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Chapter 13



Contemplation of the Quantum Potential by
perception through the Animate Form

                    Hubbell’s Constant states that, “ The further away an object in space is from an observer, the faster it is moving away from that observer.” (Alternate view - Decreases its frequency of occurrence by moving through larger squares of distance at a constant speed – the speed of the expanding Universe – this is merely time dilation as described in the section entitled “Celerity”). Another mechanism known as the Doppler effect supports Hubbell’s Constant. The Doppler effect works this way;

                    If a whistle blowing train is moving toward you, the pitch of the whistle audibly goes up. Oppositely, if the train is moving away, the pitch of the whistle audibly goes down. (If a train is moving toward you, the perceived number of the squares of distance between you and the train remain the same but get continually smaller, affecting the pitch of the whistle, and oppositely affecting the pitch of the whistle as the train moves away, as the squares of distance still remain the same but get larger). The Doppler effect also works with light as well as sound. If the light from a distant star is beamed through a prism, the light is broken up into the color spectrum, which ranges from ultraviolet at one end to infrared at the other. Dark lines separate the colors. When the Doppler effect is applied to Hubbell's Constant, the dark lines that separate the colors shift toward the infrared relative to the speed at which a star may be departing from us. The greater the departure speed, the greater the shift to the red. Hubbell noticed that the further away a star is, the greater the shift towards the infrared of its spectral lines, and therefore the greater its departure speed. Apparently, the further away a star is from us, the faster away it is moving from us. Increasing departure speed means acceleration, (from our standpoint only. An observer on the departing star would consider it to be moving at a constant velocity and we would be perceived to be accelerating away). 

                    As we observe stars further and further away, we find them to be departing proportionally faster and faster. If this concept is carried out to its ultimate conclusion, then the most distant stars accelerating away from us must be moving at or near the speed of light. Since no object can travel at or faster than the speed of light in our perceivable Universe, it would wink out of our observation at that speed/distance. Since that distance is the furthest that an object can be from an observer, the point at which “wink-out” takes place is at the edge of the observer's perceivable time frame, (perceivable Universal Span).

                    We observe stars at various distances from us. We find that the further away a star is, the faster away it is departing. We have further determined that if a star is far enough away, it will theoretically be departing at near the speed of light. As matter approaches the speed of light, perceived time slows down for it in relation to other matter of lesser velocity. Within our unique interpretation, a photon starts out moving at the speed of light. It therefore has zero acceleration. It is therefore at rest, although it appears to us to be moving at an incredible speed. An object or particle when not accelerating or decelerating may be considered to be at rest energetically as it is inertially stable.

What then is “faster” than light?

                    Let us imagine that zero speed/acceleration, (absolute zero), equals Zero and that a velocity just below the speed of light equals the number, (+.9999999). Finally let the actual speed of light equal One. Can there be a speed faster than that of light and therefore greater than one? A speed faster than light would seem to be a paradox if confined to our region of the Grand Universe, but when the MultiVerse is taken into consideration, we can see that the speed of light is the wall that maintains our region of the Grand Universe as a specific volume, a specific perspective, within the MultiVerse, (its that “time stamp” that gives our Universal Span identity). Light speed is the speed at which Primary Consciousness experiences itself and Primary Consciousness being the same medium throughout the MultiVerse experiences itself at what we perceive as “the speed of light” in every part of the MultiVerse. What we might conceive as a speed faster than light then would actually be to enter and go past the limit of absolute zero of and into a different perspective of the MultiVerse, (the speed of light as the “fastest” speed within our Universal perspective, {Universal Span}, being equal to the threshold state of absolute zero, the “slowest” speed, of a different Universal perspective, {Universal Span}), and as speed increased, greater energy would manifest correspondingly. Through our unique interpretation, if we were able to infinitely increase speed, one wall after another of absolute zero would be surpassed, moving us through one perspective of the MultiVerse after another. 

                 The actual speed of light would never be surpassed however. Only our ability to perceive through multiple perspectives would increase. The speed of light therefore is a manifestation of our perception as generated by our focus through the Animate Interface. All that we interpret through animate matter is the natural manifestation of imagery generated by convoluted interfacial perception. We are locked into perceiving where we are …as our perception of our Universe, because we have become localized extensions of Primary Consciousness perceiving through a “localized” interface of animate matter …and we have only a nebulous sense of other perspectives and higher realms because of the restrictions of this localization. We are already “moving” at the “speed of light” and because motion is a perceptual illusion, photons start propagating at the “speed of light” because the speed of light is absolutely, zero. 

                    We are Localized Primary Consciousness experiencing itself. If one considers that the constituent parts of the Animate Interface are made up of atoms and nucleons, one must remember that atoms and nucleons are the braided patterns of associative energy wavicles. Such energies are moving at the speed of light, but as interlocked, braided patterns of thought …of information. And the braided pattern itself, through our perspective, as a compound process, moves slower than its constituent energies. The braided patterns of energy, (associative thought), that constitute our animate structures conform to the physical laws of braided mechanics. When we perceive through an Animate Interface, we conform our imagery of what we perceive, to those laws. The laws of braided mechanics enable our imaged perception of bordered existence, of here and there, of it and I. This imaged translation through the animate form only allows perception by limitation, (conditional interpretations), and that is why we perceive borders. Once such perception is extrapolated to the extremes, (imagining through the laws of braided mechanics), the dynamic images of the speed of light as the fastest speed and of absolute zero as no speed, create within our interpretation the static images of a limitation to the “size” of our Universe. (See the paradox?)

                    Our belief in these extremes is further reinforced by our imaged perception of the Doppler effect showing stars increasing their speed as they move further away. The truth of the substructure of existence does in fact manifest through imagery, but is limited by our perception of it. We cannot move an Animate Interface or any other matter at or faster than the speed of light and so the Universe that we perceive is the “Universe of the Animate Interface”, limited to its perceptive imagery. Any other part of the Grand Universe that contains animate forms would be the Universe of those animate forms. Such Sub-Multiversal Spans although interfaced, (interpenetrated), through the greater realm of the Primary Consciousness of the Grand Universe, are imperceptible as being individually existent through the devices of the Animate Interface. Even in our own region, one Animate Interface, depending upon its logistical position, may see further than another, but never beyond that which the Doppler effect will allow.

                    We do have a nebulous idea of the existence of higher realms however, as we sense this idea through the common Locus from which we each extend. When we try to elucidate the idea through the perception and translation of the Animate Interface though, we run into walls of paradoxes that generate detailed “approximations” and “explanations”. If one could …just for a moment, disconnect from one’s senses and perceive “existence as it is”, directly, then an understanding of the true nature of Primary Consciousness …of the Void would instantly come about. (By the way, it is referred to as the Void, not because it is empty, but because our perception of it is limited). 

                    Earlier within this writing I said that a way do this would be given to you. The process is described below in a conversation that I had with a friend on the Internet. The process is derived from my own personal direct, though unexpected experience with the Void.

This is a conversation about achieving Oneness and Radiance

The Lightness of Being

                    It is about a process that anyone can generate within themselves. Although it has been known for thousands of years, I discovered it myself quite by accident while out on my boat …in the uncontrollable element of the sea…

Kalliste:         I understand those things ...feeling them intuitively ...explanations ... words 
are often too confining.

Spirit:            That is true - but the process that I found that enabled me to achieve the 
meditative state is a simple one.

Kalliste:         Yes ...but so often the intellect gets in the way.

Spirit:             In this case - intellect was the key to attainment.

Kalliste:         For you ...I am easily derailed. I do not have the skills you possess.

Spirit:             Little skill is required – just a willingness to try. I was alone in my boat, 
fifteen miles out to sea in five to six foot swells and I was terribly seasick. Instead of leaving the area and getting back to calmer waters, I decided to stay and tough it out. I sat myself down on a chair on my deck and closed my eyes and fought with all my will against the discomfort that I was feeling. Eventually, I felt a form of disconnection from myself, from the seasickness, although I was still aware of it. In this state, I developed a kind of detached lucidity and was able to begin to analyze my condition. I realized that I was balancing against the previous wave – against a memory …that set me up for the present wave to take me by surprise and this was what was causing my seasickness ...a continuous state of unbalance ...not inflicted by the sea upon me, but inflicted by myself – upon myself. When I stopped balancing against myself …against the memory of the previous wave …against a memory, I gained “effortless control” …over my balance and the seasickness stopped. I had entered the Meditative State and within that state, not only was I able to gain mastery over my seasickness, but I saw the process of Time and Primary Consciousness, (the Unified Field), for what it is and saw as well, my own connection to it.

                      Once understood, this is a simple process, not unlike what the Native American Indians do to have a “vision”, in that they subject themselves to discomfort and then mentally focus away from that discomfort. Because of the focus, they disconnect from their senses and enter a Meditative State. I have learned that such “effortless control” is also achievable by staring into 
a candle flame for a period of time until the Meditative State is reached. There are many other ways to get there, but one half of the key to attainment is to focus to the exclusion of all else upon something that holds your attention. The other half of the key is not to look for the Meditative State, but to just let it happen. When it comes, you will know it with certainty. A feeling will come over you – like a kid, who is having a happy time at play. It seizes you and all at once – you are there.

Kalliste:         Yes, I can see that ...effortless control …it is something to aspire to.

Kalliste:         I am my own worst enemy :)

Spirit:            I never realized that this was possible. What I felt is almost indescribable. A 
feeling of absolute power was generated with absolute happiness - a kind of Radiance and Lightness manifested. I became the boat and the sea …and movement was effortless - a kind of weightlessness accompanied by a sense of naturalness. All physical movement was without effort. My mental state was sharp and filled with happiness.

Kalliste:         Ahhh Satori …Nirvana …It is the same thing

Spirit:            Yes - that's it.

Kalliste:         It is an exciting breakthrough.

Spirit:            The trick I think is to know what to stop fighting ...what to stop balancing 
against. With all of the work that I have done in describing the fundamentals of existence …I couldn’t know …really know …that the bottom line …the true understanding …comes from the direct experience with the Void itself ...through the Meditative State, to know that Time and 
Consciousness are one and the same …and to see our own connection to this, as we each are an undivided part of it. 

                      With this understanding comes the realization that all patterns of existence …all “things” – rocks, people, buildings, mountains, oceans, planets, stars …and the Universe itself, are composed of Time/Consciousness in diversified compoundment/experience of itself ...and that bordered existence …the illusioned separations that we perceive between such “things” are merely the interpretations by ourselves as “localized” Consciousness …(as “localized time”), – enlivened to self-awareness by the digitization of experiential encounter …perceiving through our own self 
created and extended senses of our animate forms. We perceive “things” as separate because we perceive from a localized perspective.

Kalliste:         Yes ...I am in the process of discovering “what to stop fighting” within myself.

Spirit:            While in the Meditative State, one sees themselves from the perimeter of their being to the center of their being, as one is disconnected from the animate senses and experiences the Void directly. Within the Meditative State, the “Way”, is to let a negativity, an uncomfortable memory from your past, perhaps from your childhood, emerge in your mind and then to objectify it into a solid ball. You will see from the perimeter of your being, the negativity emerge from the center of your being – as if from a well at the center. The process of objectification is a form of forgiveness in that the negativity will not objectify unless forgiven …(But forgiveness is easy and natural when in the meditative state. In fact, whenever we forgive, we naturally enter into some degree of meditation). When it is made “solid”, mentally throw it away. The next negativity will then emerge. It will float to the top of the well, as it was obscured by the previous one. Getting rid of each negativity allows the next to emerge naturally. Keep going through this process of “Objectification” and “Negativity Deconstruction” until the Radiant State of Being occurs.

Kalliste:         I get deluged with whys, what-ifs and should-haves.

Spirit:            In the Meditative State, there are no “whys, what-ifs and should-haves”. These notions are part of the limited decision making process of Localized perception through an animate Interface. In meditation, the Animate Interface is bypassed and the decision making process is greatly enhanced, but rarely required – as most of what you will do in the meditative state will be by auto-thought. Just focus on “materializing” the negative memory as an object. No need to explore it. Just see it, objectify it, look at it, forgive it …and throw it away. This process is a natural form of forgiveness – at the Quantum level – at the baseline perception by Localized Primary Consciousness of itself. I will try next time using handfuls of sand - the imagery is the key.

Kalliste:         Yes ...I will keep trying it. Ahh …sand …I like that. Slipping through my fingers ...absolving ...dissolving…

Spirit:             Good thoughts. The key is to dismantle the negativity - as that is your 

Kalliste:         Yes ...and right now, I am filled with it... change always dredges up the old tapes ...the old patterns of behavior and the old belief systems that keep us in the same old spaces ...imbalance - yes indeed.

Spirit:             Imbalance requires continuous effort to stay balanced. The negativity creates the imbalance. Once balance is achieved. The negativity seems inconsequential. The Deconstruction Process described above allows the unveiling and dissolving of one negativity after the next.

Kalliste:         Yes I see ...but sometimes we hold on to negative patterns just because they are so damn familiar ...and that is what I am sorting through now …it can be insidious.

Spirit:             The negativity is Inertial …at the baseline of time …at zero “movement”, in that it stays where it is until an effort is made to remove it. You are experiencing the Inertia of the negativity in that it stays with you until you make the effort that I have described – the deconstruction of it by objectifying it and throwing it away. This is easily accomplished within the Meditative State.

Kalliste:         But what if you don't perceive something as negative, but it is a major block to the knowingness?

Spirit:             Please explain further - give an example?

Kalliste:         What if the illusion that surrounds a pattern is so strong that you don't perceive it as a pattern at all say …for instance ...fears of sustainability ...even though you know the truth of it?

Spirit:             Are you speaking about fear of death?

Kalliste:         It is something that can be rationalized as reality based ...not necessarily a negative, not fear of death, but fear of not having enough money to pay bills ...very mundane ...but it is a pattern that is negative in that it accepts the premise that one is separate after all …and that one is in 
control of these things from without ...even though we are all sustained from within.

                       It is a pattern of negativity when you say, “I need”, you are really saying “I don't have” ...but the “I need” can be rationalized as “taking care of business”, see? It is negative but not readily perceived as such. How do you objectify that?

Spirit:            Ok - I understand. The way is not to throw away a given situation – that you cannot do. The way is to objectify the negative feeling about that situation and throw away that negative feeling. When you deconstruct enough of your negativity’s, the feeling of radiance will displace your 
need to brace yourself against illusion. The need to sustain yourself will still be there, but your frame of mind will be different and you will see things differently. That which you perceive as need pulling on you, will be replaced with a feeling of confidence and you will be able to better “take care of business” without the imbalance of the illusion of negativity dragging you down. Even if you cannot imagine how this is possible, once you enter the Meditative State and work through the Deconstruction Process - you will then come to a clear understanding.

Kalliste:         Ahhh …I see that now.

Spirit:            As soon as you take a position against the unknown - you are positioning against the illusion of “what might be”. This causes unbalance. I was seasick on my boat – fifteen miles out in rough seas and during this, I entered a natural Meditative State because I was unable to control my situation. I was in an uncontrollable element. The uncontrollable rocking of the sea helped to create the Meditative State. I entered the Deconstruction Process automatically - remembering a situation in my past that was uncomfortable for me. I took the negative feeling and objectified it - mentally imaged it into a solid ball and then mentally threw it away. The next emerged and I repeated the process. With each repetition, I felt better. 

                     The last negativity was a realization that I was pitting myself against the 
memory of the previous wave. This allowed the next wave – the current wave - to catch me by surprise - keeping me continually off balance. Through this realization, I took the negativity that I was feeling about my current situation, my lack of control over the sea …and objectified it and threw it away. This was the same as forgiving the last wave. When I did this, the next wave did not take me by surprise because I put no effort against what might occur. In doing this, I became at-one with it …one with the boat …one with the sea …perfectly and effortlessly balanced …and the seasickness left me completely. Just do it without expectation. Be unconditional - and therefore effortless.

Kalliste:        Unconditional ...that is a keyword. No expectations ...even when you are objectifying? The negativity I mean.

Spirit:            That is correct. No expectations, allow the radiance to manifest. You will learn this as you experience it. Let go of the “whys, what ifs and should haves”.

Kalliste:         Wow... remain in the… IS…

Spirit:             You can objectify them - the “whys, what ifs and should haves”, and let them go - throw them away.

Kalliste:         Very, very exciting stuff.

Spirit:             May I send this conversation to others?

Kalliste:         Of course …but I feel like I am pretty far behind in many ways. Like I am always just on the edge of knowing that I know...

Spirit:             Not at all. We are all in the same “boat”. The feeling of “knowing that you know”, but not being able to put your finger on “what it is” that you know, comes from your direct connection to the Void, your sense of being connected to all knowledge, but since this is perceived through your animate senses, your vision of knowledge is limited through the sequentiality of your perception of time and events and bordered “things”. The sensory perception through the Animate Interface is an illusion that interrupts your direct view of the Void …of all of knowledge. This is why we “know that we know”.

                       The very concept of “knowing that we know” speaks of interrupted perception. Once the Meditative State is achieved, the senses are bypassed and all knowledge is directly available to you, directly a part of you – you just know …instantly …in the moment, as the Void is not other than the Totality of knowledge …as it is the virtual compoundment of experience of the Unified Field of Primary consciousness …of which we are each an undivided part. Within the Meditative State, time is not sequential – it manifests as it truly is …instantaneously, as the Unified Tensor Field of Primary 
Consciousness in multiplistic comprehension of itself.

                       We are in a constant state of anticipation because of our focus through the Animate Interface. We approximate existence because of our interruption of perception through our animate senses. We interpret sequentially because of this interruption, which results in our anticipation of the next moment ...of the next thing, event, or situation, which gives rise to a possible illusion of negativity or an illusioned over-expectation of positivity. In either perception, the illusion invariably leads to disappointment. Giving up the anticipation generates a state of being as Oneness – Radiance, Happiness - and comprehensive understanding.

Kalliste:         Yes …but doesn't anticipation also attract that which enlightens?

Spirit:             Anticipation is the fundamental process that eventually brings one to the state of deconstruction, but this is because we start the process of entering the Meditative State from the perception of the Void through the Animate Interface. Once the Meditative State is entered however, the Animate Interface is bypassed and anticipation disappears. When the process of deconstruction is generated and completed - a wave collapse to the state of At-oneness …or “Radiance” occurs. After Radiance - the ocean felt like a natural state - a natural environment.

Kalliste:         Ahh yes in the Now …as One are one with the ocean. It is an especially good metaphor ...“I am a bubble ...make me the Sea” becoming the Sea ...At-One with all. The ecstasy is the natural state of us I think.

Spirit:             You understand it intellectually however …but to feel it - to be it, requires the Deconstruction Process. It is important to note that in this instance, the Meditative State was brought on by the uncontrollable motion of the sea. That state was similar to lucid dreaming, except it was lucid “being awake”, a form of hypnosis. I suspect that the motion of any vehicle that one does not have control over may be capable of initiating such a state. I mention this because the Meditative State is necessary to the Deconstruction Process.

Kalliste:         Yes ...I know ...I will do it - thank you so much.

Spirit:             We together today have constructed a wonderful concept through our 
discussion - that will help many. Thank you.

Kalliste:         Thank you is a pleasure speaking with you have given me a 
wonderful key.

Kalliste:         Have a delicious day!

Spirit:             Pleasure talking to you - we will talk again soon.

Kalliste:          Looking forward to it – bye.

Spirit:             Bye.

                    It should be noted that fasting for 24 hrs or more without the intake of drugs, nicotine, caffeine, alcohol or mind-altering medications should occur before attempting to enter the Meditative State. Drinking water during this period is permissible. The Meditative State is a natural condition and should not be altered in any way so that the full benefits of this experience may be gained.

                    I sent the above conversation back out onto the Internet to other individuals to get their opinions and suggestions. Here are a couple of responses;

1.                 Hi there! I have read and very much enjoyed this! I have never actually analyzed meditation such as you have here! I find it wonderful and true! As I was reading on, I remember many of those feelings! I too have become one with the elements in meditation! This leaves me calm, sensitive, yet gives me strength like I've never known! I meditate on the elements that are strongest around me, such as the wind or the rain, so on and so forth. I always achieve perfect oneness and balance and therefore am given vision! BRAVO to you! I have learned a good lesson from you! I thank you! TheEmp3298

2.                 Mike, It sounds like you have experienced it. Are you in a continuous state? I myself meditate every day. I first started in 1970,including a few months in the Himalayas in India (1976-1977) where I enjoyed the benefit of having a personal enlightened Guru. I am somewhat versed in Hindu and Buddhist scripture. Most of what you had to say fits into a traditional mold. I get very wary when I hear people try to establish a substantive link between the experience of Cosmic Consciousness and any scientific cosmological theory. (Listening to Depak Chopra makes me gag.)

                    Anyway, your peripatetic teaching about the Infinite was impressive. I will study your writing when I get a chance. Since I am NOT a mathematician and NOT a physicist …(I am not even sure I can spell physicist) …a serious paper on the topic you mention would be far beyond the pale of my understanding, however, that will not stop me from at least looking over your work and trying to size it up. 



The “Morality” of the Void

                    Let us now take a little different tack in our approach to our visualization of the Tensor Field of Primary Consciousness. In this following translation, we will interpret this Unified Field as the “Quantum Potential”, and this is why: The theory of Quantum Mechanics is based upon a statistical analysis of functions. We interpret the result of this analysis as the “Quantum Field”. All patterns of existence are functions of the Quantum Field of the Grand Universe. The “MultiVerse”, its “Sub-Universes”, Galactic Clusters, Galaxies, Stars, Planets, Oceans, Atmospheres, Mountains, Rocks, Buildings, Life forms …and all things beheld …and all forces imperceptible to us as well, are all undivided processes, (functions), of the Quantum Potential. We are each extended from this “Unified Field”, first, from the greater realm of the Cosmic and secondly as a statistical part of a population. 

                    We cannot begin to see from each of our localized interpretations, how our individual actions affect the balance of a population or of the environment in a statistical way. We may think that we have achieved a goal – to affect our surroundings in a particular way, but we really do not have a clue as to what has actually happened in the grand scheme of things. If we act in an anti-social way or have lack of consideration for our environment however, we certainly know that we are affecting the Quantum Potential in an adverse way – a way that is negative to each of ourselves …as we each are an undivided extension of this “statistically” Unified Field. What we call “statistics” are each the extensions of the Tensor Field of Primary Consciousness. Each “statistic” acts in a unique way and the aggregate of statistics is expressed as the Quantum Potential. Each action by a “statistic” affects the Quantum Potential as a whole and the Quantum Potential synchronously affects each of its constituent statistics. In order to be a statistic of the Quantum Potential, one must extend from that Potential as a compound of it. Statistics therefore are our interpretation of the aggregate of extensions of the Unified Field.

In the macrological view

                    We cut down trees in populated areas and so displace the creatures that depend upon them for shelter. This tree cutting usually takes place during the warmer months when babies are in their nests. We affect and kill in this way, vast numbers of adult and baby birds, squirrels and raccoons - just to mention a few of the species. The surviving parents try to drag their babies to safety, but less and less safe places are available in urban and suburban environments. They have to build a new nest – this takes a full day or more and during this time their babies are vulnerable to burning sunlight …and all forms of predators …and accidental mishaps. Makeshift nests and nests from cut down trees are found on the ground …usually after being exposed by the sharp blades of a lawn mower. The Mother many times is killed while trying to protect her family. The babies many times survive due to the efforts of the Mother, but are usually injured …and are sometimes killed as well. If they survive this onslaught, but the Mother is killed, the babies then face a slow and agonizing death from injuries, starvation, dehydration and infection …sometimes over many days, if they are not discovered and cared for by selfless Humans. (By the way, in support of Humanity, there are heroic efforts being made on behalf of these defenseless creatures by Wildlife Rehabilitators. These are average people whose above average hearts go out to the defenseless. 

                    Many individuals make great sacrifices to care for these displaced creatures – in their own homes. We know many, including Helen and I and our great caring friend Susan McCool, a selfless Rehabilitator, Bob Horvath and Rebecca Azman, both compassionate and tireless in their efforts to heal and comfort, and Barbara Picon who has created a non-profit organization called Squirrel Sanctuary and all of its members and hundreds of affiliates who literally set up “in-home hospitals” for orphaned baby animals.

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