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The illustration below gives a detailed view.

                    This illustration reveals that a third, (2 sixths), Universal Span may be observed in any direction. For instance, if viewing from point B of the graphic on the right to points A and C, we view through a dynamic distance of 15.86666 billion light years to an arc that is 15.86666 billion light years across. (The line A–C is actually curved and is represented by the line A–F–C). Facing in any particular direction, we naturally surmise that if we turn around – 180 degrees, that we are seeing the other ½ of what we are able to observe and this is true, but this ½ of what we can observe is only once again, one third of a span represented between the points E - D. In the graphic to the left, if we follow the curve of the double radius, (represented by an ellipsoid), that we observe through, we find that one sixth of a span – 7.83333 billion light years curves around 120 through 180 degrees opposite to the direction we are observing through. 

                    The furthest radius that we observe through is a representation of a curve our own Locus expressed to our interfacial interpretation as a “prior” change of the self-experience of Primary Consciousness. The one sixth of the span that we cannot see in one direction, but that can be seen in the opposite, is a change of self-experience “prior” to that. The self-experiences of Primary Consciousness remain as multiplistic views by Primary Consciousness of itself and therefore, all views, all accumulations of experience by Primary Consciousness of itself are in the reality of their totality, together both historical and concurrent. What we observe in the far reaches of space that we perceive as our past, was once our future, as we received the fundamentals of existence from those regions. Such prior self-expressions/experiences of Primary Consciousness are still and always undergoing change and because of this, being concurrent, always become our “future” encounters. It is the memory/Soul of Primary Consciousness as the accumulation of its self-experiences that circle around from our interfacially perceived “past” to become our interfacially perceived “future”. It is the knowledge of itself that Primary Consciousness remakes …that is the vibrational question imposed upon itself, perceived by us as the Universe/Multiverse, that we experience as our current and sequential encounters. The pre-creative rules for our existence dwell within the Totality of the body of knowledge of Primary Consciousness. It is only through the interpretation of the Animate Interface that we imagine that our views of this Totality are only purely “historical”. There is in reality on the grand macro scale, no “back in time”, as all time, all dynamic “motion” within the Totality of the Void/Existence is within the realm of the now. Referring to the left graphic above, if observation starts at point F, moving clockwise to point A, a view of one third of a span is obtained, even though only one sixth of our Locus is observed through. If another sixth is observed through, between points A and B, the view of another third of a span is obtained. If a third sixth of our Locus is observed through from points B to C, a view of the final third of a span is obtained, but such third curves around 120 through 180 degrees. The changing view from point F to point C shows one sixth of a span curving around 120 through 180 degrees, not observable in one direction, but observable in the opposite. To avoid an obvious confusion, an entire one-third span is always observable in any direction we view. Since spans are curved, any section of a span is curved as well. As we look upon one third of a span, a view of 120 degrees opposite gives an observation of one sixth that we could not see if interpreting to the right for instance, and we also obtain an additional one sixth that we could not see if interpreting to the left. The mean degree is 180 between the two. (I use the terms left and right to illustrate directions of observation. Any two opposite directions of observation will suffice).

Let us now take an even closer look at the curvature of Time-Space

                    If we imagine ourselves as viewing from the center to the left of the above Universal Locus, we first see that for a short distance the heavy lines that represent curved radii appear to be nearly straight towards the center. That is because the closer we perceive reality to be, the more tangible it becomes. There are an infinite number of radii to perceive through and they all converge together at the point of perception. There is no curve starting from where we perceive and as we look further out, the curve appears and the radii separate. It is because of the separation of radii from where we stand that we gain a view of “Time” and “Space” through the “cones” of our perception, now illustrated as being curved. Our perception of the separation of the radii gives us our notion of looking back into the past and our notion of the increasing volume of space. In the illustration above we see an ellipsoid in the center of the circle at points A, G, and B. This ellipsoid is representative of the curved circumference of an entire Universal Span that converges with other spans at the point of perception. This circumference together with infinite others are the radii through which we perceive. The radii of infinite representations of a Universal Span curve outward from us in all directions and curve back upon us as we change our direction of perception. Each span is a representation of the Totality of the self-experience of Primary Consciousness, a holomotion, (dynamic comprehension), of the Multiverse on the grand macro scale. They are projections of the same accumulation of the self-experience of Primary Consciousness shown in different ways. The different views promote ongoing experience as they interpenetrate each other producing an ever-changing multi-projection by Primary Consciousness of and through itself. The MultiVerse therefore is a multiplistic representation of a single span. Put as simply as possible,

The Grand Universe is not other than the Void itself, as Primary Consciousness in multiplicity self-represented/projected in diversity!

                    Remember that a radius is an imagined fixed straight line that does not exist in reality. A line of 7.5 billion light years would actually be 7.833333 billion light years through the application of PI and PI must be applied because Time-Space is curved due to the dynamic property of the experiential self-encounter of the Void/Existence. In the figure below we can see an exploded view of three overlapping Universal Loci or Universal Spans. We can add an infinite number of circles, but the three are enough to illustrate that the edges of multiple Universal Spans coincide at the center of every Universal Locus. Every Locus therefore is the same Locus represented differently. All Loci are therefore “connected” by their virtue of being the same thing – as the Godheads of all Universal/ Multiversal Loci are spanned as the absolute Godhead of the Grand Universe. Primary Consciousness as a self-cohesive force does not separate as it interpenetrates itself. What one part knows, all parts know, but in different ways because interpenetration continually changes the conceptual view by Primary Consciousness of itself. This is what holomotion is, multiplistic views of the Whole by the undivided extensions of the Whole.

                    The Grand Universe judged physically therefore is composed of an indefinite number of Universal Spans that overlap and interpenetrate, expanding into each other and contracting into themselves. The action of the two, (perceived) forces …ex-pression… maintains reciprocal equilibrium throughout the Grand Universe, (If a star is moving away from one point, it is therefore moving toward another. Expansion/ contraction within the Grand Universe therefore is a singular inclusive function of reciprocity – of cause within effect).

                    The Universe judged spiritually however is composed of Loci, the largest of which is the Universal Span of Inbounded Consciousness. While Universal Spans are judged edge to edge, Loci are judged center to center because all Loci are repeated manifestations of the Lathe of Creation, only perceivable through the centered interpretation of the self-determinate Soul.

                    We see above, three interpenetrating Universal Spans. Let us imagine that we perceive from the center of the middle one. If we look to the left we can see to the edge of our span and once again the same distance to the center of another. Looking in this direction we can see no further than two radii. If we turn 180 degree to the right, we can see the same distance, out to the edge of our span, but the second distance further out is what we could not see when we looked to the left. The curvature of space has brought a half span around to our vision in the opposite direction. The second distance out, the furthest ½ span that we can see is always the third ½ span that we cannot see while looking in any direction. Even though we can see 3 full spans in the figure above, they are interpenetrated and therefore equal a physical distance of only 2 full spans.

What is the MultiVerse?

                    It is the same Universal Span expressed in multiplicity the circumference of the Outbounded Absolute, taken internally to form Inbounded representations of itself …to itself. Each expression is a different view of the same thing. When interpreted as expanding it looks one way and when interpreted as contracting it looks another. When the views interpenetrate, together they look different once again. 

                    Imagine looking at a sphere from the inside out and that the sphere changes position to accommodate your view so that you are always viewing from the center. Since both we and the Universal Span that we perceive are expressed in multiplicity we get a centered view of it from wherever we perceive. We are an undivided part of it and when it changes, we reciprocally change our perspective and when we change our “position”, it reciprocally changes because it is part of us. We are therefore, always “in the middle”. The sphere does not actually change position, but because it exists in multiplicity, we always perceive it from a center. Each expression of our Universe is a Universal Locus. It is the same Locus interpreted through different views of Primary Consciousness experiencing itself in multiplicity.

                    The Quantum Mind levels of all Loci, those of star, galactic and clustered, etc. are interpenetrated as well and here lies the difference between the physical and spiritual interpretations of existence. The difference however, is in interpretation only, for perception through the Animate Interface gives a view of bordered separation between stars, galaxies, clusters and Universal Spans as well as separation of “time” intervals. The Soul exists whether an Animate Interface is associated with it or not, so existence is continuous, but the Soul's interpretation of existence, depending on how the Soul exists may be different. The reason that we cannot see “space” while associated with the Animate Interface is because our eyes are not attenuated to be able to see space and therefore our brains interpret space as nothingness, which has been shown throughout this writing to be an illusion. We see in a narrow range of light wavelengths and this restricts our view. Light is electromagnetic radiation and “Space”, (our projected view of stressed Time), is the matrix from which such radiation manifests. Do we not “see” however, space as what we perceive as the separation between objects? Is not what we think that we do not see then, our actual vision of space?

If we could give it color, might we not see space more clearly?

What we “see” then as the separation
…is actually the connection!

                    I could draw a million circles and spheres to show the varied expressions of the multiplicity of the self-experience of Primary Consciousness that we interpret as the Universe, the MultiVerse …the Grand Universe. Each sphere would be turned slightly to give a different view of the same thing. Now imagine the views as interpenetrating each other as thought interpenetrates thought. Through such interpenetration, the Grand Universal view grows ever more complex. As long as the experience continues, the Universe/MultiVerse …the Grand Universe is inter-continuous and changing. 

                    It is this continuity into ever emerging complexity that we interpret as infinity and existence. It is the interpenetration of the comprehension, (auto-thought), by Primary Consciousness of itself that we interpret as the size of the Universe and its history, both of which are imaged perceptions to make sense out of what we as intelligent, self-determinate extensions of it, observe. Through the interpenetration of thought, each level of the Lathe of Creation spans what we interpret as the Grand Universe because each level exists in a center and all centers are the same, expressed in multiplicity. (Remember our molding of clay?) Each living being throughout the Grand Universe perceives from the same center, but because this center is expressed in multiplicity, each being has a different view.

                    Our Universal Locus lies half way across an infinite number of diameters of Universal Spans that join together all Loci contained within the Grand Universe as the Lathe of Creation and whose inter-adjoining edges we stand upon. Where those infinite edges coincide is the center from which we perceive. The outer halves of such diameters support the inner sphere of our existence, our Locus. The area outside of our Locus is de-Void of regional intention, as the Godhead of our region had no dynamic control for the first approximate 7.5 billion years of our region’s existence. (Animate matter did not come into existence in our Universal Span until approximately 7.5 billion years ago when second generation stars came into being …remember, we and all that we perceive are thought into existence, and thought is different than the “space” and “time” that we as extensions of thought …illusion it to be). 

                    This outer area is governed exclusively by the Lathe of Creation of the MultiVerse of which the Godhead of our Locus has but indirect influence. The outer area exists in relation to our inner area as a support structure of our Locus (as the Lathe of Creation supports the Loci that are its undivided parts). The inner edge of the outer area interfaces with the outer edge of our Locus area whose distance from its center to its edge is 7.5 billion light years – static and 7.83333 billion light years - dynamic. The total distance across our Locus would then be 15 billion light years static and 15.66666 billion light years dynamic. What we see when we look out to a span of 15.66666 billion light years from our center however, is the radius of our Locus to its edge, (7.83333 billion light years), and into another Locus from its edge to its center, (another 7.83333 billion light years). Universal spans or Loci are therefore 15.66666 billion light years across, but from the centered perception of animate matter perceiving from a Locus, they are interpreted from center to center and when perceived as a magnitude of a Universal Span they are interpreted from edge to edge. 

                    We exist therefore in what we perceive through animate matter as the illusion of the “physical” Grand Universe. We see a limited portion of the Grand Universe in all directions because its construction is of infinite Universal Span representations, (all represented from a single span, all time variations of the same thing, all “Sub-Time Frame Universal Spans”), upon whose inter-adjoining edges we stand. Because Time-Space is the “substance” of Primary Consciousness in self-experiential “motion”, (the dynamic comprehension of auto-thought), Time-Space is curved by constant change and this curvature allows us to see that which we could not see in the opposite direction. We also exist within a Locus that is interconnected to all other Loci within the Lathe of Creation. We perceive the Grand Universe from the center of our Locus as the interconnected Loci of the Lathe.

                    The diameter of our Locus is that of an entire Universal Span and the first closest span of another Locus extends from the center of our Locus to the edge of our Locus and once again, an equal distance beyond. This span enables’ metamorphosis of elemental matter into animate matter within our Locus as the interpenetration of the two allows the pre-existent rules of creation to manifest within our Locus. (All this really means …is that Primary Consciousness gets new ideas because of its ongoing self-experience and auto-implements such new ideas as further experience. The pre-creative rules become creation through the in-tentional, {Lathe of Creation}, through experiential encounter by Primary Consciousness of itself). The nature of this interconnected span changes within the realm of our Locus in that it allows the pre-existent rules of the creation of animate matter to interface with the existent circumstances of our Locus. The half of such span that extends from the edge of our Locus outward is the pre-metamorphic stage of the Lathe of Creation relative to our Locus. Such pre-metamorphic stage has not penetrated into our Locus and therefore, experiential encounter between our Locus and this outer area is indirect, (anticipatory), through the Lathe of Creation. 

                    It lies between the half span extending outward from the edge of our Locus and the life generating half-span extending inward to the center of our Locus. We cannot perceive the outer most area of this span, because it lies beyond our perceptual wink-out range of matter accelerating away from us, beyond what Hubble’s Constant will allow.

Partial review

                    So far we perceive three distinct Universal ½ Spans as interfacing parts of the Lathe of Creation. The first ½ span is a distance of an area equal to one half of that of a Universal Span. This area is shown by the radius extending from the center that we perceive from, to the outer edge of our Locus. The whole of our Locus encompasses a total volume equal to an entire Universal Span, a diameter across, but in order for this area to be perceived as our Locus, it must be viewed from its center. If viewed from its center, then its radius is observed only – hence, one half of a Universal Span is thus perceived. This is the area we perceive ourselves to be in the center of. It is the sphere of volume where animate matter and Souls are created and maintained for the pursuit of harmonic unity, or joy.

                    The next ½ span is a further distance also equal to one half of a Universal Span. This second stage extends outward from the circumference of our Locus. This next ½ span is observable from our perspective because it lies within the total distance of an entire Universal Span when viewed from the center of our Locus. Such entire span extends from where we are, (center), to the edge of what we perceive as an entire Universal Span. This second stage, (outer ½ span), is de-Void of the direct intention of our Locus, but is interfaced with our Locus as its connection to the Lathe of Creation. This area is a pre-metamorphic stage in relation to our Locus and supports the existence of our Locus. This pre-metamorphic area is the anticipation and intention of Primary Consciousness to create further experience by generating animate matter within our Locus. It extends from the center of our Locus to the center of another Locus, both incorporated into the Lathe of Creation. Each Universal Locus is the largest fold possible that Primary Consciousness can make of itself through its experience of itself, although many such folds can communicate together as a community of Inbounded though interpenetrated systems. Each fold permits a unique view of the Multiverse when viewed through by the cognizant Souls extending from it, as their “Universe”.

                    The third and final stage, a distance transcribing an area also equal to one half of a Universal Span, extends from the outer edges of the second stage and circles back 120 through 180 degrees into our field of view. The entire third stage, (a third ½ Universal Span), is unobservable to us in one particular direction because it begins at and extends beyond the edge of wink-out distance of matter accelerating away from us, but is observable to us in the opposite direction because of the curvature of Time-Space. These ½ spans are actually 1/3rd views of the multiplistic Universal Span expressed within this writing as the Grand Universe and as the Lathe of Creation. 1/3rd of a view is always out of sight in any direction that we are interpreting through, but is always viewable in the opposite direction.

                    Semantics at this point can become confusing, as Time-Space is subjective. Since we are dealing with one and one half universal spans, two thirds of this distance, (an entire Universal Span), extends from the center of our Locus, (where we are), to the edge of our Locus and once again an equal distance beyond to the center of another Locus. From this standpoint, the first two stages interact and metamorphosise from an area containing inanimate matter, (outer 2nd stage), to an area containing animate matter, (inner 1st stage), leaving the third stage, according to our perception, (beyond wink-out), devoid of life and matter as well. 

                    When we look through a distance starting 7.83333 billion light years out to a distance of approximately 8.83333 billion light years out, we see a portion of the pre-metamorphic stage of our region, back through the period when the material from exploded first generation stars just began to reach second generation stars, (approximately 1 billion years). It was not until approximately 7.83333 billion years ago that the building blocks of animate matter made their debut within our Locus. Dynamic perception, (perception of “time” over “space”), therefore began in our Universal Span about 7.83333 billion years ago and what we now see, is the Quantum Mind of the Lathe of Creation perceived from the center of the Locus from which we extend to its outer perimeter and beyond into the center of another Locus, represented/projected in multiplicity, (Such center being that of a “prior”/different, but ongoing experience). We therefore perceive a physical manifestation of the Quantum Mind as it exhibits to us by our sequential interpretation of it through our animate forms. We are observing the living mass Soul of a Universal Span connected through two Loci when observation is in one direction, (infinite representations of Loci – of the same locus - if perception is in all directions), and we interpret its accumulated experience of itself, (its body of knowledge “memory” of itself), as the distance of the diameter extending from where we are as the “present” to another center as the beginning of the “past”. Such interpretation is analogous of the Soul of the Rubik’s cube, but in this view, the Apex of the present is from where we perceive and the Apex of imaging is the center of the next Locus that we can view to. From the Apex of imaging, (the center of the next Locus), we can see from there to here, an entire representation of the accumulation of experience by Primary Consciousness of itself and when we turn around to view in the opposite direction, we can see that same accumulation of experience in a different way. Each direction that we turn gives us a different view of the experiential encounter by the Void upon itself.

                    Let us now come to the understanding that we are looking out from within the center of a sphere whose radius is 7.83333 billion light years and upon looking further, another 7.83333 billion light years to the center of another sphere. 
If we were to be able to see in all directions at once, we would see infinite overlapping spheres whose edges join together …from where we perceive. Our sphere, (our Locus), spans a volume from its center, (from where we perceive), to ½ the distance to the outer edges of all of the spheres that overlap us. The entire Grand Universe therefore is in view, perceivable to us through multiple descriptions of itself, (multiple “directions”). 

                    To our perception, it would appear that the entire Grand Universe is 30 billion light years across, (peering in one direction – 15 billion light years and then turning 180 degrees to peer in the opposite direction – another 15 billion light years). Such a distance is an illusion however, because we know that the greatest physical distance that can be is that of approximately 15.6666 billion light years. What we see when we turn 180 degrees is a modified view of what we saw before we turned. The second 15 billion light years is not other than a part of the first with the third ½ span that we could not see of the first– added on, seen as a projected expression by Primary Consciousness of itself. What we see in all views, (all directions), is the multiplicity of the ongoing experience by Primary Consciousness of itself, a largest part in any direction as a holomotive expression of its Totality. We are seeing the same Grand Universe reflected back to us from different directions, each direction looking different, but only so because we are seeing it from inverted perspectives, (through the lens of curved Time-Space). Part of this lens is the property that we give to it …in that we are extended from it as a holomotive representation of it. (When we as the measurer, measure through interpretation/perception, the measured changes through the act of measuring). The act of measuring/interpreting causes change in what is being measured. Change is approximation in “motion” and is manifest as a curvature in our measurement, (both we and “it” automatically use PI, we in measuring and “it” in its representation to us).

The ultimate perceiver equals the ultimate constraint of Time-Space

as Primary Consciousness in its purest form of the Absolute


Together we Grow, Each Interdependent



Enraptured as One

Awakened to Meaning Forever Transcendent

‘Til infinite Web of Creation is Spun…

           An acknowledgement to Life that the Universe is as dependant upon Life for its survival and existence as Life is as dependant upon the Universe… and that there is a purpose even higher that the Universe aspires to, but that such purpose may only be revealed when life evolves to join the Vital Force of the Universe within the Singularity of Nothingness from where all of creation springs.


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