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Chapter 14

(and the perception of Centeredness through the Animate Interface)

                    A Locus is a community, constructed of the experiential levels of mass consciousness formed by Souls bearing both self and mass awareness. The environment from which a Soul extends is called a Locus because its construction manifests from localized Time-Space. All matter has a basis of “Soul” because all matter is constructed of and is driven by inertia. When inertia is digitized through animate matter, localized perception is enabled. Inertia is matter’s memory of itself and when such memory is digitized, the sequential interpretation of events is enabled. This is the difference between ambient consciousness and dynamic consciousness. Once dynamic consciousness manifests, self-awareness and self-determination are inevitably instilled in the Souls of animate forms …thus creating the “autonomy” of those Souls, including their ability to retain dynamism after the dissolution of the animate form, (the continued ability to function with intention as a disembodied localization of Primary Consciousness). It is through the perception of the dynamic Soul that the dimensions of space and time are imaged. Since all “Soul” is made of the same quantum “substance”, the matrix of Time-Space, all of “Soul” is not other than the singular state of Primary Consciousness. The concept of the mass Soul of the Universe is correct if one considers that extensions of it may develop individualized self-awareness, while such extensions are nevertheless undivided from the whole. The images that we define are the recomprehensions by Primary Consciousness, (the mass Soul of the Universe), of itself through its own extensions that have become self-aware. Primary Consciousness recognizes itself through us, as us, perceiving through the Animate Interface …and perceives through the lucid, disembodied form of a localized Soul as well. The recomprehension is that of the Tensor Field that we perceive and through our classical imaging, as the “Universe” that we define. We define the Universe as magnitudes of volume and history, such perception envisioned through our animate forms. We envision the Universe physically as volumetrically dynamic, as volume/s in motion, undergoing change. Such recomprehension and definition is not other than our perception of the Mass Soul of Primary Consciousness from which we extend. We may also envision the Universe as being spiritually dynamic… as God …or as the multilevel quantum mind of the Lathe of Creation, as the intentional, (in-tension-al), experiential encounter by Primary Consciousness of itself, (that is another description of “God”). 

                    The physical interpretation of the Universe, based upon Hubbell’s Constant, is that of a Universal Span approximately 15 billion light years across. It will be clearly shown in the next few paragraphs that such a span is part of the greater Multiversal realm herein referred to as the Grand Universe. The Spiritual interpretation of the Universal Span and the structures that support it are that of the Locus, which is an interpretation of the physical Universe expressed as degrees of experiential encounter by Primary Consciousness of itself represented herein as the Lathe of Creation. 

                    Let us now examine the experiential encounter by Primary Consciousness of itself as interpreted by the disembodied self-determinate Soul. The following will show the imaged interrelationships of the physical and spiritual interpretations of the Universal Span, the Locus, the Lathe of Creation and the Grand Universe.

                    There are six levels of magnitude of Loci, - Star System, Galactic, Galactic Cluster, Universal Span, Universal community and Grand Universal, or Multiversal. Each level performs a different function. All of the levels/Loci combined form the Lathe of Creation as the Totality of Primary Consciousness, as the highest experiencer/ manifestation of existence. When a star supports a Molecular Society or a planet that contains animate matter, and that animate matter evolves to the level that permits self-awareness, a local community of Souls of varying experiential levels is formed by those Souls through their recomprehension of and by their resultant attraction to each other. Souls migrate to that which is familiar because disembodied existence is unfamiliar after having existed within the animate form. They tend therefore to congregate into areas of familiarity, to that which they recognize. They are no longer limited by the sensory constraints of the Animate Interface and because the rules of environment for disembodied existence are different than for animate existence, the path of least resistance for disembodied Souls is to congregate together within their natural environment of mass consciousness. As has been shown earlier within this writing, mass consciousness differentiates according to the experiential levels of the inhabiting Souls. Star based Loci therefore differentiate into the appropriate experiential levels of the Lathe of Creation and each experiential level of each Locus has its own experiential place within the Lathe. The Lathe of Creation encompasses the Grand Universe and therefore all Loci are interconnected, in that an experiential level from our star based Locus is part of the same experiential level throughout our Universe. The Universe has volumetric properties because we perceive it this way through our animate forms. This is our expression of interpretation. We perceive planets, stars, galaxies and so on because we receive digitized information through our animate forms which gives us the illusion of bordered patterns of existence. The perceptions that we have of such higher magnitudes of environment are our sensory interfacial interpretations of the levels of the Universal Locus that we extend from.

                    There are four levels of magnitude within our local Universal Locus, (and the fifth and sixth levels of the Lathe of Creation being that of the Universal Community or Universal Cluster that our “Universal Span is part of and finally, the MultiVerse – the Totality of the Lathe of Creation), as well as the four levels of increasing experiential status within star based systems. (Actually ten levels altogether, each containing the substructures of the others, levels of thought, comprehension, interpretation, expression, working in consonance, communicating through vibration. Ten levels of Dimension, like a Cosmic “String” Orchestra, playing in perfect harmony). 

                    Each level of magnitude includes the Loci of the levels below starting from the star based Loci, the galactic, the galactic cluster and on up through the Multiversal level. Each level of magnitude contains Loci of varied experiential levels. The first level of magnitude is the star based level generated by a star system that supports animate matter. The next level up is that of a galactic community constructed of and supported by the common star based Loci contained within such galaxy. The next higher level is that of the galactic cluster constructed of and supported by the galaxies contained within. The next level up is that of the Universal Span, constructed of and supported by the galactic clusters contained within. The next level up is that of a Universal community constructed of and supported by the Inbounded systems, the Universal Spans that are a part of it. Finally, all levels of magnitude and experiential status converge into the Grand Universal Lathe of Creation, the MultiVerse. The following reveals the intricate experiential structures within each Locus community and how the star based, galactic, clustered Universal and Universal community Loci relate to each other to form the “Lathe”. Let us begin this exploration with the first generation …the foundational level of Loci, those emanating from Star Systems.

                    First generation Loci, originate from areas of Time-Space that provide an environment that supports the existence of animate matter. Such environments originate within Star Systems. If a satellite such as a planet orbiting a star has a life-sustaining environment that contains animate matter, a first generation Locus will be created. First generation Loci can also be generated from a molecular coalition orbiting a star. First generation Loci are composed of communities of disembodied Souls that have achieved self-awareness. Each community is associated with other communities of a similar experiential level. Each experiential level contributes to the stability of the life-generating environment and to that of the Locus. Souls extending from various levels of a first generation Locus and whose perception is focused upon the Locus after having experienced animate life provide unique information to the Locus in ways that other patterns of existence cannot. 

                    The Locus uses such gathered information/experience as an archival database of its regional area of Time-Space, transmitting such information to higher-level Loci to continually regenerate the blueprint/spreadsheet of an ever-becoming/renewing MultiVerse. A secondary purpose of the Locus is to prepare Souls for reintroduction/ reincarnation into renewed animate life, to further the gathering of information and experience for eventual retrieval once again. Each time a Soul reincarnates, it is capable of gathering more highly sophisticated information because it carries with it the heightened awareness and wisdom of its prior animate existence. (Each reincarnation is a furthering algorithm of the soul). 

                    As revealed earlier within this writing, a Godhead of the wisest Souls is eventually formed within each star based Locus. The Godhead interprets information refined through the experiential levels of the Locus and then converts such refined information into an empirical vibrational question that is imposed upon its region of Time-Space. The region of Time-Space that a star based Locus inhabits is contained within a galaxy of star systems. Each star system that is able to produce and support animate matter forms a “territorial” Locus. As the “Locus” is the substructure/ superstructure of any region of Primary Consciousness experiencing itself, each region “thinks” according to its own experiential level. Star based Loci “think” within the limitations of a star system. Galaxies “think galactic thoughts” within the limitations of a Galaxy. Galactic clusters refine the thoughts of Galaxies into a higher level as the substructure of an Inbounded Universal Span. Universal Loci “think” Inbounded thoughts, but are also immediately in communication with the Outbounded realm. Through their Outbounded connection, Inbounded systems may communicate with other systems of a similar experiential status and thus Universal Clusters “think” together as a community. All of these thoughts, from star based systems continually refined up though Universal Clusters converge together as the empirical forces, (Universal Constants), of the Multiverse. They are all answers that are taken up by the Lathe of Creation to be reformed into a more advanced experiential question.

                    The Godheads of each star based Locus act together as the communal Godhead of the Galactic Locus. Information that is imposed territorially as vibrational questions upon star based regions is transmitted through the Galactic Locus as a vibrational answer. The communal Godhead of the galaxy further refines such answer into a higher vibrational galactic question, which is imposed upon the collective territory of the galaxy. Galaxies are contained within galactic clusters. Galactic Godheads form a communal Godhead within galactic clusters. Information that has been refined through the Galactic Godheads into an imposed vibrational question is transmitted between the Galactic Godheads as a vibrational answer. 

                    Such vibrational answer is further refined by the communal Godhead of a galactic cluster into a further vibrational question to be imposed upon the territory of the galactic cluster. Galactic clusters are contained within Universal Spans. The Godheads emanating from galactic clusters form the communal Godhead of the Universal Span. The refined information imposed upon each galactic cluster as a vibrational question is transmitted between the Galactic Cluster Godheads as a vibrational answer and is further refined into a higher vibrational question that is imposed upon the Universal Span of which such Godheads are a part. Universal Spans are created by and exist within the MultiVerse herein referred to as the Grand Universe. The Godheads of Universal Spans form into communities that form the Godhead of the Lathe of Creation of the Grand Universe. The refined information imposed upon each Universal Span as a vibrational question is transmitted between the Godheads of each Universal span as a Universal Community, with each Universal Community further refining such empirical information into a Grand Universal question to be imposed upon the entirety of the Multiverse …as the all inclusive Totality of Primary Consciousness.

                    A series of answers and questions, ever more refined are therefore superimposed upon each other resulting in infinite variation of patterned existence undergoing continual change. Primary Consciousness, by its experience of itself has interpenetrated and folded upon itself. Through such self-encounter, Primary Consciousness found that it could do this, but that it could not do that and in its attempt to do that, created specialized “macro-folds”, (Loci), and also macro and micro patterns of itself. The specialized macro-folds are what we interpret as the regions of star based systems, galactic systems, clustered systems, Inbounded Universal systems, Universal communities and finally the Multiversal system of the Grand Universe. The specialized patterns comprise all we behold and that which exists beyond our perception, as well as ourselves and all other Souls throughout the Grand Universe that give life to the Godheads that compose the Lathe of Creation.

                    What we surmise ourselves to be in the center of is the macro-fold of our region of the Grand Universe as perceived from the Lathe of Creation! Perceiving through the Animate Interface, we can logically deduce that we stand upon the contiguous edges of multiple Universal Spans. We are the centers of emanation of living dynamic consciousness however, created to further the experience of Primary Consciousness as a wholeness. As centers of self-awareness, we perceive the life supporting dynamic Locus that we extend from. As centers of perception, what we perceive directly, we perceive through a radius. Since we already know that the greatest “distance” that can be perceived is that of a Universal Span, (about 15 billion light years from edge to edge), our perception of our own Universal Locus is through its radius. Perceiving through a radius is perception through half the distance of a diameter. 

                    When perceiving our Universal Locus through a radius, we deduce that its edge is approximately 7.5 billion light years out, the same time/distance period that the Godhead – L4 of our regional “Universe” became self-governing through the creation of second generation stars and their life supporting “environments”. We can see however an additional 7.5 billion light years out because we can see across an entire distance of 15 billion light years. What then do we see in the second half of the 15 billion light year diameter? We see the ambient environment of L4 without the benefits of L1, 2 and 3 …before Primary Consciousness manifested as the “Localized” self-interpretive Soul within our region. Once the self-aware Soul was created however, Primary Consciousness took command of its own evolution within our region, to further the quest for deeper, ever-enriching experience. …And within the Multiverse, once Primary Consciousness produced enough Souls with enough wisdom to form a Godhead, that Godhead directed the continued formation of Universal Spans, each with the built in directive/function of the creation of animate matter. In this way, Primary Consciousness reproduced its vitality as the governing aspect of its own existence. Primary Consciousness, through the creation of Universal Spans resulting in the expansion/contraction of the MultiVerse continually increases its interpretive ability.


                    It is evident that the region of the Grand Universe from which we have emerged has engineered our evolution according to its own physical laws. When we feel love for one another or when we feel as one with the sky, ocean, mountains, fields, and the stars, we are experiencing that kindred spirit engineered into us by the universal blueprint of creation. We are feeling the “motion” of Primary Consciousness experiencing itself because we are localization’s of that “motion”. Every part of each of us down to the atoms, nucleons, quarks and Planck points of our physical animate forms as well as the arrangement of cohesive energies that constitute our extended Souls is Primary Consciousness compounding and convoluting as the comprehensive “motion” of further experiential self-encounter.

                    A blueprint exists therefore for the creation of matter and for its evolution to higher levels wherever and whenever possible. This blueprint manifests itself as the physical laws by which the Universe/MultiVerse and we exist. Animate matter evolves to higher levels by way of dissimilar harmonics, or in other words, as frequency of molecular reformation in response to the “environmental” frequency of occurrence of encountered energies/experiences. When the two blend, a mean harmonic is thus achieved and dynamic consciousness is the result. Animate matter therefore is raised to a level of higher sophistication by way of the harmonic unity between itself and its extended “environment”. When new energies are applied to such unity, (new experiential self-encounters), evolution of species is the next result. 

                    The laws of molecular cohesion translate to need in living matter. (Weak molecular cohesiveness causes need for energy to bolster such cohesiveness. Molecular reformation enables need to be satisfied by the utilization of such energies encountered). Achievement of harmonic unity represents the satisfaction of such need. The process of harmonic unity is transformed within animate matter and is perceived by us as love. The pursuit of harmonic unity is in fact the motion of experiential encounter by Primary Consciousness of itself in the pursuit of further and more enriching experience. Through the enlivened Quantum Mind of the Lathe of Creation, the pursuit of experience is in itself, the ultimate satisfaction. The entire Communal Quantum Mind of the Lathe of Creation from the species recomprehension level through to the Godhead, experiences excitement and anticipation at the prospect of encountering new experience and the encounter itself generates joy throughout the Lathe.

What then is joy, but love satisfied…

The Universe creates life for the pursuit of harmonic unity,
which is not other than the joy of love achieved

                    The Universe therefore, creates life for the ultimate purpose of the pursuit and attainment of joy. Life is that part of the Universe through which the transformation of harmonic unity generated by ambient Primary Consciousness becomes the love and joy of dynamic Primary Consciousness.

                    Through the Animate Form, we eat the plants that convert the elements and we bring forth renewed hope through the continuous generation of our progeny. We are of the Universe, its eyes, ears, mind and heart …incarnate!

                    Do we through the interface of living matter love and experience joy, where inanimate matter achieves only a chemical satisfaction? In order to answer we must ask that age-old question once again…

Was our region of the Grand Universe purposefully created,
or did it come about through mindless chance?

                    Let us assume for the moment that our Universal Span came about through mindless chance, a handful of sand blown upon a black blanket lying on a beach. (The blanket is black in order to better display the lighter colored grains of sand, which represent stars). The particles have randomly fallen where they may, but what happens next? A logical progression beyond this point must take place, conducted by the logistical positions of each particle in relation to one another and also in relation to the blanket, thus developing their own set of natural laws and interplay. An intelligent observer living inside this mini-Universe would wonder about purposeful creation or mindless chance. Nevertheless, a set of natural laws would exist and govern the observer's Universe and the observer as well. The fact that governing laws are immediately apparent in any “randomly” created situation gives evidence to an underlying substructure/superstructure of governing laws within which any “random situation” can occur …and this is ambient, built in intelligence.

Natural laws, (universal constants), pre-exist creation.
(From our standpoint)

                    In order for a Universal Span to come about, its creation must follow a logical sequence of events that adhere to a strict set of pre-creative rules. Where then would a set of pre-creative rules dwell? It would appear that only an interpenetrating MultiVerse, (Primary Consciousness experiencing itself in diverse ways on both the supreme macro and micro scales), continually creating new Universal Spans of itself can account for this. Pre-creative universal constants would be intrinsic to such a process. There is a fundamental hierarchy to the rules that govern any Universal Span. The rules pre-exist its creation and affect that which is created, such rules dwelling within the MultiVerse that gives birth to such a child. The rules pre-exist all sets of circumstances, but require sets of circumstances in order to become active. These are the baseline properties of Time/Primary Consciousness as the Tensor Field of the Void …as the pen that writes upon itself!

A Universal Span created by mindless
chance therefore, cannot be

                    Primary Consciousness itself then is the mind and body of creation. We define the experiential encounter, the interpenetrating action of Primary Consciousness as the “Universe”. If Primary Consciousness were not intentional in its actions, a mind would still regulate the formation of a Universal Span, but without anticipation of further experience, without joy …but because Primary Consciousness developed the Lathe of Creation, the generation of a Universal Span contains within it the ingredients of further “in-tension” …based upon anticipation. Such ingredients, (its rules), are contained within the expressing matrix of Time-Space, first manifest as energy and then as what we perceive as hydrogen that contracts within nebulae to form stars that generate the elements of animate life.


                    That which remains dormant and unknown until a set of circumstances arise in existence that would require a rule in order to be.


                    Any set of circumstances that require one or more pre-existing rules in order to be.

Pre-existing rules require existing sets of
circumstances in order to become active

                    The hierarchy of rules, those of pre-existing universal constants, requires existing sets of circumstances in order to become active. Therefore, existence and pre-existence are interdependent. What we consider as pre-existent is only so through our perception through our own Universal Span, through our region of the Grand Universe.

                    What we consider to be a region, from the micro level of the Planck Point to the Macro level of a Universal Span, is a multiplistic expression of the encounter by Primary Consciousness of itself. On the micro scale from Planck points up to simple molecules, the expression is the same because what we are interpreting is the foundation of Primary Consciousness. On the Macro scale, from more complicated molecules to a Universal Span, the expressions differentiate. Each such macro expression is different in its representation because each expression is based upon changing, interpenetrating experience. The infinite representations of Universal Spans within the Grand Universe are different representations of the experience by Primary Consciousness of itself. There is only one Grand Span in reality, but through experiential encounter of itself this Span is expressed outwardly as its own evolution and inwardly as diverse representations of itself. Such infinite, Inbounded expressions are the representative parts of the MultiVerse herein referred to as the Universal Spans comprising the Grand Universe. Simply put, the multiplistic representations of the Grand Universe are the varied interpretations/expressions that Primary Consciousness has of itself. Each view from a different perspective, contains the same Godhead of the one Lathe of Creation.

                    The Lathe of Creation of the greater aggregate of the expressions that comprise the Grand Universe, engineers all of the possibilities that can occur within our, or any expression of Primary Consciousness, (any Universal Span). The “future” therefore is composed of the mandated vibrational question imposed variably upon our region/expression of the Grand Universe …and further, of the diverse response to that question by all patterns of existence within our region, including us. 

                    The interdependent relationship of life and the pre-existent set of rules that we group together as Ruler, may be described therefore as symbiotic. We are in fact loved, in the purest sense, by the very “Universe”/Consciousness that created us, for the love of the Multiverse is its comprehensive “motion” of its own desire …of which we are a living part. At first thought it would appear that it is we who interpret such as “love”, that we give it our own special meaning. Upon closer examination however, it is unmistakably evident that it is the process that creates us that gives us our perception of that special meaning …that we are born into the expansion/contraction of Time-Space, which is the force of love.

                    Love, in fact is so natural to us and all other patterns of existence that we take it for granted, that it only appears within our perception under special circumstances and because of this we do not continually dynamically experience it even though it is part of our ambient localized consciousness. If we were to continually recognize and feel the “motion” of the Multiverse that we extend from, we would understand that we have barely realized what love truly is…

                    Love given by the Multiverse is given freely and equally everywhere and therefore is not special to any particular life form or individual, but becomes specialized through the unique perceptions of each individual. We are in fact, in the center of the intentional experiential encounter by Primary Consciousness of itself. As undivided localizations of Primary Consciousness, each perceiving through an Animate Form, we experience/interpret the “motion” of experiential self encounter by Primary Consciousness, by God through itself …as the dynamic center of love. If we stand upon the contiguous edges of multiple Universal Spans, then the center that we exist within …from which we are undivided …is the center of God’s love.

                    Let us now consider that the driving force of universal expansion/contraction is not other than what we perceive as love and that its substance/expression is that of inertia, an electromotive force.

Inertia as the Soul of the Multiverse

                    The force of inertia maintains the rate of the expansion/contraction of the Multiverse. It maintains the existence of matter, as matter must always be in “motion” in order to exist. Inertia keeps matter “moving” in a particular direction until that motion is interfered with by an encounter with other matter or energy. Inertia also keeps matter at relative rest until such matter is induced to relative “motion” by a forceful encounter. Inertia as matter’s memory of itself is the electromotive Soul of all matter, but in the case of animate matter, as described earlier within this writing, inertia is digitized to the level of self-perception. Our Souls and the Souls of all animate forms therefore, are compounds of inertia with limited freedom to control their own will. The inertia of non-animate matter is ambient – as the ambient “motion” of universal expansion/contraction undergoing ambient experiential encounter. The internal processes of the matter that we perceive at relative rest are “moving” through our interpretation at the speed of light …at the speed of the encounter by Primary Consciousness of itself, the speed of the expanding/contracting Multiverse. Because the internal processes are compounded into matter, the speed of the entire compounded process, (the matter itself), travels slower to our perception than does its braided components, and may be perceived to be at relative rest. The inertial Soul of inanimate matter is that of ambient Primary Consciousness therefore and without control over its own will. That is why when inanimate matter is induced to move in a particular direction, its tendency is to keep moving in that direction until interfered with by an outside force. It displays no ability to choose a different path on its own. The same is true for inanimate matter at rest. The inertial Soul of inanimate matter makes no self-starting decision. If it is moving, it keeps moving and if it is at rest, it stays at rest. Once inanimate matter is forced to decision by either being in motion or at rest, the will of ambient Primary Consciousness then is expressed, as that matter continues to do what it was induced to do. Forces “outside” of inanimate matter therefore induce the “ideas” of such matter, while the ideas of animate matter are produced “internally”, (through the Soul’s ability of self-perception and by its interpretation through the Animate Interface of its “external environment”). Animate matter, driven by digitized inertia, exercises’ choice. It is self-starting and self-stopping because the inertia of animate matter is both self and outwardly perceptive. The root of animate matter extending from Time-Space, the Soul of animate matter, is the enlivened inertia of animate beings. (Ever feel that you had to drag your bones off of the couch to accomplish a task? That’s inertia at rest being overcome by its own enlivened nature).

                    And here we come to a curious phenomenon …What can animate matter do on its own …in space? I do not mean in a rocket propelled vehicle. What I do mean is this; - Suppose an Astronaut wearing a spacesuit is floating weightlessly in space next to his ship …and suppose that his tether has become disconnected from his ship and that his steering rocket packs on his spacesuit have failed. Now, suppose further that he is drifting away from his ship. Without anything in space to push against, without the benefit of friction, can he willfully change his direction to return to his ship? Is he helpless within the context of this stark reality? 

I say he is not …and this is why…

                    We interpret Time-Space and illusion it into “time” and “space”, both illusions of the animate form. If we are making a “picture” within our minds and projecting this image “out there”, can we not reinterpret “time” and “space” and project a different “image”? If enlivened inertia affects the gravimetrics of animate matter in a unique way by its perception of Time-Space through animate matter, isn’t it then also possible to affect “time and space, velocity, direction and of course energy and materiality” through perception? The limitations that we experience are set by our interfacial interpretations of the processes of Primary Consciousness that we encounter …that we extend from. If we reinterpret those processes in a way that is more direct than through an Animate Interface, we can harness them in ways that are only imaginable in our dreams.

                    Have you ever had a “flying dream” where your only limitation was your own fear? If you were fearful, you were unable to control your direction or velocity and then your fear compounded upon itself and you fell …but if you were fearless …you could fly - joyfully, change direction and velocity …without the benefit of friction. Of course, this is only a dream, right? …but why is it that everyone has had “flying” dreams, whether falling, or joyfully flying? The reason why is because we are always “flying” within the limitations of our own perceptions. Can we experience “flying” while awake? Can we rise or change direction through shear will within our perception of our “Classical world”? It can be done – joyfully …but it must be done fearlessly …and there is a process of learning what to do when your feet leave the ground …to stay in frictionless, effortless control. 

                    The following is a small but significant example of a way to bring this Meditative State into the Classical world …This is another communication from myself to a dear friend on the Internet;

Dear Steve,

                    Recently I sent you an email regarding an experience that I had on my boat, regarding the “Motion of the Tao”. I have pursued this experiment and have had varying degrees of success. As many occurrences that seem unusual to us can be attributed to luck or coincidence through our classical vision, we find it difficult to accept that the unusual, simultaneous, or non-classical events that we sometimes unwittingly evoke are derived from the effects of our undivided interaction through a greater realm, through our reciprocity with the Void.

                    Now, all of this can be construed as coincidence, luck and so on, but to tie this together into something believable, let me tell you about one more occurrence…

                    Once again, I was on my boat, 4 miles offshore in heavy seas. The wave heights were at between 5 to 7 feet and my boat was achieving 30-degree angles to the horizon. As I had mentioned earlier within this writing, I went into deep meditation due to the distress of being in rough seas and through that meditation, I learned how to deal with the effects of such “seasickness”. Rough seas therefore, no longer automatically drive me into a state of meditation. But I learned about effortless balance during this prior experience and I decided this time to try something new.

                    This time I did not try to balance as a good seaman should, with feet apart, using my legs and knees to counter balance the rocking motion of the boat. (When one has legs apart on a rocking boat, one makes “two point contact” with the boat and is subject to all of the forces that the sea transmits to the boat). Rather I stood on the deck of my boat, feet together, up on my toes, arms outstretched to my left and right, eyes closed …and allowed the boat to pivot under me while I stood perfectly still. (If one puts feet together on a rocking boat, one makes “one point contact” and is less subject to the forces of the sea). The way that I did this was to align my perception with a lateral motion of the Tao and allow myself to be held there – by thought! In doing this, the boat rocked and rolled under me, but I did not move. At one point, the boat fell into a trough between the waves and dropped out from under me, and I stood there for a moment …in thin air, and then I opened my eyes. When my feet gently touched the deck once again I was in a sublime state of meditation and although the sea was violently tossing about and the motion of my boat was translating those forces, I saw a calmness to it all because I had achieved a perceptual oneness with the greater extensity from which the ocean, my boat and I extend.

                    I was fixed to a lateral plane of the motion of the Tao and in having achieved this lateral control, I altered the forces affecting my vertical position, as my rate of fall was a bit slower than that of my boat. The boat was resting on the water and the water was resting on the planet. When the boat dropped away, the world dropped away, and I was fixed to Be-ing …in space. This “space” is a reinterpretation of “time” through the mind. Once time is reinterpreted, gravity is thereby altered! I have repeated this experiment several times with each time having a degree of success. The greatest success comes when I do not eat the night before and I get a good night’s sleep so that I am fresh and fully awake the following day. I tell you about this because anyone can do this, as all this takes is a little effort, some patience, and a little courage to try this in rough seas. I believe that this can be accomplished on land, but more has to be learned and I will eventually intuit what to align with, anytime, anywhere, as I continue to advance my knowledge. 

                    There is a theory that spinning objects fall slower than non-spinning objects. Our classical perception of “spin” is derived from our intuitive knowledge of the omnidirectional motion of Tao. As brought out earlier within this writing, all “straight” lines are actually circles viewed edge on. Therefore, all “motion” through “spatial” coordinates is curved. Curved motion is “spin”. The omnidirectional motion of “Tao” is thus curved and when one achieves perception of this motion especially through a physical act, reciprocal effects unfold. There is no coincidence or luck involved here. This is an accomplishment of volition that manifests the Unity of the Void directly into the classical world.

                    The self-experiential “motion”/encounter by Primary Consciousness of itself is what we ourselves experience as our ambient being, our own ambient “motion” whether we are in “motion” or at relative rest. Our dynamic being however is our perceptiveness, our recomprehension of ourselves and of our greater extensity, which we interpret as our “environment”. The inertial processes that make up the fabric of the Souls of animate matter therefore extend from the whole of the universal inertial fabric, from the common Soul of our Universal Span and of the Grand Universe. We therefore are both the connected whole of ambient Primary Consciousness as our foundation …and of dynamic localized consciousnesses, as extensions of that foundation. 
We recognize the comprehensive motion of our ambient foundation, the motion of love, through our positive experiences and misperceive it through our negative ones. We ignore its process if it doesn’t affect our perception and we depend upon it continually though in most cases we are unaware that it supports us. It is a volume, a sphere, of which we are a part, expanding from the inside out and revitalizing itself from the outside in, by way of the outer surface continually interpenetrating back into the sphere. It has a radius, diameter and circumference as interpreted through the Animate Interface that almost defies the imagination, but not quite… 

                    We have seen that Hubbell’s Constant does not permit an observable distance greater than approximately 15 billion light years across the perceived Universe when judged from extreme edge to extreme edge. If we decide that we are judging from the center, that the Universe stretches outward from us equally in all directions, then we are judging through a radius. From this standpoint the radius would be 15 billion light years and the diameter would be 30 billion light years. But, as we have seen, the greatest distance allowable by Hubbell’s constant can only be approximately 15 billion light years. To remain in accordance with Hubbell’s constant, we must somehow reduce our radius to approximately 7.5 billion light years even though we can see beyond this. We must come to the conclusion that what we see beyond 7.5 billion light years in any direction is a manifestation of an inverted perception.

                    When we look out upon our Universe in any direction we can see the entire span of our Universe from edge to edge even though we perceive from a center. The reason that this is possible is because Hubbell’s Constant only presents the Universe to us in a particular way, (through our unique perspective of the Multiverse), and this particular way prevents the entire view of an infinitely represented or, (extended), Universe in any particular direction. How far distant then, beyond the edge of our perception would this extension be? If we imagine that we view the Universe from a center and that the largest distance that can be is 15 billion light years, then we would be viewing from center to center. The center from which we view has a radius of 7.5 billion light years. Viewing out another 7.5 billion light years would achieve the furthest viewable distance, about 15 billion light years. This second 7.5 billion light years would be through a second radius to a second represented center, (through to the center of another Inbounded system). That leaves another 7.5 billion light years from the center of such second span to its furthest edge, such radius non-viewable to us. We surmise here a total distance of approximately 22.5 billion light years, broken into three equal parts, that last part of which, (the last 7.5 billion light years), is never viewable in any particular direction, if viewed through an initial distance of 15 billion light years. The first 7.5 billion light year radius stretches from where we are to the edge of our Universal Locus. The next 7.5 billion light year radius stretches from the edge of our Locus to the center of another represented Universal Locus, (the two Loci interpenetrating each other). The last 7.5 billion light year radius stretches from the center of the second Locus to its outermost edge, such last 7.5 billion not viewable by us from where we are.

                    Here lies the great confusion, the unanswered question of physical existence, for how are we to understand through physical observation what had transpired before the “Big Bang” if we cannot observe beyond a 15 billion light year distance to before what we perceive as the beginning of existence?

The answer lies 120 through 180 degrees about!

                    The fact is that the answer is so simple that we have missed it because of its simplicity. Have you ever looked at a garden gazing ball? For those who do not know what a garden gazing ball is, here is a brief description; 

                    A garden gazing ball is a silvered glass ball that is highly reflective – like a mirror. Its size ranges from 6 inches to 15 inches in diameter and it is placed atop a pedestal in the center of a garden. When looked upon from any angle, the entire garden can be seen reflected from the ball. The image of what is in back of the ball is reflected around to the front of the ball so that the entire garden is visible from any angle of viewing. 

                    Now, imagine viewing from inside of a garden gazing ball through a Universe/ Multiverse of stars, galaxies and galactic clusters, whose images are reflected back at you in different ways depending upon which direction you are looking. Our view of the Universe/Multiverse is similar to this except that instead of images being directly reflected as a view, they actually curve around to our view because Time-Space itself is curved. The further out we look the more of the curve we see. The curve comes around 120 through 180 degrees for the volume that we cannot see, the last 7.5 billion light years that extend from the center of the second represented Locus to its outermost edge. When we turn 180 degrees from where we were viewing to view in the opposite direction, we are able to “see” 15 billion light years in the opposite direction. We see through two radii once again. We see first radius from the center of our Locus out to its edge, (7.5 billion light years), and then again another 7.5 billion light years from the edge of our Locus to the represented center of another. That second 7.5 billion light years that we are able to view is the last 7.5 billion light years that we could not view when turned in the opposite direction. We therefore are able to see 15 billion light years of a 22.5 billion light year diameter of which such diameter curves around 120 through 180 degrees in its last third to become the outer edge of what we see in any direction that we view.

                    We are viewing from the inside of a sphere to the outside, first through a radius and then through a second radius and then through a third, which curves around 120 through 180 degrees. Each span of this distance is approximately 7.5 billion light years, the three of which equal approximately 22.5 billion light years. The word “approximately” appears here for a very good reason as it will be shown in the next few paragraphs that the Inertial Will of Primary Consciousness, that we interpret as the Uncertainty Principle, has direct bearing upon our view in that it is represented by the curvature of Time-Space.

                    The formula for a circumference of a circle is the diameter multiplied by PI, approximately 3.14159 -ad infinitum. If the diameter of the known Universe is approximately 15 billion light years, then its circumference is approximately 47 billion light years around. If this formula were applied to a radius, then the result would be approximately 23.5 billion light years for the ½ circumference of a hemisphere or ½ circle. If 23.5 billion light years are divided into three spans, we get 7.8333333 ad infinitum billion light years per span and not 7.5 billion. The difference between 7.8333333 billion and 7.5 billion is .33333333 billion or 1/3rd of a billion light years per span. The extra third billion light years per span that we see is the comprehensive “motion” of the expansion of the Universe/Multiverse – the Outbounded realm, (the baseline of Time/Primary Consciousness in comprehension of itself as the Tensor Field of the Void). 

                    As was shown earlier within this writing, all circles and spheres are dynamic representations of existence in that they cannot be measured exactly. The .83333333 and the .333333333 from the numbers above attest to this in that they can go on forever becoming more precise, but never will they reach a perfect number. The reason that these numbers are expressed as part of this equation is because PI is used to determine the measurement. Let us look at PI once again and see more deeply what PI is truly representative of;

                    PI consists of two parts, a whole number, (3), and a decimal extension, (.14159 – ad infinitum). The decimal extension is a transcendental number that can go on, it would appear, forever. This decimal extension has been worked out to hundreds of thousands of decimal places, giving greater and greater precision without ever reaching perfection. No pattern has ever appeared that would give a clue to where the progression of this decimal extension might end. The first part of PI, (3), represents what we imagine perfection to be, a perfect number. It represents the static, (imagined), whole of an object, a system, a pattern, or the whole of existence, (the observable Universe), divided into three equal parts. The 3 in the number of PI therefore equals our image of perfection, or the numbers one or zero, each divided into three equal parts, as either the Totality of existence, (experiential consciousness), or the singularity of nothingness, (indefinite consciousness). The decimal extension equals the dynamic quality of existence or the indefinite “motion” of nothingness, as the Uncertainty Principle manifests itself through the inertial state of the Multiverse. The comprehensive “motion” of existence is that the inertial state of the Universe has a dynamic factor. That is why existence requires experiential encounter/“motion”. When we look through the radius of a sphere, we can see that where the straight line of the radius ends, the curved line of the circumference sharply begins. It is at this break point that we can see the dynamic of a circle or sphere. How is it possible for a straight line to suddenly become a sharply angled curve that appears at first to angle at 90 degrees and then quickly changes to near 45 degrees, and upon close examination continuously changes its angle with progression? The circle or sphere reflects the substructure of Primary Consciousness/Existence in that the Tensor Field, (Lathe of Creation), is a dynamic process that can only be approximated because it is always undergoing change. Change does not necessarily mean a change of shape, size, texture or color. Change does mean in all cases, the maintenance of a pattern of existence. That is why matter at relative rest is never the less in “motion”. As the foundation of existence of such matter, the experiential encounter by Primary Consciousness of itself is always in comprehensive “motion” …always exchanging data.

                    The maintenance of a pattern of existence means - to maintain that which it is doing whether at rest or in motion relative to other patterns of existence. Matter, whether a circle drawn on a piece of paper or existing as a solid sphere is composed of associative energies propagating through the matrix of Time-Space from which they extend. The process of propagation is in itself, continual change. What PI then is truly representative of, is that the (3) represents any imagined static volumetric state of existence and the decimal represents the dynamic of that state. When we look out approximately 15 billion light years, we look through two radii of approximately 7.5 billion light years each. The second radius, (the furthest 7.5 billion light years), is the 7.5 billion light year distance that we could not see past approximately 15 billion light years in the opposite direction. The extra that is added to the radii by the decimal extension of PI, (.33333 billion light years each), accounts for the curvature of time-space. (According to the calculation using PI, the diameter would be about 15.66666 billion light years because the diameter and its radii would also be curved).

Let’s take an even closer look

                    If you were in the center of either circle illustrated above and looking out to the left to the furthest reaches of the perceivable Universe, you would first see through a curved radius of about 7.833333 billion light years as illustrated in the upper right graphic. This first distance is from the center to the edge of our Universal Span, (to the edge of our Universal Locus). The next 7.83333 billion light year distance would be from the edge of our Universal Locus to the center of another Universal Span or to the center of another Locus. The two distances combined would equal 15.66666 billion light years and no distance further out could be seen if looking in this direction. 
The radius that we see appears to be a straight line as depicted in the upper left graphic, but it is in fact part of a circle viewed edge on as illustrated in the graphic to the upper right. With this understanding, any one-sixth of the total circumference of a Universal Span may take the place of a radius. In the graphic at the upper left, the circumference is dissected into six parts viewing clockwise – A to F. Each of these parts traverses a distance equal to the curved radius calculated through PI. If the graphic to the upper left is imagined to be the cross section of a sphere, then infinite radii may be observed through between points A and F to see through a distance of 7.83333 billion light years of a shell that is 7.83333 billion light years across. If the distance looked through were doubled, the shell that may be observed would be 15.66666 billion light years across.

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