Localized Consciousness), and the perceived, (Primary Consciousness as the interpreted “environment” from which the perceiver extends). 

                    Further into this writing we will discover ways other than through the Animate Interface that Localized Consciousness may interpret and affect its environment and “reality” ..ways that most of us are generally unaware of, but that we continually use extra-consciously within the “Locality–Non-Locality Field” of Primary Consciousness.

                        We will come to the understanding that our “higher-Tacit-Consciousness” is the environment of Primary Consciousness from which we extend and since it is part of us ..undivided from us ..we implicitly maneuver this greater extensity of ourselves whenever we attempt an action upon our environment through our localized intent upon it. This of course sounds paradoxical, but it is because of this perceived paradox that we perceptually ignore this tacit ability until a spontaneous or near catastrophic event brings us to a momentary recognition of our extended capacity. At the end of this writing, I have included wonderful testimony from average people that bear witness to recognized states of “Higher Consciousness”. 

Within the process of Comprehension ..By Primary Consciousness of itself..

The Foundational Code of the Primordial Force is Translated into Reality

Alternate Perceptions of “Unified Diversity”

Let us first explore the foundational
code through simple imagery

                    If we accept that “Unconditional Love is the foundation of Existence”, we would be interpreting Primary Consciousness in perhaps the most enlightened of ways - as an unconditional, irreducible, but dynamic simplicity. This concept conveys that “Unconditional Love” is the unifying force that maintains the relationship of one pattern of existence to another, of all patterns of existence to all others. In its deepest meaning, it declares that an underlying pre-existent medium of unity is required to enable the existence of objects, people, nations, planets and stars. It is also saying that the foundation of existence, as “Unconditional Love”, is the basis and therefore the “glue” that holds all of existence together; that all patterns of existence are merely bumps in the blanket of Wholeness that we call “Love” and that love is ultimately all there really is. In this view, the blanket is therefore – unconditionally – because the blanket itself is “pre-existent”, (not sequentially pre-existent, but super-structurally pre-existent), to its bumps and folds that arise as part of the blanket, which are its extended, though undivided substructural functions. (If you consider carefully what has just been said, you will see that “pre-existent” in this sense is not sequential. The blanket, because of its composition, emanates bumps and folds within its own Totality without regard to a time span. The blanket is the “Virtual Moment” ever-becoming. It is the entirety of “Time”. It is constructed of “Time”, in relation to its bumps and folds, which are also constructed of the blanket and therefore also constructed of “Time”.

                   The blanket in this sense, though it is called “Unconditional Love”, is representative of Primary Consciousness, whose intrinsic tension results in varied convolutions of itself. Since in this description, the blanket is all there is, there is nothing outside of the blanket to induce further changes within it and so whatever qualities the blanket has, are fundamental to the blanket itself. All of the patterns of existence that we experience and all factors that constitute the Cosmos extend from and therefore rely upon this blanket, a condition in ever-changing, ever emerging self-encounter. 

                    If we go no further in our exploration of the foundational code and we just adopt this simple concept of undividedness, our interaction with our environment and with other individuals would occur in a loving, caring and trustful way. Individuals who come in contact with us would experience altered perceptions by virtue of our interaction with them. Having been thus affected, they would change others as well, creating a ripple effect upon our common environment.

The Coherence and Natural Logic of Existence

                    Within our understanding, certain things would not normally occur, such as a rock magically lifting on its own to hover before our eyes ..or a ripple magically forming without what we would consider to be a “cause”. But if we consider more carefully, we can see that what we perceive as “causes” are actually the logical translations of what we perceive as “effects”, causes and effects being but one and the same within the function of an action upon itself. The “what is not”, (pre-quantified qualities), therefore, when considered with the “what is”, (quantified qualities), is what defines our interpretation of the “fractionalized patterning” of existence. Within our interpretation, the implicit patterns, the undivided underlying qualities, are the “what is not” until they are explicated into “reality”. Quantization occurs through the mutual action of two or more qualities, each a cause and effect of the other, concurrently forming into a specific logical quantity, (a “Quanta” - a complex rationale of Primary Consciousness, of which its “qualities” may be interpreted - hence the scientific exploration of “existence” through its quantified manifestations - i.e., the breaking down of atoms into nucleons and then into quarks, leptons, etc.). The cause therefore, in all cases, is within and part of the effect, as all qualities extend from a greater totality – see diagram below:

                    The convolutions of Primary Consciousness are pre-existent implications, (qualities), that are elevated to our perception by our action upon them or by our simultaneous observation of them. They go from substructural to perceivable, from implicit to explicit when we activate them because we are an undivided part of them, (during activation, our consciousness and their consciousness are mutually dynamic). And ..if they are activated by something other than the observer, they can still be observed because the observer is a part of the same Totality as whatever else may have activated them.

                    In other words, when we see a tree branch break off and fall into a pond and create ripples, we only are able to see this because we are part of the same conscious environment as the tree. The branch striking the water gains our sensory attention, but the branch itself is part of our extensity, part of our tacit consciousness we, the tree, the branch, the pond and all else, constitute the Totality. Thus a concurrent induction of action exists throughout Primary Consciousness by which all is tacitly aware, (all convolutions correspond, (co-respond), to other convolutions and to the Totality).

                    Our short-term memory is the mechanism of "correspondence" between our senses and our brain. Localized Consciousness makes use of this mechanism to form images of the “environment” ..of the convolutions of the qualities of Primary Consciousness. We use this mechanism to first make a translation of Primary Consciousness into sequential time and then we internally make sequential time into “space” and then we perceptually superimpose, (project “out there”), the “space” in varying intensities over sequential time so that we may travel through “space” between “objects” with “time” passing. All that we perceive however is an interpretation of Primary Consciousness that we translate and re-create within us. The image of what is “out there” is internal to our own minds our own Localized Consciousness re-creates and projects its approximation of “out there”.

                    Albert Einstein's E=MC2 in its deepest sense is a description of the logic of Primary Consciousness in comprehension of itself, which we translate as the relativistic implications of environmental existence. Because our short-term memory drives our continued recomprehension of the “environmental” processes that we focus upon, we are limited in our perception of those forces and furthermore, we are limited in our perception those forces only. Short-term memory focuses in a limited way by super-imposing our perception back upon itself. We continually receive environmentally coded impressions through our senses and then continually re-impose the code back upon itself, thus forming a picture of dimensionality within our minds that we project “out there”. (Our interpretive Brain contains a molecular “Projector and Projection Screen” – like a Camcorder fixed tightly to our eyes, that we perceive through). What we see as “out there”, is our interpretation of our own reapplication of the code that we receive, re-imaged back upon itself within our minds, (We look at the “Projection Screen” and imagine that we are seeing “out there”). Thus our perception of the Totality in Concurrency is limited to a localized sequentiality of our own making. In simple terms, our short-term memory cuts us off perceptually from the Totality of Primary Consciousness and thus limits our interpretation to localized sequentiality.

Further into this writing we will see the profound meaning of the translation of:

(E)-nergy = (M)-ass times the Speed of Light (C2)-onstant Squared ..into

(E)-xistence = the (M)-ind of Primary Consciousness in (C2)-omprehension of itself,
(Comprehension being the Quantization of the Qualities of the Code of Existence)

                    But to briefly touch upon this concept, in E=MC2, (C) as the (C)-onstant speed of light is equal to the constant Tension, constant Transcendence of the Wholeness of Primary Consciousness upon itself that creates implicit convolutions, (ratios of diversities within the Wholeness i.e., rationales), as substructural implicit qualities that lead to explicit quanta within Primary Consciousness.

                    What we see as “light” therefore, is the perceptual manifestation of the substructural in constant transformation into perceivable patterned reality. Hence, whether interpreted as photon particles or electromagnetic waves, light is an aspect of “Universal Comprehension” in varying degrees, forming into what we interpret as quanta. The Constant tension by Primary Consciousness upon itself manifests as the diverse electromagnetic radiations of our reality.

                    When we throw a pebble into a pond to create a ripple, what we are really doing is activating implicit convolutions by our “comprehension” of them. Comprehension in this sense is the will of Primary Consciousness upon itself through the action of a Localized part of itself, (such as any one of us), which concurrently observes the action ..through the illusion of sequentiality. The sequential observation is an interpretation by that Localized part of Primary Consciousness perceiving through an Animate Interface, which interrupts, (sequentializes'), the observation because the interface as a sensory device transforms the aspects of the entirety of the process into a sequence of “conceivable” data that Localized Consciousness can analyze and then assimilate. The conceivable data is interpreted internally by Localized Consciousness, (within our mind), into “sensibility” by superimposing the data of the emerging moment upon itself to make a dimensioned image of time, space and objects, perceptually projected onto the “Molecular Projection Screen of our brain”, as - “out there”. Such re-imaging of data upon itself is continually interpreted by Localized Consciousness as the sequentiality of environmental existence.

                    If one understands that all processes are concurrent, or implicit, then one knows that they are acting within a process because they are a part of it. There is no “outside” to any situation as we are always part of what we observe. Within the convoluted Wholeness of Primary Consciousness, each situation is part of all situations. The “implicate” becomes the “explicate”, (the mutual “cause” becomes the mutual “effect”), by its action upon itself. Herein lie our notions of “faith” and “self-confidence”, (as we intuitively know this). 

                    We do get a hint of the concurrency of the Totality however, when we look out upon our “environment”. It is - as it is – contained within itself, as we see it. If we look out over a field of flowers and grasses, we see that the field is ..and that is its concurrency. What we perceive as the motion of the flowers and grasses in the wind is the processing of the concurrency ..and if we perceive that the wind is blowing onto the field from outside of the field, that only means that the field is a convolution within the concurrency of a greater totality.

Bridging the gap of indirect perception

                    In the case of “what is not”, one may act with confidence through all situations, and when a “what is not” is encountered, one knows that a “what is” will next be manifest. In this way we learn, through our in-born implicit faith, that an explicit path though cluttered with perceptual “what is nots”, is nevertheless negotiable.

                    Of course, there is always this perceptual problem ..I am over here and you are over there, so how are we indivisibly connected? More so, you live in a beautiful house, have a shiny new car and your belly is full. I am living on the street, my feet are sore, and I am cold and hungry. Furthermore, you see me and because I have a less than acceptable look about me, you are nervous about inviting me into your house and may not offer me food. Instead, you might slam your door shut as an answer to a perceived threat to your own well-being and that of your family. Are you wrong? Not knowing who I am, you might courageously step outside for a moment with some food or money and offer it to me, but you are very nervous about this because you have to protect your own interests and I am an unknown. You may even believe in the undividedness of existence, in unconditional love ..but do I?


                    If we postulate philosophically that “Opportunism is the foundation of existence” we would once again be attempting to express the code of Primary Consciousness in the form of a simple concept. This concept projects that “The seizure of Opportunity” is what is required to maintain existence and that underlying unity, if present at all, is not enough in itself to maintain a pattern of existence. In a deeper sense, this concept declares that patterns of existence, most notably living patterns, are more divided from each other than connected and that the power to maintain a continuity of existence must be obtained by each pattern individually, wherever and whenever possible. 

                    This simple concept if adopted by any individual would certainly affect that person’s interaction with others. Interaction through such a perception would create a “ripple effect”, changing the perception of others as well. Here we see that the way in which we act affects “what is”, irregardless of how we originally perceived “what is” to be, ..And as will be shown further into this writing, we many times mistake “what is not” for “what is” and act upon it, further complicating our interpretation of “what is”. Because through such conceptual confusion we act upon “what is not”, believing it to be “what is”, we inadvertently affect “what is” in unimaginable ways that often surprise or dismay us.

                    Of course, once again, there is this perceptual problem ..We feel a sense of unity between ourselves and our environment, (that is our in-born faith and self-confidence that enables us to move through it), within which others like ourselves, are a part. We may confuse this sense or deny it – our capability of self-controlled will allows this, but each time we deny our connectivity, our oneness with unity, we take a position against it. We perceive that each of us, indeed every object in existence, occupies its own place, but we may fail through perceptual confusion to see the connectivity between. When we perceive ourselves as separate from our environment, we simultaneously divide our environment and others from ourselves. When we act upon our environment, we act upon ourselves within our environment - as a connected interwoven part of it, and that which we affect, simultaneously affects us as well - the cause is always within the effect - as a singular function. 

                    The exercise of such “free will” then reinforces our sense of division by our interaction with our environment and with other individuals. Others who come in contact with us would be changed in some way by virtue of our interaction. Having been thus affected, they would in turn change others, perpetuating the ripple effect. Denying our unity with our environment and with those contained within, eventually works its way back to us as others then make us feel divided from them. Taking the position of division therefore is a self-imposed constraint that requires a continuous expenditure of psychological and physical energy. Eventually the effort at maintaining a self-imposed position against unity takes its toll of us. 

                    To blindly accept either postulation however, would reduce us to little more than computers. We have dignity and awareness and are entitled to know why things are as they are. We are not comfortable if we cannot explore and understand the underlying reasons for our existence. 

                    Both of the above postulates may be simultaneously true however, as it is the varied perceptions of enlivened minds that make “reality” of common data. The perception therefore of the underlying code may be radically different between individuals, as each person interprets things in their own way. Such alternate interpretations are both the key to discovery and the pathway to controversy. Thus, it is incumbent upon each of us to discern how to responsibly exercise our “free will” in order to adopt a philosophy by which to live and interact with others within our “environment”.

                    In order to achieve a greater understanding, to adopt a personal philosophy ..and to navigate confusion, it is necessary to explore the foundational code that supports the duality of these concepts. We must have a basic understanding of the fundamental nature of existence in order to see if Love or Opportunism has any relationship to it. The following chapters will investigate the foundational construct of existence, from which emerges the formulation of perception.

                    Within this exploration we will look at all of existence, the physical interpretation of the Totality of the Universe/Multiverse, (dualistic/multiplistic bordered existence as perceived through Localized Consciousness), and the Primordial Field of interconnectivity - the Inertial Tensor Field of Primary Consciousness, as the Implicit Force of Will of existence.

From out of the Nothing transposed to Potential

My unspoken purpose delayed Revelation

Awaiting the pattern of Matter’s Essential

Vitality wakened to free Animation…

From out of Singularity/Essentiality, the Spirit/Mechanism of Creation renewed the Universe with intent. The purpose of Creation was unspoken, as there was no one yet to perceive ..until matter evolved through the forge of molecular patterning to a sentient form finally capable of Self Determination and free thought.


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