Grand Universe Presents..

The concept of a living Universe perceiving itself through

the eyes of the Life Forms it has made of itself.


As you read through..


          You are taken on a journey below our classical level of perception to the depths of Primary Consciousness to find the mechanism by which a Universe creates itself ..revealing "God" in a very unique way.


Grand Universe tells the Reader..

How to achieve vision at the Quantum Level and how

to bring that vision back to the Classical Level

..How to "magically" move through life.


Grand Universe has
been Described..

        By many test readers as having achieved Theory of Everything status in that a clear relationship between Time, Inertia, Gravity and Consciousness is established as the Foundational Willfulness of the Universal Mind, as the singular Universal Constant that drives the creation and continuance of Existence.

       The mechanism of the Origination/Creation of the Universe is clearly described both in text and graphics and goes well beyond the "Big Bang" theory into a Multiversal Unified Field of Pure Consciousness/Willfulness.

        An early version of Grand Universe was copyrighted in 1986, and then a more developed version in 1997, 1999 and finally once again in 2001.



Written for the Lay Person

       And the scientific community as well, Grand Universe reads smoothly and is exciting. The text and graphics bring forth an awakening, and most importantly - an enabling of the soul.

       As far as the conceptual implications of this work, I have no doubt that many individuals will agree and many will not. But of course, to disagree is to further Humanity's journey to enlightenment.

Learn the Secrets of Creation
Read Grand UniVerse!


 Michael Spirit