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Chapter 12


(Electromagnetic/Gravimetric Association of the Body and Soul)

                    Material existence is a result of the interaction of at least two wavicles of energy spiraling around one another forming a braided pattern of propagation through the matrix, (Mandala), that we perceive through Time-Space. Although each wavicle is traveling, in the classical sense, at the “speed” of light, they are traveling in a circular fashion and not in the straightest possible lines of direction. Their combined interactive process that we perceive as matter therefore propagates the greater matrix of Time-Space at less than the “speed” of light. As a process, the combined wavicles now take longer to get from one point to another. Anything that travels at less than the speed of light, (as we perceive it), through time-space, (always as a compound process), manifests as matter. As it propagates “time”, it must occupy “space”, as “time” and “space” are two faces of the same thing. Hence, each wavicle of energy has a dual existence when perceived in combination with other wavicles that have formed the compound of matter. All material patterns therefore are multidimensional, (synchro-dimensional), because of such duality of existence.

                    When two or more wavicles of energy form a braided pattern of material existence, their volumetric existence manifests as their materiality and their time, (dynamic), existence manifests as gravity. This statement complies with Einstein’s Special Theory of Relativity that shows that when the velocity of matter is increased, (contraction of “time” between two points that it is propagating from and to), so does its mass in proportion. Greater mass exerts proportionally, greater gravitational attraction. The time aspect of existence is relationally interactive with the space aspect of existence. This is why gravity always manifests as an aspect of matter. Gravity does not manifest as an aspect of energy, even though energy has a dualistic existence. (Gravity does affect energy however, as energy must propagate through Time-Space which is curved. The curvature of Time-Space intensifies near a great body of mass such as a star. When the light energy of other stars passes through such a curvature, the direction of such energy is altered).

                    Mass is the integration of the dual aspects of at least two units of energy braided, forming what we observe as materiality and gravity – all of which is compounded from the baseline of “time”. 

                    The dynamic aspect of energy only manifests as gravity when energy coexists as matter …and the notions of “time” and “space” only comes about because of the perception through animate mass, by its root Soul. (The root soul perceives through a complexity of matter that exhibits a gravitational field of its own and perception through this field translates Time-Space into “Space and “Time” because the gravitational field of such matter is in itself an alteration of Time-Space …a “twist” in the matrix that perceives itself. As gravity is actually the interpenetration of time-space generating reciprocal acceleration/deceleration, it is the go-between and constructive media of patterns and events of existence and as such is the foundation of perception). As combinations of energy wavicles become more complex, materiality manifests in more complex ways. Gravity on the other hand is a generation of perceived temporal existence and may only be affected in special ways. For the most part, gravity will manifest a force proportional to the mass of an inanimate object, no matter how complicated in structure that object may be. As Primary Consciousness compounded into the molecular structures of animate matter however, ambient Primary Consciousness became the support foundation for Localized Dynamic Consciousness, which allows gravity to manifest in a unique way within animate matter, as described next. 

                    Nowhere within our Universe does materiality compound into as complicated molecular forms as the Animate Interface. The Animate Interface has become the threshold of new experience for Primary Consciousness. Once this level was achieved, the temporal aspect of matter was able to manifest in ways other than just gravity. As animate matter evolves, it adds complexity to its structure. It is within the higher complexity of the Animate Interface that the complimentary association of the temporal and volumetric aspects of the Tensor Field of Primary Consciousness is able to form a pattern of organization, (enlivened inertia), that echoes the digitized molecular pattern of animate matter as its vital Soul.

                    The Gravimetric property of Animate Matter therefore manifests in part as – Localized Perception - through Animate Matter, by its root foundation of Enlivened Inertia.

                    The ability of animate matter to replicate not only takes place on a volumetric level, but on a temporal level as well. What we perceive as the DNA/RNA association in animate matter enabling replication is the pattern of repeating digitization of associations between the volumetric and temporal duality between such matter and its root foundation. Through our classical interpretation, wavicles of energy form into matter by entering into a braided pattern of compound process association with each other. The process propagates at less than the speed of light even though its wavicle components are still moving at that speed. 

                    If the braided components were to be straightened a little, the propagation speed of this compound process would increase. (It would “move faster” through “space” by taking less “time” to arrive at where it was going). When there is a small number of wavicles forming such an association, the straightening of one part of the braid cannot be achieved without straightening the others as the wavicles are all tightly bound to each other. Also, such an application of force upon a non-animate state would certainly result in an altering chemical or nuclear reaction. When there is a highly complicated structure of associations however, such as in animate matter, the associations of the braided components may diversify into a combination of tightly and loosely wound compound processes throughout the animate form. The combination of this diversity of compound associations is what allows Localized Consciousness to manifest as a perceiver/ motivator through the animate form. This compound innovation of animate matter is the structural tool that Primary Localized Consciousness uses to further its experience in new and diversified ways.

                    Let us now combine the above concept with the duality of energy. As we perceive it, radiant energy manifests as an electrical field always associated with a magnetic field. All other forms of energy that we perceive are intensities of both fields associating with each other in various ways. When the electrical field of energy is disturbed, a reciprocal disturbance occurs in its magnetic field. When energy is applied to matter, the frequency of the application of such, “new”, energy causes a fluctuation in the pre-existing, (electromagnetic), energy fields that comprise the atomic structure of such matter. The fluctuation manifests as what we perceive as temperature. Since the atomic sub-structure of matter is a discrete state of existence and therefore resistant to change, the application of additional energy always results in that energy radiating away from such matter. Such transmission manifests as radiant heat, mechanical energy, (also a variation of heat), chemical energy, and finally, electrical, magnetic and photon emission. Most applications of energy to matter result in a rise of temperature until the energy is transferred away at a rate equal to the rate of energy input – unless such matter is comparatively energy deficient, such as a piece of ice in warm room. (Under certain conditions the application of energy to special configurations of matter will initiate a release of stored energy thereby causing a decrease in temperature, but in these cases the application of energy only acts as a catalyst). 

                    Matter always displays electromagnetic and gravitational fields. Since heat radiation is merely a result of the manipulation of the electromagnetic structure of matter by the application of additional energy, it becomes apparent that energy may manifest through matter in different ways. The ways in which energy alters form through matter is dependant upon the discrete structure of that matter. Once emitted from matter, energy resumes its form as discrete wavicles of electromagnetism. 
Upon closer examination, electromagnetism is a manifestation of Time-Space, perceived through the Animate Interface by Localized Consciousness as the association of space and time …perceived as the dualistic aspects of organized Primary Consciousness. The Universe therefore is composed of compoundments of electromagnetic fields existing within greater compoundments of electromagnetic fields. Each field is discrete, the larger ones being composed of and supported by smaller discrete fields. Through our indirect perception, the quantum ladder is composed of organized levels of Primary Consciousness displaying its aspects of Time-Space into compatible associations of electromagnetism as linked and interpenetrated wavicles of energy and matter.

                    When animate matter evolved within this matrix of “electromagnetism”, the associations of Time-Space gained the higher aspect of digital perception through the frequency of molecular reformation divided by the frequency of occurrence of energies encountered. Such digital perception is a reflection of the Inertial Soul of such matter formed by the electromagnetic associations that maintain the unique molecular complexity of the structure of animate matter. The Inertial Soul is a further compoundment of Primary Consciousness that occurs when the threshold median state of molecular complexity of animate matter is achieved. Between animate matter and the Soul, there is a unique association of electromagnetism and gravity that only exists within and radiates from animate matter. Animate matter therefore, affects Time-Space in a unique way both within and around such matter. The reason that animate matter is an “interface” is because animate matter allows the secondary duality that results from the formation of such matter, to perceive through the molecular interface and to ultimately take control of it. How is the secondary duality formed? As shown earlier, a threshold is reached when animate matter achieves a level of complexity beyond that which will enable it to maintain molecular cohesiveness. A secondary support structure must be formed beyond the electromagnetic capabilities of such matter to reinforce its composition. The matrix of Time-Space from which animate matter extends is digitized by its encounter of the frequency of occurrence of energies within its extended environment. The digitization of animate matter forms an active Time-Space root, (enlivened inertia), that is intimately associated with such matter, within the larger matrix of Time-Space from which such animate is undivided. The secondary support reinforces the molecular bonds of the Animate Interface through its intimate association. Very little energy needs to be applied to the molecular structure of animate matter to maintain its structure, but a complex substructure of that which reinforces such matter must exist. The evidence of the secondary support structure is manifested by the apparent loss of weight of an animate structure at the time of death, which is not other than the disassociation of the secondary duality from the electromagnetic field of animate matter, affecting the gravimetric properties of the molecular animate form. 
The Gravimetric properties of animate matter are altered because of the digitization, (Soul forming - enlivening), of its inertia.

                    An in depth study of this phenomenon was conducted by Dr. Duncan MacDougall of Haverhill, Mass, U.S.A. in 1907. Dr. MacDougall continually weighed several Tuberculosis patients for a period of hours prior to and during the death experience. He accounted for the loss of weight from sweating, loss of moisture from breathing and from urine evaporation. There was a continuous and expected loss of weight from these patients while life still remained. There came a point however when the balance beam of the scale emitted an audible, “clunk”, (the patient had expired), and an instantaneous loss of weight from ½ ounce to 1 and ¾ ounces was then registered. The balance beam did not bounce back up to where it was before the death experience after this point, indicating that this instantaneous loss of weight was real and permanent and that the motion of the balance beam was not a result of the patient moving. Dr. MacDougall interpreted the loss of weight as the weight of the substance of the Soul leaving the body. 

                    The actual mechanism is a bit different from this mistaken perception however. The Soul as an extension of temporality is weightless. The Soul engages the animate form through an electromagnetic association thereby changing the gravimetric property of animate matter. When the Soul disengages, the gravimetric property of such matter returns to that of all non-animate matter. The apparent loss of weight is the disassociation of the Soul from animate matter, thereby changing the gravimetric property of such animate matter through an alteration of its electromagnetic field. (Herein lies a clue for the long sought after process of anti-gravity through the alteration of the electromagnetic field of specialized non-animate matter by providing a unique and continuing digitization of applied energies).

                    The union between the secondary duality and that of the Animate Interface is normally maintained by the acquisition of additional energy by the Animate Interface. The seeking and acquisition of the energy to maintain the molecular structure of the animate form as well as the energy to maintain the connection of that form to its secondary duality is directed by the secondary duality, (the self-aware Soul controls the Animate Interface). There are instances however, whereby the energy may be obtained and transmitted by the secondary duality to the animate form, thereby maintaining the molecular cohesiveness, (health), of the body without the intake of food, (energy), for limited periods of time. This reverse process is achievable during the meditative state. High Initiates who have gained the true perception of their dualistic form of existence often engage in this practice. The gravitational and electromagnetic fields of animate matter form an association that does not exist in any other construct of matter. 

                    Because of the complexity of the molecular structure of animate matter, the association between gravity and electromagnetism that is normally present in non-animate matter forms a secondary, new association beyond the normal association of non-animate matter. This new association compounds into the intricate structure of autonomy that is described herein as the “Soul”. Such unique complimentary association of gravity/ electromagnetism may only manifest within a special environment. That environment is the structure of animate matter that is supported by the greater complimentary environment from which such animate matter extends.

                    The secondary duality of animate matter must reach a threshold of complexity to gain self-awareness. This threshold of complexity is generated by the electromagnetic fields of the unique complexity of the molecular structure of more highly evolved animate matter in association with the field of gravity generated by such matter. Once this association is achieved, it manifests as an organized pattern of variable, “enlivened” inertia, capable of perception through and control of the animate form. Since the gravitational field of animate matter is in a unique association with the electromagnetic field of such matter, the field of gravity generated by animate matter is different than that of non-animate matter. In instances where a person expired while being weighed, an instantaneous slight change in weight was noted at the time of death. This instantaneous change cannot be explained by a loss of matter because no matter ever left the weighing scale. The change is easily explained however by the disassociation of the secondary duality, (enlivened inertia), from the electromagnetic field of the animate form, which changes the gravitational properties of the animate form to that of non-animate. Such a change in gravimetrics would explain a change in weight. The change in weight is not the weight of the Soul leaving the body, but that of the Soul disassociating from the body’s electromagnetic field. The disassociation causes a reciprocal change in the gravitational field of the body – resulting in an apparent change in weight.


Thus if it Appears that I have Preceded Thee

Spawned without Purpose through

Force Unconstrained

Know Thee were needed to Bring Forth Reality

Cast from the Spirit of Life Preordained.

          That the illusion of the Universe having existed as a reality before life was created is manifested by Life’s own ability to split Time-Space to its advantage. By utilizing Time over Space, Life increases its chances for survival, {perception of and preparation for oncoming events at a distance}. As a byproduct of this ability, the appearance of a pre-existing Universe only came about through Life’s awareness/ discovery of the current Universe, {through perceptive creation of reality/existence}, and without such awareness, reality and therefore existence could not occur. Animate Life was created to bring about continuing reality/existence through its ability to perceive. A pre-existing design for the formation of Life was contained within the matrix of data that was to become the existing Cosmos and therefore, the essence of Life was cast from the Vital Force of the Universe from within Nothingness where dwells the Plan, Forge and Architect of Creation.


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