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Chapter 10

(Primary evolution of the Soul)

(Frequency Matching)

                    Simple molecules below the Median require high energies for breakdown. The frequency of occurrence of such energies is on a long Time Wavelength – <<< TWL >>>.

                    They occur between long intervals of time compared to low energies that occur between short intervals of time, (more force required - less occurrence, less force required - more occurrence.) The frequency of occurrence of simple molecules is also on a short time wavelength. They occur more often than more complicated molecules. As simple molecules build to higher complexity, the energies required for their breakdown are lower and are on a proportionally shorter TWL, (higher frequency of occurrence), while the frequency of occurrence of molecules of such higher complexity is on a proportionally longer TWL, (lower frequency of occurrence).

                    When the frequency of occurrence of energies capable of the breakdown of complex molecules matches the frequency of occurrence of the formation of such molecules, the Median State has been achieved. When molecular complexity exceeds this balance, Median molecules enter a dynamic State of being and no longer reach plateaus through ambient consciousness in an automatic fashion, but achieve them through dynamic reality encounter, (in a mindful way – through their own volition).

                    It is at this point that the Soul, although not yet having achieved self-awareness, assumes control over the state of existence of the “animate” molecule. 

                    The energies required for breakdown of such molecules are higher in apparent, (perceived), force and therefore occur with lesser frequency, - (longer TWL).

                    In order to remain stable, such molecules convert their complexity, (inertial memory of the wave pattern of the Soul), to matching frequency, (application of Soul's memory to the molecular state of existence – the particulate form), and then require higher energy forces at a higher frequency to disturb their stability. 

                    Conversion of complexity to match the frequency of occurrence of encountered energies may be described as the frequency of Molecular Reformation, <<< MR >>>.


                    It is the matching of complexity to the frequency of applied energies that heralds the start of anticipatory life or, in other words, the beginnings of Dynamic Consciousness, (digital perception of time and control of state of existence by the Soul), within the Animate Interface.


                    Cancellation of electromagnetic bonding capacity within the structures of complex molecules builds a proportional capability of reaction to “future” events. (The wave pattern of the Soul maintains stability of the molecular form through its perception of the environment through the Animate Interface of the molecule). Weakening of electromagnetic bonds due to higher complexity, (“memory” of the Soul), results in a proportionally higher frequency of reformation, (intention of the Soul), that balances the frequency of encountered energies. 

                    Anticipation of future events is a manifestation of dynamic consciousness. The greater the degree of anticipation, the greater the capacity of the Animate Interface to enable such consciousness to experience its environment in a more detailed way.

                    Degrees of digital awareness of the Soul/Inertial Root are equal to the time wavelengths of molecular reformation above the Median. (Digital awareness of the Soul) = TWL, (time wavelength) / (divided by) MR, (molecular reformation).


                    The tiniest microbe, when encountering a host, anticipates its surroundings and therefore reacts. Whenever a molecule or compound of molecules anticipates its surroundings, it exhibits dynamic rather than ambient consciousness and is therefore alive. Anticipation is an exercise in “time” perception, (of consciousness perceiving its greater extensity), a perception of time passing, (of consciousness interpreting its propagation through itself), a perception of “past, present and future” – that is developed as an interpretive function through the devices of the Animate Interface. With such awareness comes the ability to choose an action or no action based upon memory of past events applied to a possible future encounter.

                    Higher frequency of reformation generated in order to balance the frequency of applied energies is a manifestation of inherent versatility, (vitality …activity of the Soul through the Animate Interface). Anticipation is the ability to sense an applied energy while having the inherent versatility to react to it. This is the difference between ambient and dynamic consciousness. (Not all reactions are successful enough to preserve the animate form, but as described earlier, preservation of the animate form is not always the best answer to the vibrational questioning of the Cosmos).

                    As molecular sophistication is driven up by higher applied energies, frequency of molecular reformation response to such energies increases because the Soul/inertial state of the molecule is proportionally digitized by such frequency. (Within Human perception we see our world as “speeding up” through the advancement of our technology and understanding. The more that we do, the more that comes back to us as a rising frequency of environmental experience …and the more we adapt). The increase in the rate of molecular reformation, (quantitative effect upon molecular materiality), is proportional to the frequency of occurrence of such applied energies. Molecular anticipation/perception, (qualitative effect upon the Soul's temporality), is raised by an equal degree. The two effects, qualitative and quantitative enable the Soul to judge oncoming energy packets or particles or events through its molecular interface at a span of distance that is inversely proportional to the quantitative effect divided by the qualitative effect. Put simply, the reality perimeter of the Soul is proportional to the level of sophistication of molecular complexity continually driven by environmental energies. The greater environment from which animate matter and its associated Soul extend, limits the ability of the animate matter and Soul to react to environmental stimuli. The reaction time is based upon the experience of the animate matter/Soul to its history of environmental encounters. Within a supportive environment the encounters are usually mild enough to allow an evolution of experience within the animate matter/Soul association. 

                    Even the most simple animate form through its evolution of experience, widens the Soul’s view of itself – increasing its body of knowledge to a greater comprehension of the Unified Field from which both the soul and the animate form extend.


                    Subjective interpretation by the Soul is directly proportional to the frequency of response of molecular reformation to an oncoming energy packet, particle or event, judged at a distance. The greater the square of the distance judged through, the greater the perimeter of the reality of the Soul. It is the Soul that does the judging and in so doing adjusts, (images), the materiality of the molecule.

                    The increased power of subjective interpretation augments the molecule's chances for survival as an Animate Interface. Judgment of events at a distance is proportional to the sophistication of interpretive ability, (the Soul), of the molecule, to utilize the Time-Space span between itself and the oncoming event, thus enabling the molecule to respond with greater ease over this proportional span of the digitally perceived environment.

                    Frequency of response is directly proportional to the square of the distance between the molecule and the oncoming event. As perceived distance decreases between the two, molecular response goes up proportionally.

(particle, packet or any combination thereof)

                    As the TWL between the perceiving molecule and the event grows shorter, the peaks of occurrence of the event as judged by the molecule/Soul grow closer together. The Soul reforms the molecule, (where possible – to the extent of the Soul’s experiential ability and to the extent of the Molecule’s capacity to be reformed), in proportion to the peaks as judged, thereby utilizing the time factor to increase its frequency of reformation/response.

                    As the peaks of the event close to a - < Straight Line Occurrence >*, the oncoming event closes with the molecule thereby increasing molecular sophistication by increasing molecular frequency of reformation to a level of higher stability, unless of course the sophistication of the molecule/Soul is not high enough to prevent its own destruction. (NOTE) - A Straight Line Occurrence* happens when an oncoming event, (particle, packet or any combination thereof), merges with a Median molecule. Peaks of occurrence of an oncoming event grow closer together as the event closes distance with the molecule. If the event collides with the molecule, the time span between detection and engagement is at zero at the instant/point of collision. There are no valleys of time and all peaks are condensed within the perceptive capability of the soul to this singular final occurrence.

                    If the molecule has not been destroyed by the collision, then the perception by the Soul through the Animate Interface still remains. Upon closer examination, the molecule merging with the event must do so through some form of assimilation or it must escape by avoidance. During assimilation, valleys of time may also occur, assimilation being a series of events. Digitization takes time, (digitization is what causes our perception of “time”/inertia to be duration). Assimilation taking place internally within the molecule however, may fall into the realm of ambient consciousness. Dynamic consciousness seems mainly limited to the perception of the occurrence of events external to the perceiver unless an internal event engages dynamic consciousness by causing a disturbance within, such as distress or enhanced well being. Peaks of occurrence are factors of, “reality”, which is not other than the digitization of the Soul, (dynamic conscious perception), through an Animate Interface. Any occurrence is judged …through “time” and therefore dynamic rather than ambient consciousness must be in effect during such judgment. An event is judged repeatedly over “time” through the Animate Interface, (on an occurrence, {peak of awareness}, to occurrence, {peak of awareness}, basis). Continual judgment lies within the realm of ambient consciousness, (no valleys, no awareness of time passage). Past and future do not exist within ambient consciousness. Ambient consciousness is always present, existing within the NOW within non-animate matter and within animate matter that is unaware of the passage of time during an event. Since all animate matter is composed of what was once non-animate matter, animate matter bears both dynamic and ambient consciousness. 

                    Ambient consciousness, (inertial memory – the ambient Soul of all matter), maintains the structural integrity of the Animate Interface of the perceiver, and dynamic consciousness, (digitized inertial memory – the Soul forming into a digitized root, having been forced to awareness), tracks the passage of “time” over “space” through the judgment of events “external” to itself, when translating through its Molecular Animate Interface, as the perceiver. This statement does not preclude “internal” dynamic consciousness under certain conditions. 
To give an analogy, yours eyes are receiving light and data as you read here. Your optic nerve is sending a code of such light and data to a part of your brain and the data is being decoded into something understandable to you. Blood is coursing through your veins and your heart is beating. All automatic functions lie within the realm of your ambient consciousness, (maintenance of the structural integrity of your Animate Interface). As I mention that your heart is beating, you can feel it and track its beats over time because you …as the Soul of the Animate Interface, became aware of it through dynamic consciousness, which is the reading of this “external” paragraph. At other times, your heartbeat is not consciously tracked over time. The functions of blood flow, nerve impulses and heartbeat are second nature to you, but as you can see, they should be considered first nature, as ambient consciousness is the foundation of dynamic consciousness. (Souls are the children of Primary Consciousness). Biofeedback is another clear example of transforming ambient consciousness into dynamic consciousness.


                    Events judged through an Animate Interface are perceived through an area of space. Space is, for purposes of this discussion, perceived comprised of squares of distance – (segmentations of “time” perceived as volume). We could use triangles, circles or any other geometric form, but squares in this description seem to fit best. The reason that squares fit best is because we interpret the stress points in “Time” as junctures in “Space”. When we project our interpretation back out upon the Tensor Field to make it sensible to us – we create a perceptual gridwork of spatial points that we translate into dimensionality. We perceptually make lines from here to there, from now to then – such lines being illusioned as straight …and thus we see space in the form of “squares” of distance.

                    As an event moves towards a perceiving molecule, the event intersects’ the imaginary lines that make up the squares of distance of the space that it moves through between itself and the perceiver and it “occurs”, (is perceived), at each intersection. Each occurrence is perceived as a peak. Since time is involved in any movement, a time wavelength is comprised of perceptual
<<< peaks >>>, intersections of squares of distance …and perceptual <<< valleys >>>, the spaces between such intersections. (Another way to describe this would be to say that peaks are real time points of awareness and valleys are judgments of future positions based upon memories of past positions between peaks). As the approaching event and the perceiver close distance, the space separating the two grows shorter and therefore the squares of distance grow smaller, but the number of squares of distance remains the same.

                    This perception permits the perceiver, (the soul), to respond faster through its Animate Interface over a shorter period of time. The number of squares of distance imagined and the size of the squares depends upon the sophistication of molecular complexity provided by the Animate Interface and the ability of the Soul that the interface is associated with to make the best use of that sensory/interpretive device. As an oncoming event moves through the smaller squares of distance, its TWL peaks are as close together as the intersections of the squares of distance that it moves through. (Frequency of occurrence of peaks is increased, given the same perceptual “velocity”). When it merges with the object molecule, there is no longer any distance to move through and therefore there are no <<< valleys >>>. Its peaks occur all at once, forming a
<<< straight-line >>>
occurrence. (Also evidenced here is that times and distances are dependent upon the judgement of the perceiver and are not by themselves existent. A perceiver is required to make a “reality”.

                    Dynamic consciousness manifests as the digital perception of an oncoming event through subjective interpretation, (sophistication of the Animate Interface combined with the experiential level of the associative Soul) …and the application of such interpretation to match the frequency of occurrence, (time wavelength - TWL), of such event through the frequency of response, (molecular response - MR), of the interpreter. The harmonic distortion between the frequency of reformation of the interpreting molecule and the frequency of occurrence of the oncoming event is averaged out by the frequency of response of the interpreting Soul and the dispersion of energy packets, particles, or any combination thereof, so applied to the molecule by the oncoming event. When the oncoming event and the interpreting molecule/Soul coincide, a mean harmonic is thus achieved.


                    Although the explanation for a time wavelength has already been covered, it may still seem a little unclear because of its subjectivity. A more in depth definition/explanation of a TWL now follows;

                    An event/bundle/particle/packet moving at a given “speed”, approaching another event/bundle/ particle/packet continually decreases its “distance” to the point it is approaching and given a constant “velocity”, proportionally decreases the “time” it will take to arrive, (as judged through an Animate Interface by its associative Soul). Although the square of the entire distance separating the two decreases, the number of individual squares of distance between the two remains the same, although perceptually grow smaller in individual size. The incidence of the lines of the squares of distance close on one another with greater frequency as the two converge, (accelerating the digitization of the Soul which accelerates molecular reformation), forming a straight-line occurrence when the two finally coincide.

                    The incidences of the squares of distance are the peaks in a time wavelength and the individual areas contained within each of the squares of distance are the valleys.

                    Another way of describing this would be to say that the continually increasing occurrence of intersecting lines of squares of distance encountered are the <<< peaks >>> in a converging time wave length and the continually shrinking areas of such squares of distance are its <<< valleys >>>

                    The thinking mind of animate matter is a combination of the frequency of perception of the soul and the frequency of molecular reformation of the animate form, such duality encountering the coded frequency of the greater extensity of “environment” from which they both extend. The environment in such cause/effect has coded itself in such a way that it may perceive its own processes as “motion”, energy and mass through a dualized configuration of itself that splits Time-Space into differential segments that provide unique perception and manageability by Primary Consciousness over itself.

Most Promising Jewel of Stellar Creation

Rare Gem of the Cosmos in Animate Form

Enriched of Perception and Imagination

Inspired and Conceived of my Nuclear Storm

The voice of the Universe speaks of Life’s qualities, its beauty and ability and reveals to life that life is descended from the stars that were created in order for life to be …and that all of creation was brought about so that life may exist within and gain of experience and knowledge.



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