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                    Most babies need to be fed every three hours around the clock – 24 hours per day – for at least the first 21 days of their lives. This means getting up at 3am and 6am for 21 days in a row. Sometimes in heavy breeding seasons Rehabilitators have upward of 40 babies on hand at one time. This means that between feeding the 1st one through the 40th one, that three hours will have gone by …and when feeding starts at 3am, it ends at 6am and feeding must start again ...without any rest for the Rehabilitator. Actually, 3 hours is barely enough time to feed 40 babies and great skill and determination is required to accomplish this. Some Rehabilitators lose their health because of this. There is a growing awareness of this problem however and many more individuals are coming to the aid of these defenseless orphaned creatures. The work is finally being spread around a little more evenly. At this point in time, Rehabilitators probably return to the urban and suburban environment, 10 to 15 percent of its natural mammalian population and a significant number of birds as well).

                    So, why is all of this necessary? Let’s consider Squirrels for instance. Squirrels eat acorns …and acorns want to be eaten… . To a Squirrel, an acorn tastes great at one end, but tastes terrible at the other …so when a Squirrel starts to eat an acorn, at first it tastes delicious and then progressively worse and worse. This impels the Squirrel to do the following: 

                    Because there are times of feast and times of famine, Squirrels do not just throw away an acorn that tastes bad. They bury it, half eaten, hoping to come back to it in a time of famine. They then go on to find another acorn and then go through this same process again and again, one acorn after another. (Usually however, Squirrels forget where they bury their acorns, but because so many Squirrels are burying acorns, odds are, in time of famine, that if a squirrel is persistent in digging, it will find an acorn buried by another Squirrel). 

                    The reason that the acorn tastes good at one end and bad at the other is because the acorn wants to attract a squirrel, who will pick it up, get a treat …and then bury it. (Because there is a treat involved, the Squirrel is thus encouraged to find and bury a great number of acorns). The reason that the acorn wants to be found by a Squirrel is because the part of the acorn that tastes bad, the part that the Squirrel buries, is the part that grows into an Oak tree. (The good tasting part doesn’t grow into anything except that it is assimilated as nourishment into the Squirrel).

                    Oak trees perform the following functions: Oxygen production – which we need to breath and which replenishes the ozone layer, Water purification – we have polluted our waters. 

                    The roots of trees help to filter out poisons from our water. Food production in the form of more acorns that feed many species – including man, Wood Production for animal and human housing, Shade for lower temperatures, Wind and water breaks to prevent erosion. There are a great number of other functions as well, (not to forget the “Conscious World” of Oak trees as well).

                    If we cut down a tree, we have a responsibility to its inhabitants to provide alternate shelters for them and a responsibility to plant another tree. At night, I see Raccoons coming up out of the storm drains on my block – as this is the only shelter that they have found. They live for a few years and then they die – many times unwilling to breed in such miserable conditions. These creatures that I have mentioned here, among many other species, are sweet and playful, display great intelligence and are affectionate – if treated with dignity, kindness and respect. There is little that can be done for the adult creatures that have already been adversely affected by the encroachment of Man into their environments, but we could be more careful about cutting down trees, we could check to see if the tree is inhabited, we could cut during non-breeding seasons and we could provide alternate accommodations for those whom we have displaced. 

                    Without the Squirrels, the Oak trees would disappear, but this is one small example of the statistical unity of the Quantum Potential.

                    There is a natural Equation of Morality, a mathematical truth, intrinsic to the Unified Field. If we act selflessly, (unconditionally), for the greater good, then we act directly upon the Quantum Potential of which we are an undivided part. That action has an immediate effect upon the selfless-doer. As the doer performs a selfless act, the Unified Field directly affects the doer in a reciprocal way. We usually see this effect in retrospect through our sequential interpretation however, but sometimes the effect is immediately, (concurrently), noticeable.

                    If we act selfishly on our own behalf, we still affect the Quantum Potential from which we extend because we are an undivided part of it, but such action is transmitted upon the Unified Field, first through the doer, a localization of Primary Consciousness, where it is limited and thus made conditional. A conditional force imposed by the doer upon the Unified Field causes the field to respond in kind and thus the “self-doer” receives back a reciprocal conditional action that is ultimately both unexpected and usually unpleasant. The reciprocal force starts with the self-doer as a localization, thus limited to conditionality …and returns to the self-doer in a conditional and unexpected way. One cannot send something out into the Void without getting something back in return, as the oneness of Primary Consciousness maintains its equilibrium by its tension of wholeness upon itself. 

                    It is not just what is sent out into the Field that affects the potential, but how it is sent out, ultimately returning to the undivided sender, an equal effect …usually conceivable, (if recognized at all), in hindsight.

                    Many times in our lives we may become intolerant of the behavior of others, but if we understand that people are driven by the statistical potential from which they extend, we can show more patience. Yes, it is true that as individuals we do have some control over our actions, but this illusion of control is countered by the greater potential of the Unified Field from which we extend. It is only through an understanding of the Tensor Field of Primary Consciousness that we may gain greater, (more meaningful), control over our actions …and thus turn this illusion into a greater reality. Through such enlightenment we will be able to effortlessly engage the logic of the Unified Field, instead of continually fighting it, instead of continually maintaining a state of imbalance …that we are always trying to balance against.

Perceptions of “Ultimate Limitations” through the animate form

                    If observable time constricts as the speed of light is approached, and “time” constricts to zero should this speed be achieved, how then could there be a faster speed if time is an integral part of the equation for speed, (time/distance = speed …and now time is at zero). If observable time for an object or process constricts to zero upon that object or process achieving the speed of light, then in order to increase this speed, observable time would have to move into the realm of negative numbers. Instead of an increase above the speed of light equaling a number greater than one, such increase would negatively move past (+1-) and go up in reverse to (+1-) plus (-.00001) to equal (+.99999). The actual speed of light therefore, and/or the energy output of absolute zero, is equal to, (neutral 1), or, (neutral zero). The concepts of neutral one and neutral zero are interchangeable depending upon whether the absolute speed of light equaling absolute zero is perceived to be in existence, (“time” equaling zero or the threshold of a higher realm, at the speed of light).

                    The speed of light as a constant equals zero as a time value from our perception of pre-existence …and actual light traveling within our observable Universe at such absolute speed equals one by our perception of existence. “Pre-existence”, (the substructure/superstructure), would be the force of “potentiality” therefore of the greater probability that maintains our region and all regions of the Grand Universe. Taken together, all regions comprise the Grand Universe …all being the greater probability over the individual regions as its undivided parts. Judged from any one region, the Grand Universe, (Multiverse), is pre-existent because it governs what is existent through its application of probability, which we interpret as our future possibilities, (as a potential).

                    As “time”, (perceived sequentially by our focus through the Animate Interface), goes by, such probabilities/possibilities manifest as occurrences of reality. The greater realm of the Grand Universe affects its parts at the speed at which the Totality of Primary Consciousness experiences itself. Such experience, encountered by the undivided parts, become information that is used by the Lathe of Creation, and when made into an empirical question by the highest level of the Lathe, is mandated back upon the parts as new experience. In this way, the continued compounding of experience by Primary Consciousness is reflected back upon Primary Consciousness as a vibrational question to generate the further experiential answer. When this vibrational question is encountered by Localized Primary Consciousness through an Animate Interface, it is interpreted as a time-line, as probability manifesting out of the “future”, generated by the “past” and into the present …out of pre-existence and into existence.

                    Light, and its “absolute speed” separate “existence” from “pre-existence”, hence, two perceptions of the same entity, a reflection of the dualistic aspects of the experience of Primary Consciousness, as a sophisticated manifestation displaying within our localized view, as the Doppler Effect. The interchangeability of neutral one and neutral zero allow for the creation of hydrogen from this medium of “Essentiality”, (the Tensor Field of the Void manifesting dualistically within our interpretation of it as existence), and for its expression into our observable Universe, (our region of the Grand Universe), and also for the distillation, (collapse), of such hydrogen and all other matter, energy, space and time, back to “Essentiality”, (the Tensor Field of the Void manifesting as Outbounded Consciousness within our interpretation of it as nothingness). 

                    From the perception of Localized Primary Consciousness, (as a Soul perceiving through an Animate Interface), the region of the Grand Universe, (the Universal Span), that it exists within - is limited in energy from absolute zero to the speed of light, limited to what the Doppler effect of braided mechanics will allow in perception. Both of the extremes of energy are the “walls” that separate one region of the Grand Universe from another, such separations, (Universal Spans), being the preeminent folds of Primary Consciousness, (“Time” illusioned into “Space”), as Primalities that overlap and interpenetrate each other.

Externalization of the “Now”

                    We perceive from the, “now”, (from the point of the experiential cone through which Localized Primary Consciousness interprets “existence”), all things stretching outward and away from us. 

See Figure below:

                    Therefore, past and future are external to the, “now”, which is internal. The internalized, “now”, is at “time zero” and all externalizations are at “time future” and at “time past”.

                    If you draw dots on a balloon and then blow it up, you will notice that the dots move away from each other as the balloon expands. The further away each dot is from another, the faster they appear to separate, much like our “expanding” Universe.

                    If the expansion is observed from any particular dot however, all of the other dots will appear to be moving away, but the dot from which the observation takes place, though expanding, will appear not to change position. (Note - such observation is the same as observing from the, “now”, from the point of a cone, all distances and time frames stretch outward and away from the observer. The now is without distance and is at time zero, or internalized. All other dots are externalized).

                    Matter exhibits a straight-line frequency of occurrence, no peaks or valleys, at the speed of light, (time zero), and therefore transforms to energy from our viewpoint. We exhibit, (time zero), from the viewpoint of a hypothetical observer located on a star traveling away from us at the speed of light.

We transform to energy from that observer's viewpoint

                    If an observer imagines that the Universe stretches outward and away in all directions equally and infinitely, then the observer would naturally assume their physical position to be in the center of the Universe observed ...a logical and well reasoned assumption, but a wrong one.
How can it be that an observer may imagine themselves to be in the center of the Universe and that they can, from that viewpoint, observe an object wink out of existence at the Universe edge? The distance between the observer and the “wink-out” is an entire Universal Span, a diameter, and not a radius. (Observing from a radius would place the observer in the center, but observing from a diameter would place the observer on an edge).

                    A second observer on the star that is winking out, if observing the first observer, would see the first observer “wink out”. Both observers therefore are on the opposite edges of the Universal Span observed through and neither would be in a center. This being the case, what then does the logical mind imagine that it is in the center of?

It is in the center of something …but not
a “Universe” as we believe it to be

                    If observer number one turns 180 degrees and observes another star that is winking out, then that observer is now observing through a different Universal Span and must deduce therefore, that they are standing upon the inter-adjoining edges of multiple Universal Spans. Observer number two cannot possibly see the star that observer number one is now looking at because the second star is at two Universal Spans,

(2 distances of 15 billion light years each – 30 billion light years away)

                    A Universal Span is that distance extending from an observer to the edge of all that the observer can perceive, the furthest distance possible before departing matter reaches the perceptual speed of light.

If an observer stands upon the edges of multiple Universal 
Spans, then what is the observer in the center of?

                    We stand upon the edges of an infinite number of Universal Spans. Such edges interplay with and support the circumference and all that exists within such circumference of the area we imagine ourselves to be in the center of. If perceived from edge to opposite edge this area is that of a Universal Span, but perceived from its center …it is not. The radius from its center to its edge is only one half of that of its diameter, (7.5 billion light years), and therefore its edge cannot wink out. An edge twice as far away would be needed for ultimate “wink-out” distance and therefore we find ourselves standing once again upon multiple edges. (…And take note - that about 7.5 billion years ago, animate matter first appeared in our Universe …and “God’s” eyes opened through “life’s vision”),

We are in the center of something, however

                    The Universe/Multiverse exists because Time/Primary Consciousness is in the process of experiencing itself. Through such experience animate matter and its resultant self-aware Souls are continually created. Each Soul becomes a center through which Primary Consciousness may manifest locally. Primary Consciousness through its continual experience of itself is always in comprehensive “motion”, (concurrent weakening and strengthening of diversified parts of the Tensor Field through experiential comprehension of itself), and this “motion” of comprehension is the driving force of all occurrences. It is the force of atomic, molecular and gravitational bonding. It is the Primal force of experiential inertia, as what we perceive as the “Will of God” …throughout the Universe. This is the force that drives us and we interpret this force as all patterns of existence. It is the force that we channel, (and that channel’s us), to our own dynamic action. We are not other than this force, compounded to self-determination. When we feel love or joy, we are experiencing an awareness of our basic “motion” …of the experience/comprehension by Primary Consciousness of itself at the primal level …a true sense of our Locus beyond the conditional perception of the Animate Interface.


I am the Force of

To Elements born of 
Chaotic Design

Whose order preceded the
Conscious formation

Of Matter Evolved to 
Perceive and Define

           The Vital Force of the Universe defines itself to Life as the Creator of elements fashioned through its own inherent method and reinforces the argument that Life was “preordained”.


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