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Chapter 11


Visions of the Void from the perspective
of Localized Consciousness

                    The statements of the preceding chapters are principles of generalization that apply to the occurrence of life forms everywhere throughout our Universe, including nebulae, stars and satellites such as planets, moons, asteroids, comets, etc. Conditions receptive or hostile to molecular life forms and their frequency of occurrence vary in distinct intensity between the three basic states of astronomical matter; nebulae, stars and satellites. Through logical deduction, let us distinguish the state most receptive;

<<< STARS >>>

                    High-energy packets occur at intensely high frequencies within and upon the surface of stars, too high to permit the formation of organic molecules. No part of a star remains cool enough, long enough, to sustain an evolutionary pattern of animate molecular structure. We therefore deduce that the surface and interiors of stars are hostile environments to Median State molecules.


                    Nebulae are the primordial environments of hydrogen and other elements where stars and satellites may be formed.


                    The frequency of occurrence of high energy packets and particles grows proportionally longer, (fewer packets and particles over Time-Space), as an expanding nebula encompasses a greater volume and so apparently the first requirement for the start of molecular life is present …a decreasing proportion of high energy packets and particles. Eventually however, high-energy packets and particles become necessary ingredients to molecular frequency of reformation, (MR), above the Median State. The extremely low probability of the occurrence of high-energy packets and particles rules out the formation of such Median State molecules. Additionally, the chance gravitational attraction of even two free atoms is almost nonexistent in an expanding nebula because the very nature of expansion puts distance between all particles and inversely decreases the gravitational attraction between all particles.

                    Because gravitational attraction always exists to some degree, the expansion of the nebula is always in constant deceleration. Gravitational attraction may eventually overtake expansion causing the nebula to finally decelerate past zero expansion and begin to accelerate, (collapse), in upon itself.


                    Due to the nature of contraction, the distances between all packets and particles in a contracting nebula continually decrease. The gravitational attraction between all particles proportionally increases through the squares of distance separating the particles thereby accelerating the contraction of the nebula. As the nebula contracts, the chance random attraction/collision of the atoms contained therein becomes proportionally higher. The random unions therefore, of such atoms capable of forming organic molecules occur at proportionally high frequencies. Such frequencies of coincidence are directly proportional to the rate of acceleration of the contracting nebula.

                    As the nebula accelerates in upon itself, the condensing gravitational force causes all of the particles contained therein to accelerate towards its center. As such particles approach the center of the nebula, the mass density about the center goes up in proportion to the approaching particles and the coincidence, (collision), of the particles of such dense area release their accumulated potential energy stored increasingly by their acceleration.

                    Since forming cores of particles of the nebula have not yet reached the level of density necessary for the start of the fusion process, there is only energy transfer, but no mass conversion. Energy is transferred away from the centers of density to the outer layers of the nebula by photon emission, radiant heat, and to the layers surrounding the centers of density of the nebula by particle deflection, (mechanical energy), a result of inner layer coincidence of particles.

                    When two particles lacking the ability to bond to one another collide, the trajectory of each is changed. This increases the chance of collision with other approaching particles causing deflection and coincidences with still others. 

                    Deflection and coincidence move outward and away from the centers of density of the nebula in lengthening and decelerating wave patterns. The waves move through a diminishing gravitational field proportional to the distance traveled from each center of density to the particles at the outer most edge of the nebula. (The waves move through a diminishing gravitational field because they are moving away from their centers of density even though such waves are still contained within the contracting nebula).

                    As the waves move outward, the frequency of occurrence of particles encountering the waves diminishes because the square of the distance between all particles in the successive outer layers of each wave increases. When a wave reaches zero deceleration, deflection and coincidence cease. No particle and therefore no wave will ever pass through the outer most layers of a nebula if a fusion reaction has not begun within the center of density, (core), which generates the wave. There is not enough energy to drive it that far, (not enough energy to overcome the gravity of the nebula). If you haven’t caught the hidden thought yet …such a wave in association with the gravity of the nebula, is the “Life Force”, the Vitality of the Tensor Field of Primary Consciousness.

                    If a fusion reaction does exist and enough energy was transferred to the wave, then the wave may reach the outer most layer of the nebula. Once again, particle deflection and coincidence cease at the outermost reaches of the nebula and any remaining energy then departs the nebula as radiation. 

                    Energy wavicles, whether photon emission, other radiant energy, or by mechanical deflection are the event/bundles that set the individual particles in the outer most layers of the nebula moving at their random velocities. The word, (random), is emphasized because the gravitational attraction of the centers of density of the nebula imparts a velocity of their own to particles accelerating towards them. It is only by the coincidence of particles and their resultant deflection that particles attain, (random), velocities. Prior to the start of the fusion process, energies powerful enough to impart inherent versatility, (digital perception), to matter, do not exist in great enough quantities.

                    Events near the centers of densities may generate energies high enough to form and even sustain small pockets of Median range molecules. The nature of a collapsing nebula however, is such that when a fusion process finally does take place within it, not enough, (evolutionary), time will have gone by to enable such molecular formations to survive. 

                    Molecular societies, (groups of Median molecules), would have to evolve very close to a non-fusing core to receive energies high enough to maintain their structures, if evolutionary patterns are possible at all, due to the extremely high gravitational field they would encounter. If, however, an evolving molecular society should exist near a non-fusing core, it would be utterly destroyed at the start of the fusion process, due to its location. As you can see – no mention of a planet is made here with regard to the formation of animate matter. We are exploring the existence of a shell of animate matter that would encircle an emerging star.

                    The frequency of collision of particles accelerating toward the density centers of a nebula is directly proportional to the square of the distance from such colliding particles to such centers of densities. (To reiterate, there is no distance between colliding particles, they are touching). As the centers of densities are approached, the square of the distance between the approaching particles and such core decreases and the time it would take to arrive at whatever core is being approached also decreases in proportion. A particle accelerating toward any specific core within the nebula undergoes an increase in its frequency of occurrence as its time wavelength shortens with its incidence of yet ever smaller squares of distance between itself and the core that it is approaching.

                    As the overall square of distance decreases between a particle and the point it is approaching, the squares of distance between the particle and the point remain the same in number, but grow proportionally smaller. Utilization of this perceptual phenomenon allows Median molecules and all other animate matter to display judgment of events at a distance, enabling animate matter to prepare for an eventual encounter. Animate matter reacts to the smaller sized squares of distance perceived by its associative inertial Soul by utilizing the unchanged number of squares to spread out, over a period of time, the effect of such encounter by increasing the animate matter’s frequency of reformation. As the squares of distance grow proportionally smaller, they come proportionally faster because the overall distance traveled through remains the same. As described earlier within this writing, consciousness does not actually “move”, but rather expands its perception of itself within its own Unified Field.

                    The concepts of volume and velocity over squares of distance …that have been described in the last few paragraphs are the mechanics of “perceptual motion” by Localized Consciousness propagating the Void. Notice that I did not say propagating through the Void, I just said propagating the Void. What this means is that Localized Consciousness expands its view in one direction and contracts its view in another, the wholeness of the void from which it extends reciprocating oppositely, thereby creating the illusion of motion and velocity. 

                    There is no actual “motion”… and the distance “traveled” through remains the same …because there is no actual “distance”. The “squares of distance” are imaged sensibilities that are superimposed upon the processes that Localized Consciousness encounter’s and integrates with. To reiterate, what has been stated and what follows are the imaged sensibilities superimposed upon the weakening and intensifying Tensor Field of the Void by Localized Consciousness through its perception of process …which creates the illusion of dimensionality, velocity and distance.

                    An increase in the peaks of occurrence of a particle proportionally increases its vulnerability to collision. The speed at which a particle is moving in a given moment is translated into an energy wavicle at the point/instant of collision. Translated further, the force of the energy wavicle equals the input of potential energy of the encountered gravitational field of the nebula whose variety of centers the particle is accelerating towards. Of course, other factors also come into play, such as whether or not the particle has given up energy from its encounter or has gained energy from its encounter. A particle can gain energy from an encounter by colliding with a more massive particle containing more energy than itself. To all intents and purposes however, both particles gain all of their energy from the gravitational field of the nebula containing the variety of centers that they are accelerating towards. (They are undivided from the unity of the Tensor Field). Any energy released through such a collision was primarily gained from the gravitational field of the nebula itself.

                    To speak in both of the concepts of Physical Relativity and Quantum Theory would be to speak in two different languages at the same time …and a concurrent translation must be given between the two to enable an understanding of their relationship. There is a way to do this however …to show the translation between the “Physical” and “Quantum” expressions, mathematically, by using “time” in concurrency as the foundation for Quantum and “time” in sequentiality as the foundation for Physical Relativity. The key here is to use “Time” as the foundation …as a force in tension with itself …the Unified Field …that emanates patterns of existence. The tools to accomplish this have been around for a long time, but I have not yet heard of anyone actually using them in the following way; I call this process “Multi-Math” and it can be accomplished by using a computer spreadsheet within which is incorporated the math of Quantum on one side of the spreadsheet and the math of Physical Relativity on the other side of the spreadsheet. The spreadsheet itself then becomes a representation of the Unified Field in tension with itself …and whatever is changed in Physical Relativity on one side of the spreadsheet must affect the mathematical Quantum expressions on the other side of the spread sheet …and oppositely, whatever is changed in Quantum must also affect the Physical Relativity expressions. 

                    Now, based upon what we know about Physical Relativity, we can work the Physical Relativity numbers and see what happens to the Quantum numbers. Here we can begin to build an understanding of the Unified Field as related to Physical Relativity …and achieve an understanding of how …what happens in “nothingness” affects what happens in “existence” …and oppositely as well. All that we aspire to in the physical sciences may be derived from this process. I have been told by so many in the fields of Quantum Mechanics and Physical Relativity that although the two are related, the relationships between are incomprehensible and ultimately inexpressible …but this is not true.

                    Consider for a moment the curve of a circle… and you will get the idea of how the expressions of Quantum Theory and Physical Relativity may be simultaneously related and understood; Follow the curve of the circle …every point on the curve follows the previous …and the previous engineers the next. The “future” of the curve consists therefore in its present and in its past. The curve of a circle exemplifies the Unified Field of “time” in that there is only “NOW” in process diversification of itself. The “time” of the circle is concurrent, but the “dimensionality” of the circle is perceived sequentially. Here we can see the substructure of the circle from the baseline of “time” and we can also see the imaged sensibility that Localized Consciousness applies to it. If “time” and “consciousness” are one and the same, then consciousness in contemplation of itself perceives its concurrency as sequentiality. The Unified Field in comprehension of itself > in compoundment of itself, creates extensions of itself that view the concurrent complexities of compoundment as sequentiality, as “order” …because each extension is unique in its creation.

                    Another analogy: Look at the page that these words are written upon. It contains all of the expressions of its meaning in one glance. In the meditative state, if one were to glance at the page, one would gain a concurrent understanding of its totality of meaning and this understanding would be quite different than what would be gained from reading this page sequentially from “beginning” to “end”. When we dream, and we remember parts of the dream that seem to be nonsensical to us, they are only “nonsensical” because we are trying to interpret a concurrent understanding into a sequential one. Sometimes we are actually able to do this and we then find “hidden meaning” within our own translation of concurrency.

To continue with that contracting nebula…

And the Mechanics/Mathematics of
creating Localized Consciousness

                    The nebula has not yet started a fusion reaction, so there is no conversion of mass to energy. Without a constant source of energy, how can the nebula constantly supply potential energy to incoming particles? After all, they are accelerating. Matter exhibits gravitational fields that impart potential energy to other surrounding particles. The greatest mass exhibits the strongest gravitational field, but loses no part of itself because of this. If gravitational fields impart potential energy and no mass is being converted, is energy being created in some other way? The answer is no. The energy is on LOAN through “time”… and it is loaned in the following way;

                    The strength of the gravitational field of a nebula is proportional to the mass of the nebula's components, (cloud of particles and packets). The cloud's field strength determines the rate of acceleration of approaching particles thereby imparting potential energy to such particles, (vibrational question), resulting in their frequency of occurrence, (vibrational answer).

                    If a particle is accelerating, it encounters a greater number of squares of distance, though smaller but faster over time, no matter what the distance traveled through or is to be traveled. If a greater number of squares are encountered because of acceleration, then the particle's incidence with such squares results in an equally greater number of peaks and in the particle’s own frequency of occurrence.

                    The field strength of a nebula is proportional to its density. Therefore, as distance decreases when a particle approaches a center of density, the field strength of the center increases in proportion. Before the start of the fusion process, the gravitational field is a carrier only, transmitting energy through the time displacement of the frequency of occurrence of particles accelerating towards a center of density, (the potential energy of the particle increases). Energy produced by the high frequency of collision/coincidence of particles near the center is translated through the resultant gravitational field into the acceleration of approaching particles. In time displacement, a, borrow now, pay back later, (question/answer), effect, (on loan), is exhibited. (In the classical view, kinetic energy is translated into “time” and is perceived as potential energy and vice versa). Energy is transmitted away from the center of gravity/density to the outer layers of the nebula, (question), only to reappear at a later time, (answer), through the collision/coincidence of particles accelerating towards the nebula's centers of density. 

                    The auto-thought of the Unified Field of Inertia/Consciousness is displayed here through the question/answer process …and as an ongoing translational time process, is the potential for the development of dynamic consciousness in animate matter.

                    As the centers increasingly gain mass as the result of the bombardment of particles accelerating in toward them, time displacement exhibits an ever-shortening wavelength. The intervals between loans and repayments grow shorter and the frequency of occurrence of loans and repayments – questions and answers, increases in proportion. This means that as the nebula contracts and its centers of densities contract, its rate of energy transmission increases over the diminishing size of its squares of distance from its center to its outer most perimeter. When the time intervals, (digitizations), between loans and repayments decrease to zero, the fusion process begins as an advanced realization of experiential encounter by consciousness of itself. This realization is transmitted to the incoming particles/molecules in the following way:

                    An equal force of energies radiating away from the fusing centers of gravity now offsets the particles accelerating in toward those centers. This balance of internal pressure canceling field strength only allows for the replacement of mass converted to energy by those particles in the layer surrounding the fusion process. As demonstrated here, reciprocity, (cause/effect, duality), is the remodulation of the question/answer process.

                    Earlier within this writing we saw that the Median State is reached when the frequency of occurrence of energies required for molecular breakdown matches the frequency of formation of such molecules. The frequency of formation of such molecules depends upon the frequency of collision/coincidence of particles approaching a nebula's centers of density.

                    When collision/coincidence at the centers reach a point high enough to begin fusion processes, the energies emitted thereof are frequent enough to match the frequency of collision/coincidence of particles in the outer layers moving inward toward the fusing cores of the nebula, thereby causing their deceleration inward.

                    Energies encountered by a decelerating molecule in a nebula's outer layers are translated into the molecule's increasing frequency of reformation as it approaches a center of density within the nebula …thereby raising its dynamic consciousness.

                    The Median is reached when a complex organic molecule switches from acceleration to deceleration and it is the pressure of encountered energies radiating away from the fusion process that it is approaching that initiates its deceleration. As the molecule decelerates its approach to a center of density, the time it takes to arrive grows longer, or in other words the TWL of the molecule grows longer, decreasing its peaks of occurrence. Since the molecule occurs less frequently, (propagates the Void more slowly), its vulnerability to radiating energy bundles decreases and a proportionally high frequency of occurrence of energies is now required to maintain its rate of deceleration.

                    The saturation of energies increases through the successive inner layers of the nebula and particles approaching the centers of density of the nebula decelerate in proportion to those energies encountered. Since higher levels of energies are encountered proportionally the closer a particle gets to a fusion process, the particle decelerates at an ever-increasing rate.

                    In looking at the nebula in its entirety, the strength of its field is proportionally equal to the mass of its components. The field strength of the nebula determines the rate of acceleration of approaching particles thereby imparting potential energy to such particles by increasing their frequency of occurrence. (Higher gravitational fields exhibit smaller squares of distance and therefore step up the frequency of occurrence of particles entering them). Since the strength of the field depends upon its cumulative mass, when a particle enters a fusion process its resultant energy bundle radiates away from the fusion process. This decreases a proportional mass of the nebula as such bundle eventually leaves its outer layer and in so doing, decreases the gravitational field of the nebula in proportion. Gravity is transformed into radiant energy by means of “time displacement” in that the field energy is stored in an approaching particle until such time as that particle enters the fusion process and gives that energy up.

                    Prior to entering a fusion process, approaching particles become storage bins of energy, (storage bins of Time/Inertia/Consciousness), transmitted through the gravitational field. The increasing storage of energy raises the frequency of occurrence of such particles, (shortens their TWL's), until such particles approach a straight-line occurrence, (no “time” wavelength), and are immediately vulnerable to, and are in the act of collision/coincidence.

                    As the outer particles of a contracting nebula encounter energies radiating away from the centers of density, their velocity is changed resulting in an increased curve of approach to the centers. An increased curve of approach increases the particle's chance of random union with other particles.

                    A particle curving away from its original path intersects the paths of many other particles. The more paths it crosses, the greater its chances of meeting another particle. The higher force of the energy striking a particle, the greater the arc of deflection of that particle and the greater the chance of its union with another particle.

                    As the nebula continues to contract, the incidence of the union of particles in the outer layers goes up in proportion to the increasing frequency of occurrence of energies radiating away from its centers of density. Those atoms/molecules capable of organic molecular bondage will unite, eventually forming anticipatory molecules or animate matter. Those particles incapable of union with other particles they strike will glance off their counterparts, once again changing their velocities and the velocities of their counterparts.

                    The change in velocity of multiple particles exponentially increases the chances of collision/coincidence with others. This transfer of energy/velocity from one particle to another spreads energies throughout the nebula to the outer layers and so increases the chances of particles capable of forming (pre-anticipatory/anticipatory), organic molecules to meet and unite.

                    The random union of atoms capable of forming organic molecules occurs at frequencies proportional to the frequency of occurrence of high energies emitted from the centers of density of the nebula. Such frequency of occurrence of high energies also causes equal frequency of reformation in those molecules bearing a capability of achieving the Median State. As the frequency of occurrence of high energies rises and finally peaks at the start of and during a fusion process, an evolutionary pattern results in pre-anticipatory molecules, moving them past the Median point and on to anticipatory sophistication, - (Dynamic Consciousness). Since these molecules are approaching the centers of density in a curved path they may not enter the fusion process, but go into orbit around it and continually receive the energy necessary to evolve their structures towards greater sophistication.

We deduce therefore, that animate matter will most likely occur
in a contracting nebula, planets and satellites not withstanding

                    Evolutionary patterns are set and controlled by the environment of the nebula that they are contained within. The field strength of the nebula determines the rate of growth of evolving molecules in general. (The Unified Field of Primary Consciousness evokes, encourages and nurtures the life forms that extend from it. In the greater sense then …it cares). 

                    If the field strength is too great, Anticipatory molecules rarely occur. If it is too weak, energy bundles high enough to drive such molecules into a furthering evolutionary pattern also rarely occur and therefore such molecules rarely evolve. A narrow range of field strength/density is required for the evolution of Median State molecules and yet, every contracting nebula necessarily exhibits this range at one time or another. There are distinct similarities between planetary environments and that of contracting nebulae. The basic similarity between the two is that they are both capable of supporting animate matter within a narrow range of energy encounter. 

                    In conclusion, the universe builds switch points where pre-animate matter becomes animate within a narrow range of circumstances, but that narrow range occurs in every contracting nebula, in every galaxy, around untold numbers of stars…

                    As the frequency of occurrence of high energies increases as a pre-animate molecule is drawn in towards a star, so does the frequency of molecular reformation in response to those energies encountered. The coincidence of particles surrounding the reforming molecule increases as well, adding to its structure. Eventually, the degree of sophistication of the molecule is driven up to a level where its electromagnetic bonding force approaches zero. The molecule must now exhibit its own acquired inherent capability of “time” displacement by capturing, storing and utilizing encountered energies in order to maintain its own structural cohesiveness.




                    Time displacement is exhibited by the perception of the Soul through a sophisticated Median molecule to an approaching event, utilizing the time the event takes to arrive to enable the safe dispersal of such energies upon the molecule through responsive molecular reformation. This point in the evolutionary pattern of Median molecules is reached when molecular complexity exceeds structural electromagnetic cohesiveness, resulting in the sublimation of encountered energies to bolster that cohesiveness …and it is through this translation that Time-Space is perceived as “Time” over “Space” and is converted into dynamic consciousness.

                    The detection of increasing formations of complex organic molecules in a nebula tells us that the nebula is contracting. The degree of complexity of such molecules tells us at what point of contraction the nebula is in. 

                    (Molecular complexity is directly proportional to field strength), and the quantity of pre-animate/animate molecules in a given area tells us what portion of the nebula, relative to its centers of density, we are observing. (The deeper we peer into a nebula, the more complex and greater the number of pre-animate/animate molecules contained therein). 

                    Visual observation of complex molecules will most certainly be obscured due to the accumulated density of the layers of the nebula, (Formation of complex molecules takes place deep within a contracting nebula), but other types of detection are possible. The scanning of infrared emissions of nebulae, one such possibility, gives evidence to their interiors.

                    The following analogy is one, which I think best describes the reality of a non-planetary Molecular Society orbiting a star within a contracting nebula;

                    A Soul is the driving force behind a single closed system of animate or living matter, (a single closed system being a living entity displaying a matrix of physical matter, example - {Human Being, Mouse, Amoeba, etc}. An Amoeba is a single celled entity driven by a Soul. Is this Soul temporary? (When the Amoeba dies, will its Soul dissolve - as if it never was), or is the Soul of an Amoeba permanent, (will it survive beyond the death of the Amoeba)? Do the individual cells in a multi-celled organism each have individual Souls? A Human Being is constructed of billions of cells. Does each cell have a separate Soul? If you scrape a single cell from the inside of your mouth and place it in a petrie dish with the proper nutrients to keep it alive, being alive and individualized, does this single cell manifest a Soul …and if it does, is it’s Soul separate and individualized from your Soul? 

                    One of the simplest ways to answer the question of the multiple cell/multiple Soul organism is by way of an analogous experiment using a ceramic magnet, a sheet of white paper and a pinch of iron filings. Place the magnet under the sheet of paper and sprinkle the iron filings on top of the paper. Take notice of the pattern taken by the iron filings. There are ripples of iron filings circling a central core. Let this visual effect represent the Soul of the magnet, (as magnetism is one manifestation, one aspect of the Soul of inanimate matter). Carefully lift the paper away from the magnet so as not to spill any filings. Now break up the magnet with a hammer. Let each part of the magnet represent a single cell of a multi-celled organism that has been disassembled into individual cells. Spread the resulting parts evenly under another sheet of paper and sprinkle iron filings over the entire sheet of paper. Each part of the magnet displays a separate central core and each core displays its own ripple effect. Individual cells that are unconnected are each governed by a driving force of life, or a Soul. Slip your hand under the paper and push all of the broken magnet parts together so that they are touching. 

                    Many cores come together to form a central core displaying a single representative Soul. The cells of your body, connected and working together are united under one Soul.

Are Souls permanent or temporary?

                    If a multi-celled organism is disassembled into individual cells and each of the individual cells displays a Soul, when the cells are permitted to rejoin each other, (grow back together), the body of rejoined cells displays a single or central Soul. The individual Souls of separated cells when joined to each other dissolve together to form a single, central Soul. Such individual Souls dissolving together to form a central Soul are prime examples of temporary Souls. Does a central Soul derived of the dissolution and reforming, (joining), of temporary Souls become permanent though?

What makes a Soul permanent?

                    Hubbell’s constant shows us that within our perspective, matter winks out of view about fifteen billion light years away from an observer. As discussed earlier, Hubbell’s Constant also shows us that interpenetrated Universal Spans, (Inbounded systems), exist together as a multiplicity of the perspectives by Primary Consciousness of itself – as the Grand Universe. The “Spirit of Life” evolved through the Lathe of Creation, is the mechanism/generator of auto-thought through the application of the question/answer process upon the Grand Universe. This auto-thought is that Primary Consciousness should continue the experience of itself, such experience generated as the ever-becoming MultiVerse. In this way, the life of the “old” Universe continues as the “God” of the ever-renewing Universe by allowing the interpenetration of several Universal Spans to create the expansion of another. This process allows the interactive spanning of the Godhead and other levels of the Lathe of Creation across the MultiVerse. The ongoing generation of Universal Spans within and of the Multiverse is the necessary continuum required/self-generated by the ever renewing/ ever-evolving Spirit of Life …the Godhead of the Lathe, to the furtherance of its own continuity. Through our unique perspective, we may interpret that the purpose of our expressing/ interpenetrating Universe is to create, sustain and revitalize the Spirit of Life within the Lathe of Creation, such “lathe” an inverted perception of the Grand Universe itself. 

                    We therefore have a symbiotic relationship with that which sustains us, providing great hope for our advancement, as we are as necessary to “God” as “God” is to us. The Spirit of Life must evolve in order to continue –, as change is necessary to the process of existence. As matter was created in our Universal Span via the “Big Bang”, it carried with it a plan. Hydrogen condensed into great clouds due to the gravitational force carried by every hydrogen atom. The clouds of Hydrogen collapsed into themselves due to gravitational attraction. Stars were formed at the center of each contraction and nova and super-nova occurred. Higher elements were formed that have the capability of uniting with hydrogen and other elements. This resulted in the creation of organic molecules that eventually evolved to the Median State of animate matter. 

                    This plan is the ambient consciousness/intelligence that permeates the Grand Universe, the mechanism of the continuity of advancing experience by Primary Consciousness of itself – as creation in self-renewal. Our Universe therefore is a self-contained Tensor Field of consciousness and intelligence, alive and self-evolving. It is the great machine of the Spirit of Life, projecting of, to and through, all patterns of existence.

                    As has been mentioned several times within this writing, the most unlikely place for animate matter to be formed will turn out to be the most likely place after all. Molecular societies are generated in contracting nebulae, forming around and orbiting stars. Animate molecules form around a star as a great living cloud of separate entities, each entity with it’s own past experience, each bearing an individual Soul. As they come together, touching and drawing sophistication from one another, a great awakening takes place as the knowledge of the past experiences of every individual is disseminated throughout the entire cloud/society to every other and all individuals as a common body of knowledge. Their individual Souls join together through the Unified Field to form a central core as they all now work towards a united, though underlying purpose, all bearing the same knowledge and understanding. The sophistication of one becomes the sophistication of all and the sophistication of all becomes the sophistication of each individual! The great celebration of the next stage of evolution is taking place, the forming of a united Soul, a singular quantum mind born of the Souls of many. Awareness of all that was, and what may be, comes with the great awakening. The ambient consciousness/auto-thought of the Universe has gained strength and has now moved from the background into the dynamic foreground in this place. A more powerful Soul to be sure, one united of many,

But is it permanent?

                    It is certainly more able to endure through the material body of the newly awakened Molecular Society. If a catastrophe should befall this newly formed body however, if the animate matter contained therein should be destroyed, would its Soul remain existent …or would it dissolve into the ambient state of consciousness of the Universe as it was before? The enabling factor, the switch, has not yet been thrown. 

                    The Soul of the body of the Molecular Society has not yet reached the state required for autonomy. A certain realization has not yet been achieved. In order for permanence of Soul to take effect, self-realization, (self-awareness), must first come about. (The Soul must recognize itself as be-ing. Such identification occurs through recomprehension of the Animate Interface as a state of unique existence). The exchange of information between individual molecules occurs through their physical joining. The Molecular Society exists at a place of most friendly energy and therefore the need for electromagnetic cohesiveness is instantly satisfied through the utilization of such energy. A Median molecule may add components in an almost unlimited fashion by joining with atoms and molecules of a like nature. There is a limit however, a certain threshold of complexity, that when achieved, results in the conditions necessary for contemplation and temporary cessation of physical growth.

                    After the great joining, a hierarchy of Molecular Societies is ultimately formed. The Animate cloud of the Molecular Society that surrounds a star may be perceived as a nebulous shell, whose interior lies at a safe distance from the exterior of the star contained therein. This shell has a certain viable, (life sustaining), thickness between it’s interior and it’s exterior surfaces. (A highly speculative note: The rings of Jupiter and Saturn may contain Median State Molecules that derive their life sustaining energy from the emissions of these planets as well as from our Sun. Although these planets may be too far away from our Sun to sustain life on their own, they emit considerable energy of their own due to their great mass. The planetary emissions together with our Sun’s emissions may be enough to sustain Median life within their rings).

Angels of Fire, Angels of Ice, Angels of Contemplation…

                    The outer and inner surfaces of a molecular shell surrounding a star present the greatest difficulties for the survivability of animate matter. The inner surface faces toward the star and is subject to a rigorous bombardment of high order energies that drive molecular evolvement into a defensive posture. Such Molecules would necessarily incorporate elements of non-organic material into their structures to make themselves more resistant to destructive forces. The outer surface faces the bleak cold of space. Such molecules are subject to energy starvation. Animate molecules existing on this outer fringe evolve in an opportunistic or offensive manner, constantly seeking energy to maintain their structural cohesiveness. Half way between the outer surface and the inner surface of the molecular society lies it’s center. Here is the place of most friendly energy. Gravitational attraction is most well balanced here as well. It is in this place that Median molecules may evolve, relatively undisturbed. 

                    This is the place of greatest animate life duration …and with duration comes experience. It is through experience that “memory” is built and refined. There is a point that is reached through duration where “memory” changes from being a storage bin, to serving to establish an individual in it’s own right. A threshold of knowledge is reached where an individual may contemplate its surroundings. In this place of most friendly energy, contemplation may occur in an uninhibited fashion. Median molecules here grow to their largest physical size by joining one another to fulfill whatever life sustaining needs may be present. All needs are therefore satisfied. This is the time of waiting. All that is left to do at this point is to contemplate, but contemplation may not occur until certain conditions come about. During this time, an aimlessness or lack of purpose is manifest throughout that portion of the ring harboring friendly energy. During this time “molecular boredom” prevails. There is no need here to fight for survival, as there would be among those molecules inhabiting the inner and outer surfaces of the shell. Energy is present here however …and in great abundance …and energy in and of itself is enough to spark unrest, (Brownian Motion), among animate molecules. Energy sets matter to motion whether such matter is animate or inanimate. In the case of animate matter, whose electromagnetic cohesiveness is near to or at zero, such motion brings about a continuing restructuring of molecular components. Since Median molecules may be of infinite variety, the presence of friendly energy causes a Median molecule to undergo infinite change over long periods of time. Change may take place because there is no resistance to change among molecules existing within an environment of friendly energy. As long as change does not create need, change is not resisted.

Here is the universal plan at work…

                    Hydrogen fusing within a star, producing the friendly energy required for the infinite change within Median molecules, brings about by trial and error, the novelty of mutation, the spark of cosmic irony and the creation of the first self-contemplative thought;

The jump from

“Basic need”

To the more sophisticated level of

“Others are present”

                    …And a little further tweaking of molecular structure brings about the final clarity of,

“They and I”

                    It is a noticing for the first time that others are present. Upon such noticing, an understanding of one’s own individuality must eventually also occur. If one notices others, then one eventually notices oneself as An-Other. Such self-realization enables the emergence of self-determination. The moment that self-determination is acquired is the moment that the switch is finally thrown that makes a temporary Soul permanent! The creation of the contemplative thought is brought about through the continuing physical restructuring of molecular components by ambient energy to a special configuration that would permit the emergence of self-determination within the inertial Soul-root of animate matter. 

                    The plan for this special structure was always present, contained within every hydrogen atom. Such plan moves from the relative dormancy of universal ambient consciousness to the foreground of dynamic consciousness within animate matter when special conditions are met. The continuing restructuring of molecular components is the trial and error search for such conditions. The search in and of itself - as a mechanism, is also part of the plan.

                    Imagine playing a slot machine and pulling the handle countless times until finally you were to strike the right combination to release a quantity of coins. Your plan would be, given enough coins to play with, to continue working the machine faithfully through the laws of probability until you came upon the correct combination. So it is with the universal plan contained within hydrogen, - a directive to continue playing the molecular slot machine until that special structure is finally achieved. Instead of releasing coins, self-realization is enabled. The molecular configuration that enables the self-contemplative thought eventually brings about another great awakening. All Median molecules within the environment of most friendly energy develop equality of size, complexity, and sophistication, but each is different. The joining of hydrogen, oxygen, carbon and other elements into animate structures of equal complexity may as well be of infinite variety. A continuing exchange of information still takes place throughout the entire Molecular Society due to the close proximity of all members to one another. The greatest concentration of exchange of information takes place at the center. Due to the differences of each Median molecule at the center, each individual interprets the same information in a different way, but every individual accepts empirical information as foundational, even though such information may be interpreted differently between individuals, (in the same way that Primary Consciousness interprets from different perspectives). Empirical information is factual and unchanging. (All Universal Constants are empirical).

                    The center of an animate ring is where most friendly energy endures. This is empirical information. “Environmental” structure is composed of empirical information. Empirical information does not have to be deliberated, as it permeates all members of a Molecular Society, but is auto-thought, innately depended upon by all members existing within that environment. Empirical information is taken for granted and serves to support a society dependent upon it. Empirical information within the center of an animate ring serves as the support structure or platform to higher learning – it is the foundation and stepping stone to higher experience.

                    Subjective information however is processed in a different way. Subjective information is information not yet incorporated into general acceptance as a natural part of the environment. Subjective information must first be processed and refined to a general understanding. The transmission of subjective information through ever changing interpretation serves to refine that information toward becoming empirical. In other words, subjective information refined to a certain point is understood and then taken for granted by all members of a Molecular Society even though each individual may interpret that information differently, according to each individual’s “past experience”, (body of knowledge). When individuals, although different, are able to receive and transmit refined subjective information without further changing it, such information then becomes empirical to the environment of the entire Molecular Society. Each addition of refined subjective information adds to the general empirical knowledge of the entire society and raises the sophistication and experience of every member. It takes only one individual having achieved self-realization to get the ball rolling, (analogous to propagating a philosophy throughout the environment). Since all Members inhabiting an area of friendly energy lack resistance to harmless change, the concept of self-realization is spontaneously transmitted throughout the entire Molecular Society. The first molecule or group of molecules to reach self-awareness becomes the most stable structure as self-determination creates the final unalterable connection to the universal plan, as an unbreakable lock through a universal constant.

                    Self-determination is “God’s” ultimate expression of Be-ing, as the in-tentional act of Primary Consciousness upon itself. It is the final ingredient added to Enlivened Inertia that sets a Soul to permanency.

                    Individuals most likely to achieve self-awareness are those that exist in the centermost area of the molecular society, as this place is where the greatest concentration of friendly energy exists. It is here that subjective information is made empirical. Awareness of self-existence influences the modification of subjective information and the resulting empirical information disseminated throughout the ring serves to raise the awareness of all members until the entire animate society becomes a living entity, self-aware and Soul permanent. 

                    Information is transmitted and processed to the center from members existing within the turbulent inner and outer surfaces of the animate ring down through layers of less turbulence. Such information undergoes a constant state of distillation until it reaches the center where it is ultimately refined into empirical information. Such empirical information is then redistributed throughout the entire ring resulting in a dependency of every member upon it. A working symbiosis or “Molecular Government” is thus established for every Molecular Society. Such government finally serves to establish the self-determinate mind …though perishable body …of the Molecular Society, thereby giving rise to a central, permanent Soul. (Does this seem similar to the processing of information within and between the four levels of the Lathe of Creation? The natural order of Primary Consciousness is to move through experiential self-encounter toward evolving self-awareness and greater comprehension of itself).

Planetary Evolution

                    Molecular Societies form at a distance around stars that are conducive to the sustaining of life. Too close to a star and a molecular society would never have a chance to evolve because of the encounter of destructive energies. Too far away and not enough of a star’s energy would reach it in great enough quantities to sustain it. The shell of a Molecular Society always forms in a place that would be conducive to planetary life, were a planet to form at that orbital distance …and once in a great while, a planet forms in just the right place.

Ultimately, we must ask this question…

                    Since a blueprint for the occurrence of animate matter seems to exist as a natural law, wasn’t life then …pre-ordained by the “auto-thought” of ambient Primary Consciousness – by the Universe itself? Since all of this seems to have evolved from a seed that science calls the “Big Bang”, and no evidence has been offered to actually show that the occurrence of the “Big Bang” was in fact a random act, couldn’t a plan possibly have been, and continue be in effect?


Without Thine Awareness, I am but Suggestion…

Cast out of Chaos’… Primordial Mist…

I Mirror the Image of Thy Sweet Reflection…

For Thou art Required that I might Exist…

           The voice of the Universe beseeches Life to know, understand and acknowledge that without the creation of Life, there would be no existence, no reality …that the Universe is but abstract data without a living mind to assemble it through perceptive understanding and that reality and therefore existence require dynamic comprehension.


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